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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., December 3, 1974 Grand Opening Cost Figures Are Disputed WasNoiMeant For Holdup Man C.R. Man Gets Sentence after Plea of Guilty Boy Scout Ideals Praised by Ford (Continued from Page I.) two routes and reported the eastern one “vastly superior’’ in terms of construction and user costs and “clearly superior” in terms of environmental considerations. The county planners formally accepted that study, but have not yet amended their major streets plan to show only the eastern alternate. The plan now shows both alternates. Delay Action At the November meeting. Hiawatha Mayor Dale Guthridge asked the planning commission to delay action on amending the streets plan until the highway commission study could be evaluated by Powers, Willis and Associates, an Iowa City engineering firm hired for the purpose by Hiawatha. The firm’s report was presented Monday by Noel Willis. He said the cost estimate by the highway commission for construction of the eastern alternate seems low, and does not include some additional expenses that would not be present with the western alternate. Beltway Cost The highway commission es timated construction costs at $20,127,000 few the eastern alternate and $22,603,000 for the western one. Willis said the difference would actually be about $1.5 million instead of $2 5 million. In addition, he said, those fig- possible from the influence of any member body,’’ he said That later drew rebuttal from ures are based on the assumption a circumferential beltway is not built as planned in the' northwest quadrant. The Cedar RaPlds MaV" Don Can-planned beltway, if built, would n*y. who said he knows of no also serve as the three-mile contract for legal services be-westerly segment of the western I tween the planning commission alternate.    ap(j tbg £edar Rapj^ city attor- If it is built, he said. the costs of the three-mile leg can be ney-deleted from the construction    Account for Vote cost of the western segment. | jf jbe matter does go to court, making it about $760,000 cheaper Mover said, members of the to build than the eastern alter- commission w’ould be account-nate-    able for their vote. He said User costs would be higher courts in the past, confronted with the western route because with grossly improper judg-it is longer, he said.    ments by a group, have made Environmentally,    Willis    said    members of the group individuals company’s study    disagreed    ally accountable for court costs, with the conclusions of the high-! That statement brought proway commission, primarily be- tests from several commission cause of disagreements about members, who said the commis-the projected traffic loads on sion could not exist if members highway 150 and the resultant could be sued individually for their votes. “I want it made abundantly noise and air pollution Legal Aspects After the Willis report, Hia-Watha City Atty. Clint Mayer,vjdual „ M „ tj reviewed the legal aspects of'he    kjne    only of asses* clear that you did not hear from me you could be sued as indi- Marion Couple Sues Illinois Candy Company A Marion couple has filed a $26,500 lawsuit in Cedar Rapids federal court against an Illinois candy company over an allegedly fraudulent distributorship contract. John and Janath Berg, of 860 South Eighth street, Marion, filed the complaint against Morris S. Friedman (also known as Morrie Friedman* of Lake Zurich, 111., doing business as the planning unit’s decision. “Heaven forbid that I sound like I’m threatening this group,” he said, adding litiga- speaking only ment for court coster It didn’t take an armed robber long to hold up a newly-opened Quick-Trip grocery store, 1430 First avenue NE. A masked man carrying a short barreled luger pistol took about $50 shortly before 3 a.m. Tuesday from a clerk, James Lonzemius, 22, Iowa City. The 24-hour store opened for business last Thursday. Police said Lonzemius was making change for a customer, Richard A. Dittmar, 18, of 1527 B avenue NE, when the man pointed a gun at him and demanded the cash register’s contents in a paper bag. The suspect fled through the front door after making Lonzemius and Dittmar lie on the floor. The holdup man was described as white, about 25, about 6 feet tall, weighing 175 pounds and wearing a green and gold ski mask and a long green coat with wide lapels. Thursday Services    Dean Asks for For Leslie Henderson    Qu| Jn Sentence COGGON - Leslie J. Hen- WASHINGTON (AP) — John VV ASHING! ON (API - Re- do|Wn us, a retired farmer and sef # ()n(110 four yfar I A Cedar Rapids man pled Jec,l,1R criticism that he s been |wejono resident of the Coggon    nivBtrnrfion    of    jus ! guilty Tuesday in Cedar Rapids much of a Boy Scout. Pres!-    ^    .sentence ta^obstruction of jus- federal court    to    stealing    two    dent Kord    sa-vs    that Scouting    area- d,ed ‘    tire in the Watergate case, has checks from the    mail and    wasl'deaJ» wi"    his    K,lid(' and    Rapids hospital.    petitioned a federal court    lo sentenced to    an    indeterminatecompass "in    all    my    official du-!    fie was born Nov. 18, 1889 at reduce his sentence. term in a federal youth correc- l*es> the Grand View farm at cog ^ asked to be freed immedi- (tons facility in Colorado.    |    Ford.    himself an Bagle Seoul. gon on Oct. 15, 1913 at Central ™""have' thp sentence Id a Scouter-oMhc-Vear dtn-|Cj(y ^ „as married Hazel ,"e.y'.J°'  ............. Rex Everett Fishel, 19, who'told listed his address as the YMCA,]nee in Washington Monday that, reduced to one year, making iiv*ivu ma uuuicaa cia mc i .nun, civ i iii    muuuaj'    mal,;    . ,    ..    i *    a admitted taking the checks (one "I think our goals should be Trumbull who die t.,    « him eligible for parole after the Mr. Henderson was a 55-year ^ ^ member and past master of the char,eg Shafter, Dean* attor-Mecca Masonic lodge and a _    fhn    rnmt    that    hjs of $119 and the other $991 from more Boy Scouts in government, the rural Walker mailbox of not less.’’ Mitchell Gehricke, who had en- He told the Scouts he was dorsed the checks.    grateful for the invitation to According to the government, speak because Republican Sen. Fishel later cashed the checks Bob Dole of Kansas—although in two Cedar Rapids establish- Ford didn’t mention his name ments in August.    J —had said the President was Judge Edward J. McManus, too much of a Boy Scout in his on accepting Fishers guilty conduct of the nation’s highest plea, turned the youth over to office. the U.S. attorney’s office and    Ford recited the Scout laws:    -....    .    deters    Mrs recommended he be placed and oath, which emphasize;    .""a1.    Mr,    'Lev under treatment and super- honesty, bravery and reverence, vision at the Colorado facility and said, “Well, if these are for a term not to exceed six not goals the people of the f Years. Masonic lodge and a ^ M the CQUrt member of the El Kahir Shrine.had cooperated with thc Surviving are two dau£htei*- waterfiate investigation for 16 Mrs George (Velma) Brown. h    , Rock Island, III , and Mrs months - “a d,reel outgrowth Francis (Florence) Hoag. Paola. Kan.; two sons, Richard and Harold Henderson, Coggon; ten grandchildren and six great- of his pre-March 21, 1973, decision to persuade the then-President to end the cover-up even if it meant jail for Dean.” Attached to the motion was a Israel Charges Egypt Erecting Either Way Commission Chairman Bill tion is probably inevitable if dif- Martin reminded the members ferences between Hiawatha and their legal liability would hold Mjccj|p Sites the highway commission can’t true for a negative vote on the be resolved in any other w ay. I streets plan as well as for an af- By Associated Press He suggested the planners firmative one.    israel    accused    Egypt    Tuesday seek “outside” legal and plan- The planning unit then voted of digging “earth channels” on Carrie    Lindahl,    Mrs Lacy    letter from Samuel Dash, the (Ruth)    Hill Mrs.    Marian Sav-    former    chief counsel of the sen- age and Mrs. Walter (Esther)iate Watergate committee, sup-„    „    -    Rath    all of Coggon.    porting    a reduction in sentence i nit od States want their Presi- ’ .    ... Thjrs. I “in the interests of justice.” dent to    live    up    to.    then    I    must; j* V1C s    -.    Presby.    Dean    has been in prison since draw this    conclusion:    Either.da> at    11 a‘ lb?    z“n    l r ■    Septi 3    He p|eaded guilty to the you have the wrong man-or III*'’®". c0Ln cememry! single obstruction of justice have the wrong country. And    ,    A,™    ; charge a year ago. don't holier. ..(hor i. "    .Friends may call at the    Mur-ln«v d > al "_ Idoch chapel in Coggon after 2    \a/L*i Wednesday, where Mecca 5ee Bl ack-White ! lodge will conduct a Masonic i service at 8 p.m. Wednesday The casket will not be opened ning counsel, saying it puts too to ask the highway commission great a burden on the Cedar to evaluate the Willis report. Rapids city staff to provide ser- It also voted to ask the county vices to the commission.    attorney    to request a state at- “It (advice) should be direct- tomey general’s opinion on the ed only to you and be as free assegai liabilities of commi.-sion - members. State Begins To Bulldoze Cabins the east bank of the Suez Canal and said they were the kind used “for launching missiles.” A military spokesman said Israel filed a complaint with the U. N. Emergency Force and that U. N. observers had sent a team to check the area. There was no immediate com- * * * In other business, the commission approved application to;ment from Egyptian or U. N. of-1 the Federal Aviation Adminis- facials, tration for a grant to finance an Under the U. S.-sponsored dis Tho Tnwa airP°rt system plan study, and engagement signed in January. inc iowa<approved the addition of Kirk-1"0*' “"w    “““ wood boulevard SW in Cedar MARQUETTE conservation commission Monday began to bulldoze some of D ..    . . wxll the cabins and trailers along    between Miller avenue hp M^in^frivi^ Sh    Kirkwood    college,    to the the Mississippi river which have , .    ,    .    .    • been the .subject af a lengthy ffcr,al a,d ,0 municipaht.es controversy between ownersjstrett s-vslem makln« “ ell8,ble and the state. Several years ago a district for federal funds. Congress— (Continued from Page I.] Israel and Egypt were to refrain from installing long-range artillery or missiles within 18 miles of the cease-fire lines. In London, Soviet and Egyptian officials have reported that Egypt soon may be getting a nuclear reactor to generate atomic power. The officials said negotiations for the delivery of a 460-mega- Watergate-— (Continued from Page I.) before his May 14, 1973, grand don’t believe either is so jury appearance.    i --—- “I still considered myself sub- Trlrv% ject to orders given to me due- 1 nm Mortgage mg the term of my service to |n+prpe4» the President of the United mTere5T States,” Haldeman replied.    WASHINGTON (AP) - after the services. A memorial Only a tight handful of    White government has trimmed to 8.25 *und    ^as    *}een    e8    S^*^' House aides, including    Hal- percent the contract interest j deman, knew about the    White rate on below-market home Mills— House taping system until    Alex- mortgages provided under a,    from    Pape    I ) an der Butterfield disclosed it federal program designed to    'Continu^fromPage I.) during senate Watergate testi-help home-buyers save money. Miss Foxe “troubles me the mony on July 16 last year.    James Lynn, secretary of way it does all the people here    have paved (be way for . Hen*Veniste had brought out housing and urban development J. . . I don't condone it. of summit talks with African lead-that Haldeman told the grand said fees and charges added to course.'’    durinB    secrct    lrjp    or    trjDS jury that he wanted to be “can- loans under the program would House Speaker Carl Albert j0 black Africa in October did, volunteering and help out” make the    effective interest    rate    said Tuesday    he    thinks Mills is but that he said there were no 8 895 on    loans used to    buy    in bad health, records he could provide except houses during December.    Mills    underwent    an    operation his telephone logs.    The rate on the loans is tied to last year for a back ailment, “I think you testified there the interest the government    but has said    since he    fully    rewire no other records on the must pay to borrow money.    covered, face of the earth that    w’ould    During November, the first Without specifying any partic- reflect contacts with other peo- month of    operation under    the    ular illness.    Albert    said.    “I pie,” said Ben-Veniste. “But Emergency Home Purchase    As-think it has had    an    impact    on you didn t mention tape record-sistance Act, the contract inter-1his whole system ... I am not, ings, did you Mr. Haldeman?” est rate was 8.5 percent and    the    talking about    anything else, just “No sir,” was the reply. effective rate 9.5 percent.    his physical condition.” African Detente JOHANNESBURG, South Afri-ca (AP) — South African newspapers are rife with speculation that a major break-through is imminent for detente between black- and white-ruled Africa. Some newspapers report Prime Minister John Vcrster TIME IS THE GIFT FOR GENERATIONS TO COME GRANDFATHER CLOCKS IN HARD TO GET BLACK WALNUT and FINEST MOVEMENTS. Phone 362-7528 , .    ,    watt    Soviet reactor to Egypt are belonged to the publican conference were the t completion. Thee said fl7' f“c,h sess'on,s und(,r .n'w the talks began during Egvptian Stale officials ordered the rules that provide for organizing Foreign Minister Ismail, Magistrate Court Candy Merchandising Council of J*"*    said    'h*    Pr„°per,y ’between the railroad tracks and land Inc    Can<J>‘    thc river in Clayton and AW ’ „    kee counties The Bergs claim Friedman state and his firm reneged on several provisions of a contract they cabins and trailers to be    re-    congress    before it convents next    visit    Vo    Moscow    mCX-1 signed Jan. 26 to distribute moved. Most of the leases month.    ,    Fahmy s 4 wit to Moscow in Oc chocolate in a five-county tern-    granted    by the state expired    Incumbent leaders of both    1 Egyptian    sources said    the Accordine to thp suit the 30    Tb°_rema‘nder expire    PaJ'tieiv'5rie rejected: CaijJ Al‘    Russians were anxious to coun- Berzs caid $6 500 for tho rights 31    December.    la.),    speaker,    subjec    ter t^e frjendiy relationship that' Bergs paid $6,500 for the rights There are about 60 cabins and to the formality of house confir- h devplonpd between Pres- j^f‘ST'S*rUOT alon«tl"river in therion: Thomas ,°?m^ntsaStat.T    es: jones, jonnson. Linn, Benton    Marquette and Harpers Ferry    Mass.), majority    leader; John and Delaware counties.    areas. Owners of 22 cabins in    Rhodes (R-.Ariz.),    minority lead- in March, however, it is Clayton county near Marquette!pf: and    John Anderson    <R-I ), claimed they were told the have obtained a temporary    in-    Republican conference    chair- chocolate company was junction prohibiting immediate    man. bankrupt and a substitution razing of the buildings.-    At the    Republican organiza- wmildbe made    *    *    *    tional meeting. Robert Michel fit— n er °°n jI To add to the woes of the (R ill.) was elected Republican Man Pleads Guilty; the Illinois company promised    cabm owners, vandals over the    whip over John Edenborn of IIH- (o set up IO retail outlets for the    weekend    entered 14 properties    nois and Jerry Pettis of Califor-    Sentence    Suspended ♦ l^Ut ^ tW? JUere ^    along hl«hway 76» breaking win-    nia. The post* was left open by    Gerald    Kucera.    260    Boice    road tablished and one of these was    dows and (joors.    the retirement of    Leslie Arends    NW,    pled    guilty    Mondav    in ?    cl®akroom o{    Clayton county authorities    are    (R-Ill ).    magistrate s court to a    charge th Ma in,    u •a *h    continuin8 t0 investigate    the    In the contest    for    Republican    of possession of controlled sub- .    sa!;. . breakins. There is no account- conference chairman. Anderson stance and was given a 30-day ll6!!    i    SWf ^‘n    inS of what mi»ht have    turned back. 85    to    52. a chal-suspended jail sentence. such large    stores    as Osco, Hy-j^ien sjnce cabin owners    are    lenge bv Charles    Wiggins of He was charged with    posses- . ..    .    located throughout the state. California.    sion of marijuana Nov. 9. They also contend the provi- sions of the signed contract were altered so that a profit was impossible and they were not able to recover the initial investment. In addition to the original investment of $6,500, the Bergs requested $20,000 in punitive damages. ^ r. ,    — LAT ■ rn rJ' VT f rn V/r rn im "Tty 'Cf W t 4t r IR Wednesday Services For Jay Heady, 36 MT. VERNON — Jay Leroy J Heady, 36, died suddenly Sunday afternoon at work. Bom Sept. 28. 1938 in Cedar Rapids, he married Jean Ferguson in Nashua June 29. 1968 He was employed by the Linn county road department for 12 years. He is survived by his wife and his father Ray Heady of Mt.J Vernon. Services will be held Wednesday at 2 at Baxter chapel, A memorial fund has been established. It mixes with anything, anywhere, airtime. Sew for the holidays with 100% polyester double knit. . . How's Your Hearing? diSToRtEd? COME IN FOR A FREE HEARING TEST HEIRING HO SERVICE 337 Higley Bldg. 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