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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - March 17, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The to Boston a i Eli y Globe the Sadi March 17. Iss i. For life and Fortune or Tom Starley a Winter in the Arctic. By Harry e. Andrews. Cotys when. 1890, by tint new to inc press company. Limited. Synopsis of preceding . Tom Start a Tho Only son of Tho Captain of Tho Kilt Cootie of Kew Bedford. She had gone to flow Bay far up in the Arctic Regina in parfait of whales. Tom Mccoin Panto by mate Firkins and part of the Cleone Crew had left the bark in a Tat. They were overtaken by one of the worst bangers of the Polar gone. The fated Twat a not More than too fathoms from the. Shore but the ice was forcing the frail Craft farther out to sea every instant. Then Brave Tom Hurley volunteered to try to get ashore. After desperate struggle with their oar the Crews of tile Cleone whaleboat reached the Shore but their danger was not yet Over. The mate ordered the party to Start at once for Ril Leamey a a Nett a Camp a few mile away where they could find Refuge. It was a most difficult journey. It a late the next afternoon when capt. Starter Bud the men on the Cleone lying it Anchor in Plover Bay. Saw mate Larkin and by Crew approaching in one of the native a tour be Given us a big scare Larkin Quot said the Captain a the mate scrambled on Hoard. Then alarmed by a look on the latter face he demanded of All were Well. Jerkins told him that Tom and Johnson had wandered away from Tho rest of the party. Capt. Starley at once engaged a couple of dog teams from the native and went out. They went to Puli Camey and from there retraced the step of the mates Crew. At the spot where Johnson and Tom were abandoned they found the lifeless body of the former hut not a single Trace of the boy. They searched till dark and reassured by the belief that if Tom had not been alive they would have found i body the party returned to Tho Cleone to Pas the night. Toms return. The Captain declaration that he is going to put a traitor in Irons. Chapter Xiii. A Good shot with the bomb on. Contrary to the expectations of the officers of the Cleone the quarrel Anions the natives was not renewed the next Day. Nainar a people did not reappear on the scene and Pilli Camey a men remained sole possessors of the precious carcass. There came a slight Chaple for the better in the weather. It was by no Means mild but the wind went Down arid they had a few hours of Sunshine every Day. The ther Bio meter registered from 5 to to degrees below Zero a moderate temperature for the latitude and the season. I Hose Fine Days care new courage to t he sick men and they began to gain. All hands both fore and lift were in better spirits. One noon while cart. Starley and Tom were at dinner Longren rushed in wit i an excited look and exclaimed that two Deer had been seen wandering along tile Beach. A a Rood a cried Tom. A a we i have some fresh meat once More a and he hurried to the deck. He could see two Large animals of a Dingy floor too far away to show very plainly what they were. Quot Are you sure those Are Deer lie asked Longren. Quot i m not sure sir but they look like just then capt. Starley came out with his Glass. Quot Hoer a he exclaimed after one Short look. A a they re bears two Polar bears a through the Telescope Tom could distinctly see two Long bodied and Short legged creatures with reaching necks All covered with a dirty White fur. Quot Hadnot i better go after those Fellows father Quot he asked. Quot a slice of Bear Steak Rill taste pretty Quot the bears May think that a slice of the mate of the Cleone will taste pretty retorted the Captain. Quot they Are ugly brutes next to the grizzly in ferocity hut you can give them a Chase if you choose. Take three or four of the men and Arm yourselves Tom asked in Muren Dan Moriarty and a Kanaka Sailor to go with him and they started out at once. Tom took one of the heavy bomb guns others were armed with rifles by the time they were ready Tho Mes Sinkas had espied the bears and were also starting in Pursuit. Seeing tire approach of the party from the bark they waited and United with Toms Force. The native shave a great respect for these fierce animals Ami never attack them except with the Odds greatly in their favor. Quot me want talk a Pill Carney exclaimed excitedly when torn Drew near. Quot ask Nim what he wants. Jock a Tom said to the Kanaka. Quot he say Best plan All go together and drive bears to that Mountain there a explained Jock. Quot will they be driven that s the a yes. He say they run when they see us All coming. We get Mem in Corner and then we kill Quot very Well. Tell Pill Carney to take the Lead. Lies More Kif a Bear Hunter than we a luckily for Tom he had no foolish conceit. Ana always respected experienced judgment. The whole parly now started out with a Rush and the bears were soon aware that they were the objects of Pursuit. As Pill Carney had predicted they made for the nearest Mountain ambling along in their slow and Clumsy Way. When they were within a Short distance of the Mountain Steep and ragged with overhanging Cliffs and cavernous ledges Tom thought the bears would escape. A there must he some Fine hiding places up there a said he. Quot Tho hears know what they re up i hurriedly giving his orders Pill Carney sent off a band of his men in a flank movement. They ran very rapidly and in a few Morants Tom saw them climbing the Side of the Mountain ahead of the bears. Quot i be in those Fellows shoes a thought Tom. A Pill Carney. He say hurry up now a suddenly exclaimed the interpreter. The Savages joined in a wild shrill cry and the whole pursuing party broke into a run. Soon Tom saw the shrewdness of Pilli Carney a tactics. When the bears started to climb up the Mountain the natives who had flanked them rolled Down great stones and fired their guns at them. Climbing a Steep Mountain Side under these disadvantages was too discouraging even for Polar bears and they decided to face the enemy in the Roar. To they turned about and allowed to their Teeth to their pursuers belching out loud roars of Defiance. The men discharged their guns in a Volley at the bears but the balls if they hit the Marks seemed to have Little effect. Tom with much coolness held his fire and waited to see what the result of the general assault would be. The larger of the bears greatly enraged assumed the offensive and bounded toward the party his eyeballs shining like live coals. Dad Moriarty excitedly discharged the cond barrel of his Rifle the Ball whizzing by Toms head at a proximity that made him shiver. The Bear stopped for a moment and Shook his head As if a by had alighted on ids ear. The Ball evidently had hit him. But done no damage. A will Yez look at that now a cried Dan. Quot i might As Well have tossed a snowball onto him be Gorry a almost immediately Tom took Good aim at the brute and the bomb gun blazed away. Quot surean that was no snowball a yelled Dan delightedly. They could see that the bomb ploughed in the bears head and made an ugh wound but not a fatal one. Quot keen him Oil for a minute and ill fix him in Tom yelled horrible roars came from both the larger Bear and his mate. The natives were concentrating their attacks on the latter with their Spears and the guns they a obtained from the Cleone and their wild screams almost drowned the growls of the bears. Maddened by their wounds tormented in front and in the rear the two brutes rushed blindly at the nearest of their assailants. Tom and his men held their ground while the native Hunters full of the fury of Tho combat kept up their fight without cessation. Tom reloaded the bomb gun As soon As he had emptied it. When the big Bear was about 20 paces away he fired again. Quot Well done me Ivy a screamed Moriarty. The shot literally blew the monster s brains out and to dropped dead in his t Racks. Tom and his men then hastened to the support of the Messina so but their Battle was practically Over. Wounded a dozen times and blinded by his own blood the second Bear was at the mercy of his enemies who soon despatched him with their Spears. A Babel of shouts arose from the Messin Kas when they saw both the monsters stretched in death on the Snow. Then at a motion from Pill Carney they suddenly became silent and a weird scene followed. Whilst the others fell Back a gaunt round shouldered old Man with White hair advanced toward one of the dead bears with signs of reverence kneeling and prostrating his head at every other step. Arriving at the Side of the Bear he lashed a Spear across its Throat and then made a Long address in the native Tongue on his a Nat s he doing a Tom asked Pil Licor Ney. Through the Kanaka interpreter. A fraying to the bears spirit a was the answer. Mumbling in a Low tone the old priest took the Bear s head in his hands and raised it from the Snow a Little Way. He did this several times then upon another attempt the bears Bead seemed to resist his efforts. He tugged at it with All his might apparently out could not raise it. So he proceeded for several minutes alternately raising the head with ease and straining at it without Success. Quot what Stile meaning of that a loin Quot he s asking the Bear questions. When the answer is a yes a the Bear s head conies up when the answer is a no a it will not Quot what is the Man asking about. A ooh. Where the bears spirit Bas gone. If to sees any of our old friends there whether food is going to be plenty this Winter or not and Many other a a what does the Bear say about food Quot he says it will not be Quot let Tho Man to ask if the Cleone will Ever Roach the United states Pill Carney communicated Tom s request to the priest who went through the usual performance. This time although the fellow worked till the cords stood out on his neck be did not succeed in lifting the bears muzzle. With a solemn face Pilli Amoy turned to Tom and Shook his head. Tom kept his counsel but be had hard work to refrain from an expression of disgust. A what fools not to see through that impostor a be said to himself. Nevertheless the alleged answer of Tho Bear to his question about the Leone kept recurring to his mind and he could not help asking himself again and again would she Ever make the Home port when the priests incantations were ended the natives formed a Circle about the bears and grunted a loud monotonous chant its strains growing Wilder and Wilder toward the end. Not until this was Over would they permit Tom and his men to touch the carcasses an equal division of the meat and fur was finally agreed upon the natives to have one Bear and the Cleone the other and with their spoils Tom and his men went Hack to Tim bark. They bad been out but a few hours and in the exhilaration of the chaos Lom bad not minded the cold. Ile found on his return however that the Kanaka had foolishly gone w without sufficient clothing and one of ins feet was Frozen. He had to go on tile sick list. And added so much More to the burdens of the officers. A some of your old friends have been around hero while you be been gone a the Captain remarked. Quot who Nainar a people a Quot aboard a Quot no. They seem to have found out in some Way that i he attention of Pill Carney had been drawn away and they have been helping themselves to his whale at a Gruart Quot Good Quot said Tom. A a in a glad for them. But what will Pill Carney do when he finds that a part of his treasure has disappeared wont to he Apt to Lay the theft to us a a no i guess not. Home of Bis women must have seen the other chapter Xiv. Pill Carney Makus a Row. A Strong northerly Gale set in tile night after tile Bear Hunt. Shrieking and moaning Tho wind thrashed the stays and fiercely tugged at the Canvas roof As if bound to carry it away. To Ward against this misfortune. Opt. Barley before turning in ave orders to secure the Canvas with extra Ashing and to look out for the first sign of a break. Just after Midnight the inmates of the Cabin were aroused by a crashing and ripping that brought every Man to his feet. They discovered that the Gale had found a Corner where the Cornice of their House had become Loose and it had stripped off the molding together with a Large Sheet of the oiled Canvas roof All Iii a Jiffy. The w atches had to keep Busy All night to prevent the loss of the big awnings. Every Little while a mapping would warn them that a rope had parted and the Gale was making the most of its advantage. A great guns a said Chris Longren Quot i Dunn know but if we had our Yards up and sails set this weather would carry us through the ice right out to a Coil of Harpoon line and a tub that had been left on deck were caught up and carried Over the bulwarks As if they had wings. Several minor articles were blown away and one of Tho sails that they had fought so hard to save from a similar Fate was ripped from end to end. With All this the cold was so terrible that no Man could stay on deck More than half an hour at a turn and even in the forecastle a Man get warm exactly he could Only get thawed. At Sunrise the Gale moderated to a fair wind and they were Able to repair damages. Tho Opportunity to work was really welcomed As alack of occupation had been one of the most depressing things that bore Down on them. Men Are always unhappy when they Are not Busy and Day after Day had passed when there was almost nothing for them to do except to pass Down Snow to the Cook to melt keep the fires supplied with fuel and Pelt each other with snowballs. But there was plenty of business for once and the decks of the Cleone were Lively As capt. Starley looked about in the morning he thought the Shore View from the starboard poop did not appear quite the same. The longer he looked the More plainly lie saw there had been a change and he was considerably puzzled. Quot Tom a said be Quot look at that a yes Quot do you see anything queer a a some Honor other it does t look just As usual but i can to say exactly Quot How about Indian Point a Quot we can seem to see More of it. Somehow or Quot or. Longren see Here a Sang out the Captain catching sight of the second Mato. Longren coming up the Captain called his attention to the matter that he and Tom had been discussing. Quot Aye. Aye sir Les so sir a said Longren. Quot things appeared twisted and unnatural when i turned out this morning but bless my eyes if i could account for it Afore. Ifs All Plain enough now. The ships moved out Tow Ard the Quot moved a cried Tom in amazement. A a a yes what a your calculation Captain a replied the mate. Quot in be come to the same conclusion a the Captain answered. A such things have been heard of before. The powerful wino has moved the great mass of ice which has carried us along wit ii Quot not a doubt of it a said the second mate. A new and delicious thought whirled through Toms build. Quot but. See Here said he. Quot suppose the wind should blow hard enough some night to take All the ice in Plover Bay out to sea and the Cleone too a capt. Harley smiled a sad smile it was. Quot pm afraid that a too much to Hope for a said he. Longren Shook his head and went off. Torous spirits which had risen for a moment suddenly Sank again. Evidently there was no Hope of their escape and Bev could Only make the Best of the uncertainty of fighting an Arctic Winter. A double the lashings All around a he ordered returning his thoughts to his work. Quot we can to make this Canvas any too fast or. Longren a he added. Quot the next Gale May be worse than this one a a it a Ray opinion that Well be Lucky if we keep this awning Over our Heads very Long a answered Chris. Quot we must watch it Quot Aye that we by noon the last traces of the storms ravages had disappeared and the men huddled below around the fires. Capt. Starley and the mates both thought it rather queer that none of the me Sinkas came aboard the bark. There had not been a Day before since the Bay froze Over in which the Cleone did not receive a visit. Even Quot Possum a As they had named the Little red cheeked boy failed to make his appearance. Tho drifts Are too much for them i guess a said the Captain. In some places Between the ship and the Shore the Snow was heaped in ridges 15 feet High. The sounds that came from the Shore indicated that another demonstration of some sort was going on but they could form Only the vaguest idea As to what the Racket was about. Tom devoted a Large share of his attention to the Kanaka with the Frozen foot giving him As much care As though he were his own brother. Jock was a Good fellow True As steel full of courage and enduring his pain without a murmur. His foot refused to yield to the usual treatment and there were symptoms which gave Tom much anxiety. Pill Carney and a dozen of his men came on Board the following Day and evidently were much excited about something. The chief inquired for Jock and on being told that he was on the sick list and could not be seen insisted on having a confab with him nevertheless. Quot me want talk want talk big Heap a said he his eyes ablaze. Capt.,Starley saw that something unusual was on the chiefs mind t Quot you better take him below and let him talk with Jock Quot the Captain said and so Tom conducted Pill Carney to the Kanaka s made a Brief stay and Tom hurried aft to report to his father while Pill Carney began to Harangue his men in a loud tone. Quot his Royal highness is As mad As a Hatter Quot said Tom Quot what s up now Quot asked capt. Starley. Quot Why. To declares that some of our men stole a lot of blubber from thai old dead whale while his crowd were gone on the Bear Hunt Quot you told him it Wasny to True of course a Quot yes i explained to him that the other tribe did Tho mischief and you saw them from Tim deck nere but that did no to pacify him. He thinks or pretends to think that some of us were in collusion with them and notified them of their Quot that a a Bright idea but you can t expect much of anything better from a Messina. I wish i understood ids Lingo Well enough to talk with Quot Idon t Doh Etc it would to of any use. He a bound to have a Row. A Quot wants to ire bribed i Quot yes he says we be robbed him and must pay him Hack and what s More he won t take his pay in anything but rum and a drum and bread Tho very tilings to can to have. Of 1 told Jock to Tell him so and How Pill Carney raved Ile made such a Racket that to disturbed Tho sick and i bustled Hun out of the Forcash in As soon As i could. There Hoar the Row they re making they re at it in great shape Quot ill Fry to put a Flea Iii that fellow s ear a exclaimed the Captain with a look of Calm determination. He Hurri a Forward and found the whole crowd of Savages angrily chattering at the second mate. A a they be been making too free of the ship. Sir and i had to Stop Mem a explained in Muren. Quot hanged if i know what they was up to but they was poking around Iii every Corner every Bolo amt every Pill Carney and his companions now directed their shrill remarks to the Captain. They said univ one word that be could understand and that was Quot worn. Winn warn a which they repeated at Tim top of their voices. Quot hero you. said the Captain to one of the Kanaka sailors Quot can to you talk with those Fellows a Quot a Little bit sir. Not so Well As Quot never mind. Tell Thorn that they can to have any ruin that i say so and that s All there is to a discordant chorus went up after this had Lieen repeated by the interpreter. Pul Camey started to run aft. Quot Stop the Rascal hell be in tile Cabin next a the Captain shouted. The next thing that Pill Carney heard was the bumping of his own Skull against the deck. A Quot Tom a said lie quickly Quot bring out the bomb gun that ripped open the old let ears head Pill Carney re he cried in a loud tone Quot Stop there Tell him what i say Gummy the Kanaka made his voice heard above the Din and by this tune Tom had reappeared wit i the bomb gun. There was a marked change in the enraged King s Demeanour As soon Asho saw this formidable weapon whose effectiveness lie had witnessed Only two Days before. His noise subsided and he stood still in his tracks. The gun made a similar impression on the other me Sinkas. I said the Captain to Tho Kanaka Tell them to go ashore and come again when they can be Tiave themselves. Give them to understand that we wish to be Friendly but Are not afraid of the Savages stayed to listen to Only a few words then scrambled Down Over the fore chains like monkeys and ran Home. Quot in a sorry it happened a said the Captain Quot but we would be in a bad fix if we Hadnot shown the redskins that they can to run Over chapter Xiv. Moriarty s discovery. It was dark when 4�?Tillicarney and his people left the bark As the Days had rapidly dwindled and the Sun now remained above the horizon Only three hours at a time. There was much uneasiness in the Cabin much anxiety for the future with the Captain All were very sorry that they had incurred Tho ill will of the natives but they did not see Bow the rupture could have been avoided or Bow they could have pursued any other course. At second dog watch Tom made a tour of the Forward part of the bark to see How ail hands were getting on and if anything needed his attention. Quot hello Steward Quot said he coming across that officer at the carpenters Bench. Tho Steward had something in a Vise and was busily sawing at it by Tho Light of a in a getting ready for break fast Quot said he pleasantly. A what now a Quot Bear Steak again Quot Frozen solid he a Quot just like apiece of Rock Maple. There a no other Way to get a slice off hut Quot id give a Good Deal for a baked potato to eat with Beor an onion. But it la be a Long Day before we got either in a Quot Well. A twill taste All the better when we go a that a one Way of looking at it sir. By the Way. One of the men did no to come around forms supper Quot who a that a a is he sick a Quot done to know sir. I did t waste my breath asking questions about Tom passed on into the forecastle where All tile men were squatting As near the fires As possible smoking and playing at cards or checkers. Witt his unfailing thoughtfulness for the Comfort and happiness of those under Hun. Capt. Starley had made from bits of pasteboard on which he glued White paper two packs of cards to reinforce Tho one battered euchre deck that the sailors had. The Carpenter had fixed up two or three checker boards and buttons were used for checkers. W till these games the Crew contentedly passed Many an hour that otherwise would have been spent in refining. A a Tom scanned the faces of them All As they saluted him respectfully but did not find the Man he was looking for. Quot has anybody seen Larkins lately he was no reply for a moment then one of the men said Quot i Hain t seen him since noon mess a fall right a a said Tom Quot in a not particular about him. I missed him. That s All a and he turned to visit the invalids lying in their bunks. To found them All comfortable except Jock the Kanaka who was suffering great pain and was in very Low spirits. Quot guess you w on to have to fuss round Jock much More Mist he said with a groan. Quot i Hope i Shane to Hope you la soon be Well a Tom replied cheerily. Quot no use can to stand it much longer said the Kanaka. A Why Man you la be All right in a few Days done to worry keep up your saving All that lie could to revive the sufferers Hopes Tom tenderly dressed his foot anew and made the bunk a Little More comfortable. Quot in be got some news father a he said As he returned to the Cabin Quot Larkins has left us. He has t been seen aboard ship for several Quot in a not surprised to hear Quot what does it mean do you suppose a Quot it Means that he is about ready to consummate the plans that he s been making for some time. He a about ready to strike. In be noticed that he a spent considerable time on shone lately and there a not a Bito doubt in my mind but he stirred the Savages up to Tho Row by lying about us now he s gone Over to them altogether Ana Mark my word we shall hear from him in a few a a i can to help feeling glad lies Quot that a just Tho Way i feel about it. The thought of having him in the forecastle plotting against us As i knew he was kept me in a hot water All the time. Now let him do his a a. A of course you Haven t a bit of Confidence in his yarn that he a Quot done to mention it. Tom. No it can to be True. The More in be thought of it the less reason in be found for believing it. Yes what is it. Steward a the Steward had interrupted the conversation by appearing with a woebegone countenance and hailing the Captain in a doleful voice. A a in a dreadful sorry sir a said he. But there a something been a Dearie Captain it Breaks my heart to think that ifs gone after to charged me particular to be so careful of it and i tried so bards a Quot that Jug of liquor gone a Quot yes. Sir gone Jug and All. And the lord knows where a a a Quot i told von to place it where nobody could see it. And not to let a soul on Board know that we bad it.�?�,Quot so you did Captain and i done my Best. I did t believe anybody knew where it was hid and i never breathed a word of it to a soul. But bless me if it Hasni to gone and not a sign of it . Quot a twas the last drop we had and we May stand in great need of it before we re out of this and then if the natives have got hold of it raise a a that a just where it s gone father cried Tom. A but How did the dirty thieves get hold of it a exclaimed the Steward bitterly. Quot you May go now Steward a the Captain replied. Quot this is getting More and More serious he said to Tom in a Low tone after the Steward had retired. Quot we must take extra precautions at once. Larkins can do some wicked work with that Quot done to you suppose that Pill Carney had taken some of it when to boarded us today a Quot of course he had. Tho Only strange thing is that i did no to suspect it. However. Ifs of no use to talk about that now. What we be got to do is to prepare for the with the whaling implements and All the Cleone was Well equipped for defense when she started on her voyage. Looking Over their armory Captain Starley and Tom found fifteen Ordinary boarding pikes and six others with axe Blades attached weapons similar to the ancient Battle axe Only lighter and longer in the handle. Beside these there were seven muskets in excellent condition four double barrelled shotguns two Brace of pistols two bomb guns one Carro Nade two swords and a plentiful Supply of ammunition. Then the harpoons and Halo lances could to brought into play and altogether there would be weapons enough to thoroughly Ann every Man on Board. All these were placed where they could a reached at a moment s notice Aud Captain Starley and Tom sat Down to arrange their plans for meeting an attack. A a they heard All at once a High keyed conversation on the Quarterdeck and soon the second mate came Down to say that the Quot Iris her a Moriarty insisted on seeing the Captain. A a Send hint Down Quot said c Apt. Starley. A cant. Starley said Dan with an air of mystery Quot do Yez Ever behave in ghosts a Quot no of course not. What of it Quot Quot Well if i Ever belated in pm. Which thank Hirvin i never did i would lie after Bola Vine in pm Quot you have seen something ?�?� a that i have Sor wid me own eyes and it made me to oink an i Ain t much a a cot user hither As the widow Maloney s pig said Whin he crawled through a Hole in to evince a Quot no nonsense. Dan w hat have Yon seen. What about it a Quot its in the sail bin Sor. Whatever it is an its my opinion which a Cool be ainu to Worth so very much that it ainu to ghosts. Faith does ghosts have eyes that sumo at Yez an does ghosts run and hide under a sail when they sees Yez is it ghosts that do Quot a that. Apt. Starley a Quot Well. Well Tell us All that you saw a Simla do thin yer Honor it Wasny to so much what i saw As what i did no to see at All that gave to a Star rut Loike. Now what i was a going Tiosav was that if Yez would to so agreeable As to Light a lantern and Como Forward in me company Yez could Sec an not see for be Zvelf Noggin yer Honor a Pardon for i oink so press rain Quot Como Tam lets boo what a up a said the Captain. With lanterns they followed Dan Down to the sail bin Ami looked in. Nothing was to be seen except the folds of the sails not in use on the deck. Quot there Yez see is what we Doans to see said Dan. Then jumping into the by he Begall to Paw in the Canvas. Quot Arrah Thor. Be hav Thiu lets have a look at Yez sure and we want to make yer acquaintance a a he cried and catching hold of a dark object pulled out a bundle of furs in which gleamed a pair of eyes and a Row of White Teeth. A now thin Yez see. Is what we does see he exclaimed triumphantly. There Wils another rustling in the sail bin and up jumped two me Sinkas with scared faces who leaned for the deck Dan grabbed one of them by the leg and torn seized the other. A Mould on will Yez a cried Dan. Quot now yes a come yes a got to Stav of Yez ii Odny to wiggle \ to got to in Lay Quot a chapter Xvi. Forty against sixteen. Quot no Quot Sang out the Captain Quot let Mem go. What do we want of Vinsack pm off Clear out you dirty rats a the me Sinkas needed no urging when they had been released but scampered away from the ship without a word Quot what were those scamps up to do you suppose a asked Tom. A perhaps to steal perhaps something worse a the Captain answered. Quot i wanted to lock Mem up at first but i saw on second thought that tile sooner we rid ourselves of Mem tile better. If you Sec or Bear any More ghosts Dan report to me at Quot that i will when cant Starley Ami Tom walked Back to the Cabin they noticed that Hie Moon which bad lighted up the glittering Arctic scene with such Refulgente would soon to covered by Tho Clouds that were gathering. Quot ifs going to be Ope of those pitch Black nights Quot said the Captain Quot and i be surprised if we should have some Quot boo a said Tom with a shiver Quot Isnit it cold though a Quot i suppose the men will grumble some they re soused now to playing the idlers part but i want Mem to stand their watches tonight just tis if we were at Quot All right sir. Pii Gie Tho orders at once to set Tho first Quot and Tom Quot Quot yes sir a Quot Pii turn in and got my 40 winks now. But be sure and Call me at Tho next a by a is the Captain was right in supposing that Tho men in the forecastle would not be pleased to Bear Bis orders. The hardiest of them recoiled from the Prospect of spending four hours on deck in that piercing night air with the thermometer registering in degrees below Zero. Them were some lows mutterings Over the cards and checkers but no other sign of insubordination and the starboard watch got ready to go on duty. While Tom was Bolding Bis benumbed bands Over the stove for a moment he heard a loud yell. Rushing on deck he saw that the hark was surrounded by me Sinkas who were climbing Over the bulwarks port and Star Board. For a second he was almost paralysed. Then he was aroused by a stentorian voice from the Quarter deck Quot turn out All bands turn out in Quot a Flash and the report of a Savages gun followed Tho order. A bang a was Tho reply from the Cabin and Tom saw one of the Savages fall wit i a screech. The men did not need any order but came out of the Hatch. Quot All aft a cried Tom. A Tim arms Are in the luckily there w As a moment of indecision a rung the natives. They devoted their energies to hopping around and screaming. The prompt fire of capt. Starley from one of the lights with its deadly execution had thrown them into disorder. Tom seized a capstan bar and several of the men followed ills example and they All made a Rush for the Cabin. A hold your fire fora moment father Quot Tom cried at the same time Felling a fat Messina wit i a blow on his Skull. Pil Lacarney a voice was now heard above the Din and his excited followers began to form around him in close order. They fired their muskets promiscuously but Wero so Little used to them that their shots failed to take effect. Discharging his revolver at the attacking party Tom Boro furiously by them followed by the Crew. It was All done in a few seconds and before the me Sinkas could realize what their purpose was the Crew of the Cleone were mussed on the Quarter deck Quot thank god a cried capt. Starley and he hurriedly passed out the arms. With i Iowa is of rage the Savages pressed aft. Brandishing their knives Anil reloading their muskets a Duck Yez Heads be Lia thin now a Tom heard a voice say and then he saw Dan Moriarty coolly aiming a bomb gun at the me Sinkas. It went off with a Roar Aud almost immediately a Volley came from the rest of the Cleone s armament. It made a Gap in the ranks of the natives Ami they wavered. Quot they done to like it a shouted capt. Star Ley. Quot Load and fire again boys a at Tho same time he aimed his Rev Olver at one of Tho Foremost of them and hit his Murk. It was Only a moment that the me Sinkas hesitated. Then they made a wild scramble for the poop. Those who had muskets fired and then clubbed them. The others brandished knives and Spears. Quot stand firm men f we be got to fight the devils hand to hand a cried the Captain taking his place in front of his Crew. The Cleone was built with what is called a half poop. That is Tim raised deck Abaft the Mizzen Mast was Only half As High As if the vessel had a full poop. There were Only two Steps Between decks. At this Elevation the Crew had an advantage Over their enemies but not so much As if the deck had been As High a on some ships. The Savages dashed at them recklessly without regard to their Elevation howling like devils. Their first charge was easily repulsed As the leaders stumbled at the Steps and fell blocking the Advance of those Gerund them. With Many a sore head they fell Back a Little Way and straightened themselves out for a fresh attack. Quot that a right men that a right a cried cant. Starley. Quot done to let Era gain another inca of ground hold your fire till they get up to a the fierce cries of the me Sinkas As they rushed on again drowned his words. Evidently they bad begun to realize the advantage that the Steps gave to the Cleone a defenders and they made a desperate Effort to carry them. Then ensued a close hand to hand fight for the Mastery the Cleone a Little Force presenting an unyielding line across the poops Edge and the me Sinkas dancing up and Back irregularly aiming a blow and then retreating a step. For a few moments it looked As though the Little band of White men would have to yield to the crowd of foes that surged against them ainu to it time to charge father a cried Tom. Quot Hadnot we better try to drive Mem a a no a Hie Captain shouted Back. Quot done to move from our position we can fight the devils Here better than anywhere else. But if we let them Force us Back we re lost a Quot they can to do it a screamed Dan Moriarty above the Din knocking a native Fiat with a blow with Tho butt of Bis gun. Quot stand firm men we be got to fight the devils hand to hand a cried the Captain taking his place in front of his Crew. Or was 40 against 1�, but tile 40 Wero unskilled undisciplined and hot with liquor Whilo the to were sober Well armed Well commanded and ready to make the Best of every advantage. Yet at close quarters there was a great superiority in numbers. As fast As one of the me Sinkas was knocked Over another sprang into his place and the pressure against the Ciao new a Little band was tremendous. Tora saw one of the sailors fall quivering on the deck then another. A tall gaunt Savage sprang at him and lunged with his Spear but Tom dodged the blow and brought the fellow Down with the last shot that remained in his revolver. For to minutes that seemed an hour the Battle raged in the darkness the natives crazed with rum and passion Yelling like demons As they surged Back and Forth fighting blindly and trampling heedlessly Over their dead and wounded the Cleone a men bleeding and Short of breath every one aware that he held his life in his hands and battling like a Bear at Bay Quot How Long can we keep this in a thought Tom. The combat was so fierce and so close that the men had no time to reload but had to depend on their boarding pikes amt axes. It had become a question As to which party a strength would list the longer. Suddenly a new ferocity seemed to kindle the me Sinkas. Their shrieks grew Wilder and in Ilii Camey a voice soared above All Tho others in fierce commands and execration. With a greater fury they hurled themselves against the Cleone screw. Quot Don t give Way boys Quot cried capt Star icy. At the same instant one of the Savages who in ii cunningly reloaded his Musket aimed at the Captain Ami tired. With a groan capt. Starley Sank on Tho deck but fortunately in the darkness Ami in Tho confusion ins men did not notice ids fall. Overborne by the mass of their enemies they bad to give Way fighting Over every Inch. Suddenly right under the Savages feet it seemed there was a big explosion with a Cloud of thick sulphurous smoke. At Tho Sarn time something went crashing thrown the swarming mass of Dusky men. Knocking half a dozen of them Over like nine pins Ami spreading consternation among them All. It was As if a had descended among them and yet it seemed to Corno from below. It mystified the Savages and therefore it terrified them. In a moment More they were tumbling into the Waist. The Carro Nade had Corno to the Rescue forgotten in the suddenness and the narrowness of the Batt leu it had lain silent till Tom had fairly stumbled Over it Iii the Retreat. And had discharged it with such Good effect. Quot reload and give pm a Volley a cried Tom. Swabbing out the Carro Nade. Tho Crew did not need the order but wore already carrying it into execution. The panic of the me Sinkas lasted but a minute but that minute was enough. Rushing to the attack again they were met with i it Well aimed Volley from the muskets Ami of it my guns that staggered them. Tho Carro Nade was by this time ready to speak again and its projectiles plunged among them with do adv effect. Pill Carney was Down fright took Possession of them there was no one to Lead to a fresh assault. One old fellow jumped Over the Side and Tho rest followed like a flock of sheep. Quot woo Roo woo Roo hurry Yez Lia thins or Vez won t Ketch the train a shouted Dan Moriarty with a Farewell shot from his bomb gun. Quot hold on sail Tom. Quot the fights Over but great heavens whereas father a Thoro was no answer. Quot father Quot Tom shouted in a tone. Iii the dead silence that reigned on the Cleone a deck Tho Mon thought they heard a feeble moan. Chapter xvii. New responsibilities kor Tom. Groping in the dark among the bodies strewn on the deck. Tom tried to find the source of the feeble sound that had startled him. Quot speak father a honed again but heard no answer except the Low moaning which now seemed very near him on the port Side. Cautiously feeling his Way to soon came upon the form of Chris Longren nearly unconscious and barely breathing. Quot Chris a exclaimed Tom grasping the second mate s hand. A procure just perceptible and that was All was Longren a response. A a he a badly Burt men a said Tom. Quot hero Dan you take charge of getting him into the Catlin at once. Shocked As Tom was by the discovery of Laingren there was something that unnerved and oppressed him still More Tho fear that he Aid not yet know the worst. A faintness came upon him and in spite of the intense cold a perspiration oozed from his brow As he continued Ilia melancholy search. A moment More and a despairing cry made them All shudder. Quot Deli hone poor by poor by a murmured Dan Moriarty bending Over Longren in tile Cabin. They All knew then that Tom had found his father stretched out on the icy planks of the Cleone. Quot he can to dead to can to Bedhead a the lad cried. Quot Como Quick and help to in with two of Tho sailors lifted the captains motionless body in their arms and without a word conveyed it to the Cabin. Blood was flowing from an ugly Gash in Tho right Temple. It had run Down Over his face and Beard and Frozen there a horrible sight. There was not one sign of life nothing to bid them Hope. Quot some hot water Quick a Tom cried. A rub Bis hands and feet. See if his heart is and lie frantically Tore off Tho captains moccasins and socks. The men began chafing him and Dan Moriarity was already bending Over the body with his ear Down upon tile heart. Quot poor by poor by a he said mournfully Quot done to say ties dead. Dan done to say he a dead a Tom pleaded bursting into tears Asho looked into Moriarty a face. Quot god bless Yez to b a neither will i de Sabo Yez i its not a thing More we can do for our poor Captain. He a dead dead and this is Tho sorries Day a my life ooh hone ooh Bono Quot a sob escaped from Dan and he turned away to Lido his emotion. Quot of. Father father it sail because you waited Here for me a Tom groaned and flinging himself into his berth gave Way to his grief. It was pitiful to see him and not one of the men kept Back his tears. No one spoke for several minutes. Then there was a slight sound from in Muren. He was moving his head from Side to Side and evidently trying to say something. Quot Aye Aye or. Longren a said Moriarty going up to him and offering him a cup of water. Longren took a Swallow and a look of Relief flitted Over his face. A How is he Dan a asked Tom Cal led Back to himself by the incident. Quot sure Sor and i think there a a divil of a bad Hurt about him somewhere Quot heavens and Earth what am i lying Here for there a work to be done there slots of work for us. Men a Quot Aye Aye Sor what a your orders capt. Starley a asked Dan. Tho words startled Tom and made the blood mount to his Cheeks. They brought to his mind for tile first time the fact that he Tom Starley was now the master of Tho Cleone that new and Graver responsibilities rested upon him. Quot that sounds queer men hut ill try to deserve the title a said Tom his voice trembling. Quot its awful hard for to to Bear All this but in a going to to a Man Aud face Quot Well All stand by you sir a said one of the sailors Dockum by name an englishman All courage and muscle. Quot i know you will. But this is no Yimm for words. I want you Dan and Dockum to stay in Here and and a Quot Aye Aye Sor. We understand Sor. Well fix everything All right and do the Best we can for or. In Muren Quot ill go and look Over the deck with Tho other men. God knows what Well find there a leaving the Cabin Tom found that the Moon had come out again and Tho night was wonderfully Light. Several of tile sailors slightly wounded or unhurt were already examining the dark objects that were scattered about on the scene of the Battle. Tom shivered As he went among them with a lantern and confirmed what his men reported. Three of the Cleone screw were dead and 14 of the me Sinkas. Two of the Crew had crawled to the forecastle and were nursing severe but not dangerous wounds. Of those that survived Longren was most seriously Hurt. Tom made a careful examination of All the Savages to see if there was Tho faintest spark of life hut every one of them had drawn his last breath. Then to hurried Back to the Cabin and pave his attention to Longren who was still in a Semi conscious state. His wound had proven to be a Spear thrust in the Abdomen. Quot a surgeon could save him a said Tom Quot but its a Little beyond us. In a having done everything that he could for Longren he immediately went to the Steerage to care for the sick and wounded there. Under his orders the Steward wa3 at work making Broth and poultices and every Man was soon making himself useful in some Way. His courage and activity Wero contagious Ana the affairs of the Cleone were already arranging themselves to suit the new conditions. Quot do you think those devils will come Back a nervously asked one of the sailors. A not to fight a said Tom in a decided tone. Quot you hire them nevertheless he had his fears. He was not sufficiently acquainted with the me Sinkas to feel sure about their manner of warfare or the limits of their courage and while he knew that their chief Lay dead and that they left the Cleone terrified and thoroughly demoralized his heart Sank at the suggestion of a repetition of the attack and he toned for the morning to come. Suppressing every sign of these thoughts and again setting about his arduous work Tom went from Post to Post acting at once As commander and physician. The training which his father had Given him in their Long companionship now stood him in Good Stead and Tho men saw that their new master was every Inch a Captain. When morning came the first question was what to do with the dead. Their own they would give a Christian burial under the Snow or the open sea but How to dispose of the bodies of the Savages was another matter. Quot i want to get on Good terms with the me Sinkas again if i can a a said Tom to Moriarty whom he had appointed his mate a and i would like to give them up their Quot and Good riddance to the dirty Hay thins a said Dan with a look of contempt. Very soon it was decided that Tom himself with Gummy the Kanaka should go ashore with a Flag of truce and hold a Parley with the natives. Loading their revolvers Ana making a White shirt fast to an oar they set out for the Village and at once attracted the attention of a party of the natives who came toward them holding their hands above their beads As a sign of a peaceful greeting. The negotiations were snort and satisfactory. When informed that they could have permission to recover their dead their faces beamed Aud they accepted the terms at once. They were told that four of their men unarmed could come aboard and remove the bodies and were warned that upon the first indication of treachery Tho big gun would be turned on them and they would to blown to atoms. Tim natives Wero profuse in their promises not Only that they would behave Well during this work but that they would never again to Nav the War on the Cleone. Loud wailing came from Many of the wigwams As soon As it was known that this conference was going on. It was evidently a tune of grief Iii the Village. Tile removal of the dead Savage was soon completed the four bearers taking two at a trip. A mighty howling came from the Shore when in a remains arrived and it could be seen that the whole Village was astir with preparations for the funeral ceremonies. As it grew dark Apt. Starley and the dead of the Cleone were Given a sailors burial. Over his own fathers Lindy sewn in a Canvas sack poor Tom had to read the service. With a choking voice and a face that would have moved a Turk to pity. Quot Man that is bom of a woman Bath but a Short time to live and is full of misery. He cometh up and is Cut Down like a Flower he Fleeth As it were a Shadow and never Eon to quoth in one stay Quot read Tom slowly and painfully. Tho men bad Beard the words Many times but they never listened As they listened now. Loin paused. He knew Well what would follow and it was so awfully Bard for him to say it Over his own Luther a body. Quot of. Father father Quot he groaned stooped and kissed the Frozen face and then Winton in a Low. Trembling voice Quot we therefore commit his hotly to the deep to he turned into corruption looking for the resurrection of the body when the sea shall give up Hor dead and the life of the world to come through our lord Jesus Christ who at his coming shall change our vile body so that it May be like his glorious body according to the mighty working whereby he is Able to subdue All things to Tom gave the signal to the men and covered his face with b s bands. The Polar sea yawned and swallowed David Starlet and then the sense of Bis bereavement and Bis loneliness crashed Tom More cruelly than Ever. Hobs Shook his Frame and to had to give himself up to his grief. Riho sailors turned away overcome. Chapter xviii i l Lica in by s funeral. That evening attracted by the weird sounds of the funereal Celebration several of the men asked permission Togo ashore and witness Tho performances of the natives. Tom gave them leave hut stuck by the bark himself and waited on Tho sick and wounded. Alien Tho Csc one a men reached the mos Sinka Village the funeral of the dead chief was Iii Progress. The body was lying in state upon a Sledge in All the pomp that those poor creatures could Muster. They had arrayed Pill Carney in the richest of his furs. It a Bis feet wore moccasins curiously wrought with beads. His leggings Aud frock Wero of Sealskin and wrapped about Bis body was a Broad Sash of the brightest Calico that they had obtained from the Cleone. His headdress was a tall Cap of furs with plumes made of foxes tails. His face w As covered w Ith a mask of red cloth. On the Sledge beside the body Bis attendants had Laid ids Spear a gun a knife and two tin dishes. The funeral services were conducted by the same old priest who Hail hold tile mysterious you Terence w Ith the dead Bear. Advancing to the feet of Tho Corpse he prostrated Hini std and Hogan a sort of chant in a Low tone that Rose higher and higher until it swelled into an ear splitting shriek. Meanwhile two villainous old hags squat on the Snow commenced beating Drums the Only musical instruments known to the me Sinkas. Their Drums Are made like a Tambourine on an enlarged scale having but one head of Deerskin Strote hed Over a circular band of Wood about As Large As a Peck measure. Tile old women pounded these with wooden Sticks producing a series of Dull monotonous thuds to which they added now and then a wailing cry. Seated on another Sledge so far passive spectators of the scene wore Pilu Carney a widow and children. Around these groups the entire population of Tho Village had gathered in a circa. The spectacle was lighted by the Brilliant Arctic Moon which shone with such brightness that every movement could be seen almost As clearly As if it were Day and at Tim same tune with a softness that Lent to Herud ritual the same mellowing effect produced by the stained windows of Acanthe dral. Suddenly rising from there Eton the Corpse. The priest advanced to the head bowing and pending his Knees As if addressing an object of the greatest reverence. Tile drains wore beaten More furiously and Hie old women uttered a blood curdling howl in which All tile company joined. I Hen the priest grasped in his hands the head of the deceased chief and went through Tho same performance that ended the Bear Hunt now raising the head and then trying in vain to raise it pretending to receive answers to his questions and shouting in loud tones Tho replies that came from the dead Man. When this part of the ceremony was Over the women with Drums began operations assuming As it were the Solo parts while the priest retired into tile chorus for a few moments. First one and then the other of the hags went into frightful contortions twisting her body writhing tier features and snarling up Hor limbs her eyes glaring like a lunatics and froth issuing from her lips. Each of the women spent about five minutes in this sort of a convulsion Aud the Cleone a Mon afterwards described it As one of the most repulsive sights they Ever witnessed. Now came the funeral procession. Pilli Carney a widow herself Arew Tho Sledge the priest acted As a marshal leading the Way and the afflicted family the two witches and Tho villagers trailing in Tho rear. At a Short distance from the group of wigwams a Mound of Snow could be seen glistening. This was Pilli Carney a Tomb and toward it the strange cortege moved. The sailors from the Cleone stood in their tracks and waited till it had formed Aud gone by Tho women marking time with their Drums and the priest repeating a monotonous minor Strain that sounded like Quot Thor to Thor to Lior to a As the fur Clad figures straggled by in Tho Moonlight Gummy the Kanaka with a Start whispered a Chi see him a Quot what is it Gummy a asked Hutchins one of the sailers. Quot see that tall Feller Thoro Ornong the last of pm a said Gummy. Quot Hee him walk he no Messina a Quot they look All alike to me a said Hutchins. Quot no a whispered another of the sailors Quot i can see what Gummy Means. Look at that tall fellow Roll Asne Quot lots go a Long and Foller a said Gummy and they slowly trained behind Tho it arrived at Tho Snow Tomb Filiti carneys body with Many bowings and posturing on Tho part of those officiating was taken from Tho avenge and conveyed to its resting place. Gummy All the time kept one Eyo on the tall figure with the rolling gait and tried to get nearer but did not succeed. The Man moved from one place to another in the crowd and tile sailors finally lost sight of him altogether. After Pilli Carney a remains had been deposited in the Tomb his weapons were Laid with almost equal reverence by his Side. At his feet were placed the two tin dishes Aud in each was deposited a Largo piece of Walrus meat. Then at a signal from the priest two dogs which had been led in the procession were brought Forward and the sailors witnessed a sickening sight. Amid Tim beating of the Drums and the wailing of All the men and women. The priest Cut the throats of the two curs Aud dragged them bleeding to the Tomb. The me Sinkas believe that in the spirit world a Many a needs will be the same As they Are Here. They accordingly set by the Side of their dead a Supply of victuals for use when the departed first arrives in the new land and weapons with which he May kill game when he is fairly settled. The dogs killed and buried with him Are supposed to accompany him in his wanderings and to serve him As on Earth. When All these customs had been observed the men packed the Entrance to the Tomb with Snow and the gathering dispersed. In the Winter the natives of this far Northern Region have to place their dead in these Snow tombs burying them in the Earth when it has thawed in the summer if in the meantime bears and other starving animals have not saved them the trouble. The sailors hurried Back to tile bark after the interment without stopping for any social Intercourse with the natives the latter did not show the a Cist indications of unfriendliness however Aud even proffered their usual invitation to the men to pass the night in the Village and partake of the feast that would follow the funeral. For the next Day or two the temperature remained about stationary at to or 12-below Zero and All was gloomily quiet on the Cleone in spite of Toms heroic exertions Lon Grenus wound grew More inflamed a High fever set in Aud he died. The condition of affairs in the forecastle was growing More serious. Jock survived Longren but a Day or two and two of the men who were wounded in the Battle were sinking on account of a Lack of sufficient nourishment and the depressing influence of their surroundings. The terrible Monotony of the cold and the unbroken cheerless Ness of the situation seemed to Rob the men of All their desire to live. Their discouragement added to Tom is. Burdens hut he never lost his own Hope i luckily for Bim and luckily for them All. One Day while he was busied wit i his patient in the forecastle Dan Moriarty shouted from on deck Quot capt. Harley sort i there s a strange Cray Turo up hero that is after wanting to see you Sor a Quot ill to right up. Tom replied wonderingly. And hastened to the deck. Danes a strange Cray Ture Quot came running toward him. And he was very much surprised to find that it was his old Friend Nina. Quot Why Naina in a glad to Seo you a he said extending hts hand. The girl did not take it but fell on her Knees at his feet and Bogan to Wail in the Messina fashion. Quot Halloo a said Tom rather vexed. Quot Here a a pretty Liow do do. Or. Moriarty Call Gummy a Quot Aye Aye Sor Quot said Dan Quot an the divil a a miss we re in now i takes it who added under his breath. Quot up up Quot said Tom to Naina motioning for her to Ris it a possible for Hor to have hidden Bot could not find her. Quot Ynez Doans to suppose that Little Hay the in has got tie Hest Avna after All an hag skid addled w id her pocketful a hardtack does be Sor Quot exclaimed i in. Quot hardly said Tom and an inspection of the stores showed that they had not been disturbed. Quot look Here Gummy Quot Tom said to the Kanaka. Quot did you make any talk to Naina after i left her Quot Quot she ask me some questions and i the Kanaka replied with an unsteady Eye Quot what did she want to know a a spa ask if we have enough to eat Quot what did you Tell her a Quot i tells her we a1 Quot anything else a Quot i tells Ber that it make Sailor men very ugly now to ask them for Quot and then you tumbled Down the Hatch to stir the Crew up i see sir i did no to know before that Yon could do so much she refused to Rise if she understood him i Tom spoke in a cutting tone and Tho hut continued her wailing interspersing it Kanab away hanging his head with Lier native gibberish. J the thought that he could not Trust some Tom was not accustomed to dealing with of his men in whom he had placed Conn the afflictions or the fair sex and he Felt sex lie Nee and that they distrusted him. Hurt Geedi fitly uncomfortable. Tom More than the affronts they put upon he dul not dare to lift up the girl As lie him. Remembered that she once gave him a Welt j As for Naina he had no doubt Why she meant but disagreeable hug. Without even had left the bark so much encouragement ii that and he did i Quot i believe she s a real heroine a he said to not care for a repetition of that Greasy pm Dan. Quot it s Clear to me that she went off Brace. So be stood there biting his Tongue empty handed As soon As she found out that we could not help her without robbing our Quot the might have been wart a said Dan. Quot no she Isnit easily frightened. I know Alt about that. Naina is More of a girl than we be Given her credit have the Steward give i till the Kanaka appeared. A a Xix. What Nina wanted. Quot Gummy see what this woman wants Quot said Tom and the Kanaka began a conversation with Naina. Quot she say she Aud Hor family nothing to Quot nothing to eat a cried Tom. Much shocked. Quot lie say they nothing to eat for two Days and very hungry.�?�., Quot Tell her that i la her a a she want know if you will let her have some food for take Quot ill think of it a said Tom Terai no away with a Long face and pacing the deck. Quot by George this is Tough Quot he said to himself. A How can i refuse to Grant her request after All she did for me yet we be hardly enough provisions to last us through and if the men should find out that Iliad Given away any part no matter How Small of our scanty stores they a make a Row and i done to know As i could blame them. It would seem like stealing to give away a bit of their food but would t it be worse to Send Naina off to starve Quot Tom walked Back and Forth from one rail to the other hard pressed by the conflicting claims that confronted him. Terai no to the Kanaka he ordered him to Tell Naina to remain where she was for awhile. Quot Tell her not to leave the ship till she hours from me a he said and walked aft to think Over the matter. Quot excuse me. said the Steward who happened to meet him Quot but you re looking Pale. You ainu to sick i Hope sir Quot Quot no Quot said Tom crisply Quot pin not sick. In a not sick. I m All right. To had hardly gone Down Tho Catlin stairs when Moriarty came in. Quot Apt Iii Quot said he. Quot there a Quot what do you mean by that a Quot i mane that there a Ashe win and a Hilins Down below and there a mischief in the a a what sat Tho Bottom of it Quot Quot that a a Tore a i can Tell Yez. All i know is that a gang a Thim Wiz whispering and together Whin i Whit below and All of a sudden they stopped their blathering tile minute they saw me. A Arrah a says i to pics if a that Man Manas no and Doans to let to interrupt Yez boys a says i to the gang. A Bill Wiz Only tolling a us what he saw on Shore says wan of Thim so peaking up in squirmed. A Well a say i a in a not so sure about that a and i Wint off about my business making no More our runs with Thim a but Between you and me and the mainmast a Apt. A Harley i was be hint to Tell Thim that i Wiz onto Thim and give Thim a bit a me a a it a just As Well that you did no to i said Tom. A but see Here. I want a hit of your mind myself. In a in a Quot a scrape Yez say and what is it now a in a few words Tom explained Tho situation to his mate. Quot you see just How it is or. Moriarty a said to Quot that girl saved my Quot woo Roo woo Roo i sees How it is in Dade. I sees its a divil Ava bad fix to to in Sor Quot Quot and i want you to Holp to out of it if you can. There a Only one thing for me to do that is to contrive to give her a Little food without having it known. I done to want to do a mean thing or a sneaky thing but you might As Well argue with a Walrus As to try to convince theme Fellows in tile forecastle that i ought to pay any part of a debt that i owe to one of Tho a be Jab Liers. Id say that same thing a myself Sor if it War anybody but this Girrel that pulled yer Honor out a the Snow. But what Wiz on me tongues end to say Sor. Wiz that wan Good turn de serves Quot of a Hist now. Thin me by a a Heggins yer Honor a Pardon capt. Starley Sor a said Dan. Lowering his voice. Quot the Girrel did a Good turn for you. And sure she do Servos to to a Good turn for torn looked at tile irishman blankly. Quot i guess i done to quite understand you said be. Quot let in Mako Mesils Clair thin As Patsy of Shane renor ruled Whin to broke out a the jail at Kilbarry. Of that Girrel is Loiko Tho rest a these female Lia thins she wears a pocket in her breeches big enough to hold a mess for a ships Crew and she Don t need any i Aster auctions about using a it Oither. So Teal Arrah How steal if Yez Only give them half a Chance Quot Quot i see Quot said Tom laughing although he considered it a very serious Mattery of mean to say that All we need give Naina is half a a i mean to say that same. Quot Well i done to imagine that Naina has a very High Standard of morals. Its the Only Way out of the scrape that i can see. Ill go and Tell Lier to hang around Here Loran hour. Then a twill be dark and we can arrange that a half a Quot very Well Sor. Yez bother yer head about it for ill do the Arr augins me i a Bear in mind mate that Pii not take one morsel out of the Mouths of my men for pm going to Cut Down my own rations enough More to make up for All that we give to Naina a Quot and sure cant. Harley i know Yez wont refuse to me rights As the first officer of this Quot your rights a Quot to be sure Sor. Ivory Sailor knows that the mate is entitled to the very same rations As the Captain. We must share and share alike Captain Quot god bless you or. Moriarity a greatly affected by the mates Devotion to him Tom brushed away a tear Asho went to find Naina. Contrary to his expectations she was nowhere in sight. Quot whereas the Messina woman a he asked Gummy who was loafing about the deck. Quot gone. Done to know whore a said the Kanaka. Quot probably hiding somewhere on Board a thought Tom. Quot i guess Danes right about Ber. It would lie strange if she a anything but a thief with the education she a had. In be often heard my father say that a rates children always like two sailors whom he had riot noticed As they had been standing in the Shadow of the mainmast came up. A what is it. Men a torn asked seeing that they had something to say. Quot we re a said one of the sailors. Without touching his nut and in a rough tone. Tom was taken Aback by the manner in which to was accosted but soon regained his presence of mind. Quot touch your hat Hutchins if you want to talk to me Quot he said. Sternly. Hutchins did so with ill Grace. Quot now what have you to say a the Young Captain asked. Its about our provisions Quot what about them Quot a a there a not hardly enough to keep the breath of life in us. Aud so we pusses a veto not to take any the insolence of this so enraged the Captain that it was All he could do to control himself. Quot you pass any votes a he replied with dignity. Just attend to your duty and the master of the ship will look out for Quot its got so that it is each Man for himself a Here Cantara. The Feller that gets out of it ill be Lucky that Sall. Quot you re on the wrong track Hutchins. The Only Way to get out of it is for us All to hang together just As we have Quot never mind we mean Down in Tho forecastle to keep a sharper Lookout for our rights from now Quot Good heavens Man nobody is More anxious for your welfare than i Ara a Quot Well there s things been done that we Sailor men Hainet exactly liked. In the first place there a a Man that never shipped with us taken aboard and put Over us making one More to Divide the rations and now we re told there a a lady come aboard to visit the Captain and has got to have a our the Leer with which the fellow said this was exasperating but Captain Starley did not permit himself to show that he noticed the insult. I think a he said quietly Quot that you la one Day be sorry that you made this talk. There a no occasion for it. My interests Are the same As yours and As for the food you need not fear that a single ounce will be taken from your share. I done to Kuo w How Short we May be let before this ice Breaks up but i Promise you that every Man shall have every Mouthful that he a entitled to. You May go. Hutchins and his companion retreated to the forecastle without making any further talk but torn plainly saw that they were not in Good a Moor. Hailing the mate. Tom began a search of j the bark with Dan for Naina. Thev looked everywhere in every dark Corner where it Quot its Quaro. Lie Cobbs that any one a these Cra Yturri should have so much blessed since. I behave to myself that to Gir Ruth a got All there is a it Norruth a the sixtieth Degray a Toms uppermost fear now was that the sufferings and jealousies of the men would Lead them to some desperate act of insubordination and imprudence that would endanger the safety of All Jand. Suppose Thev should seize the stores and insist on eating All they craved they would exhaust the Supply in a few weeks and then they must starve. Men in the condition of the Cleone Crew Are not very susceptible to reason and Tom trembled when he thought of what might happen. After Nama s disappearance Tom saw no further indications of disloyalty however. Hutchins and the other Man who had presented the forecastle a grievance avoided the Captain As much As possible but with the rest of the sailors obeyed orders without hesitation. _. Quot any More signs of trouble Tom asked a Moriarty the next Day. Quot none that i can see Sor. But some a Thim Fellers Are As shy a me As if i Wiz. A Bumble Liee. I Tell Yez that you and i Dou t know All that a going on Down below we Donna a Sor that a Quot an t you make some guess As to what it is Quot a divil a bit Kin i. All i can see is that some a Thim Are restless Loike and Yonaisy there s Worra eks going on. Sure Sor. An that s boost As much is i Quot Well a said Tom a we must be ready for anything. I Hope Hie men wont make fools of themselves that a several Days passed with no outbreak of the Quot Wor Ruksi that Dan had mistrusted and Tom began to feel easier. He sat Down by himself in the Cabin one quiet afternoon to look Over his father s papers. Head not bad the heart to examine them till now. First he came upon his grandfathers will bequeathing in property to his sons David and Hiram As Toms father had explained to him. A disagreeable feeling took Possession of the Young Captain As he read tile name. Quot Hiram Harley a and he hurriedly closed the document. After looking through a number of deed and other papers tie opened an envelope that proved the enclosure of his fathers will. A. Up Iii too Groat Ai 1 of Jujj Eye filled with tears As he lie Gan to in a if read it. The document was very Brief. In says i look i _ ii i in in Tho of till to bequeathed All the possessions of David Harley to Quot my dear son Tom was Reading the signatures of the witnesses when he was surprised by somebody a exclaiming Quot Tom my boy How Are you he a the voice sent a chill through the Young Captain and he jumped from his seat. Quot Larkins a a he cried in amazement. Quot not Larkins my boy but Starley. Your own Uncle. Hiram Harley of course. Did no to your father Tell you a Quot yes a said Tom reluctantly a but he was t Quot Wasny Tho he i guess he was too Suro Quot said Tho visitor Irith a harsh laugh. Quot Ain t yer going to shake hands with yer own Uncle As if you was glad to see him a a Tom took the proffered hand although it was hard for him to do it and said nothing. Quot where s the old Man a Larkins asked brazenly. Quot what a Quot brother Dave. Whew is he a Quot done to you know a Tom exclaimed bitterly. Quot know what a asked Larkins with a Blank look. Quot that he a dead that the Savages killed him that there was treachery a Tom answered his indignation flashing through his tears. Quot dear me brother David dead that a bad one. And you re an orphan. That s bad enough. When did it All napped he a a i supposed Yon knew All about it Tom answered evasively. Quot know it How should i know it where do you suppose in be been a Quot with Tho me Sinkas i thought. I did no to suppose you could have been anywhere Quot yes but in be been sick Abed All the time my boy almost died. I started out to Seo a Little of Tho country when i left the ship. But was taken Down sick in the Village where you stopped beyond the mountains and there in be lain Ever since. In be had a Dougli time and just got on my feet. But poor Dave he did no to treat me right but he was my brother just the same and i m terrible sorry to hear that he gone. I say Tom what was you doing there when i broke in on you a a looking Over some of fathers Quot you was he Quot Well what did you find a Quot capt. Harley. Sor a Moriarty a voice interrupted from the companionway. A Well what is it a Larkins shouted Back before Tom could reply. Tom fairly gasped so amazed was he at this effrontery and before he could speak Moriarty came in. Quot Well what is it i say a Larkins repeated. Frowning at the mate. Quot i spoke to Captain Starley a said the mate. Quot Well i Ani Captain retorted pompously. His boldness stupefied Moriarty for a moment As it had Tom. Quot perhaps Larkins continued Quot you be looked Over your fathers papers enough to find that out he a Quot or. Moriarty a said Tom painfully Quot this Man Here pretends to be my fathers brother pretends that his name is Hiram Harley instead of Larkins. Quot pretends a Larkins broke in with a show of anger. Quot pretends he that a a Fine Way to put it. Haven to i got the proofs did no to i show Mem to brother Dave and did no the Wilt Tell me that Tom a Quot a part of what this Man says is True or. a the Aivil a bit of it do i behave if it is a Quot father had to admit that he showed some proofs that he was his brother but to never was convinced no always thought there was a Quot Yez Rno ight As Well say that an eel is a brother to a whale a exclaimed Dan. A now see Here a Larkins spoke up with an air of authority. A a in be no time to waste in cheap talk with you Fellows and Tim sooner we come to an understanding the Bester. I know who i am and i know what my rights Are. Half this ship and cargo belong to to. Whom the other half belongs to ainu to so Plain. Well see about that by and by. And now. Who a to be the Captain he the Man As is half owner or somebody As done to know whether lie owns a Timber in her or not that san easy one to answer and you can Call Hiram Harley master of this bark from now out. Furthermore hell go into the forecastle himself to notify the Fine Fellows there whose orders they shall Quot Arrah there me dear Young Captain a said Dan after Larkins had gone out a Why Doans to Yez shake up and give me my orders Sor Faix in a Joost aching to hear Yez say a clap the Irons on that scoundrel a a a a pm afraid there a too much truth in what he says a woo Roo Yez must be wrong there begging Vez Honor s Pardon the rap scallion Laud to Tell the truth if he tried Iver so Coil _ hard poet h by no More than a pig can write v father did have a brother Hiram and to owned half of the bark Cleone but ifs a question whether this Man is Hiram or not. As he says he a got some Good proofs Aud i done to see How we re going to put him off. It looks As though we were powerless for Tho present. Quot powerless Bedad Why powerless a because in a afraid we can to depend on the men. The Best of our Fellows Are dead or sick Ana those that remain Able bodied Are in just the mood to go in for a change. I know How they feel. They re ready Tor anything. They re fools enough to think that nothing can be Quot what Are Yez going Tex do thin Sor a Quot wait that Sall. We can do nothing else. Don t think my courage is gone. I Don t give up yet by any Means. In a simply doing now what i think is Best for us Quot woo Roo woo Roo a cried Dan shaking his head. Pm anxious not to have any conflict on my account that a the main thing. Id rather he wronged than have any More blood shed on this bark. Anything hut top spoke with great feeling. Clearing his Throat he went on. A fall we eau do is to take things As they come. If the men go Over to Larkins Here he comes Larkins blustered in Ruddy and fat his fur suit none too big for him. He certainly did not look like a Man who a been sick a Well Tom my said he Holster. Continued on the seventh race

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