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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 6

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaIt s a prize Winner read what the world s fair judges said when Grant ing the highest award to Lorillard s Lima plug a Bright Sweet Navy plug chewing tobacco con Taining finest Quality of Bur Ley Leaf. Has a Fine Rich flavor and excellent chewing Quail ties combining All Point necessary to rate this or Educ of the highest order of excellence in its everybody who tries Max plug says it s the Best. For Sale everywhere. Address Younker u Bros. Pcs Monics i. L. Sparks m meats fish game poultry Etc. S02-eighth st. J. M.geee1t offers his services to the Peoples of Doon and Vicinity who Disiro any i Aper hanging Deco rating pointing. Kal Somin Givanc in Tzib style jul Yimm perfect. It perfect work will give that Ultra sol of my my. Ilii will also tin bibs Aid Cliff Lusti with the Eaic guaranty and to the Patron s peace of mind. Shop on Lio tween Uusmaa a Story. Boone Iowa. Ferrill Mcquillin a a As ebb a at Tonsoni alarmists i p o o p p Bubp Flat clip Bivs of Wei under Nelsons West Side Story your patronage respectfully solicited us a Call. Ujj for Charity suffer Elk Long.1 Aron a off to and knowing Tho food or. A Ofca " Dodo we Soto help others. Oscr Couick 017 a Slivo far tin publicity this letter mar Giro my. In not 1393. The t Ixo an d i was Ono of to first. Its Una i duty too Boon with Tea ski Tutor kick. 1 old Dot regain 07 he Alt in a moult Ime m and the draft Ciao my vitality thu it if i could go on. A Adri ibid to to ill. Restoration of feline i tool 2 in Luna and Ais la aay i to better health 111 an crr. F coot m nerve a my Woi i i Tery to Jln. A letter Drc Xvi to Milwaukee wis will . Or. Miles Korr no is to a on or. Miles Nervine restores health what is Castoria w Castor la to or. Samuel prescription for Infanta and children it contains neither opium More Lino nor other narcotic substance. It is a harmless Aust Stiim for Paregori drops soothing syrups and Castor Oij. It is pleasant. Ifs guarantee is thirty use by fix Slons of mothers. Castoria destroys Worms and allays feverish Ness. Castor la prevents vomiting sour cures diarrhoea and wind Colic. Castor la relieves teething troubles cures constipation and flatulence. Castor la assimilates the food Tho and bowels giving healthy and natural sleep. Cas Torla is the children s Mother s Friend. Castoria Firetti. Wothin Jure ice Cable .goo4ncltcelupca Isdr Childre g. Coscola u the Beni fsr cd Hrc Bah i act Maio of i Hope the Day is ital when will consider d of the i quack Rosf Turaj whih ate Ditl rowing their Jove a by forcing opium sync and other buit Fol Down Ihor in Road Boa to or Nam j. 1. Kix Chile c on Way a Itel a Castoria 11 it 10 Aja Pird Loci warm i recommend it u Sperier to n a k Norm to h. A. K. D., in so Oxford si., Bioko la h. A oar in the Cuidera i depart rant Hare spoken of their cd pc in her collide with and in Hong ire Only Hare a can out while i cd Citty u a it we ate fees to confess thai the Neils. Of Caloria Tua to a tulo look Wuh Javor upon l my id Hospital a Jed Corrion a woo 77 Murray Sturmf Chy. Ovato than Tho ballads if i Only was a boy Iau Ima. Cried Yacub i inning in Ono until climb to Tateo la Froat of to hous Oil i was a to i wily was a. I of Tui Traci. I d cover sow i torn to shoot Atud Tefton i Ore p. 1 Travo Iny Hilr and no i Csc curls la Vother. Was called first to pc rih when to much o ii s Surprise and disgust she had stolen his. Thunder by speaking Iii piece. The wind. The wind that element naughty Wii out for a frolic Tom All Munim a i haughty in order to Fisic play. Lie was up first thins in inc morning almost before the Sun in order to fan the birdies and thus to Tiu fun. Tin Birds Vryn every and Elf milled their feathers Lioni in Iii to a Lac Carroc in lliuir..-ft eittl.-. A tors away Furdin Rizir ear i or in Tiv hear. Alfhid he in to where hit Len wars or few no linux did he Vrr waste As the Way in did blow. Ife came to the of Owens hiding to Kfir faces up me said icy to him Ami Bend rach Little cup. As along the Way he did fool lie met some pretty girls each on Hur Way , Jer ilnr.i-. Up in curls lie inc Fine soft hair. Ami brn slice it Back As lie kissed the Rosy checks for of courage he had no Lack he Wolfi Lipil himself a tune. As he passed through a wire Ferici then on like a Loon gating Laughl whore lie wont Shonce. A t noon he came to n town fences he Here wow flown. Of null is mischief so both not hrs of Cou lever if. Told. In did t Sunn hit. Lown Itil danced Linns the Way. Lie adorned a hush Wiley a Crown of fragrant now mown Hay. He i leu for a few inure hours not la ring Yim of i Fie sport. At list came to his Bowers. And resigned pleasure of Sorl. Hclay Strel Chang has limb1 for repose then closes his eyes As Hong i dead. To we him you d never suppose thai he i he tyrant is who on inc worhol Ever arose and tinned n is though Igor clips Amaua exx Eft. The Story of a Learned fowl the fowls were All gathered Irion tic a ii a Wood , watching the Stein Plum mrs. Quack Eoln Duck who vols try Tonj to Tench mrs. Cockle Glenn a children to swim. At last however she give and joined the rest of the owls. Sir cockerel a Gay rooster of nil hit colors by the Rainbow stood in tin Centre of tip ring and was about Load dress the company Wynm Dame Dorking set up r or prof Llull Cliecy Keri looking Down the. Road cockerel cup leu a jilt to a fool of dust Eoj on Clusin r inspection proved to a Chicken. If twi had soon civic Kari Little As she joined the group breath less Anil a , you would i Iii Yon have Nir Nicil her dignity. She was ice Neil find Long necked because she was in the Habil of ii Liy too and sure Tali if Hir neck to can is so As to listen to what was not meant for her to she and Taco been speckled but you never could Havu told what color she was now for she Iacch to ill inc r. To go to dinner meant to cd Iickey smear herself All Over with an 1 coi Iid gut hold of. She had a tall but it had been pulled off in a Vitin attempt to get through a Hole ten sizes too t mall for her. She Imd a Grout dual o dec i often rebuked Roost cars Oil enough to be her . Her Black eyes Wink Hal Willi mall Lief when she had of by ii she Ulto Gitl is n Odd Chicken. When Chicken Little had get comfortably settled cockerel Agaliki began his la d and we i ave Hausler the a Sipply of Angle Worms 1 should like to inquire As to what we shall do ibis Flor noon Fyk Jin upon a Supply of Chicken Little. The fowls very prop Erly took notice of this remark. Let s Tell said Damo Ike ski let s Tell our suggested mrs. Chuckle Herin. Slio a cd the rest. Cockerel will Yon Mcginl said Hir Cockcr "1" will.1- Chicken Little i see in Angle worm about three blocks from Ofstie Scutt Seil for Hie i jute pm Utida the res l themselves Foi a Surry. Uld cockerel the Earllean of my recollections is of n very Large farm miniere my Mother my Brothers and Sisters nil Rity Ime. Cousins and sixt Jacii ants were not allowed 10 roam Boul no will list were instead Bruit up in ast pen. We Oft Cri slighted suffered Mitny indignities. Yor instance the lil gentleman to com out and 6ce us thought hopi Ittis jut for us As tie should have done. As you Niaj imagine my spirit rebelled such to into my time the old Gentka ii1 came out to give us our scanty Supply of Corn meal i a Triick Jami and out n the. Door run Ninffa is is i a Mihl with the gentleman tearing alter me. I Felt Asil i Hud run melts when looking around f found thai my Tormentor had Gittin the Chise gone Buck whereupon i heartily myself upon my running Power and thought to myself that Virlah always wins in the Puiul Tat ii s what myst if thl morning Virien i took a Juipe Bug Owsij from dime put in a Lickei Little. No is owner Al looking sternly it Chick i Iii tie. As i about to say when was so rudely had jus got the Edgust when j Sav a Carriage with two in it coming ill on p. Of look therel Sec thai puny Ono of them cried. Say let s gut it maj ii wit can have some fun Irith it i was too tired to run in let myself be captured and1 to Ken tub the buggy Witti Vliem. I was very Misici frighten ill la Rel b it Afler 1 forgot my Milf Ami Biog in to listen i Flint this were Sziy Ling. Of said the girl in the Tum o Swianter Capa Onklin it bit in to him in Misa rates few Why null Wilde Wlms in said the Oiler. Jet think Lial a the Host. Don t j of remember when put the in her Bedl tiie when she became aware of us pres ence paid me twice Over for the ten i got Olf in conduct said the or cad docs we As Vanla but Here nre.1 we Sto Frfd before Jalall Brown by gilding on the door plate of which in Jarg Gilt letters were there or nerds miss Pene or Annalil s select school for Vot ladies the girls opened Tho door and went in Nell carefully concealing me Yilth the Lille Bine cry he Carminl. She took me it stairs and Vic went , just alike and into lie ninth one. Nell put me in Basket which mils Msj time fragments of cuke kit from some Midnight fest and then went to Tell her All i very Quill 1 guess i must have Licon Awil 10 o clock when f suddenly awoke unil found the room full of jul Girling and whispering. Let s Ilici Traic n Ull girl in a. Blue wrapper had on one Slipper Ami Ono shoe. So they lied a purple ribbon no Ulm my right leg and Blue one my left. Did Yri Ever in your life see anything so Charm said Nell. To Lough not naturally on Cill do 1 lit Dan ii Tea that i looked rather is twosome and Sorn to a up a my town the room Lawfore them. Do Yoti suppose asked Nell look no nervously Over . Baid Trio girl to he Wuo i popped my head in pc Cvopa s Oom and she was no in Well now let s Iii pc our irl said Nell seizing tic by the of cart. So the girls suited his clog trembling Down Lark Blair Noti and through he Cohl Lalland Possa Eways. Once As they rtooi.1 for a moment a White frightened group in lilo lower Hill Ward a door Willy. Overhead. And Nain when Limey were near Tho Enid of Ihor Jecki Jiey nut Livard the of ominous foolslcii1 Naovu them. I Ive n terrified squeak and Nell almost choked with laughter nearly me Hiroji. My shoes she whys hoarsely i can t think of walking in shut Lowig Schmo room to Uejo take them of the ski Well Watt for you Hare so Nell ii Iii to firmly walked up the aisle. She stopped once talking Olf her shoes Laid them Uri Otico thu a Miller is. Hurrying up Tho aisle she lifted the lid of the big desk and Ehrnst me. In to lion thoroughly she turned and Hir shoos ran Down Tho aisle and into the. Room. May i the desk All night Loo error stricken to Ruou ii rid whup the nov Inonu Jug it was a Relief to Liefer the sound of someone s voice a March was Piny cil and i Hoard As of Many people marching into the room. I heard a Man s voice Vifor a Jica Yor and then n Transfer. Kay Milieu for milk shake lemonade Popcorn and peanuts. Shed Cor 8th and acc scr. 0. J. Halliday co. Arc still supplying new As Well As old customers with the Best of or Cories. Give them a Call 5th Ward Boone Iowa. Miss frogs party. A boy just four feet inches Tell was u member of a certain class. This boy was appointed by its teacher a committee of Odd to in Tali i Frog for Tho use of Tho class ii the next Days Accord ugly armed with a Picas of red Landl and a tin can he Star Crl for Tho nearest Pohnl where to knew Frog were la great purpose was on reaching Echo ii ouch to drag the red Linnel in tic water and thus anger one of the Frog. Alien Imo of Hom would Seo Tho red Obj cot and be coming angry would bite it his Teeth catch in it the boy would Alveh Sarnia Quick Jerk and have he Frog sprawling on the ground by you Cunkle say Jack this Lnu he carried our to pure action so he Dow had a Frog in his can but Tho boy Huil Zottou his feb wet and to knew from Piat exper Ierace that it Itas not Well for him to Roach to Iii Vith wet feet. Kun lie Lay Down in the Sun that a might pet his dry. While he was lying Thoro his told him what i shall Runte to you. This Pond "1m said is the Home of any frogs. There arc Here aristocratic frogs working fro fers Anil loafers. One Day the head one most Arll Oatly families Renigar Lccy that to thought it was about to Liq for hl3 daughter Siiss to Lunnin per cps to have a . She was Turco Cara Oil now and her Mother mrs. I Jepsy had said that when titanic was the she should Yoko her a Clit. Titania was the child of the a Biily. She had live Brothers and Threa ters. They All Evon to Trio youngest who was but a tadpole wished or to make her debut and enough each had a Dlf front reason a eth Lirida who was nearest to to tuna her to make her it he cause of something which Gri Aelola Martin to Hercs Pella Friend had told her enjoining her not to Tell a word of was Airout to say Long As to Tanya ii and breathed. This Greatt secret which Griselda Martin to of Mimmel Catul to her was that her brother in Selna was told by Moses Smith that he thought that Misa Titan fatties did not wish to spend the Lunoy to give wifi daughter the party John Lejard Zilph wished titania to be her debut because a Hud math a let of Lwis that his sister Wini lil live this party. Now Ilea were quite a luxury As they had just Canio nto Market so to not wish to Rosq his bet. Kenny in a Conidas a cow Thuro would feast Abd Howa very fond of f Reah spiders dipped in a Howaad pickled Bluc Lyles. Ircne duct Gregory know that if they hat the company to Utju i but Biro to bed at might stay up a Cli Osc. Dpi sell Aurora thought Libo would new dress it titania made her debut. Ernestus Marmaduke wished that they nigh a. Have Tho party because has brother John had Promisee him Nica if titania made Herd but. Cuitti Kiln they my Cost wish id to have it because i would break tie Monotony of affairs h wag finally decided that Tho old a daughter should make her Entrance into society. An invitation was sent to every one who waa at All acquainted with the pee prey family. It was to be a grand party the event Otth the had an elegant Home Large rooms whore Tho waterway just up to or. I deploy d head Rumon where there was just enough water for the Little Rejc Paob to a jilt in. Then there were long1 Halls and countless round rooms. In Etc full of water and n few with very Hule water in them. Sometimes in the very Centre of a room you a Pom Lily under whose ice pcs you could Ait Anil study or play. The night of the Carn Cand the House was brilliantly lighted. The eur Elligs were there la full Force. Or. Peeps by was excited. It wag seven o clock and the girls Surv had not arrived. To be sure the malt quartet was there. It had been prompt. Hut or peeps by had his heart on having the girls him rect Ainy Tho Flat Picco. Don t you wish you bad been he beam about distractedly. He pulled hts warts in Rago swore profusely. Soon to saw the g Arling term High Trio mud. Ito Sank Down to rest after mfg excitement. The guests began to arrive i i Ujco pacy Camo jumping to her Hus band s Side. Would she asked please swim Down town and got a paper of miss Tifi Niihau lulled our of the buttons off of her Lovo and there was t n Cedlo to in found in the nouse. Ii half past seven Tho whole town Emil to to there. The did their scud in jest. They did their Best after refreshments. Everything went on smoothly until supper wan announced. Then each Frog tried to grab what to or she liked Best and when he did not get what he would Ike be 5el7ed somebody who did get t and pounded him till lie gave it up. Some fell under the table and got upon. Little Ernestus mar Matsu acc fell into Tho soup Kettle and taken but partly cooked. But the elegant were Little Laby in milk and sugar. There which melted in your Mouth. Spiders boiled n ridapfdora1 baked. Large Dulk Soufl a Cuba soaked in molasses. Pickled flies rolled in hour and Cracker or Niubo and Fried on a hot Riddle. Largo Blu flies Fried in cot then there were stewed baked bit la. Dried Moths pickled potato bugs and Many other to Bunga. After upper dancing and san gang occupied thu time the party broke just two minutes a brei Seconda and a half Bosforo Daybreak All went away declaring to mrs. Tejo soy that they had u very enjoyable evening Ami that acc had a Beautiful a Ujah Querni e Weih. Crary Bros hardware bicycles Columbia Ramblers Cresents. Tornblom drugs chemicals paints and Wall paper. The compounding of physical is prescriptions a specially. 823 Story st Halliday Gall in runs one of the. Best restaurants in the City. 5th Ward bronc Iowa. W. co. Arc kill supplying Iligir dial Groci rfcs a 5th Ward Boone Iowa. W. Melleky is the place to go if Yon want pure drugs and medicines Praim Tieu Cut Cluj 5th Ward Boone Iowa. The Boone county Bank. Solicits your Bam account and Sells Good anywhere for less Money than you have been pay ing for express orders and o. Or Ders. Children cry for Pitcher s Caa Torla

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