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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - December 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Crime-condoning jurors walk us into trap of jungle law The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sun , Dec. I, 1971    9    A look to the leader.. PLAYS RECORDS 8 TRACK TAPES AM/FM/ FM STEREO RADIO What’s a Thulman? The Thulman, named for its inventor, is a special kind of fireplace manufactured by the Majestic Company. It in special because it is a prefabricated woodbuming fireplace that cools itself automatically while the fire burns. Since its outside does not get bot, tbe firebox can be set on carpeting and right against wood, allowing for flexible and easy installation. The advantage for you lies in the fact that you can now have the appearance ami function of an expensive all-masonry fireplace, but u ith improved performance and at a fraction of the time and cost. The Majestic Thulman has a zero-clearance firebox, uses its own metal chimney, and requires no heavy footings. 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U-edit Plan • Mast*/ Charge • BankAe-t < a»d 6 WAYS TO PAY AT GOODYEAR    • American tailless Money Caid a Cilia Bnmtia • Diners'Club By Jenkin Lloyd Jones A couple of months ago my son-in-lau oui in California was telling me about a personal friend, a daring narcotics undercover agent, who had been gunned down in a hotel room by persons posing as dope peddlers who had arranged a ‘ sell ” fortunately (or so it seemed) other federal agents, posted outside, had closed in immediately and nabbed the four-man gang, all in their ills So it was with more than passing interest that I read that a jury, after deliberating eight days, acquitted ait four, including the man who admitted he pulled the trigger. The jury bought ins amazing story that the experienced officer had blown ins cover” by pulling his gun first. I he judge in the ease said he was shocked at the verdict, and the district attorney described it as “the most outrageous verdict in my 23 years as a prosecutor lf other Los Angeles juries confirm this open season on “nares” the results should be fascinating. Recently, a city prosecutor in Tulsa. Okla., complained that it was becoming increasingly hard to get guilty verdicts from young jurors in misdemeanor cases They are skeptical of a police officer's testimony,” he said Not long ago a Michigan judge, furious at an innocent finding in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, ordered the court clerk to remove the names of the jurors permanently from the jury wheel. The legality of this is questionable and its effectiveness even more so, but it s hard to blame the judge Juries, theoretically, are composed cf “12 good men and true" (women now included). Hut all that is required is ll good men and one character determined The Palestinian refugees deserve to in* heard They are as entitled to a homeland as are the Israelis. But the world is making a perilous mistake if it encourages terrorism and brutality as the means for achieving inimical goals. The manufacture or possession of nuclear weapons is now spreading at a fearsome rate. What happens when terrorist groups such as the PLO get their hands on atomic explosives? The combination of nuclear blackmail and oil [Hiwer could produce a fearsome condition ac ross the world It is as dangerous and absurd for the world’s nations to ex poet that they can ingratiate themselves with the Arabs by letting Israel go down the drain as it was for the league of Nations to try to mollify Benito Mussolini by letting him destroy Ethiopia. The Arabs have a taste of power. They are making more money out of oil in one day. as Nelson Rockefeller said. than the senior John I) Rockefeller made out of oil in a lifetime. Anyone who thinks these potentates will suddenly become socially responsible anil reasonable at the point Israel is wiped out doesn t know much a»*iut history. The oil-rich Arab nations today are holding a dagger lo the heads of two-thirds of the rest of the world Apart from the effect on the United States and Europe the Arab leaders have a lin k on the economies of India, Southeast Asia, Japan, the Philippines. Australia aud much of Africa lf vie III the United States think we are hard hit by the hike in oil prices, we are roiling in luxury compared to the effects fur example, on a country like india, where the I Li billion oil differ* Opinion Page 2 Views Ideas    Insights Judgments    Comments to vote innocent no matter what and you have no law In swinging communities it wouldn’t take many of the latter on any panel of veniremen to exhaust the prosecutor’s peremptory challenges. Now it can be said that people determined to free the guilty will get their own comeuppance because they will have to live in the jungle they create. But so will everybody else. In a free society the* majority of people living in it at any one time should have a right to set their moral and behavioral standards, lf they want to condemn sinners for falling asleep in church or wearing silver buckles, why not? If they want to adopt a lifestyle based on the Ginza, Carnaby street and I-as Vegas, why not? But a hung jury is not the same as a majority vote. What we are reaping is the moral confusion that only yesterday was causing campuses to riot against the “fuzz A federal official recently forecast that 25 percent of government student loans will be welched on. We are getting the dubious dividends of “^exploitation” films like “Super Fly”, in which the narcotics peddler was pictured as an admirable superman ential could produce an economic collapse The only beneficiary of that eventuality would be the People’s Republic of China. In Europe, Italy and France are only a decimal point away from national bankruptcy. The time has come for the* rest of the world to wake up. Instead of sniveling before the Arab potentates or trying to beg their indulgence by throwing the Israelis into the sea, we ought to In* reading with ail the counterpressures al our combined command. We ought to in* pooling our research to speed up alternate sources of power — particularly solar energy and geo-thermal energy. We ought to ire engaged in all-out Way with words Cussing? By Theodore M. Bernstein Now and again you will see a mention III print of menswear — indeed, there is an organization called ens-wear Retailers of America lf you were writing about that outfit, you would have to use its official name and write menswear. But in any other instance that irregularly formed word should h avoided The apostrophe belongs iii the term to indicate the possessive case and you can’t properly place it in the middle of the word and write men ’i wear. There- We are beginning to see the enormity of steeping a whole generation in video violence, and the results of Hollywood's progression from the flawed hero and the* noble outlaw to the antihero But now the scenario writers have topped themselves with the anti-anti-hero, A new movie, “Death Wish”, is doing a big business and is causing raised eyebrows among the libertarians because it glorifies a man who takes the law into his own hands and goes forth to exterminate muggers This is, perhaps, an effort to gain a fistful of dollars from growing public sympathy. for the vigilante response-, that is, the citizen executioners who invariably arise in any culture when it becomes apparent that the law can no longer protect them. The deepening curses from the blue-collar class about the decline in public order can Ik* sampled free in an interview with almost any big city cabdriver But tile* anti-antihero is against the law just as much as the1 outlaw. So juries that refuse to convict the plainly guilty may lead us to lynch mobs whit h will cheerfully hang the merely suspected. It would be difficult to judge the greater outrage*. Contempt for law is almost as dangerous among the rob tied as among the* robbers. Public order is threatened almost as much by those who see the law as an ass as by those who defy it as exploitive. A people can tie conditioned to save or destroy their civilization Mass communications simply spe-e*d and intensify the process. Who regally thinks that young America is being conditioned for the survival of a decent, orderly and just nation? Gent-rcji I colure* Cofoorotion research tor fixing nitrogen in the soil in order to free ourselves from the present need to have one ton of jietrole-um for every ton of fertilizer We ought to In* speaking over the heads of the Arab rulers to their fieoples — by every means available to us, Ik*-cause the Arab peoples have not fared well at the hands of their rulers — not iii health, housing, education or social serv ices We are helpless in dealing with the Arab oil kings only if we play their game. Our history has prepared us to do many things — but being craven isn t one of them fore, what you should swear by is men * wear • More about men The fact that the English language has no easy word meaning person to replace mon or woman has caused George A. Hinehy of Kenmore, N Y., to nominate a candidate. Ile finds chairperson somewhat clumsy (who doesn't and he suggests chairONE He believes that all •man words should become one words. Hmm It sounds bkt* a reasonable idea until you examine the unpronounceuble-up-pearing words (foreooe, iceone, hreone, came/ aone) and tile ones that seem ty suggest unrelated roots (baron®, bell-one, potion®, gunonej Nope, they really won t do. Nee Volt Time* Symbiot* 401-2nd Avo. SE—CEDAR RAPIDS Phono 366-1 807 Doily 7 30 lo 5 30—Mon and Thor* til 9 Sat 7 .30 to 3 p m HWY. 149 SOUTH—CEDAR RAPIDS (3200 William* Blvd.) Phono 366-7596 Daily 8 6, Thur* ^ til 9—Sal til 5 • Record Player with dust cover • Continuous or manual 8*Track Tape Player • Two large closed Speakers • FM/AM/FM Stereo Radio • Headphone Set • Record Storage Rack • Wood and Metal Roll-about Stand MARION—EAST EDGE ON 7TH AVE. Phono 377-4888 Doily 7 30 to 5 30—Thur* 'til 9 Sat 7.30 to 3 p m Gazette Want Ads Do More Things For More People Israel-sellout impends Arab-oil blackmail denounced By Norman Cousins One of the most disgraceful episodes in history is the blackmailing of the world’s peoples by the oil-rich Arab nations. Even more sickening is the way many statesmen are groveling before the petroleum plutocrats. In and outside the United Nations, representatives from many countries are falling over each other in their efforts to curry favor with the Arab states. A case can Im* made for inviting Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), to present his case to the U N. General Assembly in New York City. But the standing ovation given Arafat went far beyond tho* requirements of diplomatic civility and seemed mainly intended to score points with the Arab delegations at the United Nations. Similarly, the snub of Israel by the U. N. Economic. Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) was patently a hid for Arab approval. The portents of a sellout of Israel are now emerging. Are 3 million Israelis to Ik* offered on the sacrificial block in an attempt to get a better oil deal than most countries now have from the Arab billionaires? If so, it is certain that the United Nations itself is not far from collapse The United Nations was created to keep the peace and dispense justice among nations, not to bargain away the lives of millions of human tieings on the barrel-heads of oil. Soy uncle!' ;

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