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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., April 13, 1974 Death Penalty Pr0*i+ Rise of In Daughter's 71 ^e"tby ^    30 Oil Firms Torture Death JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) Denies Ford "Frothing af Mouth To Be President 11 WASHINGTON (AP) -Gerald Ford’s office says it is upset by an allegation the vicepresident talks like a man who is laying plans to assume the NEW YORK (AP) - A bank _ report on oil company profits Ernest    Dobbert,    sentenced    to!    worldwide for 1973 shows an I presidency, death in    the    torture    slaying    of    increase of nearly 71 percent for j Press Secretary    Paul    Miltich his 9-} ear-old daughter, has a representative urouo of 30 confirmed that lord discussed been promised the longest pris- ^ 1 ‘    K P    who his aides might be if he became President for an article However, the Chase Mahanttan; jn    Republic magazine report warned that “an analysis! but said    Ford    first    empha- that is limited solely to the sjzed tbat he does not expect to change for a single year is not;be president, only foolish and Television Listings on term possible if the sentence is overturned. The slaying of Kelley Dobbert “deserves no sentence but death,” said Circuit Judge Hudson Olliff Friday as he committed Dobbert to the electric chair. Olliff said that, if Florida’s new execution law is overturned, he will bring Dobbert back for the stiffest sentence perficially. herent responsibility of any vice-president to be able to succeed to the presidency. Ford has said repeatedly that; he does not plan to run for Pres- j ident in 1976. The New Republic article by: John Osborne said Ronald Ziegler would not be asked to remain press secretary if Ford became President and said the cabinet member “with the big question mark over his head is Secretary of Defense Schle- 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7-KWWL-TV, Waterloo 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8-WKBT, La Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, De* Moines 40-KDUB, Dubuque Newsman Krock, Winner of Four Pulitzer Awards, Dies — Ar-i administration fiscal policies led him to receive the 1935 Pulitzer Prize for general ex- ,    ,    grossly    mis-1 Miltich said he is less upset; singer leading but can also be dishon- with the article than with Col-; Miltich confirmed that Ford umnist William Satire s cri-|sajd djd noj fecj s^hlesinger est." The report said the 70.9 pcr- ticism that “it is unseemly for knew hovv to deal welI with cent average increase appears] the vice-president to be eonfid-conpress ^though he said Ford nerfirilm ” c0nsidcrcd su*>in§ his Plans for thc assumption L impressed with Schlesinger’s! perficially.    of power while the body of the managerial ability, possible. That would probably According to the analysis, 85 sitting President is still warm." i    secretary of de be a life temI with no possibility I percent of the increase occurred Safirc's account, Miltich said, fense has been particularly of parole for 25 years.    outside    the U.S and was due “makes it sound like Ford is adcpt at dealing wit'h congre% Dobbert, 36, sat without ap- more than anything else to the waiting in the wing frothing at    mavhe    Mel    T    aird9’’    Mil- parent emotion as Olliff pro-devaluation of the dollar.    the mouth wanting to be Pres-] tich added* nouneed thc penalty and added) An increased demand for pe- ident. This is just not an accu-; Miltich confirmed that Ford maximum terms totaling 46 troleum — 3.2 million barrels aerate characterization.”    I    said Ziegler would not remain years on the convictions of second-degree murder in the death of a son, Ryder, 7Vz; toture of another son ,Ernest III, 13; an? abuse of a daughter, Honore, 7. The judge reviewed evidence that Dobbert beat Kelley until her head and stomach were day more than in 19/2 — ac* Ford has been willing to an*.prQ^ secretary simply because^ counted for much of the remain-swer speculative questions on pord would routinely appoint Saturday Night 6:00 9—Lawrence Welk 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Spts. 3—Lawrence Welk 4—Lawrence Welk 6—Movie— "Harvey" 8—Lawrence Welk IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12-Folk Guitar 13—Eyewitness News • 40—Roller Games 6:30 2—Hollywood Sauares 7—Untamed World IO—Victory at Sea 12—World of Animals 13—Inside Iowa 7:00 9—Partridge Family 2—All In Family 7—Emergency 3—Partridge Family 4—All In Family 8—All In Family IO—Emergency 12—Dr. Who 13—Emergency 40—Partridge FAmlly 7:30 9—ABC Suspense Movie— "Money To Burn" 2—M*A*S*H 3—ABC Suspense Movie— "Money To Burn" 4—M*A*S'H 8—M*A*S*H 12—Elliot Norton 40—ABC Suspense Movie— "Money To Burn ’ 8:00 ?~&'.7v!er Moore 7—NBC Movie— "Greatest Story Even Told", Pf. ll    1 fcNB°£VM%r-M“re T?lS\ p” H 0,v Ey,r| Toicrf".* iVorv Ev*' 12— Firing Line 13—NBC Movie— T?la"p’.,n"’r'' Ev,r 3:30 2—Bob Newhort 4—Bob Newhart 8—Bob Newhart 9:00 9—Owen Marshall 2—Carol Burnett 3—Owen Marshall 4—Carol Burnett 8—Corol Burnett R—Century Theater 40—Owen Marshall 10:00 ’-Eyewitness News 2—Action News News, Weather, Sots 3—ABC News 4—News Weather, Sot*. 6—10 0 Clock Edition 8—News, Sots., Weather IO—News, Weather, Spts. 12—Fryina Pans West 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 10:15 3—News, Weather, Sots. 10:30 9—Movie— "Intruders" 2—Movie— "Circle of Deception" 7—Movie— "Woman Times Seven" 3—Movie— "Oedipus the King" 4—U.F.O. 6—Track Meet 8—Movie— "Man Called Sledge" 10—Track Meet 12—Theater In America 13—Track Meet 40—Movie— "Manpower" WASHINGTON (AP) thur Krock, longtime Washington columnist for the New York Times whose 60-year newspaper cellence in reporting. ! career earned him an unprece- In 1937, Roosevelt granted dented four Pulitzer awards, is an exclusive interview that . ,., 07    resulted in his second Pulitzer clead at 87.    Prize. The Pulitzer board Krock, who retired in 1966, succumbed to natural causes at his home Friday night. He had been in ill health for six months, a family spokesman said. Krock’s steady output of ex- service, elusive front-page stories for the Krock, a native of Glasgow, awarded him a special commendation in 1950 for a similarly exclusive interview with President Truman and a special citation in 1955 for distinguished Ky., began his newspaper career in 1907 as a reporter with the old Louisville Herald. He specialiazed in political affairs and from 1932 to 1948 11:30 4—Outer Limits 12:00 9—Wide World of Entertainmenf IO—Prisoner 12:30 2—Evil Touch Times and his “In the Nation’ (column, carried by the newspaper for 33 years, made him a major figure in American journalism. He had been a    Times staff    wrote the Times’ main    story    on member for five    years when    every biennial election. I then-publisher Adolph Ochs He was the author of four named him chief of    the newspa-    books, including an    autobio- per’s Washington    bureau in graphy “Memoirs: 60 Years    on 1932.    the Firing Line”, a best-seller in swollen, burned her hands,    profits    and capital    recovery poked her eyes, knocked her    - against a wall, scarred her body    I if* ana V.r.o4 M.itH o Kr»1 ♦ o    U«¥G    kl IC    JCIvllCl ing profit, the report said.    what he might do as President. In the next 15 years, the econ- Miltich said, because of the in- omists predicted, the industry’s — - capital requirements will top y i    I $500 billion and 75 percent of IVIOrTgayO LOan that will have to come from! |n+erest Rate Up Krock became an authority on the economic theories of Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal. 1968. His first wife died in 1938. Survivors include the widow, his own press secretary. I and the stories he developed on a son and two stepsons. WASHINGTON (AP) - The federal interest rate ceiling on government-backed mortgage To Boy, Drowns loans will jump from 81» to 8*2 Christian Pilgrims Trace Jesus' Steps in Jerusalem and head with a belt and board and finally choked her. The judge said he has been in    "    w    p0rcent Monday, matching an criminal law almost 22 years) DUBUQUE (AP) — Authori-!all-time high. and as a paratrooper in World ties were searching Saturday james Lynn secretary of war II saw “death and suffering for Gary Wiescr, 27, Dubuque, housing and urban development, in every conceivable form ... j who was missing after a boat in announced the rise in the ceiling “But this murder of a help- which he was riding capsized on on Federal Housing Adminis-less, defenseless and innocent1 the Mississippi river near Dubu- (ration and Veterans Adminis-child is the most cruel, afro-(que.    Aration loans Friday night, say- cious and heinous crime I have ; Authorities said three Dubu- jng vvas necessary because of ever personally known of.” que men and a youth were in highcr interests rates across the He rejected the 10-2 jury rec- thc boat at the time of Friday’s cconomv. ommendation of a life sentence, mishap. Tom Wunder, 30, and „T Florida law gives thc judge dis- John O'Meara, 22, and Wander's >    » hfe    <“ greta to ignore the recommen- son Ray, 7, were rescued. the KHA as an available, prac-, data in first-degrec murder VV icser reportedly put hts hfe    ^ convictions    jacket on the youth when strong'' American homebuycrs," Defense attorney John South- winds caused the boat to cap- n .}    J wood said he would appeal. I size, said authorities.    The FRA insures mortgages! : for eligible Americans while the VA guarantees them. The ceiling has been 8 Vs percent at (times in the last four years as | interest rates have surged upward. JERUSALEM (AP) — Thou-!of Jerusalem led Roman Cath- Fewer Americans have been sands of Christian pilgrims ole pilgrims down the winding able to use thc government-sup-traced Christ’s steps through paths of Christ’s last walk and ported loan program because Jerusalem’s ancient walled city;paused to say prayers at the 14 the price of homes has gone up to Calvary this Good Friday, Stations of the Cross before en- sharply. The maximum loan incarrying heavy wooden crosses tering the 800-year-old Crusader sured by the government is to commemorate the crucifix- church. The stations mark the $33,000. ion.    important events along the Israel’s police and army route to the Crucifixion, stepped up security precautions, ] Inside the cavernous Church paroling alleyways and roof to 0f the Holy Sepulchre, the patri- An Commodity fSSU£ guard against Arab guerilla vio- arch prayed at the last five sta-    * lence as the pilgrims followed tions, where Christian tradition WASHINGTON (AP) - The the    Way of    the Cross to    the    says Christ died on the Cross, house agriculture committee Church of the    Holy Sepulchre.    where he was entombed and I should hold hearings quickly on A    police spokesman said    the    resurrected.    legislation to make sure that guard was bolstered following Earlier. Greek Orthodox Arch-'federally supported    food    pro- the massacre by Palestinian bishop Christanthos of Je^usa- grams continue to get commodi-gunmen in the northern Galilee helped shoulder a heavy 10-ity foods, an Iowa congressman town of Qiryat Shemona. foot cross to begin    the    first of said Friday. Latin Patriarch G. G. Beltritti many processions    by    various! The Iowan, Democratic    Rep. --denominations.    Edward Mezvinsky, is co-spon- Clasping rosaries, black-robed sor of a bill to maintain the U women from Greece and Cyprus S. Department of Agriculture's fell to their knees at each sta-!practice of buying and distribut-, tion and kissed the honey-! ing food commodities. More, colored cobblestones. Inside the than 90 percent of commodities! church they wept over the stone [USDA distributes under the poli-of unction where Jesus’ body Icy supplement school lunch prowls placed after he died on the grams. The congressman    said    that Asks Quick Hearings LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR, ANO NOTICE TO CREDITORS Probate No. P884-04/4 In the District Court of the state of Iowa In and for Linn County In the matter of the estate of JANETTE GIBSON HOWELL, Deceased , _ To all persons interested in the estate of1 (.TOSS jdD«rte Gibson Hewer. Deceased you are hereby notified that on the 2nd Smaller grcuos of Armenians,    USDA    s    authority    to    continue day of April, 1974, the last will and tes- ,,    ,    ^    .    L.    ,    ,    •«_    j    i tament of Janette Gibson Howell, de- Copts and Syrians followed    the    distribution    ends    June 30 ceased, bearing date of the 8th day of    j    i    ,u    u    n    •    i April, 1971, was admitted to probate in throughout the warm and sunnv    unless    the bill    is passed. the above named court and that Jeanne , r,    „    , T1 . Lorraine Howeii was appointed executor day. Roman Catholic and Prot---- of said estate.    ., . Notice is further given that any action 1e s t a n t ceremonies coincided to set aside said will must be brought in    „ **.    ____i the district court of said county within    with    Eastern    rites    this    year,    and one year from the date of the second' ____„„ publication of this notice, or thereafter be 3 S e^ial program Was 3r- Notice is further given that all persons ranged to avoid clashes. Indebted to said estate are retested to    ,    tl make immediate payment to the under- GTOUTS of pilgrims from all signed, and creditors raving claims    ..    ,    ,    .,    ,    - against said estate shall tile them with over the world gathered for the clerk of the above named district ...    .    , court, as provided by law, duly authenti-    their    CW ll    processions    and    a cated, for allowance? and unless so filed    ,    .    - „n within six months from the second    Knot    OI 3U w^e^aii'oweff orh pa,^tlCs*chUclaim°sh*ii|solemnly walked the way of the the slaying of Mary Jayne ,hDatffi7hi?2nd'day ST April, 1974. Cross with cameras and Jerusa-1 Jones, Ottumwa, this week near Jlx*cutpr°o?a*aTd Estate lem souvenirs in one hand and 'Blakesburg. Lie Defector Test Is Given BLAKESBURG (UPI) - At least one suspect has taken a lie Japanese Catholics detector test in connection with Cedar Rapids, Iowa Sargent, Spangler, Hines and Pence Attorneys for said Executor Cndar Rapids, Iowa Date of second publication 13th day of April, 1974. Iowa, on April the Rapids, follows; ORDINANCE NO. 20-74 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 12 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA BY REPEALING ORDINANCE NUMBER 41-77 AND ENACTING A SUBSTITUTE IN LIEU THEREOF RELATING TO WATER kFRVICE BY PROVIDING RATES FOR PERSONS SIXTY-TWO (42) YEARS OF AGE WITH INCOMF OF S«200 OO OR LESS. Bodies of Sightseeing Crash Victims Found open psalm books in the other. , Bureau of criminal investiga-j No one seemed disturbed by J tion (BCD officials gave no fur-! the police and soldier guards. ther information about the tests “I only feel uneasy when I and commented the investiga-i feel at tion is continuing. 11 i a rn | The body of the 17-year-old; io, 1974, »s!Featherstone of St. Paul, Minn, 'jones girl was found in a farmhouse near this Wapello county; (town Tuesday afternoon. She had been shot in the head and heart. HILO, Hawaii (AP) - The, BCI ag°nts reported Miss) re it ordained bv the city KoH.p. nr ti nprcftn, killed when 4°nes had written a letter,' raphes Sow, T.^o„c„;T,Y 0F CED4R u 11 pe7s0ns E    which was postmarked Tuesday, cg;*; SdJrVSB^glR'ftiSftU! a slgh,secinK    Planc crash(,d lntoito friends in North Carolina in- r.\iucbeS'    ,CoS^iS!t!aa mountainside near here have dicating she had a boyfriend. KS^iSUTS;' Ai WI, SSS! been recovered.    [The agents declined to identify taraf ,t ‘iJOJSSI “ The plane was reported miss- lhl! boyfriend, but said he is not S2&    ing Thursday    night. The wreck- a suspect in the case. month, provided an affidavit hereafter)    ■ N, r described is filed.    1    uge was sighted early t riduy Such person mav obtain the aforestated! ,inri (l. l - i- „    a    „ rAto bv filing en affidavit on a form fur- dtlu the bodies recovered flOm d S!:SdX:K.('rAcW™V’w'SS5irugged slope of the dormant i£*DraaJlno Mi!SdJ’"wIrlMauna Loa volcano, about 30 That the reduced rat* shall then beirr,;|o,, trr.rn charged for each blllinn period commenc- **mcs irom IlCrt. Inq 30 days or more after the filing of the affidavit, for the fiscal veer commencing July I of each year. Affidavit for the continuation of the reduced rate must IMS? ^trper month,Gillette tD-lowa) said he would two men here Friday after the cr more shell be charged at the regular rates. 20 YEARS AGO Charges Against Streakers Dropped IOWA CITY (UPI) - Magistrate J. Erie Heintz dropped dis-) Senator|orderly conduct charges against] Section J. That this Ordinance shall 4rom ai I.    I    * S '!reEldent Eisenhower to|judge ruled (hat thc law does) ? ■ a,cl'on not apply in Streaking as he in-section 3 That the aforedescribed sec-(3gainst the communists in Indo- terprets it. The charges against John Bal-] lard and Kevin White, both 19, j stemmed from streaking in-! cidents at the University of Iowa March 7. tion 12.36 shall be Included es part of the China replacement pages of the Cedar Rapids1 Municipal Code and made a part of said Code as provided bv law. Introduced this 22th day of March, 1974 Passed this loth day of April, 1974 Donald J. Cannev, Mayor Attest; John E. Arthurs, City Clerk Published In the Cedar Rapids Gazette on April 13, 1974. TRADES IrSKn council, j mil »« ou* •. », , I ^4 TOM RILEY STATE SENATOR Thirteenth District 1215 Merchants National Bank Bldg. CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 52401 Cedar Rapids Senate Office 414 SGA Building CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA 52401 Telephone: (319 ) 366-5681 Che Senate STATE OK IOWA Sixty-Fifth General Assembly STATE HOUSE Se* fflomt*. Jotoa 50319 COM NI ITI hi I LDK I AHY, Chair IIH Appropriations* Commeiu i Rills  8 *Chairman, Si b ( . on Education (MMU II F. Repeal Sales Tax on Food/Drugs or An Alternative Dear Friend: I d like your advice, the legislature is considering tax relief alternatives Both the Senate and the House have passed different versions on the repeal of the sales tax on certain items the Senate — food, drugs and prosthetic devices, the House — food, drugs, prosthetic devices and fuel and the proposal is being considered in Conference Committee There is some talk in the State House of scrapping tho sales tax repeal on food, drugs, etc , 'n general ret plan) and substituting it with several specific relief plans lf this is done I have proposed the following alternative and would like your reaction to it 1) Passage of my plan to improve property tax relief for Senior Citizens and the totally disabled; by a. raising income level from the present S6,000-58,OOO b. increasing the percentage of reimbursement*as follows $1,000 remains at 95%    $4,000-5.000    increase    from 35-55 under $2,000 increase from 80-85%    $5,000-6 OOO    increase    from 25-45% $2,000-3,000 increase from 65-75%    $6,000-7,000    increase    from 0-35 , $3,000-4,000 increase from 60-65%    $7,000-8,000    increase    from 0-25'% The net additional cost of this program is $3 2 million d< of tars 2) Income tax relief for low income by raising the Ie /cl before the Iowa income tax is due from $4-5,000/year (last session we raised that level from $3-4,000, The cost of this is $3 million dollars per year. 3) Increase the standard deduction on the Iowa income tax from $250 to $750 or from 5-10% (in lieu of itemized deduction). The cost of this is $8 2 million. 4) Increase the exemptions on inheritance taxes for the spouse from $40,000 to $80,000 and for children from $15,000 to $30,000 and create a presumption that joint tenancy property represents the joint contribution of the husband and wife (even though the wife might only be employed in the home;. This recognizes the wife s contribution and will also help preserve family farms which sometimes have to be sold because of taxes on death of a farmer. The cost of this is $4 8 million. The total annual cost of this package is $19.2 million compared to an annual loss of revenue to the state of $31 million if the sales tax is repealed on food and drugs only and approximately $40 million if the sales tax on fuel is also repealed. Please let me know at once what your views are so I can share them with Governor Ray, Lieutenant Governor Neu, Speaker Varley, the Conference Committee and other members of the General Assembly. Sincerely. Tom Riley State Senator Send your opinion to: State Senator Tom Riley State House Des Moines, la. 50319 □ □ I vote to repeal the sales tax on food, drugs I vote to repeal the sales tax on food, drugs, and fuel oil. □ I vote for the alternative tax proposal outlined above. Cl I’m not in favor of any of the above but prefer..____ PAID FOR BY SENATOR TOM RILEY ;

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