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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATOMA! WtAtHtt SltVICi f0*ICAM to TAM lit 4 - Ii - 74 \ 30.24 More C. R. Employes Ask Ra ises The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., April ll. 1974 After SII Taxi Wayland W. Wall Wayland W. Wall, 77, of 1121 drive NE. died Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) Tab, He Leaves .defiance of the subpoena to be an impeachable offense. A man who ran up an $11 cab    Ziegler    Promise bill Wednesday riding from whj(e Hous(, pfess Secrc,ary Marion to the southwest side of RonaJd ziegjer Thursday pro- Thomas J. McDonnell Thomas J. McDonnell, 57. of 11117 Crestview drive SE, a life- MaDlewond Representatives of employes,long resident of the Cedar Ra-j f in eight more city departments pids-Marion area, died Thurs- u r s a ' f°ll°wing a long have asked the city council for, day. Born May 26. 1916, at illness. Born April 17, 1896. at in .salaries and    ^ar'on he was married to Duel-    Nevada.    Iowa, he was married    Cedar Rapids    told the driver to    mised    the judiciary committee la Rogers Eckhart Sept. 6, 1947.    t0 the    former Ruth Lansing    wait for him,    then disappeared    would    be furnished after the 0°"^"    Aug. 25.    1926. al Bettendorf.    into a house.    Easter    recess with "a full and ,,    ,    , ,    .,    nm    a ■ c v„t complete statement and materi- He had been a resident of Don Olveo. a driver for Yet-    ,    .    ., don(.s Cedar Rapids since 1922. Mr. low Cab Co., reported to p0]ice jals^relate to the President s u. *    ,    ,    .    ,    riiiH,v mrHI Hnn rt|, Wall had been a letter carrier he picked up the man at 4:20 pubic works department and J    ^|    ™- - r |he ^ office    for 40 ,ears pm. a. Tenth street and Sew    Astred if ^ filed in the city clerk s office served m fhe a jn World before retiring in 1961 He was a enth avenue in Marion and mg a new account of his role, earlier this week.      *    mA%v,kA»» ^f tun mnGAnni a^ an increase fringe benefits.    '    at    Cedar    Rapids. The letter from Hie eight de- Mr. McDonnell had been a partments was similar to one steamfitter for 27 years, and signed bv employes in the city's = was a member of Plumbers and Fitters local 125 and of All war ll. member of the National Assn. of drove to    a house in the 3200    Ziegler    left open that possibili- The departments involved in I ”.ne    hi ife.    a stpD.j Letter Carriers, branch 373, and! block of    Twenty-ninth avenue    ty. ip lafpst lottor are onpinoprinp *    "    ’    *    au.,«, qw u.-hnrp tho man fnlH Olvnn to Asked why the President did son, Wayne Eckhart, New York National Assn. of Boo Hum. City; three sisters, Mrs. Charles He had been one of the or-Burkart, Cedar Rapids, Mrs. ganizers of the Cedar Rapids Marvin Hart. Cedar Rapids, and Postal Employes Credit Union Mrs. Lowell Randall, Kerkho- and served as secretary and SW where the man told Olveo to wait    not immediately provide the After a half hour. Olveo re- materials sought for the imported the incident to police. peachment inquiry, Ziegler said The man was described as six the White House felt, it had to go feet tall, long black hair, and forward in a responsible fashion Utt WI ATM!It #070CAM €> Thursday night, rain will fall from the mid-Sulf coast, northward through fhe Mississippi valley and into the Lakes area as well as in portions of the northern plains and New York. —Daily Record— The Weather High temperature s Wednesday, lov temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation Anchorage <3 34 .OS L Angeles 70 53 Atlanta All 44 Miami 82 73 nismarck S4 34 OS Minneapolis 59 49 Chicago 59 44 N. Orleans 75 44 Denver 40 34 New York 48 38 Duluth St 3) Phoenix 74 18 Honolulu ss n Seattle 51 42 Houaton TI 4? Washington 57 34 Extended Forecast ( hance Petition for Bankruptcy the latest letter are engineering, sewer,    traffic    engineering, water, forestry, parks, recreation and sanitation. The letter asking for the raises was accompanied by peti-1    ...    ,    ,    ,    u    ,    . lions asking that the department’ Minn., and a brother, treasurer for 20 years. tai grievance committees    be    au-    (,corRe'    Marion. Services: Mon- He was    a veteran of World thorned to discuss    the    raises    day at    11 a m- in Saints    war I. Mr.    Wall was a graduate with the city council    church by the Rev. Edmund J.    of Nevada    high school and at- Becker.    Burial: Cedar Memori-    tended Cedar Rapids Business 224 Signers    a| Friends may call at Beatty- college.    1    -     —    ... th0„„h| st Clair exDressed Those    petitions    were    signed Beurle chapel after noon Satur-j Surviving is his wife.    bf    serv''d    b-v    fur,h(’r    Proc(>t'd-    ln hls ]etter t0 ,he panel on by about 224lot the 300 workers day. The Rosary will be recited Sprvices, Turncr chapel oast!1"?.8 In tho rasc    Tuesday    -that    materials in the eight departments.    at 7:30 p.m. Sunday.    >(    .,    Saturday    bv    the Rev. Reasons for the slated mien- s h, are boing revjewed. The deparlmental represent-       Francis    King    of    Olivet    Prcsby-    lion    of dlsm'^,'"8 the applica- Anotber lop white House of- °    \    I    finn    tutAfnM    c-oi/T    .... terian church.    Burial:    Oak    Hill. Friends may    call at    Turner’s east until 2:30 p.m. Saturday. The casket will not be open after the service. thinly built. —Zacek— (Continued from Page I. and restated the President’s often expressed concern about doing nothing that would weaken the office he holds. However, he kept repeating Mrs. Albert Hubner of rain ending Saturday. Mostly fair Sunday and Monday. Highs 50s to low 60s. Lows 30s to low 40s C h a r I e s Arthur Conner, Fayette. Debts: $5.115.61). Assets: $291.50, with SRO claimed exempt. Cecilia Louise Dement, also known as Susan Dement and as Chance I Mrs. Wayne McDonald, formerly doing business as Dement’s Greenhouse. Bellevue. Debts: SI 1.943.51. Assets: $3,885. with S 1.970 claimed exempt. Schools, City, County Offices Closed Friday It will be business as usual Friday for most offices in Cedjjir Rapids except city and grades “was county offices and schools, quate but unfair.    rjed    to    Albert    C.    Hubner    Nov. which will be closed for Good Friday. Federal offices, inc the post office, will be opera ting in a regular .schedule alives said in the letter that the 6.5 percent increase granted    Gladys V. Hubner, 79. of 404 employes in civil service labor E i g h t ee n t h street NE. died grade 19 or lower was “inade- Thursday following a sudden quate.”    illness. Formerly of Stratford, In addition, they said the four che had been a Cedar Rapids percent raise for the higher resident 30 years. Born Nov. 28. tion are two-fold, he said.    ficial, Alexander Haig, assert- First, the only ground in the ed: "We’re going to turn over to application that has factual sub- the judiciary committee, on stance is that Zacek did not their return from Easter recess . knowingly and intelligently . . a full picture of President's not only inade- rn Am.Tr'    Z''"bute    to‘the charity of'.heir the police department a 12 percent; 23. 1926 at Bethany. Mo j choice or to the St. Labre Indian i Already Determined The family suggests that p,ead Ruilty because of ille8al actions in the Watergate situa- friends may. if they wish, con .evidence-gathering activities of,ion. and I for one am convinced ‘    that    that    will    be    more    than enough to bring tho timpeach- . ment) hearing to a rapid con-The question of a knowing and cjusjon ” voluntary guilty plea has al- Haig’spoke before the Repub-ready been determined by ihe ,jcan women-s forum on Capilol Iowa supreme court, the judge said, and a post-conviction pro-    _ school. Ashland. Mont.. 59003. C. R. Weather Magistrate s ^curt Speeding Michael Hoffa, fig route one, Marion; fined $100 and costs. Leonard Emerson,! Mt. Vernon: James Sonka. I 3321 H avenue NW; Michael' 52 G o r rn a n , 119 Twenty-sixth) street drive SE; David Achenia bach, 2125 Rockford road SW;| Arvid Silvers, Forty-first and 2 79 Bowling street SW; Reid Davis, 3711 E avenue NW; each fined $30 and costs. Russell Rohn.i route two, Marion; Thomas) Wehmeyer, 196 Indiandale road SE; Ronald Bruner, 1716 O av-Wind direction and velocity at enue NW; Sherlyn Silvers. Hia- High Wednesday 68 I/>w overnight .. .50 Noon Thursday 52 ’ p.m. Thursday 52 Precipitation 0.14 Total for April I 77 Normal for April 2 79 Normal through April 7 81 Total for 1974 7 22 Barometer, falling 29.78 Humidity at noon 90% Thev claimed pay raise is needed for em-    Mrs. Hubner was a member ploves because of an 8.8 percent    of First Baptist, church; Cedar    ^ ,n8    cost of living increase and a    chapter. OES; Daughters of the    -COMITY MOITie- opcra‘    three percent devaluation of the    Niiei and the Social Order of    (Continued from Page I.) dollar.    Beauceant    ~~~  ***■"    M    _____________ I___ Ranks and .savings and loan Many employes have been Surviving are her husband; a sfrU(,('d• ^unbs are expected to Ceeding is not available to reli-companies will    be open    forced to take second jobs or    daughter Mrs Edwin J Timm,'tome from revenue sharin8    tigate    issues previously ad- Garbage    collection will    be    are seeking new employment.    R 0 c k island a son I co    That source also is expected to    judjcated. Hubner. Davenport, and seven tu™ish ',h* ™Lh0me' cs,ima'- Secondly, the judge said. /.a- grandchildren    JMi-.uuu.    cej<s grounds for relief appear Services- Chanel of Memories Pe‘^er sa‘d the bids were    insufficient even assuming there Tile departmental represent-    semens. Chapel or Memories^c,osc t# the estimates made in on the regular schedule Reservation service for SEATS bus .service will he closed. Public schools will be closed Friday and Monday. * * * Kirkwood Community rol- the letter said Holiday was no prior adjudication. alives also asked that Ihe day 1 P™ •’a,ur(iay Dr 1972 even though the project now after Thanksgiving be made an a>™ ^rTtombrnem' inc,udes aboul »-M# s(>uare feetlof gJiiiy knowingly 'and velum officio hnliriav In recent venrs    cumuli.    ejiiiuuiuuicui.    .r    nrA:fl-*0)i    un    finn    .    ..    .... Times Says Jury Probe of Nixon Taxes Requested WASHINGTON (AP) - A Wayne    A. Shireman of First jnon*1™^ 'Z'e{ of    J*}*™    spokesman    for    the    Internal    Rev- ChaDel    of**^Memorle^V mausoIe- ,nstcad of the Pr°jected S0-000- tarily    waive the right to    assert the council has granted em-    uldF-'    01    nwuMiie coia „riooc rorri?1ir ■1 enue Service has declined to moves mat holiday but the em urn. Friends may call at Cedar ,H* said P™es hav« remained. that pre-trial activities of inves- comment on a report that the lege spring vacation for stu- J^ ,'nu|ri” ,k, it made an oR Memorial funeral home after J    “ “Ll,    ,hgr ,RS had reqU0Sled a grand )Ury Gazette weather .station pm, SP] at 22 mph Sun rises Friday sets. 7:44 ^ ear Ago Today low. 23; rainfall, none. Degree Days Wednesday Total to date Through April IO, 1973 Percent of normal year Total normal year Traveler's Forecast at 2 6:32. High. 14. 15 6,358 6.401 95 77 6 631 I rota> W Bismarck Chicago Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moi ne Detroit indianapol Kansas Cit Milwaukee M pis.-St Okla. City Omaha Sioux Fall Paul Watha; Rich Tebbe. 1630 Hillside drive NW; Regina McCormick. Hiawatha ; Harold un I,orech, 128 Jacolyn drive NW; David Hayes. 3100 Woodland drive SW; James Utter, 3620 Twelfth avenue SW; each fined $20 and costs. IMate violation    Richard Stinson. Mt. Vernon; fined SIO and costs. Faulty equipment — Richard Stinson. Mt. Vernon; fined SIO and costs Driver's license violation Giles Wright, Mt Vernon; fined $15 and costs Larry Hinle, 1400 Hollywood boulevard NE; fined $10 and costs. Reckless driving Carroll Anderson, Charles City; fined $50 and costs. Traffic signal violation 64-42 J Donald Burke, 105 Sixth ave-74-44 nue SW; Steven Amos, Vinton; Cling 58-421 each fined $15 and costs Twrs 60-40 Failure to use signal Allen hwrs 52-3.3 Pcsavento, 1425 Thirty-sixth Fair 66-41 street SE; fined $35 and costs. Driving on right side Hudson, route three, thor. Rain ShwTS Tshwrs Tshwr • Cloudy 61-38 Tshwr Tshwr Hi-Lo 52-30 71-43 73-48 64-42 dents will begin Friday and classes will resume April 22. Kirkwood offices will remain open during that period, except for Good Friday, and counseling and admissions services will be available All Coe college offices, except for the admissions and .student service offices, will close Friday noon The library and union will remain on regular schedule Mt. Mercy college students .    ,    .    . will begin Easter recess after lnT6rVIBWS With Thursday classes, returning Tuesday. College administration offices will be closed Good Friday. Fridav and at the chapel !he,Jmain Tf1rials !n ."]e new constitutional rights." he said, investigation of possible crimi-- n on e 1 m, building. That material was citing a 1970 Iowa supreme    al sure of having the day off when    after    2:30 p.m. Saturday. The:chosen to maintain a more    court case.    nal    conspiracy    in    the    prepara- planning vacations or holiday    fam,*y suggests that mends    Lome-like rather than institu-1    Hon    of    President    Nixon’s    tax    reactivities.    may if they wish. donate to the tiona, atmospherc>    Cites    Breakin    (urns Also requested was a change    fret    Baptist church memorial    Each room in thp new bui|ding    In hls petition,    the    33-year-old ill have controls for the clee-    Cedar Rapids    man    seeks    a    new in the longevity pay system. fur1(b The casket will be closed w eliminating differences based on 2:45 p.m. Saturday. rank.    -- The employes said the benefit LaGrange Infants The New York Times, citing “well-placed sources,” reported trie heat and air-conditioning,    trial because of an alleged ille- Thursday that IRS Commis- Capacity    SaJ breakin at his residence.    sioner Donald Alexander had There is normal capacity for ^acek is serving a 75-year    Watergate    special    prose- rank. -Mid-East- (Continued from Page I > army man who .survived the airport massacre. 1SkSOu< l°r    service.    David    and    Diane,    twin    infants    m bpds m thp hf)mp wjfh up fQ term in the penitentiary at Fort cu(or Lp0n jaw0rski to start the which is the same regardless of born    Wednesday to Mr.    and    m capacity on    request to the    Madison    after being found    probe to focus on Nixon’s claim Mrs.    Frederick LaGrange,    715    sta(e beajtb department. There    guilty by    a judge of second-    0f a $576 000 deduction for don- k ;!ueniU ’ 10 S °r V 9 (r a^so are e*8ht single and four degree murder. He had pled atjng his prepresidential papers ,    . .    ,    double quarters    for employes,    guilty to    an open charge of    t0 tbe National Archives. Sui\ lung besides th' parents    and qUarters for    the matron and    murder in the Oct. 19, 1969,    ^tv Gen Saxbe said Thurs- arr the grandparents. Mn and steward    slaying of 17-year-old Washing-day he was unaware of the Mrs. William Stanton, Cascade.^ ^he most expensive windows, ton high school senior, Jean reported request and Mr and Mrs^ Leo La- noors and roo( were choscn bc. Halverson.    There    was    no    immediate    com- Drange, Cedar Rapids.    cause of easier maintenance.---ment on the    story frnm Ja. , r    „    m Th r«    The b<'t,<>r windows also arr ex-    Various Items Are    worses office were conducted at 3 p m. Thurs-    pected to give better insulation C.R. Police Chief Candidates Set Interviews are set up for next week with seven of the nine can- d,dales for Cedar Rapids police d at Mt Ca|v oemc,ery by Cot ruc'ion i expeeled .o chief. Commissioner James th(; Hev Maurice Lynch of St. ^ monthS Construction Steinbeck said Thursday Rain Rain 56-38 56-35 One man, Robert J. (tray, 47, TUrner chapel west was in peiffer a captain on the St. Paul, Minn.,    nf    arranapmpnt« I nless the prisoners, includ- po|jce department, has declined Mississippi Stages < FI<M»d stages in brackets) lacrosse (12) 8.1, rise 3 t.ansing (18) 9 4. no chank1 Dam 9 (18) 187, fall I McGregor (IR) 11 2. tall I Guttenberg (15) 10 6. rise Dubuque (17) 12.5. rise I Davenport (15) 10.3, rise ..I Keokuk (16) 10 4. rise 6 Lynnjng Japanese commando Kozo to be interviewed.    •    1    c Ukamoto. are released within Steinbeck said Gray had “giv-    eriV,tfmS    s^t •    ,    .    .,    * , C ox. Alonzo t. — I p.m. bat- t n it considerable    thought    urdav at    the Chapel of Memo- Lucy Taylor :    „sjb|p f„r what will happen    sin.Ce. apPlyi"B for tbf    ‘h'f ti ret SE. fined I    K    and decided he wasn t    interest-    Ellerbeck    of Kenwood Paik ed.” Patrick s Catholic church, i time will be 12 to 14 months, but said El View has record of finishing ahead of schedule. Taken from Autos Tbo PT.5]!? "Y°U'TJS reported that Alexander had Two cars parked in a lot at discussed the taxes question Rapids; fined $15 and cost? Permitting unauthorized per- six hours, we shall not he rt son to drive 404 Fourteenth $25 and costs. to the hostages.” said the ul- Cedar at C.R. (13) 6 80. fall .80 Pf if ii Coralville Lake Striking fixtures adjacent to timatum telephoned to news street Stephen Benedict, (agency offices in Beirut, the r>°.im roari Lebanese capital. fined $35 and costs.    r ,    Shot    or    Thrown Iowa Deafns Blairstown    George    H.    The    Israeli    national    radio    rc- Ohlen, 65 Friday at I at Grace ported the guerillas had shot Lutheran church. Halverson’s, their victims or thrown them United Methodist church. ,    ,    .    Burial: Cedar Memorial. Ar- ,pnntp An interview date has not yet .angements by Cedar Memorial , e been confirmed with one other funeral home.    mittees    on    education candidate. Larrv L Laschen Gifford. Dovie A. — 10:30 ranks again Thursday Sixth street and Twenty-ninth with Jaworski last week and a avenue SW were reported bro- had provided the prosecutor ken into Wednesday and various wdb a bsl ^‘xon associates .    and former aides to be inves- i " a d)    tigated    in connection with the Area School Funding Rob E Bauer. 700 Thirty-first matter. Divides Subcommittee s^recR ^ar'on< reported a ta- Both the IRS and a joint conchometer valued at $30 and five gressional panel have ruled that tapes valued at $20 were takeni the Sift deduction was improper from his car. DES MOINES - House and appropriation subcomparted because of a back-dated deed ^ihe law permitting such deduc- 40 now police chief at Vernon 3 m Saturda-V 31 Flrst Church time on funding salaries and leentn avpnue s'v* reposed two,.—    —.M#l p 11 e cniei a vernon of th0 0 Bible by the Rev i Births — St. Luke's April IO To the families of Douglas McDonald, 2815 Third avenue, Marion; a son; Kent Jayne, 1220 Auburn drive SW; a son; William Krejra, route 3, Marion, a son. Out of Town Births At Vinton — Mr. and Mrs Allan Simmer, a son born April IO. Paternal grandparents arc Mr and Mrs. Albert Nimmer. Hiawatha. Marriage Licenses Donna Hiller and Larry. Brown, both of Cedar Rapids Jacqueline Wicncke and Steven Saddoris. both of Hiawatha. Marriages Dissolved Patricia Anne and Thomas George Shaheen. Wendy Colleen and John Kenneth Walker, jr. Cherie L. and Gary L. Kaplan. Donald Lee and Mar Sa-liene Jacobsen Calmar Angola Vollniecke. from the top floor of the apart- , OO Monday, ll a.in., St Aloy- ^ building. Dead and wound-ms. Rosary Saturday. 8 pm    *    ....    r<c • -    -    ■    -    ed    women and children were Hills. 111.    Neal B. Gail. Burial: Cedar Me- ^ Steinbeck said the interviews morial. Arrangements by Cedar 'ow will take place Monday through Memorial funeral home    The    senate    members    of    the Wednesday and will involve the u lpm em replacement al speakers valued at $60. a set of .a's IS area schools.    headphones valued at STO and five tapes valued at $la were Mark McClusky, 335 Tltir- ,bat. was actually signed ^ after »nnrfpv. set of i ons bad expired Mrstik, Rudolph — Crcma- joint committee voted to recom-tion committal at Brosh chapel, a.m. taken from his car council    111) 'a.m: Friday'by^the Rev:;mend an appropriation andidates for the post, cer William Harnish. Military sci- million for 1974-/5 for the Think of want ads first. They help you solve your wants quickly. Dial 398-8234. and Sunday. .3 p.rn French’s and 8 pm found in Ihe stairwell and on the tlflcd b-v ">* Cedar Rapids civil ™ DyeraVille    Arnold (Whi- lawn surrounding the building sonice commission, include two Meyer. Edward K tov) Gassman. 60. Kreamer’s. a woman whose home was in- ")pa‘ officers, Gapt. Raymond) Baptist church at es at the chapel by Hanford schools American Legion post. - Calvary 0:30 a.m. 20 YEARS AGO — Secretary of State Dulles flew to Europe to try to end a dangerous split with $2,250,000 marked for salary increases    .    , - e    .    ...    among    the    western    powers    and averaging 6.5 percent and the, n.B, V~7*r F°r Any Oetosfon FLORAL . ac: arrangimints PIERSON'S FLOWER SHOP Tour F TD Florist 1800 t ills Blvd. NU a m. Fridav. The casket will not same figure for the 6.5 percent bankp10,    outlying a word. Twas "hit] but The    ether candidates are    s^' _«"">' increasB I threw myself out of a window    Staniey    P Gushard, 41, Lincoln, | xurner    chapel    east at ,:3o;but would okay only $250,000    for Union cemetcrv. Littleport.    and neighbors took me to a firs!    bleb.; Wallace N. I^Peters. 40.    p.m. Saturday    by    Dr. Arnold rep acemen o tquipmen Postville—Edward J. John.    aid station"    Miami.    Ria ; John S. Megerron.    Herbst.    There will    be a crcma- The recommendations now    go  immittal. The family sug- llazleton — Eli: midt, 89. Wood’s, Fa Elkader—Lorain 62. Fridav at 2 at Witt’s. Burial an. uho was not jf a ; Thomas A. Mor- gests that fricnds may> if they, 7,,    ~rr    ~r    . d, was only slightly «an- Jr- r*0,den Valley, Minn., wish. contribute to the Meth-)committees of ,he senate and and Thomas C. Seals, 33. Bir- Wick Manor Memorial Fund, house. .aid station son, 83. Friday at 3:15 at East, ^ woman Clermont Lutheran church. I 1 ne woman. Schutte’s.    I    identify West    Liberty—Ernest wounded. (Mike) Sullivan, Ti). Saturday she said her husband and chil- gingham, Ala. at ll at Snider’s. Rosary. Fn- drpn werp jn fhc hQuse s|eeping Cedar Rapids has been with- 3    ___ when the man entered She did out a police chief since George ^    $    rL I • L -v- -j „ not know their fate    Matias resigned last year Assi 06TS cnrncnmdn There also was renewed fight- Chief Gareth Clift has assumed Trial for Juno 17 between Syrian and Israeli the duties. bon to the separate appropriation rires 3:34 pm Wednesday. Train In grass at Sixteenth avenue and Rockford road SW Wrong Use of Phone troops on the Golan heights WASHINGTON (UPI)—Judge    Thursday - the 31st consecu-    Man Sentenced for Gerhard Gesell Thursday set. live day of a war of attrition. June 17 for the federal con- The fighting there has accom- spiracy trial of former presi-    panied diplomatic efforts by    Jerry Travis, Joliet, 111., pled 7:39    p.m.    Wednesday. Need-    dential adviser John Ehrlich-    Secretary of State Kissinger to    guilty Wednesday in magis ters call at Waconia avenue and man and five others in connec- win an Israeli-Syrian agreement irate s court to a charge of Kirkwood b‘»ulevard SW.    ■    Uh    thp E|,sberg breakin, to disengage their troops.    unlawful use of the telephone runcUon” nj1 alarm a1* Third     —    .    ---------- and wuS given a 30-day suspend- street and Sixteenth avenue SE.    Sell those no-longer needed    Want ads perform an impoi-    cd jail sentence 9:47    a m.    Th u I sd a y. Un-    Space.takers quj^jy with a    tant community service, read    He was charged in connection flowers for every occasion! since 1909 .IOII\ K. I.AI'KS s v    : WL Cenvcnitnf downtown location 308 3rd Ave. SE 365-0511 Unknown to mattress at 414 Fourteenth street SE. want ad. Dial 398-8234 them daily! with an Oct. 28 incident. flowers can say everything o FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 364-8139 Phone Answered 24 Hours Every Day floral artistry etve FLORIST Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 A Cordial Invitation to Attend SPECIAL SERVICES Easter Sunday April 14 8 45, 9 45,10:45 a.rn JUST RETURNED FROM ISRAEL RFV BEROE NAJARIAN district superintendent of the Na/arene missionary work in the Holy Land, is now on his second furlough since Iteing appointed to the field in 1%0 In addition to his work as district superintendent Mr Najatian has preached regularly at the Jerusalem Old City Church and the beautiful International Na/arene ( enter in Jerusalem When he first went to the field, he served as teacher at the Bible school in Beirut, Lebanon His missionary services will capture your interest with Cod s miraculous undertakings and answers to prayers in this. one of the most strategic and challenging areas in the world; illustrated with some personal experiences on the field FIRST CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE 3113 First Avenue, S.W • Cedar Rapids, Iowa REV HARDY J. POWERS, Pojfor ^during protection for the departed is yours with a Wilbert Brand Burial Vault. They are hermetically sealed. Unchanging. As strong as rock. Wilbert’s guarantee is your promise of decades of protection and peace of mind. |    Be    assured. Let us show you the superior construction and unique features that permit us to recommend Wilbert with complete confidence. Send for Free Booklet “Faits Every Family Should Know*' ROLAND WILBERT VAULT CO., INC. (Positively No Sales Contact Will Be Made) 1210 Blairs f erry Rd., Marion, Iowa 52302 ;

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