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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa W eat her — Snow Hurries tonight Jilul c Ii ii ii r (> of snow again Thursday. Lows tonight around 5 above. IliKli Thursday III to 15. vol J IMI*; 91 NUMBER 358 OS? upitta CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Heir Tries To Set Up Coalition Amtrak Woes Strand Over 9OO Travelers My Associated Press More than DOO passengers aboard four Amtrak passenger trains found themselves at unscheduled stops as part of the New Year’s holiday. . A Chicago-to-Denver stream-traditional ally, the National |jner carrying 400 JERUSALEM (Al (iold.i Mon s Labor )- Premier party and Religious party, Wednesday began the maneuvering necessary to put together a new coalition government for Israel. Although the soldiers’ ballots passengers was delayed for more than 13 hours Monday night and Tuesday gt Galesburg, III., after water was mistakenly poured into a diesel fuel tank. The water froze in the fuel from the cease-fire lines were lines in near-zero weather. still to be tallied, unofficial re-j The extra stop for an Amtrak turns from Monday’s general turboliner Tuesday was five election indicated Mrs. Mcir miles ,no,rth of Normal- ubo in ....    „    central Illinois. might be able to line up 69 up members of the 120-member Knesset, the Israeli parliament, for a majority of 18 This would include 50 Laborites, ll members of the National Religious party, 5 ln-d e p e n d e n t Liberals and 3 members of ultra-orthodox rc*Ii-gipus parties affiliated with the Labor alignment. The leader of the National Religious party, Michael Ha-zani, said he would insist on for- Out of Fuel A dispatcher at Bloomington, 111., the train's last scheduled stop as it headed from St. Louis to Chicago with 90 aboard, said Consultation By Dayan and Kissinger Set motion of a “national unity gov-| CLEMENTE, Calif. (AP) eminent,” meaning inclusion of ~ Israeli Defense Minister the Laborites’ chief opposition, I Dayan will confer with Secrete right-wing Likud bloc, which tory of State Kissinger in Washington Friday, the Western White House announced Wednesday. Bargaining Ploy?    *    ,    ...    ,, A spokesman said they would rolls to 200 passengers However, I^abor leaders view consult “on the Geneva talks Galesburg depot, this demand by llazani as a with emphasis on the subject of, The    other    passengers    rebargaining ploy only. They arc disengagement of forces.” mained    in    Pullman    cars,    with confident that he would abandon Officials said that, with Israeli the temperature hovering near it in exchange for their agree- elections now completed, Israel'zero. ment to stronger religious lcgis- can play a more active role in lat.on.    |    the negotiations to end the:jjie passengers were served In the returns from the civil- quartcr-century of Middle East ian balloting, the Laborites got tension. 41.9 percent of the vote, the so- The Kissingcr-Dayan cialists’ smallest showing Israel’s 25 years as a state. Tht big gain was made by Likud, spokesman said. He fa id it was led by Menahem Begin, which I not contemplated that Dayan demands that Israel retain all Arab territory captured in the 1967 war. the train apparently ran out of fuel because the engines had been left running Monday night to keep them from freezing. In Missouri, 120 passengers) aboard an Amtrak train en-, route from Kansas City to New York were stalled tor more than 12 hours when the Missouri Pacific locomotives pulling it stopped. A railroad spokesman said the locomotives ran out of fuel, apparently because of a leak. Two switch engines were sent to rescue the train and pull it into Jefferson City to await replacement engines, but not before the passengers spent several hours in unheated cars in near-zero weather. On the West coast, an Amtrak train enroute from Sacramento, Calif., to Vancouver, Wash., with 313 aboard braked to an i unscheduled stop Tuesday at, (Klamath Falls, Ore., after ai i freight train jumped the tracks I ahead. The C h i c a g o - to - Denver I streamliner, operating on the 'Burlington Northern tracks, arrived in Galesburg at 7:05 p.m. Monday and pulled out at 8:20 a m. Tuesday. Salvation During the wait for two loco-motive replacements from : Aurora, about 140 miles away. the Red Cross and Salvation Army served hot drinks and at the Light Snow Swirls into Chilly Iowa Sets Unit To Revamp Railroads Iowa News Light snow blanketed Iowa I Wednesday and forecasters said that snow flurries should continue through Thursday.    j SAN CLEMEN IE, Calif. (AP) A traveler’s advisory was is- J I resident Nixon signed into J sued as all highways in the state Haw Wednesday a measure were reported from 25 to IOO    <J*-    forcing    the    o0    states    to percent snow-covered.    adopt    energy-saving    speed „    ..    ..    ..    thn    limits    of 55    miles    per    hour. By the    time it quits,    the snowfall    is c x p e c t e d    to range from I to 4 inches in the state, with the heaviest accumulation in the southern half. limits of 55 miles Nixon also signed another major bill setting up machinery for I reorganizing seven bankrupt railroads in the Northeast and Midwest with federal loan guarantees of $1.5 billion and subsidies of more than $500 million. AP Wirephoto An Amtrak spokesman said the complimentary meals for the remainder of the trip, but Caph session RaVmond Briggs of the Salva- in v\as agreed to when the U S. cf- tjon Army said the passengers’ ie fit,al wa. in Israel Dec. 17, the >-rnajn complaint was that no Follow the Leader, Anyone? With hundreds of spectators bundled against sub-zero weather, Garth Gaskey takes his 21st annual New Year's swim in 34-degree Lake Michigan with the Polar Bear club, which founded the Milwaukee tradition 40 years ago. One cf the dozen swimmers joining Gaskey said the event is a health tonic, relating: “One time Garth went in with a fever of 102 and it broke the fever." Chinese Military Shakeup one and omplaint seemed to be thev were not told what with KOI 27.1 percent of the vote and also would see President Nixon,    or'Now” lung they .i* rt' was in line for 39 seats, a gain who is continuing a working v ou,f, b(. strarMjed.”    ‘    _    , of seven. vacation at his California home. The right-wing gains may force the government to boid on to some of the captured Arab territories it was prepared to relinquish in the Arab-Israeli peace negotiations in Geneva. Claims Edge Begin claimed 55 of the members of the new parliament would support his stand on the ^uns occupied territories while only!communique reported. 32 would support Mrs. Meir’s At the same time. Israeli and more flexible stand.    E    g    y    p    t    i    a    n    negotiators    were But analysts said the govern-shack ment’s setback was due ai (Continued Page 3, Col. 3) Syria Reports Two Clashes By Associated Press Syrian and Israeli forces clashed twice Wednesday in the Golan Heights with machine and artillery.' a Syrian TOKYO (AP) — China’s Cometary moves in China, it was im-! Li replaced Chen Hsi-lien, in authority Ironist rulers have begun 19741 possible to say whether the who takes command of the Pek-reshuffle of military shakeup resulted from a threat jing military region. There he rs apparently de-:now lo Mao, the 83-year-old will be under the watchful eye Th'* Chicago to St i/ouis turbo-    s'^n(’^ to vvc’aI<t‘n the power    chairman of the    Communist    of the central leadership. Pek- liner, operating on Illinois Cen-    Dases of possible challenges to    party, or was made    to forestall    mg has been without a military tral Gulf tracks, was running    Mao Tse-tung.    any future threat.    commander since Cheng Wei- behind schedule when it ground    changes,    involving    ll    of    I    here    were    few    outright    dis-    shan    dropped    out    of    sight    during The snow' moved in on th? heels of another cold night in) Iowa, with Cresco reporting 191 degrees below zero early Under the speed limit law, Wednesday, Waukon 17 below,Males will lose all federal high-IFayette 15 below, Elkader andj'v,,y funds unless they adopt 55-West Union ll below and Ocl- mile limits within 60 days, wein 12 below.    Nixon    said    in a statement: The overnight low in Cedar    “National Limit” Rapids was zero, with the mer- have bccn ^ ^ efl_ cury climbing to IO by noon. <couraged by the numbcr of Forecasters said skies, should states which have already vol-clear in the northwest Wednes-;untarj]y reduced their speed day night, but that snow flurries ]irnits in accordance with* my would continue elsewhere request estimates indicate through Thursday.    that we can save nearly 200,000 Temperatures were expected j barrels of fuel a day by obscrv-to drop to 5 to IO below zero in mg a national limit of 55 miles the northwest Wednesday night per hour.” and between 5 to IO above in jn another statement, Nixon the southeast.    said he considered some of the Highs Thursday arc exocct- rail subsidies to be higher than el to range from zero to 151 they should be. However, he above, but brisk northerly winds termed the reorganization law might cause some drifting of “an important turning point in snow.    the history of America’s The weather service said the,railroad industry” and combi unt of the now know (ell kouth unended congress “for passing of Iowa in Missouri. Oklahoma, such responsible legislation ” and Karmas. The storm already The railroad bill sets up a has dropped more than a foot of new United States Railway new snow in the mountains of Assn., a nonprofit government northern New Mexico.    corporation, to borrow the $1.5 As of noon Wednesday, the billion to set up a new rail net-snowfall in northeastern Iowa work under a privately operated had ranged up to about one-half Consolidated Rail Corp. *o a halt. The Bloomington dispatcher said it took about two hours to refuel the train, which arrived in Chicago five hours late. Locked Pumps only mode inch. Temperatures to 45 Below; Snow Up to 16 Inches By United Press International The first winter storm of the The bankrupt railroads arc the Penn Central, Central of New Jersey, Lehigh Valley, Reading, Erie Lackawanna, Boston and Maine, and Ann Arbor. More Legislation Nixon said in a statement he would send additional rail legislation to congress soon because the added pressures Trains weren’t the of travel that had over the holidays. Motorists who ignored repeat anv future threat. involving ll of the country’s 13    military re-    missals    in the shakeup, which    the    1966-69 Cultural Revolution gions, were disclosed Wednes-    looked    more like a game of    Another significant swap was    new year moved across a vast day by Hsinhua,    Peking’s of-    musical    chairs than an effort to    the    transfer of Hsu Shih-yu, 67,    stretch of the midlands Wednes- ficial news agency, in an article purge the provincial "ii New Year's military re- ranks    ......    ....... unions.    Rifest Chance    ^ng-    where    he    has been a lead- up to 16 inches of snow.    fml strengthen our entire^ na Most cf the changes were    mg    figure since 1957. to Canton. Snow and wind swept over the tionwuie rail freight system, shifts of officers from one com- Ibc most significant change sheng, the 61-year-old Can*!Rockies and into the Great difficulties mand to another.    There were    was tbe    appointment of Ii Toh-    (on    commander, went to Nan-    Plains and east into Arkansas. I few dismissals.    sheng. a    Mao loyalist and one of    Temperatures dropped b e I o w Since the death and disgrace the^ fiv« vice-chairmen of the jn sinkiang, another critical zcro from the Rockies to the Mares at an earlier date that officer a member of the party Politbu- day. pushing temperatures down;brouR|lf 0,1 b>’ ,b<-' anergy crisis ro. He was moved from Nan- to 45 below zero and dumping [we must press hard to rebuild I The highway speed bill wdl remain in effect until June 30, 1975, unless the President dc- in Geneva for further cd warnings not to venture out I in 1971 of Mao’s designated heir,1 ParLv central committee, to area on the Soviet border, voter- :Grcal Lakes New Nixon Tax Scrutiny Told WASHINGTON (AP) The Internal Revenue Service said Wednesday it is re-examining President Nixon’s income tax returns. It said representatives of the President are cooperating fully and authorized disclosure of the action. The IHS did not say what years would be covered, hut th* ie ha been controversy over Nixon's returns for 1970, IRY I and 1972. He paid total taxes for these years of less $6,000 An IRS spokesman said tax agency could recover past taxes due for those three years but the statute of limitations would have expired lur previ* ohs yeari appears to have been left out of But the v le*    *s    one    Ibe roost the new lineup. Lung had been 1968. no the to have suffered losses in the clashes on northern and central sectors. In the first encounter, the Syrians said, they fired machine guns, forced withdrawal of an Israeli patrol and hit one soldier. a Iks on disengagement of their'New Year’s day found gas! Defense Minister Lin Piao. the command the Shenyang area of an Maoist Yang Yung, 73. takes I Canadian border forces on the Suez front.    pumps locked in most parts of preponderance of the military Manchuria. A frontier region over from jung shu-chin. who anc* Kansas In the Golan Heights fighting,!the country. Across the country,fat the apex of the Peking power rac*n8 an estimated million So-one Israeli soldier was shot and several    engineering    vehicles    I Buses and airlines also report-1 army has clung to influence and    critical military commands    in jn sinkiang since were destroyed,    the    Syrian    com-    od passenger traffic was “ex    position in the provinces.    C hina.    --- munique said The Syrians tremelv light.”    r    T.    .,    The    standard    Chinese    warning claimed to have suffered no An increasing complaint of    Current    Threat.    against    possible Soviet attack. gas pump attendants was abuse) In August, during the Kith left out of Peking’s New Year from drivers fed up with wait-    congress of the Chinese Commu-    message,    was publicized ing in line and still not getting    Hist party, Mao tightened hiss Wednesday in    a circular    to tanks filled    control on the party structure    army units. Raleigh. N CV, police said sta-1bv placing old associates and “In the present excellent situ-tion owner complained The communique said that in    into a    line of waiting cars    and'rounded doubtful and    possibly    by class    enemies at home and    peal    filed in Washington, the second clash Syrian artillery j when he refused to serve    him    troublesome regional    military    abroad and against surprise    at    a    federal appeals court Fri- thwarted an Israeli attempt to    ahead    of other drivers,    the    commanders with older and    tacks by    imperialism. Soviet    re-    day    ordered that Hunt and a consolidate defense positions in    driver    gunned the car and hit    more trustworthy men.    visiomst    soeial-imperialism    in    second Watergate defendant. and from to the Hunt Released Pending Appea LEWISBURG, Pa IAP) -Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt was released from a Kenneth Whitely party veterans in key posts, ation. it is still more imperative federal prison farm Wednesday a Cadillac broke Now he appears to have sur- to be vigilant against sabotage pending the outcome of an ap iin* National Weather Service issued heavy snow warnings from Utah to northern Texas, through Kansas and Oklahoma and north through .Nebraska. Las Vegas Snow Up to 16 inches of Tuesday in parts of New Mexico and .southern Colo rado. Gamblers at Las Vegas, got a surprise when four inches fell, the largest snowfall since 1949. Holiday motorists in Minne- “thcre is not a fuel shortage Missouri I requiring this authority,” the White House said. Other provisions of the bill authorized: Use of highway funds until Dec. 31 to support 90 percent of the cost of experimental carpool programs set up by local snow fell governments. Nixon said such northern projects “can do so much to reduce the number of automobiles being inefficiently used on congested urban highways.” A six-month extension of the Jan. I. 1974, deadline on mandatory installation of emergency sota. the nation’s ice box with locator transmitters on privatc-temperatures down to 45 below ly owned airplanes, except for at the lakeside community of jets and commercial aircraft. the centra some vein rector and destroyed him as it bruised. pulled away. He wa- Because of the secretiveness particular.’’ said the circular, enveloping all political and mill- broadcast in part by Hsinhua Bernard Barker, be released McGra,h* wa,ted until it acts on their appeals. lorn ai H ontinned Page 3, C ol. 3) than Gasoline Supply Bolstered; Stiff Price Rises Seen the Bv Associated Press N.n ai ro Sworn In iii line because fresh in hand. IO ( ruts More Oil companies were given the go ahead Monday to hike gasoline prices 1.5 cents a gallon, But Assn sail tions in Massachusetts showed only seven planned lo close in new allotment The new year meant gasoline supplies Wednesday for many motorists, but government officials say stiff price hikes may be right around the corner.    line prices i d coins a “The situation should improve    Federal Energy Office officia MADRID    (Apt Carlos    considerably Wednesday and    said Tuesday that prices    could    Hampshire    group said Arias Navarro was    sworn in    Thuisday,” said Anthony Ippo-    be about IO cents a gallon    more,    test    was called off. Wednesday ai    Spain’s    first civil    lito, an Automobile Club of New    by March ian premier since the Spanish York official.    The    forecast    of higher price civil war. protest Another 26 said they didn t have enough gas to work their pumps. V spokesman for the New the pro tars Abandoned Merry said a number of tars abandoned in service sta- Good ad vie we give by take by Chuckle tho is something the bushel but grain “Turn Off Engines" ■'    WI    ■«((»■    .v%w. Gas allocations are delivered may have headed off several)    In Oregon, the department of    we    took    to    conserve at the beginning of each month planned protests by service sta-    environmental quality is asking    helped out.” in most eases, and he said tion operators.    motorists to turn off their    en-    Even though stations many stations had at least part In Springfield, Mass . and    gines while waiting in line    for of their January allotments. Portsmouth, NII, gasoline re-refueling because of complaints Roy Cross of the Georgia In- fader gicups announced plans about air pollution near sta-dependent Oilmen’s Assn., said last wei!. to shut down or limit    tions. ritht motorists should be able to fill customers to $1 worth of gas to    One man who lives near a setup Wednesday without waiting protest federal price controls.    vice station complained he    had the    Automobile    Legal    been    unable    to stay    in    his    house |tailers are given on a load-by-    in the Seattle arca. About 4 per lid a survey    of    IOO    sta    f°r    three    days    because    the    air    joatj basis, as opposed to order-    cent reported they were strand- as so bad. officials said.    (or    who|e    month    .„    onf    e(1 Most (.as station orators |j|nc.. h(l sajd Because energy chief William E. Simon hasn't reached a final decision on allocations, oil com-    wcre “»""<>"«* panics have not said what they    t,u11 (leeways in eastern Wash-) will deliver in January, Usner    ington when pumps were locked added.    up on Monday. In Washington state, a spokes-j jn Milwaukee the American nian for the Arco distributorship Aulomobjk, Assn sajd sub.zcr0 weather created a “tremendous had Wednesday, he said $0,n® the outlook for January was still uncertain.    S    Merry,    a    spokesman for the Automobile    Club of Washington, said 65U    calls from mo re- tonsts were received Tuesday took New Year's day off, even though some had gasoline “We asked them to close early this week to conserve fuel for the holidays,” said Dan Usner, a New Orleans operator and president of the state Service Station Assn “The steps apparently New Year Wishes TOKYO (AP) - More than 1138,000 Japanese crossed the moat of the Imperial palace Wednesday to wish Emperor Hirohito a happy new year and long life. Today's Index Comics Courthouse Even more gas said Tuesday night there were “nine tank trucks on the road like gangbusters to deliver the January allocation Load by Load Orders for individual volume” of distress calls from motorists. Those out of gas were out ol luck. The AAA said: “Of all the stations available fur service. Crossword ......32 Daily Record *1 Deaths 4 .•IU,,, J Editorial Features 6 Farm .....30 Financial .......33 Marion 26 Movies 17 Society 11,15 Sports .. 19-22 State 4,5 Television _______M Want Ads 35-37 (Continued: Page 12, Col. 7 ) ;

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