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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 8

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaI have used Royal baking powder and find it gives the Best results. Boose la. Boone la., May 26, 1895. I have tried of baking powders but 1 find there the Royal the most satisfactory baking powder always Weirig sure of its Good results. Rift is none equal to the Royal i i no glad to give a testimonial in favor of the Royal baking powder. In All kinds of biscuits dumplings and cakes it never fails it _ have used Royal baking powder . Have never found its equal. Boons la. The Royal baking powder which i use is in my Esti mation better than All others. I take Pride in recommending tie Royal baking pow. Der i consider the Royal baking powder to be the most satisfactory of any baking powder on the Market. Will Hoone la., May 25. My experience As housekeeper for a Riu Berlof years i Jcj being sur la. I have used Royal baking powder , jul Tan say i think it Superior. To Ili other baking Many of my friends think so too May 25, 95. Have used Varieur. Kinits of baking powders and can rec onion and the Royal is the i have used. Boone la. Bor no la., May 1895. I never use jul us Royal baking powder for raising biscuit cake muffins Etc. Boon-f., la., May auth 95. I have used Royal baking powder exclusively for some years and am pleased to recommend it. 1 use the Royal in preference to any and think there is none so Brood. I am using Royal baking powder and find it entirely satisfactory. Iowa May Boone Iowa. After trying other brands i have now used Royal Bale to my varied experience As housekeeper i have used the ing powder . Prefer it to All others have tried. Royal baking powder and no matter what else fails 1 we always ask for the Royal baking powder As we con. Am always sure the Royal will prove equal to the occasion. Sider it the Best Boone la. Us held celery group. 1 Pluto my lit talc spoon of flour Tablespoon of Butler several stalks or celery a Small slice of onion a Little Nutmeg. Boll Cilery id a i int or Vontor no out m minutes. Boll milk onion and flour 10 minutes Ranah celery in its water and stir into Ruso boiling milk add wait and Pepper to taste Strain and Servo at once add n cup of whipped Cream Tomato four. 1 quart of milk 1 cup of tomatoes. Holt and Strain tie tomatoes and it Teaspoon soda. Lot Tho my Lac come to a Boll add tomatoes Salt Pepper and i motor. add i cup of hot Critani. Tik with two crusts. Juice and grated Rind of 1 Lemon 1 Tea cupful sugar 2 Egge 1 Teny Poon butter 1 Tea spoonful corp starch 1 cupful Sweet milk. Heat Loniro and Ogga to Gether Lor "10 Nash Tea rub tie butter Aad Corn starch mix thoroughly with other ingredients add Tho milk stir until Well a cd. Pour into a deep Pic pan lined with paste and cover with a top crust wet the of the pm Isle and press tightly together. Hake quickly. Miss. Jas. , Imori w Rhead. Z cups of sour milk 1 cup molasses cup warm water 1 egg beat just a Little 2 cupa of Rye meal Well mixed scup of Corn i Large Teaspoon Coda u i solved in warm water. Steam at least of hours. If you choose put in about i Teaspoon Salt. Mits. I it. Do Kino i cup Sweet Illk boiled 1 spoon butter 1 Tablespoon sugar l cup of yeast taken from your sponge prepare Al for Ireail. In the morning when the. Milk is Cool enough add flour to make a thin then set to Ralso when Light mix a Tiff hut not a Stift a for rats no san u and in pc out into Long Rolls with Tho hand 3. Nutter them so they win not stick together place close together in Long tins when Light bake 35 minutes in a moderate Oval. This portion will make two dozen Rolls him Jas b Hatty. A Vert vice . Tak Cono or More slices of tomatoes 3 slices of Cucumber a thin Ilice of onion arrange these on lettuce leaves on plates. Over Thea a bed All Quantity of salad dressing and serve ice cold with salted wafers mrs. Green Corn i at tied. Tuke i plump Oara of Corn split the Kratona Dowa the rows scrape but the Corn. To Thea amount take one egg one Tablespoon a Hulk enough to Wake a thick Batter add Salt and jeep per to taste. Fry in butter in a frying pan. One spoonful Lor a Pat tie cooked turn. They should to a Nice Brown when done and Are indeed Dol Cloua. Mrs. H. D. Udall. Veal . Turate j a much bread As you have cooked veal chopped Fine moisten with warm Rauk. Season with Salt and Pepper juice and grated Ruml of Odo or two Lemons As taste dictates. The fun arid tlire5 or four Tablespoons Cream. Mix and make into Oblong shapes dip in beaten egg Roll in Cracker Crumb and Fry As mus. Mccone. Ool Dex Cream. 1 quart of milk e to a boil then add. F cup sugar Yolks of 5 2 Tablespoons of tour All beaten to Gether let thes scald until thick and a Jomn Mould. Beat Tho Whites of the 5 add sugar to taste flavor to taste spread on custard and act in oven until a Light. Brown. Mlls. L. To. , Eagle Wool Iii. Dark Jake. 2 of Baler g chocolate j cup Illk i table spoon or butter Yolk of one heat to Lac put in mlle chocolate and butter and sol t Over the Tea Jet tic stir until it thicken a set off and make the other part one cup j cup of it Lac 1 Tea spoonful of soda dissolved in milk. Ada the other mixture and stir then add 1 cups of flour with -1 Teaspoon Bak ing pow ilor. Vanilla Flavouring. Rare to two layers and Lay up with White icing. Khiuit salad. L Box of Cox gelatine disco Vul in 1 pint topic water. After it is dissolved add 1 it. Hot in tar and As much granulated sugar a you have water namely Ujj qty. Doll this till it la like Jully and Pon Over the fruit wet Tho dish before putting in fruit a that it will not stick to Boa idea of the dish. I use three oranges Cut id bits and seed removed and a few Green grapes Foi this amount a few and old cherries Adda to Tho appearance. Make it the Day before using. 1 Fanny Mun Airi jog the list of illustrated lectures to be Given at this Aumi curare two of Especial in one by w. L. Davidson on Tho Otberg the passion play at Over Antinor Gan by one who saw the novel is a to Dirtad form of the Boone s dramatic girls seem to Kab since their Siw the Tjie one no gel Only for which it was booked showed an unwarranted modesty of their part when we consider Tho laurels won. Perhaps they Are Only waiting for the greek play craze to strike the town. How would one. Be for the opening of the new opera House.? Fanny Davenport and her husband Melbourn Mcdowell Are to spend Belr vacation at their Beautiful sum Mer residence at South do Bury mass. Or. Co own a is very fond of yachting and is end to be one of the Best sailors on the new Englmar coast it is said that Sara Bernhardt has a faculty Tor gathering around Lier folic of the baud Soest men on tie French stage. Henry irvings Host of friends and admires Are More than Happy at Tim thought of hts coming Knighthood. The Honor Liat Dalil Garrick and Charles Kean could not attain a has been practically torus upon Irving. Me being too modest a Man to seek it himself mrs. Langtry-s1 Hobby is Flo horses 9hol3niore Cathu Lastic Over her Well filled Shibles than she to about her gowns. Pretty Cissy Fitzgerald who has Blanc Cherway into Tho hearts of a Largo number of new yorkers11 has nine Brothers who never speak to her Boca Boot Ber profession. A question was been raised As t whether to Hare a great api Calcai actor. Id answer Joseph it Tell As being great As an Ictor Alsina a Man. Iia11 the world s a stage and Al the men Anil women they Hava their exit and their entrances a and Are men in rats Tom plays tiny parts. Jig acid Leveo the at Lilly of Teller or a Story which is the province of Tho novelist and the faculty of representing it ii action upon the stage which Tai successful Rundt not usually la hand and it 1 Seldom that the two faculties fal r.17 is i to Coos Coffee fruit Nice cakes Cut Lela Fried potato a fresh Toast cookies Tomato soup Toast he of baked fish new potatoes Green peas Corn sliced pickles new. Onions ave Ltd and Brown bread pie cheese. Strawberries whipped Treharn Tea 7 Coffee Suiter. Potato chips Tot Roli cold Hon garnished with hard Bolleri jigs veal croquet to olives salted almonds Sweet poach pm Clarles cubic icon salad wafers crated cheese berries Cretaro or co Cream fruit Rel a Angels food Darla chocolate cake Tea Coffee Cocoa fun Catlyne of Blammo cars in the Ity All prices. Tohn Jilom a the Model Nursery will make special lard time prices n Nursery Stock of All kinds for Tho next fifteen Days. 16tf j. S. Fair Dilky prop our Public Schonis. A promising sign of lilo times1 is Tho interest to Ken in our a Lions. Trio people Stem to fed to Leif own connection with Sheso schools incl to Mark closely Prog Ress or retrogression. For so to. Reason Elliis int Rostis Vocu get Utor in women than in men. Most of Tho teachers arc is of non inanj1. Women of the com i mini by Honvo Hud As teachers n re tax pay firs Hoy arc brought info closer Coit Jill with Tho children and Chin Sec More easily the of lion incl. Sthool Jiff. Thoro Foro woman s Puper cannot pass Tomuo the Fidi ools of the town. Or Rico pointed a Finger of rid tunic it the Joast of Newny towns 3 Honvo schools i the n my charge re that Trio Uljua s Pride incl Tho undue com by which cause Thea boast Lead people to Overlook real faults in Tho schools and to fail to for. Flicia . Perhaps such Clinin without Proir foundation would not Hen Good this claim hns been a null for Roone. Can she Sikit Niu it what id the test of a Good school same which should c applied to workshop Trio Quality of inc work turned out. Due must study the pupils who Lave been through the f mining tint discipline of he course Honn commend or condemn it. He who should judge from per Ial civic once from isolated cases or a wrong premise must judge wrongly. Show work Loo often flip Eye Anil darkens the my creaking. Hoo no i judged on their Mcwils. A cramps i May pardoned if or purposes of contrast i quote Judy from a history prepared for to dedication of the Bryant build no. Bronc s first school was Clil in Lite old town Wei arc in 856, Tho old White Sthool House in razed by Ihu citizcus.1 in the summer of 18g5 air. Duvid Lutz built a House seventh st roof Mon min incl therein taught the first bal tool in this Liis however wag n priv to . Ijo Orio District was org Nizol in Isgo. On december 10 of that year the Hoard organized and elect we Washington Ford to Tench a school for three months commencing on the 17th Day of december i8ug, to to furnish his own school room and his own fuel at n month.1 in 18c7, Tho president was instructed to hire mrs. Hum month and miss in attic Schoonover these were Tho first school Mavis o Toone be their memory Green in 1sc8 our schools pm braced n four room school House furnished with Home made Dosky and Scuta four to Accra Ami fewer than four Hundred pupils. In 1805 to have Zovod buil Liuga thirty eight rooms in daily use forty to Zachurs and Over pupils. In pcs Tho Hugli school was or. Goltl Ivailo was in charge amiss Bush mrs. E. E. First Nisei stunt. Sixteen and thirty five girls numbered to whole. In 1804-5, forty seven and seventy two girls were trolled in the High school. It my to Well to Call fun tuition to Tho fact that in spite of the cry hint Tho i Ayrf won t stay in school the Jar Centof Iwyan in 0 higher than in 1sg8-0. Our Nowc st Inri dings arc models of conc Ienco and just sources of Pride to Lam i futons. Tho a Liard Ijes in gely Coin of Broad minded men who Ivo hold heir office a u Trust and have Dischn Rcd its duties Foilb fully Ulicy have provided nil Fri cd lilies possible with who Means it command and have fully sustained Tiro in their work. Tho Trio fairly workers build cd Well. Ali of r of Imant Ion was Broad in d Tocop Anil Strong upon it to Tiro building a fair City schools Havo Imkje blessed with Good superintendents each of these helped by Tho Good work of his predecessor hns been Nolc. To hot r Lintio higher. Tho present superintendent took Churgo in Sefc mawr 1s8g. Ilig Long null skillful Mumi Gemont sup dior cd by Tho faithful incl a joins teachers hns Boon of Incesti Moblo to Trio schools. Boon a schools no in school circles us near Tho their Pinna incl methods Are pm vol by Ninny Phirba their to Cecli Era arc envied by choir bisters their pupils fire Doyo Louig into Nien of Clurn Clur who will Holp to Dinovo this old Woritt Alonjo. But to Honvo not yet perfect Ion Hugo Nowls. We need Relief from Trio Over crowding of who primary rooms to in xxx a new High school Liu Ilc a ing we need hotter accommodations for Tho Belfit Sci tool Lilian by. In Tho stale we Oneeil Nisi is Stu Ciul teachers we need woman s vote in school elections. To cod uni Liolion on the part of Tench ref and n spirit of Charity nut nil Gool will which a Jill Imiah ill a Alico incl Oval speaking to need Trio Werni sympathy Ami car Nicit of he parents in on of torts to do our jest for the children Licet to remember that school and Homo and City arc mutually dependent incl. That to Insko Luil we Isle them to will Tonkon Long Mil n Strong pull and n Pill nil Octher. 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