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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 5, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Mon., August 5, 1974 Ford: Dislike Nixon Ads But Believe Him Innocent NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Vice-' Nixon was “above moral re president Ford says he dislikes proach.” some of the things that were “Well, I’ve often said I don’t done by President Nixon’s(think those (White House) tran White House but “I still believe scripts confer sainthood on any-the President is innocent of any body,” Ford replied. “And, I impeachable offense.”    don’t like some of the things Ford said at a weekend news that were done, some of the conference he could even see some justification for house censure of the President if it came to a choice between that or im- things that happened. But that’s quite different from an impeachable offense.” Ford confirmed he discussed peachment, although he said he jsjixon\s impeachment stategy at believes the facts do not "ar- a meetjng ]asf weej^ white rant either action.    House Chief of Staff Alexander The vice-president also dis- Haig, closed that he is considering a He said he had been briefed policy of limiting his com- by Haig on the subject before ments on impeachment, but and told reporters the strategy he added that doesn’t mean is the “same as it always has he’s backing away from his been.” belief in the President’s in- That is “that the facts should nocence.    get out and be debated (by the •'Now perhaps there comes a housc) and on ,he basis of the time when it is advisable under the circumstances for me to say, ‘I have this viewpoint I’m not going to say any more,’ ” Ford told newsmen. “But don't come to any conclusion by my lack of speaking that I’ve backed off,” he said. “I have not.” Ford was asked if he believed Nixon Counting On 36 Senators, Newsweek Says NEW YORK (UPI! - The White House is counting on 36 senators to support President Nixon in a trial in the senate, Newsweek magazine said Sunday. The President would need only 34 votes to avoid ouster from office. However, the magazine said some names on the list “may be shaky.” Newsweek said its correspondent, Samuel Shaffer, had obtained the list. The 36 senators on the White House list axe; Democrats: James Allen (Ala.), Harry Byrd, jr., (Va.), James Eastland (Miss ), J. Bennett Johnston (La.), John Mc Clellan (Ark.), Sam Nunn, (Ga.), John Stennis, (Miss.), Herman Talmadge (Ga ). Republicans: Howard Baker (Term.), Dewey Bartlett (Okla.), J. Glenn Beall (Md.), Henry BeJlmon (Okla.), Wallace Bennett (Utah), Bill Brock (Term.), Marlow Cook (Ky.), Norris Cotton (N.H.), Carl Curtis (Neb.), Bob Dole (Kan.), Pete Domenici (N.M.), Peter Dominick (Colo.), Paul Fanilin (Ariz.), Hiram Fong (Hawaii), Barry Coldwater (Ariz.), Robert Griffin (Mich.), Edward Gurney (Fla.), Clifford Hansen (Wyo.), Jesse Helms (N.C.), Roman Hruska (Neb.), James McClure (Idaho), William Roth (Del.), Hugh Scott, (Pa.), William Scott (Va.), Ted Stevens (Alaska), Robert Taft, jr., (Ohio), Strom Thurmond (S.C.), John Tower (Texas). In addition, Newsweek said the White House considers a 37th senator, George Aiken (R-Vt.) as “persuadable.” facts, the President and his advisers feel he is not guilty of an impeachable offense. Just Married, Claims She Was Being Kidnaped Cedar Rapids police are looking for a woman who passed a note to a service station attendant Sunday claiming she was being kidnapped. An attendant at Vern’s Standard station, 2601 Williams boulevard SW, reported a man and a woman filled their car with gas Sunday at the station. The woman gave the attendant a note saying she was being kidnapped. The car was registered to Janet Wheeler, 3630 Twelfth avenue SW. The manager of the apartment building in which she lived told police the woman was married Saturday, and was moving to Minneapolis. The Iowa highway patrol and Benton county officials were asked to assist in the attempt to locate the car. Police speculated the woman was either playing a joke or was disenchanted with married life. Officials Doubt Nixon Woes Affect Economy we are talking to the American people and explaining the problems to them factually as we Fu I bright Makes Last Effort on Cuba Ties WASHINGTON (AP) - Sena tor Fulbright (D-Ark.), whose 36-year senate career ends in January, is making a final effort to get the United States to ease its economic quarantine of Cuba. “The time for change has arrived,” Fulbright said in an interview in which he revealed that he is preparing legislation to relax the trade embargo against Cuba imposed by the U.S. in 1962. “It doesn’t make sense not to normalize our relations with Cuba, and I personally shall do anything I can,” Fulbright said. Fulbright, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee, was defeated in a party primary earlier this year by Arkansas Gov. Dale Bumpers. Twro years ago he tried, and failed, to reverse the isolation policy against Cuba. He realizes he may fail again. “Take Position” But, he said, “What I can do and the committee can do is to bring it up and to make the administration take an official position and argue with it.” Secretary of State Kissinger has said repeatedly that he does not anticipate a change in U.S. policy toward Havana. His letter to Fulbright reluctantly approving a recent 10-day visit to Cuba by committee staff director Pat Holt reflects this attitude. America has long since changed. “Cuban support of revolutionary or insurgency move-ments elsewhere in Latin America has been at a minimal — one might even say trivial — level for years in other than an ideological sense,” Holt said. Massive Search For Galavanting Boy Ends Happily CLINTON, N J. (UPI)—While IOO volunteers, scuba divers, helicopters and bloodhounds searched for him for three days, John Bums, 14, was riding his bicycle 427 miles through three states and listening to news reports of his absence on a tran sister radio. The search for the youth, last seen leaving for his newspaper route a week ago. ended Sunday when police found him sleeping next to his bicycle in a vacant lot in Clinton, N. J. He was nearly 50 miles from his home in Mount Laurel, N. J., and traveling in the opposite direction. Asked by newsmen at home later why he took the trip, the youth just shrugged his shoulders. He said he slept outside and ate only at hamburger stands, and planned to keep traveling until his $40 ran out. Patrolman Jeff Rye said the youth had $15 in his pocket when he was picked up in Clinton af- WASHINGTON (AP) — Two jean people in its leaders and top administration officials said that is why we have to work Sunday they do not believe un- torr'^y hard to make sure that certainty over President Nixon’s impeachment prospects has significantly aggravated the na-1 see them.” lion’s economic outlook.    Rush    also discounted linking Treasury Secretary Simon ap-1 Nixon’s impeachment troubles peared on NBC’s “Meet the'with the economy. Press” and Kenneth Rush, the “Our inflation is a worldwide White House economic co-ordin- inflation,” he said. “It is caused ator, was questioned on CBS' basically by a simultaneous “Face the Nation.”    worldwide boom in ’72 and '73, Asked about the effect of im- where demand far exceeded peachment proceedings on the supply. This was greatly aggra-iAmerican economy, Simon re- vated by the (Arab) oil em-plied: “I don’t think it has ajbargo . . . and by the food direct effect . . .”    shortages which in part were He added: “Obviously it af- caused by very' bad weather.” feds the credibility and the He said another factor was (confidence factor of the Ameri- devaluation of the dollar, which helped the U.S. balance of payments but made imports costlier. Simon said he favors aiming for a federal budget cut of $5 billion to $6 billion, which he said wfould help bring the budget into “absolute balance” by 1976. Asked whether he thinks double-digit inflation will continue through the end of the year, Simon said “my forecast has been in the area of 7H percent,” though he said this was an imprecise estimate. Simon said he was “intrigued” by a proposal of Sen. Javits (R-N.Y.), under which a federal public works program would be triggered if unemployment pushes past 6 percent. He said that in the face of increasing unemployment, the nation “should stick to fiscal restraint . . . obviously unemployment is going to increase gradually. This is not significant.” “It is important to our na-jter the reflector on his orange tional interest and the security i 16-speed bicycle caught the eye of the hemisphere to seek the of patrolman early Sunday. The youth said he listened to Official Backs Area of Jordan For Palestinians CAIRO (AP) — Foreign Mini ster Ismail Fahmy has told the Palestine Liberation Organization the west bank of the Jordan river should not be returned to Jordan if Israel evacuates it because it “is a Palestinian land,” foreign ministry officials said Monday. They said Fahmy made the statement Sunday to Said Kamal, vice-chairman of the political bureau of the PLO, and also asked American Ambassador Hermann Eilts to convey Egypt’s position to Washington. Fahmy was to leave for Paris for a three-day official visit, then travel to Washington for talks with American officials. The ministry officials said Fahmy told Kamal that Jordan's King Hussein agreed during talks with President Sadat last month that “it is up to the Pale-stinian people to determine their own future once a disengagement of troops is accomplished on the Jordanian front.” Fahmy reportedly told Kamal: “Egypt supports the establishment of a Palestinian authority on any land evacuated by the Israelis either through peace talks in Geneva or through a military action.” The authoritative newspaper Al Ahram reported that “Egypt thought it was necessary to clarify its position to the U.S. and the Palestinians to avoid any possible misunderstanding.” Derailed Train Spews Gas, 500 Left Homeless PEOTONE, III. (UPI)—Near-iy SOO persons remained homeless Monday following the derailment of a freight train that cracked open a tanker carrying deadly ether and spewed out the poteniially lethal gas. There were no injuries in the derailment of the Illinois Central Gulf freight train near this community of 3,000 persons, but the presence of the ether made residents “very conscious of a potential disaster.” the Rev. Ted Rockwood said. Firemen rushed to the scene Williams Protests Guilty Verdict in Editor Kidnaping ATLANTA (AR) - “I didn’t well. It reinforces the earlier get a fair trial,” protested Wil- evidence that kidnaping and po-liam A. II. Williams after a led- |djca| terrorism and extortion oral court jury convicted him of    „ extortion in the abduction of Also in the courtroom was Atlanta Constitution Editor Reg Murphy. Williams, 34, had pled innocent by reason of insanity. But psychiatrists who testified at the week-long trial disagreed on the defendant’s mental state at the time of the abduction last February. Judge William O’Kelley set Aug. 30 for sentencing. Wh in Williams’ petite brunette wife, Betty, who faces charges at a later date of concealing knowledge of a crime in connection with the kidnaping. In his closing remarks, defense attorney Tyrus Atkin*0" said Williams “is suffering from a disease of paranoia — a very serious psychosis.” The prosecutor, Asst. U. S. Atty. Steve Ludwick, said Williams knew what he was doing when he lured Murphy from his home with a story about wanting help in donating 300,000 gallons of fuel oil. He pointed out Williams’ own Murphy was released    after    testimony that he started to    kid- the owners of the    Constitution,    nap Murphy on Feb. 19,    but Cox Enterprises,    Inc.,    paid    changed his plans when he    re- $700,000 to free him. The ran- lalized he had forgotten hLs pistol. Authorities ordered everyone ;som was later recovered by jd(    . rN.    , within a 2.000-square-foot area FBI. Murphy sat with his \ Aspifl DlSCOUfltS of the wreck evacuated becausej among spectators in the cou of the leaking ether. Police room. After the verdict he said: estimated 500 persons left their “I think that    proves    e homes.    I    American jury system works when seven freight cars and the hams, 34, could get a maximum tanker slipped off the tracks °f 50 years in prison, late Sunday night. Firefighters    The husky building subcon- hosed down the leaking tanker    tractor stared glumly througn carrying 30 tons of the potential-    heavy, dark-rimmed glasses ly lethal and highly explosive    as tbe jurv read the verdict glycol ethelene. commonly call-    sunday after four hours of de- cd ethyl.    liberation. “Anything can touch this stuff off,” a state trooper said. “There was no fire, thank God, because if there was you’d probably be able to see it from Chicago.” Navy Claims of Edge by Soviets Urges Nixon To Hand Duties over to Ford Fort Atkinson Man Hurt, Car Hits Cow FT. ATKINSON — Gerald C. Schmitz, 22, rural Ft. Atkinson. is in fair condition in the Winneshiek county Memorial hospital for treatment of injuries received when his motorcycle struck a cow late Sunday night. The Winneshiek county news reports on the search on 5h<>ri^ s office reported Schmitz 'suffered AMA Hits Delay On New Drugs isolation of Cuba in cooperation with other American republics,” —-8®-r-----------------1    effort ^ »..• Kissincer wrote.    his    transistor    radio.    He    said he ^    ^d    hip    injuries But others question whether a' 80t the idea for the trip the night j    occurred    three of July 28, and the next day he e ea * "CHC- Gallup: Government Blamed for Inflation PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) -Forty-eight percent of Americans questioned in the most re- swers’’, it would be “just plain cent Gallup Poll believe the fed-1- eral government, rather than business or labor, is chiefly responsible for inflation. In the survey, taken in late June and early July before Resident Nixon's most recent speech on the economy, 19 per- WASHINGTON (AP) - Rep Aspin (D-Wis.) has challenged Pentagon claims that the Soviet navy is superior to the U. S.’ fleet. The ll S. navy floats 5.6 million tons of combat and support WASHINGTON (AP) — The’wrong” for Nixon to resign    be    ships compared with    2.6    million chairman of the congressional    fore the impeachment process    tons flying the Soviet    flag,    Aspin joint economic committee said    has fully run its course.    said Sunday. Sunday that President Nixon Proxmire noted that Nixon **jf soviet navy is better should immediately turn over in recent days has twice had |ban ours, then there is some-his official duties to Vice-presi- to cancel meetings with his eco- tbing wr0ng with the type of dent Ford until the impeach- nomice advisers to listen to | ships we buy,* and that is the ment proceedings are settled. White House tapes which the fauIt of the naVyt” sajd Aspin, a Senator Proxmire (DAVis.) supreme court has ordered him former Pentagon economist and said such a temporary move is to surrender to special prose- persistent crjtjc 0f military “absolutely essential” to enable    cutor Leon Jaworski.    spending practices the government to draw up an -He's preoccupied with his '    M the Pent sajd effective program for fighting defense, as he must be,” Prox- a sjmp|e numerical, comparison inflation.    I    mire    said.    “And    it’s    going    to “Plain Wrong’’    get    worse    and    worse    as    the At the same time, Proxmire wee^ 8°on* said on ABC's “Issues and An is not valid when evaluating naval strength. Instead, the missions of the two navies must be taken into consideration, the Percy Asks GAO Investigation of U.S. Probe Units WASHINGTON (AP) - Con Inflation Steps Asked what steps must be ^ efitag°n said. taken to tackle the nation’s spi- E. S. naval forces are dealing inflation rate, now up to signed to control the seas in about 12 percent, Proxmire re- order to support distant forces plied:    or armies of U. S. allies, accord- “No. I and by far the most *nS 10 Pentagon. By con-important, as an absolute pre- ^ras^ the Russian navy is derequisite, is that President Nix- s'f^ed t0 serve in a “sea denial” role and Soviet ships are majority of the nations in the Western Hemisphere favor continuation of the break in relations that all except Mexico undertook in 1964 They also question whether Kissinger is as adamant as he sounds in public. “Failure” cent of the 2,355 adults inter- Sessional investigators have >n temP°rarily steP down, un* ZT.,,* i . soviet snips are viewed said labor was respond-j been asked to determine the the Twenty-fifth Amendment budt for *trong striking power ble 17 Dercent namod ht.Jinp** ;    a,eiferr“me me . . . and hand over to Gerry Wlth relatively limited endur- and 16 percent offered no opin- or? government* investigative!Ford the ful1 authonty of ^ing ance and- thus require less ton- ■mSu'SS    -    HIP*    •—    - “a*™"- SSSVC £3W2l    Saigon Rangers 46 percent of those surveyed; ' e ^ind ourselves threatened J become acting President if the said the government was re- ^ th€ spectre of a ‘watchdog’ Presldent tells congress that he sponsible for inflation, 19 per- government breeding a nation ^ unable t0 discharge the command said Monday that cent named business, 25 per- of snoopers,” Percy said.    *rs and duties of his office North Vietnamese troops, mov- cent said labor and IO percent The exact budget and number ‘    *’ offered no opinion.    I of employes of the agencies is A breakdown of the currentunknown, Percy said in a state-survey showed Democrats tend-1 mcnt Sunday. He said he has ed to blame the government I asked the General Accounting more. Fifty-four percent of the Office, congress’ investigating! Beat Back Reds SAIGON IAP) - The Saigon ing under a barrage of shells, attacked government rangers on the outskirts of Due Due 20 Wayne Merritt Dies, A Longtime Barber mdcs south of Da Nang CLARENCE — Wayne Merritt, The command claimed government forces killed 208 North New Jersey and into Pennsylvania, and back into New Jersey. 4 % IX* CHICAGO (AP) — Americans who suffer from high blood Holt, in a report on his trip Area Woodcarvers pressure are being deprived of I issued Friday, described the isodrugs found helpful in treatment nation policy as a failure. of the disease in Great Britain, “Cuba’s relations with the hopped on his 10-month-old bi-J cycle and headed off. The youth said he first went I v Virgil Thuente, was killed to New York City, then across No char8es were filed. Damage to the cycle was J??e?(,cratg'gowrnnwnt    to    determine    the    exact    "‘barbar'af t^geTu    »    repelling    the    at tack on the district town with heavy air and artillery support. Government casualties were Capture Fair Honors .. .    .    ..    „ *    ,    m /- en.    .    has    been    Md    Portugal    is    ready Phnnza Three members of the Cedar .    .    ,    ,    rHOne    ^©TVIC© according to an editorial in a rest of Latin America, both dip-1 Valley Woodcarvers won honors °    m    cn(0    0 D _ „ _ • „ kl    i west African colony of Por- l\©mdinS iNormal leading medical magazine. lomatic and commercial, are at the eighth international wood- timated at $250 The cow.    !°r    >nfIat.on,    num|>cr    and funding of govern- ‘17 percent blamed business 131 ment investigative units.    u t *d nerui° cus percent named labor and 16 per. The GAO report will be the lomers for his father, died unex cent offered no opinion.    (basis    for    hearings by the senate ^^ ^ Sunday. Born Sept.I ” '‘“TT., A    j Thirty-five percent of Repub- government operations commit- J*’    J* Calamus, he and the    fiffhtinff    moved    int* it* beans blamed the government.(tee. of which Percy is the rank-1former ^erda Hodgdon were    consecutive dav on the Freedom for Colony    labor    13    percent    ing    Republican    member.    ^“d MiUs    m5'    °*'    northern    and    central'coasts of I named business and 18 percent A report prepared by the Li-i10*0 wms*    'South    Vietnam bray of Congress last year j He was a pas! master of ML President Thieu charged in a ■dent, ’cd more than 60 federal Hope Masonic lodge, a past pa- h (hat ,he c4munlst agencies which do police, tnves- Iron of OKS and a 30-year command s attacks .ere m pre. tigative or intelligence work. member of the volunteer fire    K They ranged from the Central department. Waldheim Confirms LISBON (AP) U. N. Secre-J offered no opinion tary-General Waldheim savs he, — - paration for a general offensive. _ -.....-    .    ,     ■    ■    J    _    ■    lt    ...    J    Pi      JH    ,    .Intelligence Agency, whose Surviving in addition to his The editorial in this month s expanding. Holt said. He listed ic rvers congress at the Missis-.    minea    Telephone    service    in    the    budget congress conceals in the wife are two sons. Glen, Cedar >um a1 of the American Medi-! Ecuador. Venezuela, Colombia Sippi Valley fair in Davenport. | Waldheims a Journal of the American Medi-1 Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia | Sippi valley fair in Davenport, j Waldheim’s announcement on Cedar Rapids area continued on appmpriations for o t h e r I Rapids, and Lee, Oshkosh Wis ; cal Assn. blames the Food and land possibly Casta Rica as pros- Jerry Maxwell of Cedar! Sunday, at the end of a two-dav a normal basis late Sunday with agencies, to the Animal and Drug Administration for delay- pects for joining the six Western(Rapids captured two first-place(visit in Lisbon, reiterated a de-’the lith hour settlement ing approval of these drugs, Hemisphere nations, including I honors, and one third. Keith J ceration made last week by even though they have beeni.Mexico, that have ties with Baldwin of Vinton won a fifth I President Antonio de Spinola. found safe and effective by the Cuba.    (place; and Wayne Conrad of; The visit was the first to Por- British.    The    legislation being prepared (Belle Plaine a third-place honor, jtugal by a U. N. secretary- The editorial was written by I on Fulbright orders would Dr. Edward Freis, a senior med-j soften the U S. trade embargo a daughter, Mrs. Eugene be- Plant Health Inspection Service McCaw, Clarence; eight grand-, tween the Bell system and Com- of the agriculture department, children, and one great-munication Workers of Ameri- Percy said: ‘‘Billions are ap- grandchild. *• ca. ^    .    propriated each year, but we do Services Wednesday at 10:30. Norma Mitchell, assistant not know* enough about which)United Methodist church Ma- ^n..P u _    3    rTiaflagcr    of Northwestern Bell agencies spend this money and in Cedar Rapids, said no service) what they spend it for.” problems developed with the--- 20 YEARS AGO — The house    gave him no    date for granting ical investigator    at the Veterans!to    permit foreign    vessels    which    (approved a bill to give immuni-j independence    to the territory    - Administration hospital in) carry goods to Cuba to call at ty from prosecution to witnesses called Guinea-Bissau by rebels ;ja(e settlement.    30    YEARS    AGO    -    American Washington, D.C.    U    S.    ports    as    well.    j    who    cooperated    in    the    govern-    who have been fighting a gueril- Western Electric is on strike, Poops were reported within the says    the    British    have    It    also is    expected    to    contain    ment’s anti-communist drive by    la war for independence for    13    bu(    \jrs    Mitchell    said the union city    limits    of    the    port    of Brest, ^ears'    (had    no pickets in    Iowa.    second    largest    in France. ^mmmmmmmmmmmrmm sonic rites Tuesday at 8 at Chapman’s, where friends may call affer I Tuesday. eJir (fflint JRtipuU ©njrHf In THI by Th* Gantt* Co ana published daily and Sunday at JOO Third ave SE, Cedar Rapids. io*o $2404. Second class postase paid at Cedar Rooids, Iowa. Subscription rates bv ca-rier f$ c*nts o. week Bv mail: Nloht Edition and Sunday * issues «75 a month, Ut OO a year: Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues SI IS a month, S40 OO a year. Other stotes and U S territories MO OO a yeor. No Mail Subscriptions accepted In areos having Octette carrier service. The Associated Press Is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of ail the local news printed in this newspaper as well as all AP news dispatches. Freis says the British have allowed use of three new drugs proposals to relax the restric- testifying about subversion for treatment of hypertension —) tions on travel to Cuba by U S bethanidine, debrisoquine and citizens and remove the ban propranolol hydrochloride. (against Cuban diplomats sta-; Applications for the approval (Honed    at    the United    Nations1 of these drugs for treatment of I traveling    in the    US.    outside! hypertension were submitted;New York City. “many years ago” to the FDA,    Po|i changed he says. .      Holt,    who met with Premier v~. al r\    i    •    Fidel Castro and other Cuban Youth Questioned rn |eadprs said “The Cubans are Breakin at School on the verge of making their Cedar Rapids police are ques-|s>'st,,,n '‘ork ~ that is, '* sa£.°' tinning a 15-year-old boy in constructing a socialist show-j gard to a breakin at Fillmore ca®e ,a ,he Wes,ern “""'I elementary school Sunday. I    ’r*:    .,    , According to police reports. -^ ,ifne V™’ ^ iSa!n the youth gained entry by rat. Cuban policy toward Latin; fling the door to the building! until it opened. He was released j to his parents. Advt More Security With FALSE TEETH While Eating,Talking Afraid fals« teeth will drop at the ■wrong time? 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