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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - April 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., April ll, 1974 Riley Offers $19 Million Tax Reduction Package By Frank Nye DES MOINES — A new tax Tax Reform Call Voiced By Senators earning $4,000 or less are ex-; WASHINGTON (AP) empt now; $3 million in lost fbe income tax payment time|pa;^s ,11(' near, a group of senators ap- guarantee that people with equal income and equal financial i esponsibilities pay the same kind of taxes, and that everyone should be taxed according to the ability to pay. “Our tax laws are not only vvifh failing to assure that all tax- r\r>n .rtnfi nt'A    onnollt;    ” NSF Grants to Iowa Schools for Summer Projects WASHINGTON. D. C. - Two revenue. treated equally, Clark said, “they have also be reduction package costing the Adop| a proposal by Scn. War.    ^    "omp£    come so incredibly complex|,iona| &ience Foundation fi. state only $19.2 million a year in ren Curtis (R-Cherokee) raising |^nsive tax retorm.    sthat lt ,s almost imP°ssible for lost revenue compared to $31 standard deduction from income senator FdmnnH Muskie Robert tax to $750 a year from $250 andiM aine ^ who organized the million under Gov. Ray’s sales tax repeal plan, was to IO percent of income from 5 speeches said he hoped they proposed Thursday by State percent; $8.2 million a year would focus public attention on Riley (R-Cedar loss.    the need for significant tax re- Double present inheritance i.OOO forj Sen. Tom Rapids) His plan is pinpointed to help ,ax cxcmPI? low-income cldcrlv and totally ®Pouses-,a.nd lo _  I    dren and to provide a presumption that join tenency property is the result of joint efforts of (Earlier Story on Page 4) handicapped Iowans, Riley said, and to take care of inequities in income and inheritance tax areas caused by inflation. Instead of repealing the 3 percent state sales tax on food and prescription drugs, as recommended by Ray, Riley’s bill would: both husband and wife; million a year in lost revenue. Citizen Reaction form at a time when the average taxpayer is painfully for chil aware ll16 inequities in the 1 L present system.” Wealthy Individuals He told the senate that “many $4.8 wealthy individuals and corporations escape paying their j j orgy problem and the use of, renewable natural resources. Emphasis will be placed on how individual behavior is affected and modified by existing national energy concerns. Project Director Irwin IV state schools and two private Levin, an associate professor of colleges in Iowa have received'psychology, commented that of a total of $101,810 from the Na- the 173 undergraduate research participation projects currently ...    ,    .    ,    being supported throughout the nance guided research od m-|coun*ry ^ new y of , studyi dependent study this summer. ;is the onjy one of its kind reJ In grants announced recently, ceiving support. more inequity and contusion.” the following Iowa awards were    - n    ,    Z    made:    British Give Amnesty Railroad Firm    Iowa    State    university,    three    |||PflC1| Imminrants r\ J    OAA    grants totalin8 $54,680; Univer-    *o Illegal immigranrs Orders 1,000    Sity of Iowa, two grants totaling    LONDON (AP) — Home Sec- l—l/■>«»-v~ I ILuther college, De- retary Roy Jenkins announced Mopper Units corah, one grant of $4,030, and •l -T vv £; v- a- most people to understand them " — and every attempt to remedy things has resulted in even Th, rhicaon '„nd Nnr.h W«t iStaP«>" “llC8C’ India"°la' One!ThUrSda>' W Hie Chicago and North West- grant $22 450    monwealth immigrants who cm 11 ans po; tat ion Co. has or-; The schools will participate in tered this country illegally be en- fair share cf taxes but    average1 ------- nCW    C°    the NSF underSraduate Atween 1968 and 1973. Americans continue 0    bear .    hopper cars at a    ,otal    cost    of    search participation program on; The move? which    mainly af- Rile.v    intends    to    seek    citizen I he tax burden.” '    ‘    $18.6 million, according    to    Dick    | Projects devoted to the energy;fects Asjanf. frQm Indja^ Pakis. re?aTthe%hiSuMrTaLna1ors' “(^Participating    in ihf    Pclska- chamber    of    agement°or iL'Trae^blitan and Bangladesh,    threatened Ralph ' McCartney IR-Charles■ JTd    ^T"    ^    T**"'    na,ural    resourCCS'    ‘°    spark    °“    a    maJ°r    row    to    pal" mil nnH Dnnnr cuoff ,n riin Kennedy (Mass.), william pbe rail company, he says,;    *    *    * , pi ‘    “    Hathaway (Maine). Floyd Has-has received final delivery of its The department of psychology Increase benefits under the: „    was    t„    McCartney    and    wthc^HuddRsfon'"I'kv ',°Wa''^'"^5'^.hoppers, which to-a, the    University    of Iowa    re- ii    was    TU    Mtuaimey    ana    walter Huddleston. (ivy.), Jo-    taled $17million.    ceived    the $12,300    grant for    re- seph Biden (Del.), and Walt et    The latest order, with delivery    search    into the    psychological Mondale (Minn. ', andI Republi-    b in -n Qctober Vvill bring    impact    of the energy crisis )b Javits (N.Y.), and    .    hnrxnav.    cam    , cans Jacob present property tax relief law:shaff ,hat Ri]ey Thursday ad-for low-uicome elderly and to-,dressed letters containing his tally disabled by (I) raising in-proposal. Copies were sent to____ come eligibility level to $8,000 Governor Ray and a1! legisla-iMark Hatfield (Ore ) from $6,000, and (2) increasing tors.    !    ‘    in    1972.”    Muskie    said,    “all the percentage of reim- McCartney is co-chairman of the presidential candidates, bursement. at an estimated cost a house-senate conference com- talkedabout tax reform But of $3.2 million a year. liament. Opposition Conservative party spokesman Ames Prior said the decision could mean another 20.000 Asians will be allowed to the firm's hopper fleet to above! The grant will support under- stay in Britain. 6.000.    graduate    research    participation    The    admission of non-white projects. Six U. of I. students immigrants to Britain is a sensj- Exempt citizens with annual incomes of $5,000 or less from state income taxes. Citizens Man Surrenders On Drug Counts Pick up the phone today and will spend this summer design- five political issue, especially in ...    .    .    ,    .    .    i    ,    ,    let    a want ad go to work for you. ling and conducting research the cities where these newcom- VV_lr™!t(! V.rk W nu comprehensive tax reform D,al 398,S2:|4.    projects    on    aspects    of    the    en-    ers    have congregated ferences between house and sen-j e g i s I a t i o n has yet been ate versions of Ray’s tax repeal (passed.” bill. He was not immediately| He said two kinds of tax re- available to comment on Riley’s    form are needed — “relief from plan.    high tax burdens for the ordi- Shaff, senate ways - means    I nary American and a strength- !    committee chairman, said he    ening of the tax code to elimi- could not comment since he had    nate unjustified tax advan- TIPTON - Joe    Hart, 24. West    not yet received Riley’s letter,    tages ” Branch, Wednesday surren-j The senate refused    house ad-    Muskie    said    special    tax    provi- dered himself to the    Cedar    ditions and the house refused to    sions cost the federal govern- county sheriff on    two charges of    hack down, so McCartney and    ment about $60 billion in lost possession of a controlled sub-Rep- Norman Roorda <R-jtaxes in 1972. stance with intent to deliver. He Monroe) are heading    a commit- posted IO percent of a $5,000 tee trying to iron out differences bond and was released.    or come up with a    new, less    Kennedy    urged    that    the    en- Hart had hern    sought    hv of    costly plan designed to leave    er8>' tax biiI now bein8 debited Hart had been    sought    by of-,    J »    *    b thp house wa and means ficials since a raid on a Cedar ;some ™ siaif s sui pius. *    - countv residence March 24 in vinously estimated at up to committee be seized on when I county residence March ii. ^    fQr    (hc    nex|    rcaches the senale t0 ,urn lt tax re- Soy HAPPY EASTER with a Fresh Fruit Basket From Dales “THEY'RE THE SWEETEST GIFTS" Heaping 1, Peek o\er 4 lbs. }3.W, Heaping 4 Peek over x lbs JU id: Heaping Full Peek user 14 lbs. 19.00, Gift cello wrapped with a < beery How Perfect for saying Happy Easter", "Happy Mothers Day or Get Well Soon Always Free Delivery to either Hospital PHONE AHEAD We ll have your basket ready to pick up Or choose from a wide variety on display. We also have a large selection of Quality candies to add to your fruit basket or make up separately DALE’S FRUIT MARKET Opart 9 to 6, 7 days, 3338 Cantar Pt. Rd. N.f. Phone 364-3314. Clotad (attar Sunday. Energy Bill into a comprehensive form bill. In addition to closing so-called loopholes, he urged a modest tax cut to promote economic Plane Appropriation stability and growth. several years. Committee Backs tween $5,000 and $7,000. Dog Story Gets for Owner SEATTLE (UPI) — Gregory which Helen Stumpff, 23, West Branch was arrested on similar charges. She also is free on IO percent of a $5,000 bond. In that raid, officials seized substances believed to be marijuana and amphetamines wrhich    MOINES    (AP)    —    Monev    Kennedy    also said that all the officers said were valued at be-    nation s workers now pay more to buy a twin-engine airplane .    _ J    ,    F    .    in payroll taxes than in income for the attorney general s office faxes and called for reform in was approved Thursday by the this area. ...    .    ^    house    appropriations commit- Huddleston said one of his Hairv tor Owner tee    greatest disappointments in his, •    I    first year in the senate “has The committee sent to the | been the almost total lack of ef- A. Miller, 24. of    Issaquah,    bouse    calendar a bill to appro-    for^    by the    congress    to make Wash., was ticketed    last July |Palate    $117,987 for the plane, of    our    income tax system more eq- 28 for illegally walking his dog    which    $15,000 would    be for    stable.” rn the Olympic national forest (Operation and maintenance, and Mondale said the need is to He failed to pay the $10 fine $12,837 for special safety equip- restore “the principle of ability or post bond and the federal ment.    to pay to our tax system ” government routinely processed    The    measure also contains a ne sajd    that 402    Americans a warrant for failure to pay the    $3,000    appropriation to    the state    with 1972    incomes    of    over ticket through the National general services department for $100,000 paid no federal income Crime Index Computer.    a thorough study of the aircraft tax at all for that year. The computer said Miller had    needs    of various state agencies.    A    similar    round of    speeches been a deserter from the army    The    study was suggested by    was    made a    year ago.    and Mus- for four years.    Rep.    Joan    Lipsky    (R-Cedar|kie said that he hoped “we do Ile was arrested Wednesday iRapids), who said the legisla-'not have to repeat this exercise on the desertion charge. The ture needs more information next year.” charge of illegally walking the    about    plane use by    various Clark said    the goal    of    effee- dog was dismissed.    agencies.    itive tax reform should be to consent enoGV! save money; coo# . Y less pow€r consumption THfln PREVIOUS aniTH GIPfYT-SCR«n TUB€-TVW S€TSI with 1974 rgtnm * KX>% SOUD STATE Th* ALHAMBRA •(4719 Moieiticolly styled full bose console with costers. Moorish inspired side paneling and decorative pilasters. Dark finished Oak color (E4719DE) or Pecan color (E4719P), with the look of fine distressing Titan JOI Chassis. Solid-State Super Video Range Tuning System AFC. Illuminated Cbonnel Numbers. Color Sets *269* Factory Trained Service Phone 366-2436 Easy Payment Terms ONLY AT TRUST - 5”. *v' ■ Yu ; I 'St; % *T< -'V'' . ■ when you join our New Outlooks Club for only $3.°° a month $10,000 ACCIDENTAL DEATH DISMEMBERMENT COVERAGE Every NEW OUTLOOKS CLUB member gets 24-hour, worldwide protection including coverage for loss of eyesight or limbs. FREE MONEY ORDERS With no service charge. 50% OFF A SAFE DEPOSIT BOX Depending on availability. UP TO 50% DISCOUNT ON OVER 40 FAVORITE MAGAZINES Including TV Guide, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, and many more. POSTAGE PAID BANK-BY-MAIL We pay postage both ways. FREE CHECKING WITH FREE PERSONALIZED CHECKS AND CHECKBOOK No service charge. No monthly maintenance charges. No minimum balance required. FREE TRAVELERS CHECKS No issue charges. 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