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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— laws tonight 5 (ll IO below, ( hailer of (snow Wednesday, Idylls 5 to 8 ii hove. VOId J MIO ill NUMBER 357 CITY FINAL IO CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TUESDAY, .JANUARY I, 1974 ASSOCIATED FUESS, UFI, NEW YORK TIMES Jaworski in indictment Prediction WASHINGTON IAI’) President Nixon’s Watergate problems promise lo continue to dog him in 1974. Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski said Monday that grand juries are expected to vote on indictments in January and February “in a substantial number of major involvements.” Jaworski did not say who or what the indictments would involve but it is known that several onetime top presidential aides and intimates have been the target of grand jury investigations. Meanwhile, Nixon faces a subpoena by the senate Watergate committee seeking around 50 * White House documents and 1 tapes. Aides have indicated the White House will attempt to I block any effort by the committee to gain wide access to presidential files, perhaps triggering fresh court battles. Feb. 28 Deadline The committee is due to wind up its investigation and report its findings by Feb. 28, but the deadline may have to be extended. In addition, tile house judiciary committee is studying whether there is evidence warranting impeachment action against Nixon. Chairman Peter Rodino says his committee hopes to submit its recommendation by April I. Jaworski’s year-end report said investigations are continuing the Results Could Topple New Year's Mrs. Me/V's Coal] ft on Gas Rare; 95% Close fly Associated Press With gasoline pumps locked I JERUSALEM (AP)—Election supporters; “A fateful, crucial, looses by Premier Golda Meir’s historic event has befallen us. . . Labor forces left the makeup of Let the world know, let Wash-| Israel’s next government in ington and Moscow know, that doubt Tuesday. Returns the national majority is against Wednesday from the thousands I dividing the Land of Israel.” of soldiers’ votes cast on the! However, the Laborites* set-j Syrian and Suez fronts could be back was also due    to dissatis- |decisive.    faction because the    government    up    for    the    holiday,    most    Ameri- With the votes counted in anfJ the armed forces were not cans will be forced to spend the more than a third of the 4,100 ci- prepared for the Arab attack first day of the new year close vil.an precincts, unofficial re-that launched the October war. to home. I turns indicated that Mrs. Meir’s About 80 percent    of Israel’s    offjc;a!s    estimated    that    up    to socialist Laborites would win 51 m°re than two million voters 95 percent of the service starts in the 120-seat knesset, or turned out for the election. No tions in somc areas wou|d be a loss of five, and the right-wing Arab terrorist attacks were re cj0Scd untij Wednesday morn-Likud coalition would pick up ported, but the troops on the jng six for a total of 38    front lines voted amid the usual intermittent shooting. In some forward positions, a soldier iv , .    „ , u l iia. 1    * .l Af ears day, said Jack Houston . I brought the ballot box to the .    ,    ,    .. r, . I-!    ”,    inirwtnr nt tho (.en rain Ajzvnrta men in the trenches. In others, Labor had 41.9 percent of the vote, Likud 27.1 percent. It had been a foregone conclu de a coalition, as all the governments in Israel’s 25 years as a [nation have been. But some po-1 litical commentators doubted that Mrs. Meir could muster enough .support from other parties to form a strong majority. Delay Geneva? There was speculation that the political bargaining now in New Regime For Ulster; Two Deaths Old and New Mayors John V. Lindsay, left, and Abraham Beame, who succeeded him Tuesday as New York mayor, are shown at a luncheon meeting at city hall on Lindsay's last day in office. Revelry Greets New Year in a New said Greece1 toward disaster.” diction . . including me re    , Fraoce N„w Year>s is Vl u 0 llt( 0US( 1 cs i About 50,000 celebrants veillon and tradition called for a Grand Juries    braved rain and chilling    winds    midnight    supper    usually    with t»m.    to gather in New York’s    Times    oysters    and    pate de fois    gras, paneled June 5, 1972 12 days square and watch the tradi-bcforc    the Watergate    break-in-    tional bal! of light descend at has    been hearing    evidence    I midnight New A ear s eve.    , t about the incident and cover- Huge billboard and display [berated o\ cr Japan with [lights at the midtown Manhat- customary 108 gongs to tan intersection, previously! awaY I®® passions I dimmed to conserve energy, (loguea I were turned up to full brilliance cabs to for the occasion.    jence. an c. rear’ lures eve By Associated Press    without bell-ringing, horn-blb'w-,George Mavros, People around the world ing or other public celebration. *ear s statement, greeted the new year with par-) Most Israelis observed the new lS u”(l '    Sn vipt vip ii    ■Mu Mrs. james “in various areas within ties, revelry and private resolve year by the Jewish calendar in    11 ‘lu    we Tm* re-' x-nS special prosecutor’s juris- j() face fresb challenges of September.    The    Soviet    news    agency    lass including Ihc re-    ........ v„„. v„or.c „ ml rn a dispatch from New K ' ln* " ™ v" York that    “it is with lack of    with outside tempei [confidence    in the morrow and    zero. The original grand jury, em- ■<< Ramer in    New    « urn »    ..mea    uys.er.i ann pale ne    mn, gran.    Am™'n!c sr'    ,,an‘ %,unlay aTtev’warned lf* Gongs    mg    in    the New Year ” New si a ^allcni to deliver it on The Year of the Tiger rcvcr-1Y'^ar is one of the three chief(overtime,” Payne said. Hip holidays in Russia.    Ue    be    jf)jd    ^em    n(d to|kn< lima    , 11    im    ii„ulu„„    ............    customary    108    gongs    to    drive Britain,    beset by numerous    make a delivery because    he UP    l"RU • *    *•    -    ------5—*-i aumu (he 108 passions ca*.a- economic problems, declared had spent $80 on oil since mid- “I would expect a substantial number will be closed New ack Houston, director of the Georgia Association,    even    before    the    election, j    ‘!,v'“    w,,clo»    tion of Petroleum Retailers.‘‘In that the    new    government    would    e    0^JS 0 c    £in£ Y    0 epP    the past, station operators have (Continued Page 3, Col. 8) been denied the right of holidays and forced to stay open long hours by the (oil) companies. “With the pressure of the energy crisis, they can close and I think most will,” he said. In Maryland, an Independent Retail Service Station Assn. of- BELFAST (AP)    -    Northern    ficial said- haven,t talkt‘d t0 I prospect would delay the re- Ireland began the new year with'* s‘n^e Nation tbal will be sumption of the Arab-Israeli two more deaths in its civil war 0!*0 I peace conference in Geneva. and the province’s first coalition    Higher rices There were also suggestions government of Protestants and Fuel supplies are expected to that because of the right-wingj Roman Catholics.    ,    improve by Wednesday when gains, whatever government! Snipers killed a civilian before    monthly allocations are deliv- i emerged would have to take a dawn, and late Monday night    ered. But motorists will then harder line on the return of another sniper killed a Scottish    face higher prices. Arab territories occupied in soldier on patrol This raised The Federal Energy Office an- ___the 1967 war.    the confirmed fatality toll to 929 nounced Monday it was permit- nl* I n •    ^ .    The    stand    to    be taken at Gen- in four and a‘half years of Pro- ting retailers to raise their blind na lr, (Jut leva was the chief issue in the [ testant-Catholic warfare, j prices by a penny per gallon /sr    j.    fry I    .‘lection campaign, and Mm. Also on New Year’s eve, two    and wholesalers by a half-cent >JT    neating L/ll,    \ie|r and her supporters had|bom*>s damaged shops in Stra-    in January to “offset increased Hplnorl    a*    I    *c+    hoped for a    strong endorsement    bane- County Tyrone    non-prcduct overhead. ‘    a 1    of their policv of territorial con-    Tbe provincial government    Latfr charles ()vvens depu. MILWAUKEE (AP) — Mr. cessions to the Arabs. But Li- was sworn in Monday and as- ty assjslant director of the md Mrs.    James    Payne,    blind    ed * *a ns    were evidence of    turned power at midnight    after    energv office, said In informal ,    support for    the right-wingers    21 months of direct British    rule.    remaiks that by March the ontention that any contraction It is the first government in the jncreaSes authorized Monday of Israel’s present frontiers 50-year history of the province ,md other fai.tors (>ou|d add a near would threaten the safety of the in wh’ch the Protestant majori-j totaj    cents    a    gallon    to Jewish state.    a^d    tile    (atholu minonfv cost of gasoline and IO tharn ruuuitr com    Possible    Coalitions AP Wireoboto ap- 2.3 Indictments in the Watergate case were first reported imminent after the resignation last I would be a “decisive” year for his governmen! bxtli abroad and Travelers trying to use high-(domestically. He pledged to Bowl Parades xpetted to line the streets iii I Pasadena, Calif ., to watch the September. dry. He te’ephoned fuel oil com-(lames bu*, “all refused to deliver on New Year's eve,” he said. And police and the welfare department could not locate a source. Finally a major oil company Another grand jury — soon I*®*'    Rogued    bv Buddhism    and with|^*w Year’s day an official hoi to Ihi joined by a third - has “V*?    ***£    calls    to forget material alfin- Way for the first time, been investigating the White Iumt'd t0 lu" "r,lllancf ,,ncc    I    yet    despite    Hie energy crisis. House plumbers, including the T°r the occasion.    \    iinflation and other headaches Klhbcrg psychiatrist breakin:    Bad    »ea,h«r    kept    the    crowd    Japanese    Prune Minister|* Ja"d financial aspects of the Nixon;™™* small<,r ,han )ast    Kakue,    Tanaka sa,d n, a, news. ^ ens of Aniericans were , ,    j j- turnout of some 300 OOO    conference    Tuesday that 19/4    ‘"luing ways to mark int Mart re-election campaign,    including    turnoutotsome jw,uw.    ^    f„r    of    1974 the ITT and milk fund cases,!    Travel Problems and campaign espionage* and dirty tricks    . liavt',cr3    •“j-'-juww.iica.iy.    ne pieugeu WI Some I 5 million persons wer ways across the United Statestlake strong steps to fight in- Tuesday often had to be watch- j Ration ful an^ patient. They were, In Mexico, President    lAiis    jxcHirnament of Roses parade, agreed to deliver 25 gallons of (have about 65 seats In the kne Amil of ton White House aides Taced *n man> areas with a j Echeyerria called for national    fragran|    flower floats ail for a $15 service fee. Mil- set, or a majority of IO. II It Haldeman and John Ehr- n(':,rT°tal shutdown of gasoline unity among all Mexicans ami j0 (t*j| what “Happiness Is . . Waukee Sentinel staffers, who lichman    (stations.    warned    them Monday night that Officials estimated that another !had    joint'd in the search, con- Officials estimated that up to! 1974 would be a “hard    year” 95 percent of the service sta-jof increasing economic    prob- appointment and    later    I J" some areas would be lems. n"'    1 -*—d until    Wednesday    morn-. The old year closed In Greece j as it began — with bitter polit-In Israel, troops were on full leal bickering, alert along the Egyptian and Gen. Phaedon Gi/.ikis, the Syrian battlefronts while the!new Greek president, strongly Jewish state voted in a national defended his November    mili- electicn.    **    ary takeover and looked op- MPinieht New Year’s eve theistically to the future. But and went in Jerusalem f » r in e r government minister afety of the in which the Protestant majori I tv and the Catholic minority ^5* power.    cenjs    a    gaj|on    t0    fue| 0||. The government is taking Likud leader Menahem Begin over responsibility for most! A week ago, the office claimed that he would muster a local affairs. But London is re- Proved increases totaling bloc of 55 members in the new taming control of security mea-!cenis a f>ahon, phasedjOVCf eey* sset, including Religious syres because the British army:efa^    compensate    for party members and some La- must still be the chief weapon in: higher crude oil costs, boritcs who oppose return of (he war on the Catholic and The latest price increases are any of the occupied territory,    protestant guerillas.    in addition to onec-a-month Then    on    Monday    Payne    dis-    Ho claimed only 52 members    Brian Faulkner, Protestant    boosts also permitted oil com- overed his oil storage tank    was    would support Mrs. Meir’s more    (lea{f 0f (he new government,    panics as compensation for in- conciliatory policy.    warned that there were still creased product costs, if justi- Analysts suggested three pos* many issues dividing his forces Led in advance, sibilities for a government:    and the Catholics. But he said! President Nixon vowed to The traditional alliance of    formation of the coalition “rep    work vigorously to “find out Labor, the National Religious resents a major defeat for [if price gouging, improper allo-party and the Independent Lib-    those who hate the democratic    cations or boarding is taking orals. The election returns in-    process.”    v    place and see that the penalties dicated this coalition would    “J can see very clearly a hope    are strongly enforced.” that has never been seen before! shell Oil Co., Union Oil of in Northern Ireland,” said j California and Standard Oil of The exclusion of Defense Min- Gerry Fitt. the government’s California said they would take But they were delayed by a series of developments, including th* firing of special prosecutor jr,u; Archibald Cox. the White House iin£ efforts to withhold key t;q>e recordings sought as evidence and the appointment of Jaworski ti replace Cox. 12 Guilty Pleas The special prosecution force sn far has obtained guilty pleas from 12 fiersons. This does not include the seven convicted in the breakin itself. Several former top Nixon aides are awaiting trial as a re- [ suit of indictments brought elsewhere Former Attorney General! John Mitchell and former Com-1 melee Secretary Maurice* Stans came 125 million viewers in North liibuted [America would see the s|>eeta cie on television. In Miami, a crowd of some ‘KH).(KH) was expected to watch Rh* three - mile - long Orange Bowl parade, featuring 35 floats and 28 marching bands Police in Cleveland estimated at least 3,(HK) revelers turned out for a New Year's eve celebration in downtown Public (square. There was daiH'ing in the streets to band music during tin* two-hour extravaganza. the money Camping for Gas Proves Futile ht to tie pumps Astronauts Get 5-Day Jump on Daylight Time Couple Killed in Cliff Collapse • PORTLAND, Ore. Six young people carn} a tent bv their car in * tion through Sunday ni first in line when Hi were opened Monday But they got a rude awakening when tin* station remaiutxi closed while the one across the* street opened. They got gas for their car all right, but not until they waited behind a line of 14 other cars. ister Moshe Dayan from the Catholic deputy leader prospective government by Laborites who bold him responsible tor Israel’s initial setbacks in the October war, followed bv him and his followers joining Likud, the Religious party and *1) — independent right-wingers in a out in coaid ion that w ould have about is sta- 60 seats. 39 Killed in Plane Crash TURIN, Italy (AP) - Ari Italian jetliner crashed in rain and fog and caught fire Tuesday \ minorih coalition of Likud and the Religious party which would take over if Labor not form a governing alliance Gloom hung over the Libor party headquarters, and Mrs Meir refused to comment. ‘‘Historic Event” -oacninf airport. persons a landing ii ice said 39 iboard were was coming in from SPACE CENTER, Houston,84-day flight. Because they had j (API - Skylab 3-s astronauts^ **' “P a" h™    H    ,    v 'days Uhs week for earth re- Lahaina, Maul, Hawaii _________ - soared into . ues a> , u jsmir..os pjH)to passes, Mission I (UPI) -- I wo young couples are scheduled to go on trial Lr-st Ilien sPan ,vvo    (control told them to start Day- Walkt*ci to the edge of a cliff this month iii New York. Both |years in space.    light Saving time Tuesday to . H ,, ..., are charged with conspiracy to Gerald Carr, William Pogue ease the problem. md Edward Gibson also went “The country starts on Day- hands and closed their rn Daylight Saving time, gel I light Saving time Jan. 6 and prayer. mg a five-day jump on other we plan to put you on if too.’’ Suddenly, the cliff collapsed Americans    [capsule communicator Karlafld    were Begin elatedly told applausing . pi uuviiutg fo at Turin Id of the 42 killed. The phi! Bologna on a flight which began in Catania and u;^ to continue to Geneva, Switzerland. The three survivors were in serious condition. Pope: End Nightmare of War 'immediate advantage of the new ceiling on gasoline prices. Gasless Holiday Even states that got January gas allocations early faced a gasless New Year’s day. In Orqgun, about 154 service stations opened on Monday, many for only a low hours before their fuel supplies ran out. Tile Automobile Club of Oregon predicted only 51 would open Tuesday. And rn Arizona, only about 15 percent of the stations puttied gas on Monday and less were expected to pump gas Tuesday. Long lines ami short tempers prompted trouble at a few of he service stations that opened on Monday. At a Phillips 66 station in (Continued: Page 3, rv'1 obstruct justice and |>erjury rn a ease involving fugitive finan t ier Robert Veseo Kin bellman, former Nixon aide David Young and Water gap conspirator G. Gordon Iaddv have been indicted iii Le Angeles on slate charges iii Ila* Kllsberg breakin. Tothnfs ( Imcl* Ie Life is much like (Tin (mas you are more likely to get what you expect th,iii what von want    t    ■>♦>*(    lyM eve, Mission control w ished them IIt*m -«• told the astronauts Mon T'ippv New Year’ often as day "But, since we’re going to th** spaee station shuttled back It ii v e early earth resources md forth Hi times between 1973 pa: es flus week, we will st ut aud 1971. crossing Hie Interna you on Daylight Saving time to Ronal Date Line ami each of mo*row Ie* world time /ones every 93 “That means you’ll get up an 'ninnies    hour    earlier each (lay, at 5 ii in., ti was also the third holiday in * pace for tile men of Skylab ’ Thee were . loft for Thanks jiving aud Christmas. The spacemen Tuesday were iii lh* 47th din of tin* planned and go to hod an hour earlier at ti p in “That’s all right with us, said Commander Carr “I don't of Rio I see where it makes any differ collops encl*.” flying through Rh* air. Rescuers Monday pulled two .survivor* from the bottom of the 250 foot cliff that collapsed at Maul s Punaluu point. A Ha wodan surfer spotted the IkhIu*. of tin* other two Police said high surf had weakened the area aud the weight our caused the chit to during the ritual Sun day. ROME (CPI) - Fuji VT Tuesday milled on individual to help world peace so "this mare, this tragedy o! can Im* forever silenced. Marking the seventh Vatican-sponsored of peace, he said an enormous task ry ct civilization. Pi pends on each and evi veinal and the need has rn vet been more urgent than now ” Pope Paul, 76. spoke during a mass In* celebrated at St. Anthony's church He stressed the urgency of ? Paul every secure night-war" innual world day “We have i the histo-aee de-TV indi- ‘‘our dictated theme — peace.” “We all know it is an extremely important theme be cause it touches life itself Peace guarantees the life of nations It is an urgent theme.” Only through peace, he said, “can we etui this nightmare, this tragedy of war” that has afflicted mankind throughout its history. "We ipust have a sense of urgency,” Rn* Pope said. “Atomic weapons. My God! Think oi what happened iii Japan at the end ut the last war.” “What i*- peace? Peace is fraternity among men, humanity. Everyone must remember we are all brothers. Peace must be based on the tv*bef we are .ill brothers.” The world has no room, the Pope said, “for this idea of vendetta, a Mafiosi idea, to keep peoples in chains ‘ which has sprung "from tins mania of hate by peoples for other peoples. “Let s try Pope Paul si men to dei must give ti lives to Urn tiec.” Today s Index to be brot liers, od “We must Im* end justice We >tlineny with our Comics bl) lour; house 3 A Crossword bl ► Daily Record 3 A Deaths .... 3A Editorial Features iA Farm ne Financial 7D Marion bk; Moi ies 5D Society 4C-9C Sports ID-31) State IA SA Television ID Want Ads Kl) IID . .^4 ;

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