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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 7

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaRoty million Moore it a Mali Oft earn cakes yearly f. D.6ay, insurance and real estate si9 sitory.st., boons Iowa. Cik Malm Hartford Huttl loan Flke fireman s Kund. 7 Uil sofa uart Fokd fire car Utt i pm cede 23, booklets albums rattle boxes rubber goods extracts toys tar cough mixtures atomizers guitar strings writing tablets inks novelties Dander no rub foam diva Ursi Glass calling Oard oases oxides Mustas Ohe Wax papa tiers Auti Kunia no to Bao Yerta Santa. A goods at Shis Story Street. Suits made to order from the most Complete line of materials. Call and select. A fit guaranteed. Johh t. Nelson son. Best set of Teeth pnlnles.1 t. A tilling 1.00 up sol of Tetli. 5.00 aluminium c rown Kris the and Crown work Ono half Price. Alt work Chicago dental Parlours in. Crun Piovet Coiner Elir Hulti Story streets Ove a Founti a shoe store. Horow Iowa. Sap quarters for Iii Cycle repairs of Alj kinds. I Tim Hornah on hand. Cleveland bicycles for Sale. The finest wheel made. Bicycle sundries of All kinds furnished pc my Al. To. Primary work in the sunday school. The question hag been asked Why la Tho primary teacher s work j t among Tho least of All yet the most important of alii1" nature gives a ready answer. Watch Tho Gardener in Tho h time and see How my greatest thought Are arc Given to Tho youngest and weakest plants providing them with proper Nour Lehment protecting them from heat and cold because tie knows Attiat upon his labor depends i ctr future strength and Beauty. Lutlo children the ones come into our primary class rooms suday after sunday arc hut tender plants n each one lies hidden the germ o f that life rightly trained make Strong men Aad women Blesa ogs to Tho world or left to develop without training my bring untold Macry to themselves and those with whom they come in Contact to the primary teacher is entrusted this Hap in and important training Worvie. Ii or Tot because the Hula child is Aslly led Ami inh fenced for right important because it replies others 4irough the child. Many a father and Mother have been brought into the kingdom led. By a Little child who had Learned the Way from Tho ins of a primary teacher. Only a Short time ago my heart was gladdened by learning that one of the Little girls class Only live years of by her simple Faith and Trust in Jesus la leading her Mother to de Pend More fully upon him. The work of the primary teacher should never a Umler Lakon except by one who feels the importance of it. One who is qualified for the work. The first and most important purification of a in Druary teacher is thorough Conse cration what in Thea work has been called triple consecration. Co Secra too first to god second to Liq work in Liand third to the. Souls of Tea is of All Tho. Cannot teach a personal Saviour unless we know Euch a one not Lead them where have not Learned to follow to cannot teach our pupils to to what Soaro not. Example is and always will be stronger than Precept. To to cons crated to the work in hand the teacher must do Ever thing that id her Power for the beat Good of the class. She must be faithful in attend Lido must never allow anything that can possibly to avoided to keep her from her class. She taunt be on time she should a in the. Room ten or 111 teen minutes before the time for sunday school to open if possible. In order to Welcome her scholars Aji they coi110 in should Havo a pleasant smile and a kindly word for each one inc make them feel that she has a person Al interest to them and Lorca them id coming Early she not Only else rat a Good influence Over Lior class Pells All the Clouds and Puta them into a pleasant Frame of mind thus making tiie discipline easy but Liaa time to got her work Well in hand Ever thing ready my that at the tap of the Bell Eho Cai begin wlthou1 a moment of time being lost. Thu All confusion is avoided and every thing moves along smoothly. The teacher should not be eat fled with Tho results already obtained but Over strive to improve Ever to on the watch for helps and suggestions which will Zalac her class to a higher piano. She should her Leo to make the Ticino spent in the sunday school to interesting that when a child comes once be will be eager to come again consecration to Tho souls of the class. Tho one object nil aim of a our efforts should be to win the child s heart for Christ thong Guido Tho Young Felt id the earlier Steps o the Christian life. To thing less than this can Satlof the consecrate a teacher. We need Tho conviction that shall Man feat itself in All our teaching that we believe that the children May become christians Noil that that natural Elmo to become a Chr Stein la in childhood. If i should to asked have you any christians in your 1 could honestly answer Yas. Several mothers have come to me and told me How their Little ones Aro learning to love Jesus How they try to please him because they love him they Pray to film in their own simple language Tell him their Littig difficulties ask Hla help to Over Coral the temptations which come to them Ami they have Faith Jesus will hear and help them. They May not to old enough to to kith void of Tho Church upon tic i but believe that this flu come in Good Elmo. It la also very essential thai tie primary teacher hive a special Lugo for let to children. Now As to the teaching. The Leason must be Well prepared. A teacher May to gifted even to fluent yet if there has not been careful and prayer Ful preparation of the lesson Bho will not to successful. We should keep Al before us the fact that of our selves we Aro unable to teach these truths Only As a depend upon god for guidance in preparing Tho Leason and in presenting it can we Hope for Success. My plan been to study Tho Lebrun and Ever thing pertaining to Tho lesson read what others have to Bay about it fact study u Ai thoroughly Naif i were going to teach an advanced Bible class. Then find in out the Central thought that will be Moat helpful to my class decide exactly How to present it explaining the whole lesson according to the Central thought. Teaching it to my lit left child at Home just As i mean to Caon it to the class has been a wonderful help to me for if there is anything so does not understand by Makl no it Plain to her i am better prepared to explain it to the class. To presenting the lesson we must Abb simple language simple illustrations drawn from the every Day life of the child. By request i give Tho order of of exercises in our class although i find it difficult for borne portions Are so Var cd from sunday to sunday. We usually open with Praise god rom whom at blessings follow no this is an exercise in which the children respond to each question asked a with a passage of scripture. Then we Havo a song after which Tho teacher leads in a which the children repeat thus Mak no it their own prayer. Henao Ither responsive exercise on hiring after which the collection is taken he children marching around the com and drooping their pennies into i Glass or Metal dish so As to hear them j i Ogle while they sing the Little hear the peonies dropping dropping of attn while they fall every one for Jesus he will get them All Etc. The Seldom forget their pennies sync owe adopted this plan and feel badly if u so happens they do not have n Penny to drop in. After his a Short prayer asking Jesua to Jfoss the pennies to Hare Given. Then the child who has had a birth Day during the week comes Forward bringing is Many pennies As he in years drops them into the birthday doxy while the others repeat a verse in which the child s name and age is mentioned and sing a bar Thea Bong. We then spend five or ten minutes in teaching some portion of the supplemental Leason. The supplemental lesson consents of the a Liilie agreed lord s prayer beatitudes commandments Twenty third realm and Uther portions of scripture. Then we carefully review the lesson of Tho previous sunday after which we sing a motion song which gives the children exercise Anc rests them so they Are much Mon Julot and attentive. Then comes the regular lesson for the Day. The flirt thing in presenting this lesson is to obtain tie undivided attention of the class and this requires a Good Dea of tact upon the part of the teacher Start in with that will arouse their interest am curiosity. Having gained their at Tention do not allow yourself to Cool Down or Slacken in interest but go right ahead with the lesson in a Bright Earnest enthusiastic Ninnger Al ways re member that Tho a poll Ontl 01 of Tho lesson is the important part and be sure to allow plenty o time for this. After the lesson another Jong. Then each child repeats Thi Golden text and the assistant gives a report of Tho number of pupils Thi amount of the collection and Thi number having the Golden text. I close with a prayer in concert fro quintly the lord s prayer and a parting song. The children March out of the room to give Tham each their Little paper with the i bin 1 ton picture card costal Nung the lesson for the next sunday folded inside. In doing this we save much time and confusion As they Are All so eager to look at tie pictures if go to them before. We strive to have every moment of the time so occupied and full of interest that Tho child ecu do tired or restless or have a Chance for mischief. It almost needless for Rue to say that Tho primary class should have a separate room so that Tho singing reciting in concert Etc., car be carried on without disturbing the rest of tic school. The room should have kindergarten chairs of thru sizes. A Large blackboard is also necessary. Tho children can grasp the thought you Are trying to teach a much if they have some object before them to illustrate it such As Tho cup and a loaf o bread for the lesson on Tho lord s supper or the of thorns for Ali Cleson. Jesus before Pilate. Then place the illustration at one Side 01 the Board be left for review run Day at which time All these Ali appear and will readily recall to the minds of the. Children each lesson 01 Trio last Quarter. I Havo found this to be the most successful Wiy of con ducting the to View Whir a la usually the in oat difficult Lessen of ail the Quarter. We have in our own a shool containing a picture Tor every lesson which. To find very Al Fitl also a singing look bulled to the with opening tits tog and birthday exercises. We Iivo an envelope containing a card primary department. Roll card. Scholars residence Street and age and parents please kindly Oil Tutt tils card and return by mail or the scholar. Very Kerpec Tuhy this is a great help in several ways the child to whom it in Given is much More Apt to come Agal n. We learn the Correct name of the child which a almost impossible to do from some of the children. The fun we learn their place of residence bowl can visit hem in their we also learn their age and As the cards Are a copy them into a Book for future reference As the birthday of each child arrives we Send Hin a birth Day card and a letter. We Are very careful to examine our Book the Kratof every week to shoe who has a birthday during the week to that Noone will be missed. Then in that Day we make thai child subject of special prayer. Doubt Ess some of you think that All of this s a great task so it is and requires Arnst prayer of the part of thu Eaber. It is not something lightly taken up or easily i Havo area asked do you think All this from my own 1 can most emphatically answer yes. The Hildren Are to pleased with the let Ter and the parents Are pleased with be special attention shove a to their children thus it in o no of the Best of winning a child personally. The thought of Jesus love for Faem should be expressed la each Etter. These Letheia Are not intended to take the place of visiting but they rather make visiting More Neces hire a the character of thu letter depends largely Thome into which it is to visits the teacher comes with the Mother in the Home Elbich is a Groat help in our sunday school work. The primary teacher should Havo a faithful assistant who can use the i attribute a great Alliare of Iny Success to my assistant. She a s there and on time. She uses the Organ and teaches the mental lesson also cops a record of the attendance the Mno tint of the collection and the number having Learned Tho Golden text. She sees that each new scholar is Given n Wel come card and Folda each Little paper placing Tho lesson card inside ready for distribution. She also Manes out a report of the attendance and amount of the collection and Tako it to treasurer. All this in in Neon a quiet unobtrusive manner that docs not attract the attention of the class. I would like emphasize a Point right Here All interruption during the teaching of Tho lesson should be avoided As much As possible. If the superintendent Haa any announce ments to make or wishes to visit class., he should come in Buforo Tho beginning of the lesson or during the Cio tug Bare Claca. I have had Many a lesson spoiled by having some on. Into Tho room of tar i had succeeded in getting the. Children deeply interested. Fri Price House of a a a cad quiz tors for Fine tailor made clothing. We Are now showing an unusually Fine line of gentleman s dress and business suits in All the popular novelties of the season. On perfect fitting tailor made suits in both single and double breasted in All the shades and colors As shown by the Best merchant tailors arc genuine Trade win ners and arc already the talk of the town and you do not have to put Down a month s Jay to own one. Children s and boy s suits. Of Spring serviceable suits for children Cotton and Wool Ages 4 to 14, to excellent All Wool suits that formerly sold at to 7.00, now go at 52.00 to Pant suits Ages 13 to 19 in hats its Good excellent All Wool suits that formerly s _ o boy s Jong Pant suits Ages 13 to 19 in endless variety up we have the choicest line of America s Best Alpine and for doras in All Shn cles and styles. Come to our new Headquarters 717 Story Street for of . Haas1 old stand. One Price clothing House Olmsted s you May say it requires Gesilus to c a Good or Limey Tencher. It makes he work very much easier if one has a Genius for it but it in t absolutely necessary 1 know a teacher Cju Boni t has Hon said she must have n Genius for teaching she is haying such Success.1 rut when she 11 St entered into the work Sli o not Only not have Genius for it but Nek cd All these rcqulrment.3 which would seem necessary in a primary teacher. She Cou 111 nothing nor use the Junck Boal with Auy degree of skill could not even Tel a simple Story in an interesting manner in fact was very shy and backward in every Way. The Only thing that Tho her to Lake class was that be know she would to in her place every sunday Oil i Jhc Ami because she believed that god called her to the worn. H was consecration to Gou and a Genius Lor Vanl work t-3r.it Broil flit Success to her. To 11 gems to m e Llma n o one Tio feels it her duty to take up Tho work need hesitate because she. Has t the Genius for it. I believe our ability is increased As to make use of a and Flint not a single lesson is Ever Tuu Glit with preparation love and prayer without bringing a Rich spiritual Blessing to the teacher and precious seed in thus sown which will life to Many songs. So let us be More faithful and Earnest in our teaching for the Harvest will surely come. Inks. In jul. Wolkman. With poor Ehr sit Ami uni ice Kintsu a till travels Thoro Aro to catch in Llic Eye. Sin ill in Aizic yet ii oath Tio cud of tit Lioa. Uio Ami notice How smooth Strong mid even it is it sch rays the Sanso from beginning to end. arc impossible by the meal perfect aug the mom scrupulous care. Ask Yout dealer for it w1llimantic thread Conn. Special trains to storm Jakc. May 2nth. And continuing until september 30th, the Dea Moines Northern Western by. Will run a passenger train from did Moines to storm in pc every saturday evening returning monday morning following. 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