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Boston Weekly Globe Newspaper Archives Jan 13 1891, Page 3

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Boston Weekly Globe (Newspaper) - January 13, 1891, Boston, Massachusetts The Boston weekly Globe tuesday. January 13 1891. 3 a. The strange Fate of Austin Craige. By Scott Campbell ill Thor of Quot the smugglers daughter a Quot Green goods a Quot held for trial a Quot the Gamester a Etc., Etc. Cortright it author 1890. $300 Reward Quot raved by death in a Bright clean Story of new England life. Filled with thrilling scenes Ani the Romano of love. It will he continued in the wok ult Globe for four weeks. At the end of the next to the last chapter the a Trange Fate of Austin Crudge will still remain unexplained. The solution of the fascinating mystery will he Given in the very last chapter and not before. That solution and that chapter will not be published nor leave the author s hands until one week at least after Tho publication of the preceding chapter. But the readers of the a tory will have ample Opportunity to study All the situations and motives that enter into the mystery which will be related fully and candidly by the author and an acute Reasoner will thus be Able to detect the True and logical secret of Austin Craigens strange Fate. Watch the motives and scenes that fill this wonderfully ingenious Story. All Are urged to follow the Story attentively Day by Day and when the next to the last chapter has been printed everybody should Send to the Globe his or her judgment on the subject in letters of not More than too words each. No theories will be con a tiered of received before the next to the last chapter has been Given and no person May Send in More than one theory. When week or so has Nassed after that publication All Tim letters will be carefully examined by competent persons and compared with the solution even by the author in tire concluding chapter. Then the result will be announced in the Globe and whoever has come nearest the authors own explanation of the Fate of Austin Craige will receive a Reward of 0200, while the two whose theories Are next Best will receive do each. Now attention Alit chapter . Quot Christ Christ have mercy a Twenty minutes later they found him enervated and unconscious the froth cold upon his Hue less Lins and face his Glassy eyes rolled Back into his brain. Jacob Vernon had been stricken Down with an epileptic fit. Chapter Xiv. My. Prince makes a move. After his interview with or. Schiler and get agog by the idea which he had derived from the physicians casual remarks concerning the madness of miss Vernon Ned my question arrived at the detectives office Only a minute later than Caleb Prince just in from his Call upon Tho banker. A Hurrah i find you at last a he cried bursting into the office his face aglow with Side and exultation. And in be narrowed own the Circle by a half in Quot no a and caled Prince Hurst into a ringing peal of laughter for the idea struck him As supremely ludicrous his own reasoning were so exactly the reverse in their results. Quot you done to mean that a he added. Quot yes i do a cried my question. Quot just read that i and he tossed upon the table Mona Man Telfe s letter to Austin Craige and launched into an animated account of his finding of the same As Well As a statement of his labors and observations of the Day. A and now what do you think of it a he wound up by asking. Quot of the letter a inquired Prince thrusting his hands into his trousers pockets and leaning Back in his chair. Quot certainly of Quot it s quite suggestive a said Prince dryly. Quot Isnit it Hadnot we better make a move to take her in she a a French Vixen and As Likely As not will be lighting out for foreign parts now that she has got a warning of what a in the Quot moral never give warning to a suspect a laughed Prince. Then observing a faint color Rise to his Friend s Cheek be added very decisively a when she attempts that move then will be the time to take her in. This letter alone Ned dear fellow is not of sufficient weight to warrant her Quot no a a it is merely significant of what May have happened but could she prove that she was not in Cambridge at the time the crime was committed there Are a score of ways by which she might plausibly explain this Quot but the fact that she went to secure it immediately after my Call a a a significant Quot and her visit to or. Schiler right in the midst of her excitement. What could she have wanted of him a Quot probably just what he intimated a said Prince quietly Quot medical a i half doubt it a replied my question stoutly. Quot she done to look like a woman requiring medical advice. Isnit it possible that she and or. Schiler May have had a hand in it wishing Craige for some reason oui of the Way a Quot yes anything of that kind is Quot we know that or. Schiler was with Craige at about the time the crime was committed he testified that he left him in order to get the wedding ring which May or May not be Quot it is True a replied the detective Quot or mrs. Graige is a liar and implicated in the murder of her own son. There was a delay about the ring and she had called at Bigelow a that afternoon and got it. Or. Schiler did go to her and ask for it at the time he stated and she Cave it to him the fact that she had it having slipped her mind. I have thought of All that and have sifted it to the Quot Well a persisted my question loathe to be again reduced to his painful suspicion of Rosalie Dartmouth Quot so far As has Deen absolutely proven or. Schiler is the last person known to have seen Austin Craige alive May he not have left him dead rather than alive when he did leave him a Quot possibly. But if so miss Dartmouth testified falsely and they must be accessories. What joint motive can they have had a Quot have you thought of this before a demanded Mcquestion. A ooh yes a said the detective smiling a i thought of it All that very evening. That inquest was held Only that i might discover what position All these people had in mind to assume. And their conduct seems inexplicable for their relations Are too Remote for the formation of a plot amongst them Alt. Suspicion Points in a greater or less degree to every person especially brought to our notice and motives Only will enable us to possibly discover whose band struck the blow. I will take care of miss Mona Mantelle for you. Just give me her address and description i will place a Shadow upon her that will preclude anything like lighting out for foreign my question did As requested and asked curiously Quot have you discovered anything a Quot nothing of consequence a replied the detective who rarely disclosed to others his individual line of work. A Are you going to make any arrests a Quot not at present Ned i wish to kill the Snake not scotch it. When we make an arrest the crisis must be at hand and our Success Quot Well i have an idea a declared my question suddenly. It had been somewhat dampened by the unexpected insignificance of his previous disclosure. A you have Many of them. Ned. And valuable ones a replied the detective. A what is this a Quot i have an idea that this madness of Virginia Vernon is altogether an Caleb Prince regarded him with a curious smile. A a adhere did you get that a he asked. A of from a Long rigmarole w hich Schiler spun off about her not having inherited anything like insanity and that her mind should be naturally so vigorous As to have recovered More readily its a Quot Good a exclaimed the detective jumping to his feet and eagerly shaking the others hand. Quot that is True detective instinct Ned and shows your Clear head and shrewd penetration. It corroborates my own theory a yours you done to mean to say that you have thought of it a a ooh laughed Prince consulting his in ate h. Quot i Felt certain enough when i saw you this morning that Virginia Vernon was not demented Aud never had been. Adding together All tile facts that we Are sure of produced too Many coincidences for her insanity to be rational if you can stand the Paradox. You know the facts Ned add them up for your own amusement. Its a Good sum after retiring and will induce sleep. I Ain obliged to leave you i must see the chief. Done to look for to tomorrow i Ani on a still Hunt for Virginia Vernon and a with a Wink Quot Giles Farringto a no Quot a that s what when i locate them there May come an arrest and ill Lay you a dinner at Ober s if i done to Corral them. Ill drop you a line if in a Long away. Make yourself at Home Here and unearth anything you i can. Don t neglect Rosalie Dartmouth. I i rely on you in that direction and its an i elegant Field for a Man of your cloth Aud j countenance. Goodby and excuse haste. I must hit the next train for Providence a and oat he flew his latter speech having been uttered from tile threshold. It was Well that he had departed quickly for my que cation a face had darkened ominously. And beneath his sober handsome eyes there glowed a sudden spot of red. The detective s reference to Rosalie Dartmouth had Cut him to the Quick. Chapter Xiv. On shifting Sands. Jolly Jerry Maize and his just the sweetest of Little wives were away that evening. An engagement of some time standing called them a mile or More out of the City and immediately after dinner Jerome slipped his speedy Little Mare into the buggy and with wife snuggled up beside him Drew out from the neat Little stable Aud drove towards Tho suburbs. It was not the pleasantest of evenings for a drive. Tile Mercury had dropped since Sundown and the dark Clouds which of poured the heavens seemed Iii wild Pursuit of one another commingling and changing into vague fantastic shapes like dream monsters of immaterial substance. A wind cold and blustering had Arisen its frequent gusts shaking the frail buggy top above them As if enraged that it might not be torn bodily away. Quot this is Jolly a suggested Jerry Maize. Quot glad you think so a murmured May drawing nearer even. Quot lets hurry up Ami have it Over and get Hack to Giles and Vergie. Its a shame to have left them All and Jerry Maize Shook and chuckled and answered Quot i done to think so. Whereas your memory dear find a pastime. Its just an Opportunity they be looked for. Where have been your eyes a and Jerry Maize was right. For two there were who through the Long Day had yearned for the seclusion for the Opportunity to open out their hearts to one another to picture in awed and frightened whispers the fearful past and to plan the doubtful future. And now they were alone. Only the Dull glow of the coals in the open grate lighted dimly their forms and faces her fair face upturned to his from where she sat on Tho ottoman beside his chair his Stalwart form leaned tenderly towards Hor an Ann about Lier shoulder. The doors were closed. The drawn curtains were lighted from without lighted by the rays from a Street lamp across the Way. Approaching it one might with reason have inferred that Tho residents in the House of Jerome Maize were either absent or Abed. A but two there were who. Seated close in Tho Semi darkness their voices hushed to murmurs fancied themselves Iii Brief Security and dreamt not of the shifting Sands beneath them. Quot you did not doubt my love then not even when you received my latter informing you that an emergency had Arisen which demanded tile breaking of our vows which required my marriage to one unloved to Austin Craige not even then did you Giles a Quot no not even then dear one a he murmured fondly. Quot i knew As i alone can know that your heart was mine and mine Quot yes. Yes dear never doubt she wound her hand about his pressing closer to him. Quot but Giles dear Why was the delay i wrote that letter the very hour in which i decided that that hateful marriage was inevitable. It was then two weeks prior to that that fearful Quot i did not receive it till that very afternoon a he replied mournfully. Quot you know my position in the shops i had determined to give that up if i could but locate in a promising place to open business for myself Ere came to demand you from your father despite of opposition. I had been away from Haverhill for two weeks or More and returned to find that Brief note. Informing me Only that we must part Aud that you relied upon my a sob broke from him a sob he could not contain. Quot of dear dear one a she cried clasping him As in a frenzy of affection. Quot i could not write More my heart was breaking Quot it is not that dear which moves me it is Only that tilings should have happened As they did. The blow came so suddenly i think it must have crazed me. I flew to Cambridge fast As train would Bear me. I Felt that i could not could not lose you that i must have one word with you Ere you should bind yourself to another whom i knew you could not love. I know not what i Aid i Only know i had in Mina vague designs to prevent by some Means i cared Little what the step which you were taking. I reached a she Drew suddenly away clinging to his Knees her eyes turned in affright towards the window her face deathly Pale in the Dull glow of the coals. He looked Down upon her fear startled from Brief slumber within him. Quot what is it who whispered softly. A i done to know i thought i heard a step outside i was almost far Ringford silently arose and. Holding her to him Drew Back from the faint firelight. Clasped in one another a arms their hearts pulsing in loud unison under the peril which both Felt to be menacing them their breathing hushed their strained eyes Bent upon the curtained windows Whereon the Shadow of a possible spy outside might fall they stood and waited. A minute passel a two and three and five yet they saw nothing alarming and heard no sound louder than the beating of their own excited hearts. Then far Ringford left Lier standing alone there like a dim Shadow in the Senn dark Ness and stepping to Tho window peered out Between the curtain and the casing. Tho lamp across the Way snickered and flared in the wild gusts of wind tearing by and shed a wavering Light Over the deserted Street and the faded Green Lawn before the House but there was no sign of person in any direction and the moaning of the wind was the Only sound to reach his strained ears. He turned Back and joined Virginia. Quot i guess you were mistaken he Whis a ered softly and drawing the seats into Hie deeper darkness he added. A let us sit Here further from the Quot i was so View sure a she replied cautiously. A the danger is so Quot yes we must leave Here tomorrow. My god Togo whither a Quot anywhere to the ends of the world if need lie Only of Giles Only lot me stay with you a a forever dear one sit near to me. Now i can see the Virginia Vernon Drew herself close beside him winding her Lithe arms about his sturdy form pressing her Cheek to his breast and gazing up with Loving eyes to Ilia own. A and there shall never be a change of feeling grow out of All this a she pleaded year singly. Quot never that Between us shall there Giles a Quot no never. Our world must be ourselves now. We will love As never before. The the a his voice died away into silence the silence of a half subdued sigh As if that of which he had in mind to speak was not for words. She Felt the faint shudder which passed Over him. It was almost like an irrepressible shrinking from her Lithe form pressed so close and with an impetuous movement she covered his lips with her hand and whispered nervously Quot done to done to. Giles hear me first know Why first Giles a he dropped his Arm to about her slender w Aist but made no answer. She took his silence for attention and went on in Short nervous Little whispers. Quot you know last summer that summer passed in part with von Giles passed Here in this House. You know the promises the vows Between us those vows of eternal love and loyalty. Of who could have dreamt of an emergency so grave As to require their dissolution a a a none none dear a he answered mournfully. Quot yet it came Giles it came too speedily after our separation. Of How can i Tell it one month ago i Learned i Learned that my father my father Giles was in the Power of Austin Graige that he he was a criminal with prison bars staring him in the face a Quot your father a Quot yes yes done task me nacre of done task me More. You can guess what devolved upon she slivered in his anus like one chilled. She could not look up to his expressive face so awfully Pale in the Semi gloom. She forced herself to Goon her utterance hushed and fearful. Quot Austin Craige realizing his Power was determined that i should become his wife i the wife of that libertine and Coward i begged pleaded humbled myself to his very feet. He was immovable relentless a Quot the Knave a Quot my alternative was marriage or to allow tile publication of my fathers downfall and to behold him cast into prison. I have no words to picture that fathers distress the prayers lie offered up to me his Only child the Only Barrier Between him Ana ruin. Of Giles Giles i was placed upon Tho rack i could not reason could net think i could Only strive strive with heart and Souto see my duty i to refuse this libertine s demand was to ruin More than one for Roger Vinal was hopelessly involved was to shut my fatties forever from Tho world and tiring to you a wife polluted by Tim fathers crime. I tried of Giles i tried so hard to re my duty i consented a Quot poor child poor. Dear child Quot groaned far Ringford under a sob. Quot yet then a she continued in whispers of horror her affrighted Oyes seeking his face Quot then what desecration i tried to endure my thoughts my hideous dreams. I tried to live out from myself to sink mind and self in oblivion to callous soul and Lindy to the frightful ordeal i lie came an automaton moving As directed an automaton with a mind that was a Nightmare i prayed prayed to Austin Craige my prayers wore laughed to scorn i of Giles tiles i lived on and on seeing that incubus hourly approaching nearer i lived on feeling As one feels Iii dreams when plunged Down and Down through interminable space i lived on up to the very moment and then of tiles Giles i know that. I was mad Quot hush Bush in he cried softly. A you will drive yourself so now. Compose yourself be Calm done to refer to Tho frightful horror a site answered Iii Long shuddering breaths orly Quot not to that hideous scene after we had parted at the rear door after those hurried words of love and loyalty to one another i returned to my chamber returned to find the gloves upon my bands Vav Ere reel with blood. I Tore them off in my frenzy Hist As Tomt frightful scream resounded through the House and hurriedly concealed them. I knew not what to do but to stand in doubt where i was was impossible. I rushed into the Hall. And to his door to behold the detective Caleb Prince kneeling by the body a far Ringford murmured a word of caution but she seemed not to hear him. So carried away was she by her frenzied recital. She Clung to him through it All like one in Sufferance of a hideous dream like one fearful of losing him an Only Only support in her i Lope less distraction. Her voice had grown hoarse and strained sounding Only in rapid whispers. Quot the sight of him invoke a realization of the peril lie of All men was the most ominous to have seen. A frenzy of fear possessed me. I Felt that i could not stand examination that to speak must he to betray. A Swift expedient swept in upon me. I feigned unconsciousness and fainted at Bis feet Quot the gentle pressure of Giles far Ringford s Arm Alani her was Tho Only answer she received. A then horror upon horror a she continued Quot i Felt him wipe from my hand a moisture. Which i knew would be nought but blood blood which had passed through Tho opening in my Glove. He spoke not a word. I knew lie meant to conceal Bis discovery and i knew what must Quot suspicion suspicion surely a a i tried to Avert it a she continued Hoodless of his words. Quot i was borne to my chamber and placed upon the bed. Unobserved i secured a pin from my garments and in my own Palm i made the deep scratch by which ibo Ped to accomplish my deception. It was vain Caleb Prince came in and though he saw it his keenness led him to discover the gloves i had so hastily Quot Oil a murmured far Ringford in dismay. Quot i could not suppress a moan of despair when i realized that lie had found them. He came towards me but a mopier pc later lie left Tim room. I it i ared not speak dared not Hazard our future i dared Only to go on As i had begun and i feigned the madness which deceived them All again lie Drew Lier closer touching his lips to her hair so like Gold in the dim Light. A i was keen enough to insure my Solitude a portion of the time. And i watched and listened and waited striving in every consistent w a to discover what was taking place and next Day next Day Giles i heard of Tho inquest then to he Beld and i Learned that you you Giles had been arrested a a a yes yes arc i bad dreamt of its Quot what a horror tilled me i became possessed of a mad determination mad. Indeed now to effect your escape. The nurse who had been sent for to attend me bad not then arrived. I feigned to yield to tile drugs Tho doctors gave me and a teemed to sink into a stupor hut my mind was Iii a riot of excited thought. They left me alone when the inquest began and i determined by some Means to reach you. My seeming madness and Chance also favored to. I attired myself in my wedding garments and stole Down by the Back stairs to the rear Par Lor. Tim room was partially dark Tho blinds drawn. Through the Portiero i could see All. Hear All. I went Back to my room and spoke from my window to the Groom in the stable and called Bim to my chamber he fairly worshipped to and i Feltt Nat i could Trust him. I told him what i w shed and bade him say. If questioned that some one w Hose voice lie could not distinguish had spoken through the tube to the stable and bade him Saddle Bess and bring her to rear door. Then i returned to the parlor and succeeded Iii giving you the note which i had w Ritten. Quot wonderful wonderful a murmured far Ringford beneath his breath Quot i waited then waited to learn How suspicion pointed Waitea till i knew that Allva As ready and the Way Clear then Well Giles dear dear Giles it was successful a he made no reply in words but he crushed her slight form to his breast bowed Down his head Ami pressed his lips to hers so fevered now and for minutes they were silent. The fitful wind moaned dismally about the House the lire in Tho grate seemed to have died away Hie gloom deepening about them. But they Board no alarming noises from without they saw no shadowy forms pass across Tho curtained windows. They were oblivious to ally All save the fateful love which had brought them to such a pass. Quot that night the nurse came a she at length continued Quot and though i feigned composure she remained in my room till morning. Only from occasional words dropped in my presence could i get an inkling of what was being done Anil had been done. But i Felt assured of your successful flight Giles and i Laid my plans to join Quot dear one a lie murmured fondly. Quot i w As quiet ail Day indeed. I must have seemed to be improving and when night came i Felt assured that the Opportunity i longed for would to presented for of Giles i did so yearn to be with you a he caressed her fondly soothingly whispering tender words into her ears. He Felt that love like hers w As Given to few men on this Earth he Felt that love like hers was not an affection to be put aside. They Felt themselves to be henceforth All in All to Ono another they were All in All to one another in those moments and were briefly oblivious to their apprehensions and to the network which w As drawing close about them. Would Giles far Ringford with All his latent Power aroused be Able to rend the confining meshes asunder Quot it was after Midnight when i found myself alone a she said a moment later. Quot i knew that for an hour or Morel should suffer no interruption. I arose and dressed securing Only such things As we Ould be absolutely needful and at2 of clock Giles in the dead of night i loft my Home Quot done to fear done to fear dear one my Home shall be your Home my a he could speak no More her lips were fixed to his Lier arms wound about Bim Hor heart beating close against his own. A a my my own a Hor breathing murmur was suddenly interrupted there was a cold grating of wheels outline gravel driveway without. Virginia loosed Lier passionate embrace of far Ringford. And sprang quickly to her feet. A it is Jerry and May be said in a half hysterical whisper. A we bad bet Ter Light the she ran to the Side window and looked of t. A a trifle late now to Light it a replied far Ringford rising. Quot it will look As if we did so on the strength of their return. Better wait. Dear till they come a a done to mind them. Tiles a she laughed nervously. A they have gone to the rear door thoughtful Darlings they feared to disconcert us by a Surprise. I guess Jerry a coming in to got warm he a left Tho horse harnessed and standing in the stable door. Heavens How it blows a she Drew Back from the window and wound her Arm once More around the Stalwart figure of Giles far Ringford standing motionless on tile floor. He Shook off a sort of gloom which seemed to have fallen upon Linn and fairly raising her from her feet in the fervency of his embrace he pressed his lips again and again to her glowing Cheeks and neck. Then came the fatal interruption. There was a Quick rattle of rapidly moving wheels Over tile Street without it became suddenly hushed the vehicle had stopped directly before the House. Like a divination Given spontaneously to both their minds came Tho fearful impression that their concealment was discovered. Both sprang at once to tear aside the curtain at the front window Bot i saw at once the buggy standing at the curb both saw the sturdy figure of Caleb Prince when he sprang Down to the sidewalk followed close by one of the local police. And both knew that a crisis was at hand. A my god we Are discovered a cried far Ringford hoarsely his herculean figure seeming to swell with fury his face White As death in the Semi darkness hardening to an expression of almost murderous Resolution. Quot they shall not take us now not if a a Holdi i have it a cried Virginia in a forceful whisper. Quot stay Here. Done to answer them done to admit them for our lives and Liberty done admit them a she paused to say no More. Alive with an Energy that was More than human spurred by the frightful peril so close at hand she darted from the room and out into the Kitchen where Jerome Maize and his wife stood warming their hands above the Range. At the same moment Tim detectives resonant summons sounded through the House. Chapter Xvi. A dash for Liberty. Caleb Prince arrived in Providence shortly after 7 of clock. What Ais deductions May have been from the evidence which to had acquired or what his plans Little bore. His actions must speak for themselves. It did not take him a great while to find Tho residence of or. Jerome Maize Anil no found it. As has been herein intimated Well nigh in darkness and apparently deserted. But to accept appearances Only was alien to the nature of Caleb Prince. To passed around through a neighbouring Yard and approached the suspected House from the rear. A dim Light burning Infin of the upper rooms evinced tile probability that there was either some one within or soon would towards Tho Street to passed close to the ride Elevation of the House and. As a curtain at one of Tho windows w As raised an Inch or so above Tho casement be stooped and peered beneath it. The Dull glow of the Tiro in the grate rewarded his steadfast gaze yes. There was a greater Reward he could detect two dim forms seated close Iii red firelight More than that even lie could identify them. Giles far Ringford and Virginia Vernon i with compressed lips and face lighted by exultation be Stolo away and reached the Street there he paused for a moment in doubt. Recalling Oles far Ringford s physique and realizing that with so powerful a Man were he determined on resistance an arrest might Provo Rattler an encounter Only catch Prince decided to obtain Aid. He had no fear of heir making any move for an hour or More and Ere then he and a local officer had arrived at tile door of the House. Quot be ready now Quot lie said softly. Mesa powerful fellow and May make a dash for Liberty unless caught Quot in a ready a and Caleb Prince gave the Bell a vigorous pull. For a minute or More the two officials waited their zealous eyes Bent now upon the door now Tow Ards Tho various windows on either sides beyond All of which was darkness Only. A they cannot Liao gone to lied. Muttered Prince impulsively its barely ii of clock. Just keep in Eyo Oil the Side door until i Rouse some lie gave Tho Bell pull a double dose of vigor and the officer moved towards a Corner of the House Only however to return quickly on hearing an upper window thrown suddenly open and an umbrage us voice cry % Quot what Iii Thunder the matter Down there Are you trying to make away with my door Belli Quot that s Jerry Maize Quot whispered Tho local., Quot come Down and ictus in. Said the detective. Looking up. Quot i w ant to see you on Quot business Wyat sort of business Haven t you made a mistake a demanded Jerome. Quot no and its not of a sort to be shot through a speaking trumpet. Come Down and let us Quot wait till i slip on my pants a came the the surly response Aud the window descended through audible grumblings about a sick babies no sleep and Tho Damnable hours which some folks selected for a but the window was Down. They waited a few seconds their eyes and ears Alert. A heavy Sten was heard descending the stairs within also a vague continuation of the grumbling curtailed by the closing of the window then a a upon Tho gravel driveway to their left sounded the rapid beat of hoofs the grating moving of w heels Anil into sight by the Corner of the House dashed the team which had been left standing Iii the stable door by its owner and Down upon the mares Hack fell the w hip in a blow which declared the frenzied desperation of its deliverer. With a cry of fury Caleb Prince darted diagonally across the Awn in an attempt to forestall the too obvious escape. His own team proved to be his chief obstruction. The departing vehicle whirled round Tho curve into the Street and by tile standing buggy at a nearness threatening destruction. The detective caught a glimpse of a White affrighted face shrinking Back in the Corner and the next moment team and riders were a Hundred Yards Down the Road Ami making at a Breakneck Speed out of the City. Quot get in got in Here a roared Prince to his companion and springing into Tho buggy at the curb. Quot ill run them Down if i drop the horse Iii his tracks keep them in sight if you can a and his Endeavor seemed Likely to prove effectual if Ono might judge from the celerity and reckless determination with which lie took up the Chase. But Jerry Maize owned a Mare which without provocation would Road in 40 and now. As if inspired by the spirit of the determined Man who held the ribbons she fairly flew through the darkness of tile evening and to his wrathful Chagrin Caleb Prince beheld the distance Between them rapidly increasing. Quot i n a let horse a lie muttered angrily his vicious whip descending again and again. Quot keep him going a cried the officer beside him. Quot they can t hold that Pace Long. They re strangers and i am not. Its dollars to cents to can run them Down. They re taking a Road that a dead easy to follow. Keen him going a and Caleb Prince did a keep him going a far ahead could at times be seen the top of Hie buggy now a vague spot on the darkness. Now More hourly defined against a Patch of skin and now lost entirely in a deeper denser gloom. Tho noise of Tho wheels Over Tho uneven Road was seized up and borne away by the furious wind the wild excitement of Pursuit rendered the chilling hands and faces arid mile Aker mile was left behind. At the Crest of Hie slight Elevation Caleb Prince allowed his horse now showing indications of succumbing utterly to Las forced exertions to Como to a standstill. For nearly an hour the Pursuit had been maintained and a Long Stead fast gaze ahead revealed no sign of Tho fugitives. Quot they would hardly have left the Road would they a lie muttered grimly. Quot i should think not being strangers hereabouts. Drive Down to the Light ahead there. Ifs Iii a Road House. We maybe Able to learn if they have passed and How Long the detective urged his wearied horse Onward and a few moments later they Drew Iii towards Tho House referred to. A single team stood in a Long shed near the Side of the building and Tho local officer sprang Clown from the buggy and went to examine it. A glance at Tho horse was sufficient. He dropped the Blanket and hurriedly rejoining the detective said exult Antly Quot that a Jerry steam. They Are either inside or have decided to try Aud slip away Prince made no reply but darted up to the door of the House and strode into the office and barroom combined. Quot whereas the couple w to arrived Iii that team now in your shed a lie demanded in a tone of Blunt authority and heedless of the half dozen loungers about the room. A Burly fellow behind the bar viewed him curiously. Quot what a that a he asked at length. The detective repeated his question and an angry gleam began to show in his expressive eyes. The fellow not in the least disconcerted replied very slowly As if time w Cre a matter of no account. Quot i done to know As i know myself. What a wrong a Quot the wrong will be with you if you done to come to Timo at once a returned Prince pointedly and throwing open his coat he displayed his badge. Quot of they Are about you had better out with them at once do you hear a Quot yes i was the Cool rejoinder and the fellow walked nonchalantly from behind the bar and taking the detective s Arm led him to the foot of a flight of stairs in the Hall and pointed upward. Quot second door to the left Quot to said blandly. Quot that White faced Little woman must have gone wrong i take Caleb Prince waited to hear no More. With countenance lighted by exultation he darted up the stairs and rapped loudly on the door indicated. Quot hello a sounded a surprised voice within immediately followed by a suppressed Little cry in feminine tones. Quot open the door a cried the detective bluntly. Quot your Jig is up and you might As Well come out like a Man. Open the door i say or ill do it for you a a done to do anything like that a came the response and following a heavy stride across the floor tile door was thrown open from within. Caleb Prince Drew Back aghast. He who opened the door was none other than Jerry Maize with thumbs thrust into the Arm holes of his Vest and just behind him her pretty face awed and Nale stood his just the sweetest of Little wives i chapter xvii. Disclosures. Seated in a Cambridge car next morning after the events lately recorded his head drawn Well into the Collar of his coat his Moody gaze. Bent upon vacancy Ned my question indulged in the following Soliloquy a Caleb Prince May say and do what he likes and i cannot Stop him Butlo a Bestif i done to try to nurse a few of my own theories into something like a healthy rationality. La May he All right about this woman Mona and tins or. Schiler Aud Lier requiring medical advice at just that time and Nis asserted friendliness to Craige and All these sorts of things it May be All right but ifs my prerogative to doubt and my privilege to investigate and if there a a crisis coming and a trial for murder Pii see that there Are As Many As possible involved or at All events enough to be assured that Ray own doubts shall be elucidated. The More the better and the less liability of Quot his thoughts diverted to Rosalie Dartmouth though his mind ceased the framing of words for he had nearly reached his destination and suddenly arising he alighted from the Cav. Half an Eye might now discern Tho incentive to Ned persistent endeavours. A few minutes walk brought him insight of Jacob \ Vernou s residence but instead of directing his Steps towards the House he made a partial circuit of the grounds and entered the stable by a rear door. The object of his search the Groom. Chanced to be at work in the stable and looked up curiously on hearing my question cuter. That was the matter old the front door a of it be you mistier Ned i Quot Quot i came from Over Back a replied the latter Aith a careless toss of his head in the direction indicated. Quot Are you very Busy Michael Quot Quot will not twice As Busy a was the irishman a problematical rejoinder and tossing his sponge into Tho bucket at his feet he faced tile reporter and asked with Good natured curiosity a that d be want a Quot just to ask you a few questions Quot replied Ned smilingly Quot ii Yon will allow me. A Tor the paper Faith and ill do that if be Promise not to put in me picture a said the Groom wit a round laugh. Quot i will a joined in m question. To humor him. Quot be see Sor. There to so Many Mug a a Quot i Promise a interposed Hie reporter repressing Bis laughter. A you were about Here the other night were you not a Quot i was Sor a and Tho twinkle dying out of tile irishman be is gave place to a furtive suspicion Quot i was about the front and Quot yes i thought i remembered of seeing you out Ai the Steps. You saw most of Tho people who went into Tho House did no to you a Quot i did Sor Only twice i was round hero to the stable will a couple o Quot Well t wish to discover if a certain person entered Tim House that evening there was such a crowd you can hardly recall who was Quot an that a right too. Quot the person i refer to is a woman of about to. None of the regular visitors Here. She is of quite Good size. With handsome face Black hair Aud eyes a Quot Mould a exclaimed the irishman suddenly. Quot be think she might a done it a a possibly a replied my question. Eying him closely. A do you know whom i mean a Quot i think so Sor a said lie Iii tones of veracity not to be doubted. Quot but if she Whit in she did no to take the rent Quot did you see such a woman a Michael viewed his questioner with something Akin to uncertainty and finally said Quot of yell not he after giving me away Mist or Ned. I d not mind telling Quot i will not on my word a said m ques Tion earnestly. Quot will then i did see such a woman and this is How it was. In come round Here to Tho Staple to put up a team and was list after return ii to the front of the Bouse Whin right there Beyant hic Conter tween that and the Arbor out she Steps in front of me All of a sudden and she says says she which room has or. Raigo tonight a a Quot the Devil she did a Quot Faith on me soul that a right in w As Tho solemn rejoinder. Quot an Pilaf More. I jerked to Tomb Over me shoulder and told Quot but you did not report this at the said m question Quito stonely. Quot Throe. Mister Ned a replied the irishman rather sheepishly a a and it s for that in a after asking be not to give to Quot i w ill not do reiterated m question. Quot i might a kept it to Niesel but i thought As How it ought to he Knower. Be see Sor i made a bit of a mistake Phat i did no to find out till after the Crowner were Quot what was that a a a will a explained Michael rather dubiously Quot Bein a hit hurried by me juries and not stopping to think much about it ony Way i Hail but a Quick look at the woman and i took her for miss Rose lie. In the House Quot for miss Dartmouth a exclaimed my question and for the first time there flashed to his mind the marked resemblance Between the two women. In form they they were very similar and both were dark with piercing Black eyes and a general facial contour. It with a very natural mis take that of the irishman to have made in the obscurity of evening. Quot i did for but i thought no More about it till after mister Craige w As found dead. And thin Well to Tell the truth a confessed to frankly Quot id not Tho mind to spake agin them in the Quot Quito right a a approved my question with much More zest than if miss Dartmouth had been a stranger. Quot but Are you sure now Quot Quot of. Iii Faith i Ami i know Phat miss Rose lie testified to Atter i got through and thin i thought As How she a been out there and would a a Kuo wed herself Phat was mister Graiger a room. It were the likeness tween them Phat deceived Quot could you identify the woman a a a Pilaf that a Quot could you swear to her if you should see her again a Quot i could that she had on one of them round Black things around Quot a circular.�?T1 Quot will sure it were round and come Down to Lier two a did you see where she went a Quot i did not Sor i did no to Quot and at what time was this How Long before Tho crime was discovered a Quot Quito a Good bit Sor nigh onto half an Quot have you spoken of this to any except myself a asked my question after a moment for lie saw by the Otner a expression that he had imparted All that he really knew of the woman. Quot to divil a soul a declared Tho irishman earnestly. Quot i knew it ought to be told. But i were taking no Chanco of being pulled for falsifying. And barring yes Elf mistier Ned i know no Man Phat id feel to a thanks Quot said m question blandly Aud slipping a Coin into the Many a hand. Quot buy a smoker when you re out. And. Mike keep mum about this and my having been Herd will you a Quot Faith i will mister Ned god save yes was Tho fervent reply and my question with a nod and a smile slipped out and away As Fie had come. Was Mona Manteno Tho woman whom Tho irishman had seen and mistaken for Rosalie Dartmouth though Ned my question fostered this belief to assayed to make the evidence even More conclusive. And to his intense satisfaction lie succeeded. By a careful exercise of that Graceful Assurance which he possessed in a marked degree to forthwith insinuated himself into the Good graces of tile basement denizens at no. Chi a a. From one of them he Learned after due beating of the Bush that miss Mona had Boon out most of that evening uppermost in his mind and a further Effort evolved the following from a Bright eyed chambermaid who produced from her purse the article referred to a ooh sure sir and id be ready enough to Tell you where she went if i knew for she a a spiteful thing and makes More trouble for me than Lier Hoard is Worth. But if you a w Ait a hit i might give you a trifle what would help you. I picked it up in Lier room when cleaning there next morning and i made bold to take it thinking to use it myself for a ride on the ears. There there it is and right Welcome you Are if you want my question examined it with a thrill of exultation. It was a Transfer ticket from a Cambridge car to one in the City proper and officially stamped on its Back was the Date of Austin Craigens assassination. Quot had she been out during the Day a demanded my question earnestly. Quot no sir a replied the girl who evidently had no liking for the party in question. Quot Sho never left the House till after the u of clock dinner a my question suppressed a triumphant ejaculation. There was Little doubt now that on that fatal evening Mona Mantelle had visited Cambridge taking Tho girls name and enjoining her to secrecy a secrecy readily promised on the strength of a modest compensation there Porter turned his Steps Down town. It was nearly noon and for an hour t Here after he was seated Iii deep study in the cold deserted office of Caleb Prince. He could not. And indeed had no inclination to dispel from mind the suspicions so potently aroused by the evidence which to had lately discovered and the result of his arduous contemplation of the facts in his Possession was the in truth in mind of new possibilities which had hitherto been in area prof. A a beyond doubt Mona Mantelle had been in Cambridge that fatal night but for what fatal purpose was there any connection Between Ber and Austin Craige or or. Schiler Why had she hurried so quickly to the physician after realizing her loss of that compromising letter and might not it be after All her own blood on Virginia Vernon a Glove and might there not be some tremendous mis comprehension under All this so reasoned my question. There was a Chance of something in All this and no Chance should be left unt Aken. Seeking to involve or. Schiler or Mona Mantelle was fora less distressful occupation than that directly assigned to him by the chapter xviii. Looking backward. At 3 of clock that afternoon Ned my question entered the Laboratory of a Well known scientist or. Robert Kiel his Uncle a Man of some to years a physician in earlier life but whose predilection had finally converted him into a professor of chemistry. He found Tho eminent scientist seated at a Zinc covered table in one Corner of a Bright pleasant room which was half filled with the appurtenances of his profession and so busily engaged seemed Hoover a Glass vessel containing a very vile smelling compound that he did not look up even when my question entered., ,. A Bhut that door he merely remarked in a far More agreeable tone than is usually applied to the utterance of those three words. Quot Well i should think so. Unless you wish to drive every one from the House a replied my question his nose elevated several degrees. A you had better squirt some of your Patent instantaneous Deodorizer about Here i should Quot of it is you. Ned. Is it a laughed the other. Quot this odor will not harm you it la make you grow . I should be Content with leanness if this were the alternative a was the answer with a choking laugh. Quot i stand it. Uncle Rob. If i did not wish in just the worst Way to consult you. Do i find youy3nsior a few minutes More. Bit Down and enjoy yourself. What do you wish to consult me about a will not my talking disturb you a asked Ned considerately and placing in a chair a bundle thus far held Lien Atli his Arm. A not a bit a was the Hearty. Mender Quot i am using my eyes Only you May command my ears. I shall have done Here shortly. What do you want a Quot i want you to examine some blood for Quot blood Cli what kind of blood a and the speaker briefly turned a Jovial face now Omo what expressive of Surprise towards his Nephew. Quot human blood a replied Ned with a grim laugh. Quot indeed and what in heavens name Are you into now Quot Quot into an investigation overhead and ears and if it done to Send me crazy Pii not say a word. I have three articles wit i me a coat a kid Glove and a Linen Collar and they Are each stained by blood. Now can you by any Means Tell my if the blood on each is identical or rather from one and the same person a possibly but not Likely a was the reply. Quot the Microscope Yon knew detects the results of a chemical test to prove the presence of blood in a Given stain hut does not determine its kind. To ascertain that it is necessary to measure the blood globules after a treatment of artificial serum which allows them to resume their natural shape and size and we Are Able to determine if it be human blood though nothing More save abnormal qualities at times. I will examine them shortly. Whose blood is it to have awakened your interest a Quot Well it was Austin Craiget so or part of it surely. I was in Hopes that an examination of that on the. Various articles would show such a difference a a to warrant a belief that it is riot identical. I would give my income for ten years to have it so i Quot As much As that a laughed the professor. Quot yes. And More a replied m question desperately i for out of such a possibility As lie flail in mind lie honed to lie Alite to account in some Way for the incomprehensible evidence which had coma beneath his observation and study. Quot the affair is tile most inconceivably tangled mess that i Ever read of a and Pray what Drew you into it a a Fate i guess and i Ain Iii to i begin to imagine something a laughed or. Kiel. Quot done to lose your head my no ill keep my head right enough its no inner Organ on w hich i am losing my Quot a a that a bad and Good at once. I take it. Schiler give you any ideas i saw by your report not morning that to was out there. Ile and Craige were very a Cdr. Schiler do you know him Quot Quot yes Ever since he came to this country a dozen or More years ago i was practising at that time you May remember and be occupied an office adjoining Quot is that so a remarked my question his interest immediately awakened. Quot can you Tell me How lie and Craige came to be so intimate Quot Quot Well. I done to know but i ran and i done to know As i can a was tile rallies doubtful reply. Quot i saw a great Deal of them both at that time but they were some years younger than i. And i was not much Given to their ii a1 Quot habits what habits a demanded Ned eagerly. Quot Well you know what Austin Craige Quot but not or. Schiler a a Oil. They were both quite Gay in those Days a laughed the professor but i Arn inclined to think that the doctor bad an Oil Lect in his Folly. Craige was an influential fellow and his patronage and Good will went a Long Way towards establishing a Young physician Frosh from Germany and with probably far less Money t Han he was reputed to possess. I know Bis tendency was not to that sort of tiling for he is naturally a worker and a scholar. It did not last Long however for to married two or three years after and settled Down a a and has been successful a Quot yes and worthily so he a a profound student and his experiments have resulted in discoveries of value to the medical world As Well As Many noteworthy cures. He had the advantages of Tho German universities you know before coming Here. I guess his year or two of dissipation with Craige was Only a sort of diplomatic move. It is very Nice to have a millionaire for a Patron. Quot yes but Bas he been into that sort of thing of late years do you know Quot Quot i think not since he married and i see considerable of him for lie is interested in my study of medicinal compounds and experiments extensively himself. He is in Here quite frequently. A and lie stands Well now in society Doos he Quot Quot i should think so a declared the chemist rising from the table. Quot he is a prominent member of Tho pathological and president of Tho heredity society is connected with half a score of medical associations is a regular contributor to a medical journal and i know not what More besides having a practice which consumes the most of his time. I Ani inclined to think his hours of diversion Are few and far Quot a practice built entirely upon Craigens influence i presume a laughed my question at the others voluble response a not at All a said the professor drying his hands upon the rather soiled Towel. Quot he is a successful practitioner fearless enough to confine himself to no school and his own Confidence inspires that of his patients an excellent Quality in a physician you know. Have you the articles in that bundle a Quot yes Are you ready a Quot at last a replied prof Kiel and. While his Nephew opened Tho bundle Betook a valuable Microscope from its Case and placed it on Hie Sill of the window where the Light was Best. Quot where did you get these things a he asked eyeing distaste fully the soiled articles which my question had Laid carefully upon a stand near by. Quot of the authorities i Ani responsible for them they must a returned a Well you Are in Good business was Hie rather disparaging remark and Tho speaker wiped carefully a Small plate of Glass and adjusted the instrument. Being in i have now to get out a replied Ned dryly. Quot that is Tho Collar Craige wore when lie was Quot yes a very agreeable to contemplate give me the Glove a Quot you must not Cut it a said my question anxiously. Quot i am not going to i wish Only to Transfer a speck of the the examination required some considerable time and Ned watched the proceedings of his Uncle with mingled interest and anxiety. He had great Hope that he might discover that the blood upon far Ringford a sleeve Aud miss Vernon a Glove was not that of Austin Craigo. To Liao been so assured was to open out a wide Range of portentous possibilities. Quot what do you find who asked at length unable to restrain his impatience. Quot just a few moments my boy a was Tho moderate rejoinder. Quot Rome was not Aud so Quot excuse a laughed Ned. Quot i wish Only to know if it is Hie same blood on Quot i think that you May safely assume so a replied prof. Kiel after several minutes. You do think so a said my question gravely feeling that a great Hope was dying within him. Quot yes i am quite positive the corpuscles being of the same size and appearance. Quot Well i will confess that i am and the reporter looked it. Quot i am sorry a a replied the chemist with a grave smile. Quot i will go further if you wish and subject it to an analysis letting you know the result in a Day or Quot i wish you would a said Ned earnestly. Quot i Ani greatly obliged to Quot not a hit not a bit but done to Burry Quot i wish to return these things As soon As possible a explained m question Knotting the string about the bundle. The gloom of his countenance was brightened slightly however Ere he turned to go and As of struck by an idea worthy of investigation he asked bluntly Quot what sort of a Man is this or. Schiler personally a Quot agreeable to meet if that is what you a yes. Do you think he would object to discussing with me any notions i May have of Craige s possible suicide he done to think it was a Case of suicide you May a it matters Little what he thinks a a replied the professor quickly a a he will hear anything you have to Oner and express him Selt frankly. He is very pleasant though a trifle nervous an a eccentric and if you Start him on any of his special themes hell give you time and Infin Tum. Go and see him you will find him agreeable and he can Tell you More of Craige than i a twill i think Aud he would not take offence at some rather pointed questions a Quot i think not a smiled the chemist. A go and try him you Are too experienced to fool any hesitancy i should my question laughed at the allusion and immediately departed. Though he had suffered disappointment in the prime object of his visit the latter had not been devoid of interesting and pertinent disclosures and to Felt that he had Learned something of the past relations of Austin Craige and or. Schiler that was worthy of careful research. And Little dreaming of the startling circumstances soon to come within his notice he determined to give the physician a Good hard interview. Chapter Xix. The darkness of night. There was no distinction of things external All was swallowed up in obscurity. It were easier to Descry a Glim and. Ominous unreality in the blackness before them than to fix the outlines of a tangible object. The darkness of the night was about them a gloom that was almost palpable As dense and heavy As the gloom within them darkness unbroken by a solitary Glimmer of Light gloom palliate by no Ray of Hope. The uneven ground beneath their doubtful feet was cold and hard As cold and hard As the relentless Fate that frowned before them. The bitter night wind seemed to make them objects of its Especial fury chilling their blood As Only it and their own fearful thoughts could chill motoring mournfully through Tho tree about Thorn. As their distressful spirits moaned Blenny within. Silently for they spoke no word of Dis i Conr gement to one another and neither i betrayed despair. To speak at All was to speak bravely was to offer Hope. Where to i Hope seemed Folly was to tender love where i love Only could strengthen and sustain. For Miles they had made their troublous Way in Tho face of wind and darkness in Tim face of Fate for Miles out from the shelter of those trim hearts which at pus sible Hazard of Honor had sprung into the breach threatening the Liberty and the life of loved ones out from the City of Providence scene of their fatal rendezvous out into the open country where the houses became More scattered and Woodlands sprang up about them out from danger that was certain towards a Haven of doubtful safety Hies far Ringford and Virginia had made their laborious Way. A Karen t we almost there dear think Yon a the wind winding Ber skirts about her weary limbs made walking next to impossible Tho lips which spoke Tim words were dry Ami chilled the heart from which they came was heavy and Over burdened but love and tenderness and unselfish pity cried out in the w Arni arum gentle tone. Quot i think so i Ain sure so a replied far Ringford straining his eyes to Pierce the gloom and Bolding Ber closer half carrying her As Liev moved slowly Onward. Quot we have passed Tim Road Over which we drove so frequently last Hummer that most Blissful of All roads dear and Hie House if i remember rightly was hut a Little distance Al it us he sure and not go by Quot we have not. I Arn Sanro. There was quite a Clearing about it we Are still Ilia Quot do you fear that be May refuse to admit us a Quot i fear nothing dear with you beside to. No i Tii Ink that will to All right when once we reach there. He san unprincipled dog. Jerry said and. As f remember him be looked it. Ii i ave Money enough to tempt him. I Quot did Yon know it was beginning to rain i Felt a drop just Quot yes dear i have Felt several sparring Ford replied drawing her cloak closer about Ber neck. Quot i Hail hoped for your Sake to reach shelter Ore it came on. Aba Quot he exclaimed suddenly a we Are out of the Woods this is the place i am Quot Thoro Isnit any Light to he Quot no but. Ifs nearly Midnight and he is probably ailed. We shall have to feel for the Gate. Done to fear dear Iti not line Quot i done to Giles not it was evidently an isolated House that which they were seeking a dilapidated Structure if one might reason from the Slinky Fence along which far Ringford moved hts hand to vacancy that vacancy w hich indicated the place where once had Hung a Gate. Quot i to found it dear Quot he said hopefully. Quot Como close now and Well seek the door Ted a yes he helped her Onward till their feet touched it Broad Flagstone and the dim front of an ancient dwelling loomed up lie fore them in tile darkness. She held him suddenly Back to look up into his face Aud say timidly Quot and remember Giles remember dear no More of Quot never never my own loved Ile paused briefly to hold Lier to his breast Iris lips pressed tenderly to hers and the not moment his bold ran sounded loudly on Tim panel of Tho door. The sound echoed from within with dismal hollowness More cheerless even than the silence which ensued a silence that was broken Only by the Dull Pat upon the roof and the flagging before the door of great raindrops harbingers sent faster and faster Iii Advance of the approaching storm. Quot Knock again dear he is probably whispered Virginia softly. Without loosing her from his close embrace far Ringford reached backward with Bis foot and dealt the door a resounding blow which threatened its Rusty binges. Quot i guess that will Rouse him a he muttered half laughing and an if that faint indication of cheerfulness despite of conditions won Lier to him the woman in his arms nestled closer pressing lips and face against his neck. And it did Rouse some one. Tho Dull Echo of the blow was curtailed by a deep heavy voice which called Wrath fully from some indeterminate Quarter within the House Quot who a there a Quot is that you Maggie a cried far Ringford in return and bending nearer the closed Portal. Quot of course its me and who Are von came Back with an oath that is needless of record. Quot friends of Jerri Maize. The ones you saw last summer when at work about his House. We want shelter from the storm until tomorrow. I will pay you Well. Come and let us Quot be the Young woman from hosting with yer a he who had been called Maggie cried in less wrathful tones As if the Prospect of remuneration for broken slumber assuaged in a degree his wounded feelings. Yes. She is with me. Quot then yell Hev to stand where be lie till i git inter some duds but Iti be there in a Quot All right Quot answered far Ringford with much satisfaction. Quot you there was no response to this save such As was suggestive in Hie creaking of a shaky bed and tile sound of a step on the floor within. The chilled fugitives waited patiently. Quot remember dear no parting a whispered Virginia again her face upturned to his its paleness barely discernible Iii the surrounding darkness. No no not that. Lie the Cost whatsoever a he breathed the footfalls within sounded heavier. Through Many a chink and cranny now appeared faint rays of Light shifting Here Aud there like firebug in the darkness As the bearer of the lamp within moved towards the door and shooting Tho Bolt Drew it open. A Long ungainly Creaturo was this Maggie. His of years had not improved his grim face Long and thin and repulsive with soiled protruding Teeth and heavy brows. Tile draught into the open door Shook most fantastically the sparse locks about his furrowed forehead As lie held High the Smoky lamp and peered outward at his disturber. Only a meagre portion of his Quot dads a shirt and pants and boots had Beon donned and he shrank with a shiver from the chill of the night wind upon him. Quot come he said huskily. Quot i were to bed. And ainu to Iii much shape to see womenfolk hut you la Hev to nut up with Quot done to speak of it a replied Virginia hastily and eagerly entering the beggarly apartment into which the uncouth fellow Baa preceded them she offered him her hand. Quot your shelter is very Welcome i assure he took the proffered hand and Shook it doubtfully gazing at it with a sort of curious stare when he relinquished it much As if he might have expected to behold upon that fair White skin a dark red stain. Quot Wal you Kin stay Here i Spose a he mumbled Quot but i can to do Over much for you. The Ole woman a Ben dead so Long in be kind of got a Quot not a word of apology a interposed far Ringford with an attempt at geniality. A fall we want at present is warmth and shelter. In the morning Iti explain How we happen to to Here. You can profit by our coming if you will. Ill not stand for a $50 note for what i want of Quot Iti do a Good Deal for that a replied or Maggie with a Leer and a momentary cunning glittered in his sunken eyes. Quot there a a few embers in Tho stove Here and Iti Chuck in a stick of Wood. You can be warm enough sure and there a the bedroom what Tho Ole woman and to Hod the Gal can use that if site likes. I sleep out yonder now fur it s easier to liner fur. Do be want a bite to eat a a i done to said Virginia hugging the stove. Quot not until morning a replied far Ringford and taking their uncanny Host by the Ann he Drew him to the door and said softly Quot go Back to bed Well not disturb you More till morning. Jerry sent us to you. He said we could rely on Quot that a right a chuckled Maggie in Iris Throat. Quot you Quot say nothing of our being Here then and do a Little business i require transacted and Iti not stand for a Price for your time and Maggie viewed him with a smile that was frightful to contemplate. A a in be clone a Deal of work fur Jerry a he gurgled delightedly Quot but no think like o this. He a Given me a lift off in on. Y of Kin rely on me Iti do what you say and ask no questions. You Kin make yourself to bum. Quot Good a said far Ringford decidedly. Quot i will see you in the morning before you go or. Maggie nodded with another of his evil favored smiles and leaving his Smoky lamp upon the table he trod heavily out to a room somewhat apart from that into which they had first entered. The thud of Hoot ofter Boot upon the floor the discordant creaking of his shaky bed soon followed Aud evinced Hie fact that or. Maggie had again retired to his slumbers so unexpectedly disturbed. Giles far Ringford closed the door and returned to Virginia taking her in his arms Aud tenderly removing nor outer garments which with his own were tossed upon a table in the Comer. The Wood which Maggie had thrown into the stove was burning fiercely and a Welcome heat began to pervade the mean apartment and lend to it a pleasurable Ness which Sufferance of cold alone could Force it to assume. Far Ringford Drew a dilapidated hair cloth chair near the fire and sitting Drew Virginia to his Knees. Her face so Pale in the cold wind outside was flushed now and beneath the lids which drooped so wearily her tender Blue eyes glowed As if from fever. Like a child in abandonment to fatigue she Sank into his arms. Lier head upon Nis shoulder Lier Check to his her arms about his neck. Quot at last at last a she murmured faintly. Quot we May rest in safety once Quot yes briefly dear one but tomorrow we must plan More securely for the future. We must Bury ourselves beyond Pursuit. It was a thoughtful move that of yours and Jerry a. I Hope no Iii May come to Quot never fear for them so whimpered. Quot they will take Good care of themselves. We Snail probably sew him Tomor Quot i shall Send to him in Tho morning. We must obtain through him our Teane of escape. Are you warmer now a Quot yes much she murmured fondly Quot i am comfortable now Audi and Happy we must forget the past a he kissed her softly and with tender hand brushed the Rich Golden hair Back from her throbbing temples. Their voices died away to silence Bun hearts Arni souls were in close communion. Minute after minute passed. And still they sat Thore. The wind outside whistled with shrill cheerless Ness around the Corners of the House and through Many a crack and Crevice. The storm had increased to violence and the driving rain beat ceaselessly upon the roof and windows and ran in streams from eave Ami Gutter. But they noted not seemingly heard not they were lost to All save thai. Welcome warmth and rest and the tie which bound he Smoky lamp upon the table began to Wane the shadows about them grew leu and less distinct As the Light faded the Blaze of Wood Iii the stove had died away again to smouldering embers. The minutes had lengthened to an hour Ere he spoke again in a barely audible whisper. Quot Are you sleeping Quot no she breathed softly Are warm lips against his Cheek. Quot i Arri thinking a thinking of you my my loved one lie held her closer. Quot i fear this Long Strain will break Yon Down entirely you must got a Little rest. Are you nervous dear can you not sleep of von have gotten warm enough Why not lie Down awhile in Tho other room a her arms tightened about his neck. Ber dreamy eyes sought his she whispered softly Quot remember dear there was to be no More of parting a Chaffer xxx. The keenness of Caleb Prince. It is vain to attempt to picture the exasperation and intense Chagrin of Caleb Prince when that Quot second door to the left a opened and instead of the dismayed faces of the supposed victims of his arduous Pursuit he beheld the round Jovial Counte Narv of Jerry Maize and that of his Sweet Little wife a a there Are stings which Pierce so deeply As to wound beyond alleviation. There Are occasions when Tho impotency of words preclude an expression of ones feelings in an instant lie realized the ruse of which he had been the victim the stratagem of which lie had been the dupe. He said not a word. To have spoken a to have sunk from manhood. He turned straight about upon his Hoe strode to the stairs and downward out to his buggy into which lie sprang and with barely a remark to the officer by Bis Side he forced his tagged horse Back to Providence Over the Road which they had so vainly traversed. In that return journey Jerome Maize and Iris wife were the followers by just to min uts. And when the storm which had for hours been threatening finally Buret with All its violence upon the country round about this Happy couple were again snugly ensconced in their comfortable chamber. Caleb Prince in Moody thought a seated before a Radiator in the office of the hotel Dorrance and far away in Brief delusion of Tho Laws eager and persistent hand breathing once More an atmosphere of seeming safety and Happy at last in that fateful love which had wrought their evil Fortune Giles far Ringford and Virginia sat in fond embrace beneath the weather beaten roof of or. Morgan Maggie. Of them All the detective brain was by far the most Active and Given minds of equal Power and intelligence the most Active must inevitably produce the most remarkable results. Ere he retired for the night Caleb Prince had arrived at new and what seemed like plausible conclusions and which stimulated to renewed life the motive of his Hasty trip to Providence. The storm expended itself during the night and the Morrow dawned cold and pleasant. The detective with plan of action Laid. Was about betimes and it was barely 8 of clock when in answer to his ring at the door he was invited by a servant into the residence of Jerome Maize. Quot that was a rather Clever trick which you people served to me last Huoh was his salutation uttered with a Hearty Good humor which he a far from feeling when Jerome and May just from breakfast entered the room. A How was that Quot demanded Jerome innocently Quot and by the Way i think i Haven to the pleasure of your acquaintance. A Quot no a laughed Price inquiringly. Quot Well i will confess that our meeting of last evening was decidedly too Brief to warrant such a claim on my part. My name is Prince and i am an officer. Are Yon aware for what i want tills Man far Ringford a a Ufa Ringford a Quot yes the Man whom i saw Here last evening with your Cousin. Miss Vernon of Cambridge a replied the detective at once precluding the others coming equivocation. A i have Vot to be informed that you especially want. Him a retorted Jerome with arched brows and eyes distended his hands thrust into his pockets with an air of Cool Assumption. A Well consider yourself so informed then or. Maize and i imagine that you have heard nothing of a tragedy in Cambridge seen nothing of it in the papers know nothing of it and surmise a Quot bless your soul i i never see a interrupted Jerome laughing almost derisively. Quot and As for surmising anything that is quite out of the Domain of my mental accomplishments. A May said not a word but sat and listened Pale yet half amused it was evident that she had deputized her husband or he himself to do All the talking that had to be done. Quot Well it strikes me Quot said Prince suggestively a that for one so uninformed you were very eager to lend them a helping Quot always am to a was the pointed response. Quot i know of nothing to the discredit of or. Far Ringford a he added bluntly and he spoke Hie truth. Quot might i ask then what occasioned your Hasty drive of last evening a demanded the detective. Quot i suppose a Man has a perfect right to drive his own horse out of his own stable and whither and As fast As he pleases has he not a was the question rather than the answer. A that is generally the Case a replied Prince laughing despite himself at this rotund Young Fellows pleasant Independence. A Ana since you Are so uninformed perhaps you will have no objection to telling me when and where you met this or. Far Ringford and How you came to be so Friendly a Quot not the slightest a replied Jerome heartily Aud with a furtive glance at his wife. Quot he passed last july with us Here in my House accepting the invitation of my Cousin miss Vernon to do Quot a i see and More than that you Are unacquainted with him a Quot Isnit that enough a was the Blunt query. A i consider him to be a perfect gentleman sir and if you want him As you say you do i done to see any w a but for Jroud to Hunt him up Aud get him. I Ara not his keeper and he certainly is not Here for to my intense Surprise a and the speaker gave vent to a laugh which he could not repress Quot both he and my Cousin had departed when my wife Aud i returned from exercising our it is needless to surmise what reply Caleb Prince might have made to the other s rather impudent suggestion for at that moment his attention a diverted by a move ment of mrs. Maize who was seated quite near the window. She arose suddenly to stand for an instant trembling by her chair an expression of fearful apprehension on her paling face then she turned quickly and hastened from Tho room. Jerome started in Surprise to follow her and so lost the exultant expression which flashed briefly in the detectives eyes when be beheld the occasion of her emotion and divined the deeper cause therefor. A Long ungainly creature roughly dressed and with hat drawn Well Down Over his eyes was slouching in by the aide window and making towards the door of the House. Half crumpled in i Grimes and Bony hand was a folded paper seemingly a letter which he had evidently come to deliver. The personage was none other than or. Morgan Maggie. Jerome Maize also beheld the passing of or. Maggie by the window and realized at once the probable nature of his errand. It became immediately necessary to overcome any suspicion on the part of tile detective if. Perchance he had formed such and leaving the silencing of Maggie to his wife who he Felt sure had left the room for that purpose. Jerome turned again to Caleb Prince and said. Coolly a that is All i know of or. Farring a. If he has committed any unlawful act i have yet to learn of what it consists a Quot i have made no accusation a returned the detective rising to go. Quot i merely desired to learn if he was an intimate Friend of yours and what occasioned ins coming to your House at just this Quot my friends Are always Welcome and i rarely ask what occasions their replied Jerome indifferently but he Felt immeasurable Relief when observing that the detectives manner had in no Way changed and that his countenance evinced nothing like suspicion. Could he have looked beyond that countenance and have seen the change of plan and the incentive to have prompted it in the mind of the detective his Relief would have been Short lived indeed for in tile Sodden paleness and departure of mrs. Maize. Caleb Prince had read the truth As clearly As if set Down in Black and White. He had now no further occasion for remaining and immediately took Iris departure. That the uncouth creature who had passed the window was an emissary from Giles far Ringford the detective had not a continued of tit a Reata rut

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