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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HANON A, WtAlHt. M *vET?eW AMTrraSw Motorist Carrying Three —Gasoline— (Continued from Page I.) Hitchhikers Kills Himself f;har|<'sto"- siUaticndant wn- ham Dees rationed his custom-said Baker fled after being ers to $2 worth of gasoline. .stopped by police who became!    Pulls    Gun suspicious when thev noticed TIJUUMCARI, N. M. (UPI) -A man ended a wild police chase Monday by putting a gun to his head inside his- moving| his car had Texas dealer license car and killing himself in front plates. of three horrified hitchhikers. His wife told authorities she Officers said William Baker, had not seen him since hr 29, of Fort Worth, Texas, trig- home .Saturday to go to his job| gored a revolver he held against at a car lot. The 1974 auto ho One Irate patron pulled a gun, got a full tank arid left, Dees said. Jjouis Mikulka, an Exxon dealer and president of the Connecticut Gasoline Fletailers up after The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., Jan. I, 1974 JA Oh WfMMtMOlCX ASI ® .//* SMOWf mtmm, Snow All! MOW Snow is expected region, changing to expected. A frigid tonight across tho lower portions of the Rockies rain in the New Mexico area. Elsewhere, mostly fair air mass will engulf the major part of the nation. and Plains weather Revelers on Rampage; 34 Nabbed; 6 Officers Hurt MIAMI BEACH (UPI) — Po-irests. Most cf the 27 arrested at lice in Miami Beach and Fort (Fort Lauderdale Beach were Lauderdale Beach had to use charged wittf inciting to riot and tear gas early Tuesday to break resisting arrest. One Fort Lau- up rowdy crowds of young New derdale policeman was injured Year’s revelers who spilled onto when struck by a brick. the streets and began blocking Sheriff’s deputies blockaded traffic: and smashing car win- several blocks of Collins avenue dows.    in Miami Beach “to allow the At least 94 persons were ar- celebrants to vent their emo- it., „ai.    uni    n,- rested and six police officers t i o n s , ’ ’ sheriff’s spokesman The car    was stopped on the    he said. I had nothing hut    ar-    . '    D ....... .    ....    I'    •    L,.r*.or.io»»    were    slightly    injured.    Ralph Page said. western outskirts of Tucumcari guments.    J    J because    of the plates, Moore    Mikulka rationed sales but > Police at both resorts said the But he said that when the said. He    said the driver told    said he finally called police to 'trouble began .shortly after mid- M i a rn i Beach merrymakers authorities he could clear the    I settle an argum- nt, then closed night when young people began began smashing auto and motel ownership question and was fob the station    pouring out of    bars and night    windows, assaulting pedestrians I    Mr    and    Mrs.    Marvin Skala,    lowing officers to the police sta-l There were also    some reports    spots. In both    places, officers    and attempting to overturn 12436 Victoria    drive SW,    parents    *i°n when    he suddenly veered    of price gouging on Monday.    ,estimated the crowd at 3,000. cars, deputies moved in and I of the    city’s    first-born    in 1974    across the    highway median and    In Miami, police said inves- Fort Lauderdale Polic e Chief began making arrests. won t    have any baby-sitting Hod with    the hitchhikers still in    tigators, acting on complaints, Leo Callahan said the crowd Page said the deputies were I problems.    the car.    found a Direct Oil station selling repeatedly ignored police orders bombarded with rocks and bot- Baby    boy Skala is the    couple’s!    The auto sideswiped a truck    gas for $1 a gallon.    to disperse and began blocking ties and police finally unleashed !second    child    Big sister,    Cheryl,    pulling a    load of antique cars    The manager, who refused to traffic, assaulting pedestrians three tear gas grenades to dis- ,s i4    and cut across a gasoline ser-ibe identified,    said:    “I    only    and smashing car windows.    perse the crowd. Police at I    The    year’s    first-born arrived    vice station and a couple of came up here    to    do    my    hooks’:    Callahan said    that, when tho    Miami Beach made seven ar tus head in front of the hitch-(was driving belonged to the lot,I^ssn ’ St,ld tie °P( n( hikers riding with him.    (Moore    said. ..lire Chief J. Bronson Moore    Sideswipes    Truck    ,    ,AnH    t)1,y    ,    „id>.. he receiving Hie first truckload of his .January allocation. ‘ Arid boy I’m Skalds' Seco rid Child Is First In C. R. for is Policeman: To I at 2:29 a m. at St. tai. He weighed : pounds. Skala is a mechanic I and Co. at Wilson Tho Weather High temper alure* Monday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation Anchorage    22    ti    I. Angeles    63    48 OS Atlanta    ti    45 7.48    Miami    SO    73 Bismarck -13-31 Min'apolis -5 -78 Chicago    70    3    N. Orleans    81    43 SO Denver    14    -4    New York    33    33 .IS Duluth ..    -7    •7>    Phoenix    63    45 Honolulu    78    71    .67    SeaMle    43    38 Houston    68    33    Washington    43    39 .SO atian, 85. Services Thursday ut 1:30 at Turner west in Cedar Rapids. Burial: Oakwood cemetery, Shellsburg. Lisbon -- Heston Phelps, 79. Morgan’s. Williamsburg Henry Hild, 87. iMcSvviggin-Uhlmann. Extended Outlook Chance of snow Thursday and Friday. Clearing Friday night and fair on Saturday. Highs in the teens and 20s. Lows between zero and ten above. C. R. Weather High Monday ............ l»w overnight IO a.m. Tuesday ....... Rainfall............ Total for Jan........... Normal for Jan........ Normal through Jan. .. . Total for 1974 ............ .Barometer, rising ..... Humidity at IO a m Memorial Services Smith, George K. — 1:3() p.m. Wednesday at the Bcatty-Beurle chapel by Robert Myron and Mizpah lodge. Burial: Linwood cemetery. All Master Masons are asked to meet at Beatty-Beurle chapel at 1:15 p.m. for set vices. Luke’s hospi-lvacant fields before the chase!and walk my dog. I can’t help it nearly ninejcame *° **s ,raS*c conclusion. if they don’t leave.” Moore said the man pulled his However, one motorist said he revolver and shot himself while saw the man pump gas and the car was going 40 miles an I heard him tell drivers who re-hour in an open field and the1 fused to pay $1 a gallon to “get r* I r* vehicle continued another IOO the hell out.” ueiy wraer IO (Jtticers ri e DIX ’feet before it hit a railroad em- I    r    J* 1    bankmen?    IHS Investigating Close -starion Charges Against    “Shook    Up”    Police    said the Internal Ileve- CIUCAGO (AP) - A police ! Yoiinn Mn+nrUl Moore said none of the hitch' nue Service> whlch enforces man owns the Chicago service    ^    hikers was hurt. “But they were Phase 4 restrictions on retail .station closed by federal court! Six traffic charges have been certainly shook up.” He iden- pricing, was informed of the order for requiring customers filed against a 16-year-old youth tilied them as Charles Bell, 18. complaints. |to buy a rabbit’s foot and form following a chase that reached and Carl Bryson, 23. both of New York IRS officials repcrt- for writing a will to get five speeds of 60 miles per hour Lubbock, Texas, and Dennis I cd hundreds of calls about price crowd refused to disperse, po- rests on charges ranging from lice used a “limited amount of inciting to riot to disorderly con- tear gas” and began making ar- duc*- In both resorts, it took officers about two hours to restore order. Detroit’s First Murder of 1974 Takes I Minute gallons of gasoline.    (shortly after midnight Tuesday. -•Patrolman S a rn McBride.    Charged was Michael J. owner of McBride Super Shell Rozek, 3259 Bever circle SE. Service, said Monday that he    Police officers said they start-1*" would keep the .station open in: ecj chasing the car in the 2000 defiance of the order signed by    block of    First    avenue NE and lU.S. District Judge William    halted it    after    it hit    a parked V*vra, Clara savel — Grave-!Jauer    city owne(} truck in the 2300 10*30 °    nr*    ^n^erna^    Revenue    Se    r    vicejblock of A avenue NE. -9 Joseph E. McCabe.Friends may I agentj! ^(,t thc cour( order Sun-'i The y°uth was charged with flone call at Turner east until 9 p.m.|(lay nig«* because McBride ad- .speeding, illegal use of a Tu<‘day.    ^    jverlised five gallons of “ire:1’' driver’s license, resisting an of- Reeder, Dorothy    I urner igasoline to motorists who paid fieer, improper driving when $10 50 for a rabbit’s foot and j approached by an emergency Dysart cemetery. Friends may|a ^urni ^or writing a last will vehicle and two counts of driv-call at Turner east until 11:30 and testament, authorities said.; jug on the wrong side of the * nV    Wednesday.    The    casket j They said drivers could not    road. * a %\ .un    not    bi    open afb r    the    1 - j get the fuel without buying the    During    the chase a    squad car 4 -121 Merriss. 24. of Cincinnati The chief said Patrick Chrisman cf Albuquerque reported he was driving behind Baker’s ar and saw him pick up the hitchhikers west of Amarillo, Texas. Chrisman told police the gouging, some of which were accurate, they said. The shortage of gas was even affecting some emergency services. Police in Buffalo, N Y., cut 15 of the 60 vehicles from a i “sentry program” in which of- —Israel— (Continued from Page I.) DKT ROI r (IPI) — Detroit re- from forming a crowd for the corded its first homicide of the Arab gunners to shoot at. new year at one minute past    ,,    . . . .. . midnight Tuesday — only hours    Municipal    Votes after the city ended 1973 with a Municipal elections were also record 750 homicides.    held Monday, and the govern- Police said a stray bullet, ap- nient was disappointed by the parently tired by a New Year response among the Arabs of celebrant, struck and killed Jerusalem, which Israel Gerald Johnson, 46. as he seized from Jordan in the 1967 walked along a street at 12:01 war and says will never relin-a m    quish. Only IO percent of tho Two more homicides were re-! ^3,000 eligible voted, ported within six hours.    1    Teddy Kollek, Jerusalems Police said a gunman in a blunt, autocratic mayor for the 0 1.51 chapel east at noon Wednesday J ! J.511 by Dr. Arnold Herbst. Burial:! 0 driver picked up a lone hitch-1 fleers took their prowl cars 1 »k«r first — presumably Mer- home. Five of 200 regular patrol1 ------  ,    -------- --- - nac* o;0ht v*>arc w* riss - and then stopped for the cars were also left in the park-'cruising car shot and ki,,ed Karl th, other two a quarter-mile farther jng lot.    PflC,mQn    7<1    ac    ine    L‘aDonies along the highway. Wind direction and velocity at I Ylce* Mrs. Heeder is survived, , 'bv her husband in addition tujk,H”JV Drummer Urqes Naming L'dybuo National Insect was re-elected. Bestman, 73, as he wiped snow nui iru; i-aoonies suffered a In New York Cite Actine Po ot^ the windshield of his car ^ard blow in ?l Aviv, the In New York City Acting Po-, leaving a New Year’* country’s biggest city that here-ce < omrrassioner Paul Camck al<r    M Y(d‘ ** tofore has been Labor’s power base. has been Labor’s Political novice Shlomo a recently re- Gazette weather station at IO a m. NW at IO m p h. Sun rises Wednesday, 7:35; sun sets, 4:46. Year Ago Today — High 24; low, 15; rainfall, none. Births — Sr. Luke's Dec. 31 — To the received minor damage when it those previously listed.    j    McBride,    who    said he would j was hit by the fleeing vehicle. CHICAGO (UPI) — Chicago Mitchell, James M. — Turner ic|ose bis station on Sundays I Police released the driver on jazz drummer Al Carter made Wedn*sday°by the Rev Rohm from IW)W on’ denied he had sold Ia signed promise to appear im his resolution for 1974 early L. Bouton. Burial:    Fairfax    (gasoline at gouger s prices. “I court after filing the charges. Tuesday — he sent a telegram    . cemetery. Friends may call at I was giving it away,” he said.    - to President Nixon suggesting ,e(,”n°H)g> scientist ^ur. J nom Capt Fred Rice of the fxiiiee Cedar Rapids Rites that the ladybug he e where McBride is as-    c £    D ,    QQ    as the national insect. L-o"|signed said the patrolman’s ac-| *0r “alo man, ojj “They’re always talking about said a fuel conservation    pro or .m    wq.: limier u/av    rnii    Police also    reported    the shoot-..... gicim    wtL> under wa>    lo    cm    ,    ...    ...    I aha? of    I ikuH fawn    on iHlino onainoc    rniikp    >ng    death Of    a    Woman,    Johnnie    ^    ,    LJfvuu, down on idling engines, make | J    tireti    armv    general,    won    14 greater use of scooters and put "arper, zo.    h    council    while more officers on foot patrol. The homicide total for the old “    incumtent.    Mayor * * *    yefuf radT‘,.,a# '?'* Monday;Yehoshua Rabmovitch, got only For those    looking for ways    to    with the shooting of a woman,    j| make their    gas take them fur-    the sixth victim of violence re-___ thor. Massachusetts Institute    of    ported bv police Monday.    ,    _ The previous one year hiKh    Van Nostrand    To Be Reed suggests adding wood for homicides was 693 in 1972. At Energy Meeting Turner west.    I    Copt    Fred    Rice    of    the    police-Cedar Raoids Rites that the ladybug be established a;    suggests    adding    wood    for homicides was 693 in 1972 Dalh w. Betty Winnfield - district where McBride is    as- r    ,    n .    ..    Qc as the national insect.    alcohol to gasoline. Methanol That figure was    surpassed early,: families of pm W^neX'fbf • ---?lsi«ned said the natrcdman's Set    for    Palo Man,    85, -Thev re alwav, talking    ahopt 'he common wood alcohol used jn December. Dr. Cify Briefs Woman injured In C. R. Crash Fred G. I'ntrrsrii, route I, I White. Burial: Oak Hill Cedar Rapids, a daughter; Mit- tory. Friends may cull at by the department, rhell Farris, 4017 Soutter ave- Turner east until 9 p.m. Tues-j Hue SE, a son; John M. Fan- day and at the church from lolling, Solon, a son    a rn. to 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.; Jan. I — To the families of The casket will not be opened Marvin Skala. 2430 Victoria after the service. Evy ’s    I roilngo, ojxm N e w I Year’s Day 12 p.m. Color TV. Next to    Paramount theater.— J Adv. *    *    * A 39-year old woman was the Annual 'z pric * sale. The Gift city’s first accident victim of Chalet, Monday-Safurdav, 11-5 the new year.    j    —Adv. Police fcaid Elaine Newton,    *    *    * 2277 C street SW, was a passen- IMp America’s E ncl Crisis, ger in a car that was involved I Travel together by bus Florida, h'23 'tiln* >nva;v't    *n an accident at the intersec-1Disney World. Bahamas. Leav- *SW    *    1    *    '    bon of Sixteenth avenue and big Cedar Rapids Feb. 4 Linn I i :31 p.m. Monday.    False I    Edgewood ro.ad SW    at    1:36    am.    f’ounty Farm    Bureau.    377-4858 alarm at OI I    Third street    SW.    Tuesday.    j or 366-1835 —    Adv. 1 :!H'    ,'.n    1 u\ ',av    She    was admitted to Mercy    *    *    * Amoke detector at Mercy tiospi- .    .    .    .    .    .    .    ,    /    ,    . . r ,,,    . , tal    hospital    for treatment of cuts    Apply    now    for    74    Auto 1:33 a ru.    Tuesday, t ar fire    and a knee injury.    I cense Tags at    First Trust and at Fifteenth    street and    Be\or    Mrs. Newton was    a    passenger: Sax lugs Bank.    Three    locations avenue SE.    ,n a car (iriveI1 by Frederick \ — 1820 First Avenue N E., 3rd drive SW’, a son; Donald Sehuller. 3030 Oakland road •NE, a daughter. Births — Mercy Dec. 31 To Mr and Mrs. Robert Klim a. Coggon, a daughter. Jan. I — To Mr. and Mrs. Peter (Mulatto, 725 Thirty-second street SE. a son, Fires come- itivities are under investigation PALO — W illiam W. McGran-bugs in Washington.” he said. in    e cbenucaU'ndusl(r\, can be ahan. 85, of Palo, died in a local “And that set me thinking aboutjP°urod readily into the gas tank hospital Tuesday after a brief how many insects we have in :°^ an ord*nary automobile with-illness. Born Oct. 31, 1888, at this countrv and how' they need:®u* premixing or any modifica-Newhall. he was married to to be represented.”    j    tion    of    the carburetor, Dr. Reed Rose Griesv Jan. 29. 1913, at So Carter sent his telegram to sa‘d , Van Horne and had farmed in the President, stating in it. “We the Linn and Benton county have a national anthem, a na-area most of his life. He was actional motto, a national bird, member of the Shellsburg Pres-1 etc. I nominate the ladybug.| bvterian church and Benton Being prevalent in all (Titv Masonic lodge No. 81, and AM. U. S. Judge Retires 30 YEARS AGO - Mayor Lud-w ig Steed of Berlin told fore.gn corresponden s British bombs fhei^ad ^ ^c‘rman capital “al-AF states, it is representative of the most unrec°ffnizable. whoto country, it is ecologically Surviving in addition to his beneficial, it is attractive in ap    (£riUir    Haptbfl wife are a son, Llovd of Cedar pearanee and it is considered to    E»tobii*h«i in ibb3 by Th* go it** Rapids; a daughter. Lois Ruth be a good luck omen ”    |    fhidrdPAve$hsl    -    ov    0< Yates of Palo: five grand-! “The insect is in the majority eight great grand- of living things in this’country State Commerce Commission Chairman Maurice Van Nostrand will attend an energy crisis conference Monday at IO SAN CLEMENTE. Calif. (UPI) I a m. at Gage Memorial Union — President Nixon ackncwl-Sat Coe college, edged Monday the retirement of The conference, fourth in a Judge Roger Riley from the 7th series called by state Sen. Tom U. S. circuit court of appeals Riley ( R-C.R.), will center on handling federal cases in HU-1 energy problems of business nois. Indiana and Wisconsin. and industry. dor Rapids. Iowa Postage paid at ■:7%> -hp For 61 years . . , flowers for all occasions! Subjection rate* by carrier SS cent* i .       r,„.L    I    i*i    a.    •    !    a week. By mail Night edition ond id two sisters. Esther and is long overdue for recogm- sunday * i**ue* *225 a month. «4 a ear; Afternoon edition* ond Sunday 7 “me children: children; Stanton of Cedar Rapids, and tion,” Carter said later. “And Olive Bull of Shellsburg.    1:i, is one kind of hug to which Services w ill be conducted in no one will object.” **1' Turner chapel west at 1:30 p.m.: Carter said he plans to get in Thursday bv the Revs. William contact with ilhn?>is legislative Barber and Lee Roy Collins, ileaders about crowning the la- W John E. Lapps Issues ll 50 a month *25 a year. Other states and U S ‘erritones *40 a year No mail subscriptions accepted In areas having Gaiette carrier service The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspo per as well as all AP news dispatches A-rf 308 3rd Ave. SE 365-0511 Convenient downtown location 2:55 u in. Tuesday. Bark fire    *    *v'uv,,v"!»#    ”    !    ", \r,'T"‘v ^    ’    ,,u    Burial in Oakwood cemetery in dybug the national insect if through rarhurrtor at Filth and '    ,m    ,orne    .    1,1!    n,    t    i    ^ve*    k<'*^*'    Shellsburg. Friends may call at and when he hears Rem the Turner west.    (President. "A avenues NW. iowa Deaths R. Mar ng. Marengo — Clyde 72. Hoover.Valentine’s. Dyersville    Mrs.    David Taukc, 40. Service at ’0:30 Thursday at ba*Pica of St. Francis Xavier. Scripture service Wednesday at 8 at Kramer’s, where friends may call after 9 a rn. Palo William W McGran- Coin Collection Valued at $3,500 Reported Stolen A coin collection valued at $3,500 and a 1967 car were taken from tin1 residence of Mcrlyn E Tin* driver of the other car and Ely. was Jack Wodstrchill, 47, of 3300 G avenue NW. No charges were filed. Four Die in Fire NILES, Ohio iAP> A mother and her three daughters were killed Tuesday in a predawn blaze that engulfed their home. EMA Hite, 2100 Twenty ninth (HW, Monday night ♦ * * Forty d, liar were I the residence of Kirk A. street Rem Thor- Mil, NE. 1719 Hollywood boulevard GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS Ik Mews, Sports, BooUttpmg Omro* Mw-motion end 0:f>«t bot Listed Rf low (oil......................... Itfiulohon-Subtuiption Dtff........3*8    Ii.IJ Mon. thru Sot 8 a m to 7 p rn. Sunday* Until 17 Noon Halfdays ll o rn to 7 p rn. Woof Ads.............SVS    1734 Mon. thru Sot. I cm lo 5 pm. Deploy Advortismi]............. .371    1777 I a rn. to 5 p m Mo. ion Otfno....................371    KIO Ads * Story Hour hour Hr pre given Wednesday n the (town own fu'ditoriuir. s si will be given i.t bran'h, 221 Frig' at I KO r r.* * * Quail!    .a.4 Diamond V. gel 2701 Mf. 'Terne: !901 Adv b * Weakly story lioolrrs will be •if th It Her mo. Ii mo and < lit We: osda i . * ion 0 a rn • ii bi ar Grog t. p ' ge'vood •o.,d NW rn It *s i • (cr barb ued ktui served St i knev’s Adv ll#* offvr only ihv finest in Servlet* ... R xirilifid's . . . kitowlml^ . • . I ttk TStv bantin pm ll#» Haw Svrtvti HAXTUN MU MO RIAL (ll APKLS “Extra Touch FTO Service PIERSON’S ' Si," I 800 Ellis Blvd. NW FLOWfRPHONE 366-1326 >1 MI IDN: 377-1 YIK 3 blocks north of Librarx MT. VFH NON: 895 K6D6 Block wi*st of Post Office Wishing You A Happy & Prosperous New Year _ Filled With Peace J- ■rn , •* ^ * Stewart Funeral Home 1844 Fust Avenue, N E. f QjiAJJLA; WI UMI N’.OU I HMM I SOnU'OlHL . . John IV limit t& St in -1 -ut mal I Erectors HOO St*( (MKI A\rnur luist lJJl First .Xmmuio Wt\s1 ■ss We have so many beautiful ways to say something special FLORIST and GIFT SHOP    364-81 39 phene answered 24 hours every day To    Tho it Ii You Tin* Kl Alf f of foliar Aloniorlal I iiiM*ral I JI 4» iii 4- w Niles lo o%|»roMM our €l«*«*§> a|»|ir«*rlall«»ii lo iIm* fainllloM «»( llilm area f«>r lli«* a«M*<*|ilaiH‘«* von liavo given nm for Iii** pawl 4*1 gin voarN. Wo liavo «l«*<lioaf«*«l «»iirM*lvoM lo giving a thoughtful anil |»orMonally.o<l osorvloo, with roN|M*ot to your IKollgioiin hollo!* anil flnau«'lal olrouniNtauooN. lOur ao«*«*|»f i*iM*o Imim Ii«*I|»o«I un lo hooonio I Im* largoml locally ow im*<I Tuii«*ral Home Iii till** arca. Me mhall al%%avM Ntrlvo to iiialiilaln tho lilglioxif wtau«lar«lN with rosi|»oi*t to tho con-fl«h*iM*«* von liavo |»lao«*«l In iim. Me wish tho fauillloN of IliK area tho moo *loyohm of !Sow l earn. SInooroly. The Stuff of Cedar Memorial Funeral Home David E. I inm* Mrs. Carl Lingo M. M. Byrlr (’. Pilfers Mrs. Robert Iraehta Rachel llarshbargrr James H. Klinger Dean Harker Mrs. sillhert Paulsen Mrs. Georgr E. Hill, Jr. l.sretta A. Jensen “ I Family .Serving A Family" fvnldt* JlUmoml FUNERAL HOME ;

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