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Boston Weekly Globe Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 4

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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts Tite Boston weekly Globe tuesday january 13, 1891. Now is the time to subscribe gestalt Gutt Hafl sight a tuesday Jan. I a 1891. Tie Best free by for fairer for Mother for son for daughter 0r everyone in your Home during 1891 will be needed it is a newspaper it is a ladies journal it is a Beys and Gills weekly it is an illustrated Magazine its contributors comprise All the examine any Issue carefully. It will speak for itself 4 copies for Only $3 under this offer you have Only to secure 3 subscribers at $1 each who will receive the Globe one Yearin order to entitle you to a free copy for the same length of time. Subscription rates. Go Tini ti.\s�,\ duo mss one copy per month cents Jim yer . Postage prepaid. To Samuy Guise by Man fii.00 per year. Tostige pre a Iii to. Sci calf Gloser by mall 81.00 Jar year. Postage pre Xvi i j. The gloss a Stirtm co., 242 Washington Street Boston entered at the Post office Boston mass., As second class matter. To agents everywhere. The Cash commission of the Globe is the largest paid by a Dollar weekly. Of you have Leisure moments or wish to have your children earn some pocket Money Send for agents rates now. Quot Low Mutt resolve not to be dts heartened but i if Yow so Ere to fall a Hundred time a Day determine to rite up each time and go Onward Quot All the news. The weekly Glozik gives All the news. It does not spread out Tho news in Long stories to cover eight pages just for the Sake of tilling them hut it condenses Tho news giving you a1 the news of the week in ways to enable you to remember it. And keep yourself thoroughly posted on what is going on at Homo and abroad. You save time and remember More by Reading the news of the weekly Globe which is Tho beet weekly newspaper. Abid and arable lands. For Many years the Public lands of this country were regarded As so Quot boundless Quot that the nation could make huge gifts of the people s heritage without the loss being Felt or noticed. But population has grown rapidly and settlers have taken up much land. The Quot land Sharks Quot have grown More and More rapacious. The result is that most of the tillable land ii locked it from free use. The government has of late Boon a heavy purchaser of the lands reserved for the indians and in View of the vast population that will surely possess these United states during the next half Century the scheme of irrigating the immense arca of arid lands now unfit for tillage assumes greater prominence from year to year. While this matter of the disposition of the Public lands fails to attract the immediate attention that naturally Falls to current politics it involves great Aud vital consequences affecting the future of the nation. It is Well that the people should from time to time be reminded that 27 foreigners own a larger area of land in this country than the whole of Ireland while the government has Given 175,000,000 acres to Railroad corporations. A land Syndicate got 3.000,000 acres in Texas for building the a state Capitol at Austin and there is hardly any end to the instances in which National and state lands have been turned Over into the hands of Absentee speculators. Meanwhile As stated in the Chicago Tribune. In a representative county in South Dakota 90 per cent of the real estate is mortgaged for All it is Worth while the Farmers Are so handcuffed by additional chattel mortgages that Many of them hardly dare to kill a Chicken for fear of Vio Lalni ocal Laws passed for the Protection of those holding such mortgages. Before the country proceeds to irrigate the arid lands at a Cost which far eclipses the wildest dreams of pension advocates perhaps it would be Well to see to it that the remaining arable lands which Are still open to Purchase and settlement do not fall into Tho hands of speculators Whoso Powers for exacting tribute Are prospectively far vaster than those of Tho class who have sat on the necks of Irish tenants for several centuries. Make pennies Ween you can. For pennies make dollars and dollars will bring your wife or your children extra spending Money. Pennies make dollars and w ill enable you to support yourself and get riches. The weekly Globe pays every agent the largest commission. It will pay you to Send for agents rates and estimate How much you can earn in a year. You can earn a Large sum in a year without interference with your regular business or your son or daughter eau do so out of school hours. Thew Ekly Globe wishes to secure a regular agent in every Village Aud town in the United states. Between now and feb. I Yon can earn several dollars every Day. Bend foe agents Bates. Surd foe free Sample copies. Address the weekly Globe Boston mass. Iames for Sample copies of every Reader of this Issue whether or not he or she is a sub writer w ill Send a list of to or dozen names of persons in his or her neighbourhood the weekly Globe will be thankful. We will Send Sample copy free to each. Write names on a postal card and address this weekly l to Iii., Boston mass. For obtaining an appearance of Wisdom. In All these kinds people have their pet economies. One saves horse car Faros by walking under All practicable circumstances. Another cherishes stray pins and feels wicked if she does not buy cheap writing Pap i. A third stints himself Iii trifles whose loss is to him real inconvenience and a serious piece of self denial and spends dollars instead of cents on some luxury. A lady by no Means frugal in other respects has a fancy that was perhaps contracted during the childhood of her Large family of boys to preserve stockings in an approach to their Early form. They must be darned and re darned patched and re patched until the original material is in a painful minority and when her family at last Rel clan extra layer of Patch is applied and they arc Given to any tramps who May apply. Home people economize their churchgoing Aud giving others Are sparing of Good temper others still Are so Thrifty in their use of common sense that it might be thought that they have none. Such economies do not Lead to wealth or to profit of any Kinto sum up. Economy of Money time health and the rices is Wise. Economy of common sense and the Virtues is worse than waste for by it Quot shall thy poverty come As one that travel Leth and thy want As an armed Mabell s. Clarke. Subscribers a agents. Every sub Scibor can testify his appreciation of the Model features of the weekly Globe by helping to extend its circulation now when most every one is looking around for a family journal. It is very easy to secure subscribers to the weekly Globe and it does not take much of any time to get subscribers. You can secure them in spare moments. If you have not Leisure Why not suggest to your son or daughter that by getting subscribers to the weekly Globe he or she May earn All their pocket Money Only a few subscribers will give them pocket Money for the weekly Globe pays a Large Cash commission. Concerning Economy. A Young girl who was trying bravely to win her daily bread in the face of drawbacks and discouragements had posted in a conspicuous spot in Ber room this legend a what virtue do i Admire most a a what virtue do i need most to cultivate a a what virtue do i Bate most a such a text certainly kept before her eyes and mind her duty if we accept the schoolboys definition a duty is what we done to like to Why is Economy so objectionable so thoroughly distasteful to most people frugality is not meanness. Discreetly practice it May increase the comforts of life for what says Tho Adago Quot Economy is wealth a and wealth can procure luxuries. What eau be the cause but human natures objection to personal inconvenience Economy becomes easy nay pleasant when one economies on some article not important to Comfort. Pater families meditates in his office Quot i must economize. I wont say anything about it at Homo it would worry Mary. Pii save on at the end of a week if not before Pater families announces at Home that it is absolutely Neces a Ary to retrench that they must do Willicut a servant. Mary acquiesces and Pater finds that Economy is not so hard after All. Really he hardly notices it. Mater families opinion is withheld. Many people sympathize with Harold by impose in Quot Bleak House a and think that if Thov refrain from making a Pur Chase about which they care Little they have economize sufficiently Are so much in pocket and May spend that amount on some luxury. Economy is hated when it interferes with personal convenience it is admired because human nature wonders at and respects what it finds difficult of performance. That it is and ought to be practice in one Way or another by every one should help to make it popular. Hardly a sunday paper but gives suggestions in Economy from frugal methods of cooking to the inexpensive preparation of a Trousseau. But there Are economies that do not touch the pocketbook that Are equally As necessary. Economy of time May double the amount of work a person May do. Economy of physical strength is of the same importance and Economy of nerve Force May keep at Bay that foe of american people nervous prostration. A sparing indulgence in the vices to w Linch human beings Are prone conducts to Long life a contented mind and an easy conscience. One form of saving is suggested in the Book of proverbs. Quot he that hath knowledge a Pareto his words gives a Good experiences at a Dollar apiece. Every new experience a Man has if he is the right kind of Man. Is Worth a Dollar to him. Now at the beginning of the year w Hen business men Are taking an account of Stock it is Well enough for us All to balance our books and see where we stand. If the balance is on the wrong Side of the lodger some such entry As this would help to equalize matters or. By 1000 experiences.81,000 of course a hard headed accountant would Tell us that this is Slipshod bookkeeping but we know better. Some of the Best features of bookkeeping Are never taught at a commercial College and this is one of them. Every new experience is Worth a Dollar to a Man if he is the right kind of a Man that is if he knows How to use it. You might give a hungry Man a Bushel of potatoes and he would probably starve to death or die of indigestion if he did no to know enough to boil them. An experience is Worth nothing if one does not know How to use it and neither is a Dollar Bill. A shrewd Man easily converts his experience into dollars and cents. If he Breaks his leg it is Money in Bis pocket. A one legged bicyclist can make much More Money exhibiting himself than can a bicyclist with two logs. It is said that one legged dancers Are paid the highest salaries. Besides it does no to Cost so much for trousers and As Hosea Bigelow says a the leg Theta a wooden can be took off and Sot away we Enever there a in the hands of men entirely great calamities become sources of Good Fortune. A Many a brain if in Good order is an Alembic into which if you drop an experience it will be transmuted into Gold. Every writer draws on a fund of experiences which at the time they occurred lie considered useless but which he now finds convertible into publishers checks. Artists of every kind make Legal tender of their experiences. They flow out from them through the Points of their pencils the ends of their brushes or the tips of their chisels. So in All arts and professions a Man without experience is usually regarded As worthless. This is a complacent philosophy and if All men should adopt it the world would be happier. Misfortunes would then be reckoned As blessings As indeed they arean Accident would be considered As an addition to Ono a capital and All calamities reckoned As Cash. Every Active Man ought to have a thousand experiences a year and a Man 30 years old even if to Hasni to a cent in his pocket is Worth 830,000. This is a neat Little sum for a Young Man to begin life on. All he has to do now is to find some one who will pay him Tho face value for his experiences and his Fortune is made. If the Young Man knows How to use his experiences he will find his purchaser in due time. S. W. Foss. Other Plain food relieved Only by occasional allowances of cake and sweetmeats. They Riso at 7 in the morning without calling and retire at 8. This habit is enforced with military severity. After a frugal meal they take to Tho Saddle upon spirited horses which it requires courage and nerve to handle. Attendance upon their duties is enforced with the same rigid severity. No talking Back is tolerated no questioning of the grounds of commands and no deviation from rules on Light pretexts. Thus Day by Day Tho relentless routine is pursued and after All has been submitted to without a murmur Young act wobbly the sole heir to millions and his three Sisters Are allowed 25 cents a week each for spending Money that allowance not to 10 exceeded under any Circum stances. Dressed in Plain clothes which but for their neatness could not to distinguished from those of an Ordinary Mechanic s boy the future King on a change is seen on sixth Avenue in the Short recess allowed for a stroll figuring at the shop windows How he shall pull through Tho week on his 25 cents allowance. The reformer still rails at the political and social Fate which separates Tho King from his tax ground subject and a Vanderbilt from a struggling Workingman. The pro tast is always Iii order and will always continue. None the less there Are some lessons to to Learned from those who manage to perpetuate dynasties both on thrones and on a change. They Are the lessons of self denial obedience courage Good digestion and physical Hardihood. Young act wobbly bom in a million Aires a Cradle jostled among children of the poorer classes who squander their pennies daily for unwholesome Candy and luxuries which he is not allowed and cultivates an Iron discipline on his 25 cents a week which one cannot but Admire however much he May dislike the arrogance and tyranny of wealth. It would be better if such discipline were devoted to something nobler than the amassing of wealth none the less there is much that people of More modest resources May profitably learn from such examples. Henry Appleton. Europe a big Winter. Europe is now having one of our Quot old fashioned Winters a and weather prophets abroad who have been figuring that planetary changes had made the Northern Winter permanently Milder find their speculations completely dished. A search of the weather records discloses the fact that severe Winters have visited Europe with something like periodical regularity for centuries. The most singular fact in connection with these severe Winters is that they have generally visited Europe in times of great civil and political commotion. The year 1840, the beginning of the past half Century was marked by Tho arrival of the remains of Napolion i. From St. Helena. The Day they arrived in Paris was so excessively cold that people who had climbed the Trees to see the procession fell benumbed and were killed. The great reactionary and revolutionary year of Modem Europe 1848, was a terribly severe one. The Advent of that terrible season of Snow and cold was preceded by most Brilliant displays of Northern lights. Great Britain and half the continent were buried in deep snows while the cold was so intense As to freeze the Seine solid. When it is remembered that this was close following the famine years in Ireland and was otherwise a season of poverty and distress in Europe the suffering entailed by this memorable Winter can be faintly imagined. What is known As the crimean Winter 1854-55, was perhaps the most severe and disastrous of modern times. The frigid wave swept Over Europe with the fury of a Cyclone. The suffering among the crimean troops was indescribable. Thousands were Frost bitten and died of cold. Out of 28,939 British soldiers 10,053 died of colds and zygotic maladies. The French less accustomed to the Rigours of Winter than their Northern allies perished in yet greater numbers Over 60,000 of them being admitted to the hospitals. The siege of Paris in 1870-71 was also attended by terrible weather. The infantry not actively engaged soon became stupefied with the cold. Sentries were found standing stiff and Stark at their posts while wounded soldiers who were not immediately cared for soon perished with cold. Christmas Day 1870, is said to have been the coldest Day Ever experienced in Paris. The weather is past All accounting for. A series of mild Winters has hardly induced Tho prophecy that such Winters Are to be Tho permanent order of things when suddenly of boreas shatters the delusion with a killing Winter. It is Europe a turn this year it May be ours next and those who have been so Long pining for an Quot old fashioned Winter May see and feel one that will More than satisfy them. Dynasties and discipline. Of the Rich and titled were to patronize luxury and Tho temptations to easy going existence to the extent of their Means dynasties would be Short lived and fortunes like Crest Waves cast upon a Sandy Beach would topple Over Aud be dissipated in rapid succession. There Are probably few boys among Tho Middle class children of Germany who would submit to Tho rigid discipline imposed upon the children of the Hoh Onzol Lehn family. The present emperor of Ger Many following the traditions of his ancestors was obliged to learn a mechanical Trade to sleep on an Iron bed to obey his teachers to submit to Plain diet and to show daily evidences of courage and Hardihood. But for this Iron discipline and self denial which was formerly exacted to Tho Point of cruelty the most powerful kingly House of Europe would Long ago have been disintegrated by the friction and clashing of social and political strife. The same hard conditions Are imposed if a dynasty of wealth is to be perpetuated. The Coal Oil johnnies and other mushroom representatives of Fortune who do not understand these conditions Are soon swallowed up in their extravagances. If the Vanderbilt and the Stoks survive through Many generations it is because their Chil Dren Are obliged to submit to a rigid self denial against which the children of the Middle and poorer classes would often revolt. A writer familiar with the juvenile regu lat Lotsof the Vanderbilt family has recently published an account of Tho Iron discipline enforced upon the children of the act wobbly family the Mother of whom is a Vanderbilt. These children Are drilled in obedience and self denial like soldiers. They naturally crave Caudy pastry and unwholesome delicacies like other children but Are put upon a rigid diet of Oatmeal bread and milk cold meats and poor Indian heroic treatment used with a half Frozen red Man. Detroit free pre to show what an Indian can stand when he has to i May toll of an incident which happened during Tho Winter i was with them. Toward evening on a very cold Winter Day. When it was snowing just a Little and Drifting a great Deal an Indian came to the log House with a Jug half full of whiskey and with his ride. I imagine that the Jug had been entirely full of whiskey when to started and by the time he got to the House he was in rather a Jolly condition. Rile Jug and the Rifle Wero Takon away from him and he was ordered to get to his wigwam As Quick As he could before darkness came on. Lie left and was supposed to have gone to Tho Camp hut Early next morning his Squaw appeared at t lie House Aud said he had not come Home that night and As Tho night was cold she had been anxious about him. Then tile search for the lost Indian began. He was found in one of the Sheds near Tho barn under a Heap of drifted Snow and Tho chances Are that the Snow that was above him had helped to save lits life the searchers for the Indian had gone in different directions and it was ins own Squaw who with True Indian instinct had tracked him out and she was alone when she found him. Apparently the Indian was a Frozen Corpse. She tumbled him out of the Snow Bank Aud pulled off his blankets and dragged him Down to the Creek where a deep Hole was Cut in the ice for the purpose of watering tile cattle. Laying the Indian out on Hie Snow she took the pan that was beside the Hole and filling it repeatedly dashed painful after painful of ice water Over the body of Tho Indian. By Tim time the other unsuccessful searchers had returned she had Lier old Man thawed out and seated by the fire wrapped up in blankets. There is no question that if he had been found by the others and had been taken in the House Frozen As he was to would have died. To agents. A fair explorer. Mme. Be Plongeron another miss Edwards. Hor strange life in the rained Forest cities of tuatau. Something of the personality of this interesting lady. With the possible exception of miss Amelia b. Edwards there is probably no woman living whose travels and explorations have done More to enrich the general fund of human knowledge than mme. Alice d. Be Plongeron who with her husband or. Augustus be Plongeron i9 at present making a Brief stay in our Good City of Boston. Tim work of travel and exploration with a few notable exceptions has Boen left to men but mme. Be Plongeron adds one More remarkable example of what woman can do in this Lino. Mine. Be Plongeron s life has been full of romantic interest from the outset. She was born in the great City of London of English parents. Her girlhood was As uneventful As that of most Maidens who Are kept at their studies and allowed very few frivolous pleasures but her ambition was to travel Over the world. When yet in her teens she met or. Be Plongeron in the libraries of the British museum he having journeyed thither from California for the special purpose of studying certain old Spanish manuscripts that lie needed to Complete his researches Iii peruvian history and antiquities. Kindred tastes and sentiments Drew together Tho Learned Man and the school girl. Alice d. Be Plongeron. Please look Over your list of Globe subscribers Aud see that All whose subscriptions have expired renew at once in order not to miss an instalment of the $300 prize Story. A subscriptions Are discontinued promptly upon their expiration and this week quite a number of the globes old friends will miss to Weir Globe because they have not renewed promptly. After her marriage mme. Be Plongeron entered heart and soul into the work that or. Be Plongeron had commenced As far Back As 1862�?tile work of bringing to Light the history of the civilized nations that occupied some parts of America prior to its discovery by Columbus. To this work mme. As Well As or. Be Plongeron has since Given her whole time. She has been her husbands enthusiastic companion and supporter and her name must live with his. The unanimity of thought and interest Between mme. Be Plongeron and her Learned husband is one of the most charming things imaginable. It shows itself in a dozen Little words Aud acts to those who see the two together. Tile Gallant and fair minded doctor a chivalrous Knight of the modern Day. Never fails to insist that half the Praise and Fame belongs to his Clever wife and sometimes when she would say of certain matters Quot our discoveries one will gently Correct Here Quot yours my child those were your As they worked together Side by Side in the difficult and often dangerous work of exploration so have they since co operated in the labor of giving the results of their previous toil to the world. Bot i have written and lectured on the topics in which they Are so much interested. If one lectures the other is generally assisting about the Stere option or if one writes the other illustrates and criticises and so on. Most persons Are aware of the fact that in Central America there Are old rums but Tow have an idea of their grandeur and extent. The Peninsula of Yucatan whose sunny shores Are bathed by the Waters of the mexican Gulf and the Carrilean sea is particularly Rich in ancient palaces and temples Quot whose Walls Are covered with sculptures. After a prolonged stay among those deserted cities As ancient and As interesting As anything in Egypt mine. Be Plongeron lectured in new Orleans new York and Brooklyn on the remarkable discoveries made by or. Be Plongeron and herself. Also at the Cooper Institute Columbia College Long Island historical society Hall in Tho Unity club course Cincinnati and other places always with the most marked Success or. Be plunge on a successes at Lowell Institute last Winter Are still fresh in the minds of Bostons scholarly and cultured classes. Life among the ruins of Yucatan the remarkable discoveries made by the explorers and their interesting accounts of the country and natives Are a most fascinating subject which never fails to please All who listen while the pictures their own work which Are thrown on the screen cannot be surpassed. Printed accounts of their discoveries have appeared in the leading illustrated papers of the principal cities of the whorl do pans London Brussels Madrid St. Petersburg Etc. Even in India their name is wed known As travellers discoverers and writers. Or. Be Plongeron has already published various works on different subjects. His last Quot sacred mysteries a has received the highest commendation from scholars of All lands. Mme. Be Plongeron has published a volume Quot Here and there in Yucatan a that has been highly praised by Hie press and has contributed articles to harpers Magazine harpers Bazar scientific american Magazine of american history. Demorest Magazine Home journal new York Tribune Herald Star As Well As to publications abroad. But whether in print or in lectures the history of this ancient american civilization As shown by the ruins remaining Iii Yucatan is so endless that there is always much that is new and interesting to state mme. Be Plongeron is the Only woman who has lived among the deserted old cities in Hie forests of Yucatan. She has endured much hardship during her journeying and escaped Many dangers having lived for months together on the territory of hostile indians who give no Quarter where she was obliged Togo armed continually. In recognition of her services to science the geographical society of Paris has asked for her portrait to place in its album of celebrated travellers. Liis portrait if a truthful likeness shows mme. I a Plongeron to be apatite slender but ver almost a bal High. Full and Broad forehead above an unusually expressive and vivacious face. The features Are not strictly regular but the whole countenance is so illumined with intelligence that of docs not notice any faults of contour. Hen marvellous dark eyes Are the chief Beauty however and when they Flash Forth her thoughts in Advance of her words even one no longer wonders at t he courage endurance and fortitude which our knowledge of Lier work shows her to hold in her Little body. Mme. I a plunge on a voice is another charming Quality being very Clear and Well modulated a fact which is of great service when she has to speak As she often does in immense Halls before Largo audiences. The new England woman a press association gives a Large afternoon Tea at the Parker House tuesday afternoon Iii Honor of mme. Be Plongeron who soon begins in Tremont Temple a course of lectures on Yucatan under the auspices of the association. A graveyard Rabbit indeed. There is an old graveyard in Clarke county ga., which is held in superstitious fear by the neighbourhood says the Dallas news. Ono Story about it is that a Rabbit has taken up its Homo there and Burrow in a sunken grave. Tho boards covering the vault have rotted leaving a Cavern extending into Tho coffin itself. For a Long time a Rabbit has used the Den As a Lair and can be seen at almost any hour entering or leaving the Cavern. Time and again the Hunters have sought to kill this particular Rabbit but it is like firing at a Sun Ray. The Little quadruped seems quite tame and will invite a near approach of the sportsman but upon the discharge of Bis gun brer Rabbit Bounds off unharmed. And no dog. Either can be found to Chase the Rabbit any distance. They will run it a few Yards and then return to their owners with a mystified look and their tails dangling Between their legs. All premiums Ever offered can be furnished to subs until further notice. Look Over Tho list of premiums printed in the supplement if you do not have a supplement Send for on and select one. We do not make anything upon the premiums. They Are Given to you at the Price we pay. Grand literary Fine Art feast for our subscribers. The we Are enabled to offer a Moat unique and attractive combination by which All of our subscribers can secure a copy or reproduction of that famous picture a Christ before Pilate a fit be. The original is said to be the most costly painting in tile world Pool Natur general Wanamaker raid Over 8100,000.00 for Munkacsy a famous masterpiece a Christ before million of people in Thi country and Europe have travelled Many mites and paid an admission fee to get a View of this remarkable painting and it a i teen the topic of conversation in Hundred of thousand of Home for Many months. It i pronounced by critic to be the most notable picture Ever brought to America a masterpiece truly grand and wonderful is a work of Art beyond Hie Power of language to describe and Worth a thousand Eri Noiin As a moral lesson. All the colors in the original painting Are faithfully reproduced in this picture. Months of patient Earnest labor were required to engrave the stones and produce Inch a picture As we f or Nash yet the artists were instructed to be faithful and give the finest possible results regardless of expense and they knew full Well that a Coinon place picture would not be accepted therefore the artists have made a picture that la accurate and faithful in every detail and have furnished in Ole graph picture equal in size and artistic Merit to pictures sold in stores for $10.00 each. Any person sending , which is less than the regular Price for Tho two papers will receive this paper one year and also that charming Home journal the ladles Home companion one year together with a copy or reproduction of this magnificent Hundred thousand Dollar painting As a free Clift. Ladies Home companion bus now Over half a million headers it is published twice month hat 16 is Depages and is finely printed on Cream tinted palier illustrated with Many Fine engravings. It is a practical household journal of rare literary excellence every Page teeming with Good things for Mother and daughter. It is a repository of helpful advice for women in every sphere of life in fact All branches of household Economy that Cen possibly come Witlin the Good housewife province Are ably treated under the four Wing departments practical housekeeping decorations and furnishings fashions i or. What to Wear and How to made it. Mothers Chat fancy knitted work children a Corner etiquette toilet department Etc., conducted by eight regular editors and store of eminent writers. Description of the painting. The scene chosen for the painting is the a judgment Hall in the Palace of Pilate and the hour a Early in the around the governor the priests Are gathered and the High priest Calapine is accusing Christ and demanding his death. The proud Ana furious bigot is All alive with excitement. There is a majesty about hts pose the consciousness of Power in Iii look and gesture and so the thing of dignity in the Superb audacity with which he draws pilates attention to the execration of the mob who Are crying out Quot crucify him Aas expressive of the National will which the governor is bound to respect at the same time insinuating that to let tills Man go will be treason to Casar As Well As a violation of the jewish Law which demands the canner s death for Quot making himself the son of Pilate i yielding to the clamor while his conscience aided by his wife a message warning him not to condemn that righteous Man is protesting in tones which make him tremble. Tue Centra. Figure and the most impressive of All is Christ himself Clad in White with flowing hair and bound wrists. Lie stands alone in the simple majesty of his own personality without sign or Symbol save bus Lindl Vladim greatness. A heavenly submission is on his face. Received the picture part with it for a Hundred dollars. Christ before x Hundred dollars. J. P. Harth Wheeling Iii. Size of picture we Send. 21 by 28 inches we Are delighted with the picture a Christ before Pilate a and if i could not get another i would not take 810.00 for it. ,Concord,. I have an Oil painting that Coet me �25.00, and it is no better than a Christ before Daniel b. Robinson Elk Creek a. I "lf11 the Send us 81.10 and you xviii receive Tor one year the weekly Globe u u up Vajc Jualin and also the ladies and also the ladies Home companion one year so numbers each ropy equal in site Quality and amount of Reading matter to other illustrated papers that Cost to cent a copy or 84,00 a year and every person accepting this offer will receive postpaid a copy of the Brand picture a Christ before this offer is extended to All our subscribers. Renewals As Well As new names subscribers whose subscriptions have not expired or those recently renewed Are privileged to accept this great offer in which Case their term of subscription will be extended one year. Address the weekly Globe. Boston. Mass. A five fingers will do it. In reply to a a sufferers of dec. 20,1 would say there is a Little Weed or Plant called live fingers or wild Strawberry found growing on Sandy soil and railway cuts and fills which by taking the leaves and steeping and drinking the decoction will immediately relieve and by Dally Nae for a Short time will permanently cure Colic it is perfectly harmless and May be drank quite freely. B. Alcohol. To that i had used tobacco and liquors for 31 years would encourage a Man whose habit was of Only 12 years growth to make one grand struggle for deliverance. That it will be a struggle i have no doubt. But if asked a will it pay a i answer unhesitatingly yes Aud pay big too. There is no Patent on this remedy suggested. Horace Greeley Bald a the Way to resume is to the Way to quit tobacco is to quit. To resist evil is Noble to yield is infamous. N. U. W. Wants to be a citizen. I came to United states in 1837, 19 years and la months old. J s it necessary for me to be t first papers in order to become if otherwise How Ain i to prove my age j. C. F. # must take out both papers. Go to the United states District court in Post office building and you will get full instructions. Kerosene prevents Waves from breaking. To the editor of the Globe will you please inform me whether pouring Oil on the troubled water is simply a saying of the same stamp As a cast thy bread upon the water a or is it an established fact that Oil poured on the Waters of the sea during a Hurricane will allay the Waves. N. L. It is a fact that Oil allowed to drip slowly from faucets Iii casks placed amidships on each Side of the vessel will prevent Waves from breaking Over the ship in a storm. A surprisingly Small Quantity of Oil kerosene for instance has proved of Avail. The United states hydrographic Bureau has received a great Many letters from ship masters detailing the successful use of Oil in de. These seven wonders. To the editor of the Globe 1. What Are the seven great wonders of the world 2. Where can a description of them be found is. Lists differ. The most accepted includes the colossus of Rhodes Diana s Temple at Ephesus the mausoleum at Halicarnassus the pyramids of Egypt the pharos at Alexandria the hanging gardens at Babylon and the olympian zeus. An account can be found of Eracli under its proper Bead in any Good de. The tory government. To the editor of the Globe i would like to know if the tory government has been Defeated on a government measure since they have come in Power or on any measure. V. Yes but on no question of important policy. Or. John Morley s motion against Tho government s licensing clauses of the local government Bill was carried against Tho ministry june 12,1888�?246 to 210.�? in. _ British lion clutches most to file editor of the Globe which is Tho Richer England and her colonies or the United states w. Ii. B. According to Munhall whose figures however Are not based upon the latest census the United slates is the richest nation in the world with wealth amount Lig to f.47,450,,. But great Britain and Ireland with Canada and Australia other colonies Trot included in the reckoning Shew an aggregate of �48,300,,. Probably tills gain will be decreased somewhat by the results of the last census Here and that soon to be taken in great in. Great Britain leads. To the editor of the Globe Flentse let me know which nation has the most warships afloat also the second and third. W. E. A a afloat probably Means in Active service. The order would be great Britain i prance 2 Italy 3 Russia 4. Congress in session. To the editor of the Globe will you please inform me when Tho present Congress adjourns a constant Reader. Present session of Congress will end March 4, 181 1. The president has Power to Call an extra session which May continue until next december when the representatives elected last november will Ake their seats. Used it to flirty one years. To the editor of the Globe heartily sympathizing with w. A in his wish to quit the tobacco habit i will give him a Leaf from my experience which i hoi May help him to his Freedom. A will Power is the keynote and the Medicine i used. The Man that thinks he can quit tobacco and Continuo to use alcoholic liquors will almost always fail and vice versa lie who is under the Dominion of of a is very Likely to have both As masters. I quit tobacco several times reserving the right to drink cider ale whiskey and such Light drinks when i thought i needed them. On this line i failed every time. But i was determined to quit. About to years ago my stomach demanded a drink of cider very sorely in the morning much earlier than i thought it ought to have it and the thought struck me this cider is getting to be Boss and i will have to see to it. I took the Pitcher Luff full Over night went to the cellar and Poi red it Back into the barrel Aud then rolled out a big Chew of tobacco which had in a kind of unconscious Way got into Ray Mouth and threw it to the Wall with All the physical Fores i possessed and then and there summoning All the will Power within me resolved that live or die survive or perish i would henceforth be free from the tyranny of tobacco and can i be arrested if a Man owing debts leaves the state can he be arrested when he returns i what i mean does he Lay himself liable to arrest when he returns by leaving the state if he does what Means would he have to take to Clear himself not having any Means to pay. Constant Reader. His leaving the state would not be any cause for arresting Blin. He could be sued on hts return and examined As poor debtor Etc., the same As of he had not been away. He can be made to pay. A of Massachusetts married b in Rhode Island. A returns to Massachusetts to work leaving it at her mothers in Rhode Island promising to Send Bellman Money every month afterwards will neither come to see his wife and never sent any Money. Can her Mother collect Board Money by Law in the states named Reader. Books purchased on instalments. I bought books on the instalment plan amounting to �30, and am to pay $2 a month. Have already paid �4. In receipt i have it says i cannot under the agreement return goods. When purchasing no such agreement was made and when i received receipt did not read it. Can i make him take the books Back circumstances not allowing me to Continuo taking them or can he Force me to pay for them of i refuse t. J. D. You must be governed entirely by the contract you signed read that. What a in a name will you please Tell me if a Man has Tho right to transpose his name for example can John George Smith Call himself George John Smith should lie do so does it in any Way invalidate contracts entered into by him As John George Smith student. I think there is no doubt that Smith signs a contract us George John Smith he will be bound by it. Deeded to a minor. A owned a House and made it Over to his minor son b by a warrantee deed saying a in consideration of Jgr Etc.,�?� being a properly made out deed but no Money being passed the deed is recorded. Later the father flied a caveat setting Forth that the son obtained the deed by fraud Etc. The son consulting a lawyer is told that of the father takes the Case into court and tries to recover the property that he can so recover it. Later the Sou is told that Hie court will not so consider unless suit is entered immediately after filing. Will you please explain this can the property be taken by other parties for the father s debts after his death Exeter. Where a deed is made by a Parent to a minor without consideration eau Ltd will compel a re conveyance. It could be attached As property of father in name of son and without doubt recovered. Imitation pearls. St. Louis Globe Democrat the imitation pearls receive their Lustre from an animal product Tho Scales of a Small fish found Iii the Mediterranean. It is called tile Bleak fish and when caught its Scales Are stripped off and by a secret process the iridescent properly extracted and reserved for use. At first it was applied to the outside of the Glass but finding it soon wore off a method was devised of applying it on the inside of the tiny Glass spheres through an orifice that is afterwards scaled. Tho artificial pearls thus have All the Lustre of Tho genuine article besides a certain brilliancy that makes them even prettier. But they Are not pearls and have never attained much popularity. Back numbers supplied. Until further notice All new subscribers will be Given free the opening chapters of the $300 prize Story a saved by death a so that they May enter the prize contest. Read the particulars of this contest in the introduction to a saved by death on another Page. Agents wanted in every town. One of Jay Gould a pals. Good news housekeeper sharply a Well what do you want the idea of an Able bodied Man like you going around begging. Tramp from Boston a you dome injustice mum. In a not bogging mum. Hut being As i m temporarily unable Ter realize on to assets in a ende Avorine Ter negotiate a loan mum More discouraging than wards Book. New York weekly mrs. In Trade where is your father adult Sony he sat the store editing his edition of Quot society As i have found mrs. Intruder a hat a Hook Sony yes a Ledger full of unpaid and us collectable Bills. Probably he take the trouble. at the club window a. D. Too. Hop Limanis donuts they say ups mus Younus the King of the dudes can Trace his family Back to Aeneas. Cornelius gracchus away As and i fancy he could twice some of his debts Back nearly As far. Brooklyn Bridge cigars. Harpers Bazar mrs. Honey Tony Are those some of the cigars i gave you Honey Tony yes. Mrs. Honey Tony How Aro they ? Honey Tony they Are of Tho kind that it ii better to give than to receive. Keep hugging after she says judge it is useless to exact a Promise by fora unless the pressure of compulsion is to by continued in which Case Hie Promise is it reality a dead letter Aud might As Well no have been Given. It is so painful to to poor. Life Quot there my Good Man there a a plate of victuals but i should think a great big. Strong fellow like you would be Ash Allied to beg Quot so i am ashamed but what am i to do i must either beg or work a one Nephew who has lost a legacy. Lowell citizen Uncle Remus -1 suppose the Railroad com puny uses that thing to plough out Iti tracks Nephew Bend so i used to think. Fact is they use it to plough out the Snow. Query did Ethel Tell Tho truth Munsey weekly Maud George proposed to my last night Ethel he told me you were next on i list when i refused him last week. Not thinking of it at All. Life or. Harrison what s this a a reciprocity idea of yours. Jim i done to exactly catch on to it. Or. Blaine Iti give you an illustration. I worked for you in �?T88. Now you turn in Anc work for me in �?T92. That a reciprocity. i Idon t think much of that scheme. Clara was the successful gymnast. Munsey weekly Johnny take that Cane out of your Mouth or. Sappy and let me see you put your loot in it. Or. Sappy Why i do that if i tried Johnny. Johnny there i told Clara last night she was wrong to match government Indian policy Norristown Herald when the. Redskins got an Opportunity to shoot a few of Uncle same a soldiers the daily papers Call it Quot Indian when Tho United states troops Slaughter 50 or More indians the same papers cull it Quot punishing the red and not the kind you la feel like giving. Milwaukee Sentinel if you do a Man a Envor do not let him know it or the chances Are to will come Back for another lift. Why next Day he via itch his Uncle. Washington Post ills Ante went across the Bourd. His pile Wum Small it could not list. He saw ii leave ills Little Bourd. A sad remembrance of the passed. Showing extreme bad judgment. Atchison Globe a woman will give up anything for lev except the Man she loves

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