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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa •.VVWkVyVVMfcj Gazette Want Ads... The Marketplace for AIR CONDITIONERS! PH .'Leo soot. B - „ O' con 17 000 BTU THOMAS A ED SON a n CL* Of *€*r , SE Cl S $90 3840 IE Ave he A do * air cl *<(jr,f>r 2 , ar s ofd Stood . >r clit or 298* SOLD! SOLD! "Someone recognized the ad Had 14 coils. Never used dress and called me before I want ods before. I’M sure use got home from the office." *Hem again. Robert T. Fultz Mrs Earl Lockard 3840 E Ave. N W 320 35th St N E. A - Sr r. 'J T (ONE » S • Um 5' ; A ■ 0 'v'd-Q'-’ 8.000 BTu. 220 lo ooc si?1 6 i jj . * s *>€ Ca* a; 532* SOLD! SOLD! "20 call*! Generally have 'N sh I had more to sell. good results with the Gazette Never expected so many calls ads. These went fas* or to sell it so fast." Mr*. James W. Curtis Alvin Krtegel 4806 Mt Clair Dr N W 3584 Westwood Dr. N E Each Want Ad Was Needed Only I Day! BUYERS and SELLERS MEET IN CLASSIFIED To Order You r Actton-Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 to 5 Mort. Thru Fn. —Until Noon Sat. Iowan Realizes a Goal opportunity to work on Capitol Hill this .summer Cnder an arrangement which makes it possible for senators to bring young people here, Mick operated an elevator five hours a day for a month-and-a-half at $500 monthly, working in a different elevator assignment each week. Works in Office The remainder of the day. the young man works in the office of the senator who arranged the patronage. Nick has a $27-a-week single room in a (Jeorge Washington university co-ed dormitory and eats most of his meals in the senate cafeteria Nick remained on the lob in ( lurk’s office past the end of his elevator job and expects to remain another week, helping answer mail, do research for legislation and lending a hand in a variety of other ways. Following ('lark’s custom of assigning staff work according to areas of interest, the matters referred to Nick usually concern the judiciary, education or labor Sometimes, Nick’s job is to obtain information on a bill. Sometimes he must find out the status of the bill and sometimes it is a senator's position on legislation that is desired Occasionally. Nick drafts replies to queries. These, however, are usually reviewed once or twice, especially if the senator s official position is involved. Typical of the research as- Launch Eastern Iowa Students Cited IOWA CITY -The following Eastern Iowa students at the University of / Iowa have earned special honors for university undergraduate studies: Cedar Rapids--Douglas Pinney. highest distinction; Decorah-Jane Walker Funk, high distinction: Iowa City--Susan Wiitala, highest disunion; Marion-William Grove, high distinction; Middle-David Cook, distinction. We st Liberty-Gaye Plunkett, distinction By Dorothy Williams WASHINGTON. D C -It might, rightfully, be concluded that Nick Strittmatter never yearned for a job as an elevator operator However, the    21-year-old Monticello, Iowa.    man reports he had a fascinating summer as an elevator operator in the office buildings of the U.S. senate. The pleasure of his employment was provided by the people he met. Sen. William    Proxmire. Wisconsin Democrat, noticing Nick's six-foot,    four-inch height, correctly guessed the young Iowan played high school basketball. Frequent conversations followed, with the senator expounding on one of his favorite subjects -physical fitness. Nick found Sen. Hubert ll Humphrey, the Minnesota Democrat, "so incredibly friendly -he just jumps at you when you say, ‘hi’.*’ Maryland’s Republican Sen. Charles McC. Mathias is "very much a gentleman." in Nick’s estimation. He’s Interested "He’s very much interested in what you have to say." The dean of the senate -George Aiken. Vermont Republican, habitually got onto the elevator, accompanied by a couple of aides, and stood silently. hands on hips, thoughtfully looking down at the floor. It was the elevator job, arranged by Iowa's junior senator. Democrat Dick Clark, that gave Nick his coveted signed to Nick was that resulting from ( lark’s idea for legislation to provide constituents with toll-free telephone access to their senators and congressmen Notre Dame Senior Nick. who will enter his senior year at Notre Dame university this month, has formed some definite ideas about life here “I sot* now how easy it is to become isolated in Washington.' he said. "I guess they cell it Potomac fever. It is easy to get out of touch with real American life." He praised ('lark for his "sincere effort to get back to Iowa often. “You can sit here and read about the farmer hav ing trouble because of wet weather, but it isn't the same as tramping through the wet fields with him.” Nick also has expressed awe at the "immensity of government. "There arc so many agencies, so many departments, you realize how big this country is and what a big job it is to run it.” He has. however, been simultaneously struck by the "limitations of government. Just One Mode "The government can do just so much toward solving problems. The government is just one mode of bringing about social change; a better equity." Clark is tops with Nick He has been ever since the young Gov. Ray Helps Balloon Championships Monticello man, because of his interest in politics and his tory, joined the senator in 19 on a segment of his campaign walk from Solon to Iowa ('tty Nick later wrote Clark a note, telling the candidate how much he enjoyed the expert once, adding that he would like to work for him sometime in Washington "It was a hot, sticky day but Dick never seemed rushed," Strittmatter said ‘He gave a little Ini of time to everybody and he always seemed to a stay a little longer than I expected.”, Nick’s job in Washington, however, didn't materialize easily He wrote Clark a second note and talked with the senator’s staff members. They had no job for him last year, but in February, he was notified there would be an opening this summer. Legal Profession Nick, son of Ambrose Strittmatter. a Monticello lawyer, also plans to enter the legal profession. As he reflects on his lime in Washington, he suggests one of the most unusual developments -for him -provides a key to ( lark’s personality Arriving for his first day at work. Nick asked the receptionist what he should call Clark. She replied, "Dick.” Nick protested that Clark was a senator; it didn’t sound respectful. The receptionist, however, told him Clark would be offended in Nick addressed him more formally. "So, I called him Dick. I have ever since." Motherwell Mural at U. of I. THIS PAINTING BY Robert Motherwell will hang in the indoor sculpture gallery of the University of Iowa museum of art after its size has been determined and it has been placed on a stretcher. It is No. 126 in the artist s series, Elegy for the Spanish Republic”. Easy Solution is Seen For Bell Issues in Iowa INDIANOLA. Iowa (AP)-Gov. Robert Ray spent about an hour aloft in a balloon Sunday as part of the opening cer emonies at the 1974 .National Hot Air Balloon Champion-ships The governor and Simpson college President Richard Lancaster made the ascent in a balloon owned by Matt Wiederkehr, St. Paul. Minn. The championships, which had been postponed several times because of high winds, are being held on the Simpson college campus. They are to continue through Thursday. Sixty-seven of the 168 balloonists competed in the traced Me event Sunday, which is an exercise in navigation and pinpoint landing. Entrants amass points in four categories to determine* the national champion. Meet officials said conditions were ideal for ballooning Sunday night, and they expected a full day of competition in the three remaining events on Monda\ ON THIS DATE in IMH:], the United States. Britain and the Soviet Union signed a treaty outlawing nuclear tests in the atmosphere, in space* and under water. Maquoketa Pollution Is Discussed By Mary Melle DELHI—Pollution of    the Maquoketa river was    dis cussed by Lake Delhi Recreation Assn. members at a meeting Sunday at Hartwick Marina. A presentation on    the problem, accompanied    by pictures of the polluted areas, was made by Harry Hartman. Norman Landers and Orville Wellman. The cabin owners were told the Iowa department of environmental quality has been contacted and is now investigating the water pollution; Pollution is coming from several sources, including waste from cabins along the river, the men informed association members. They urged that steps be taken to properly dispose of waste from the cabins Richard Donahue, West Union, was re-elected president of the association during the election which followed Sunday’s meeting. DES MOINES, Iowa (AP)-Local issues easily can be settled within a week, tho president of the Des Moines local of the Communications Workers of America ((’WA) said Sunday, Dutch Kle.vweuht, president of Local 7162. said the 2.000 members of His local would report for work Monday at Northwestern Bell after a nationwide strike agains. the Bell System was averted bv a last minute agreement Sunday night. In Washington, (’WA President Glenn E. Watts said local issues must be resolved before the national settlement is submitted to the union membership for ratification. A deadline of midnight Aug. ll was set for reaching agreement on local contracts. Asked if the local issues could be settled in a week. Kleyweght said. "I understand it s all hut settled." He said the local issues had to do with contract language rather than money. There are 7.900    (WA members in Iowa, Last week. Herb Randels, a ('WA interna-! Iona I representative for Iowa. said the Iowa workers voted about ld-l in laver of the strike. IOWA CITY - A 16-foot mural bv the noted abstract expressionist painter Robert Motherwell will hang soon in the mdooor sculpture gallery’ of the University of Iowa museum of art. The huge, black and white painting was commissioned bv the museum with the aid of a $7,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for works in public places. Matching funds are being provided from the university's Mark Ranney fund and contributions from friends of the museum. Also a partial gift to the university from the artist, the mural is No. 126 in Motherwell's monumental    series, "Elegy for the Spanish Republic-’. • The U. of I. painting, in acrylic on canvas, also incorporates some of the feeling of Motherwell's most    recent "Open Series". The painting is at the I. of I. museum, hut has not yet been put onto a stretcher. The artist has not yet determined its final shape and exact size, hut will do so this fall. A native of Aberdeen, Wash.. Motherwell first studied the works of Parisian painters while in France in 1938-39 for work on a master’s thesis. After his return to the United States, he moved to New York City, where he now llVCV His works have been shown in major national and international exhibitions, including the international biennials in Sao Paulo. Brazil, and Venice, Rah'. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Nt#s, Sport! 8©o*k»»pmg Gtntrol Infor motion and OHkm Not listed Stlov UM Circulation Subscription Dept Mon thru Sot I a.m. to 7 pm Sundogs Lind 12 Noon Holidays ll a rn to 7 p m. Wont Ads Mon. thru Tri Bom to S p rn Saturday until 1} Noon D splay Advertising 8 a rn to S p m. 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At the governor’s left and partially obscured, is Richard Lancaster, president of Simpson. At his right is Matt Wiederkehr, St. Paul, Minn., owner of the balloon. Ray appeared at the official opening of the championships, which will continue through Thursday. ;

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