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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon.. December 2, 1974 Karate — A free karate dem-| Items Taken — Raymond V. onstration is scheduled for 7:30 Wasek, 1208 Thirty-eighth street p m. Wednesday at Ellis YMCA. SE. reported a $55 watch. $30 Signup for classes will follow radio, SSO worth of stereo tapes. airliner George Hocker, describing the difficulty of finding and identifying the victims, said, For about half of the bodies, 'you can recognize that it is a human.” He said the rest of the bodies were dismembered. Mills Spurns Pleas for Caution the demonstration. ♦ * * Lost: Roto-lite-lasser. 1st Ave between Marion and Cedar Rapids. Reward. 377-6959 —Adv. * * * Holiday enrichment with candles from Rose's Candle Niche. Marion. — Adv. * * * $30 in change and $25 worth of record albums were taken from his home Sunday afternoon. * ’* * Best Rental Rents The Best. —Adv. * *    * Guns Gone — John G. Hanson, 1727 Fifth avenue SE, told .police a $300 12 gauge shotgun, Breakin - William C. McCor-!$20 gun case, a $55 .22 caliber mick, 2300 Fifth avenue SE. said rifle and a $15 case were stolen thieves broke into his home from his car Sunday afternoon over the weekend and stole a while it was parked at 2739 $500 coin colection, $31 in cash, Sixth street SW. and a $50 watch.    *    *    * * * *    Holiday Special Shampoo liv- Lebanese Bread — Call St. ing room $10.95. bedroom $7.95. George church Tuesday, Dec. 3. Diamond Carpet 366-6226.-Adv. ♦ * * Home Entered — Charles 3208 Franbrook terrace j told police a .22 caliber! 363-1559. - Adv. ♦ * * Mother Dies — Mr. and Mrs. I Zap! Paul Cornette, of 209 Eighteenth \w, street NW, Saturday attended rifle valued at $180 and $50 in! the funeral of his mother,    Emile change    were    stolen    from his Cornette, in Moline. 111.    I residence sometime between *    *    *    Friday and Sunday. Lebanese pastry and    foods1    *    *    * sale. Islamic Center. Thursday 9 Holidav Party Equipment — to 8 p.m. Call 362-0857. - Adv. i Buresh Rental. - Adv. * * *    *    * * Demos1 Victory Dinner Slated Thursday Night A combination Christmas, victory and recognition dinner sponsored by the Linn County Democratic Women s club is I scheduled Thursday evening at the Cedar Rapids Elks club Mrs. W E. Jackson, club pres-1 ident, said a 5:30 p m. reception1 will be followed by a dinner at! 7. State Rep. Mary’ O’Halloran (D-Cedar Falls) will be the speaker. Special guests will be Democratic incumbents and newly-elected county officials and legislators of Linn county. Special recognition will be given a number of Democratic women serving in political elective or appointive posts. Reservations are required and should be made by dialing 363-4967 in Cedar Rapids. (Continued from Page I.) ing an article in the Boston Sunday Herald Advertiser reporting on his visit. He confirmed that he had appeared on stage after Miss Foxe told the audience, ‘i’d like you to meet somebody. Mr. Mills. Mr. Mills, where are you?” Mills was led on stage and left minutes later, arm in arm with the 38-year-old stripper. Mills, who appeared Sunday to have trouble with his balance and asked for a chair while being photographed, said lie was under heavy sedation for a heart condition. He said it was his second attack. Asked about his medication, he said. “I don't know what it is but it makes me drunk ” The interview in the bare, brightly lit dressing room was conducted in the presence of Miss Foxe and her estranged husband. Eduardo Battistella. “This is Miss Foxe’s husband, who’s my best friend,” Mills said. ‘‘He came at my request.” Battistella said he had flown from Washington Friday with Mills in a private airplane. Miss Foxe. whose real name is Annabel, and her husband repeatedly told Mills to be more guarded before a reporter. “Aw hell,” Mills said, gripping the reporter’s knee. “I like you.” Asked about Mills’ apparent attachment to her. Miss Foxe said, “He has never enjoyed life. He’s been all the time in polities . .. People need companionship and need friends and they aren’t easy to come bv.” Mills was quoted in the Herald Advertiser article as saying of his relationship with Miss Foxe, 'There never was anything between us. as a lot of people tried to imply.” Police Hunt Suspect In Stabbing at Party A 22-year-old man stabbed at a party early Monday was in serious condition at St. Luke’s hospital intensive care ward following the incident Accident Results In Minor Injuries A one-car accident cafly Sun- Kent Douglas Klein. 16. of 564A day in the 2000 block of Second Colorado drive SW. went out of street SW injured one person. conlr°l-but not seriously enough to require hospital treatment.    Rommel    Elected Richard Daly. 18. of 5450 Col- STUTTGART, West Germany I orado street SW, suffered a!<AP) - Field Marshal Erwin head cut when the car in which Rommers son Manfred becamcl he was riding struck a light pole* ..    __    . at 4:30 a m Sunday.    Stuttgart s new mayor Monday Police said the car driven by a^,er winning a runoff election. I the (techie Unfurl* (flnirHf ~E»Tobibbed In HSJ by Th* Octette Co ana oobiltbed dolly and Sunday ot SOO Third ave. SE. Cedar Rapid*. Iowa 52404 Second clat* pottage paid ot Cedar Rapids, iowa Subscription rotes b»carrier TS cent* o week Bv moll: Night Edition and Sunday 4 issues MTS a month, *39 OO a year: Af ternoon Editions and Sunday I issues *3 IS o month, 140 OO a year. Other states and U.S. territories *40 OO a year No Vail Subscriptions accepted in areas having Gotette carrier service. The Associated Prest Is entitled delusively to the use tor republication ot all the local news printed in this newspaper as well as an AP newt dispatches Police Check House Breakins Cedar Rapids police are investigating two breakins at residences on Oklahoma avenue SW over the holiday weekend. John B. Bergeron. 54 Oklahoma avenue SW. reported someone entered his home by prying a screen open on a kitchen window. Taken in the breakin, which occurred between Wednesday and Sunda'v, were a $160 stereo. $120 worth of tapes. $75 portable television. $60 clock radio, jewelry box and man’s ring worth $100. and miscellaneous items. John A. Haren. 70 Oklahoma avenue SW. told police someone entered his home between Wednesday and Friday and stole a $200 rifle, a $110 rifle, a $40 shotgun, and miscellaneous items valued at $16 Mark Beltz, 622 Westwood drive NW, .suffered a stab wound in the lower abdomen while at a party at the home of Cheryl Loeifler, 22, of 135 Twentieth avenue SW Police Mid Beltz was playing cards when he noticed another man at the party bothering some girls. Beltz reportedly told the youth to leave them alone. The two argued, and then went out into the hallway where Beltz was stabbed with what was believed to bt* a hunting knife, witnesses said. The other youth left immediately after the stabbing, and Beltz was taken to St. Luke’s. Cedar Rapids police were continuing their investigation into the incident, which occurred at 12:30 a rn. Monday. 30 YEARS AGO — An army official called for additional war supplies to American troops who were already short by 40 percent of the items they needed. Read the Want Ads Stereo Stolen Licht, 800 Sixth — Kevin street SW, R. re- Cash Missing reported money Two persons taken from ported his $200 stereo and $20 their purses while at a party at headphones were stolen from 2828 Hill Haven court SE Satur-his residence Saturday or Sun-(jay night. Tracey McGannon, toy.    13856 Trailridge road SE, re- * * *    ported $40 missing, and Man Turner Retirement Dinner. Feldhaus, 2055 Washington ave-, Dec. 6, 1974, Draport Inn, 6:30    nue se §3^    $8 was missing, p.m. — Adv.    *    *    * * * *    Candvland.    322    2nd    Ave.    SE.' Christmas Bazaar / Luneb.Ill to 9 Monday - Friday, IO to 5 December 4, 9-4. Bethany Con- Saturday. — Adv. gregational Church, 1300 6th St    * * * N.VV.—Adv.    The    Giftree — Open 9:30 till 9, * * *    Monday through Friday, Satur- j DAV    and    Auxiliar}    —    Potluck    day until 5 p.m. Fine gifts, supper    and    meeting Tuesday    at    christmas cards, toys. 700 7th 6:30 p.m. at Memorial coliseum.'st. SE —Adv. Meat will be furnished; mem-'    *    *    * hers are to take covered dish Home Ransacked - Police and table services.    reported    thieves    broke into the * * *    Ed Hoskins residence at 825 Scanomatic coin viewer for Wellington street SE sometime collectors $12.50. Jerome’s,,after Nov. 23 and ransacked (open tonight). — Adv. * * * Radio Stolen — Roy Iben, 2325 Lori drive SW, said a $150 radio was stolen from his car Saturday afternoon while it was parked at 521 Second street SE. * * * each room, pulling out drawers and dumping the contents on the floor. Missing was $8 in change. * * * Man Dies — Earnest Srp. 73. Camanche ami formerly of .    ^    ,    Cedar Rapids, died Sunday. Look to the Stars! Christmas> Sen-ices: Wednesday at 1:30 at shop the Want Ads.—Adv. a a a Car Entered — Tamara Noecker. 1957 Second Poll: 46% Doubt Ford On Economy St. Mark’s Catholic    church. Camanche. Burial: Rose Hill cemetery. The Snell-Smith funer-__    .,    .    „    avenue    I ai home, Clinton, is in    charge SE, said a $115 radio    was stolen arrau^onionts from her car Sunday afternoon:    _ wtiile it was parked at 400 ^    ■ Eighth street SE.    W TGSSll—- * * *    (Continued    from    Page    I.) Alateen — Kenwood unit will .... ,    : : meet at 6:30    p.m. Tuesday at    aihtude, air speed, beading, Lovely Lane    United    Methodist    and C’s (gravity pull),”    said T. church. _ R. O’Brien, a safety board spokesman. “The flight record-1 er in the nose will hopefully! have the last 30 minutes of con-' versation between the crew and the Dulles tower.” TWA officials said relatives of the 85 passengers and seven j NEW    YORK (UPI) —    A Gal-    crew members would be taken lup    poll    conducted for    News-    by ^ Monda.v to a temporary; week magazine indicates a mor?ue n*ar tho crash site to large number of Americans j identify the remains, doubts President Fords ability Thc AIt Wether search was! to deal with the economy, and hamP€red by dr»ving rain. fog 53 percent rate his leadership as and winds    UP 40*50 fair to poor    miIes ar* hour, the same The poll, appearing in the *e^er    '** P"' magazine's Dec 9 edition. alsojva"^Jn “J? “ea *"*f" 1“* I* shows -that a majority favors    u,, wage and price controls and    had been scheduled government    spend-    '0, *and,a‘ '? a,m    al| ^ Washington National airport, di-, I reedy across the Potomac river! I he weekly newsmagazine from Washington, when air-traf-; reported that a telephone sur- 'fie controllers diverted it to vey of 760 persons showed that Dulles International, about 25’ 46 percent had little or no con- miles northwest. The diversion was ordered because Dulles had runways sited jin various directions National i only has north-south runways. The manager of Dulles, Dexter Davis, said weather conditions there were highly unusu-al. “In the six years I’ve been here, a crosswind like this fair, 17 percent gave a poor hasn’t happened,” he said. rating, while 4 percent said he    The Federal Aviation    Ad ministration said there had been no unusual communications between the plane’s crew and air-1 curbs on ing.” fidence in Fords ability to deal with economic problems while 42 percent said they had a "fair amount” of confidence and 9 percent said they had a “great deal” of confidence. The magazine said 36 percent of those questioned rated Ford s ability to lead as was doing an excellent job. 12 percent said very’ good and 26 percent said good. But a majority of the 76 per- I traffic controllers, “just the rou-' cent who gave an opinion on a ti®* flight conversation.” bid by Ford for the presidency When the Dulles tower lost in 1976 said they would like to radar contact with the plane see him run. Forty-six percent about 10:10 a rn. CST local auth-were rn favor of his candidacy iorities were notified to begin a while 30 percent said they op- search Two state troopers posed it.    found the wreckage almost im- According to the poll. Amer- mediately, icans also feel inflation is a j The plane .sheared off tree bigger problem than a reces- tops as it plunged into the west cion by 59 to 33 percent and side of the mountain, leading favor “sharp restrictions on lone person at the scene to com-1 federal government spending” pare it to the work of a giant' by 69 to 22 percent.    j    lawnmower They oppose Ford s pro- The plane then struck a rocky posed income tax surcharge, :outcropping, caught fire, disin-52 to 39 percent. The poll also tegrated and spewed over an .area about the size of two foot-1 ball fields, The main wreckage' showed 81 percent said Ford was right in saying he would not consider a 10-cent a gallon gasoline tax and 13 percent disagreed. LLS. Congress Increases ES.L.LC. Insurance -Each Savers Funds jill jL Protected to $40000 Savers, now you have an even greater opportunity to invest and earn our generous interest rates... and have your funds fully insured. The (J. S. Congress just authorized the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation to increase the insurance of each saver's funds from $20,000 to $40,000. No saver has ever lost a dollar in a savings account insured by this permanent U.S. Government Agency. These Associations, as members of the FSLIC, are able to give your funds this increased protection...at no cost to you.Through the use of multiple ownership of savings accounts: two people can now invest with one insured savings association up to $200,000: a family of four can invest up to $560,000; all fully protected under FSLIC insurance. Today is a good time to review your savings and investments of family cash reserves. You have a newly increased opportunity to earn top yields with every dollar insured safe. This new emblem signifies increased protection by a permanent agency of the U. S. Government. Savings protection increased 100% by Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation. MEMBER FSLIC Federal Savings & Loan Insurance Corp. Your Savings Insured to $40,000 cut a swath 60 to 70 yards wide for about a quarter of a mile. Loudoun county Medical Ex-) PERPETUAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 52407 DOWNTOWN OFFICE: HO Second Ave., S.E.-Tel. 366-1 851 TINDALE PLAZA OFFICE: Lindale Plaza Shopping Center-Tel. 393-7700 IOWA CITY OFFICE: I 32 E. Wajhington-Tel. 338-9751 ;

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