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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - March 10, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The weekly Globe free to any one sending three subscriptions and $3.00. Subscribers a be either old or new sire Tho weekly Globe free to any one sending three subscription and $3.00. Subscribers May be either old or new vol. . To. Boston tuesday morning. March to 1891. Price five cents. For life and Fortune or Tom Starley a Winter in the Arctic. By Harry e. Andrews. Copyrighted 1890, by the new Vork press company Lisi it de. Chapter i. A hero left to die. Quot or. Larkins i ran get the speaker was a lad of 17 years who had been sitting silently in the Stern of the whaleboat. Quot you get ashore Tom Storley a cried the mate. Quot yes sir in a the lightest of the Crew. Let me a cheer burst from the men struggling at the oars. Quot let him try or. they said. Quot then lash Tho paddles to his feet a said Larkins. Tom Starley was the Only son of the Captain of the bark Cleone of new Bedford. She was what whalers Call a Quot spotter Quot and had come to Plover Bay far up in the Arctic Region in Pursuit of whales. Tom was taking ins first lesson in hurling the Harpoon when the great held of broken ice drifted Down upon them. They were overtaken by one of the worst dangers of the Polar zone. Tho Frozen particles were in too solid a mass to permit tile Progress of their boat but were not firm enough to Bear a Many a weight. The fated boat was not More to an too fathom As the sailors said from the Shore but the ice was forcing the frail Craft farther out to sea every instant. There was one Way to overcome the dread Force of Tho Frozen mass and Only one. That was for a Man to ret ashore with a line. This suggestion had been made by the Long armed grizzly old boat Steerer. Johnson. It had been hailed with derision by his companions. Quot who could get through that ice a jeered Larkins the mate in charge. Then Brave Tom Starley volunteered to try it. Johnson the boat Steerer hurriedly told him How to use the paddles. Quot god bless be Tom Quot said he Quot you re or oink to do Quot you must do it Quot roared Larkins brutally. Quot take the poke a said Johnson. He handed Tom a tight bag of Sealskin blown out with air like an immense bladder. Quot if you go through this will Bear you up and you can get on your feet again. Courage. Tom done to give it up a the Crew watched him with the strained look of men whose lives Are at stake. The old boat Steerer sitting in the Stem and paying out the line to Tom As he advanced was the Only Cool one among them. Quot the Young cubs doing Well Quot exclaimed the mate. Then a loud wild cry burst from them All. Tom had sunk through the ice and disappeared. A the poke will save him a said Johnson. To was right. In half a minute Tom was on his feet again and pulling out the line. Quot he can to stand Many such ducking Quot said the mate anxiously. Suddenly the rope grew Slack and every Man in the boat knew what that meant. A a we re lost a groaned Larkins. Then the men heard a faint cheer and they sent a mighty shout Back. A no a said Johnson paying out Tho rope Quot he a tip again and lie must be near land a moment later the boys voice rang out loud and Clear and then came a Strong tug on tile Lino. Quot thank god a cried the old boat Steerer a a Tom a saved with the Aid of the Rone which Tom made fast to a Boulder and after desperate struggles wit i their oars. Hie Crew of the Cleone whaleboat reached Tho Shore exhausted. But thankful. In their rejoicings they forgot tile danger which was still before them. Great Snow covered mountains trackless and desolate Lay Between them and safety. A come. Men strike out for Fillicaro Neys a ordered the mate hoarsely. In their efforts to walk the sailors reeled As if they were drunk. Not one of them could summon strength enough to go a dozen Yards. Toms wet clothes were freezing stiff. Ile stood shivering his lips tinny set. Johnson looked at Tom Aud tears came into his eyes. A come a cried Larkins. Quot we must tramp it to Quot can you stand the walk Tom a talked Johnson. A i must stand it a said Tom. A a it a sure death to stay a yes a said the boat Steerer mournfully Quot that a then he brightened up. Quot you re Good for it my boy a said to. A i see it in your Eye. Come on. Well All help you if you need a they guided their course by the Moon Tho stars and the mountains. All around them was a waste of Snow. Not a tree not a Shrub was in sight. Snow Snow everywhere and Only Snow. They Sank into it almost to their Knees at every step. They had to Wade rather than walk Ana it was a fearful test on their endurance. Tom was Tho weakest and worst chilled of them All. To held out bravely but tile time came when he could not take Ano Hier step. Johnson was near him and saw him fall. A up Tom up a he shouted. Quot in a tired out a said Tom faintly. A there Chris a said Johnson to one of the sailors Quot help me carry this boy for a Quot fools a cried Larkins. A a it Sall a Man can do to carry ins a but you leave Tom Here a a what else can we do a growled the mate. Quot its each Man for himself a yes a groaned Tom. Quot go on. You can to carry me. It la be death for you to try it. Goodby or. Johnson. Tell a a i Shane to leave you Tom. Cheer up my boy a a Johnson a cried the mate Quot i order you to move on. Done to be an idiot a a yes please go or. Johnson a said Tom. Feebly. A and Tell father that i did my Best. Goodby a Larkins and the sailors were grimly tramping up the Mountain. Two of them looked Hack hesitated then moved on urged by Larkins. A cowards a screamed Johnson his eyes glowing with indignation. He lifted the boy in his arms and staggered on. Tom bore Down on him a dead weight. It was too much of a Load for the exhausted Man. He had gone but a few rods when he stumbled gasped and fell. He Felt a drowsiness stealing Over him and his sight began to fail. His hands and feet grew numb. Leaving the boy he groped up tile Mountain a few Steps farther turning first this Way and then that As if confused. In desperation he tried to shout to the men who had gone on. But could not speak above a whisper. Blindly staggering along lie stretched out his hands As if feeling for something then Sank Down without a struggle. All was still on the Mountain Side. Larkins and his Crew had wound through a pass among the snowy ridges and disappeared. Chapter ii. Returned without the boy. It was late in tile next Forenoon when tile men on the Cleone lying at Anchor in Plover Bay saw foul of the native canoes approaching one of them steered by Pullicar Ney the native chief. A thank god a exclaimed capt. Starley turning his Glass upon them Quot Tho mates Crew Ara Safe a tile canoes rapidly Drew near. They were made of tanned Deerskin skilfully stretched Over Light wooden frames and were Large enough to hold four or live persons each sitting on the Bottom As in a Birch Canoe. Tho natives were tall athletic Fellows dressed from head to foot in skins a Long sack reaching almost to their Knees tight leggings that did not come quite to the hips Skull Caps and moccasins All of Deer or Seal skin. They All scrambled aboard the ship headed by Larkins. A a you be Given us a big scare. Or. Larkins a said the Captain and then a strange look on the mates face caused him to turn All Well i Hope a lie added nervously glancing at the men who were tumbling up. Quot in be sad news for you capt. Starley a said Larkins steadily. A a where a Tom a demanded Hie Captain. A lost on the said Larkins. Quot Tom lost a groaned the Captain. Quot yes. Sir. Ile wandered away from the rest of us lie and Johnson. The first thing we know we could see nothing of a we All had a pretty narrow escape a Larkins went on. A we were nearly dead when we arrived at Pill Carney capt. Starley was nervously pacing tile deck mud did not hear what Larkins was saying. He turned to the second officer. Quot or. Noles. See if you can engage a couple of dog teams from these Quot ave Aye Quot i want them at once. Men who will Volunteer to go Back with me Over the mountains a Quot i will a cried Chris Longren the norwegian. Quot i will a responded half a dozen voices. A a it a Folly a said Larkins. A Tom and Johnson must be beyond Quot silence Larkins a roared the Captain. A i want four of your men to get ready at once. Prepare for a Long Quot All right. Captain Starley a said the mate sullenly Quot if you think its Best to try it ill go with you to show you our a not a step you la stay and keep ship sir a Larkins looked for an instant at the captains flashing Eye and then walked off. Quot very Well a he sneered. Quot i can afford to let him snub me. In be won the Pilli Carney a two teams m Ere ready for capt. Starley a expedition when it reached his Village of Deerskin huts a mile Back from the Shore. Eight dogs were attached to each of Tho sledges with harnesses of Walrus hide. With native Drivers cracking their whips Over both teams the party started Over Tho mountains retracing As nearly As possible the route traversed by the sailors the night before. Capt. Starley a keen eyes swept the dreary my Aste of Snow As they skimmed along. He said nothing hut evidently had a faint Hope that the search m Ould not he in vain. Quot Longren Quot said he a you see that the Drivers keep As nearly As possible in your old course and the rest of you Felious watch Tor Breaks in the Quot it was just As we struck into the other Side of this pass that we lost sight of Tom sir a said Longren As the Advance Sledge entered a narrow defile Between two Heights. They had been travelling at a Trot for nearly half an hour. Quot probably Thorn said the Captain. Quot Tom and Johnson failed to find the pass hut wandered up the Mountain Quot no. Sir a said the norwegian Quot in a sure they never entered the capt. Starlet was restlessly my talking up and Down the deck that night when a Man came up to him. Quot can i see you alone sir for a minute a a hello Chris yes Corno Quot capt. Starley a said the norwegian a i deserve to he Quot Pilli Carney uis Hesto see you Tjie Captain hurried on deck and found Hie native chief with a dozen of his followers. Quot Here Jock a said the latter hailing one of the Kanaka Sandwich Island men mho had made several voyages to this Region and had picked up considerable of the Mes Sinka language. Quot Ste if you can find out what this fellow Quot he say Captain he want cow cow Quot How much does Tho Rascal want a Quot some bread some Calico and a the biscuit the cloth and the gun were brought out. Pilli Carney a men at once loaded them into their canoes while tile chief remained Iii the Waistband talked with Jock. Quot he say. Sar. That Tom alive and Well a said tile Kanaka. Quot thank god if that a True Quot where does lie say he is a a Good Many Miles off with another chapter Iii. The ice closing on the ship. All night Long the Captain tossed sleepless in his bunk almost crazed by thoughts of Toms probable Fate. There was very Little to give him courage. The Only Straw that he could clutch was Pilli Carney stale. Poor support that. Quot capt. said Hie mate the next morning a a la to some important tile Captain Felt his heart jump. Quot what is it or. Larkins a he asked. Quot the natives Tell us that the ice is closing up fast around the Mouth of the capt. Starley a face fell. Quot is that All Quot he asked. Quot that Sall said the mate crisply. Capt. Starley stepped Hack and glanced at the thermometer. It had fallen considerably during the night and was lower than at any time Sinco they had beep in Plover Bay. The Captain retired to his Cabin. Larkins report Only confirmed his previous fears. He must make a prompt decision for unless they should Clear before night impassable barriers of ice would lock them in and they mus spend the Long Arctic Winter at Plover Hay. That would he almost bidding Defiance to death. But Tom it was almost impossible to believe that his boy had perished. How could he go off while he had a Shadow of a Hope that Providence had in some Way saved the boy and yet lie owed something to the men in his charge. Their lives m Ere at stake As Well As Toms. Quot or. Larkins a he called looking out on deck. Quot Aye Aye. Quot pass the word to or. Quot Aye Aye in a moment the Steu Ard responded to Hie summons. A whom about our supplies or. Downer a asked the Captain. Quot they re All right a How Long will they last a Quot of we must have two months stores on hand sir. They re holding out Well Quot Ansu ered the Steward wonderingly. Quot is there anybody aboard that a Ever m uttered up Here a Quot one of the Kanaka Lias Quot Send him into the Quot Aye Aye a Jock a asked the Captain when the Kanaka came in Quot did you Ever spend a Winter up Here a a yes sir once a Jock answered with a is Rug. A pretty Tough. Masny to it a Quot almost died a said Hie Kanaka. Quot what time did the ice break up in Tho Spring a Quot not till what you Call summer Cape la Starley. I done to know As i get it just right but i Wmk it july Dat what you Call it he a capt. Starley turned away to hide his agitation. Quot the fellow must he mistaken a he said under his breath. Quot it a now the last of october. It would to eight months wed have to stay hero and we stand he Shook his head and faced about. A you May go. Now said he. Iii a minutes he m ont on Board and Smy ept the horizon with his Telescope. He saw that although the Vicinity of Tho ship mom perfectly Clear tile ice was thick at Tho head of the Hay. When later in Tim Day he took another look about he was startled to find that Drift ice was closing around the ship. Just then the mate came on to the poop. His fac was hushed and he seemed excited. Quot Weil a asked the Captain. Quot what a you orders capt. Starley a said the mate. Tho ice is growing thicker every minute a chapter in. Found by Savages. Not More than five minutes after Larkins and his Crew disappeared in the Mountain pass leaving Tom and the old boat Steerer behind a dog team came scrambling up the Mountain slope. The team was driven by a boy who merrily cracked ids whip and now and then Sang out to the dogs in a High key. He had one passenger who was covered to the eyes in furs. As tins team us As nearing the pass the dogs suddenly sprang to one Side and nearly upset the Sledge. The Young Driver reined them in and brought the team to a standstill. Then lie jumped out to see my hat the obstacle was. The Ether occupant of Tho Sledge also alighted. It was a girl. She had Small features Long Black hair and delicately formed hands Ann m As clothed from head to foot in Hie fur of the Black Fox. They both Bent to the ground and exchanged a few my ords in the my Susinka Tongue. Int object til at had startled the dogs my of the body of a boy liaising the head and pressing Lier hands to the face Hie girl found that it was still warm. She placed her ear Over the heart it was faintly throbbing. Then they lifted the form into the Sledge end covered it with furs. Several hours afterwards Tom opened his eyes to wonder what world lie was in. To saw i Ralva and such strange things. Somebody stood Over him and was making him Swallow a hot liquor. His eyes closed again. When lie opened them once More and Felt his strength coming Back he san that lie was lying on a bed of furs surrounded by fur curtains. His Joy at finding himself really in the land of the living was so great that he tried to shout but could Only utter a faint cry. The curtains parted and a face looked in. It was Fig face of a Young mess Lanka girl of perhaps 17 years. Her skin m As dark but there was a red glow on her checks Lier face Mas rather Broad hut her eyes were Bright and Lier Teeth m Ere White and even she m As not ill looking. Tom smiled and she seemed delighted. Quot where am i who whispered. Quot Naina a said Hie girl. Tom did not know m Liat Sho meant and looked puzzled. Quot Naina a the girl repeated pointing her forefinger at herself. Tom concluded that tins waa her name. His next thought m As of Johnson. Quot another Man Here Quot he asked. Tile girl looked at him vacantly and then Shook Lier head. Quot its no use to try to talk my Ith her a thought Tom. Quot she does no to Knou a word of Tho the girl brought him a tin dish filled with a steaming Broth. Tom eagerly drank it. For he Mas ravenously hungry and it tasted Good. He was in a Large circular Lodge made of Deer skins. An old woman m As cooking Over a Stone pot in which Oil was burning. This primitive Oil stove had warmed his soup. Directly Over the stove Mas a Hole in the skins to let the smoke out but much of the smoke Mas inclined to stay. There urns nothing that resembled a chair in the Lodge hut three or Lour tin pails Hung from a pole. A Largo Slimy pan Mas securely fastened to the Wall of the Lodge Bottom outward and evidently was used As a Mirror. Tom knew that trading ships brought these things to this part of the world and sold them to the natives for valuable skins. He was so nearly Frozen when found and afterwards Felt so weak that he passed to Days in bed. Without any ambition to leave it. Naina and her Mother mailed on him carefully by turns. On the third Day he Felt stronger and he thought he would look out of doors. One of his feet still pained him very much but he arose and hobbled around trying to find an opening. The old woman placed herself in front of him and pointed to Tho Couch of skins making at the same time a queer noise. Hilo looked pleasant but seemed to command him. Suddenly Tho Wall at the Lodge in walked a Man. Short fat Swarthy and fur Clad. Naina came up took Tom gently by the Arni and led him Back to his old place. Quot a a Erli aps this is All right Ana perhaps it Isnit a thought Tom. Quot i done to know whether in a in a Hospital or in a he racked ids brain for a Way in a hich to make these Savages know he was and where he wished to go. It occurred to him that they must know that the bark was lying in Plover Hay. He wished he had a piece of paper and a Pencil. He thought he could draw a picture of a vessel that they m Ould recognize even if lie was not much of an artist. Why he Cut out something of the sort with his Jackknife to could if there was anything to work on. He might scratch a sketch on the Bright tin Nan that ii Ling against the mall hut m Ould they permit it he would try it at any rate. So hobbling across the hut. To began work on the pan. When he had draw n a rude picture of a bark lie stood off and pointed at it m Ith an inquiring expression on ids face. The Messina family looked at him Mon Der Ingle. With a queer expression Hie Man stepped up to Tom and took the knife from his hand. Iii held the knife up and directed tile attention of the family to it As if it Mas something very remarkable. Evidently lie thought there must to some supernatural Power in a knife capable of making picture like that. Tom thought he was making very Little headway in his efforts at pictorial conversation. A rustling sound attracted ids attention and lie saw that another Savage had entered tile hut. The latter at once began to talk to Nainar a father. Then they looked at him and Nainar a father grew excited while Nainar a face Grem hushed. Site joined busily Iii Tho confab and As she looked at Tom Tho hush on her face deepened. Quot something up a thought Tom. Oho of the Savages looked at Tom then pointed to tile pictured ship on the pan Bottom Aud maven his arms backward and Forward. An alarming suspicion entered Tom a head. What did this waving of Hie arms mean was Tho Savage trying to Tell him that Tho bark had spread her sails and gone off Tom knew that the season had grown late and that tile ice must have formed very rapidly in the past Fen Days. What if his father had Given him up As dead and had cleared. The thought made him tremble. With an eager inquiring look to pointed in the direction in a incl he supposed the sea Lay. And then to the picture on the pan. The Savages grinned and Shook their Heads. Toms heart Sank and his head grew dizzy. Quot gone gone who shrieked in desperation. Forgetting that they could not understand him. For a moment they stared at him vacantly. A a worn Gorn a one of them chattered Parrot like imitating the inflection of ins voice As m Ell As his words. Tom fell faint then All about him began to grow dim. He m Ould have fallen if the Savages had not caught hint in their arms Aud carried him to hic hunk. Chapter v. Capt. Starley decision. A How much longer could we safely wait Here. Or. Larkins a asked the Captain. Quot not another minute sir wre shall have All m o can do to get out now. Unless you give your orders at once me la have to lie Here All Winter. Shall i put the men to the Windlass sir a Quot no sir. Put them into the rigging a Larkins was staggered by this reply. Capt. Starley looked at him steadily and grimly with a Pale. Strained face. Quot what a that sir a Quot strip the hark of every hit of Lier Canvas and Send Clown All her rigging and All Lier spars to the lower the mates face flushed and he muttered an oath under his breath that the captains Are caught. A emr. Larkins a he sternly exclaimed. Quot beg Pardon sir hut you see i a As so much taken Aback. Do you really mean to make ii Winter of it in this cussed Hole sir a Quot you will obey my orders and without any More with a darkened face Larkins turned and left the Cabin. Quot men a lie cried bursting into the forecastle Quot i is is an outrage a. The sailors stared at him and u cited for him to go on.,Quot i believe capt. Starley s gone he some political Points. Knights of reciprocity opposing Farmers Alliance. How senator Ingalls was shelved Hills trip to Georgia. Gov. Bulkeley a position some interesting notes. New York Mardi 7.�?a Washington special says that the organization known us tile knights of reciprocity m Holch sprouted from the soil of Kansas soon after tile election last fall As a counter irritant to the Farmers Alliance is about to Blossom Forth All Over tile country. One of the founders of the new order lion. Samuel in Peters in speaking of the organization said Quot the new order is taking prodigious strides. It is a secret organization and therefore the Public has not been made aware of its wonderfully rapid growth and development. The articles of Faith and allegiance Are a a desire for the perpetuity of the Union advocacy of Liberal pensions to All honorable discharged soldiers and sailors of the late War the Protection of american Industry reciprocity Between All Friendly nations or fair Trade especially with those nations on the american continent reciprocity also Between All classes in our nation including a Community of interest which should exist Between producers and Consumers Between manufacturers and operatives Between common carriers and shippers a fair Aud honest ballot and lastly the disfranchisement of every person offering or accepting bribes or attempting improperly to influence Tho ballot. Knights of reciprocity Are not confined to any political organization and Are not subjected to political tests. There Are now in the neighbourhood of 600 lodges principally in Kansas but scattered also through Nebraska Missouri and Colorado. Cut Throat mortgages. Mrs. Diggs tells Why senator Ingalls was shelved. Mrs. Annie Diggs who led Tho Light of the third party Iii Kansas against senator Ingalls appears to be a very smart Small person. She says the knights of labor and other organizations have practically joined hands with the Farmers. It is not the Farmers Alliance hut a distinct third political party which has been called the Peoples party. True it originated with the Farmers Alliance hut All associations for the Benefit of Hie Farmers Are coming in under tile original head of the Quot Peoples the latter is the name which will stick mud Mill to borne Iii tile National Campaign of 1892, my Hen we will undoubtedly have a National ticket in Hie Field. Quot when the Campaign opened last year mrs. Lease and myself went on the general lecture platform. We were Able to do this As Hie Alliance had recognized w6men in Ali or sub alliances and had appointed them Quot what Mas the objection to senator Ingalls a Quot the great objection was in his not taking a hand in securing legislation that would relieve the depression among the Farmers. I began the crusade against senator Ingalls and by exposing his method s i hunk i succeeded in bringing tile Farmers who had been his Blind worshippers to realize How they had been duped. I sent to new York and had a photograph made of the sign of Tho firm of which senator Ingalls is president Hie farm mortgage loan and Trust company of 187 Broadway with a european Branch at Frankfort Germany and used it my Ith telling effect. I ii and samples of to my of circulars sent out by this firm inviting Eastern and european capital to be invested in the Cut to croat mortgages on Kansas _ Bulkeley and Hill. Goes. Hill and Bulkeley had a charming time not Long ago in dealing Mordy blows at the australian ballot. Bulkeley prevented the passing of any other Law in Connecticut than the one which Lias caused the present deadlock in the Quot Laud of steady Bulkeley at Ono time basked in Hie sunlight of Hills Friendship but noun their footsteps Are set indifferent directions. Morgan g. Bulkeley of Connecticut made a demand on gov. Hill. Thursday for the extradition of John Colbert accused of stealing a horse and carnage at Hamburg conn., feb. 24, and who is now held a prisoner at Carmel n. Gov. Hill refused to Honor the requisition saying he could not recognize As governor a Man who had neither been so elected by tile people of ins state Norm As so recognized by the highest legislative body of his state. Hill will be the gainer. His trip to Georgia will tend to Boom his higher aspirations. Atlanta ga., March 6.�?the proposed trip of gov. Hill of new York to this City to do reverence at the Monument to tile late Henry w. Grady May prove an important National event. Tile Monument will he in place some Day Tom Ara Hie end of August. The Georgia legislature m ill he Iii session and the assemblies of state conventions to nominate delegates to the National convention my ill Only he about seven months oif. Gov. Hill visited Georgia once before during the Piedmont exposition about to months ago. The state Mas at that time mildly devoted to Cleveland and under the cordiality of gov. Hills reception my As a Reserve which seemed to say. Quot this far but to tiling nevertheless at tile Irish american banquet Given to Gen. Collins at my hich the governor my As present when his name was mentioned in connection with tile presidency a scene of enthusiasm ensued in which gov. Gordon mayor Glenn and the entire party joined. The fact that he has consented to come so far to do Honor to a georgian who in life had been so popular As or. Grady will arouse an enthusiasm which cannot fail to have an effect. The presence of the general Assembly of Tho state will give the occasion a political character that cannot to avoided. Lost his Chance. Continued on tile third rage. Free Silver men will have none of Cleveland. Louisville by. March 7.�?Hon. Asher g. Candid congressman from tile Louisville District Aud Hon. W. T. Ellis congressman from tile second Kentucky District speaking of tile demo Catie nomination for Tho presidency or. Caruth said today that lie m As opposed to Cleveland and thought that lie would make the weakest of All candidates. A any nominee of Hie democratic party can carry the solid South. Hill can carry new York and Nom Jersey and Gray can carry Indiana. With these two leading democrats As candidates respectively for the presidency and vice presidency Victory m Ould he congressman Ellis talked at length. He said Quot i think that Cleveland a letter on the Silver coinage Bill eliminates him As a possible candidate for the presidential nomination. It my Ould keen him from carrying More than to o counties of the 119 in the state of Kentucky. Quot win on a free coinage platform Why of course we could. Carry new York sve would carry it like a Flash. I Tell you it is a question that is hound to have attention. The people demand free coinage and the democratic party cannot win if it refuses minor mention. Hops gov. Jackson of Maryland says that he m ill not appoint a United states senator for the unexpired term of senator. E. K. Wilson deceased. As or. Wilson dad been chosen to succeed himself for Tho term beginning March 4, next tile governor Mill make an appointment to till that vacancy should there he any necessity for such action. Returns from clerks of hoards of supervisors in 42 counties on All Spring elections thus far held in new York state with Alleghany Franklin and Washington not yet reported show that for supervisor the republicans have carried 481 towns and wards and the democrats 418. Tho same towns and wards at the Spring election in 1800 voted Republican 457 Aud democratic 452 and in 1889 the republicans voted 620 and tile democrats 964. Ten new my Ards and Tom is have been erected since last year. In the drawing for the Long and Short term seats Iii Tho North Dakota Senate yesterday Tho democrats were victorious. Lite even numbered districts Drew the Long terms and six democrats hold Over. Had the Odd numbered districts mop Only a single Democrat my Ould have retained his seat. Gen. Gordon United states senator from Georgia has joined tip Farmers Alliance. Twenty thousand Bills were introduced in Tho last Congress and about 2000 became Laws. The first Republican Victory in Rochester n. Y., for 14 years was achieved tuesday. Tile first Republican mayor in the history of Rome was elected tuesday and the i in in or rats carried Auburn for the first time in 45 years. Streeter a Republican my ill to the now i muted states senator from Illinois. A Washington despatch notes the fact that tile first bit of information which the new senator from Kansas sought Mas when he could begin to draw his salary. A poll of the Indiana House and Senate shows that Cleveland and Blaine Are tile favorite candidates for president. Reports from the municipal elections throughout Iowa on monday last show decided democratic a amp i a the Kansas Senate is keeping in session in order to tire out the House. On saturday la no Days of session for which Tho House received pay expired of the House holds out the members must Servo without pay but the Senate impasto Force them to consent a twist and Wall Street stories. Trick that will give the Novice More than a Little trouble. In performing this trick Tho Novice will according to the new York Herald meet my Ith trouble. It is called Quot twist and pass a and requires but two picks. One is the twist and pass. Placed next to Hie left hand thumb and held by pressing it against the hand and Hie other is simply secured by Tho righthand thumb. The trick is to Transfer them from one hand to the other and return them to their original positions. First m Ith the right forefinger and thumb seize the ends of tile other pick. The forefinger being uppermost then my Ith Tho left forefinger wind thumb seize the other pick the thumb being at Tho lome or end. It is absolutely essential that the latter Point should be observed because it is the key of the situation. In order to place the thumb in that position give the hand a Sharp upward half turn and then thrust the thumb Forward and downward until it meets Tho end of the pick. Grasp it firmly separate Tho hands and you will of course see that you have transferred the picks. In order to return them to their former positions you must reverse Tho process just described. If the directions Are not implicitly follow a de the picks cannot to transferred for they will catch upon each other in transit. If Tim trick is done my Ith dexterity the picks Are made to Exchange places almost As if by magic. It also heightens the illusion somewhat to Blacken one of the picks in order to convince your friends that there is no deception about the m Ork. Toothpick fun. Explosive raft and Monogram Are amusing results. One of the most picturesque of the tooth pick tricks is called Quot the explosive it can be formed says to renew York Herald my Ith eight picks in this manner first Cross two picks place another pick on top and hold the three firmly with your thumb and forefinger then insert another pick under the Twat the top and the get Plosive raft. Over Tho one in the Centre and do likewise with those at tile Bottom. Then the raft is half completed. Turn it around place another pick across Hie Centro and wedge two More Sticks under and Over the ends of those at the sides. Then them Ork is finished and the Little affair is ready to be blown up. Of course there is a great Deal of tension on the picks hut this must be released my Ith a lighted match. Apply the flame to one of Hie Corners and in a fam moments you will m fitness two Quot explosions that will rend the raft apart and hurl its timbers Iii the air. This my ill prove an unfailing source of amusement to tile Little ones whose deft fingers will probably have no difficulty in milking the Skeleton Liko raft. Next comes a the this trick consists of making Tho letter Quot Xland Quot Vout of four picks. This would he a very simple tiling to do my Ere it not for tile fact that the letters must he interwoven in such a manner that they will not fall to pieces my Lien they Are lifted t1ik Monogram. Up. It is done in this fashion hold one pick in the left hand place the end of another on it near the Bottom inclining it upward at an Angle of about 80degrees at the same Angle insert a third pick under the first near the top and wedge a fourth under and Over the ends on the right and the deed is done. With a Little patience and steady hand it is easily performed. Carr in flames. Two killed and Many hurl on the Atchison. Jacksonville 111., March 8.�?a frightful Accident happened this morning to Hie Jacksonville Southeastern train on the Atchison Topeka amp Santa be Road North of Havana which resulted in the Complete destruction of Hie express train which left Chicago at 7.40 saturday night for St. Louis. It was about 2.80 a. Iii. When Tho mishap occurred. Tile night was a dangerous one for travel the tracks being covered with ice. When a mile and a half beyond Havana the locomotive encountered a broken rail jumped the track and the whole train which had been speeding along southward at the rate of 83 Miles an hour plunged Over Tho embankment. One Man wast killed two fatally injured and several very seriously Hurt. Nearly All Hie passengers were More or less Hurt. The baggage car and the express car were completely broken up and piled on top of the engine with smoker also being badly wrecked Laid Over in its Side in the ditch. A terrible storm Winch m As raging at Tho time added to the horror of the moment. From the debris came tile cries and groans of the injured while men and women from the chair car and sleepers. My hich had escaped without great damage ran about in the rain terrified not knowing which Way to turn or How to Aid those who m Ere Iii distress. The flames did not Stop with the smoking car. But us ent on. To the elegant chair oar and Ute richly furnished sleepers which were soon totally destroyed nothing remaining except Hie trucks. The passengers Many of whom my Ere rescued with difficulty and several of whom had lost clothes and valuable baggage were taken to Havana and cared for until the arrival of tile Relief train. The loss of Hie Road is great tile train which was one of the finest leaving Chicago being valued at $75,000. Reminiscences dictated by old John Thompson. Humours of the Wildcat Days before Tho National Hanks. A snap shot. Puck Maud George please explain what you meant by telling Edith my eyes reminded you of a cats. George Why simply that to appreciate their Beauty one must see them at night. When everybody wanted Money just As everybody docs today. New York Herald or. John Thompson Hie publisher of the Bank note reporter and for so Long a character and an authority in Wall St., last summer dictated his reminiscences to he used in the Book Quot sixty years in Wall Street by John Thompson a that is to he issued after his death. To now lies extremely ill. Following Are tories of men and affairs selected from the reminiscences and Given just As or. Thompson told them i distinctly remember that panic having been already Avo years a Wail St. Broker. I m As just about then starting my Bank note and commercial reporter. The impression left permanently on my mind Mas that the chief cause of the panic was Gen. Jackson so specie circular a which commanded that All Public hands should lie thenceforth paid for in specie there had been such enormous Specula Hon in Public lands the operators buying them at $1.25 an acre and Selling them often at 20 times that amount in state Hank notes that president Jackson determined to Cheek it at least by making nothing hut specie receivable by Hie government for Public lands. Specie was so scarce that this knocked the Bottom out of All business. Of course Tho removal of the government deposits from Nicholas biddies hunted states Bank in 1838 m is a still Moro important and far reaching cause of that financial depression but the Quot specie circular began the awful breakdown of 1837. Tile first United states Bank like others a private corporation lasted from 1791 to 1811, the second United states Bank was established in 1816 and ran to 1836. Nicholas Biddle its Able president thou managed to have it continued under the same name As a Pennsylvania Bank lint it never again prospered and lie left it Long before its Complete collapse in 1841. Or. Thompson gave this account of his acquaintance with thexor Kingoff this Bank in its later years say 1838 and 1839 the business of Biddles Hank which was still trying to Rule our finance m As largely in cornering Cotton forwarding it to Liverpool and then holding it off the Market for an advanced Price. Its necessities at length compelled it to borrow whenever it could and it used its Quot Post notes Quot hearing an extravagant rate of interest often Loper cent. Payable 30, 60 and 90 Days after Date. And sometimes i think it used 6 months notes thus monopolizing Hie Money that should have gone into legitimate business operations. Ordinary borrowers could not obtain accommodations with this monopolizing Hank in Competition. This mus the first instance of a great monopoly of which i flail any personal knowledge. Jacob Little of Wall St. M As at that Timo the most prominent handler of currency and m As the head authority Iii giving prices on those Pennsylvania Bank notes. The old citizens remember what a great Man he was thought to he before his failure and How ids wife received visitors seated upon a til Rone. Jacob m As a very hold operator. The principal Stock dealt in then was that of the Harlem Railroad. Its fluctuations under the manipulations of Biddle and others afforded Amplo opportunities for making and losing fortunes. Little a Quot pile a at its highest $3,000,000, was thought to to immense and his downfall Shook the City. The strongest houses of Wall St. At that time were John Ward so co., prime Ward so King Comahig so co. And Dykers amp Alstine. Cornelius Vanderbilt was then running a Sloop Between Staten Island and Nom York City. John Jacob Astor was Tho richest Man in Hie City and Stephen Whit Ney next. About 1838 Moses y. Boach having owned the Sun for several year was organizing mall cat Banks in new Jersey Washington. Etc. I exposed his nefarious schemes Iii my Bank note reporter. To got Square with to lie attacked to in the Sun in in outrageous Way calling me All sorts of hard names. My lawyers told to that Home As liable for heavy damages and advised me to enter suit. I did so and employed Quot Prince John Van Buren the Brilliant son of Martin Van Buren to make the closing speech at Tho trial. When the Case went to tile jury they gave me All i asked�?$10,000�?without leaving their seats. Here is an illustration of the m a in which the redemption of the Wildcat or stump Tail Money was accomplished. I had the handling of in immense amount of it und sent my agents out to redeem it. I sent out my son Samuel and a clerk with a carpet bag full during Hie panic of 1854 and 1855. In his journeying my son came to tile town of Lafayette ina., having several thousands on the Hanks there. He had a colonel attachment to his name from Boi Iii on the staff of gov. Myron ii. Clark with that rank. So the daily papers of that town had it out the next morning that col. Sam Thompson had come out from old John Thompson of new York to clean All Hie specie out of Lafayette Hanks and the editor thought it Mould to a Good notion to give col. Sam a hath in tile Wabash Whoso water was not very deep but very Uret. My son saw Tho people nudging each other at the hotel tables in the morning and pointing at their Nom papers and eyeing him with Groat interest. Buying a paper lie found that a hat made him such an attraction my As tile following from Tho Lafeyette courier Quot we will assist in Nutting Tim gentlemen through a course of Hydro Pathic treatment in the Wabash and contribute to Purchase them a suite of clothes made from Tho extract of Pine and Goose Aly Sony although a Soldier a Man of War areal colonel afterwards general of a Mil i slip a concluded that Quot discretion was the better part of valor a and took Tho next train for Chicago. He there made Sale of his Indiana Stu entails at a fair Price. And left that particular collection to the Chicago purchaser thinking that Western men understood Eracli other and were better lined to do business my Ith each other than Eastern men wore to Deal with them. I had some singular experiences As a Coin broker before foreign coins ceased to to a Legal tender at rates fixed by tile lauds of Congress. Tho Laws of fell. 9,1793 Fob. I 1798 april to 1806 feb. 20, 1816 Mardi 3,1843, and May 22,1846. Regulated the value of foreign coins and Itiat of feb. 21, 1857, entirely and finally de monetized them. This diminished and demoralized the Coin Money und m As Ono cause of the panic of 1857. The Hanks were much addicted before that de monetization to paying their Coin obligations in English sovereigns and Fronch 20-franc pieces. Oneo a Friend of mind who was going on a european tour came to to for $500 in Gold. I told him that i m Ould get sovereigns for him and taking a $500 Bank note of Tho Union Bank sent my Porter for Tho Coin. That Bank was Only paying out sovereigns thou for specie demands. Tho paying Toller of Tho Hank took Tho note Ami. Putting it under a weight said to the Porter a Young Man i will get Tho Gold out for tills some time before 8 of clock. It m ils then Only a Little after to of clock. The Porter brought me this reply. I wont to Tho Bank and formally demanded payment it once As nominated in the Bond. I received the same answer As my messenger and. Moreover the Toller refused to return Tho $500 Bank note Clanning that the Legal limit of time my within which to was obliged to hand out the Coin for the note Mas Quot by 3 of clock a As m Ould he Tho Case with Ordinary commercial obligations of individuals. I sent for a lawyer and Laid the Case before Bim. He proposed to enter suit at once. I objected As that m Ould i thought he unnecessarily and illegally tying up the $500. To my loss and detriment. Tho lawyer seeing that it was an interesting and important test Case at once Drew his Check for $500 and handed it to me my Ith the remark Quot there that will keep your Cash i then told him Togo ahead my hich lie did. After live months the Case came to trial and Hie jury to my astonishment gave Fife Case to the ban in. We appealed to a higher court. The jury verdict was superseded and a new trial ordered. The Case was tried by Thomas j. Oakley then considered the soundest Legal mind in Tho country. In charging Hie jury the judge said with emphasis Quot gentlemen this is a very Clear Case. Tho Banks Promise to pay their currency notes on demand. The Union Bank was delinquent in claiming that this specie was payable at the Bank a convenience at any time before 3 of clock. The Hank must he held to its Trio jury without leaving their seats gave to the Case the Hank to pay Tho face of the note and interest from tile Day of presentation Aud Legal costs. This m As an important decision a it upset the theory that a Bank unto could be met like commercial paper Quot any time within bunk the Promise to pay on de Mand must be met on demand without any move than a reasonable malting at the Leavitt president of the american Exchange Bauk was about the most prominent Man in Wall St. When the m a broke out in 180t. I remember him Well As i had much to do with him. He m As a remarkable Man and a striking figure on Tho Street with his White Cravat and his Long White hair behind ids ears. His naturally austere appearance was enhanced by his habit of taking snuff then quite fashionable. His nostrils Linda scornful turn up. And the snuff taking increased this tendency. Ile was quite imperious and know it. I once described i Tim in my reporter and made use of Hie word Quot Sua Vitye in the de scrip Uncle that last Congress voted away his All. I can tsp his Way Clear to Ray All those extravagant rills. To on. He said it w Asad right except and those maturing ends How will word As that characteristic urn not pertain j o to be Able to meet them ? to him. When Tho news of the fall of Sumter came Thoro was great excitement in Wall St. As lie Mas looked to As a Leader to crowd gathered in front of the american j Exchange Bank. I Mont out on the Steps j of Tim Hank and made a reassuring speech i to the people As to the stability of the Hanks especially his. But All Tho same j his Bank immediately suspended specie payments with the Vest. He my As a great Boss in Brooklyn owned j the ferry and the Brooklyn White lend j works and built the big House where Bowen of the Independent now lives. Hie White Lead reminds me that lie m As up to i Sharp tricks. There was a heavy Tariff on lend and none on works of Art. To snit Moulds of Tho busts of Washington and Franklin abroad and had whole shipload of Lead busts cast and brought them Here free As works of Art. We used to Call them Quot Leavitts this blight achievement has been wrongly attributed to William e. Dodge who had enough other Dodges to account for. My first National Bank of new York was the first Hank started under that system in this City and my application for a charter Washington March 8.�?How great Tho deficit will to with which the 52d Congress my ill he confronted when it meets Here next december is a question which no one can answer but that it m ill to enormous is generally conceded. Tile appropriations made by Tho Congress just closed amount in round figures to a billion dollars which is a Trifie less than $200,000,000 More than Tim appropriations of the last democratic Congress. If Tho Money appropriated is ail disbursed Tho Treasury will to left my Shont a cent More than that it nil i have incurred liabilities without having Tho Means to liquidate them unless resort is had to a new Issue of Bonds. The Only Way this can he avoided is by Tho executive departments ignoring Tim Manifest intention of Congress. Large appropriations ii Avo been made for Public building fortifications and other Public i is anti Tim Purchase of lands from the was Tim first Iii the country. I Hail Uphill j indians. By holding Hack the great bulk work at Tho Start Tim old state Banks ref these appropriations until the end of the fusing to let the Home institution into Hie i ,.arrent fiscal year the danger May be in a Clearing House. But they were soon glad i manner bridged Over. A Quot a r. Chase to and this was How it occurred. M had Given our Hank plenty of Bonds to sol it was the ten forties that we then handled. Consequently the other Hanks Mere often in debt to tis and had to Settle in currency instead of through the Clearing House. This came hard on some of the weaker Banks. Time and again they had to acknowledge their inability to pay currency and asked a Why done to you Settle through Tim Clearing House a. We replied Quot we cannot. A of pc blackballed us at t he Clearing Tho drafts coming Back to me unpaid. I would go to one of these Banks myself and say Quot of you have no currency let me see my hat checks on other Banks you have taken today. I will take it out of hoi picked out checks to the amount on some of the Strong Hanks and had Tho currency collected directly from them. After this had gone on a Idle the president of one of Tho Large Hanks came to me complaining of the Drain on his currency. I explained the situation and he said Quot look Here you just put in another application for admission to the Clearing House Anil i will see that you get i did so and was let in now unanimously. Again the old Banks absolutely refused to receive the National Hank notes at first. I will Tell you idiom i eased them upon that Point. Or. Spinner. United states treasurer ii and issued a draft on us for $10,000 to Riggs amp co. Of Washington. My Lio sent it Here to the Bank of America for collection. I having notification of this draft coming from that Bank i same an Opportunity to enlighten my conservative neighbors a Little. I told the clerks to carefully count out $10,000 in National Hank currency recount and prove so that they could swear to the amount. Then i said Quot when the draft comes Iii i m ill be at Tho desk Aud attend to it in _ a Quarter of an hour later in Rinmo the messenger of the Bank of America. I handed Iii in out the $10,000 package took Hie draft from him is quickly As possible and put it on the Hook As paid. The messenger presently saw the Point but Tim Point of the Hook was ahead of him. To said Quot i am instructed not to receive these National Hank notes in payment of anything.�?�,Quot can to help said i. Quot tile draft has been duly and properly paid according to act of Congress. You take these Hills to your cashier and Tell him what i Quot hell Send me Hack for the Quot to can t Liao it. The first National Bank of new York has duly honoured Tho draft. This Bank meets Ell its liabilities with promptitude and despatch and pays according to Law. Go Back and Tell your officers to read the Law concerning National Hanks and take it to their lawyer and let him read it. After that Yon will not find yourself sent Back for the to did not come Back. But other Banks kicked considerably. Yet National Banks soon became plenty. I encouraged them and soon there were 15 or 20. We were for a time a redemption Bank for them All redeeming their notes my Ith bankable Money. To their Bauk notes came to us thick my fast. On Ono occasion or. Hoyt treasurer of Tho Pennsylvania Coal company in making up his daily Deposit for the metropolitan Bank John Earl Williams president put in a package of National Hank notes. That Hank threw out these notes As not Deposit or. Hoyt took the Hank Book and hied him to president Williams presidential room in a very m Arm Frame of mind which he was at no pains to conceal. Quot what a the matter. Brother Hoyt a said or. Williams a you look Quot matter enough i sent National Bank Money on Deposit and your Teller threw it out. Now Here is my Bank Book. I want it written up and quickly. I have $200,000 Here with Vou Ann will take it to the first National Bank where they appreciate a Good tiling when they see it. A thereupon sturdy president Williams who had a mind and will of his own a took no counsel with flesh and blood or Clear big House. Hit Down. Hoyt a said he. A a done to get excited we must fix this tiling with you at All to Williams took the Hank Book and credited there Tho amount in dispute thus violating a Rule of the Clearing House but obeying the Law of the a hinted states. Hoyt came to me Aud told me the Story. Or. Snow Tho financial editor of the Tribune happened to to in the office and lie gave an account of Hie transaction in the next mornings Tribune. Two Days later All the Hanks were taking National currency. Another Story of that period. At Hie Bank of the Republic where i had occasion to Call at times the cashier said one Day Quot or. Thompson you assert that our Bills receivable Are payable in National Bauk notes according to act of Quot a tis not so. We Are not bound. I la bet Yon a hat we arc i replied Quot i leave the matter to your president if to will first read the we took the Law to president Lowry. He read it and scowled read it and scowled again and finally said a emr. Cashier give or. Thompson that hat a i had a curious suit about 1865. Involving the question of Tho responsibility of the Holder of a transferable Bond who is not Tho owner. I ii and bought some government Coupon Bonds Early in the morning which my Ere not at once delivered to to. During the Day it Mas noised abroad that there had been a Bond robbery and it was found that my Bonds were the ones stolen. Tho Man robbed knowing that they now stood Iii my name brought suit against me for their recovery or their Market value. When Tho suit came to trial again a Sapient jury was found to decide against me Whereat i Mas quite surprised. I of course appealed the Case to a higher court my Here a new trial m As ordered and i my on the Case on the ground that an innocent purchaser of transferable Bonds my to has not been notified of their being stolen before Tho Purchase is made must be protected. This Case established the fact that tile buyer of Bonds payable to hearer and transferable from hand to hand without registry As is the Case my Ith registered Bond shas no responsibility concerning them until they come into his actual Possession. K the total sum of Tho appropriations tremendous As it. Is. May Iii fact exceed the estimates. It is assumed that Tho sugar Bounty i 11 Cost a Triplo of $10,000,000., hut it May he double All the calculations Maie have thus far been merely Guesswork. It is notorious great As Tho pension appropriation a that it will not be Large enough to satisfy the demands Udow it. And one of the first things the new Hanna will be required to do will be to appropriate for the deficiency. Filly a meagre appropriation was made for the Public Printer Ami several other important branches of the Public service were left without sufficient Money. All these a cadences must to made Good by the next Congress. Next september 4�?Ts per cent. Bonds amounting to $55,000,000. Fall due. It Lias been Tho policy of both parties for a number of years to retire the debt As rapidly As possible and it is Safe to say that if there m As a democratic president in the White House my to had had his party at his Back in Tho last Congress this obligation would be m ined out but it will to impossible to do that now and the Secretary of the Treasury will have to Avail himself of the discretion vested in him and extend the life of these Bonds Tho Money which the taxpayers will be called upon to pay in the May of interest my ill he one of the monuments to the incompetence extravagance and corruption of tile 51st Congress tricks for Home use. Card and Coin Coin and Goblet and coins with water. Balance a card on the tip of your forefinger and on top of it place a Nickel. Hit Tho Edge of the card a Sharp horizontal blow with some object like a Pencil or snap it with your linger it you can do it directly Forward without tending to drive the card up or Down and Tho card will Fly away leaving the Coin balanced on your Finger. Third party in �?T92. Senator elect offer will act with neither party. Washington. March 2. A senator elect Puffer of Kansas or. Ingalls successor is ii Ere. Quot there will probably be a third party in the Field in 1892,�?� said Hie senator elect. A conference will be held at Cincinnati May 19 to consider what Steps shall retaken if any in organizing for Tho next presidential election. All Tho different banners organizations of the country except perhaps Hie patrons of husbandry and All the labor organizations including tile knights of labor Are expected to lie represented. The object is to unite All the working forces of the country. A another meeting will probably be held later and then a systematic Effort will be made to organize the my Hole country. Lecturers Are out now. Meetings will he held in every state Between now and next fall to organize tile Farmers and labourers particularly the Farmers. Quot i will act in the Senate with neither of the old said or. Peffer a except As Uliey favor tilings that Accord wit i my sense of duty. In ail matters on which the convictions of my party have been expressed i shall follow them. In All others i shall follow my own convictions of duty. I will never follow party for party a Sake. A r. Go if ii / / la i i 0 %0r j i then try the Coin and Goblet trick. Support a common drink no Glass upside Down on two Silver dollars on a table covered with cloth. Place a half Dollar within and ask the company to remove it without touching or disturbing the Goblet. This May be done by scratching the cloth near tile Glass. A deceptive Experiment is to put coins in water. Fill a drinking Glass to the brim with water and then ask the company How Many coins can be dropped in without spilling it Over. The guesses will All be too Small for a surprising number can be put Iii if it be done carefully. A Little practice with any of these tricks anti the Young beginner will soon become expert. Time for War to come. Gen. Butler draws inference from teachings of history. Washington March 2.�?Gen. Butler who has been in Washington a Good Deal of late believes tile time is approaching for the United states to have another War. To delivered himself of this opinion while discussing Hie Canadian question but declined to further connect the opinion with tile subject of conversation. When asked a do you think the country beyond our Northern Boundary will Ever be ours a tile general was not ready with a positive answer. Quot if it Ever is a said he a it will to in one of three ways by gift by Purchase or by Conquest. When we consider that in the vast country beyond the Canada line lies by far the larger part of tile fresh water of the entire Globe and that it is fully 40 per cent. Of the territory Over which floats the British Flag. Hie Man of intelligence will have some idea of the Prospect of our getting the country As a gift from England and lie will be instructed also As to the probability of our jotting it by Purchase. As to our obtaining it by Conquest that is a great question which men May study at their then Gen. Butler Drew attention to the fact that Ever since we began to have a history every generation has seen the United states engaged in War. Quot unless the inexorable logic of history is about to fail the time when we will have the next War on our hands is not far off with whom or about what it will he i do not attempt to say. It May be slow and somewhat out of time of coming but that come it Willis the certain lesson of All our history. It May solve the Canadian problem or it May not have anything to do with it. A ibo that As it May the fact remains tha the almost boundless country stretching northward from tile Canada line is a vast Empire of Superb climate great capabilities for Commerce and population a territory that is rapidly developing at tile present time and is bound to develop still More rapidly from this time Bacon at $10,000 a Pound. The Ai unfortunate experience of american Miner in Mexico. Chicago Tribune Quot no sir i have no use for Mexico a said Miner b. N. Drahzal. Quot it was to years ago when i purchased a strip of land near Sonora. Mex., 40 Miles from the Mouth of the St. Pedro River and 80 Miles from. Can an Ara. Quot the land was Good mining property and i knew if it were worked right i could make a Good Many thousand dol1 ars. I had $8ooo when i started to work and with part of tins i purchased mining implements pow Der Etc. For 18 months i worked alone at the mine drilled a Tunnel 600 feet Long through hard Rock Aud finally struck m�?That1 i m As looking for an arsenic ledge of ail ver. I had m worked sunday Christmas thanks Hig and figured out $40,000 in sight. All at once i Felt a craving for a bit of Bacon. There is no such Athing As mexican Bacon you know. Hogs there Nave to lean1 against a tree to Grunt. The duty in Mexico on pork is 70 per cent., and As i could get Bacon for 20 cents a Pound across the Lino at Orch Oville ari., i determined to ride Over there and get some. Quot i did it Ana enjoyed my Bacon but to minutes later tile mexicans seized me Aud confiscated my mine. That Bacon Cost me $10,000 a then he wont have it anyway. Ram Horn a correspondent is Iii doubt As to whether a he really has religion or not. He is advise to buy a Fountain pen

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