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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ocae(fr™~ I Tnt woaio I latent auto fainter « over too iocaoon* cqam to coait BODY & FINDER REPAIR witk •my Earl Scktih pant job:    * Twelve Die on Roads Apparent open Warfare in SWATT Excercise During Weekend ap Wirephoto Chilling Report University of Iowa student Scott Harrison adds the final touches to a different kind of snowman that he and a friends built in his front yard over the weekend. This chilly character relaxes in an easy chair with copy of The Wall Street Journal. B> The Associated Press Twelve persons died on Iowa roadways during the Thanksgiving holiday traffic period Among the latest fatalities occurred in a two car-collision on Iowa 21 near the Poweshiek county town of Guernsey which took the lives of two rural Albia youths. The victims, identified as Billy Dawson. 5. and David Timm, 9. were passengers in a car driven by their mother, Mrs Nina Dawson. 37. when it collided head-on with a car driven by Mrs Sarah Kulinier. 34. rural Ottumwa, the Code Attempts to Avoid Iowa’s Problems LINCOLN. Neb. (AP) —Nebraska may be on the verge of following the lead of Iowa in legalizing social gambling But proposals which may go to the 1975 Nebraska legislature will try to avoid the problems that Iowa has faced in enforcing a new law. and keeping the peace A number of disruptive incidents, and murder itself, have been linked to gambling in Iowa taverns since a 1973 law took effect. Two proposed revisions of Nebraska's criminal code have been before the Legislature during the past two years Each would legalize social gambling, and versions of both will return to the Uni- Car Flips into River; Five Escape Injury ANAMOSA—Five persons narrowly escaped serious injury Sunday evening when their car plunged into the Wapsipmicon river. David Burdick. 2d, Marion, and Bobby. 14. Kevin. 12, and Julia. 16, Banks, of rural Cedar Rapids, and Joline Marx. 14. Cedar Rapids had been tobogganing in the Wapsipmicon state park Upon leaving the park, their car struck a boulder along the side of the road, flipped over into the river and came to rest on its wheels in shallow water The five were taken to St Luke’s hospital in Cedar Rapids for examination and later released A Jones county crane was used to pull the car from the river cameral for consideration in 1975 Major Proposal The major proposal, first initiated by the Governor's commission on law enforcement and criminal justice in 1972. and revised many times since by the judiciary committee. would have legalized social gambling, but only in private places. That bill died with the adjournment of the 1974 legislature But judiciary chairman Roland Luedtke of Lincoln says it will be* back for consideration next year. It provided that a person would have a defense* against a gambling charge if it took place in private, if no participant received any economic benefit other than pe*rsonal winnings, and if the risks for all participants were the same, except for differences in skill or luck The language of the bill tended to place the burden of proof on the defendant, who would have to prove that he was in fact, engaged in private social gambling Genera! Practice “It would make the law conform to the general practice of law enforcement officials.’’ Luedtke said Sen. John Decamp of Neligh. who has proposed his own version of a criminal code, patterned after one adopted in Hawaii, also favors legalization of social gambling Social gambling is a “victimless crime,’’ and not worth the attention lawmakers should be giving to other areas. Decamp said Is the loser in a gambling game a victim ? “If that’s the cast*, then so I is the investor, and especially so today," Decamp said. “It’s a lot more risky investing in the stock market today than it is to gamble on a football game." Decamp said the chief trouble with Iowa's law is the high limit placed on wagering, which allows and individual to win or lose as much as $500 in any single 24-hour period. Iowa officials say it is impossible to determine whether an individual wins or loses more than $500 in any 24-hour period Authorities also encounter problems determining whether the gambling meets the rather obscure classification of “social." Law I nenforrfablr “The whole law is unenforceable.” Woodbury County Atty. Zigmund Chwirka of Sioux City, says. “I would not recommend the Iowa version of gambling law to any state in the entire United States." Gambling should not be permitted where liquor is sold, Chwirka said. and gambling establishments should be stateeontrolled by linensing and regulation Nebraska law now prohibits gambling, with three exceptions Pari-mutuel horse race betting was authorized by a constitutional ani endment adopted in 1934 Bingo received a similar constitutional amendment in 1958 Lotteries for business promotion or for chantable or community benefit purposes won approval in 1982 and 1988 Bingo is a $5 million a year operation in Nebraska And bettors waged some $95.5 million at five tracks on horse racing this year Ban Lifted In 1972. Atty Gen. Clarence Meyer suggested the legal ban on strictly social gambling might be lifted. “It is only where some outsider is ’raking the pot' or skimming off the money from the players in some fashion that we start to have a dangerous situation." he said While the legal bar to such gambling could be dropped by the state, the legislature might do well to authorize local communities to prohibit it lf they encounter problems. * Mover said. Photo Exhibition At U. of I. Museum IOWA CITY—An exhibition of photographs by Carl Toth will begin an extended tour of museums and galleries in the United States when the works are shown at the University of Iowa museum of art through Dec 31 Both teaches at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Mich The exhibition is being circulated by the International Museum of Photography at the George Kastman House, Rochester, N Y. ScvUScfoik “AU. EXCLUSIVE DIAMOND CLOSS COLORS WITH GENERAL ELECTRIC SILICONES" Have    yow Carpets and Clanned FLOWER-FRESH without    Scrubbing, WR    v»#fry    * Duradean FOAM ABSORPTION PROCESS Applied by trained Specialists right in your own home Duradean Foam absorb* dirt that ran t be scrubbed or steamed'' out Gentle hand sponging does the rest Our thorough cleaning delays re-soiling from residual dirt So wonder Duradean has earned the endorsement of leading carpet and Ca// us for a    furniture    manufacturers Free Quotation DURACLEAN FABRIC CARE fays Iowa highway patrol said Both drivers were in critical condition late Sunday at University hospitals in Iowa City. Mrs. Kullmer’s two children, Becky. 3, and Robert, 4, were treated at a Grinnell hospital. Services for Billy Dawson and David Timm are pending at Nevenhoven’s in Brooklyn. Rodney Butler, 12, son of Mr. and Mrs Jim Butler of Yale, was killed Sunday when the tractor he was driving skidded from a slippery county road near Fancier and overturned in a ditch, Guthrie county sheriff’s officers said. When James Clifford, 29. Salt lake City, Utah, struck a bridge Saturday on 1-80 near Grinnell, Richard Moody. 46, Batavia. 111., stopped to assist, troopers said. As the two men stood at the accident scene, a third car driven by Dennis Daggett. 20. Kent, struck the wrecked car. pinning Moody and Clifford against the bridge, officers said. Moody died in a Grinnell hospital and Clifford was in fair condition late Sunday in an Iowa City hospital. Two passengers in the Daggett car received lesser injuries. Anthony Grelk. 23, rural West Point, died Saturday when the tractor he was using to pull his car from a ditch near his farm home overturned. Lee county sheriffs officers said. Donald Simpson, ll, rural Ionia, died Saturday and two others were injured in a colli-son on U.S. 63 near New Hampton Simpson was a passenger in a car driven by his mother, » Mrs Martha Koensmgsfeld, 37, when it collided with a pickup truck driven by Louis Anderson, 19. Galesburg. III., troopers said. . ON THIS DATE in 1980. the head of the Anglican < hurch, the Archbishop of Canterbury, broke church precedent by visiting Pope John XXIII at the Vatican WATERISH) (AP)- What appeared to be open warfare broke out in downtown Waterloo Saturday as the police department’s new Special Weapons and Tactics Teams (SWATT) held a training exercise SWATT members captured two mock snipers, portrayed by an FBI agent and the assistant police chief, who were firing from the sixth floor of an empty building The exercise began when another FBI agent, playing the part of a victim, was shot by one of the snipers. The SWATT men took positions on the rooftops of buildings across the street from the snipers while a team using the police department s paddy wagon rescued the victim under a protective cover of smoke. Using a bullhorn, Police Chief Robert Beener ordered the snipers to throw their weapons out the window and surrender When the only answer was more gunfire, a SWATT team entered the building. Six men went to the sixth floor and posted themselves outside the smilers’ room. Two others went to the top floor and lowered themselves two floors to the snipers’ window. One man tossed in a tear gas bomb (actually a smoke bomb), while the other swung through the window At the same time, the six-man team in the hallway entered the room and captured the snipers After the exercise SW ATT members critiqued their activities, using police audio film of the events. The exercise had been publicized in advance, and the street was blocked off an hour before it began. 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SITS Floor Drive    Des    Moines,    Iowa Recommend 8 Percent Pay Hike for Regents’ Employes DES MOINES (AP)—A Chicago consulting firm has recommended an eight per cent across-the-board salary increase for 1975-76 for the approximately 7,000 non-academic employes of the three state universities covered by the Iowa board of regents’ merit system The pay hike recommendation was included in the yearly regents’ merit system review IRS Installs New Number DKS MOINES—The Des Moines district office of the internal revenue service has installed a new toll-free telephone service. The new number will became effective Monday to aid taxpayers with questions on personal income tax matters Persons can call the Des Moines office from anywhere in the state without charge. The number is 800-362-2800 The number will eliminate calls to the IRS offices in the following cities Cedar Rapids. Council Bluffs, Davenport, Sioux City . and Waterloo. by Robert H Hayes and Associates The Hayes proposal says implementation of all portions of the revised pay plan will increase merit system payroll costs by 12 to 13 percent. The firm says the recommendation is the result of a study of the pay scales at 76 Iowa firms. Regents are expected to take final action on the salary proposals at next week’s meeting in Des Moines. A public hearing will be held Saturday at the Fisher auditorium on the Iowa State university campus in Ames to discuss the Hayes proposal The regents had already approved a 12 percent pay increase* for faculty and administrators for next year, and an additional eight percent hike for 1976-77 New Postmaster Takes Charge TAMA—George Novotny. 59, Tama, was sworn in as official postmaster in Tama recently by Charles Seda, sectional center facility manager and Cedar Rapids postmaster. R U S Cl© . . . STILL YOUR BIGGEST VALUE! 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Clifton Lamborn of Maquoketa, the Republican floor leader in the Senate, has indicated that he would like to make repeal of the right-tower k law a major issue at the next session. I nion Membership A number of Democrats campaigned against the right-to-work law, which prohibits compulsory union membership in Iowa At least one public opinion poll shows widespread support among the general public for Iowa’s right-to-work law and I,amhorn thinks many Democrats could be caught in the middle' of this issue Lamborn reasons that Democrats would lose popularity with the general public if they vote to repeal it. and conversely. that labor unions would be greatly displeased if they voted against repeal. Support Repeal , “Historically the Democratic party has been in support of repeal of the right-to-work law which has been on the books since 1947. In our platforms we have been unalterably opposed to that statute and have called for its repeal,’ Whitney said in an interview. “But the reality is that we have to work on a pragmatic basis with Governor Robert Ray (a Republcan) who has indicated on numerous occasions that he doesn’t support repeal of the right-to-work law and if such legislation reached his desk he would veto it.” It takes a two-thirds vote in each house to override a veto. Democrats have 60 of IOO house seats but only 25 to 50 senate seats with a special election slated for Dec IO in Dubuque county to fill two vacancies, one in the house and one in the senate. Personal ( onseience “Because of the nature of our margins, plus the realization that a few legislators of our own political faith could not as matters of personal conscience support the Democratic platform on this particular issue, and perhaps only that issue, there just a not enough votes to override a gubernatorial veto on the nght-to-work issue," Whitney said "lf you recognize and deal with it," Whitney continued, “why engage in that kind of exercise when you could do so many meaningful other things for labor families and all other citizens with the time that you would spend on that issue?” The Democratic state chairman said he just doesn't see repeal of the right-to-work law as a “substantive issue" at the 66th Iowa general assembly. ;

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