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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - March 17, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts 4the Hosto in weekly olo be tuesday March 17, 1891. $ assert Bilobet. Tuesday. Mar. 17, 1891. Globe pocket Calendar. March 1891 Moon s Pham 8 to m w Toj a j 1 3 8i a i 7 8 a i 10 a i is 14 15 1� 17 j 18 19j 301 sir a 381 34 i 85 a 271 2 8ft Sot a ii j Ali amps a toy it do �25 Vuk subscription rates. Til i one copy per month 50 rents per year #6.00. Postage prepaid. To up Bat glom by mull $2.00 per year Pottage prepaid. Try weekly Globe by mall #1.00 per year Fostir prepaid. The Glo news Paph co., 248 Washington entered at the Post office Bolton Man., Ai second clan matter. During 1891 will be needed id every hons old. It is a newspaper it is a ladies journal it is a boys and girls weekly it is an illustrated Magazine 4 copies for Only s3 under this offer you have Only to secure 3 subscribers at $1 each who will receive the Globe one Yearin order to entitle you to a free copy for tile same length of time. To agents everywhere. The Cash commission of the Globe is the largest paid by a Dollar weekly. Of you have Leisure moments or wish to have your children earn some pocket Money Send for agents rates now. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Names Fob Sample copies if every Reader of this Issue whether or not he or she is a sub briber will Send a list of to or a Jozen names of persons in his or her neighbourhood the weekly Globe trill be thankful. We will Send a Cample copy free to each. Write names on a postal card and address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Quot the effective life and he receptive life Are wee. No sweep of Arm that does some work for god but harvests also some More of the truth of god and sweeps it into the Treasury the Brooks. Wiry to Fence a pasture Joel a much m they aver did. Hie Price of cloth is not affected appreciably by the fall in the Price of Wool. A Farmer May ret a Low Price for his hides but he pays a High Price for the boots end shoes and harness that he la obliged to Purchase. Formerly tile Price of articles required for foot governed the Price of almost everything else. The Price of most articles was regulated by that of wheat which was regarded As the most important of All products. All this is changed now. Farmers have nothing to do in regulating prices they take what is offered for their products. The Price of nearly every article they Are obliged to Purchase is regulated by associations and combinations formed tit Nung manufacturers. The manufacturers of nearly every important article Combine to limit production and keep up prices. They even Combine to prevent Tho establishment of factories similar to their own. In Many manufacturing departments there is no Competition Between different establishments. A uniform scale of prices is adopted which is rigidly adhered to. In Many cases our Patent Laws and Tariff system enable them to establish and perpetuate the most oppressive monopolies. Tho producers of articles of food in this country Are obliged to compete with the producers of similar products in every part of the world. But our manufacturers whose goods banners Are obliged to consume have no Competition except among themselves and by combination they generally manage to prevent it. With such a state of affairs it is no great Marvel that banners Are not prosperous. A great Deal is said about the condition of the Fanner. What about the condition of the politicians who legislate for his asserted interests a ruthless extortion is Tho phrase in characterizing the operation of the Tariff Laws. This description is perfectly accurate concise and overflowing with meaning and suggestion. Quot ruthless extortion a tells the whole truth about the Tariff in two a h. Warp. United states for tile relinquishment by France of the treaty of 1778, by which on the one hand our Independence was secured and by which on the other we guaranteed in perpetuity to his most Christian majesty the then present possessions of the Crown of France in America. George 8. Boutwell. Farmers must Combine. It can be said that agricultural property generally has depreciated since 1860 More than 40 per cent. This steady and extraordinary depreciation in farming property these Long hours of hard wort for Little Llort of the most frugal living these More recent seasons with each More fruitless in material returns than the one before it. Afford no very Rosy Outlook to the tillers of the Seal. Farmers certainly have reason to Somolain and they Are beginning to complain More and More. They Are being driven to the Wall and they Are asking what is driving them there. There cannot be a prosperous country where agriculture does not flourish. Everything a Farmer has to sell is very Tow everything or very nearly everything that the Farmer has to buy is comparatively High. Wheat Over a Large portion of the Region in which it i6 produced brings the producer out 50 cents a Bushel. The Price of Grain harvesters and self binders however remains the same As when wheat was Worth pm a Bushel in the place where it was raised. The same is the Case with the plough that turned the Furrow the Harrow that pulverized the soil and the seeder that nut in the trop. Everything that is turned off from the farm is very cheap but everything that is turned off from the factories is dear. The old scale of prices for farm products has All been changed but the scale of prices for the products of manufactories remains practically unchanged. Reel. Mutton Aud Wool Are ail Low but poets and wire Necee the French spoliation claims appropriation. After a delay of four years Sinco the first judgments were rendered by the court of claims in the class of cases known As French spoliation claims an appropriation has been made by Congress for the payment of the first instalment of the same found to be due for the appropriation does no cover All the judgments heretofore rendered. It is the theory of the government that it is ready at All times to pay its just debts and hence whatever the delay in payment the responsibility is put upon the claimant and consequently without inquiring his elfin for interest is rejected. Between till years 1790 and 1800 the privateers and cruisers of France seized Abd detained or As in most instances converted to the use of that government about fifteen Hundred vessels belonging to citizens of the United states. For these acts the government of the United states demanded compensation of France and France on its part demanded compensation of the United states for its failure to observe the stipulation of the treaty of 1778. The vital stipulation on the part of France was this a the essential and direct end of the present defensive Alliance is to maintain effectually the Liberty sovereignty and Independence absolute and unlimited of the said United states As Well in matters of government As of this stipulation was observed by France article Viand at the end the object for which the United states entered into the Alliance was attained. Article i. Contained a guarantee in these words a the two parties guarantee mutually from the present time and forever against All other Powers to wit the United states to his most Christian majesty the present possessions of the Crown of France in America As Well As those which it May acquire by the future treaty of this was followed by a stipulation on the part of France of the Tenor of the second article already quoted with a like stipulation As to territory that Tho United states might acquire during the War. When Napoleon came to the head of affairs in France and when a state of hostilities existed Between England and France the Commerce of America became the prey of both parties upon the suspicion that our vessels were engaged in contraband Trade the treaty of 1794 with England gave offence to France and upon the ground that it contained stipulations which were in contravention of the treaty of 1778. On that treaty and on the decrees of the French authorities touching our Commerce we were brought to the verge of War with France and by an act of Congress of july 7,1798, the treaty of 1778 was annulled. Then came Crim nations and claims from each party resting on our part on the destruction of our Commerce and on the part of France on our disregard of the allegations and duties imposed by the treaty of 1778. In the year 1800 the plenipotentiaries of the two countries framed a convention of peace Commerce and navigation a but As they were unable to concur in a Mode of adjusting the antagonistic claims of the two countries they agreed by the second article to postpone negotiations a upon the indemnities mutually due or claimed to a More Quot convenient in february 1801, the Senate of the United states advised the ratification of the convention upon the condition that the second article should be expunged and an article limiting the treaty to eight years should be inserted in its place. Bonaparte first Consul accented the change proposed by the Senate subject to the addition of these words a provided that by this retrenchment the two states renounce the respective pretensions which Are the object of the said thus arid in this manner Tho negotiations ended Aud on the 19th of december 1801, the Senate of the United states declared that the convention was fully ratified upon these historical facts this question was submitted to the court of claims did the United states by the treaty of 1801 assume the payment of such valid claims As citizens of the United states had theretofore held against the government of France on this question the decision of the court was against the United states. On the question of liability the claimants were required to prove the Validity of their claims As against France. Of the aggregate of about thirty two millions petitions representing nearly eighteen millions have been dismissed for Lack of evidence due largely to the length of time since the events occurred. Judgments have been rendered to the amount of one million and three fourths. And there Are claims pending which aggregate about twelve million dollars the total amount recovered and to be recovered cannot exceed seven millions and it May even fall below six millions. At the end it May be said that these claims in the judgments that May be rendered. Will represent the Only Money paid or satisfaction of any sort Given by the education North and South. The latest bulletin of the census office deals with the statistics of education. It contains some comparisons which will be interesting to those who for political reasons sneer at the South for its alleged backwardness in schooling and intimate that there is an increasing tendency to illiteracy in that Section. On the contrary the census report shows Shatas a Rule the Southern states Are making More Progress than the Northern in the matter of Public school attendance. For instance Maine and Louisiana have both increased in population during the last ten years but in Maine Tho Public school enrolment has actually fallen off More than 7 per cent., while in Louisiana it has increased 53.52 per cent. New Hampshire too shows a falling off of 7va per cent in the number of Public school scholars although its population has increased 8 Viper cent. In Massachusetts the Public school enrolment has increased but not As fast As Tho population the figures being 17.33 percent and 25.57 per cent respectively. In Connecticut the population has increased about 19/ per cent but the Public school attendance Only about 6mi per cent. In Vermont the population has remained stationary since 1880, hut the school children Are less numerous by 10.42 per cent than they were to years ago Rhode Island is the Only new England state that shows a relative increase of Public education and there it is Only about 2 a per cent with the exception of Rhode Island every Northern state East of the Mississippi River As far As the returns have been Given out by the census office shows either a positive lass of Public school membership or else a relative loss compared with the gain in population. On the other hand every Southern state so far As published shows both a positive and a relative gain for the Public schools. In Maryland the population has increased 11.49 percent., and the schools 22.85. In North Carolina the percentage of increase of population and scholars is 15.59 and 27.08 respectively in South Carolina 15.63 and 50.89, and in Virginia 9.48 and 55.06. Such figures show that till South is making Earnest efforts to educate her children and is succeeding at a most Gratifying rate. They also show that in nearly All the Northern states the percentage of illiteracy is either increasing or else the proportion of children in the population is decidedly smaller than it was 10 years ago. One Horn of the dilemma is about As unpleasant As the other. And As this state assumed the collection of the tax in the first instance and did not leave it to be collected directly from its citizens it will be for the legislature first to accept the appropriation Aud then to decide what shall he done with it. The direct tax refunding act. Judging from several inquiries addressed to the Globe since its passage by Congress a few Days since the direct tax refunding act is not As clearly understood As it should be. Under an act of Congress approved aug. 5, 1861, a direct tax of $20,000,000 was levied upon the real estate of the 43 states and territories then comprised in the Union. That act authorized the states to assume the collection and payment of this tax and to pay it Over to the Treasury of the United states withholding 16 percent to cover the Cost of collection. Under that provision of the act nearly All of the Northern states including Massachusetts paid Over the proportion of the $20,000,000 levied upon their real estate loss the 15 per cent allowed them for collection. Of course the eleven seceding states of the South did not assume Tho tax but the Federal collectors enforced the Levy upon their citizens As far As practicable collecting about $2,250,-000 from them tile balance of the tax assessed against the states then in rebellion amounting to about $2,.500,, has never been collected. Under the Bill just passed All Tim Money thus collected in 1862 is to be refunded to each state Aud territory from which it was collected or to individual citizens in such states As did not assume the collection of the tax. All moneys still due to the Federal government infertile act of 1861 Are remitted and relinquished the treasurer of the United states is directed to pay Back each states quota of the direct Tux to the governor thereof. And where any part of the direct tax Levy of 1861-62 was collected by the United states from the citizens or inhabitants thereof the Money refunded is a to be held in Trust by such state for the Benefit of those persons or inhabitants from whom they were collected or their Legal All claims under the Trust thus created must be filed with the governor of the state in which the claim arises within six years after the passage of the act. By another provision of the refunding act no Money will be paid Over to any state or territory until the legislature thereof shall have accepted by Resolution the sum appropriated to it and the trusts imposed a in full satisfaction of All claims against the United states on account of the Levy Aud collection of said tax and shall have authorized the governor to receive said Money for the use Aud purposes aforesaid a the amount of direct tax collected from each state and territory in 1862, Aud now to be refunded under the conditions named is stated in the following table foolish foreigners. The annual report of the chief of the Bureau of statistics of the Treasury department for 1890 has recently been issued. If the protectionist notion that the foreigner pays the Tariff tax is True this report proves that the foreigners Are the greatest fools that Over did business it shows that they pay More for privilege of Selling their goods in this Market than the goods Are Worth. It is probable that the statistician himself did not see Tho effect of his figures. He furnishes a partial list of the articles imported into this country with the Price paid to the foreign seller Ana the duty paid to the United states. A few extracts from this table will be interesting to those who think the foreigner pays the tax duty paid by imported Coit paid by foreigner ? article american to to United 1800. Foreigner. States. Window glass.$1,402,796.01 #1,538,228.23 plate blam. 162.023.70 223.932.80 tannic acid. 207.00 490.00 Ether. 413.00 424.00 White Lead. 889.00 1,110.90 Brown Lead. 58.00 61.36 Lime Bor. 800.00 888.24 chloroform. 2.00 2.50 opium. 428,860.00 689,825.00 Santonino. 22.00 61.00 Faience. 7,274.19 20,656.10 Bay rum. 37,827.18 63,914.34 Silver Leaf. 064.00 1,162.50 fire Cracker .273,001.15 278,001.15 Iron wire. 1,508.00 1,765.68 spirit. 1,840.00 5,537.60 american alcohol. 317.00 2,529.11 Grain i Pirotti .456,121.14 1,329,307.89 other spirits .127,395.34 496.177.05 All liquor. 2.171.935.09 3,129,424.44 Nickel. 11,087.00 16,680.15 Castor Oil. 2,910.00 6,520.80 Cognac Ether .87.00 376.00 fruit Ether .434.00 1,426.00 Whiting. 5,262.66 7.701.82 a Laving card .6,353.61 6,353.61 Rice. 907,880.06 1,123,505.61 starch. 23,827.00 23.034.10 tobacco. 4,046,231.98 4,189,312.02 Wool tops. 10,124.00 12,478.80 Wool scoured .65.00 72.00 the names and addresses of the remarkably generous foreign firms Are kept secret by the Treasury department this is probably considered a necessary precaution if Tho names and addresses should he generally known every american would go into the importing business and make no end of Money to the detriment of the Treasury. How a a a tis easy As if a foreign dealer will sell Santonino for instance at $1.29 a Pound and give the buyer $3 in Gold with each Pound to pay the duty with there is nothing to prevent the american buyer from purchasing All the Santonino in the world that he can on these terms and after it leaves the foreign port he is free to dump the Santonino itself overboard and Only bring in the $3 in Gold which the foreign seller has Given him to pay the duty. The Ordinary american buyer would bring in no Santonino he would simply bring in the $3 Ingold. That would give him a profit of $1.71 per Pound for dumping the foreign product overboard. There is no duty on the Gold. Tile government never asks a Man to pay any duty unless he brings in the foreign product. This report of the Treasury department should be made a Republican Campaign document for the education of the voter. Will cure in four Days. To the editor of the Globe if a offerer will take equal parti of Lal ammonia and Rock Salt dissolve it in water make Ai Strong Ai Poisl ble apply to the chilblains two or three Umea a Day a Bot Ai he or she can Bear it this will make a permanent cure of used for a few Days. H. B. The need of better roads. If a Highway furnishes the surest evidence of an existing civilization to which it conducts it likewise supplies the proof of the nearness of those Active industries and untiring enterprises which constitute modern civilizations surest support. The new York state association for the improvement of roads recently in session at Syracuse has petitioned the legislature for an expenditure of $10,000,000 for Road improvement on the system proposed in the Richardson Bill of the last session the taxation for the outlay to be extended Over a term of 18 years and the agricultural population to Bear no More than its proportionate share of the Cost. This request is made chiefly in the agricultural interest of the state the farms being valued at one thousand million dollars and their annual products at one Hundred and Twenty millions. In the Case of new England it is not the agricultural interest Only or chiefly but the manufacturing and general Industrial interests combined with it that demands for the fullest and freest development of them All the systematic improvements of the common roads with a View to Complete inter communication at the least Cost the Farmer is not More heavily taxed in Wear and tear add lass of time in consequence of unfit and difficult roads Over which to haul his products to the Railroad and the Market than the manufacturer and manager of mechanical industries for the same reason. It would not be easy to estimate Tho amount of actual loss from them All every year by reason of the useless waste of horse Power the Wear of vehicles of every kind the delay caused by constant obstruction and the dissipation of Energy that might if saved be directed to the common Good in which the w Hole Community Are legitimate sharers and participants. States and territories. Amount collected and to be refunded. #22,520.24 154,701.18 222,955.41 22,189.96 261,981.00 3,241.33 70.332.83 49,437.33 4,766.20 117,982.89 974,568.63 769,144.03 384,274.80 60.981.83 i 606,641.03 385,886.67357,702.10371,298.83 700,894.14. 428,498.83 92.245.00. 113,324.66377.462.61. 222,306.36. 646,958.23 18.312.00 3,903.77. 185,645.67 new Jersey. 382,614.83 new Mexico. 62,648.00 new York. 2,213,330.86 Ohio. 1.332,025.93 Oregon. 20,869.57 Pennsylvania. 1,654,711.43 Rhode Island. 90,419.11 Tennessee. 392,004.48 Texas. 180,841.61 Utah. Vermont. 179,407.80 Virginia. 442,408.09 West Virginia. 181,306.93 Washington. 4,268.16 Wisconsin. 440.535.41 Alabama. Arkansas. California. Colorado. Connecticut. Dakota. Delaware. District of Columbia. Florida. Georgia. Illinois. Indiana. Iowa. Kansas. Kentucky. Louisiana. Maine. Maryland. Massachusetts. Michigan. Minnesota. Mississippi. North Carolina. South Carolina. Missouri. Nebraska. Nevada. New Hampshire. Total.#15,227,632.03. The amount which the state of Massachusetts is entitled to receive from the treasurer of the United states under this refunding act is thus seen to be $700,894.14 one kind of dumplings. To the editor of the Globin answer to a Uji. W. F.,&Quot i would give the following receipt Tor dumplings one pint of flour i a teaspoonful of Salt 2 teaspoonful of baking powder mix thoroughly add enough milk to make a soft dough shape and Cook to minute be sure your Stew i boiling and keep covered while cooking also be very careful in serving avoid placing meat Over dumplings and of putting Broth Over them As the test and lightest of dumplings will become heavy from soaking. _ done to go there Anna. Will you please in your valuable paper Tell me about the a bad land Quot of Dakota Bow it got its name and anything that will be of interest to a school girl la years old papa who says you know most everything will Tell me to i Ara going to trouble you for the first time. Am the a bad lands a so called by the first explorers Cost trite an extensive Barren District in South Dakota and Nebraska Between the North Fork of the Platte and the South Fork of the Cheyenne River. It is an arid treeless Region lower than the surrounding Prairie country. Geologically it is of the tertiary formation and contains Many Fossil Bones of the Rhinoceros and other Large in. Steam them to make Mem Light. To the editor of the Globe i will say to n. W. F., of she will steam her dumplings Over the Stew for 15 minutes instead of putting them into it she will never have heavy dumplings. My Rule la i pint flour in teaspoonfuls of yeast powder Aud mix with either milk or w a or. 8. A. C. More dumplings. To the editor of the Globe some one asks How to make dumplings. Here is one Way take a pint or quart of flour and sift in Cream tartar a for biscuit. In a Little water Dis solve soda Salt and Nae water to mix no shortening of any kind. Make quite stiff and Roll and Cut in desired shape. Have the Stew boiling a and Cook until done As doughnut Are. I have Given this receipt to Cooks in Large hotels in Newport and Saratoga. One most have a Little gumption of their own they will be hard of rolled too Long. P. Quot be of Stew in to the editor of the Globe to make dumplings allow one teaspoonful of baking powder i always use Royal As it can be deluded on to each cup of flour add very Little butter for shortening and mix As soft As will allow shaping them like biscuit. Do not Cook them in the Stew but steam in a perforated Steamer make Only in time for serving As standing before cooked or after detracts from lightness. Have made them by this Rule Many times and they Are so Light that a draft would almost lift them from the dish. Do not put them into Ste Stew except As each person la served. S. E. H. His worship. To the editor of the Globe Tiease let me know How the mayor of Cork City ire., is addressed whether simply a mayor Quot or lord mayor a s. The mayor of Cork is addressed As a the right worshipful the mayor of there is but one a lord mayor la Ireland the lord mayor of de. _ French spoliation. My father died having a Large estate. In his will there w As no mention made of the claim against our government arising from the so called a French spoliation claims a As he considered it worthless. There were eight heirs seven had their portion the one remaining was residuary Legatee. Does the last named inherit the full claim of All conditions of will were fulfilled h. The residuary Legatee takes it. No Lien on the machine. A woman rented a room from me by Che week. While there she bought a sewing machine i understood on instalments. She Lait without paying her rent and left machine in room. An agent called for machine last week. I refused to give it up until room rent was paid. Ivill you please inform me of i can hold the machine for rent or charge storage l. A. S. You can to hold the machine against owner of it and could not hold it for rent anyway. Editorial Points. This horse of mine has but just two faults a said a Yankee Farmer at a cattle show. A in the first place he a darned hard to Ketch and in the second place a Ter you be etched him he ainu to Wuth a or. Blaines brazilian reciprocity capture turns out to be about that kind of an animal. Nearly four generations of French spoliation claimants have waited sighed and died in anticipation of a settlement and now it has come after nearly a Century. Justice seems to move at a cold molasses Pace where there Are no politics in it. The democrats of the Maine legislature shed Lustre on democracy by their heroic efforts to pass the ballot Reform Bill. The voters will Reward them later. Comstock should suppress the Mckinley Tariff. In Many sections notably in furs and lumber it discriminates in favor of what is no wonder the boys Are deserting the farms when a Good industrious band can make $3500 a season As a base Ball Pitcher. As was to have been expected the dec Hon of Gen Palmer As United states senator from Illinois has caused him to be a a mentioned for the presidency. But As he is 75 years old the mention will probably go no further. The same reason that disqualifies Allen Cranberry Thurman disqualifies John Mccauley Palmer. Gov. Morris of Connecticut should appoint the same fast Day As sex gov. Bulkeley. Then democrats and republicans can last together by eating the usual Good dinner. It is pretty Safe to predict that the Hon. Henry Watterson will never be postmaster general in the Cabinet of president Hill. It is a pretty Small politician nowadays who Hasni to got a Little secret presidential Boom packed away and waiting for emergencies. After the new Navy has been built perhaps it will be Weirdo provide it with some officers and Crews who will know enough not to run it ashore. Discharge of mortgage. A Man holds a mortgage on my veal estate which at maturity of note i pay in full receiving in return note and mortgage with endorsement on mortgage in writing that it has been discharged of record with Date and name of registrar of deeds Given. I wish to know if this is a Good discharge in Law Marlboro. The mortgage has probably been discharged on margin in which Case it is perfectly Good. Yes sir. If a Man emigrating to this country with a family of Small children takes out his papers of citizenship before any of Iii family attain the age of 18 or 21 years will it entitle his children to citizenship without their taking out papers r. M. Recount of votes. A town holds its annual meeting under the australian system. After the election of town officers which does not Complete the warrant the meeting adjourns Tor one week. I wish to petition for a recount of votes. Does not the two Days allowed by Law to file such Date from the end of the adjourned meeting and not from the first Day of said meeting do Josed. I should say it was two Days from the election of the officers and not two Days after the adjourned meeting. The statute says. A within two Days next following the election in a town of town clerk a Etc Quot if not Why not a a is there duty on lobsters from foreign ports if not Why not Fisherman. An inspection of the Mckinley Bill shows that fresh fish Are charged three fourths of one cent per Pound but the products of american fisheries Are free. _ he can claim one half. Will you inform me of a Man can claim any of the savings of his wife after her death while there is a child living who is of age now the Man not having supported his wife or child for fifteen years r. R. J. An old Beau. H. Curtiss in new York Sun a what if i choose to sit alone and scan these printed pages or gossip with your chaperone who nearer to my age is than you whose laughter alls the car and reaches me As from afar by slow and easy stages the Belles and beaux of �?T62, though doubtless Wise and witty of theatre parties never knew bound for tile Quaker City. Aud i a relic of the past for deeming them a trifle fast. No doubt have earned your pity. Although Quito out of place i seem done to think that i regret it just let me sit in peace and dream somehow we grate and yet it is not because you seem too Gay but that in a growing old and Gray and cannot quite forget it. Fond girl that flitting by my seat some joke no doubt intending gives me a smile As Bright As Sweet her Way then Onward wending i see within her pretty Eye the image of her Mother Rise and just above me bending. It brings me Back the Long ago and when and where i met her in All her girlish Blush and glow a. How i still regret her but she was Rich Aud i was poor while time and absence bring a cure i never shall forget her. The youth who in Yon cushioned chair a Yawn attempts to smother no doubt considers you As fair As i once thought your Mother. But you Are Rich and so is he. Between you need no parting be and you May love each other. Grand literary Fine Art feast for our subscribers. The to Are enabled to offer a Moat unique and attractive combination by which All of our subscribers can secure a copy or reproduction of that famous picture Quot Christ before Pilate a kit be. The original is said to be the most costly painting in the world postmaster general Wanamaker raid Over si00,000,00 for Munkacsy famous masterpiece a Christ before Pilate a sinuous of people in this country and Europe have travelled Many Miles and paid an admission fee to get a View of this remarkable painting and it has been the topic of conversation in hundreds of thousands of Homes for Many mourns. It is pronounced by critics to be the most notable picture Ever brought to America a masterpiece truly grand and wonderful As a work of Art beyond the Power of language to describe and Worth a thousand sermons As a moral lesson. All the colors in the original painting Are faithfully reproduced in this picture months of patient Earnest labor were required to engrave the stones and produce such a picture As we furnish yet the artists were instructed to be faithful and give the finest possible results regardless of expense and they knew full Well that a common pm amp be picture would not be accepted therefore the artists have made a picture that is accurate and faithful in every detail and have furnished an Ole graph picture equal in size and artistic Merit to pictures sold in stores for $10.00 each. Any person sending , which i less than the regular Price for the two papers will receive this paper one year and also that charming Home journal the ladles Home companion one year together with a copy or reproduction of this magnificent Hundred thousand Dollar painting As a free gift. Ladies Home companion Hus mow Over Haifa million headers it is published twice a month has is Large pages and is finely printed on Cream tinted paper illustrated with Many Fine engravings. It is a practical household journal of rare literary excellence every Page teeming with Good things for Mother and daughter. It la a repository of helpful advice for women in every sphere of life in fact All branches of household Economy that can possibly come within the Good housewife a province Are ably treated under the following departments practical housekeeping decorations and furnishings fashions t or what to Wear and How to made it mothers Clit fancy knitted work children a Corner briquette toilet department etc., conducted by Light regular editor and score of eminent writer. Description of the painting. The scene chosen for the painting is the a judgment Hall in the Palace of Pilate and the Bour Quot Early la the around the governor the priests ars gathered and the High pries Calap Bua is accusing Christ and demanding his death. The proud and furious bigot is All alive with excitement there is a majesty about his pose the it consciousness of Power in his look and gesture and something of dignity in the Superb audacity with which he draws Pilate attention to the execration of the mob who Are crying out a pc Nicloy him Aas expressive of the National will which the governor is Brand to respect at the same time insinuating that to let this Man go will be treason to Caesar As Well As a violation of the jewish Law which demands the crooner death for a making himself the son of Pilate is yielding to the clamor while his conscience Hided by lbs wife a message warning him not to c condemn that righteous Man is protesting in tones which make him tremble the Central figure. And the most impressive of alb is Christ himself Clad in White with flowing hair and bound wrists. He stands alone in the simple majesty of his own personality without sign or Symbol save his Lindl Vidov. Greatness. A heavenly submission is on his face. Received the picture part with it for a Hundred dollars. Christ before Pilate.1 Hundred dollars j. P. Harth Wheeling 111. Size of picture we Send 21 by 38 inches we Are delighted with the picture a Christ before Pilate a and it i could not get another i would not take is 0.00 for it. ,Concord,. I have an Oil painting that Cost me 825.00, and it is no better than Quot Christ before dams b. Robinson Elk Creek a. A companion to Christ before Pilate. Munkacsy a Ghrist on Calvary. The matchless excellence of our reproduction of a a Christ before Pilate a and its truthful likeness to the original painting agreeably surprised those who secured copies and the demand has been unprecedented. Thousands of letters of approbation were received Many of the writers expressing a desire that we should also reproduce the great companion piece a Christ on although a compliance with these requests involved an expenditure of thousands of dollars a corps of experienced artists were engaged for Many months in engraving the stones. No expense or labor has been spared to accomplish the very Best results possible insuring a picture equal to that of a Christ before pilates As a work of the death of Christ the redeemer is the leading feature toward which All others tend. Golgotha the highest Point on mount Calvary is where the eventful scene takes place. The crosses of Christ and the two thieves the holy women and St. John at the foot of the redeemer a Cross Are placed to the right hand Side of the painting. The High priests and pharisees Are turning homeward to the left whilst from the background in the Middle the curious crowd press Onward. They Are checked by the Spear of a roman Soldier. The Cross rises High above everything else. The redeemer whom fanaticism and vindictive Wrath have nailed to the Cross shines As if illuminated by an Interior Light j there is a Noble symmetry in his body and his face furrowed by pain is resplendent with heavenly love. Our offer Send us $1.10 and you will receive for one year the weekly Globe and also the ladies Home companion one year 841 numb reach copy equal in size Quality and amount of Reading matter to other illustrated papers that Cost copy or s t on a year. And every paso accepting this offer will receive postpaid a copy of the grand picture Quot Christ on Calvary this offer is extended to Aee our subscribers. Renewals Aswell As new Kames. Subscribers Shose subscriptions have not expired or those recently renewed Are privileged to accept this Del Kat offer in which Case their term of subscription will he extended one year. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Wall paper Given away. At the Globe protects its subscribers from another Trust and helps them to beautify their Homes. It is not necessary to buy costly stuffs with laboriously worked designs or to Fresco or paint the Bare Walls of a room in order to make them pleasing to yourself and your friends. Art has expended so much thought and skill upon Wall palier and secured such Rich effects that you can cover Bare Walls with paper and make them vie with the most expensively decorated ones of your neighbor in artistic value and attractiveness. And you can buy wallpaper of the Globe a Price so Low that there is no longer any reason for having the Walls of any room unfinished. You can receive samples from which to select a desirable pattern and order from the pattern without the trouble and expense of a journey out of town. These Wall papers Are out up in three bundles Only and include enough Yards to paper a room that does not have any doors windows in it and there will be no deviation from the following sizes no. I contains enough paper to furnish a room 11x9x8, or 320 Square feet in All. This is the Ordinary Small room. No. 2 will paper a medium sized room of 14x11x9, or 450 Square feet. No. 3 will paper a Large room of 18x14x9, or 576 Square feet. Prices Are As follows lot no. I $1.75. Lot no. 2, $2.25. Lot no. 3, $2.75. These prices include a Border nine inches deep. The paper will to sent by express the charge to be paid by the purchaser but orders of $25 Aud upward will be sent free to any railway station in the United states. By getting up a club to buy Wall paper you can take advantage of this and save express charges. With each order will be sent Complete and explicit instructions enabling any one to prepare the Wall make till paste and hang the paper As Well As any Workman can do it. No orders will be received unless the subscriber has sent for samples and selected a pattern or patterns. To receive samples every subscriber must Send 5 cents to prepay postage on samples. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. About searching clothes i had a a new girls a Short time since and chancing in the laundry saw her preparing to hang out her clothes without searching. Says a writer in tile ladies Home journal. Now. I had always been accuse syrup of figs produced from Hie laxative arid nutritious juice of California figs. Combined with fuel medicinal Virtues of plants known to be most beneficial to the a mail system acts gently on the kidneys liver and bowels effectually cleansing the system dispelling cold and headaches and curing habitual turned to searching dresses underwear. A i hoi it 5 bluing asked her when she starched the clothes skirts etc., in were taken from the Bluin de starch when they sol water. A not until they Are dry May am that is the Way i have been i Only said Quot very Well a and waited the result. When the clothes were Well dried she took her bowl of starch out into the Yard took Down the garments to be starched one by one starched them and replaced them on the line. I have found that this method requires but Little More time or labor that considerably less starch is used and the starch never Sticks to the Irons a she triumphed a Globe Reader contribute the Story of a thrilling tragedy to the editor of the sunday Globe he held in her right hand a gleaming Dagger like weapon in Ber left she grasped a highly polished cylindrical piece of mechanism. There was Flash after Flash of determination glistening from her Eves. Her bosom heaved like a surging wave of the sea in fact her whole attitude portended some great undertaking and such was the Case. Her Rosy lips were seen to compress then with a flourish of her steel Blade it quickly descended and plunged into the instrument in her left hand which was seen to diminish in length As piece after piece flow from one of its extremities with fearful rapidity scattering in every direction. But this great tension of body and mind could not Long hold out. The agony is Over As her whole being appears to relax and the Blade Falls from her hand. She gives a sigh of Relief As she views tile result of her efforts. She has succeeded m sharpening a Lead Pencil. George fish. South Boston March 8. Why Whittier blushed. The poet Whittier who even in his old age is As bashful As a girl was once embraced and kissed by a Man in a crowded Boston parlor. The incident is told by Rev. Carlos Martyn in his Quot life of Wendell Dom Pedro of Brazil on his visit to Boston in 1876, expressed a wish to meet or. Whittier with whom to had corresponded for Mony years concerning poetry and slavery. A notable bostonian gave a reception to the emperor at which the poet promised to be present. The emperor was conversing with Wendell Phillips when the venerable poet entered but he immediately Rose threw his arms about the blushing Quaker and kissed him on both Cheeks. Then seating him on a sofa he placed himself at the poets Side and chatted with him for half an hour. About right. Chicago Tribune teachers a Tommy to what race do the people of this country belong a Tommy with a prodigious Effort of the memory a a to the caucus Siuy race a Chance to buy spoons that look like Silver will last As Long As Silver and that every one will recommend. By arrangement for a limited time the weekly Globe is enabled to offer subscribers Only an Opportunity to secure Beautiful and durable spoons that cannot be distinguished from solid Silver spoons except by an expert. They Aro made by the Oneida Community of a composition Metal that will take the place of Silver largely in the manufacture of Silver goods when its qualities become known. They Are subjected to the most severe tests without discovery of their nature. These spoons represent the Plain Silver spoons that in the Good old Days were made out of Silver dollars. They Are thin with Square tipped ends and May be engraved with the initials of the owner. For a limited time these spoons will to sold to subscribers of the weekly Globe at $3.30 per dozen Plain by registered mail $3.80 for initials of two letters on each spoon and $4.05 for three letters. A half dozen Plain will be sent by registered mail for $1.80, with one or two initials for $2.30, and with three initials for $2.55. Orders for a half dozen Are preferred by the makers As it gives them a wider held from which to gather Public opinion. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Old maids Paradise Dakota is the place for women who Are anxious to marry. Chicago evening Post he looked like a Farmer As with his pantaloons tucked in his unblocked boots and his Large White Slouch pushed Back on his head revealing the entirety of his rugged honest countenance he walked into the Tremont House this morning and placing a old fashioned Home made carpet bag Between his legs asked clerk Cobb if he could have a room. And when after registering his name and address John Austin. Bismarck n. got into conversation with a hotel Lounger he said that he was a member of the Farmers Alliance. A there is one thing a said he Quot i know the Alliance should have put into the platform. For Dakota needs such a plan and that is an invitation or something of the sort to get women to come into the state. Wended water and Money out there bad but a the honest old Granger slapped the Lounger s knee by Way of emphasis a we need women worse. As tilings Are now there ainu to half enough women to go round. And until this is changed Dakota will never amount to much. Quot you see it takes Homes to make a Good state. A Man can go out there and break enough land to farm without a wife. But lie gets All fired lonesome after a time and when a bad season strikes him he gets discouraged and tile chances Are lie just packs up and quits. Now if he had a wife and Little ones to cheer him they would encourage him Aud most Likely in the end head come out All right. There s lots o women in the East. I hear More than then Are men and they want husbands i sup Poso. A now. They ought to go to Dakota. They a find husbands there. They might not be dudes or Bankers with full Aress duds and carriages but they a be hard working honest Fellows and they Are the ones who make the Best husbands. Yes Dakota needs women the worst Way. I know for i have tried to Hoe my own Row alone out there for Ive years and i have had a hard grind. But Lam All right now least Wise i will be soon for i Ain going Back to Ohio where i was raised to get married. There slots of complaint about Dakota i know but ii there were More Likely women oat there there be half so

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