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Boston Weekly Globe Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 5

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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The Boston weekly Globe tuesday january to 1801. News the week. Desperate Battle with indians expected soon. Spani Sll outrages american missionaries in Caroline islands. Death Gen. Devens�?nota3 from All quarters. Pink Ridge. Agency s. D., via Rushville nob., Jan. 11.�?Gen. Miles told the Globe correspondent that in All his career As an Indian fighter he had never seen such a situation As that which presented itself to him today. Scouts reported last night that the Hostiles had camped at the Catholic Mission live Miles North. This was not True. I to Savages did not Advance Throo Miles from their original camping place. They pulled up stakes sullenly Start for the Agency and after three Miles pitched their Tepee again. Now they say they will be hero before morning but this is Mere Buncombe they will consume As much time As possible. Gen. Miles regards Tho situation As unprecedented because if to attacks the Savages a howl will go up from Tho country that he sought to crush the Sioux because they wore slow to move with their wounded. The indians now 12 Miles away Are avowed Hostiles and yet he cannot attack them at once because they explain their slow Progress from Tho fact that they Are carrying 43 wounded Bucks and squaws. There must be oho More terrible Battle before this War is closed for the Winter. The redskins have destroyed a Bridge Over which they must pass before reaching the Agency and at noon capt. Dougherty saw flames coming Over the Hills five Miles away. The daredevils Are burning everything in their Way. Heavy Clouds smoke Are sweeping Over Tho Northern Butte and the terrible wind storm which is blowing a blinding curtain Sand and Snow to Tho South carries the Black smoke Over the Agency. Shortly after Dougherty saw Tho flames there came a heavy Volley musketry. Heavy firing heard. He counted 15 shots a minute. There was a second Volley and then came distinct skirmish firing. Couriers were sent to Gen. Miles who leaped upon his horse and under heavy escort galloped to the Crest the Butte. His Field glasses revealed Only a dense column smoke rising Lour Miles from the Agency. After inspecting the fortifications Gen. Miles accompanied by Lieut. Alnus and tile escort returned to Camp. It is evident that the crazy Savages have fired White Birds Camp and other Cabins. Col. Corbin thinks there has been a skirmish Between capt. Wells troops and the indians and thinks this caused the firing heard. Firing ceased after noon but mounted indians could be seen Tho Hills a few Miles away. Soldiers and Indian police have been thrown out and every Trail leading to the Camp is picketed. The soldiers have stopped 20 Ogallala who were coming into tile Agency from the hostile Camp. Some the rifles were identified As those taken from Custer a command in the massacre 187c. At noon col. Corbin received a Telegram from maj. Parker Oelrichs Liat Young Man afraid has horses had reached Thero with 74 followers ready to surrender. It is noticeable however that the desperate rules and the More warlike Ogallala.? have showed no disposition to surrender. At 5 clock the pickets fired several shot at a party indians who were trying to sneak into a Friendly Village unnoticed. On either Side behind the Savages the troops Are moving today. Carr and his famous fighters the till cavalry Are pressing from the left and Gen. Brooke with his 2d infantry and oth cavalry camped last night in the exact spot where the Hostiles were 24 hours before. Blue Wall contracting. The Wall to the right is also moving toward the Hostiles. On the Butte just East Tho Agency the Force is now 700 men with four rifled Cannon four Hotchkiss and two Gatling guns. Gen. Miles has determined to separate the rules and Ogallala should Tho Hostiles come into the Agency. Red Eagle who came in today says the indians have sworn not to give up their guns. Tim coming the Hostiles and the uneasiness the so called friendlies fills everybody with apprehension the storm is now raging furiously the Sand blinding the pickets. Buffalo Bill left for Rushville today but returns tomorrow. Father Jutz the Catholic Mission reported to Gen. Miles tonight that the Hostiles were Only four Miles from the Agency they having made 1.2 Miles today. Gen. Brookes command is following closely and Gen. Carr is pressing his line every hour. _ Spanish outrages. Or. Blaine asks certain explanations the Spanish government. Particulars have been received in Boston the destruction the Mission buildings in Ponape one the Caroline islands and Tho High handed conduct the spaniards toward Tho american missionaries. The matter Lias been Laid before Secretary Blaine and he a also been supplied with copies the latest letters from the missionaries relating to the general wreck their possessions there at the hands the spaniards. Secretary Blaine has Laid the matter before the government at Madrid and Given notice that reparation would to asked. This action our government is warranted under the terms Yaj the arrangement made three years ago by which the United states recognized the sovereignty Spain in the Caroline islands. In Tho conditions the agreement Thero was put an express stipulation that the property the american missionaries was to continue tinder the Protection the Spanish government and that the work Hie Mission was to to uninterrupted. This guarantee was Given by Tho Spanish government before the United states would recognize her sovereignty Over the islands where the american missionaries had worked for Over 40 years and where they had important property rights As Well As their interest Iii their religious work. The evidence which has come to Tim Mission rooms is overwhelmingly to tile effect that the spaniards have grossly violated Tho terms the recognition Given by the United states government and Thero is Good ground for a demand for reparation l rom Spain. _ _ Soldier and Jurist. Death Gen. Charles Devens Massachusetts supreme court. Hon. Charles Devens Justice the Massachusetts supreme Bench died wednesday last in Boston after an illness but a few Days. Judge Devens was born in Charlestown april 4,1820. To was graduated at Harvard College in the class 1838, studied in the Harvard Law school and took his degree in 1840. Ile was appointed United states marshal for Massachusetts in 1840, holding that Munfor Tunaley fell to him to execute the decree Tho United states court remanding Thomas Sims to slavery under the fugitive slave Law. Afterwards finding that Lydia Maria child was collecting Money to buy Sims he asked her to return the sums contributed and allow him the privilege paying the full amount. Before the negotiations could be concluded the rebellion broke out and nothing More could be done. Sims recovered his Freedom Ter and when Devens was attorney general he appointed Tho negro to a place in the department Justice. In 1854 to resumed Tho practice his profession in Worcester As a partner Hon. George f. Hoar and there he remained until the breaking out the War. When lie accepted april id 1801, Tho command the lid battalion rides with Tho rank lie accepted a 1801, Tho command regiment lost heavily and col. Devens caped As others did by swimming Tho j Tom a. To went with Mcclellan to Tho Peninsula a commissioned a brigadier general april to 1803, and May 3 took command the by brigade couches division Keyes corps in which Tho loth and 37th Massachusetts regiments were included. He led Tim brigade at Williamsburg and at fair Oaks mid there to was disabled for two months by a Bullet wound. Then he resumed command and thereafter commanded the division in Gen. Couch absence. At Fredericksburg he volunteered to Lead Tho passage Tim Tappahannock at the lower Bridges and covered Tho re crossing after the sad failure Tim Battle. At Cham Corsville he was wounded in the foot after Tho draft riots 18 53 Gen. Devens was assigned to the Massochi sorts draft rendezvous. In 1831 to was commander a division in the 18th corps under Gen. F. Smith. On Tim reorganization the army the James to took command the third division Tho 24th corps and was Tho first to enter Rich mond april 3, 1855. To remained with this division until the troops were clustered out service and afterwards was for a year commander Tho military District Charleston boing mustered out in Juno i860. Immediately after lie resumed Tho practice Law in Worcester. He was appointed in 1807one Tim justices Tho Superior court and in 1873 was made a Justice Tho supreme court. To resigned in 1877 in order to become attorney general in the Cabinet president Hayes. Soon after his return to Tho state in 1881. Iio was reappointed to the supreme Bench Meshach Sotta Anil had held the position since. He was a member Tho Loyal legion and sex commander the g. A. R. His funeral took place at Trinity Church Boston Ana was noticeable i Tho official and military honors paid to one the most esteemed sons Tho old Bay state. Consumption in cattle. Of major and left next Day for the front. Before the battalions term service expired maj. Devens was commissioned colonel the 15th regiment. He was in tile disastrous engagement balls Bluff. In which Gen. E. I. Baker was killed and Gen. Charles p. Stone disgraced. The 15th Lively interest shown by Tho Farmers in the subject. Or. Austin Peters state veterinary surgeon Massachusetts states that the cow is most liable to tuberculosis Tho pig next. Even fowl arc subject to it. But it is rare in the horse. Cattle May contract tuberculosis before birth and the disease clings to them More tenaciously than it to human beings. Jerseys and Guernsey Are most disposed to this disease. Our Hardy new England Stock natives so called resist attacks tuberculosis hotter than pure Breeds. Over Breeding and too Early Breeding Are predisposing causes. Or. Peters has found the tubercle Bacillus Koch in postmortem examinations cattle. Cows which give an excessive amount milk Are More liable to tuberculosis than others because the system is Over drained. The tubercle Bacilli the consumption germ can 1/e present in a cows milk although the udder be healthy. These Bacilli can be found in butter and cheese made from the milk cows infected with tuberculosis. Or. Peters Tii inks that the meat if Thor Oro ulily cooked is less liable to convey Tho disease to Man than Dairy products. Tho most common source tuberculosis in animals is Tho sputum matter coughed from the lung Sall cow s which Are suspected being affected with tins disease should be kept apart from the rest the Herd. These suspected cases should not be used for Breeding purposes. Moat should be thoroughly cooked and milk should be sterilized. It is difficult to detect tuberculosis Iii cattle in its Early stages but in advanced cases it is readily recognized. Or. Abbott the state Board health said a i consider that this theory Tho Bacillus is a fact. There is no doubt that. Bad air overcrowding etc., Are not the causes tuberculosis but the conditions Tho Means for conveying the germ. Good Hay Good air and pure water Are important. Food and ventilation should receive the most careful Southern methodism. Statistics the entire membership Tho methodist episcopal Church South Aro Given As follows Georgia 132,600 Texas 120.884 Tennessee 114.351 North Carolina 111,630 Virginia 108.341 Alabama 88.702 Missouri 82,033 Kentucky. 80,-685 Mississippi 72,203 Arkansas 00,378 South Carolina 67,004 West Virginia 24,-779 Louisiana 23,2691 Florida 23,044 Maryland 10,866 Indian territory. 8130 California 7401 Illinois. 6361 Kansas 2803 Oregon 1560 Colorado 1138 Indiana 1104 District Columbia. 772 new Mexico 542 Montana 450 Washington 342 Nebraska. 300 Arizona 225 Idaho 80. To which add Brazil Mission 365 Central mexican Mission 1650 China Mission 348 mexican Border Mission 1838 Bishops 8 travelling preachers 4862. Grand total�?1.177,150. A Lively Sleigh ride. Scranton penn., Jan. 8. A yesterday morning nearly Evory one 36 Young people who were in an enormous Sleigh was injured some them very severely. Tho party i Tad attended asocial at Duryea and were their return Home. Tho Driver was drunk and when a very Steep Hill at Ren Liam was reached lie was unable to manage the horses. The Sleigh plunged Down the Declivity at frightful Speed and suddenly striking a huge pile Snow was overturned. Several Olio would not disengage themselves were dragged a Long distance. M. Barrett was dragged nearly a Hundred Yards and every bit clothing was torn from his body. Commander Reiter censured. Washington i. C., Jan. 7.�?the correspondence Between Secretary Tracy and commander Reiter the United states Navy severely censuring Tho latter and relieving him his command for inaction when the guatemalan officers boarded the Steamer Acapulco off san Jose last summer and butchered Gen. Bammia is published. The commander is told that he was at san Jose with United states War vessels for the purpose guarding the interest his country and defending Tho right those who sought Tho Protection the american Flag am the indifference he displayed in Tho matter is pronounced without excuse. Not what they were elected for. Pierre s. D., Jan. 9.�?tile following scathing rebuke senators Moody and Pettigrew. Who Are Here working for Tho reelection Tho former was introduced in Tho Senate yesterday whereas in Tho opinion this body the interests Tim state South Dakota would to better Subserve by the presence and attention thereto our senators at the National capital at this time especially when a Bill momentous importance to the co Guitry is under discussion therefore lie it resolved that in the Best interests Tho state the Public servants elected and chosen to represent the state South Dakota in the National Congress can Best satisfy their constituents by devoting their time and attention to that purpose and that place leaving such matters Public interest As come within the jurisdiction the members Tho state legislature to be attended to by such members at Tho state capital. On trial for heresy. Rev. Or. Howard Mcqueary Canton o., has been trial for heresy. He is Rector a protestant episcopal Church and the specific charge is breach ordination vows Iii publicly and advisedly denying the Virgin birth and the bodily resurrection Jesus. The prosecutor offered in evidence . Mcqueary a Book. A a the evolution Man and christianity a a calling attention to Tho passage touching Tho Point at Issue. Afterwards the prosecutor offered selections from the Prayerbook amt the Creed. Notes. The five Story building nos. 24 Stone St. Aud 59 Pearl St., new York known As the Morgan building was gutted by lire Friday. Less 820,000. Senator Stanford Friday introduced a Bill providing for an Extension tile executive mansion Iii accordance with Tho plans suggested by mrs. Harrison at a Cost not to exceed $860,000. Delameter amp co. Of Meadville penn., Tho Bankers who recently assigned have been charged with embezzling $.10,000belonging to the county. Tho partners the firm have Given bail for Tho grand jury. All the engines the Cape Breton railway four in number went Over an embankment Friday while assisting a derailed train and the passengers Tho Trai to proceed to port Mulgrave by stage Lewis e. Pfeifer formerly president the broken Bank America Philadelphia. And vice president the defunct american life insurance company and who Aas been in prison for some weeks past tile charge conspiracy and embezzlement the funds the two institutions was released Friday $12,500 bail. Salvator de memo and 20 other italians were injured by a cutting affray in a Chicago Saloon wednesday last. memo xviii die and some others Are badly Cut. A Row Over a woman was the cause. A reputable Brooklyn n. A Butcher with s 140 Lodge Money his person says that he a robbed and shot in the head but the doctors say there is no Traco if Bullet. While a number workmen were excavating a Public sewer Between Olive St. And Washington av., at. Louis wednesday the embankment fell in fatally injuring three labourers. S. A. Keene the Chicago banker who failed recently with liabilities 81.500.-000. Was held for Tho grand jury wednes Day a charge receiving a Deposit at Hir Bank after to knew that to was insolvent. The new York grand a my. Wednesday indicted William to. Bul incr and William d. Hughes the divorce lawyers Whoso bogus divorces bore Tho forged Seal the Superior court Cook county 111. Butter is indicted for forgery and grand larceny and Hughes for forgery All in Tho second degree. Tie. Of Batler Block Cairo. Iii., in which were local ii the store Tho new York dry goods company and Jim grocery and provision establishment the new York Stere company was a mod wednesday. The Butcher s shop and is age factory e. Butcher were badly damaged. Total loss $100,000, portly ins ired. A singular affair has in to Light at Springfield. O., by the in Idle a crippled oui maid who bad Hind a Baptist preacher to Poison his wife in order that to might marry a coloured girl. A Whito Haiml old quack doctor knowing her secret blackmailed her. As Well As ire area her and Bis wife and drove Lier to. Traction. Tho preacher and his a comply Aro now hold for murder. An incendiary fire a to Kingsville ky., tuesday burned 14 hour s j ors $50,000 fairly covered by i surant. A fire at Winchester , tuesday destroyed Tho opera Lions Block causing loss to number me chants. Hie Post office was in the building and Iff Worth Stamps postal cards and envelopes with All the mail were destroyed. The West bound pan Dandle passenger train Jan. 5. Near Coshocton . Ran into two hand cars containing 22 workmen killing John Curran and Rooert Davis Steuben Ville and fatally injuring silos Burgess Allegheny. President Stevens Tho Sanborn county Bank Woonsocket s. I Bas been arrested for forgery and embezzlement. Funeral services wore Beld at chit ago Friday Over the body Emma a Abbott at Central music Hall. Prof. David swing and Rev. Or. Thomas paid tribute to the dead in Brief discourses and a quartet Sung appropriate hymns. The body was then conveyed to Graceland cemetery in Tho vault which it was temporarily placed. Mauro Candano. Bito mayor Ciudad Juarez mex., hat been arrested by Federal troops and placed Iii the solider a Barracks. Tile charge against Candano is that he accepted Ofa bribe $10,000 to allow Bolton who killed j. Cavett a Rich cattleman to escape from the military prison in Juarez. The fact that Candano is a congressman and a general in the army makes the arrest and investigation which is to follow very interesting. Col. Hay Myers Consul at san Salvador has instituted a suit for $50, that Republic and is pressing ids claim through Tho state department. When he arrived at his Post duty a year ago he found a rebellion in Progress Aud be had to make his Way to ins hotel amid shot and Shell. The siege continued Day alter Day and the Only Protection lie had was to take Refuge behind a huge Rock Bath tub. Here he remained for 72 hours and considers he is damaged $50,000. The Chesapeake amp Ohio express went through a trestle three mites East step Stone ky., tuesday and Engineer e. A. I i Burn and de Mcneil were killed. Hil Burn body was found and removed to a Sleeper. The body Mcneil could not be found and As the engine tender and express car were burned it is supposed that his body was consumed Iii the flames. None the passengers were Hurt. Monday night Jan. 5, during a religious meeting at West Fork iud., a riot started among the members three Large families a Tho i owes Wise ans and Bagge rays. Id foreign news. No Compromise Between Irish leaders yet reached. Acute distress in Ireland a bad weather and misery elsewhere. Rotes various happenings from Many quarters. Pistols knives stones cudgels and fists were used with a vengeance. Five men Are lying at the Point death As a result the conflict and others Are less seriously injured. There was a head end collision tuesday Between two freight trains Tho Rock Island Railroad at Berne Kau. Engineer Neil Smith the East bound train was killed. Engineer Thomas Halsey fireman Castanien w. E. Allen and conductors Wilkins and Ransom were injured but none fatally. A great amount property is said to have been destroyed. Another Young englishman who is said to have had plenty Money and to to desirous buying a farm has mysteriously disappeared in Canada. A verdict $7500 has been rendered against Rev. Father Steffens new York for alienating the affections a carpenters wife. The latter had gone to live with the priest. The Clarkson House Block and Tho d. Hewis Block in Midland out., have been burned. Daniel Mcgillivrey a Printer port Dover a Boarder at the Clarkson House was burned to death. A Charleston. Va., despatch says that Tho if Atfield Mccoy vendetta which has been quiet for some months Lias been renewed and that in a tight Harts Creek a few Days ago six men were killed. While one robber hold a knife to the Throat a clerk who slept in tile store i. But yen Brooklyn n. Y., thursday morning two others went through the place mid finding no Money carried off a Quantity goods. Three men have been arrested charged with the robbery. About 12 clock wednesday night the town Rusk tex., and the Vicinity experienced at least two Well defined earthquake shocks each being accompanied by a detonation loud and Long As rolling from South to North. Several chimneys were levelled with the Earth and sleepers in various portions the town were awakened. State emblems. The cats arms Tho american commonwealths. Detroit free pre every state in the american Union has its distinctive coat arms Seal. Unlike the arms most european countries american state emblems Are not based upon some Peculiar fact in history Story tradition but Are. In nearly every Case deliberately chosen made up. As animals figure upon most Coats arms it is interesting to observe what sort animals have been chosen by the american commonwealths for their emblems. Quito naturally the Eagle leads All the rest. It is found upon the arms no fewer than la states and Ope territory. Those Are new York Pennsylvania. Maryland Alabama Mississippi Arkansas Missouri Michigan Illinois Iowa Oregon and new Mexico. Now Mexico indeed has two eagles one which evidently represents i Tho Eagle the United states and the other that Mexico. The Deere some variety the Antelope a and Hie Buffalo Aro also favorite animals Villi the american commonwealths. Maine has an Antelope upon her arms. Vermont hears a Deere a head and a cow the Deer symbolizing the states past perhaps Aud the cow its present. Michigan in addition i to its Eagle has two antelopes and Idaho an antelopes head and Antlers. Indiana was the first state to put the Buffalo upon its arms. And to is appropriately represented As running away. Honas since been represented in much the same Guise upon the arms Kansas and North Dakota. New Jersey has a horses head and Pennsylvania two horses in addition to her Eagle and a lion under Liberty a feet. Upon the arms Kansas and South Dakota horses Ara shown working at the plough and those Minnesota and North Dakota a horse is Ridden by a retreating Indian. Other emblems Are the bears Missouri and California Tho Pelican Louisiana Wisconsin a Badger Delaware sox. West Virginia a cattle in a landscape Utah a bee.?. Several the newest states have decorated their arms with an animal Quito unknown to heraldry a the a Iron tote locomotive is borne upon the Shields Nevada West Virginia and Wyoming the Steamboat upon tile arms Tennessee and South Dakota and both the Steamboat and the locomotive upon those Nebraska Aud Montana. The coat arms Idaho Lins a representation Tho Moon. Upon the state shield is soon a River upon which a Steamboat is sailing winding away through a Chain mountains and Over the mountains hangs the Crescent Moon. As the horns the Crescent Are toward the left and the Moon is near the horizon Tho scene depicted Maut be after Sunset. Other nations and states have shown Tho Sunrise upon their arms but Idaho is probably first in representing an evening scene. Missouri also has a Crescent upon its artus but it is not represented in connection with a landscape. There is a tendency among Tho people the states to set up by a sort gradual development among themselves certain state emblems their own which generally have no reference to the officially adopted arms the state some these emblems were in the beginning assigned to them in derision by the people other states and have been adopted in Good Faith in a spirit Good natured Defiance criticism. In Tho civil War Many these emblems wore worn by rite soldiers from the several states and have been worn since by grand army men and other National associations at their reunions. On such occasions the men Maine Wear a Pine Cone Branch those Vermont a Cedar sprig those Rhodo Island a Clam Shell Aud those Connecticut a wooden Nutmeg. The chosen Emblem new Jersey such occasions is a great Mosquito Pennsylvania a Luck a Tail Ohio a Buckeye horse Chestnut Michigan a Wolverine Wisconsin a Badger and California a Roar. Good grammar Good Point Good poetry Detroit in Heel men s i Nion circular Here and you from in and ours in Tim Hope that we and ours May have it in our Powers to do Tor you and your As Yon Sud yours have done Tor us and oars Limerick Jan. 11.�?fully 20, persons worn bid Here today to Greet . Parnell thousands coming from All Tho adjoining Coontie. In response to addresses . Parnell made a Long speech. To held that . Glaraton amp jihad mused the present trouble by issuing a Matory i letter demanding that Tho Irish members j depose their Leader. Referring to . Gladstone a denial Tho i accuracy his statement.? regarding the in i Ter View at Hawarden . Parnell declared that lie could now confirm the truth by a i letter written March 18, Only three months after Tho interview when Tho matter was i fresh Iii his mind and when even his bit Forest enemy could not say he had any Rea son to misrepresent suppress the truth. I . Of Brien to whom lie Parnell had i communicated an outline Tho Hawarden i conversation had a remembrance absolutely identical with his own regarding . Gladstone a proposal As to the number members parliament. Touching Tho present position the land question . Parnell said he thought the action the liberals toward the land Bill proposed by the government was foolish and that it showed that the liberals had no genuine land policy. It was therefore perfectly useless for the liberals to talk about Home Rule at. All. Because Home Rule so restricted instead being a source strength Prosperity peace and Freedom for the country would in reality be a Sham Landing them in hotter water than they were i at present. Or. Parnell said that he could not forecast Tho result Tho present negotiations without a breach Confidence. He thought however that . Of Brien would not object to his saying that so far Hie negotiations had resulted in an agreement and that they fully recognized that future Steps will have to be taken by other men upon whom a very great responsibility will rest if . Of Brien Aud himself Are not again Able to resume negotiations with an assured Hope Success. Cheers he believed the future would vindicate him fully but to certainly would never seek vindication beyond the voice the Irish people. Cheers Purnell must co. It is stated that there Are no terms too Strong to express the Assurance Given to . Of Brien through . Arnold Morley m. P., by . Gladstone to the effect that any arrangement made by him for Tho reunion the two branches the nationalist party must he based not any temporary withdrawal . Parnell from Tho political Field but his permanent and unconditional retirement to private life As the Only condition which the English liberals will again act with the Irish members to secure Home Rule. This the English Leader declares is a stipulation that under any circumstances will in no Wise be departed from. Ail Eye the Money. The general belief in London is that the much a heralded Boulogne conference has ended in a fiasco so far As the evolving any basis permanent Union Between the Irish factions is concerned. The key to the Irish Riddle is the fact that . Purnell holds the bulk Tho funds and will continue to command the situation until the american subscribers take Steps to Forward the Money so liberally subscribed during the Early Days the Dulon Brien tour but which As far As being any assistance to Tho suffering tenants is concerned might As Well have remained unsubscribed. _ distress in Ireland. Sharp cases suffering Balfour a re Lief fund growing. Dublin Jan. 9.�?the Fato the evicted tenants notably those the Smith Barry estate is at present the subject much anxiety among the Irish leaders. Or. Of Brien a one the authors the plan Campaign being especially interested. Of Tho expected funds from America should fail to arrive the Prospect staring the Fol Lowers messes. Dillon and Brien in the face is dismal indeed. Numerous efforts Are therefore being made to pre vent the entire collapse the enticing but dangerous plan Campaign and those tenants that still hold out Are being daily fed with the assurances ultimate Aid and support. Iii the meantime Many the poor people finding that these promises will buy them neither meat nor potatoes have been obliged to make terms with Tho agent and abandoning their dwellings in new tipperary have gone Back to the old town. To obtain funds to prevent a total depopulation his new settlement has been one . Of Briens chief objects in a a a is i in poor Law guardians Oney. Ire., has decided to ask Tho govern los Boulogne conference with . Parnell. Tho Board poor Law guardians Killar meat to Advance Money to Farmers at iv3 per cent interest. This action is to be taken so As to enable the Farmers to employ labourers who Are willing to work for less than a shilling a Day. The Relief fund raised in response to the recent declaration issued by the Viceroy and chief Secretary Balfour concerning the condition the poor Iii Western Ireland now reaches a total �10.000. Among the latest contributions to the fund Are �200 sent by Queen Victoria and �100 by Hon. G. Goschen Chancellor the exchequer. While meeting the Board guardians Clon Kilty was in Progress Friday a mob about too labourers from Tho seacoast neighbourhoods suddenly broke in upon Tho Board. The spokesman Tho party said that they Aud their families were literally starving and that they had individually not been Able to earn a shilling in six Mouths. Tho guardians promised to do their utmost to relieve their distress. The Browing firm guinness a subscribed �500 to the Balfour fund for the Relief Tho distressed people in Ireland. The fund is increasing rapidly. Representatives Over too families in the Cloyne District Ireland waited upon the Hoard guardians thursday and earnestly begged Tor assistance stating that they were starving and living almost entirely upon turnips. The Board guardians at it. Mellock Queens county. Ire., has adopted a Resolution congratulating . Balfour upon boing the Hest chief Secretary that Ireland has Ever had. Twenty four lives lost by steamship collision. London Jan. Steamer Britannia from Leith collided Early this morning with the Steamer Bear from Grangemouth in the Firth Forth Scotland. The Bear Sank immediately and the 14 men Board 12 went Down with her. The two others were rescued by a boat from the Britannia. After the collision the Britannia which was badly damaged transferred her 45 passengers to the Steamer thames and was taken in Tow by that vessel the two steamers proceeding slowly towards Leith. Before they had gone far however the hawser connecting Tao vessels snapped and then Tho damaged vessel gave a terrific plunge and Sank. Fortunately Lier Crew had Luton life belts after the collision and All. Except Tho chief Engineer were picked up by boats from the thames. The chief Engineer went Down with the vessel and was not seen again. Franco will protect fishermen. Replying to a letter from m. Laeli ambre a member the French chamber deputies for St. Male reciting the apprehensions his constituents Over Tho approaching fishing season in Newfoundland m. Ribot minister foreign affairs wrote a your countrymen May count upon naval Protection. Tile negotiations with England in the matter the renewal the modes Visendi Are not yet concluded but i have every Teason to believe that there will to no Day in effecting an the London daily news discussing the Newfoundland question says Quot in the immediate crisis Tho wounded feelings the newfound Landers ought in every Pratti conveyed through the foreign office to m Ribot and m. distress from severe weather. The severe weather which has prevailed throughout England for some time past is causing the deepest distress among the poorer dais people this City. This is especially True the inhabitants Tho East end All outdoor trades have now been suspended for seven weeks. Clergymen All denominations different local societies and Many tradesmen Are using their utmost efforts to alleviate Tho sufferings the destitute people. Owing to the presence a Large Quantity ice in Tho River Tyne 46 steamers aggregating a tonnage 70.000, have been composed to Lay up. Spaniards to Honor Columbus. Washington,d., Jan. Spanish government has decided instead erecting a Monument to commemorate Tim discovery America As was first proposed to rebuild Tho port Palos from which Columbus sailed and erect wharves at la Rabida near the Convent in which the great discoverer took Refuge. Near Tho Convent a Pyramid a simple column will be erected As a Monument to Columbus and dedicated get. 14, 1802. Notes. It is officially announced that the German government Bas recognized the existence the Republic Brazil. An eminent London Oculi St has been treating a bad Case apoplexy which goes to show that the electric Light is capable causing a malady similar to sunstroke. News has been received to Tho effect that Pawlewski the polish nihilist and alleged murderer Gen. Seliverstoff has Lieen captured. Ten steamers bound for Hamburg Are expected to arrive at Emnor Haven instead owing to Tho ice Block in the Elbe. The Rhino is completely Frozen from Tho Lorelie Rock upward. Under Tho influence the unfavourable opinion prof. Virchow and other prominent physicians regarding Tho Koch remedy the government has come to a pause Over Tho proposed Bill making Tim Lymph the property Tho state. Advices from St. In Nils Tho Eliof town Senegal brings the news that Tho French troops carried Tho fortress Niora belonging to the Sultan amadeus and 400 natives were killed wounded. On Tho French Side 51 native soldiers were killed. It appears settled that Emin Paella is to be governor the Western portion German East Africa including the Lake territory and Herr von Boden to be governor Over Tim remainder. Baron Wissmann will probably retire be sent to Settle affairs in West Africa. Tho Indian government Lins decided to Amend the marriage code by raising Tho age consent from Over to years to 12, but it refuses to interfere further with the existing Laws. At Berlin prof. Hahn has opened the Side a consumptive patient who has been under treatment by the Koch method and removed from a Deen cavity in Oue his lungs some necrotic tissue. Tilt Case was one Long standing but notwithstanding the operation was a Success. This is the fourth instance record such an operation being performed with favourable result. The severest cold weather known to the present generation now prevails in Tho Olive growing Region Italy. During a violent rainstorm in Rome. Wednesday evening the Palace Tho propaganda was struck by lightning. A terrible snowstorm accompanied by winds Hurricane Force raged wednesday the Gulf Trieste and along in shores from Capo do Istria to Venice. A epidemic typhus fever is playing havoc in Florence Italy. Ninety civilians have died within a few Days from the disease and one regiment has had every Man but four its roster sick at one time with it. One Hundred Wells in the neighbourhood have been Analysed and were found to be infected. Orders have been issued to boil the water before using it. The Anglo american Colony is panic stricken anti almost All have left Tho City. Thero is now every Prospect that the series exhibitions that have Neon held in London during Tim past Tivo years not Tho least successful which was that food products popularly known As a the he altheries Quot will be lengthened thl Summerby a world s labor show. One the interesting features tile exhibition will be the experimental topics Trude. Conditions Many the leading industries. Everything quiet just sow but with Bood prospects. Notes the working forces country the application me eight Nour Law in the actual construction a building within the grounds. The Paris Siegle states that practically concluded Between England and Portugal relative to territory in Africa is entirely favourable to Tho latter country. Over $300,000 Worth French Bonbons Aro exported to constantinople yearly for the ladies the turkish harems. Trouble Between the students and the officials the Naples University culminated Iii a riot. Amelia Rives the american authoress is seriously ill in Paris. She has not left Hor room for six months. The care Witch who is making a tour the East has arrived at Jey poor. He received a grand reception upon his arrival. The american ship India capt. Colley which sailed Jan. 7 from Barrow for new York has just put into Holyhead her Crew Mutino and fought among themselves. Several Tho men were severely wounded with knives. The mutineers will be taken into custody. The French Tariff committee has approved the governments proposal to renounce nil Tariff treaties except those containing tile most favored nation clause. Several prominent merchants Glasgow express their willingness to pay increased rates freight if the railway employees could receive an increase wages. The London press association announces that the Behring sea negotiations Between great Britain and the United states have taken a favourable turn. King Charles i. Of Hohenzollern Sig Marin Gen Tho present ruler Roumania it is said has decided to abdicate within a Short time in favor his Nephew Prince Ferdinand known As the Prince Ron mania the second son Tho elder brother Charles i. On prefixes and affixes. About Tom Ochiltree a lavishness and other Peoples troubles. New York times it is related Tom Ochiltree that his first visit to England he awakened divers emotions in the breasts a country gentleman and a tailor by addressing a letter to the gentleman. Quot . Thomas buggies Quot and a letter to the tailor a a. Sitwell the gentleman was sorely offended and the tailor Felt flattered. The customs this country make no particular distinction Between the prefix and Tho affix in England there is a wide distinction. The title a Esquire Quot is worn by justices the peace Well to do country gentlemen and professional men. It ranks next to Knighthood. The prefix is applied to tradesmen and other Plain people respectable callings. The miscellaneous use the two terms is sometimes confusing to students social and commercial etiquette. Here for instance is Quot a. V. W., who in writing a business note to a Bank cashier is puzzled to know which is the Correct Way to address the gentleman a emr. B. Holmes j. B. Holmes esq., business Courtesy knows no fixed code by which such a question can be decided. In this country the prefix is a perfectly proper and respectful designation any gentleman. Nothing More is necessary in addressing men not occupying official rank station. On Tho other hand. The affix �?oesq.,�?� meaningless As it is Here is accepted As a title dignity and certainly can give no offence. American business Mon Are no sticklers for titles any kind. Conciseness is the main thing in their correspondence. Most them would in doubt address a a a. V. Bank Friend a Quot a. B. Holmes. Cashier a and that it would meet All requirements Courtesy. New Boston music. White Smith amp co. Have for a Novelty collection a lotto Boeder s Waltzes arranged As pianoforte Quot fiddle and i Waltz a and Quot gondolier Waltz Quot Are just ready. A pleasing and fashionable feature each is the introduction words at intervals. They Are not difficult 75 cents each. F. Behr in Quot Reiter lied a has something decidedly original and interesting 60 cents. Quot Mother in Law March a e. Simon is for dancing and has humorous German and English text. It is one Tho Hest compositions this favorite style 40 cents. In local music two Workshy John Wiegand have particular interest. One is a a serenade Sung a 60, and the other a song Quot by the autumn sea a for Soprano Tenor in Foo Kilts for Mezzo Soprano baritone in i Fiat cents. The latest song by the popular j. L. Moloy is a Home Dearie Home a in d and 60 cents. Playmates a is a Superior song and chorus by Harry Dacre 40 cents. Harry Hunter and e. Forman have a Jolly humorous duet a two johnnies in it has figures coloured dancers 60 cents. Oho c. A. White s sweetest quartets is named Quot Welcome Home Quot for either mixed male to pcs 40. They have a collection All Stephen Glover a Beautiful duets. The latest that is ready is Quot Beautiful Moonlight a 35 cents. They have ready for g. A. R. Posts a Blue and Grav a quartet for male voices by g. E. Hosie to cent. 0. Morsels Quot ten responses a quartet chorus will be valued by Church choirs 20 cents Oliver Ditson so co. Have issued another their arrangements easy dances. It is a Canary polka a by a. Geibel very desirable for beginners 40 cents. In vocal music Quot mothers prayer. By the sea a m. Fitzpatrick will be enjoyed in every Homo where there is a Singer 40 cents. The latest two English songs Are a Conway Quay a Alto baritone in b Fiat minor . I re Tore. 50, Aud Quot Shepherd s Cradle song a Soprano in a a. Somervell 35 cents. They reproduce for the favor cultivated singers three songs for Alto Bass by Karl 0. Boger. They Are a Blossom time a in a Quot crossing the bar a in ii Flat Aud Quot forever Young a in b minor each 55 cents. The lumber Trade is quiet just now but the past season has been a Good one. Spruce lumber is from $1 to $1.60 higher than a year ago Pine lumber a from 50c. To $1 higher and hard Woods Aro also higher the past year has been a Good one the prospects Are that Tho present year will exceed it. Thero is an immense amount building now in View for 1801, and course this will directly affect Tho consumption lumber. House builders Are planning extensive operations being wholly satisfied with the prospects a successful year. In Tho North and East Many the Mills Are shut Down for the season and from others where transportation by rail is possible Thero does not appear to to any anxiety to Send supplies to distributing Points. Southern lumber has been in moderate movement during Tho past month. Western lumber and Bard Woods share in the general quietness but prices Are unchanged. The Spruce Timber Cut Tho current Winter in Coos county n. He a and the adjacent towns lying the Connecticut River in Essex county vt., is estimated to be in round numbers. 200,000,000 feet. In the Iron title. Tho Iron Trade has been quiet for Tho past few weeks and will continue so until Tho Spring. Evidences a Largo demand Early in the year Are not wanting and Many the largest Consumers have work booked which will employ All their facilities for the first half the year. Thoro is also a marked falling off in the output pig Iron and As values have been affected but com punit ively Little it follows that consumption must have fallen off about in the same proportion. Locally pig Iron is fairly maintained and the Pennsylvania furnaces Aro Well employed. Southern pig Iron is remarkably firm for this season the year considering also the great increase in tile production the latter half 1800. The offerings old Iron rails Are not Largo and the Market is nominal. Scrap Iron is in moderate request. Bar Iron is about firm. Tho severity Tho Winter season thus far has interfered with operations in the pipe Trade. Boiler tubes Are slower hut owing to the fact that the Mills Are still behind their orders Tho Market rules steady. Tho situation steel is firm and manufacturers Are taking Tho usual Quantity for Tho season. Structural Iron is quiet As Are also nails. Tho position Copper is quoted it 15 cents but there can be no doubt that sales Good sized lots have been made at a fraction less at 14% cents. The Coal it vines. If there Are any notable features in the wholesale Coal Trade the Scarcity bituminous Coal is one. This Coal could sell at a Premium if it could be had. At Tho sales agents meeting in new York dec. 30, it was agreed to restrict the production for the month january to 2,500,-000 tons 250,000 tons less than for december and 220,000 tons less than for january 1889. Tho Anthracite Coal tonnage for the year .1800 amounted to 85,465,250 tons an increase Over 1889 285,011 tons about 8-10 i per cent. In 1885 the production was 31,623,630, in 1886 it was 32,136,352, in 1887 it was 34,644,018, in 1888 it was 38,145,718, in 1889 it was 35.-407.710 and in 1890 it was 35,465,250. The curtailment for the month is induced by the fact that the Stock hand at Tidewater and the various stocking Points is in excess the requirements Tho general Trade. It was for this reason also that the agents did not Advance the prices at their last meeting. General Trade news. Tho sugar Trust compromised new receivers appointed. New York Jan. if de Pratt Brooklyn a supremo court today confirmed a Compromise Between All parties in the great sugar Trust suit. By Tim new order entered the Central trus company 54 Wall St., this City is made receiver and party defendant in the suit against Havemeyer. The Central Trust company represents 1-10 the shareholders Tho sugar Trust and acts for them in Tho matter. The motion made in court today was very Friendly and it was evident that the hostile parties had reached an agreement. Elihu Root John r. Parsons. Gen. Wingate . Shepherd and several other lawyers for and against the Trust appeared in court and endorsed Tho petition which judge Pratt acted. The Trust company is compelled to furnish Bonds Iii $1,000,000 for the execution its duties. Besides discharging the old receivers and turning Tho property Over to the Central Trust company judge Pratt dissolved the interlocutory judgment made nov. 15. The news the decision readied Wall St. Early and the sugar Trust Bonds went up five big strike coming in Coal Trade. Philadelphia Jan. 9.�?for some months past the miners Pennsylvania have been organizing in anticipation a general strike. Tho United mine workers National Trade Assembly 135, in Winch have been merged several other associations thus wedding the whole in Oue unit is the moving Factor Iii the trouble. John Gregory a prominent Union Man Cresson penn., said today a i am sure that the miners will continue Tho strike now going at bends Creek Lilly Gallitzin Portage Coalport and Hastings and no amount persuasion promises future consideration will make them reconsider their action. The Advance demanded by the miners has been refused and we Altuve positive information that the operators have made up their minds to insist upon their refusal despite the fact that they have consented to an arbitration meeting. We shall not fight alone in this struggle for the brotherhood engineers the firemen and the federation Railroad employees Are sympathizers with us. Frenchmen and Tho worlds fair. Paris Jan. will Tho invitation the United states to France to he repro enter at Tho worlds fair be received is a question which is beginning to he asked. A prominent member Tho government said Quot course Tho Mckinley affair will have to be discussed when Tho invitation is Laid before us. But we know that your new Tariff does not treat France so severely As it does some other countries. Quot furthermore no Frenchman can forget the old ties which once bound together so closely France and Iho United states nor How loyally you responded to our invitation in 18s0.�?� _ reciprocity with Spain. Gen. E. Burd Grubb the now United state minister at Madrid has indicated the desire his government to negotiate a reciprocity treaty with Spain the understanding that the treatment granted to american imports in the Spanish West indies should not be extended to imports from other countries and that the United states in Exchange would partly exempt cuban sugars Aud tobaccos from the imposts Tho Mckinley Tariff. The Spanish government it is said would like to Welcome this overture which the West Indian colonies themselves desire but until All her european treaties expire in 1892, Spain cannot Grant the United states any reciprocity that european Powers cannot also claim under Tho Quot favored nation clauses. Trade and labor notes. Tho manufacturers record Baltimore publishes this week letters from manufacturers in Chicago St Louis Cleveland. Pittsburg Aud Kemmier. Penn., and Brooklyn n. who Aro either making tin Date preparing to do so. When All Aro in full operation their weekly output will he 180, 000 boxes. All believe that if no change is made in the duties tin and tin plate imposed by the Mckinley Hill this country will soon make ail the tin Plato it consumes from american Iron and tin at a Price lower than what has been paid for imported plates. The design bringing together under one management All the Cotton Mills tile Dominion has been completed by the Dominion Cotton Mills taking Possession the hoche Laga Ruikis. It is probable that in 1 be course a few months other Mills than those which produce Gray Cotton will be brought under the control this Combine. The annual output All the Mills now owned by Tho company is estimated at t3,250,, and practically covers the whole business in Canada. The new York chamber Commerce thursday passed resolutions urging the prompt passage til shipping Bill now being dismayed by Congress Ann requesting representatives irrespective party to use Evory Effort in their Power to bring about its passage. It was said in new York thursday that a Assavant amp co., Tho Glove importers Whoso invoices were decided to be undervalued will present their Case to a committee Congress. The decision the Board appraisers is final As to valuations but the firms lawyers Are to find some Way by which tile Case can to reopened. The ribbon weavers employed by the William strange company Tho largest silk firm at Paterson n. J., and the firm Clay amp Groocock have had their wages reduced to per cent. Dullness in Trado is the cause. The employees threaten to strike. The available Cash surplus the Treasury which was reduced to about $5,000,000 during the recent financial flurry by the heavy Purchase 4 per cent Bonds has Boon steadily increasing since Tho let inst., by reason a Large excess receipt Over expenditures until it has now reached nearly $18,000,000. Tho Trust formed by the various Mann fact jurors harvesting machinery throughout the country has been Brok ii up owing As the president says. To Legal obstacles to the consummation the Enterprise. A Chicago paper however says Quot a merry War is in Prospect. It is each firm for itself Cut slash and let die those who cannot help the engineers Aud firemen the Chicago Mil Waukee scan. Paul Railroad have uncanny Wmk. Gained everything they demanded the which a fight $3.85 10-wheelers for to hours work company which agrees to pay the engineers $3.70 eight wheel engines Aud and the firemen $2.20 eight wheel engines and $2,40 10-wheelers. The men Are also to be paid for overtime. The big barbed afire manufacturers the United states held a private conference in Chicago Friday. It is said that the firms that have been in litigation with the Wash Burn Moen company Worcester mass., will form a Quot com nine Quot with that company. The Washburn Moon company with its monopoly patents will dictate the terms and be increased expense to the Mills will. It is said come out the Consumers. A new Tabor body has been organized in new York state in opposition to the knights i a Bor and the stat t ratio Assembly. It is to to called Tho new York state workingmen a Alliance and its objects Are to promote the establishment Correct social and political Intercourse to stimulate and develop a More Friendly spirit among the working classes True democracy in accordance with the spirit the Constitution and enlightened Progress Justice Industry and Enterprise. R. Benjamin a Well known local negro author Aud lecturer a arranged plans for a Large immigration coloured people to California this year. Many big fruit growers the san Joaquin Valley have agreed to take coloured families As the children will Fie As valuable in picking grapes and fruit As they Aro in picking Cotton. Beniamin has arranged to have 1200 negroes Bere by next april and 12 families will get Here next week. They will come mainly from the coast part North Aud South Carolina. Louisiana and Alabama. Maryland a Oyster Industry is virtually dead. From 6,000,000 bushels to years ago Tho receipts Flave dwindled to 1,000,000 bushels. Nearly All the Largo packing houses Are closed and the dredgers Are disheartened. There Are 110 Oyster houses along Chester River now because there Are no oysters. The packers at Oxford have packed themselves off to North Carolina and at Cambridge the houses Are closed. The local dealers Are drawing 011 the North for supplies. The Boston Stock Market. Latest quotations3 p. M. Land stocks. A Jan. Ion ,. Ima asked. Old. Anniston City. 60% Aspinwall. 8% 84 8s? Boston 6% 6 5 Boston water Power. 8 314 3v4 Boylston. 3 ,. Brookline. 6% 5 Campobello. T1� ,. Cutler.i.3114 1% past Boston. 344 a a 3% Frenchman a Bay. 6% 7 6% Lamoine 37 a St Maverick. 1% 2vs 3 Nahant. .75 .75 Newport. 2 a 2 Penobscot .60 san Diego. 17 a 17% Sullivan harbor.1.181 114 1.18% Topeka. 2 West. End. 23 23v 22% Winter harbor.76 Winthrop. 1% 1% wollaston.58 .76 .55 12�?\ asked. #044 i in .38 a Railroad stocks. Atom Topeka a 3 be. 31t� 3 j is 31 it 200 a Atlantic it Pacific. Boston a Albany. 195 Boston amp Lowell 170 176% 17 ii it Host n amp Maine 203 203va 203 t Boston it Providence. 247 bos Revere b a Lynn too Central Massachusetts 18% 19 18 Central mass preferred 36vi 38vis 37% Chicago Bur amp nor. 40 40 a Quincy 92 9214 92 Chi a Eastern ill pref 89 Cill san a Cleveland. 24 24 Cleveland a can pref. 19 19 Conn a Pussin Opsic. To Fitchburg preferred. 85 85 Flint a in Marquette. 22 21 Flint a Pere Mara ii 83 a rang City mein a air 40 60 Maine Central. 140 mexican Central 28% 234 233# new York a new eng 37 a 3744 30% new York a n e pref. 113 Northern. 136 old Colony. Oregon Short line. 22 23 22 a Rutland preferred. 05 04 Union Pacific 471/4 471/a 40% 86% 86 i 84 21 West end common. 85 West end preferred. 8844 84 Wisconsin Central. 215# Wisconsin Cen pre 61 a Bonds. Atchison 4. 79 7074 70s4 Atchison incomes. 62 514 Boston flitted Gas 5#. 88 co 88 Boston uni Gas 2d 6s. 78va mexican Central 4s 72 72via mexican Cen 1st inc3s 38 40 33 mexican Cen incomes. 22 ,4 �3 2274 Wisconsin Cen let 6s. 95 943? Wisconsin Cen a Neon is 42 42% Minino stocks. Allouez. 2 2 Atlantic. 15 1� 151/a Bonanza. .40 .60 .45 Boston a Montana. 4ovg 40% 40m Botte a Boston i a 14% 14by Calumet a Hecla. 255 a Joo Catalpa. Centennial. 164 let .70 .60 Franklin. 17 17% 10% Huron. 3 4 3 a k in Sarge. La 11 a 11v a Napa. 4 4 a 4 National. 2% a a 3 Osceola. 34 34va 33% Quincy. 90 95 no Bantu fe37% .40 .40 Tamarack. 3 48 150 150 telethon stocks. American Bell. 213 214 213 Erie. 4iu/3 m 49&Quot mexican75 .85 new England 61 62 tropical a a a i 1% 1% miscellaneous stocks. Eastman car beater. Iv3 Ess to Nan car it prof. 4%. A 4% Edison phone doll .2 1% Lannon store service. 23 22 Pullman Palace car. Too 192 105 recon buttonhole. 13 12vs Union St yams a by. 105 unlisted stocks. American Cotton Oil. 10% 20 Bay slate Gas. 31% 32 31 european welding72va fort Wayne electric. 10% 11% la Illinois steel. 79 so so Illinois steel 6s 97 i National Lead Trust. 18% 18% sugar certificates. 70% 71 78v4 Banda re Coal a fuel. 30% 21 21 Thon Sou hons Bleo. 44% 41% 44vs Thomson Ollous k pref. A do series a. 5% 6 6% Thomson welding. 200 sex do vide nil. In 1% 23 .66 2 .75 311% 0 177% 205 10 39 02% 86 a 21% 83% 37 115 168 23 c5 46% 85li 84% 21 is 70% 52 80 72% 39 22 a 95 43 2% 16 .60 40% 15 260 .35 is 17 is 4% 22-Oalihor Taverna and i i Yards. Iii eve Way inst Linden within shooting a Loon was Andor water or3 till he came within Range. He has a wild weir., a. Wholly unlike anything i Ever heard. I no laughter a maniac is the boat Compart kit a i know. The Chippewa Indiana the far North have a legend that ran As follows Nana Basho the Viero ail their legend once called Al the fowl air Aud water together. He then told them to form in a Circle shut their Oyes and dance throng t the Arch formed by his extended legs. T his Tho Birds did and As they passed Between Ida legs the Boro took them one by one wrung their necks and threw them to oms Side. Tie cunning Loon suspecting a try re opened i eyes far enough to soil what was going and gave the alarm his rage at thus being flew at the Loon and a feet so flattening his remained so. The i. Wild cry the Loon i Hie taunting Baugit challenging them to Pursuit a six Winch i was one accepted this Challenge. The place was a Lake about a mile and a half in diameter and As smooth As Glass. A had three Birch canoes with a White m in anti an Indian in each Canoe. We chased that Loon three Long exciting hears. Every time lie showed himself we area a Bullet a charge shot at him and so kept Iii in from getting the breathing time he otherwise would have had. At the end three hours be was to red lint looked tilt to stand it the rest the Day. We were Limp arid exhausted and thoroughly convinced that a Loon was Able to take care himself. T a Loon seems to take Delight a perfectly Calm night to make the Shore and Hills ring with his mocking Erie. A crazy As a Loon is a very common express Aion and certainly Apt. Commercial jitters. Rostov Sfa it Ket produce. Boston monday. Jan. I bitter tie is steady under a slow demand As the receipts continue moderate. Ina Supply finest fresh made Creamery butter to very licht but there is plenty the Western Stock Wal Robts somewhat Interior in qualify Fine Well kept. Summer and fall lots arc in Good demand As is also Fine imitation Creamery. Northern Ria try. Lots move slow. There is a Good stonely demand for Oleo Sttne at no a Tio a Northern , 27 s23 Western 25�26 do extra 1st, 23-�24do, 1st, 20 is Franklin co. Mass Ere Arn Sty extra Box 27 .328 do extra Dairy 24/26 Vermont extra Dairy 24/rdo, extra new York. .@23 new i blk Ana Vermont extra 1st, 2<>n22 do 1st, 17w19 Western Dairy 1st, 13m& do extra 1st, i Iii a Western Turi Tatami roamer18@10 do untie packed extra 1st, 13 ol5 do. 1st, 11 12 trunk butter % % it. Print extra 2-> #26 ext 1st, 22 n 24f to th-oleomargarine�?no.4-10,13c 20,12 30, 12 so. 12 cd. Fort Washington to. 14c a to. 13 30. 13%e 50,13 gee. Prints 13 a. Cheese the cheese Market continues steady and prices Are unchanged there has keen to very g Lark a transactions during thy Tver Kab i ims Ness id a hand to Uio uth outer. We quote new York extra. 9%7floo in la do 1st, 8 a 0 do. So 5a7 Vermont extra 9% re 9% do. 1st. A do 9 do. 2<la, 6/7 Sage �?�hk/10% part s ruins. 6#8 skims 3#5 Fiat. Extra 9%@ do 1st. 8u9. Liverpool quotations White new 50s, egos Fader Large receipts and St rather quiet demand stocks have actin minted somewhat Ana the Market is easy being l@2e lower. Limed eggs Are scarce. _ _ we quote near by and Cape Fey 33 >v35e amp Doz Eastern extra s k<c32 do 1st, 25 tis Vermont and new Hampshire extra 30rf32 Michigan extras @30 Western Tat 28@29 Nova Scotia and new Brunswick isl. E. Island 1st,. Southern 1st, 28#30 held Stock 23<j35 limed 22w23c. Beans there is no great change to report in the Market. Yellow Eves and Domestic marrow Post Quot in Large Supply Aud steady demand there is very Little Call for the inferior grades while Choice Stock commands full prices. We quote the current prices As follows Cholee Northern hand picked $2.50@2.60 per Bushel new York Small hand picked $2.30d2.35 do marrow $3.15v�2.20 do screened $t.9 .h>%2.10 do 2ds, 1.60�1.90 medium Choice hand picked a. .@2.16 do screened $l.90@ 2. To yellow eyes extra $3.00@3.26 do ads $3.00 @3.00 red kidneys 83.15 / 3.40. Foreign Beans pea $2.18# 2.25 mediums 81.90/12.io. Domestic fruit8�?we quote apples King Choice a.00�6.00 i it bbl no. I Maine. Baldwins. 84 25a4.75 bbl no i. N. H. A muss., s3.75i34.25 no. I Maine greetings $4.00-34.60 no . H. A muss., $3.50@4.00 v bbl common $2.00 32.50. Evaporated Apple fancy 16@16c fair to Good 12@14 Sun dried sliced and quartered to 10<\ cranberries $0.00 @13.00 bbl do fancy $ 13.00 v bbl. Grapes Catawba 30@33o per to lbs i<@18c per 6-lb. Basket. Vegetables to quote potatoes $2.50# 3.00 per bbl. Sweet potatoes East Shore bulk Jersey double Heads $2.75 3.00. Lettuce,60@60c Peg Dos celery ii do., it .25# 1.60 native onions $4.50 4.75 per bbl Spanish. Crate. $1.25 cabbage 3@5o per tread Hubbard Squash $20325 per ton native turban a it bbl., $1.60�1.75 turnips White Cape $1.25 per bbl St. Andrews 1.00@1.10. Hay and Straw we quote fancy Hay. 14.00rtffl5.00 iter ton fair to Good. $13.00# 14.00 Fine f9.@12.00 Hay and Clover mixed $10.00 11 Loo swale $9.00 poor to Ordinary 88. Of 12. Of. Rye Straw $17.60 @18.00 per ton oat Straw $9.00 per ton. Or Cerles. Coffees we quote Java i it a is Pale 24%# do medium Brown 25%e do do fancy Brown a aug Kola a remit i. Pm Gulch 2i%#c&Quot mocha 23vc#�?� .j�.0 49% �72% 33% 95 .45 161 216 so .80 51% 1% a a 23 a 195 13% 105 20% 32 7 2 a 11 it 97. 19% 78% 21 it 44% 26 to 200 the Loon. A did that. Avoids capture Aud is Seldom shot. American Fields did any you Ever think that the Loon All creatures is most highly adapted to the element in which it lives eagles the monarchs the air Are snared and tamed and shot. The lion is a common captive Aud is vanquished not alone by Man but by other animals. But Tho Loon i never heard one being caught and lie is Seldom shot. Tire water is his element Tho air merely a Means getting from one body water to another. To i Bitile for Speed. His Dayis Long Aud hat. His legs Are set far Back Aud Are thin Aud Flat so that they Cut the water like a knife in the Forward and backward sweep swimming. The feet Arn Broad Ana Strong. Wings set far Forward Aro used in diving As a propelling Power. The neck is Long and the head seems a part it. The Spike Bill is set fairly in Trio Centre the head. When stretched out diving the Loon otters the least possible resistance to Tho water. His wild red Eye is Quick to detect Tho Hunter and to is no longer in a Liger being shot. An atoning the Flash the gun he dives before shot Ball can reach Nim. To May Rise again within a few feet where he disappeared and give Tho Hunter shot fur i hot. medium Brown 20 do do Rancy Nrown 2&%@c do timor 22 Valt. A do a Juisten Zorg. 22 if a do a Mug. @. Cd do Tosh is @ 22c clo an Kofu 26%# a a do. Holland bags 22 Mund Hellings and Ayer Bangle 26%# a mocha 23%# a Rio prime 20c do fair 19%e do Ordinary 18 Low ,17 munic Albo 20@. A a do Ordinary 19c buc Rania Ager 20%@20 do washed. A Caracas 21%<i23c Long nay a % 19c Costa Rica 20% �22 Jamaica 17%# 20c Guatemala 21%@23c mexican 20# ,.c Hayti. 17%@18%o. Fri its and nuts following Are the current quotations Raisin. London layers new $2.50# 2.85 Muscatel new $1.80 Sultana 20@25 Elcome 6% Valencia new. 7�?~w&7% do Ondara 8 d8im. Currants $5.00@8.00. Citron. Leghorn 2 Date a persian new 5@5% do. Fun i now .@8. Fig a layers 13@2# no Keg 8310, prunes French erne 11 Sci 6 do Turk new 7 so do bag 5 . Lemon a Palermo $2.50 @3.60 Sicily 3.60 @ 3.50. Oranges Jamaica Bxs $2.60. 43.00 do bbl Florida $3.oow4.50. Bananas banjos yellow $l.00#e 1.15 do heft 75@85o port Limon $1.50<m.75 Jamaica no. I. $1.50 8 hands no. 2,75c. Walnut i Biri 17c com tuna. 12%#@l3c pecans. Io#15c Filbert. I0,� l2e Almond 16@16e Pettit ugh hand picked 6@6 do Ems amp to. Refined sugar to quote Dort Jbv 0 quote out oaf crushed 7 pulverized cubes 6 powdered 6 granulated 513-16� Coffeo toners a a 5 1516c Standard a 5 13-l6o extra,6vc@5% Yelm 4%@5e. Flour mid Grain. Flour following Are the current prices for Carload lots flour Fine flour $3.05@3. K superfine $2.90@3.65 common i extras $4.96@6.05 Choice extras $4.05 4.30 Minnesota talkers 4.06 34.30 patents pid ,., Michigan roller i 4.90@5.10 new York do $4.90 05.10 Ohio and Indiana $4.90 @6.10 do to Ouight $5.i0@5.�5 do do Patent b5.50@5.76 St. Louis and Illinois Clear $4.90# 5.10 a do straight. $4.90 6.25 do do Patent 86.25 it 5.60 Spring wheat patents ?6.25@5.05 bbl. Corse we quote High mixed @. Ltd i Bush 8 ten Mer yellow u5 33 Bush Steamer mixed 04%e Bush Ordinary 08 Bush. Oats no. I and fancy clipped 58 @ ,.c v hush Standard do 57c no. 2, White. 66c a hush no. 3, do 64c it push rejected w Hite a no 2, a Deg 64c.fish. Fish following Are the current prices for the week past Mackerel extra bloated mess 533.00@34.<x> no. I do $30.#31.00 no. I shorn. $23.00# 34.00 no. I Bay $22.00@23.00 no. 2 Bay $30.00021.00 no. 3. Ordinary Pond Bill no. 3, medium $u.50@15.00 no. 2. Large $20.00#. 21.00 no. I Large $23.00 24.00 tinkers. 112.60 @13.00. Codfish dry la ilk Large $f,.$9@6.00 do do medium. S5.06#5.25 pickled Bank $6.00@5.25 Georges $5.50,/f5.75 bit Ore $5.25#5.60 Hake. $2,606 2.75 Haddock 33.25@3.50 Pollock trickled $2.c0@2.75 do Slack silted $2.75 Boneless Flake 4 j4 Rith Boneless Haddock 4%#5e Boneless cod. 7@7. Heiring Nova Scotia splits Large 7.00@7.50 do a a medium $4.765.00 Labrador Nom round Shore Large p 4.50@4.7f< Domestic alewives $3.0034.00. Miscellaneous. Hides and skins following Are the current prices Brighton steers native Packer 9%@.e new England steer Ceu 6%/ju do cow @ do do bulls 3- 3% salted steers 8 @. ,?,5%@6 hulls. 5. Ceu a mss deacons 25f/35c 6@7 Tbs. @76 7 Chi lbs <#35 12 lbs Duc @>$1.00 s2@18 Tbs $1.15� Texas dry suited 7%@s Tex hint rough 9%@10 Texas Kip. Kwh. Buenos Ayres hides 13 Rio Grande @11 Montevideo 13 @ Cordova 13%�?�# Rio Grande Kips. @12 Sierra Leone 12%@t3 Bissau a Gambia 9 Zanzibar hides 0@ 8% Tom live. 8# China Iova 12. Is Tuuga 7 @ 7% dry to May not appear within Loo Yards where he went Down. John Borroughs tile eminent writer Birds says the Loon will often dive Quarter a mile farther. This i believe is a mistake. The Loon often Cornea to the surface putting just ins Bill and part his head out water to get air Ana goes Down again. Titis action can Only be detected when the water is perfectly smooth. Often when not much alarmed the Loon settles slow in the water till out sight. I behave the Loon can soc a Bullet tired from a Rifle i have fired Hundred shots at loons at a distance 200 to 300 Yards anti have Otten seen a Loon that would make no attempt to dive when the Ball came no nearer than a few feet from him but when him to would dive and the the splash he left he hid the same experience with tile Grebe. I have shot several loons All them with a Rifle Aud i but one with a Salt quotation Liverpool in Bond. Bad l.ooul.15 do duty paid $l.40al.56 bostonian 1.60 tvs Ruotol. A 85ec$1.00 Cadiz la end. $1.87% Trapani it Boud. $2.00 Turk Island bad. $2.25@2.40. Starch we quote potato starch at 4v3@4fj.ijci com. 3v t Usky wheat 5<r8c. Island Bent i hush. Bl. i Hun aarion. 75@ 90 Golden Millet 76@95 Coni Mon ,7fg/35 Orchard $l.90@2.26 Blue Grana $3.tkt@3.50 Timothy West j1.60@1.70 do North $xj?5@ 2.00 american flaxseed $2.00@2.25. Tallow following Are the quotations tallow prime,4%<$4mj country 4@4% Bone 3%@4/ House greases grease tanners. 2%#3% do Chip 2% i2% do naphtha i %@2 do hard 2@5. Tobacco we quote Havana wrappers. $5.00 @7.00 do line tillers. $1.10@1.25do. Good hollers 8o �05e Yam i Ami la Cut. 70#85 fair 60,5755 Kentucky lugs 3%@5e do. Leaf. Go 10 Havana sad a 40/0 0 do. Ads. 20@�?Ts5 do. Hinders 12 /14 do. Seed till. 5q4 come Aud Matt flit 8#io do binders 12@17 do lids is 25 do fair whippers 2&Quot to do. Fine wrappers 3o &-15 Penu wrappers 20@40 do fillers 10#20 Sumatra wrap3. G2.00a3.25. Wool the receipts Wool the past week were 5043 Miles Domestic und 1299 Bale for against 4586 Bales Domestic �8d 1248 bait elfin last week and 6171 Lades Domestic and i Bales foreign Tor Ute corresponding week la 1890. Reign t forms Watertown cattle Marret. Arrivals live Stock at Brighton and Watertown for tile week past cattle. 2921 sheep and tenths. 13,875 Swine 20.123 Tais 637 horses. Western cattle 2289 Eastern,-721. Western sheep Aud lambs 10,653 Eastern 3102 Northern 220. Exacts hide billow sjuts accents a la. I each. Brighton hide#0 @6% sheepskins so&m. Brighton tau�?Tw.2% a % Lambskin. 75@�1.25 count. V hide. A Bai us.8540 country uu�?Tw3 Calfskin 64,8

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