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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2A Tin* (-cri.tr Ila|>i(ls (ia/ettc: Tues., .fan. I, 1974 For Better Health Link Between Smoking and Heart Disease Is Discovered By Dr. S I.. Andclinan After seeing a recent column on the dangers of cigaret smoking, a reader wrote to ask, “What specific relationship is there between cigarets and heart disease'.’” Until recently physicians were hard pressed to come lip with the specific evidence our reader is asking for; we’ve known there was a relationship between cigarets and heart disease but it wasn't as easy to prove as the relationship be tween cigarets and cancer, for example. However, a Boston physician has now discovered a direct link between cigaret smoking and arterial thrombosis, the process which leads to heart attack, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. Data Dr. Peter Levine, a physician at the Tufts New England Meat cal Center, has obtained data showing that the smoking of only one standard brand filter-tip cigaret has a striking effect on the reactivity of the blood platelets. Blood platelets are one of the cellular components •i the blood. They are small cells, much smaller in size than red blood cells. The blood platelets begin the blood clotting system The arterial thrombi which Dr. S. L Andelman (dog coronary, cerebral and other important arteries, and which lead to heart attack, are made up almost entirely of blood platelets. The link to heart disease is this. Dr. Levine found that within five minutes after smoking a single standard brand filtertipped cigaret, there was a marked increase in the platelet's ability to aggregate, or form plugs. Similar plugs are found in the arteries of a person with arterial thrombosis. In addition, Dr. Levine found that after smoking one cigaret, the body’s blood platelets become more sensitive to the enzyme adenosine diphosphate, which is thought to play an im port ant physiological role in forming platelet plugs. Explain Dr. Levine's* data may also explain the increased incidence of arteriosclerosis or “harden ing of the arteries” in smokers. There is much data which sug gests that encrustation of layers of blood platelets along the walls of arteries may be important in leading to or contribut ing to arterioclerosis. lf smoking speeds up tilt' formation of platelet plugs, and platelet plugs lead to arteriosclerosis, ifs easy to see the connection between smoking and hardening of the arteries Dr. Levine's research points up just one mort' reason to stop smoking, better yet, never start. * * * Dr. \ndclnian welcomes letters outlining problems he may discuss in future columns. He regrets, however, he cannot personally answer mail. Write to him in care of The Gazette. By Oswald & .lames Jacoby 1974 will mark the 25th anni versary of this Jacoby column. Of course. Jim only became co author nine Nears ago In 1949 he was still a high school stu dent. Since contract is still less than TO years old. it is obvious that I these last 25 years must have seen great changes in the game Most of the**' are in bidding, but strangely enough the opening lead has also come in for its share of development. No one likes to open a three card suit, but there are times when von have to. In auction! bridge you would lead low from three to the ace. king or queen against no trump and from three I to the king or queen against a ant contract. In the early days of contract it became apparent that you should also lead low from three to the jack and by the end of tin' 30s a few barih souls were even leading low from three to tin' ll) Today s hand shows the ad vantage of doing this lf West cads the IO spades. South will have two spade stoppers and will romp home with his contract after losing the diamond finesse lf West leads the deuce Last will win tin1 first trick with the ace and lead back low. South will have orth one spade stopper and will wind up going down three tricks. 'l'lie bidding has been: West North Last South tv Pass Chief justice Post In Canada to Jew OTTAWA (UPI) - Justice Bora Laskin, first Canadian Jew to be named to Canada’s highest court, has been named chief justice ot the supreme court of Canada. Laskin, 61, succeeds Justice Gerald Kauteux, who is retiring. Prime Minister Trudeau made the announcement. Larkin, considered a liberal. was named to the court in March, 1970. nob nill)) ♦ w V QJ2 ♦ A Q IO 9 6 4 ♦ k;>3 NS KST ♦ 106 2 V 10976 3 ♦ 83 ♦ J97 .SOI TH ♦ K 94 V K 8 3 ♦ J 7 5 ♦ \ 8 4 2 None vulnerable KXST 4 A J 8 7 5 3 V \ 4 * V 4* ^ ii) 6 West Pass Pass North I ♦ 24 Pass Opening lead- Kast Pass Pass Pass •24 South INT. 3 NT. You, South, bold AK J65 *2 ♦ AQ IO 6 5 *K 4 3 What (hi you do now ’ \ — bid two diamonds Don’t make the mistake of bidding spades immediately. N on have a good hand and want lo tell \mir partner about \ our distribution. TODAY SQI I SI ION Your parlner rebids to two hearts. \N bat do you do now? Answer Tomorrow GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Ntwt, Spotty looltkttpinq, Control In-lor notion end OMites Not lutid l«lo* Coll...................398    SZI I (mulof on Subunption Dtpf 391 1)33 Mon. thru Sot Son, la 7 p rn. Sunday* Until 12 Noon Holiday* ll a rn lo 7 p rn. Wont Ad* .............. 398    8234 Mon thru Sot g a rn. to 5 p m. Deploy Advortitmg..............391    XIII Bom to 5 p rn. Monon Ollie* ........... 391    1430 INSURED our "seal of good practice" makes things like this possibleMEMBER F.S.L.I.C. 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