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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Eight from Congress Going In for Karate Two Hospitalized After Accidents In Cedar Rapids Two persons were listed in good condition Saturday at St. I tor Quentin Burdick, a 65-year-!Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Luke's hospital as a result of WASHINGTON (AP) — Sena- two years to attract Senators! old North Dakota Democrat, approaches his karate instructor, lets out a screaming “Yuhhhh” and smoothly delivers a jumping sidekick that ; cleanly splits two - one - inch boards. Burdick, who wears the traditional tobok or exercise clothes during the karate session, is one of eight congress members who take lessons together. The idea wras the brainchild Burdick and Reps. James Sym- traffic accidents Friday, ington (D-Mo.), Floyd Spence Bove.I R Myers, 67, route (D-Mo.), Tom Bevil (D-Ala.), tw°, was in good condition at St. Edward Rovbal (D-Calif.) and Luke’s after being injured about Richard Ichord (D-Mo.). 7:30 a.m. Friday. He was rn, . ,.    ,    ,    r    .    „    ,    charged with failure to vie d the The eight work out for about I../*,_____ ,.    *    .    . , j u ie m 'right-of-way after his truck and an hour and a-half every Tues- _    u..    ^    , ,    ,    .    .    .,    ,    a car driven by Hay M. Neto- day and Thursday “the house lieky, 19, of riira, Klv> colnded gymnasium on Capitol Hill. Oc-at ,he intcrsection „j c street carnally they meet in the „nd Waconj a    sw downtown Washington studio of Jhoon Rhee, head of the Tac    , Kwon Do school.    ai    J."    1' 1 *.    0    11,‘* avenue NW. was in good condi- Sparring Matches    tion at St. Luke’s with facial OW WI AWI* fOfOCASl © ■rn. A Am ^ now 1 of * Spn ivfiltnn VnimCT11 Mvnar Tbc twice-a-wcek sessions be- cuts and possible head injuries, ofd North DakoU R^San :^ w'th “dai*    ^ce    said    his    bicyclo struck who was'able'*duVing'The‘''last ;strctching «xercises' then 8» ,hc rear rf a l>iekun truck into mo nUcin nnnn^lnrr o nrl in Snov/ is expected Saturday night in the middle Plains area, while showers and rai are expected from the Gulf Coast northeastward into Tennessee and the middle Atlantic states, as well as in portions of the Northeast. DEATHS —Daily Record er I iv Briefs The Weather Iowa Deaths ing a long illness. Father Dies — Alvis Loeftler Born July 7, 1908. in Lincoln, of Osceola, father of Leland 111., she had lived in Cedar Loeffler. 2455 First avenue SW. Rapids since childhood. She was died Monday at the age of 80. married to Mr. Hazlett Oct. 17, Mrs. Clayton Hazlett Ixia E. Hazlett, 65. of 1522 Six-1 the theatrical show usually ex-teenth avenue SE, wife of Clay- hibited on television during ton Hazlett, died Friday follow- karate demonstrations. Each congressional student can break two one-inch boards while Ichord has reached the into the    basic    punching    and    packed    in front of 1117 Eleventh kicking moves    and end    with    street NW about 6 p.m. Friday, sparring    matches between    the    The    youth was reportedly students.    thrown    off his bicycle into the UOe, L/Omell t7GT On special occasions, each rcf "f the pickup and then congress member breaks the 1" 0 1 firol^( inch-thick boards with his feet. * * * Mount Vernon    Rest    Home, private patient wanted. 895-8675. - Adv. * *    * Hospitalized —    Ann High temperatures Friday, low temp- i    __Tr .,    *    ,, eratures overnight and inches of precipi-1    Vinton—Lsther I Tescott. <9 Monday at 1:30 at White-Phil- Anchoraqe 42 34 L. Anqeles 78 57 i „ A ___ii    i Atlanta    .    ?2 aa    .34    Miami    82    77    up-s- A memorial has bei n es- Bismarck    36 32    .25    Min'apoiis    60    41    .36 i    tublishcd Chicago . 72 51 .20 N. Orleans 78 67.67    tun,-.    n    Daniil Denver    60 33    60    New York    62    52    .OI ‘ Won —    Milo D. Randall, 15. Duluth    38 33    .1*    Phoenix    87    64 I    Monday at    ll, Brosh s. Honolulu    86 73    Seattle    55    3*    Virtnr    Mr* Frnrl rTmiicr^ Houston    .    st 7i    wash'gton    75    58    04 victor    Mrs. r red (Lomse) «, ,    ,    .    r,    ,    r,    .    Voigtmann,    82.    Tuesday    at,    1    , Extended Forecast — Fair    i;3o, st. John Lutheran. Mc-    2261    C    street SW, is recovering s o n , Monday and Tuesday. Chance of Aninch’s.    from showers Wednesday. Cool Mon-    jcrniccin    0n    ~ ■., i • ,    .    .    I    wart,    7    i.    Monday    at    10:30,    Con    -    .    ...    , day, with highs in 40s and low    grcgational church. Friends    permitted 50s. and lows in the upper 20s to    may call after 9 a.m. Sunday at middle 30s. Warmer Tuesday Witt's. and Wednesday, with highs in    °man ~ Peler Bushman. surgery performed 1962, in Cedar Rapids and was a member of St. James United Methodist church. Surviving besides her husband are a daughter, Evelyn Norris, Huber, Hiawatha; a son, Donald Rout-Marion; four grand-at children O- Mercy hospital. Visitors are grandchildren; three great-a sister, Ada Clark, Colorado Springs; three * * *    stepchildren, Diane Hollings- Bcautician — Full or part worth and Delores Glenaman, advanced stage of kicking in three boards that are held together. “They're no different from my regular students,” said Rhec, “except that they are more intelligent. They pick up things much faster.” “Great Sport” * * An accident at Eighth avenue and Tenth street SE around 2 a.m. Saturday caused minor injuries to two persons. Allison Marie Scott, 20, of 390 Sixteenth street SE, and Michael M. Farr, 20, of 705 Fifth avenue SE, were treated at Mercy hospital and released. Police said Miss Scott’s car, headed east, collided with one headed south driven by Frank Lnenicka, 24, of 101112 Tenth street SW. in the intersection at Eighth avenue and Tenth street SE. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April 13, 1974    3 Says White House Letter Rewritten After Warning WASHINGTON (AP) — A Re-!of one of those present, Cotton publican senator says the White said. House rewrote its letter re- A second letter was drafted spending to a house committee’s and read to the leaders, he request for tapes after a warn- added, and was then sent to the ing from senate G.O.P. leaders, committee by presidential coun-Senator Cotton (R-N.H.) said sci James St. Clair. Friday that the leaders warned However, that failed to satisfy that the first version “would the house group, which is probed to trouble ”    ing thc Possibility of impeach- °    ,    . ment of President Nixon, and The letter was prepared ai Thursday ,t issued a subpoena response to a request for tapes tor ,he tapes by a 33-3 vote. from the house judiciary com- Co,|on said -(hc scnators who mince and was read to the met Tuesda with Burch felt the senate Republicans Tuesday by fjrst ,cUcr ,.djdn,t indicatc presidential a s st s t a ti t Dean c|ear|    „    fhat it was thc Burch, Cotton told reporters. presidcnfs intention to furnish would ie asking lot im- {de committee with all relevant peachment. was the response malerials.- “We felt that wouldn't suffice. We felt it would be taken as a f *    -    #    _ brushoff by the committee and Deferred Gifts would lead to trouble,” ex- q    r    J*    plained Cotton, chairman of the rrogram handing senate Republican conference. . ,,    „    ,,    , He said Nixon hadn't seen thc Coe and Cornell colleges have ,cUer bocau5e hc wag cnroute been chosen to participate in thc home from France at thc time. Hill Family Foundation’s de-    - ferred gifts officer training program. Each college will receive $10,000 per year for two years to support start up costs for a fulltime deferred gifts specialist. Coe and Cornell were among 20 colleges chosen. Forty-seven private liberal arts colleges ap- lraH>c Three Die Sn Head-on Crash lear Burlington BURLINGTON accident (AP) - A on Iowa 99 Farr was a passenger in the Burdick has been in thc pro- Lnenicka car. No charges were gram about a year.    filed. “It’s a good conditioner,” he    -- 73.    Monday    at St. Francis de    timc- Max‘nc’s Hairstyling. 365-    Cedar Rapids, and Paul Doug- the middle 50s to lower 60s. Sales    church    at 1:30. Rosary at'2335.—Adv.    las. at home. 8 Sunday at Schmitz’, where I    * * * friends may call after 5:30 Theft — Nelson - John Commers,    1534 Sixth avenue SE. reported a    Rev. Stephen Root of St. James    “Milt    Young at 9:30 at Sacred    $12 jacket and $25 worth of tools!    United Methodist church. Burial: I patron    saint,” BO Lows in 30s to lower 40s. C. R. Weather High Friday Low overnight .......... Noon Saturday...... 2 p.m. Saturday Rainfall ................ Total for April Normal for April ........ Normal through April Total for 1974 Barometer, falling ....... Humidity at noon Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather station at 2 p. rn., calm. Sun rises Sunday. 6 28; sun sets, 7:46, Year Ago Today — High. 51; low, 30; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecasf Saturday. Oelwein 87. Monday 46 Heart church. said. “It’s a great sport and it gives you some of the rudiments of self defense.” Services: Turner chapel west; Stevens also sees karate as a Ledbetter, I at 1:30 p.m. Monday by the'physical conditioner. is sort of thc — _______.    said    Stevens. Graveside scr- were taken from his residence Linwood. Friends may call at 53 VHtfeLnMSt^Mairikin    Thursday night.    Turner west until I p.m. Mon-)I    have I’ve always been acainst'u °    " *•    •    ~    ♦ 56 Edgewood at 11.30. Brants.    ,    .    .    J    n“v.e- vt dlWd>s Been against have his perjury conviction set Oelwein.    *    *    *    day- I he casket will not be just jumping up and down to * nn nrminrk tint include an n.°"c v»n »<”"•*. Monte Kelly.; The Sensational Rotary en- opened 3fter the service.    keep    in    shape.    And    I    can    do    ^sprt?on    thT    ‘ 2 79 Conception Church151'1 Rusa?v: &nc Mazda is hcre- Al1 <lePart*    .    ^    this    in    a    hoteI    room    when    I’m Sunday at 8 ut Fellmet’s where ments open at Metro Mazda. Mrs. James Crago on a speaking engagement.” friends may call after 2 Sun- 4425 Center Point Rd. NE.—Adv. Edj{h M crag0 g4 widow of symin8ton also enjoys the * * *    I James Crago and ’ a Cedar karaJe- 7.81 7 22 29 83 Lamont Ethel Stamp, TG. "Jury Foreman Not Citizen" — Chapin Lawyer WASHINGTON (API - v q 11 at i ...i    * j    y ..    • .Former White House aide im Mon r i Sal?» vvouId ^nJ°y ll and Dwight Chapin is seeking to 'lon':I have. I ve always been against'v,own rn* «nr),iry conviction set ds that include an a grand jury foreman was not an American citizen. Attorney Jacob Stein filed motions Friday asking U. S. dis- 66 *o Monday at 2, Kreusel - Faw- I apes Liken Richard An- Rapids resident for many years .. , e ,'v a, * use.d to fend (rjcj court to order an acquittal ceti s. Friends may call    after 2    derson. rural Toddville, report-    before    moving to Glendale.!0^ff hoodlums,    he said. ‘We do    or a new (rjaj f0p Chapin, con- ...    cd IO stereo tapes worth $50    Calif    died Thursday at the d ^°°d’    c^ean excrctse. I were taken Friday night while    home'    of her son in law and’don't ^end    to stop. ’ ’    ’ bunciay. Aurora A Re 72. Kreuscl-Fawcett’: am I Williamsburg — ring, 55. Monday at 1:30 George L. Gay’s, Iowa City Burial: Oakland cemetery Iowa City. Friends may cal after 7:30 Saturday. Theaters, 2727 Sixteenth avenue Blessing. Woodland Hills. Calif. moving and the head clear.” Sunday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck .......PtCldy 46-31 Chicago ......Showers 58-38 Cincinnati ...... Cloudy 72-45 Cleveland ..... Tshwrs 66-42 I). Mown is . . . Cloudy 58-39, Detroit . Cloudy 63-40 Indianapol I is ... Showers 71-42 Kan.sas Cl tv ...Showers 63-40 Milwauket ■ . . . . Showers 45-34 Minncapol is ... PtCldy 51-30 Okla. Citv . Cloudy 61-38 Omaha ...... Cloudy 5*)_351 S’ Louis Show ors I Sioux Fa I Is Cloudy 49-30 Silent on Report On Tax Returns vietcri April 5 of lying to a Wa- _______„w.          Intend    tcrgate grand jury concerning Betty Her-!his car was parked at Stage 4 daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Von    j    ^    keepf    t,he    b!,ood    his knowledge of the activities of political saboteur Donald Se- gretti. Stein argued that thc govern-! ment had failed to prove that! the foreman was a citizen and thus legally empowered to administer an oath to Chapin. Lawyers from the special Wa-1 WASHINGTON (AP Watergate The SW. * * * Don Miller Trio. Saturday, Evy’s Lounge (next to Paramount Theatre.)—Adv. ♦ * * Machine Stolen — Police said a dollar bill changer valued at $100 and containing between Services will he Monday at 9 a m. at Forest Lawn, Hills. Burial will be there Haywood QI! Leak by Saudi Denied aa! office has refused to comment .laundry room on a report that its investigators dens. 2981 Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 8.2 no chan Lansing (18) missing Dam No. 9 (18) fall .4 McGregor (18) missing Guttenberg (15) 10.1 fall . Dubuque (17) 12.4 lull .1 Davenport (15) 10.9 rise .1 Keokuk (16) 11.2 rise .2 have obtained the income tax returns of two of President Nixon’s closest friends. Tile refusal came after the New York Times reported Friday that returns of Charles “Bobe" Rebozo and Robert Ab-, planalp were obtained as part of an investigation of a $100.000j campaign contribution to the President from billionaire Howard Hughes. The Times said the committee had amassed circumstantial cvi-! I hree Navy CK!- reporting of import figures gave tergate prosecutor’s office said iVlwl I O I Cl E ll an erroneous impression that during the trial that they had MANTI A (AP) — Three U S Saudl Arabia leakt’d od to this been told the foreman was a i at Gateway Gar- „ offi..,,rs    h , , dpath country during the recent em- naturalized citizen and that they Sixth street SW, hv nnidpntifiM, assailanK Safl,rjbargo, the Federal Energy of-were trying to confirm it. prosecutors $100 and $120 was taken from a MANH \ (AP) — Three U S WASHINGTON (AP) - Late plied. Applicants were judged about seven miles north of here by the foundation staff, advisory Friday night left three persons committee, and consultants with d(?acj" expertise in deferred giving. ‘ ‘    .    t.    .    .    .. ,    ..    The victims represented three Charles    M. Cochran,    acting    , AI    ,    S1 Cornell president, said    -This generations of the same family. grant will provide for an ex- L>ead are Donna Zippe, 27, pended program in estate plan- and her mother, Dorothy Sut-ning and deferred gifts.”    cliffe. 46. both of Oakville, and Coe President Leo L. NUSs- Mrs-ziPhc’s grandmother, Zella baum said “The development Brown. <8, Muscatine, committee of the Coe trustees ^be^ wcre riding in a car has authorized the development driven by Mrs. Zippe, whose 18-of a comprehensive deferred rnonth-old daughter, Gina, was gifts program. The grant from injured, the Hill Family Foundation will highway patrol said a car allow us to implement this plan driven by Stuart Pfeiff, 17, West quickly and effectively.”    Burlington, sideswiped a pickup Other Iowa colleges receiving j I ruck driven by Michael Ber-grants are Central in Pella, | gen, 28, Mediapolis, then hit the Drake in Des Moines and Zippe car head-on. Luther in Decorah.    Bergen    was    not injured. Pfeiff __was taken to a hospital for cl I I A .. .I treatment of injuries. A passen-Pee Schedule Adjusted gcr in his car, John schuff, 18, On Canceled Courses West Burlington, was treated ^    .    .    and released. AMES    (AP) — The    state__ board of regents has adjusted the fee scheduled for canceled courses at the University of Iowa to    discourage students from signing up for courses and then dropping them sometime since Wednesday. * * * Mrs. Adrian Crew is now residing at thc Allison hotel.— Adv. *    * * Offices F)ntcrcd — Police reported a $130 calculator was t °rP ’ to construction 1500    Second    avenue SFL and a    base $110    calculator and $50    ring were taken    from Kelly s    Help    roacj was evacuated after Service the same night.    shooting. by unidentified assailants Satur- „    -    c.    .    ,    „    „c day while driving along a flce sa-vs    -    Stem    also    asserted    there was boundary road of the American    Wilhelm,    director    of    the    ’mal    if    icjen    evidence    to sustam Subic Bay naval base.    FE0 office of producer country the verdict and the got ernment They were inspecting the new affairs and emergency supply,M Presented prejudicial evt- road around the base. 55 miles ,0'd a re.por,cr Frida>’ thal a_____ northwest of here.    icheck of lmP°rt documents Names of the officers were.. -    .. , withheld pending notification of|    Ci?n?"    K    S110 d in Ors sh Mystery Sphere Found by Family JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) The board approved a U. of I. The navy admits that il is mJ’s" tified by a metal sphere found by a local family. “There's certainly something about it,” CPO Chris Ber- showed shipments of Saudi Ara- ChurchciOBrS bian oil which appeared on com- .....    .    .    ^    _ akan Thursday night from nexT ofkim They were kirned !!ncrce dePartment import lists "rank Takes Investment Corp., tn Pnnstrur»tinn unit*- at lh 'for January and February actu- Ccdar at 5.95 fall .05 12:06 p.m. Friday at airport. 4:48 am. Saturday heated freezer motor Fourth street SE. donee that Rebozo and Abplan- edar Rapids (13) (alp had replaced part of the;    *    *    *    oa money allegedly used for loans J6 Aluminum runabout, 80 hp or gifts to Nixon’s two brothers Evinrude, trailer, convertible and his personal secretary. jfoP- 51.IOO. 365-2227 eves. —Adv. Rose Mary Woods.    *    *    * Spokesmen for Rebozo, the Car Entered — Phyllis Biers- has happened SIU,    in    11    c a    SAN    JERONIMO,    Mexico November    UrlnK    IAP)    - A truck carrying pil- A Seabee team working on the f And ^ ^ ,he m| ^ ^ grtms back from a Holy Week loaded on tankers in the Persian servico Gulf before the five-month embargo began Oct. 16. the Fires \ir-L-Vat Over- it 213 at a village church crashed down a 22-foot ravine Friday night, killing up to 30 Wilhelm said there have been Parsons and injuring 80. reports of oil leaks to the U.S. from Iraq and Libya during the Quiet Key Biscayne first time in eight years that it embargo but the leaks were not Weekend tor Nixon major. —Easter— Continued from Page I.) j proposal Friday which will re-1 (duce the time during which refunds will be made for dropped (courses from eight weeks to:odd (three weeks.    ninger said Friday after initial I U. of I. President Willard,(ests identifying the 25-pound Boyd said courses frequently !object that tbc Antoine Bctz appear to be filled at the time of ,{am||y sav appeared outside registration only to shrink with- j their home recently. in the first few weeks of class as “We’re going to use a more students drop them.    (powerful machine on it and also He said the cancellations arc run Spect0graph tests to deter-costly to the university and an mine what me{a, ifs made of;, inconvenience to both students;Berninner said and faculty.    According    to    the    family    and newsmen, the ball moves stran-Tornado Kills 28    gely. apparently of its own voli- DACCA, Bangladesh (AP) — tion, and throbs as if a motor A tornado Friday battered were running inside. Bogra, 170 miles north of here. The sphere, slightly smaller killing at least 28 persons and than a bowling ball, appears to injuring 75.    he of stainless steel. KEY BISCAYNE. Fla. (AP)— President Nixon is at his bav- New Phone Line Rates Postponed brothers and Miss Woods have    i chonk of rural Van Horne re-    patriarch Demetrios said the denied that any such gifts or    ported her locked car had been    comcidence o[fers -.a sig„ and a loans ever were made. The    entered while it was parked in    remin(jer” that the resurrected ,wo ^'iargea Arter side    home    here    for    a    quiet President and Rebozo have said the St. Luke’s hospital parking Lord *»js one {jiat His bodv tbc    Aliened    Larceny    Easter weekend. Aides said they publicly that thc money lay un-    lot at 1026 A avenue NE Friday    church is one, that the Christian    c°uld    cite    no    urgent    business touched in a bank safe deposit and that a $70 tape player, 30 £aster is one.”    ()nc    man    bas    been cbar8,ed needing his attention and ex box for more than two years tapes worth $180 and an $11 tape That unity, he said, should vvdb !arceny an(I another with pected no official visitors. NEU VORK i AP i — Ameri-before being returned to as- holder were taken.    supersede the differences in dat- birten^ and ^°ssess*on a con*    During Nixon's afternoon can Telephone and Telegraph gociatcs of Hughes.    ---- in£ He termod thc differences trollcd substfnce following an    flight to Florida Friday, Press --Arm    chajr    shoppers    |0Ve    thc    “a result of our sins, our weak incldent at K„™a^ West shop* Secretary Ronald Ziegler told Consumer Post convenience of want ad shop- faith and vision” by uhirh “up Pln8 center< ^lxteentn ave- newsmen aboard Air Force One _ ill    P‘n^*    bave divided Christ.” To Ruckelshaus Pipits—Believe It or Co. has postponed for 60 days implementation of a new rate structure that would boost bills for customers who lease telephone lines for private use, including news services and the TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — federal government.    William Ruckelshaus has taken The new rates were to have a job with the Florida Apart-gone into effect this Sunday, but ment    Assn. to protect    con- AT&T delayed    the action    at the    fumers against    rising electric request of the    Federal Commu-    bills. nications Commission,    which    He will meet    officials here wants more time to study them, next week to discuss the way I fuel costs are passed along to j consumers, the association    president,    James Mahaffey,    said Friday. The statewide    group repre- jsents    owners of more    than in    1971(100,000    apartment units.    The —Kidnaping— (Continued from Page I.) ars repressive forces against the people of Argentina. It first made news when it kidnaped the honorary, Public Service Commission sets British consul in Rosario, Stan- electric rates, ley Sylvester, and released him No salary was announced foi in exchange for $60,000 worth of Ruckelshaus, who solved in the goods for poor, donated by his Nixon administration as deputy employers, the Swift meat pack- attorney general, head of thc ing plant    Environmental Protection Victor Samuelson. 36, of Agency and acting FBI director. Cleveland was seized by ERP    ~    ~    “ last Dec. 6 and is still in captivi- White Rhinos Awaited ty despite a reported $14.2 mil- KINGS MILLS, Ohio (AP) — lion ransom paid by Exxon, the Twenty-two white rhinos are exparent firm of the Esso Argon- pected to arrive April 25 and be tina refinery he managed at transported to a tourist attrac-Campana.    tion at an amusement park. The Neighbors By George Clark 0 V r few $ t iii    n    t on lh trouble witj eastjris HOU G£T HOOKUP OKI BEANS. 2 “a result of our sins, our weak mcldcnt at * ™a£l West shop- Secretary Ronald Ziegler - faith and vision” by which “we p,ng„^nter’ 2/“' Slxteenth ave' newsmen aboard Air Fore nue aw,    ^at his boss would not be de- Jeffrey C. Klatt, 20, of Ot- j voting much time to his prom-tumwa, was charged with lar- j [secj response to a house judi-jceny and possession of a con- ciary committee subpoena for ; trolled substance believed to be: additional presidential tapes marijuana. He posted $625 bond and documents. This question is and was released.    being handled bv aides in Wash- Dennis F. Baer, 26. of rural ington, he said. * Marshalltown, posted $125 bond Asked if Nixon might not con-(on the larceny charge and was j sider his strategy in dealing (released.    with the subpoena, Ziegler said The two were arrested Friday; the President already has deeid-j afternoon after they allegedly jed on his strategy. Fie apparent-j tried to leave the K mart store ]y referred to Thursday's White with miscellaneous merchan- House announcement that Nixon j dise valued at $20.32.    would provide some unspecified --additional materials for the bound for Egypt    house inquiry during the week NORFOLK. Va. (AP) - Ele-of May 21. Iments of a Norfolk-based navy1--- J unit that will help clear the Suez 30 YEARS AGO — Naval of-jCanal are on the way to Egypt, ficials reported that a new anti-! the Atlantic fleet command has louse powder known as DDT I announced.    had been developed by the -—    navy’s medical branch. 30 YEARS AGO - War Mobilia j z a t i o n Director James F\ I Byrnes proposed federal unemployment benefits supplementary to state benefits for workers who lost their jobs when vvarboomed industrial activities slackened. y SW, ebb * Charles TEMPLEMAN Brown A RAILWAY FIREMAN OF GLASGOW? SODT LANI} KILLED ANNE WITHERS ON DECEMBER IO 1946, WAS CONVICTED ON DECEMBER. IO, 1947, AND AFTER SERVING IO YEARS IN PRISON), WAS HIMSELF KILLED IN A CAK CRASH ON DECEMBER/O, f.960 ■WALLS OF MYCENAE,Greece BUILT BY KING ORESTES YORE THAN 3.000 YEARS AGQ ARE STILL STANDING AND THE OR76/NAL CEMENT IS ST ZU WATERPROOF APTER SO CEA/TUR/ES TTj coi^ USED IN THE COCOS ISLANDS IN THE PACIFIC, ARE MADE OF //OR/ For 61 years... flowers for all occasions WEDDING FLOWERS for Beauty from . PIERSON’S^"" Your FTD Florist IMI Ellis Blvd. NW F lowerphone 3W>-lH2t» .IOHJV K. LAPE* mm- Convenient downtown location # 308 Third Avenue S E. 365-0511 ;

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