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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 1

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaCoufol Republican. Boone Iowa wednesday june 12, 1895. A u flt publican printing co t a apr West of the ii j staff. Ibitz k Iken if. In Stevens. Landor. Civil Jinn in. Yeulin Juton fell or i Ann i a t y. Mcew in. Uri. Dyer mrs. Lira. My. Mra. N. Cant la Jill in win act Auak Multi with this Issue the rns if dons Fasini doable attire Spring Salt and comes it9 in Bali won . Owlet its readers to nod i 11 name is tie greatest of institutions. Booko Monjay club. Mhz. J. It. Crary. Ten years this coming oct. Few ladle Mot and organizes Oahu Reading Circle. Ladled wore mrs. P. S. Lilbabe . Olar oars . Watt Wibb miss mar Mason mrs. A. J. Ilo Moa Ami Oil ers. Tha number was increased to after finishing Tho four year Oahu Taniqua course Trie class thirsted for knowledge and Organiza edit the fall of 80 As the Boon Ilon Risy with mrs. P. President . Andrews v. Mrs hear Sec y and treas. Mrs. J. R ovary and mis. Deering critics which stall Lias remained Tho same with the addition of mrs. Rocc As correspond ing Sec y and the changing of the critics. Mia. M. 3. Crazy and mrs. L. W the Iiams Vieng the present critics i maj arson furnishes Tho motto o the club we arc equally ser redb receiving and imparting.1 the avow object of the club is Mutual in intellectual Advance its present Ninaber limit is twelve Are Etc to Cal by one a preventing election. The Ira on the list of applications being tin Flat voted on from s Mott he study Wuh English i Story nil literature Totsc Middle the eighteenth Century and 93, uie study was american Hie cry Aud literature. To the e Atno Date Ami year 93 combined and american literature from Tho uld Dlo of the eighteenth Centi iry to to present time. The past year has Wen pc Pton the. History Tritle dutch Bonnet Vohy such fool inc be editor is pc women of Iowne. It Laak Tho uits Priny for it a take one appearance in female garb or Gate it i squid Ono Well be out of world Asvitt of 1 Toon 13 Vonc wish it show that icy stroj Nivoli if uric and utahn to Fli p of f we in n having made Fame and for o lir Selvea to a Jabat purpose it into Tho philanthropic hand of Usu w. . Ii will the Fortuno go May our Fame be in unit Del should the City Council approve unit this Supply allow May re turn to to Lic Clatl of Hoone in watered stocks has been to get As much into food a Sivc As much out of Leta i Ait As we Coull. We atoll nah arc to that policy. To have spied around and found out what sonic ii nolo in Jato no arc doing and As women we Are not expected to veep secrets we n big letters so that the readers May be sure to see it. Various bits of in formation will Kyj found scattered nil Over the st Oral Wel Avo to Deal alike by nil and Trust Hes Public common footer a spirit of Fellowship which us Kwh our neighbor As the a raced car Ami fits work. The land Art i of excellence not ninety in the rarer work is High our ladles a Papora very meritorious in subject hitter composition and expression. A Fca Furt carried out monthly for in jut two Yoars has reciting in locally without notes and by Amlin and addressing who presi Anta incl the minus ii. The Many Milf cult Les encountered at the i Gin ing Havo been for the part critics each Kiaie finder their work less Sovero him before o in lilies improving in Cusil of speech and bearing Strom friendships have in cemented by years of concerted Andy. The social Tea turds arc very enjoy Able consisting of a monthly ten at the Home of one of the members to which Aro sometimes invited the Hus other Fri us and ally a sister club accepts our hos plan Lity. A Wilpas int feature of the past year was n Reading Liy Natii f Sill of tie state University on Tho Madonnas on which occasion Bovent live lad Les were present fat Tho Cohn Binn Chib Parlours. Tit Lowell Clit i this club Lias Chis cd nine a firs. Nic until 3801, when the chju3tao.ua Stork was commenced did it take its present none. We followed closely Theo. Us. K. Outlines inc Luil in the three year s co disc in Art and Archt Tucture which commenced with the greek. Our work mils year in Renaissance and modern Art. We i ave it live till through he various cathedrals and palaces of the old world admiring the architecture Ami frescoes f f Tho old Mas ters always grand in their conceptions and wonderful in execution. Much interest Haa entered around the Beautiful Madonnas from lotto s on through the Ages showing Tho religious influence which the Vir Gin and Christ child have had upon the Neo Plo of Tho Tiiu a. Through the a icon Ial of this course our minds have Licen broadened new aspirations have teen formed and Many old theories abandoned. This has not Lieen accomplished through the study of books a logic hut As much through the social feature of Tho club when the husbands of these ladles have been brought into touch Ith the club and brushed their wild against their better calves in Clu teas picnics Etc. Two years ago we joined the Sta federation of women s a we arc Sailor i of the Cycle have Bee Able to keep in. Touch with Tho Grea body of thinking i Sywokon. Wit the close of Thia course of stud w do not intend to Eod our. Work to Hope to reach out into larger Fields knowledge to the truth that beyond. The to okie Hanthorne Clib. Airs a. H. Welsh. The Al Jve a rued club is Oto Atn the second year of its sex licence. I was organized for Tho Bollal and Lutei Ary improvement of to members a the study of history literature ant current events. Fourteen were enrolled As charter Moui Beis. The death of our Steenie Choihar kiember mra. A. Of. Bush null Lef one too enlarged by the addition of two Nei members. The work of the club to gins the Lant monday in sept. Closes the second if onday in june the meetings Are held each Monda afternoon from two to five at the i Guiao some one of the members the 6ret year was devoted to the a tidy of French history beginning to b. C. And closing with the Orga Aix Atlon of Tho French Republic ii connection with we studied Tai Ives of noted american and eng Lii authors. The year How closing a to English history and e byte Matloc study of English Litera ure and the pc ram committee consists of the re Mem Era who assign the lesson from week to at w have two papers on English history Airie Papron contemporaneous Freud history a three nit Nuto talk in characters and in Tom and Ine last half Bur is devoted n formal talks of current topics. On he Mccond monday of each Mobil to hours a re it ovo cd to pall c Otar act Lee then followed Light re and a social time. The Nic Tybera nil take an Active merest in the work and feel that Imo Lias been not Only pleasantly it profitably spent. We ill 1 look Forward with onto nil uni to Tho time when we shall r Issei Abl in the fall. The . I Uii cur we Hrire Ultra Tine. Id to Hatch lid Milter trill give it ii j re sure Ltd our la May to our last or is tilling of Tho . N Day id the hopi lit Ciao tiny of Liy Aason work Aryl Ikwild in nov acc frill he the re Gill Way. St in presidents Hivo native if to non to Neil and hc.1c. K. U. Ine Ore thai i of Len. In iwo 1 of g lilt Ulfo Uio Iiri i in Cicil our in Hilt Iii Nike one year and that nil pro very Trio of Cors then Wece in turn. All spree log int. Fur 11.to new elms to d mrs. mum Rojc col Ontl ill Story Blini i air Tho hic Sorour hut nah Rio Mil. J. Terr and i Ai Noil cd Iotch nil Point with Triton he st Clint Egypt ific1 then led talk Way Ann thai we Kera Klad to now i j brine us Down o in Oscar and sirs Mary Nan on to Jinny Lawn Learned will twin nil no doubt Rezou Barco u Hon r we did propose club 4 the one and Raudic Wurum Ftp to Lopo to Ici Provo a in luvs by. Two Date Fincun to the i Eoo Muo and a abort Ulk Given by our p reporte w Ero Given at a batted a Nodi we were glad to h and vacation Ruliff election 11 to our yes Dent for tie Iril Jam. A Cipiti ovary Only . ancient he Torr Wilt to he i in our Liyola there for Ward to whal. To Ink backward Wiit has Bee youth la Tab Proni Iso the ambition Pointe Tbs Finger o. Acute vent spam yer t be he Leta of i Mculty l and Thea wee yourselves not a itt Ieria noir yet a we Hope t j it it ln11 this Light we wish review which Haa be ii organized culy Ince last nov Nibert she can scarcely its fret jink Leeiii lift Lotty of Tho work since. Brant Patlon supplemented by Conye ration upon current the ii ref Tho Day. Tho Holni has been to do what to it Ever ittle rather than Stobo for Peri local work the ett9dd3 have by the reside Ute topic airy a and a variety of text Al Vang Broad views Aad while allowing facts n the main. Topics Havo been fore Lut written simply from Ottil the the i he talks Beloff followed by Ion a thai. Ciuba Hubli met Overy two wee Kambui Overy Honda tiring the w will con Niue the Bruiy brer Kyligh history u ring the a pro Rani of the work the Nitro year Etc Ninga Havo been spent. Thebe Abououf 1g04-05 closed a 2uaudthouub adjourned to Sci in Novom Bor. If one Purll Armenui or club. Pc or some Tomca wait had been it i Oono f or a few also and logic und a few Youn idles and to Numen sought to u Lilb vacancy by Tho organi Wilton the Boone parliamentary club society which Bullowa Ltd members debate no any us Hoot fro i Tho we Lher to of thu us Day a society of eau i hrs in every i Artl Cirilar. The Clu naga till in , wit Liemb Cerf the Long limited to sixteen d jarring from . Tbs Niqo hers commenced with the stud of Roberts aft icy had been mastered by Many notion and to a decl Del to take up a bourse in Gencen iter turn. The talk and Jat ii Welch Are Given arc worthy a Merson a a Lormore or a Well at socially Thoy Maitle in Colca and recept Lood b Saidea the inches prepared by Tho lady Mem Refl on the regular meeting nights n an educational Lino it Haa Bee Muoio than a Sucee Saj a is Demontri j de by the by son f the members with Roberta Rule f order. Wife la help Thoy e wet to rival a Tho unit tales senator the the limited to four Een Active Rem Turvand to w Joeaas w. D 11. Saaf Oij. A Sellera e. E the Lipsun o chs j. R. Whitaker Scott Tritth Murray. Tho for the coming year arcs mrs. W. R.4. 0. A Wells Carpenter treas. Itic . J. A. S i Gaoler. pros. Jec a mra. T. Wirs. T. E. Garrett he act id a Idle s shia Kemptar of Onop. Mh3. Xiv. C. Ill Koenman. One of tic Moat popular clubs of City is the Young ladles Spear h it. By mrs. S. L. Crum Pas Rof Tho universalist Church. It a Twenty live of Boone 9 treat Young Ladica who Kean Active interest in the club Ork. The name of the club la aug Estivo of work. To Fordt year As devoted to the study of shakes life and a thorough study of tie merchant of venice1 and lightly King up Midsummer night s the past year was spent entirely on the play of log bomb excellent work on that a. Luli tins enjoyed a num Trof social events notably the Cal of the birthday of sir Ilsc Siar. On lift of one spread in gentleman friends were invited. To club meetings Are held every onday evening from oct. to of Overy year. J the try Imp thud club was in by 10 Young ladles of tic one for a circa on and improvement. In the game of Hist. Tho club it first comr Ristol fitly two members but the number now limited in Twenty four. The a it or Licurs were mf53 Stevon or president Ami Hiss Raynard treasurer. During the second sea n Tieso were held by mass org Liln ill has Anil jris3 Carpenter id the same Havo been re cited for the coming year. Meet s Havo Licen held once a week Dur thew Linler adjourn Fng in april r the Winter months. The order things has been varied the past into Uia meeting in each month to biome form of Minu semen. Her than Wohlfit. Committee Al Iverc Torr any for thao enter i Monta and Rome very delightful wr3, 1 this Circle was organized in the fall of 1392 under the auspice of the Muae Clio who piloted the members through three years of regu Marchau Taurua work and encourages them to u Marta to the fourth. The number enrolled has varied from eight to twelve ladle ii and gentlemen they have round the work in Joab As Well As profitable. Their stimuli to study Bas been Hae Olim ii int no Sec land of the Midnight Sun. A Cool evening in Midsummer flail at hit eighty guests at in hot in of the hot i Ata it , Trio Anclien _ Ril of majority Aro la Iii Ore b f the Sti Init Iii step on of Fiorei n mid from he Yorlli a soil oin lion door not a is in of vigorous discussion on nil sides. On a returning says it s Protty food holler another declares i would t have missed it for Llie Vrvilo it third reports three Lions in Allied went Jer Sun Nason by a Luilus Mil Suomi Rohi winds Flor Iro Ulicy ill the Captain to Mcc Bont Suici return which he duos.1 however on the afternoon of july 4 i pry quiet in Aii Gurican fourth Steamer Kuung in Rule is lying n us her Tor to ref Teiva Lier Pas in Naos which soon begin to arrive. La 0 m., All in , Roni hid or milk ii we inf Kiick turns mrs Hward. Wysnt Vork by in this min he arc on Board there Cru Lihty Sorn. Passon Gors americans while the Lump air arc train Germany Iteli ranch. Anitria i Ungury in shia. Nor Vay Sweden. A Cimoric England Milia ii Africa. Hero is n in for s wife Whoso kindly fico 1s a a loomed by Cut Myotie gentlemen and. Wife of new York very Illy for four c ii Raj not even or our world s fair the Mici ill d gentleman from Moscow who in Rovics to beautifully Cut Tjie , Inch to the delt Gejl of his hearers to merry Xci in glance Jurls and id soon prove to Avoir pcs. Then there is lie Bri Lii Joy from Wihla Post i Uvo Young Rui from it. Petersburg Good Story Ellera who had enough unc Ojik i Ter Ionics to fill a. Book Ilia clip Ray no Hijii of Nho press Over Wii never in fun is Fotna on the Scitern o Norway no. 24. Presently a pretty peasant girl a in skill bodice right apron frilled Cap hang ing id Long flails and offers Tuin Belvra of warm milk Anil Freais berries which prove refreshing. This Mountain has a natural Tunnel 300 cot across and 409 feet above Iho it Turt be seen smut Blue Taku itt Lirhart of can scr of Billls arc glad 1-Inmgh to rest Ciu Uyon deck anxiously los Loding for the Gong which shall announce for the bracing and Eti Soudors keen tit ifi7.y life on. Slowly Pap lag Tho Jcck Ayala retch eur Oul Inaten Raer Chalise to the Chin in jul but resembling 4 Lino of tin Tinmu 9, nil univ so much alike. We r Inream by some it thu Atid ref jul or Kllc or Chat most of the Tiniou to . Alter several Daja steaming Boul a line of Lyli Funky chefs come Titu View one of which peculiarly is Salkil there Ial Gouid. Tivit h Ilbe of giants once Liv cil Here who never Drc a we Nice r from Home a i Cav Niue if it they did not return again oof orc Sunrise they would be tur cd into Stone. This luckless giant loved a Laily pro Vii Salthu so undone us gift pursuing her in hut haste. He shot at her piercing Torg Hatten with his it tar thua ranking thit Tunnel cough t. But having Goao Loo far he Irum lot get Home Buford the Downing rays of he Buu fell him tid so Hort acid were into this Stone. Passing the seven Sisters we arc told that presently the Arctic Circle will e Orossey and Mien in Sec he oct of out Fli Rincy a the Madu Igil nun. That anxiety lest Riidu his face with what do we Crown the deck Lussos near a Riml in Liand. As ii to i Nair the aun Burns Nitro Imd morn Roll Vantly round Ball of fire Llma Consla i Broad Bright. Stream of Rodelish Yold i crowd Ihu Fier find the Snow on the noun gains Glisten while the Ocks Hills valleys with Osy color. A hash and silliness a waiting then just at 12 the n limn on fetid Forth nid Naglit Saluto Citico Cwick i Lirine nil Jiu Echt a go Tiitu the dts c farther end of tin Hont but in an Insull from the Island Rise millions of sea swallows Lith into the air help while wings Suar Klong Leko in sunlight. Again and ayin Are they i titled from their rest but when at hat t Hoy Settle Down upon their Homie the entire Island looks White w arc bulb Ali eur number. the most nor Thorn town in the world in k re Chhit of a Jato with 3.500. Slum 1601 Thoy have the electric Light mid so feel Hullo of tic aun during tic Long two a Mon Hoof continual darkness. Tim Jung Harold has i lie coast Oliree in ind out of Tho fjords not coming out Inlo Ore sea new t to took he Ftp and ban Kn-3 a cold Lovi Over die Tho Viii the to a Allyl Clear awl there inns rough Westher. North is by Gliick act io.-3u, a Binl almost Ujwal Ulreh. is on the Schirn trip salutes Are exchanged and our Anchor troja. There i Halliway leading to Siim Irolli along so seventy it fuel Long nil High Jig seventy five Ion thut had been Uri Lii Eie previous Day. Sle Amera Are no h will n Harpoon with inn Niue which is Algol fro i n Canon entering the Exida of attic Villi a Odds. He is Llu to in the is Fie of by Hie Lull und in Coil factory. The Pron ii inns try of at certain a soils Hen the Fisli come into Tho fjords in eat us of dict is made known Giitl the fishermen by Cable and inc. Swift steamers them d their boats to the spot sometime ills thus Cotini to Gate it the Ramn Nee. One inert Ling Nerly Are landed on exr is there we Rou i ill Kim still High to Ilia upon this Cla Vatikun ii erected a Marl Jle column in to dior of King made the ascent about Twenty ago. The Al party Aprl nge Tow assent this nil Calls out Gael slope on n. Then silently we Wall for the Midnight Lour car Lyle s words come to mind silence Ai of death e for then in thu arc tic Intizar Luj its Clia Raturi i thing tint the granule Cliffs buddy linked Anil him slow in Ocean which and Tho ulmus North the great Bun i rugs Low und Laxy if Loo were slumbering. Iti such Jmc Juls Solitude is Liiva Henle for mid Smicik or by Lori cd upon when be Hind him lies All Europe nud Afcin fast exc put Hie Anil Befi Ite Librn Len silo ii of eternal Oberc our i Iii is lulls at j o clock to life was begun and it com i Fly ii or arms of the sea Iten Illig Inlall these fjords or Ortof sen valleys afford Fine views of Turc in her wildest Cap deep Ediin where glaciers Are in Roc ii of formation frowning rocks the Many waterfalls Invie worn Nio shapes Etc. The first is Al Forg Hytten the sols arc Tywun a find All Luken ashore cd by the genial second mate Olio Ixia Ufi High bounding nr. of Titor tier lie of their norwegian we re soon Over Loose Cloncs Uji in Roii Jih Bible the last Setu y feel by ing very sleep Anil Dif licit of i cent but forty minutes after starting Rcd lick Tod we ranch the of Inetor Pitun we fallen tree trunks. E Short a of Tromson Llic largest town nil of trondhjem Ami quite an ii trading Center. Procure in Jurer tic Carit drs dry Vyvn by s tin it Fri soon in route if a Lapp Camp up the mountains. Though so far North c air is Nikl Anil comfortably farm. Is Soich City wild How is the norwegian 11 her in Rishi dance. The it sign of life is Tjit Blue smoke curl up Over the fir Trees Litkett thu Icin to startle in by our approach Home and after we Ike the of the land. S hut is a. Wig win on jilt i. Piling liar Cugh Hie in is his family on the ground smoking his pipe. Pome Tajc Art Calina of Lycra playing with in Luketi in their learn is and the in Prtrt inc Kcal into Birch bar Era Dies so snugly they can not move. They urts from to Hec is in furs and sub Sist mainly Oji re incl by Rural and milk. They Are curious and crowd so near we Are glad to to Capo into the opt i air. Outside arc cunning Lilloo dogs a Cut Wilwy ure to sell a Well As knives fir i tic., Cut from the of their Deer. Prevailing the chief and Tuo Iii Loren to join us we Furm n group of Toboul Lotty have n taken with the dark Mou Racain Side for a Back ground. They wore sent Down to the ship inter proved . Thu Canon Are re Luys fired on creating the Arctic Circle and no Tach hut Milru a Larne they Rire Kiili Jenny touched off without warning which Inri Elvei stands everybody scurrying to for Irdein Tzegai ii a is i 11 heavy thick tog Sci Lack own lie entire Bluff. Four Mure anti Fol Playa pass Situu Nutly. In the Salon is music on it irk quota acid Vur Lotia games mud the Eye Ever tires of Trio pass Jig Are told Whitt. Amp Conr Williantin its yacht ii Oti to lira to the Ami ii no the enl Vav Togel f ills majesty. The owners of kudu a on for a Voshol Ami Ono Young lady Lias a on Lioard h in Kalapir 3 a Crvick so acc is naturally More than any one but one Day it the mute Ihal he two its prised one Nizio Altur in Tiu night that in Ilia nearly every is Ourng we go ashore for n hour or More to View thu Sun rum a a. Hilltop san Elluitt taking lie ship s Tintong Ami anti Tho boats Ianul rat Ilir to Lack go Micier h Al is called which h about forty Miles Long Ulm Une Foi Irth Widi. Some parts Aro Simir Hilo and others a Dingy Gray . Rent or chrism a pvt st Cumi at thu Aryl their Aru of a Blue by this Lime we Are to the thru has i Flirl Sunn of Iny arts to Vir Hoo consecutive has the Tini Clear. Stay cd deck 111 i and 2 or h o clock la. And a ring a lol More limn four or in limits Ile Eji each and that is , Osl Ful so Vimbor for Rovtar up port Sias bust in can ilk Tanto living Sun to a is will in at truly hem to keep on Tio Wrt to Virgen by Way of Ihu Kinnu dal Ford. A turn Ihu Inu uth of i in int tar nails tie up Fittl. Farther ii Ong Rock y peaks r j so o vary i n g i tights Here begins a Tong no Vitte of n los. They Are uvary w in n Bulow on Julta can w seen it onco. Of in Aru Brond Tor plunge no Faily along numberless Small Cascais Hal break on the rocks and in tar Spray through air. Re Gen is certainly picturesque hrs guilty painted him Isis. Hash out from a wig tracts Anil at the end of the Luc cd 15 it air cloy picture of the dirt cry Anil mountains Lic Yunju. And los Sli Jis very to Mertink such re Chi. Fill Tarn in the form of wraps Milfs Boas in Groat in Rafety Odd receptacles Deli cat by carved and i u n i inc u Ai Licce in Gold or Silver with i lie native Enamul work. Have grown gradually Shorter nights or correspondingly greater length yet Bill we sigh for a Lilter More sleep Anil n Little when no and the Paulc Jarl bound for All de Clare Flint the first two Days at iraqi it font on English soil shall be Ilc voted to land 0 nod. A of

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