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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Daily Record NAHON*! WlATHIt SttVtCt POPfCAST to 7AM IIT    ~    74 The Weather Extended Forecast — Chance of rain or snow Thursday night or Friday. Warmer Thursday, turning colder Friday and Saturday. Highs in 30s and 40s, Thursday and Friday to the 30t by Saturday. Lows in the 20s. Waft paraturei temixr Antres J-.- t;overnight dpttflllor AiKhorggg jj if .3) A Un!* .. })u Bismarck ,.34 ll Chloro 43 J« Denver    if Duluth .. 31 lf Honolulu ..H (J Houston 57 3f Monday, low tem end Kxrhet of pre' L. Angelet Miami .    . Mln'apolli N. Orleans New York Photnl* Seattle 07 69 JO if lf 4f 40 73 40 ll 45 .04 Washington 41 40 .03 C. R. Weather High Monday ................ 40 Low overnight ...............12 Noon Tuesday ............... 21 2 p.m....................... 19 Precipitation ..............None Total for December  None Normal for December ...... 1.43 Normal through Dec 33.18 Total for 1974 .............. 45    53 Barometer, rising .......30.32 Humidity at noon ........96% Wind direction and velocity at 2 p.m. NW at 4 mph. Sun rises    Wednesday,    7:18; sun sets, 4:36. Year Ago Today — High, 52; low, 36; rainfall, 0.82. Traveler's Forecast Wednesday W'eather Hi-Lo Bismarck ...... PtCldy    37-16 Chicago........... Fair    40-29 Cincinnati ....... Fair    43-26 Cleveland ..... PtCldy    35-25 Des Moines    .    C    PtCldy    36-23 Detroit ........ Fair    37-23 Indianapolis........Fair    42-25 Kansas City    ...... Fair    47-34 Milwaukee     PtCldy    39-27 Mpis.-St. Paul    .    PtCldy    35-22 Omaha .. •......... Fair    41-j9 St. Louis .........Fair    43-32 Sioux Falls....... Fair    42-23 Degree Days Monday ...................4 Total to date ............1,606 Through Dec. 2, 1973 .... 1,227 Percent of normal year ... 24.2 Total normal year ......6,631 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.6, no change Lansing (18) 7.8, no change Dam 9 (18) 12.5, fall .2 McGregor (18) 6.7, no change Guttenberg (15) 3 9. fall .2 Dubuque (17) 7.2, rise .1 Davenport (15) 4.5, fall .4 Keokuk (16) 2.5, no change Cedar at C. R. (13)    3.32, no change. Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday 683.32 Births — St. Luke's Dec. 2 — To the families of Kenneth Brown, Mt. Vernon, a son; William Schaefer, Jesup, a daughter; Gary Schuldt. 616 Twenty-sixth street NW, a daughter; Stewart Ciha. 1122 Twenty-third street NE, a daughter; David Wilson, 931 Old Marion road NE, a daughter; Robert Ernst, 1517 Third avenue SE, a daughter; John Hoffman. 4950 Gordon avenue NW, a son; Donald Skala, rural route 2, Cedar Rapids, a son. Out-of-Town Births At Ramstein AFB. Germany — Sgt. and Mrs. Thomas D. Itauskins. a daughter Nov. 28 HausUxtc* parents are Mr. and Mrs. Howard D. Kau.skins, 1347 Twelfth street. Marion. At Hamilton Parish, Bermuda — PN2 and Mrs. Kent WYiske, a daughter Nov. 30. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Weiske of 1246 Center street NE At Rapid City. S.D. — Lt. and Mrs. W'ayne Debban. a son Nov. 28. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Charles Debban of 3524 Northwood drive | NE. Maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Delancey of Coggon. Marricqe Licenses Lucille Huber and Robert i Stezak, Janet Hedrick and, Thomas Hise, Janie Palmer and, Roger Lines, Ann McAty and Loren McQuerry, Bonnie Anglin and Kenneth Heck, .all of Cedar Rapids. Nancy Chalmers, Cedar Rapids, and    James Wolfe, Marion. Laurie Main, Hiawatha, and Larry Binge, jr., Cedar Rapids. Goldie Leon, Washington, and Charles Swift, Ainsworth. Fires 10:30 am.    Monday    Absist ambulance at 1210 Fifteenth street SW. 11:50 a.m. Monday. Malfunction of alarm at 701 Tenth street SE. 3:25 p.m.    Monday.    Assistance call at    3810 F    avenue NW. 6:30 p.m. Monday. Matches to paper at 1026 A avenue NE. 10:47 p.m. Monday. Defective gas stove at 408 Tenth street The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., December 3, 1974 I Richard P. I Hanson Eight Parking Mrs. Joseph Godfrey MeterS Take" Nellie E. Godfrey, 83, of 310^ Ei«ht FarkinS meters valued Richard Da^q Hanson. 51, former Cedar Rapids resident,;Fifth avenue SP], widow of Jo- at WM wer« reported taken pour Bound Over flied Monday in Dallas, Texas,jsoph Pierson Godfrey, died,Munday from three downtown _    ~    ,    . following a six-month illness. }Monday following a sudden > cations    verona    Jury He was born Feb. I, 1923. in    l^nc> s- ^,e was    a lifelong Cedar    r^e meter^ owne(j by the city f’our persons were    bound over Port bodge. An employe of Col-    Rapids nf-khnt.    traffic engineering department,    to the grand jury following pre- lins Radio ho had lived in! She was burn    Dec. 28, 1890, in    were taken from the 400 block of    laminary hearings    in magis- Cedar Rapids for several years    Cedar Rapids.    Mrs. Godfrey    sixth and fi vnnth «irpct« SF    . . . Rapids. Mrs. Godfrey before moving to Dallas recent- was a member of Cedar Chris-ly.    jtian    church; a 50-year member;street SE. Survivors include his wife, Si- °f Cedar Chapter OES; Rock    __ bylle; two sons. Marc of Cedar I Island Woman’s club; and the Rapids and Tighe of Iowa City; and the 500 block of Seventh three daughters, Kyle of Parkersburg, Lvnn and Joan, both of Del Mar. Calif.; two brothers. Railroad Retirement club. | Controversial Zone There are no immediate survivors. Request Withdrawn trate’s court. David Hintermeister, 1314 First avenue NE, was hound over on a charge of arson. He is charged with setting fire to a building west of the intersection of Sixteenth avenue and West Uh wt ATMfr fotoCASt 4> Rain is expected Tuesday night o^er most of the Pacific coast states and spreading eastward into the western slopes of the Rockios. Snow is expected over the lower Lakes region. Mostly fair elsewhere. of Albuquerque; three sisters, Mrs. II. B Pilcher, Mrs. V. A. Noble ami Mrs A A Gerken, jail cf Fort Dodge; and a former wife, Margaret. Services: Turner chapel east ^ rezoning request to permit Post road SW on Oct. 4. 'ZZ nj    ^    construction    of    232    luxury    con-1^-7 Overby, 638 Twenty Rev. Neville (J. Clayton and    jr-t second avenue SW, was bound r'hnntpr GRC Rnrint* dominiums north of Elaine drive,over ^ a (.hargp of larceny He is charged with taking six park- Cedar Chapter OES. Burial Cedar Memorial. Friends may call at Turner chapel east until NW has been withdrawn, i The request, submitted by ling meters Sept. 3. 2:30 Wednesday. The casket will owners Kenneth R. and Ortha Ricky Colbert, 1206 First Services: IO a rn. Thursday at inot be opened after the service. Harstad and Edgar L. King and street SW and James Nichols, R e s 11 a n d Memorial chapel. Dallas. A memorial service will be held in Cedar Rapids Saturday. option holder Donald M. Cara- 1206 Fifth avenue SE, were Memorit*1 Services way, was to rezone from R-l to bound over on charges of lar-F,ias. Paul W. Services I*’,2. 51 acre,^ , bcun^c<1 by ceny. The two are charged with were conducted at I p.m. Tues-1    drive, Edgewood road, taking a fireplace and other Friends are asked to contrib- day at Chapel of Memories by1 Hillside drive and a line extend- items from Richard Beaty Ute to the American Cancer So-the Rev- Gilbert W. Gilman, ed north from Twenty-sixth j Nov. 8. 81. Assets:    $1,400, with ail Marion: Steve Grimm, 1522 Cedar Valley cemetery. Parish! claimed as exempt.    j    Washington avenue SE; Colin Rosary Tuesday at 7 at Dono-| Patricia Jo Blozvich, 4420 Henderson, 724 Twenty-ninth [hue's ciety. Bowling street SW. Debts: $11,895.24. Assets: $350, with all claimed as exempt. Christina Jennings, 1429 Bever avenue SE. Debts: $4,126.97. Assets: $3,015, with $475 claimed as exempt. Ronald and Suzanne Kos, 380 Grand avenue, Marion. He listed debts of $33,364.58 and assets of $19,750, with $16,450 claimed as exempt. She listed debts of $43,364.58 and assets of $19,200, with $15,900 claimed as exempt. Magistrate's Court Speeding — Robert Clay, Rockford, 111.; fined $40 and costs. Robert Middleton, 1243 Twenty-second avenue SW; fined $35 and costs. John Kul-terman, Parkville, Minn.; Pamela Hood, 908 Sixteenth avenue SE; Leonard Hughes, rout** two, Marion; Francis Toomer, Manchester; Bradley Lawrence, Alburnett; Steve Grimm, 1502 Washington avenue SE; Debra Foss, Rosemount, Minn.; John Candler, 713 Eighth avenue SE; James Hogsdon, 785 Hillview drive, Marion; Timothy Kloos. 1135 Clifton street NE; Toe Brewster, Hiawatha; Delouse Jones, 5355 Holly avenue NW; James Weber, 2580 Twenty-fourth street, Marion; Jean Varek, 28 Julia Ann drive NW: Kerry Tuetkcn,    620. Forty-eighth street NE; Robert!^.1? Sion, 2640 Second avenue. jr., of Grace Brethren church, street. Burial: Cedar Memorial. Ar- '    , rangements    by Cedar Memorial The planning commission rec- Hearing Is Waived funeral home.    ommended rejection of the re- ^ y Best a, Milo W. — IO a.m. quest earlier this month. Wednesday at All Saints Cath-;    ........ olio church by the Rev. Ed-j round    I..    Becker.    Burial:    Tu/a    CnArfl^C enue SW; Dennis Clinton, H7|(Edna) Lehman, 66. Wednes-    "    -"»» '    a rT    I Southview    drive,    Marion;    Dar-    day    at    2    at    Donohue’s.    Burial:    Wi,ium    u    M    ~    .    T    .    ’    Are    DrOODed rell    Lindley,    Oxford;    Harold    i Memory    Gardens.    Visitation    VN,Iiam    p    McCarty,    Johnson eaj    /nit?    UiUppCU Spencer, Iowa City; Judith after 5 Tuesday.    county    youth    services coordina- Kriz, Mrs. Liimlr— Wednes- street drive SE; Barry Roberts,! Anamosa — James O. Austin, Mt. Vernon; Russell Mundy,'67. Thursday at 1:30 at 1195 Sixth avenue, Marion; Goettsch’s.    I    _ Donald Keister, 115 Rapids av- Iowa City — Mrs. Arthur    Lirn    Post Johnson County Youth Director M o w r y, 2535 Twenty - sixth street drive SE; Jonnie Hofer, 1236 Fifth avenue SE; Daniel Schrock, 2412 Eighteenth street SW; Ralph Cames, Fairfax; each fined $15 and costs. Driver’s license violation — William Bach. 1715 Sixth avenue SE; fined $20 and costs, Paul Carver, 1402 A avenue NE; Ralph Kane, 5651 Vermont street SW: Douglas King, Waterloo; each fined $15 and costs. Failure to use signal — Gregory Schatze, route three, Marion: fined $30 and costs. Consumption on public streets — Reid Sokol, Monticello; fined $25 and costs. Intoxication — Steve Hamilton, 2214 J street SW; fined $50 Monona Thursday at IO at St. John’s Lutheran church, Luana. Visitation after 2 Wednesday at Schultz’. Monona — Darwin Brown, 69. Wednesday at 1:30 at Schultz’ where friends may call after 2 Tuesday. Fort Atkinson — Frank Hybl, 70. Wednesday at 2 at Trinity Lutheran church at Calmar. Visitation after 7 Tuesday at Chekal’s. Guernsey — David Timm, 9, and William Dawson, 5. Wednesday at 2 at Guernsey United Methodist church. Burial: IOOF cemetery, Victor. Nevenhoven’s, Brooklyn. Mt. Vernon — Jay T^eroy Charges against two people motor vehicle. On Larceny Charge Richard Gordon, 700 Thirty-[fifth street, Marion, waived a preliminary hearing in magis-jtrate’3 court and was bound over on a charge of larceny of a Anna Gintz, 91. tor has boon namod director of *** ofGodby th, Rev. Eta have been dismissed in mads. I He * charged with taking a youth facilities In Linn county. Little. Burial: st. John's.    1*3    car,    th*    property    of Larry Linn supervisors aoproved:    m»y J"111' ’’"ll1 • P-m. itr®“ * «<*”•    Witherell,    Nov.    IO. employment of McCarty to the1Y'TYY.ff.Yn A charge o(    gainst    |    _ newly created post Tuesday. He a m. Wednesday at Elds 7?*rk Gre!W Karrick, 200 Thirteenth will assume his new job Jan. 6 Church of God. with an annual salary of $14,000. His major responsibilities will Hruby, Mary A. — Brosh funeral home, Solon, 9:30 a rn. Wednesday at IO a m. at St. street SE, was dismissed on the ^wo    Guilty request of the complaining To Amended Counts witness. He was charged with! _    ,    , be to devein nnH rwiministpr I air—7“'*“'    *c   .....robbing Marion McCune Nov. 12. Two people have pled guilty rn ne lo (level p and administer j Mary s church, Solon, by the    magistrate    s    court to amended youth programs for shelter care Rev J J Fath. Burial: St. Jo-    A charge of malicious inJury <^a and detention under the direc- seph’s cemetery, Iowa City. to a building against Clarence rJjT M    address lion of the administrator of the    •«»'»»•    if4.    7?    VT*    RuHt/lo    injiy to a motor county social services depart^ „“uTa^onJ?ion™hureh by;w“'d,SmIfed ln tl^ ,n^Testvehicle and was fined $35 and ment and the chief juvenile pro- the Rev. William P. Leonard. Justice. He was charged with    He    wag    charKe<1    ^ ^ bation officer.    mnvaJQnM*t‘thCadt,ary' ^riends damaging a tailing at 1527 B nec^on y,-^ an 27 incident. ' may call at the Stewart funeral I avenue NE Ort. 16. Before going to Johnson home. Steven Frondle, 908 Sixteenth avenue SE, pled guilty to lar- and costs.    (Heady, 36. Wednesday at 2 at county, McCarty worked fouri Cherry, Carrie   Turner! Faulty equipment — Leroy Baxter chapel    years with disadvantaged ado- chapel west at 1:30 p.m. IO YEARS AGO — Law of-ceny of less than $20 and was Morris. Toddvhile; Francis ( ark _ * ord — Edwin I resets7, lescents in Des Moines and as a Wednesday by the Rev. Charles Beers labored at carrying more given a 90-day jail sentence. He muton°\hr^MT(hdTr ^Rapfd^:’ Fc^rakvi ‘church. Masonir juvenile youth counselor for the ^o^11^rien^s”^^av^cal^at than 500 limply defiant domon* was char^ed wilh takln* toote’ Terry Fritz, Soringville; Robert services Wednesday at 8 at the Iowa department cf social Ber-!Turner chapel west.    strators from the University of the property of Kay Kiester, Marion; Beverly Mitchell, 1829 ™rtl    SW;    cach    ,ined    $1 .    ’    *__*    .    .      I    mn    cnete Williams, 1610 E avenue NW; Oxford chapel where visitation:vices Mar>' Stieger, 1740 B avenue! will begin 9 a.m. Wednesday NE; Cindy Zerbec, 716 E ave- George L. Gay’s. nue NW; Patrick McMickle. 602    --—— Thirty-second street NE; Clay- Putman, 433 Lewellen fc\OCK0lf6iS©r«— drive NW; Dnnlcl Bobuech, Sit ,Continued from Page I.) Higley avenue SE; Alvin Mc-1 nd costs.    taj|s    investments,    ex-1Tdl Keas. 988 Eleventh rireet | J-”^r SLr“fJrr ,3* yFi^ cept for those of Nelson Itockc- 6 a''s0c1a,l0n-Marion: Jeffrey Casev. mr ™’ ^ "_*'!•? s2ft ,.,ui fe|]er    i    He    is    married    s Thirteenth avenue SE; jean i    s    ’    5    0    1 He received his BA in sociolo-i Cftlttt Cupids gy at the University of Iowa in 1970. He is a member of the Iowa area executive committee of the American Friends Service Committee and the Iowa California’s Sproul hall. (Jct. 25. Established In 1*13 by the Gazette Co ana published daily and Sunday at SOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 57406 Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids, lowo. r and lives at Spier, 317 Jacolvn drive NW: Rickey Cowger, 604 Third avenue SE; Steven Malloy, 2432 Tenth avenue SW; William Waltz. 816 Ninth street. SE; Donald Beltz, 309 B avenue NW: Patricia Bunker, Little Rock, Ark.; Jeff Ribhle, 305 Nassau street SE:    Michael Hauskins, 1545 Second avenue SE: Marta Speer, 315 Hanover road SE; Oarv Young, 4400 Sherman street NE: Paul Cavros. 1724 Bever avenue SE; Leonard Rittman, Olin; Robert Pixel, 824 Oakland road NE: each fined $30 and costs. Meter violation — Fran’    Wiretap    Witness Guthrie. 520 Fifteenth street The committee also has called _ a SUrprise witness on wireta^ David La lier, 1323 Ellis bout-!Pin^ evard NW; Leroy Morris. Todd- The Witness, A. Russell Ash, Ville; each fined $25 and cos*?, jwas to testify later in the day on1 orSYS $7nr^'J;": '^ereHvp denial that the One-way-street violation - form€r New Y°rk governor Rodney Smith, 826 N street found out the FBI was wiretap-SW; fined $25 and costs.    ping newsmen and members of Obstruct crossing _ Rock I?- ^en presidential adviser Henry Kissinger’s staff and told Kis- Leroy | .singer about it. Ash, now' retired, was Kis-i route two, Iowa City. Read the Want Ads Subtcriptiop ra*«$ by corrl#r *5 cgat* a week By moil: Night Edition and Sunday 6 is*ues *375 a month, *3* OO o year Af-ternoon Editions and Sunday I issues 13 15 a month, *40 OO u year. Other states and U.S. territories 160 OO a year. No Moil Subscriptions accepted in areas having Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of all the local news printed In this newspaper os well as all AP news dispatches. L floral artistry ■'N ewe lien FLORIST Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 land railroad; costs. Reckless driving fined $20 and r o us    Morris.    Toddville; fined $30 James Peachier, 2408 Bowling faTT Th^: r;rt    °"    the 1017 Thirtv-third street SE;| *35 and routs    National    Security    Council. Richard Mucel, 404 Twenty-    _    in i 'th- 1 •V, SC- aaa rr . $25 and costs.    I mammal Security 1 .♦    .    or.    v    iii    it    Vehicle    control    violation    —    In    a    Feb. 28, 1973, White tr ^ vrr n j . i Michael Kriz, route two. Cedar House tape former counsel1 Hiawatha; Wayne Biderman.    fin(    ^ ton _n H    V,    ..    cuuiibti] Mt. Vernon; each fined S2S and    XridenY    tolf to ' vehicle    John Dpi,n    lelIs    ‘hcn-President; costs. Dennis Fridnoks, Mt.|__    Stmnin    Hnmiltnn    9714    j    Nixon that    an    FBI    cfficial Vernon: Robert McCue, 130 Dawlev street NE; Lester Poet, Di Accident, damaee to v**hicl .... — Steven Hamilton, 2214 J [Nixon    mal an | street SW: fined $50 and costs, (thought    the story    of the wire- Witt' I annie Naeerman i Do,rN "Uhout 8 Hcensf — taps may have leaked to the era    J    J    A?1    /-m'”?    *    u    James Hofland, 2060 Sylvia av- n - „ - „ thrriUJh    RnelrAMlnr'c T«tdv, he: Allan    Christopher- enilc ltE: tined $15 and costr. .fre?» lh,rcugh    ««Kefelterx son 90a Keyes rourt Marmn:    p,rmlt do*, ie run at larre learning of them and telling Mark Oavlor, 4540 F avenue' NW; Stanley Loeschen, 115 Twentv-ninth street NW; Pa-, Iowa Deaths Police Check Coggon — Iacslie J. Hender w -Vi-' tiww, ^    •    'tv $    'av'1’ *>    -•:1*'*    ’    v .4 »-it. • E__ fT. James Holland, 2060 Sylvia Kissinger, avenue NE; fined $10 and costs, j    — tricla Sehiel, 2270 First avenue. Marion: Donna Kaltenbach, 210 Tliirtv-first street NW; Dora Rodriquez. 367 Seventh avenue SW: Deborah Muller, 3417 Center Point road NE; John Sehminkev, 723 Ely avenue SW; Lamarr Lurkrn, Iowa City: Jack Dingle. 1649 Thirty-second street NE:    Barbara Davis. 2027 H avenue NE; Mary Pntnitz, 127 Southview drive, Marion; Constance Donner, 3000 J street SW; Linda Rolfe. 634 Twenty-eighth street Ext son, 85. Thursday at ll at Zion MqITIP Presbyterian church. Visitation    UICORIM6, at the Murdoch chapel in Cog- Taa c Aret Ta Lon mn after 2 Wednesday where •    / ai C I akCll Masonic service will be held at fr.rtrt,„    ... 8. Casket will not be opened! Tools valued at $1,944 were after the service. Memorial reported taken Monday in al fund established.    breakin at the Harold Schneider Wednesday” a|ar2:30"af'fhe residence' 1810 Hamilton street Peace United Church of Christ. Visitation after 2 Tuesday at I SW. a.,,    -•■"•urn.'.    ,,h„.    10 breakin' rer«rt8d by Bill court SE: Robert Schulte. 1726 tn' heTd ail.    .^Castle    drive SW. netted two tool boxes and I Third avenue SE; Walter Vaunts. route two, Marion; Larrv T/'Velle. 1224 Vernon View irive SF: Melvin Whitt. 119 Fourteenth street NW: William Bash. 1715 Sixth avenue SE: Dwight Witt, 828 Tenth street SW: Leis Vertz. 409 F avenue NW; Donald Bartlett, route three, Marion: Phillin Cook, 360 Twelfth street, Marion; Burial: Garnavillo cemetery. Oran — Mr s. John Buenzow, assorted tools, a set of metric 76. Thursday at 2 at St. Peter tools, a handsaw, a circular Tuesday” f “    3    l**l Burnham and Wood’s, West and a baltery charger. Union, and Wednesday from 1-j    *    t    * ):30 at Hintz’, Oelwein. Ilayrxv’ille — Margaret Wit-kening. Reynolds’, Sigourney.    n    breakin    at    the    Mark Winthrop — Leona Spitz, 85. Vigen residence, 333 Seven-Thursday at IO at St. Patrick’s teenth street SE, in which items Police received a report Tues- church.Rosary vahMd a, $29# werc (akpa Pefirion for Bankruptcy Margaret J. Mayfield, diaries City, formerly doing business as The Pet Center and as J MS, Inc. Debts: $11,351.96 Assets: $6,014.25. with $2,370.50 claimed as exempt. Mabel Louise Calhoon, We t Branch, doing business as Stateside Restaurant. Debts: $41,539.- Randall Sluiter. Fairfax; Rnr bara Horne. 3007 J street each fined $20 and costs.    Wednesday at 8 at Fawcett’Si    ... A ,>    _ ^ Improper reeistration    —    where friends may call atter 3    Vigen told    police    a    tape    deck Ronald Wagner, Hiawatha: Wednesday.    valued    at    $80, 12 tapes valued at lined $15 and co ts.    j iowa City — Michael H-j$120, five albums valued at $40, Improper pa.vdn* — John Fitzpatrick, 75. Funeral mass j i rinrr un|n.,fi I Borsch, 1615 Park Towne court    -Wixtnesday at 9:30 at St. Wen-    dmJ * cJass    rln8    va,utd    at NE; fined $15 and costs.    ceslaus Catholic church. Burial:    "(’re taken. Improper backing — Patrick Hess, Washington; fined arui costs. Striking unattended vehicle — Steven Hamilton, 2214 J street SW; fined $50 and costs. Traffic signal violation — Douglas Landayt, 1820 I street I SW; fined $20 and costs. Lee! Myers, 3225 Fourth avenue,: Send Something Special from Peck’s Flowers 5008 Center Pf. Rd. NC Flowers Say What Words Can't Ave. Floral & Botanicals 39 16th Ave. S.W. 366-7148 ... and he doesn't care how people look, or how they dresser how much money they make, ’ He does care how people feel and What they need in time of sadness, and about making this time as free from burden as humanly possible. i? /    >T/;r ' ' Is? ' im - ii ^tgrP' -    I ' # V    •    ti f * . * -kSii' a; Ii 'i lf    -oL'.* rn* rn WF' • *«A y%, -"l V-    ~4:t    '& - mr ■ Murdoch_ > MARION 4 CENTER POINT CENTRAL CITY SPRINGyiLLE WALKER    COGGON . * * VY    and    in    C«dar    Rapids .THE PE ATTY BEURLE CHAPEL t'St:    4:'4r•IfCw'v * Ai V . For 61 years . . . flowers for all occasions! John E. Lopes 308 3rd Ave. Si    365-0511 Convenient downtown location z < S o tell someone you core with flower* Florist and Gift S'l p 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day SSS&f r    r    'im. a e.. i *-    ■    * u*'    '    ■' wMiWM* Wfmf vWt'v, ■ ;

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