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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - March 17, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The Boston weekly Globe tuesday March 17. 1891. Synopsis of preceding chapters. Kinsch mls to and Newi Millis Contin and the his years of age Are on the throne of to Nohar. Gro line the scheming Minuter of agriculture Hopes to prevent their marriage. Ile i distinguished for Haring discovered the a a cosmic a Plant capable of taking the place of All other food which however the late twin Kings fathers of f Hamlon and malice bad forbidden him to cull h ate for fear of its Breeding his ties among the people. Groin in consult a sorcerer who advises him to give a Hower show in Kobol land Neutral ground a place in All sorts of unearthly people to which Prince Atto and Pron near list of an adjoining kingdom shall be invited that they May meet Millice and Shamion their marriage with whom. The Aore Erer a ugg Eata would quickly bring about family Dissen Lions that would give gremlins the Crown. The for Cerer secretly rejoices however that he has suggested a plan that will defeat Hiromune s purpose. The cosmic bean or the great show in Kobol land and what came of it. By Frank r. Stockton. Author of Quot in ii Der j Ratter a a the lady or the Tiger and other it Ort it. Chapter in the opining of the or k at show. On the next Day after the conversation Between Gromling and Tho sorcerer the whole kingdom of Sanobar was gorgeous with Many coloured placards announcing the great show in Kobol land. And very shortly afterwards the Walls and Trees of Nus Tyria were decorated with like Brilliant placards which the minister of agriculture sent Over the Border by the Wagon Load. The announcement created great interest and excitement and Early on the opening Day nearly everybody Iii the two countries who was Able to do so was on the Road to the Ihinger Glade. People on horses people in wagons people on camels elephants and on foot with Here and there a Man be striding an of or an Ostrich crowded the highways and byways leading to Lobol land. King Chamian. On a tall Hunter Rode boldly thither with a Little band of courtiers and companions while in a handsome Carriage drawn by four Cream coloured horses and followed by other carriages containing the ladies of her court the Young Queen Millice journeyed to the Flower show. From the capital of Nus Tyria came the Pri if is Lista on a wiry Bob tailed Steed with wicket Back turned ears and a Pace so Swift that her attendants were loft behind Long before she reached the dimmer Glade. And from that City came also the Prince Aero stretched at full length on a cushioned platform borne on the Hack of an elephant and busily engaged in the study of a Book of logarithms while an attendant crouched by him and held a Sun umbrella Over his head. The desire of this Princess and this Prince of Nus Tyria to visit the show in Kobol land i Tad been greatly increased when they heard that King Chamian and Queen Millice would he there. Although Atto and Lista i get i on god to a Royal family they were not heirs to the throne of Nus Tyria. And having hut very poor prospects in their native land would he very glad to make marriages which would bring them Good positions and fortunes Aud what could suit them better than alliances with Tho Noble Young King and Beautiful Young Queen of Tancoar Lista had never met Chamian hut she had heard of his deeds of horsemanship and athletics and Felt certain lie was just the sort of Man she would like while Atto knew All about Millice and was quite As sure that she would suit him As he was that she could not find a better husband than himself. Of Tho possibilities of a divided kingdom the vapor resolved itself into the form of a tall Genie who seated himself upon the divan crossed his legs Aud with a Bland smile inquired How she liked the country. As this individual had never been presented to her and for other reasons the Young Queen hesitated a Little before entering into conversation hut remembering where she was and that this was one of the natives of to soil site replied with her usual Courtesy and Hie two were soon engaged in a pleasant Chat. The Genie was curious to know if this was her first visit to Kobol land and How Long she intended to stay and with much animation lie told her of Points of Groat interest which she should not fail to visit before leaving. The Queen of the fairies paid a Royal visit to Chamian and he was so delighted with her that he said to some of his courtiers that if she were bigger or he were smaller he would give up his throne and ask to be made King of the fairies. Princess Lista Rode directly to Chamian a stables where she found a company of brownies combing and brushing Tho horses till they shone like silk. This greatly pleased lira and she was about to offer the brownies a permanent engagement Iii her stables but on second thought she concluded to wait and see How things turned out. Prince Atto had always doubted the existence of Griffins but walking near the Flower Pavilion he beheld one of these great creatures descending from the upper air and holding Between its fore paws a Large pot of chrysanthemums. Swooping Down close to him the Griffin said to Atto a will you be so Good sir As to take hold of one Side of this pot so that i can set it on the ground without shaking the Earth or injuring the mowers a Atte had never been asked to help any body to do any sort of work and his princely soul instantly rebelled at this request hut after a second look at the Griffin he took hold of one Side of the pot and helped the winged monster to set it gently on the ground. When the Mower Pavilion was opened it was soon filled with an animated crowd. The display of mowers and plants was so curious and wonderful that even Chamian and Lista who did not care much for such things were greatly interested. The first tiling that met the eyes of the people As tire Journet to Kobol land. The Prince and Princess thought not at All and in fact they gave very Little thought to each other and when they did. Atto wished that the King and Lista might break their necks together and Lista said to herself that if Atto would travel away with Queen Millice or with anybody else and go so far that she would never see him again she would be very glad indeed. Arrived at dimmer Glade the visitors found there a grand Pavilion erected for the Flower show while Booths and tents of venous sizes and colors decorated the Grassy Plain. A wide stretch of level land at the Tipper end of the Glade and nearly surrounded by Low Hills on which thousands of spectators could sit or stand was set aside for the athletic games. As the show was to last three Days Kings Queens princes princesses Rich people and poor ones pitched their tents far in and Down the smooth expanse of the dimmer Glade. Although the news of the show had created a great popular sensation throughout Sanobar Aud Nus Tyria the excitement among the inhabitants of Kobol land was even greater. The affair was so novel and promised to be so interesting that even the mighty giant Jig who Seldom ame out of his lofty Castle except to Hunt in the wild mountains of the Dorth declared his intention of attending the show. From the mysterious labyrinths of the dark Gorges came arites. Black shiny and with Stealthy tread. And from the mines and the Hills crept Many a gnome wondering what lie was going to see. As to fairies there was no end to them. The Queen Ana her court were there Aud nearly All her subjects. A troop of dryads took Possession of a Grove of Oak Trees near the Glade and among some High rocks at Tim head of a quiet Tittle Lake four sirens ensconced themselves with their harps. As Many of the Kobol Landers intended to exhibit in the Flower show and compete in the games these mixed freely with the other exhibitors and Lite visitors and it was not Long before a general air of sociability pervaded the Glade. Queen i Hico was in her Royal tent sip Bing a cup of chocolate when suddenly the u tit was tilled with a sort of Smoky fog so dense that she could see nothing about her. Supposing that the furniture had taken fire ii in about to cry Tot Iii Tinwai when they came in at the grand Entrance was a double Row of plants of the cosmic bean brought from Gro Mliner a secret greenhouses. I the Ripe Beans which mingled with the blossoms Aud pods in All stages of growth and Hung in astonishing profusion from the i tall plants were freely uttered to the visitors j and As these had a delicious flavor when eaten raw the people were delighted with i them and eagerly read the great placards on i which were printed the wonderful Virtues and advantages of the cosmic bean. Around the great Central space of the Pavilion and up Aud Down its Long passageways was arranged a collection of plants such As never before had been seen in this principally by arites the Long branches of which were trained to hang close to Tho ground and catch rats. Tilers were blossoms like great sunflowers each of which revolved on a Pivot and dazzled the yes of the beholders there wore egg plants the fruit of which could be hatched in the Sun and produced different sorts of barnyard fowls amt there was the ghost Plant misty and vaporous to the View through the leaves and stems of which one might pass his hand without injury to the Plant. There was the tourist Vine which growing under a Troe would senti up a Long shoot until it reached a lower Branch. Fastening itself would suddenly contract and pull itself up by the roots. World. The plants contributed by the Kobol Landers were far More curious than any others. The chrysanthemums brought by the Griffin occupied a conspicuous place. Its Flowers were As Largo As saucers and of a blood red color. Whenever the Plant was watered streaks of fiery yellow shot through the petals and a Shower of Little Sparks was thrown off in every direction. This chrysanthemum was labelled miss Sophia hypo grif. There was a very Odd Cactus which was exhibited by two brownies who had taken years to bring it to perfection. Every Quarter of an hour a Bud appeared on one of the leaves of this Cactus which grew and swelled for about two minutes when it opened and displayed a Large Cucumber Pickle ready to eat. In a circular tank was a water Lily exhibited by an elderly Mermaid. The leaves of the Lily which were Large Aud Laid Fiat upon the water were very hot so that food could he cooked upon them particularly griddle cakes which were made in great numbers by some Little Black imps who took a keen Delight Iii serving them to the visitors who surrounded the tank. The Mermaid herself never ate griddle cakes which might be inferred from the fact that she was elderly. The fairies contributed great number of Beautiful Flowers among which were the convertible blossoms. A Bud on one of these plants would open and disclose a Rose. In an hour this would change to a Marigold in aunt Lier hour to a chrysanthemum. It would then become a Zinnia a Tulip and so change hourly into other Flowers until at the twelfth i t rans formation it became an Immortelle and lasted indefinitely. Koto was a species of Dogwood grown a the four sirens Werb seated on a these would he drawn up and attached to the limb and the Plant would again Send i it its shoot reach a higher limb Ami draw itself up As before. Iii this Way it would climb to the top of the tree where attaching its roots to the Topmost Branch it would Send its shoot High into the air where it would seize on the first Large Bird that passed near enough arid loosening its Root from the tree would he carried to a foreign land. There were talking Flowers which said a Good morning a a papa a Quot Mamma a there were Flowers contributed by the Demon of the Glacier which looked like roses and dahlias and other blossoms but were really water ices of delicious flavors which when plucked for eating would quickly be succeeded by others upon the same stems. Besides these unnatural and curious plants there could be seen in this show every sort of Ordinary Flower the size fragrance and Beauty of which had been so increased that it could scarcely be recognized. King Chamian and Lista soon became of course Good friends and wandered together through the Pavilion and although they could not fail to be amused at the curious and wonderful plants they saw they were were impatient for the afternoon and the beginning of the sports. Millice walked by herself followed by some of her ladies and watched by Atto who intended to make Lii self known to her but wished to wait a Little in order to find out what sort of a girl she was. Gro line was near by. And seeing that the Queen amt Prince Atto were not Likely to become acquainted hastened to Atte led him to Millice and presented him. The Queen and the Prince had walked together but a Short distance when they came upon a Plant contributed by a Busty Rian Gardener which rivalled some of the productions of the Kobol Landers. He had grafted the water Lily the sugar Cane the cow tree and the fireweed upon a Tea Plant and when one of the Large cup like blossoms was pulled off and held under the end of Tho broken Stem it was speedily Lilied with fragrant and delicious Tea. Although Millice did not care for Many of the monstrosities she had seen this Plant attracted her and Atto was also interested in it for he was fond of Tea. After drinking two cups of the beverage an idea struck him Quot would you like a Plant like this Queen Mil flee a a i should like it very much. I wonder if the seed can he procured a Quot the Plant itself would be much better a said Atto. And turning to the Gardener he inquired the Price. One Hundred sequins your highness a replied Hie Man. Quot nonsense a said the Prince "25 will be quite enough. I will take the Plant and you can have it carried immediately to my tent a Quot rut your highness Quot said the poor Man turning a Little Pale Quot i have spent More than that upon it. And besides it would injure me very much to have it removed from exhibition at the very beginning of the Flower show. Without this Plant my collection is Quot take it to my said Atto who wished to put a pretty inscription on it and Send it to the Queen. Quot you have to be very careful with those follows a lie said turning to Millice Quot for they will cheat you the Young Queen answered not a word but. Stepping backward called one of her ladies and with her walked away leaving Atto standing by himself. The Prince was a Good Deal disconcerted by this proceeding and after gazing a few minutes after Millice. He said to ins Gardener that he could leave the Plant where it was for the present Asho might not want it and then walked away to consider the situation. Quot i have made a mistake a lie said to himself. A i have shown her too abruptly my habits of prudence and Economy. I must do something to make a Good impression upon by this time to had reached one of the doors of the Pavilion and he stepped into the open air. At the end of the Glade lie saw tile most Lively preparations going on for the games in the afternoon. Even now Tho people were leaving the Pavilion and flocking to the Hills to secure Good places. At one of the Best Points for observation lie saw that there had been erected two Royal stands. Quot aha a said lie to himself a the Queen intends to View the games. It might to Well if i were to take a part in them. Women even the Best of them Are so foolish As to like that sort of thing. But the trouble is i done to know How to do anything athletic. I have never engaged in such fatiguing and senseless exercises. But nearly everybody will be doing something Aud i do not like to be left at this moment he heard a sound like a great wind behind him and quickly turning lie saw the Griffin swooping to the ground. Quot i am glad to see you again Young Man a said the monster. A you were very kind to help me with that Flower pot so that i did not injure a Blossom of my Chrysant Leunis which will probably get the prize. I should like to do something for you. I suppose you Are going to take Dart Iii the games. How would you like to ride me bareback around the Arena. That is a great Chance for a Young Man and one Seldom Atto trembled in every Fibre. A ooh. I could never do that a he exclaimed. Quot i cannot ride bareback or even a horse and it would be impossible on anything flying through the Quot nonsense a said the Griffin Quot it is As easy and As Safe As winking you can stand on my Quot stand a cried Atto in horror. Quot yes a said the monster a Lyon will find that even More secure than sitting and it will make a much better show. I will curl my Tai High Over my Batik and make it As stiff As a bar of Iron. My Horny lumps will give you a Good footing and with your hands firmly grasping the upper end of my Tail it will be impossible for you to fall off. Good the thing is settled. I was looking Tea some one to ride me and you Are the very Man. You Are not heavy and i want to do you a favor. I will go now and arrange for our performance Aud at the proper tune i will look you up. So Griffin surged away through the air and poor Atto remained shaking in his boots. Quot Here will be a blood curdling Way of appearing before the Queen a he thought. And there a no getting out of it that winged monster will be sure to look me to be continued. The Winter tournament. How Western Pluck made a hero in an Eastern pitting school. By Adeline a. Knight f you go straight past the Young cities of Kansas Winch lie like stars on her horizon. You arrive at a certain old town Gray a a Diwi As a weep a a nest. And a a Gulden by a Light Ortr shining through a thin Cotton Shade you can find a room where a Man and a boy Are sitting together. And by the Brand new trunk strapped and directed and the most prominent thing in the room it is easy to see there is a journey in Prospect for somebody. A ooh ifs a Heap better Feryo Togo there a the Man was saying cheerily turning up Tho Wick of the lamp to see his boy better. Quot Fer one reason. There la be places where you can get to teach and look at them and he reached for the catalogue of Tho famous Eastern fitting school a catalogue which fell open of itself to the pages of Aid to indigent students. A yes but the boy at the other window gazing upon the peach Orchard did not care much for the catalogue just then. This was his last night at Home Humble but beloved for he had never known a better one. Steps had been coming up the Little walk All the evening and the neighbors had All called. Everybody liked Quot old Man Williams a and believed in the big awkward boy John who was All there was of a family. And now after All their kind wishes and his father s Chimp by speeches to them bedtime had come and life in Osawatomie was Over for some time not finally so for John yearned Over the shabby old Village and secretly resolved to come Back to it plus All the helps to being a Man and getting a living which lie could win in the fast. A you see. John a said his father coming Over to the window to him and gazing out with his son upon the Orchard. A a in a a wanderer from new England myself of i have been out Here nigh onto to years and you done to know How i feel that you can to have a Chance Fer one reason there a no Money out Here Ray son but you can have everything there by working for it. Corn done to sell for 15 cents a Bushel a it la Only be Throe years father a said John absently. A a that a so a and a Shadow crept across the mild Blue eyes and Ruddy face of the elder. He did not dare to think what the House was going to be without John. By the Sale of some Long held and highly valued Timber. And by close figuring John had i Chance of an Eastern education the Chance taking Tho form of a railway ticket a few new clothes and a Small margin. And Hie boy was not Cut out for a Farmer in spite of his big Frame or. Williams had everything pm John How he should Board himself and Williams had everything planned for have Money forwarded John inwardly resolving that he would never take another Dollar from his badly pinched father and above All How he should get help by scholarships. Quot there a chances there boy a said his caller. A Lyon put the shot today further than anybody but Waim. Get into training and you can put him in the soup. I Tell you you can. And that was a Good thing of yours with the Indian clubs John was surprised. He was fascinated with the great gymnasium of course and he spent All the time he could in it. But the time was Odd hours and he had not worked to Ratch the Eves of men. A you see Williams said Cash Craddock easily a a you la want Harvard Mast Likely. I do. And i expect to stay Thoro by my athletics. So can you if you please. Scholarships Are All very Well. You May get them. I can to. But i know i shall not have to leave College As Long As i am equal to the game i play a a Williams a said an elegant Young Man a Tew Days after coming up to John in the gymnasium. Quot the Fellows would like you in Smiths place on the tug. Training table at the Gorham after next week. And come and see Rhea tonight. In be a couple of very Good parquet seats. John flushed with pleasure. He was Only a boy and lie loved notice like everybody else. The boy before Bim was a senators son Clad in the finest used to the Best and lie was coming three fourths of the Way proud John thought. And then common sense came to John s Aid. And he knew that his old great coat would he queer in the parquet next Yancey a London made Ulster. He could not spare Hie time either. Evenings were grinding time for John. Thoro were two reasons for this notice from Yancey. Smith a valued athlete Bat a dunce had dropped in his classes so hopelessly that in spite of financial aids from the sporting men be bad been obliged to Retreat to another school. And Yancey dumbly thankful to John for certain furtive helps when they two stood up under fire in class together was endeavouring to Clear the account by nominating him for the tug. John was too excited to grind Well that evening and he thought Long and seriously of the tug and of other tilings. The training table was out of the question. He could not pay for the meals and he resolved with a Tourni Ngcheed that no one else should pay for them. And upon a diet largely Oatmeal and Cornbread could he train the Prospect made his Eves glitter for John had the Western boys push a a in a sound enough a said he to himself in conclusion. A i must take Myc Bance of giving so he went on into the Winter into colder and still colder weather for which his Kansas bought wardrobe was practically unfit through Days full of labor and nights devoid the tug of War. Father taking the Light into the a plastered bedroom which they had occupied together since the night of his mothers funeral two years Back. Quot there a chances there. For one reason. Because there a Money there was no time next morning for anything but hurrying to his train Winch slowed into town before Sun up and then for three Days was the wonderful Panorama of his own country spread Shinin Gly before him out of the car windows thrilling him that he belonged to such a Broad Laud. Johns trunk bad Cost something More than his father liked to pay but it looked cheap enough when the homesick fellow picked it out and begged its storage Quot till to Many were wanting things stored a still tomorrow that Hie baggage Man Felt justified in being very Short to John. Then the boy walked Down a Beautiful Street arched Over with thickly leafed Trees the fall Sun had begun to die to the principals Fine House where John wrote his name in a great Book and had a three minutes conference. Then up and Down but finding no Chance to work for his Board. During his hotel supper John kept his ears open. The tables were full of old students and new friends introduced to the messes. Quot there a no end of new Fellows this term a so there s no Chance for him at Abbott a said a Young Man at his Elbow Quot Well we be got to do something for him then or lie goes to Andover that Sall a replied a Pale fellow of superlative style pensively. A no end of poor a Fine Outlook. John Williams thought. But he had Pluck and after a Day or two got established in a Back room at a Dollar a week. In Tho intervals of grinding John reflected on ways and Means. But those intervals were mercifully infrequent. Never had he been pulled into such Swift Waters As these. He worked and toiled and feverishly dreamed but when the hour Bells rang and a Small army of Young men came hurrying from All parts of the town into the famous old rooms John found out the value of trained brains. He had entered the Junior class relying upon the latin and mathematics of the Meridian of Kansas. But he was unversed in the intricacies of Hie subjunctive so dear to Young tutors of Harvard polish and they made Nim Tingle with their sarcasm. Ile did not know that now and then the originality of his demonstrations and the spirit of his translations made them glance his Way with furtive Surprise. To he worked doggedly calling up the reserves of his Kansas life of strength raked leaves and banked up houses thankfully when he could get the chances and was As envious As a healthy souled fellow could be of a particular Star of the fiddlers named Swann who never hesitated much less flunked and for whose recitations visitors stayed. There were gleams in Johns sky though. After some particularly exasperating time in class when to had tried to come in fresh for a new round with sight latin he would a vhf. the big sphere and hurled have letters handed out at the general delivery letters opened and devoured in the very Post office. A sunday John it is a very bad evening just such a one As a year ago tonight when you and i went to Paola to hear Ingalls. But tonight i urn alone All hut old Tom. A How do you like the Academy How clo you get along my son have you bought a stove does your work Bidi you up a emr. Gales House goes up like a bean stalk. It looks a Heap hot Ellke now and is going to be pretty i Beckon. I must Stop and drive Tom of the table. A Tom is driven and is now washing ills face with a remarkably virtuous air. I will resume. Quot maj Clark says he Ahall sell his Corn in a Day or two tomorrow Likely. If he fails tube will Send Yon that Money right soon. Now John done to Pinch yourself. You was so Well supplied with ail the books you can anyways need thanks to the minister that in a thinking you be got a Good bit of Money yet a i must Stop scribbling. Joe Wilkins took your address yesterday. The ministers wife wanted to be remembered to you. Take care of yourself John and accept love from the eat and Gathuk. Quot dear old said John to himself As he pulled open Joe Wilkins envelope. Quot he does no to know what a fool his son is it is wonderful How letters from Tho few who love us will make a Bare room cheery Aud a Gray Day seem the thing after Alf. John Felt better. He had his times of trouble and of what he took to be a longing to give up his struggle but he could not have withdrawn from this web of his life had he longed Ever so hard. His jaws showed his character and they had a saying in Osawatomie that John Williams never gave up anything he undertook. But As to that dream of scholarship. It was going to Swami not coining his Way he thought to himself with a sigh though John profited by his punishments in class and All unknown to himself was going up the ladder of estimation fast. Quot Why done to you train for the Winter tournament Quot asked tile Brawny Captain of football sitting in Johns chair that night. Visitors were few Iii Johns room and the lonely boy Felt the Call very gratefully. A you can to do better a went on his sturdy keenly that the minister noticed it and read Good Deal from Hie delicate look of the of ease with the jobs getting fewer to Tell the truth and his stomach no less exacting with All his stimulating exercise. Fortunately the mid Winter holidays gave him a Lull which he filled conscientiously wit i hard work based on his failures in the various examinations preceding this recess. He would at least be grounded for the Harvard a a prelims at the years close he thought. The Church people made a Christmas tree for the forlorn students who stopped Over and John had an Outing. He ate Little but involuntarily lie surveyed the spread so keenly a Good. Bors face and his shabby tie. Next Day a note found its Way from the parsonage into mrs. Loves Back bedroom and John went out to Dine shy and pleased tie night the holidays ended John strolled to the station to see the trains arrive and As he stood warming his hands m his pockets Down stepped Waim from the parlor car in a group of youths with notable names All admiring and devoted enough to put a passing flush of pleasure upon Kwh aim a handsome haughty face As they hurried by encircling the Man of the school. It made John feel Small and the inequalities of Fortune struck him for lie had heard Swaim was a poor ministers son As much in need of scholarships As he. Then John despised himself for his thoughts and followed the crowd to the Post office where he found an unexpected official missive. Being new to the ways of the school he opened the envelope with trepidation for lie bad scarcely so Happy a life As to expect Luck. The Blue Sheet set Forth that John Logan Williams jr., had attained a percentage of Blank blame for the term ending dec. 20, 188�?. And was therefore entitled to the advantage of the Blank Blank scholarship for the current year which with much red tape of English informed John was Worth about 875 to him Johns first tumultuous thought was Quot no tuition Money to raise for next his second was to hide the precious Blue Sheet i a fresh envelope and Post it to Osawatomie. And his third was that he could join the training table now. Yet that night John Bethought himself in his bed of Bis sadly worn gymnastic suit and knew that Hie sensible thing to do was to forego the training table and make himself decent against tournament Day for such things were expensive. A Why Hasni to that Williams come to this table a growled the hired coach of the �?T84�?Ts team. Aud no pne could say Why. Though All could guess. Yancey who subscribed heavily toward the tournament had great influence and by his Good offices the coach let John alone and the most exacting of coaches could not have growled Over the a Quality of his gymnasium practice. Tho morning of the tournament came Clear and cold and As John with other hired help swept and dusted the big place with Zeal and set Forth All the interesting and costly appliances in the most attractive Way possible for the Benefit of the afternoon audience he thrilled with Pride of the school and of the splendid room and was taught subtly by Bis surroundings to care More for the tournaments Success than for his own ambitions. But then the atmosphere of a great school is a civilizing thing. At j of clock p. In. The Little groups of Ushers were striving to put a whole Tow Ful of ladies upon front settees and were meeting with difficulties. Plenty of fathers come up for a Holiday were sitting with their sons among the soft Silks and there was More than one social loader from the cities bending pallid with suspense Over the pretty programmes whereupon her children figured. John saw it All As he stood in a group of athletes in scant clothing at the upper end of the gymnasium Aud he was afraid. The opening feats passed his notice like things in dreams but lie was keenly conscious of the hour when one after another to the number of six clustered apart with him to put the shot and stepped out in their turns to Send the great weight crashing along the floor. As Fate would have it he came last but one and that one was Waim. How splendid Swaim. �?T83, was in his costly Light Rig John Felt be would put the shot furthest. And he did put it a great Way and came Back to his place in a storm of applause. When John walked out he was in a bad panic but As he picked up the Sbott seemed As if Kansas grass was under his feet and the Western wind on his face. He could fairly see the Long Dun Prairie he would Lixe to Honor As he poised the big sphere and hurled it fouled it nearly 38 feet fully a foot further than Swaim. John in his turn went Back to his place very conscious of the cheering and of the unhappiness in Kwh aim a face when their eyes Mot. Then some other feat was begun Aud t o Western boys Brief minute of glory was by. But he had tasted Success a cup this world has Little to equal. The Short Winter afternoon was going fast. Feats had begun and ended with All sorts of surprises about winners. Swaim had had hard Fortune As a Rule displaying weakened Fibre constantly and his Fine lips were set hard when they brought in the Long tug of War Board and spread the Rosin round. John had done Little reserving himself for this tug. Yet lie was Unready Tor it and lie Felt faint and Quot gone As lie saw them settling the Board. His gymnastic suit was what it should be but the amount of available Cash from Hie scholarship had gone for it too freely and John who kept a spartan command Over himself had scarcely any beef. He saw his Blunder now and in desperation tottered Down stairs to the workmen a dinner pails. Quot yet Welcome to it sorr a said the owner of a wedge of meat and John eating it with such relish that he fairly trembled heard without caring the class cries a a �?T83, this Way a "�?T84, this Way a Aud the other above ins head As the students divided. The Blythe Young juniors fiddlers Ana seniors of tile school Are High up on piled settees against the Walls and the Gay dresses and the greek letter society men have closed around the Board leaving a Little Lane for the coming six tug of War men two of them in queer Quot Anchor harness. The director of the gymnasium chalks of seven inches on the Board be tween the teams and ties Bis handkerchief upon the rope Midway. The hired coaches give last words of advice and retire. Tho teams drop. Opposite John lies Swaim with his White arms corded and gleaming. There is a scorn of John in his eyes which stings As if he knew Johns squalid life out West and the shifts about clothes and the want of Money. Three minutes. No change. The teams lie motionless across the taut rope. Along the carved matters hangs a ribbon of red afternoon Sunshine and John. Looking up at it idly is minded How like that the red Winter Sun lies on the Row of poplars the Windbreak of a dear Bouse tar away. Then �?T84 began to cheer really for no reason except general Bluff of �?T83. But this yell was a summons to John and. Making a mighty Effort his Brown arms quivered a Little the White handkerchief wavered slipped anti �?T83�?Ts team came Over a couple of inches. Only a couple of inches but they made it 84�?T�tug. John Felt stiff and bewildered As he Rose in the uproar rubbing his Rosin smut Ted hands dose to him Lay Waim in a faint and a gentleman with an Ashy White face was trying to restore him Waim s father. It made him Long with a Sadden Swift Home sickness for ids own father. Quot the race is not to the quoted the Anchor of �?T84 s team surveying this piteous by play. John helped carry Swaim Down stairs to the dressing rooms and left him there with his father. The Kansas Victor of the great tug did not behave Biko a Winner at All. He was sobered and humbled instead of glad. What was lie. That after so much rude weather he should come into Harbor like this Quot strange How boys turn out a moralize the professor of greek to the professor of i Atin As they went out into the cold wind together. Quot i never saw a fellow run in this school like Waim at first. And now he s whipped All around. I take it. That Westerner s got the stuff in Quot of said the professor of latin ttys Only this Quot this Williams thinks of one things How to get through Here and How to get through Harvard and he thinks of it every moment of his Boston cooking school Good things to eat prepared by mrs Dearborn and tested by her class. At Tim Boston cooking school demonstration lecture last monday there were some very Nice dishes prepared among them being wine soup stewed mushrooms on Toast Tongue braided with tomatoes Macaroni with Cream cheese raised doughnuts and jellied prunes. Here is the w a to Cook a Tongue it railed with tomatoes. Boil a fresh beef Tongue slowly two hours take out remove skin and roots Brown 2 tablespoonfuls butter add 2 tablespoonfuls of flour and Brown pour on slowly i pint Stock or the water in which the Tongue was boded and i pint of stowed and strained tomatoes add one Liaf Carrot and one onion Cut Fine a sprig of Parsley one half tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce one teaspoonful Salt and one Salt spoonful Pepper Cook in a braising pan two hours take out Strain the Gravy around and serve. Remember that tomatoes when opened should be emptied from Hie can at once As the acid of tie tomatoes acting on the tin of the can makes a dangerous and poisonous chemical compound. Tomatoes May be kept for sovino time after being opened in an earthen bowl. Measure butter and flour in rounding spoonfuls to careful not to Burn the butter in Browning. The White froth on top of the butter is Apt to deceive one. It is easier to Brown the butter first and then add the flour All at once. Macaroni with Ream cheese is Good also. Cook one half Pound Macaroni in boiling salted water for 20 minutes or till tender Drain and rinse with cold water then put into a double boiler to heat it again with a tablespoonful of butter add a heaping cupful of Cream cheese Cut very Ane and a grains of Cayenne stir till the cheese begins to melt then add one cud milk slowly when Well mixed put the Macaroni on a Platter pour the cheese and milk Over and serve at once. Be careful not to Cook the Macaroni too Long As that makes it Tough. Excellent too Are the rained doughnuts. For these heat together three fourths % pint milk and three fourths it cup sugar Cool till Only lukewarm then mix in flour enough to make a stiff dough. Heat one half a cup butter and one half a tablespoonful lard and work it nto the dough with the hands add two eggs beaten separately. 44 yeast cake dissolved in i cup water and enough More flour mixed with one Salt spoonful ground cinnamon to make stiff enough to handle let Rise Over night Roll and cutout let Rise again Fry in hot lard and Sprinkle with powdered sugar. Use bread flour for these doughnuts As for everything in which i yeast is used. One of the nicest of simple dessert dishes jellied prunes. Soak a cup gelatine in a cud cold water Wash i pint prunes put them in a Ste pan with 5 Gills boiling water and Cook slowly i hour. Remove the stones return the fruit to Hie Stew pan with the water and let come to a boil add the soaked gelatine take from Hie fire stirring till gelatine is dissolved add one cup wine and one cup sugar turn All into a Granite pan stir till it begins to thicken pour into a Mould and set in Cool place to Harden. Garnish wit i whipped Cream. The lesson to be Given next wednesday. March 18, at Boston cooking school 10a.m., will include the making of White Almond soup Fried eggs Black butter sauce Escallon of veal sauce Bearnaise Rice muffins Rebecca pudding and wine sauce. _ _ the wedding journey. Helen it. Packard in Springfield Union we had talked in a murmuring whisper and a gentle undertone till the Day had died in the darkness and Tho stars came out in the zone. Then my Bride in Ladylike calmness and with All her accustomed Grace leaned Back in a gentle slump it or with a smile on her Well bred face. As the train rushed on in the darkness like a flashing meteor sent i took no heed of the present but backward my memory went. And i thought with a feeling of anguish and a throb of Suil Deu pain of the Lap of the murmuring Waters and the Saudy Hampshire Lane. I saw a the Shoals in the distance and the Blue Waves fall and Rise and a passionate face on my shoulder with love in her starry eyes no Calm and Well bred feeling no decorous modern not. But a fond and foolish passion a faithful woman heart. Lint the strength of her love consumed her and she sleeps in her Early grave Iii the scented Hamp Shute Valley near the sound of the sobbing wave. But Here by my Side i see her Pale a Fth a passionate pain too True too deep for Earth a trials of. Love of the Woodland Lane i Shook off the strange Odd feeling and saw the Sweet vision fade and my Bride awoke from her dreaming a i thought we were there a she said. Where was Joh on the journey that i took with my Calm cold Bride and the other wag Only a phantom a vision that faded and died. Teaching housekeeping. A new profession to brighten the dives of Young couples. New York times. A the woes of Young housekeepers have been described so often that it is remarkable that a practical teacher of housekeeping Bas Only just now Arisen one of the army of women who had to do something for her own and family a support and whose limitations were defined narrowly As she thought within the qualifications of a systematic and skilful housekeeper had the Bright idea to utilize Lier one accomplishment. For some months she has been established in her unique occupation. Khe spends a fortnight or a month in Hie newly founded household superintending the servants adjusting the details and in fact getting the Domestic machine in running order and teaching the Young housekeeper just what touch to put Linen the cogs Ana wheels in order to keep it so. It is a Marvel that nobody Bas thought of it Belove. Now that a Start has been made How Ever there Are Likely to be other professors who will seek patronage. It will be Well perhaps to remind such that a woman to succeed in this work must be first a practical not a theoretical housekeeper herself and must be besides a systematic person and of Good executive ability. She must also have the Power to impart her knowledge for teachers like poets Are born not made. All households will not need the same routine each presenting individual problems and she who undertakes their regulating must have the adjustable faculty in a marked degree. If she has these characteristics she will be Likely to find Lier profession of expert profitable As it certainly is praiseworthy. Cut to the Quick. Kate Field s Washington miss Sharp a or. Dullard you Are looking the part of the Black Prince to perfection. Or. Dullard yees hut do you know miss Sharp i feel like a perfect idiot. Miss Sharp earnestly a now that will never do. Or. Dullard. At a masquerade. As on the stage one must forget his real character entirely. The wrong kind. Puck he i think ill have to use glasses. His wife Well dear you always did Rase them but they never got higher than your lips met in the desert. Some very interesting specimens of animal life. The Road runner of California and his singular habits. Peculiarities of the Tarantula Hawk which preys on rattlesnakes. San Francisco examiner Quot in be prospected All Over what the geographers Call the great american desert and i think its a pretty Good country. Some people might think it lonesome but that Sall a mutter of taste. It suits me because there is plenty of Elbow room. Ifs a trifle dry. I admit and sometimes a Man will get pretty thirsty and think himself in big Luck to find a Pool of water that smells in that he has to hold his nose when he drinks it but one can get used to that. And then it Isnit so lonesome after you get acquainted and know where to look for neighbors. Quot there a plenty of life on the desert not crowds of human life Rushing Aud tearing about like crazy ants. And keeping up a Din Day and night that is enough to drive the whole world mad but interesting sensible natural life full of comedy tragedy and even humor. If you feel lonesome you can find company anywhere by turning up a Rock or looking under the Sagebrush. There s to Lack of ingenious curious Little creatures whose ways Are Worth studying. A take the Tarantula Hawk for example Quot that san insect built something like a i s Dani Ting for tarantulas just As a Hawk soars about keeping his Eye peeled for gophers and such in a insect built something like a Wasp or perhaps More like a a Devil s darning Needle a and it flies about looking for i just As a Hawk soars about Loye peeled for gophers and s provender. When the Hawk sees a Taran Tula he goes for the big spider swoops Down upon Hun stings him Aud gets away like a Flash. The Tarantula knows that his Only show is to get under cover and lie legs it Home in frantic haste. Ifs fun to see the big. Hairy legged bully Duck his head and paddle off through the Sand As if the Devil was after him and the Devil is after him sure enough. If the Tarantula is year his House he May escape by getting to it tumbling in head first and shutting Tho door tight but he a got to Hustle for it because Little Jack Hie giant killer is a Hustler himself and keeps jabbing away at every jump. If Tho hairy ogre gets caught out a great Way from his Castle his name is Dennis and he knows it. Quot he flops Over upon his Back to make a fight Ana if he could get hold of the Hawk in that position lie would make Short work of the Little Chan but the Hawk sees the trick and just keeps sailing around and watching for an opening and when he catches the spider off guard he darts in hits him a lick and gets away like a Flash. Sometimes the Hawk will pretend to quit and Fly away but the instant the Tarantula is on his feet and scooting for shelter whizz comes the Hawk like a Bullet and socks it to him in the Back of the head. A few stings like that do up tile Tarantula. He seems to become dizzy from the Poison staggers a few Steps and collapses in a hairy Heap. His legs twitch a few times and that is the end of his malevolent career. Quot in be been calling the Hawk a he All along hut it if no to that kind of a Bird. The Tarantula Nemesis is the female Hawk so far As i can judge because after the spider is knocked out the Hawk proceeds to Deposit eggs Iii the remains and i suppose the eggs Are hatched by the heat of decomposition. Possibly the purpose of laying eggs in a defunct Tarantula is to provide the Young Hawks with grub at the threshold of life so to speak. A a whatever the scheme May be. It is death to tarantulas and for that reason nobody Ever harms a Tarantula Hawk. The insects sting is said to be poisonous to men but i never knew one to sting a Man. Quot then there is the Road runner. A joyous sociable Little fellow whose business in life is worrying rattlesnakes to death. The Road runner is a Bird somewhat larger than a Blue Jay with a saucy Topknot and a still Saucier Tail about a foot in length. He runs As fast As a horse ordinarily travels and if to once gets into the Road ahead of a horseman. He will race along for hours and can to be driven out of the Road. He could skip aside and get out of the Way if he wanted to. But he seems to think that it is his Mission in life to keep just ahead of that horse and nothing can divert him from that occur Patten. ,. Quot he is not the least alarmed and when he Gams too much of a Lead he will Stop and see saw with his Tail and chirrup merrily until the horse nearly catches in with him. When away he goes again As if his life depended upon winning the race. When he wearied of the sport lie disappears in the Brush. Quot i was Riding across a Cactus desert once when a pair of Road runners that had been racing with me turned out of the Trail and became suddenly very much excited about something. They paid no More attention to me Aud i Rode in near enough to see what was going on. They had run across a big Diamond Back Rattler and were preparing to have fun with him. One of them had struck the Snake with his Sharp Bill and the Diamond Back had promptly coiled himself in a defensive attitude and was springing his rattle wickedly. Quot one of the Birds remained near the Snake lumping about and making a great show of hostility but keening beyond reach All the time while Little Bunches of dry Cactus with spines As Sharp As Needles and almost As hard which he dropped close to the reptile. The roadrunner was As Busy As the Devil in a Gale of wind Aud in a few minutes he had oiled a regular Little Corral of Cactus spines All around the Rattlesnake. Then the pair of them began to tantalize the Snake and by flying at him they provoked him into striking at them with results disastrous to himself for every time lie launched out be lit into the Cactus and got stuck full of spines. A the More he got Hurt the madder he grew and it Wasny to Many minutes before he was lashing about furiously and tangling himself up with the Cactus. The roadrunners hopped about in great glee flew at the Snake and made tilings hum generally and occasionally one of them would poke some More Cactus into the reptiles Way to add to his tribulations. When the Rattlesnake had just about got crazy and was reckless of his guard Tho Road runners flew up hovered Over him and darted Down at him whenever they saw a Good Chance to hit him. A their Sharp Bills did great execution and it Wasny to Long before Thev had the Rattlesnake Laid out As cold As a wedge. They Are great generis these Road runners and they always get away with the Rattlesnake. That a wily nobody Ever shoots a roadrunner in California. Quot Koine of the lizards Are funny Little chaps and when you get used to Hiem and forget their reptilian appearance they Are pretty Good company. The Little Fellows about As Long As your Finger can be tamed easily and there is no end of fun in watching their antics. The greasers declare that these lizards Are venomous but that Isnit True. a Greaser toll you it and everything that crawls is poisonous of you can once get your hands upon a Lizard without frightening him he instantly makes friends with you. Quot the Way to work it is to move your hand slowly toward Hie Little animal when he is lying motionless and touch him As lightly As a breath with the tip of your Finger. Nine times out of ten he will not be there Long enough for you to know that you have touched him. He is As Quick As a Flash of Light Aud you can to see Nim go you Only know that lie is gone. But one time he will let you touch him. If you Are gentle enough and then you lightly rub his Back audible begins to wriggle Bis Tail in Delight. Quot after that lie is your Friend and will take flies from the end of your Finger run around Over your clothing and explore your pockets Ana w Hen you eat he will climb upon your leg cock ins Little head on one Side and watch you with Friendly interest. There is a Little Lizard no bigger around than a Lead Pencil with a Long slim Tail As Blue As Cobalt and smooth As enamel. You can to tame him very easily and if you try to catch him the Blue Tail Breaks off like Glass and remains in your band. Quot there Are other creatures not quite so club Abler As lizards and Road runners but interesting in other ways. Take the scorpion for example. He a a bad fellow and no has a mean trick of hiding in your boots and stinging you when you put them on. But you can have fun with him after a fashion of you want to bring out the Best qualities of a scorpion build a Little Corral of dry leaves or paper around him and set fire to if at All Points. Make the Circle about a foot in diameter so that the flames will not touch your prisoner. A when he sees the ring of lire the scorpion will try to escape first at one place and then at another but the flames will drive him Back every time and when he realizes that he is completely surrounded he will Retreat to the Centre of the ring and deliberately commit suicide by Curling Bis Tail Over and stinging himself in the Back. So you see that nature sanctions suicide under some circumstances in spite of what the preachers say about it. The scorpion teaches a lesson that a Man had better remember if he Ever finds himself in the Centre of a gang of they told a they would be too. Ram Horn boys have been ruined because the had to stay at Home and turn the Grindstone when they should have been allowed Togo a in the Case of some people living. Puck Quot what has been the greatest mistake of your life a Quot making so _. Do you subscribe to a Magazine of a weekly Story or news journal or Tou do 111 Poy Yon handsomely to read the following offers von can secure your favor Ite Magazine or weekly Story or news journal in connection with the weekly Globe at a Price for both that will reduce the Cost of the weekly Globe to 50 cents or less a year. The postage is paid by the Globe and costs you nothing. If there is any Magazine or Story or news journal that you wish and you cannot find on this list please write to the weekly Globe for its combination Price. No publication will to sent for less time than one year and no order for a publication will by accepted unless it includes a yearly subscription to the weekly globs v a to Arthurs Home Magazine $2.00 Atlanta Constitution weekly 1,00 american machinist. 2,50 agents Herald. American Rural home85 Andover review. 4,00 american Dairyman new subs. 1,50 Art interchange Magazine 3.oo american poultry journal Loo Atlantic monthly. 490 american Art journal. 3,00 american Garden. 2 of american agriculturist. 1,50 Art Amateur. 4,93 army Navy journal online subs 8,00 Book buyer. Loo Banner weekly. 3,99 Brainards musical world 1,59 Burlington Hawkeye. 1,99 Ballou a Magazine. 1,59 Bee keeper s Magazine.25 Baidland. Boston Pilot. 2.50 Boston medical journal. 5,00 Boston medical and surgical journal 5,00 Christian Leader. 2,50 critic literary reviews. 3,00 Cleveland weekly pm amp i dealer 1,00 Cincinnati weekly times 1,00 Century Magazine. 4,00 Christian Union. 3 of cottage Hearth. 1,50 Cassell s mags sine of Art. 3,50 family Magazine 1,50 a a quiver. 1,50 country gentleman. 2.50 Christian Herald. 1,50 courier journal weekly. 1,00 Chautauqua Young folks journal. 1,00 decorator and furnished. 4.00 Demorest Magazine without prom. 2.00 Donahoe s Magazine. 2,00 Domestic monthly with premiums. 1.50 Detroit free press weekly 1,00 engineering and mining journal. 4,00 farm Field and Stockman. 1,50 farm journal50 fireside companion. 3,00 Floral Cabinet. 1,25 Folio musical. 1,60 Forney s Progress. 2.50 Frank Leslie s illustrated weekly 4,00 Quot sunday Magazine m y 2,50 Quot popular monthly 3.00 Quot pleasant hours m y 1.75 Forest and Stream. 4.00 Germantown Telegraph. 2.00 Green s fruit recorder.50 Gardner a monthly. 2.00 Godey s lady s Book. 2.00 Golden argosy.-. 4.00 Golden Days for Young people. 3.00 Harper s Magazine. 4,00 Harper s weekly. 4,00 Harper s Bazar. 4,00 Harper s Young people. 2,00 Herald of health without premiums 1.00 Home and farm50 household. 1,10 Home decorator. 2,00 housekeeper. 1,00 Home journal. 2,00 Indiana Farmer. 1,00 Independent. 3.00 illustrated companion. 1,00 Iowa Homestead. 2.00 Irish world. 2.50 journal of microscopy. 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Loo of Little men and women 1,00 Ohio Farmer. 1.00 puck the Best comic weekly 5.00 Phreno logical journal without pre. 2.00 Pansy. 1.00 Phreno logical journal with pram. 2.15 practical Farmer. 2.00 Prairie Fanner. 2.00 Peterson s lady s Magazine 2.00 popular science news. 1.00 popular science monthly. 5.00 presbyterian review. 3.00 Philadelphia weekly times 1.00 Philadelphia medical times 4,00 Philadelphia practical Farmer 2,00 Rideout s Magazine. 1.00 Rural new yorker. 2.50 saturday evening Post. 2,00 scientific american. 3.00 a a with supplement 7,00 sunday school times. 2.00 Scribner s Magazine new. 3.00 sunny South. 2.00 St. Nicholas. 3.08 saturday night weekly Story a 3.00 Southern bivouac. 2.09 san Francisco chronicle weekly 2,00 spirit of the times. 5.00 the Republic Irish Amer. Boston 2.50 Texas sittings. 4.00 True Flag. 2.50 turf Field and farm. 5.00 Vick s Floral Magazine. 1,25 wide awake. 2.40 Waverley Magazine. 4.00 watchman. 3.00 Welcome friend50 Yankee Blade a. 2.00 youth s companion Mew names. 2.00 $2,60 1.80 3.25 1.25 1.05 4.30 2.05 3.85 1.00 4.30 3.80 2.30 2,10 4.10 6.15 1.90 3.37 2.10 1.85 2.00 1.25 1.45 3.00 5.10 5.85 3.10 3.50 1.80 1.75 4.60 3.60 2.60 3.90 2.30 2.30 3.10 2.05 2.00 2.00 4.10 2.60 2.30 2.05 1.90 4.10 2,00 1.30 3.60 2.00 2.00 3.10 4.25 8.10 3.50 2.50 4.10 2.30 1.40 2.50 2,00 4.50 3.35 4.10 4.30 4.30 2.50 1.75 1.45 1.80 2.45 1.65 2.55 1.95 3.55 1.55 2.60 3.10 1.75 1.25 5.00 1.85 1.80 3.30 8.00 6.10 3.30 5.10 3.75 3.60 2.20 3.50 3.30 1.75 1.80 1.80 1.80 3.30 4.60 3.50 1.90 1.80 1.95 5.00 2.55 1.80 2,70 2.10 2.50 2.60 1.85 5.00 3.60 1.80 4.10 2.40 1.75 2.80 2.60 3.60 7.00 2.55 3.46 2,80 3.60 3.35 2.60 2.55 5.60 2.75 4.10 3.00 5.00 1.90 3.10 4.50 3.30 1.30 2.00 2.75 we cannot Send More than one Magazine to one address. Orders covering More than one Magazine to one address will be returned. Always state with what Issue Yon wish your subscription to begin. We do not furnish specimen copies of thai publications. A address the weekly Globe. Boston

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