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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 5

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaThe run w m Oitt a win. I jum312, 1805. Announcements edit Qiliu head aul Lylial i will be a a lilith Boford ill j in co w a jays in Jujj Cuso. Chit Chat. Sunday the Hijino of mus Vina Tjark in Filoiii. Cunt bling of Mew Trirza. Jilt Otia Tutlo Nrma svii1 vim Hoon a nor tort . My Ley. Of iks Fri Lutcs. Ulm Juss Maine Taii Klym m. A and i in Alt Tiff North i Hilmu Cirii. Knight Ullig in Kiswani Spott Mau. Miss mlle , of ii leu ctr Olio been yes Lhrig it her in Csc of too. Ursoi Ivr. Return b undid a a Oculi Coil tin. Hiss Liuti Pruner Roniel rear Lii. Jill schrai.1 a of in , Al miss Wells from so jux . Atli a month s visit with mrs. A Holcli. Mph did arc spend Iii n Pohs in a Lolkje pm Alp in. Set tvs my Mannii Hosn loft fora visit of Oji it Sidny arrived mrs. 11. Ii. I Irros sirs j. P. Ami Alstor of Lull to. Tidy Hlll Bjk no Tho Mii. Ill Lolla rout in t Forest. 111., where Jum co title years of lick . Will Soalii for Ami cell la. Lwy Nellt Jocina Patty . Of than in a f o City l s in a Tik Illy r Ion will be held at Hie imn Cantor ills. Ilu Aly mul mis. Jus of to sur of is no expected soon. Viii Nir Llie of Tai cd Lyre j. It. Crar i , or w. O. , Ali of. Coins. Hancs o Anil Lucy june we tidings. One it Thia most thur Puidk we Dlugi that Baa occur cd in the bronc was Bourn sized wednesday eve june Trio fifth at the Homo o brides parents or and mrs. A. F Bryant no. Aas Limi Tucei miss it ii Ryant became mrs. Steven Grant Goldt Wutte. The evening a Heau Alful Onet trom without Tho ii too s rays turned every thing to Silver Wethin the had Soto now hot no of or. Arid Irtys. Uryn Newas turned into a Vert lilo Bower of Ilowene the Huuson was with roses and carnations Pink and were Tho pt6vuljing.cojiq.rs, with a setting of ferns Palma. Pink and White roses wore used profusely Smilax hastily Huog with Pink and. White ribbon a from Tho cd nude Hera Aud u Cui Lowa the grate in the Rajni was one mass of i Owers. As the clock struck eight1 l be trl thing party Cut red the parlor to Pic Stra Ioa of Hollaender u wedding March played by miss Mario bibles. The elector Hov. If. W. Jonora Ente Rcd and took a plume in front of Tho Largo window vhf the was Beauty Futy with Smilax ferus and roses. Thes Groonis men or. Stanger Ami Flarry in Yuot then in followed the Groom the Uvalda miss Genic to com atop of Cllnton and a Nauru Kerry owned in Pink mull currying Large bout Potts of prance roses Fps a talc Stanley carry Riff the of a Silver preceded the Bride Wiio was attired in a gown of Wilto drench trim died in Pearl Nice Itric. Her Brns Dola net veil was held in place by a blur word and Pearl Burt Hobirt of the Groom and she carried brides roads. After congratulations and heart Felt wishes were extended to the dark. nolo for work. Railroad _ i we Lector Walling or i Huw Lake. Thil fruit train Rooue snit Miyai 10 w. Over cd it i in Pulkis Wii air Titi j _ Dipti Cecil in l Occo the . J. A. M Eccl Crail cons. Tug in Fiji Havo eos hmm work. E. F. Allen finn in Coa Queior nil wife returned Iota my. O. Trie new or Camii my q to Holty snip Riler Tolpy win Arnld Jubelon. Conductor . 1 a Tyne it n new Happy. Co file the guests were ushered info the Dinning room which was i vision of Beauty where decant re fresh in cots were served. About forty guests were or. Lori my. Goldt Walto left on Tho eleven o clock train amid show Era of race and Good for Choc Ayo and Man Iliili. Ohio and will Wellington d. 0., Phil Ladelthia and new York. They will be at biome on East Lino str cot after july Eliza was born in . September ii 1818 died Juno .8, 1835, at her Home in Larcy aged 76 years 8 months acid 90days. Eliza Hod Fres was inn Rierl to 2. A me Call sept. Stith 1s39, Ingree Vipo Teho. Tails Young couple desiring to Nikko for themselves a Homo Georgia where they lived about one year. Krom Georgia they univ ill to Ottumwa Iowa from Ottumwa Tucy came to Tho present residence in the Winter of 1819." mrs. went to California journeying to Ltd or on no remained away seven years leaving mrs. Macall with six children to care for. At the of the War or. Me Cill Enlin led in co. P.-32 r of. A. Vol. He died in Arkansas oct. 15, 8c.-j. Mrs. Me Call leaves four children to Nici urn the loss of a kind Loving so Rislaa Mother mrs. Catherine get Xuxin now n Europe mrs. Ellen Goetzman a Lellam d. Me Call and cd arcs j. Mccall three children having died irs. Jeulle Lucy a Jill it 186.1, mrs. Annette m. Ger Nicl july 3, j373 j. to Call May i j802. A a Jolo a cuban. A Pioneer Mother a gone 6a before. She Laboured for lick children her Home mud her coun try. Our land Owea much to such Waryu hearted Belf sacrificing mothers give her of the fruits her hand und let her works at the Tate. Livery person wanting Spe Tacic i can have Tho Reyes de at a. A cd handler. Very Buscc Soful. Ica Cream Sola was held at hops Corner o Tafua and Sixte Ehin streets Ori Las Friday was a Larj attendance and it waa a Success both financially and socially in Counce lion with Tho. Social was a fair table which bad been Prev Zarwi by the Mem Bers of Hasa Maud class the proceeds of were to tie used with the Jill Drew s for Wilch Day a Anc Ciul program Hac Len prepared. The rest of tie fund la to he devoted to the painting of the building. Some Bright woman is about to Start a now society to be called Hie society for the sup Aslon of the Lilg f All sizes in carried it Stock any lib plate Glass on Short d. Inok Soll. All sizes in carried in Stock. Any size in a Jointe Glass on Short Ino Kesoli. The Many o. A. Cauler wore delighted to see blk return with rec med health Frodo his win Terio Trio sunny South. His the Salt water during his Endiso of 110 Days were varied but thoroughly enjoyable. He by Way of lodf., again. All the main routes to seem to Lead him through that City. Thy j sleepy Eyo dream flour i the beat Only by h too it do paper of the past nor into spasms to thrown hut we will show you Foru Al Rafetto last that woman can hold her own. H the Coni lug woman on leu Rand Hill that brought no. 8 to a stand still. Do Crick thought she meant Fiu Clde jul Ward said Sli Ojust wanted a ride. A Flo Linoff 1 Cru Iota. All Tho new doors it . All sizes in window a Plasa carried in Stock. Any in plate Glass on abort p. . Buy a copy Eye hour it is the Best in the world. For Salu Only by ii. It. Flenning Rojo Cluj Over any was observed last morning at the Preshy Tsuilan Church by an illustrated ser non for the children he Jastor and a con Ccarthy in the evening. One pleasing feature of the cd Corl was a Soni by miss Iva Moore sister of f. R Moore flit roof Tho adv Cato. Although but a child Iva Posic sea u voice of wonder fill and Compass. Thoc Mich was beautifully decorated with flow ers Anil of Birds. At t the methodist Church Tho Sermon and of the sacrament by or. Occupied the morning hour. It Tho afternoon there was a baptismal for children. Tho concert which Una to have been in the coing was until next Sabbath evening june Tai on account of the weather. At the Baptist Church Hev Harlall delivered a very eloquent discourse in Tho morning to Tho Odd i who attended in n body. The evening was devoted to the Alldren. At Tho afr inn m. K. Church an interesting Iro Turnm was cat Ricu but ind in nearly All the .cburche.1 the Day was observed in an appropriate manner. . Whirr in Garston Coon Liap lds and two children and judge arid mrs. Iri Rulman will leave soon fora trip through Tho West. My. Gorst will spend Hummer with mrs. Mcmillan no fair Huron. First. Or. Riihl my. J. E. Staley and family will Leavo soon for Kansas City they will make their future Home. Grace Tucker leaves nest Mon Rolny fur and relatives in Wisco Ushi. Mrs. George Puckley is spending q be with her lathe 9, mrs. Scott w. Wunhui will leave Thea week for Des Moines where they expected to or wed he summer with Salfu. Smiths parents. Miss Harriot Kenyon is visiting miss Lucy canal Clile for a few Days. Miss Kenyon has jul at Al nig Hod a very successful year As of culture to d elocution in Campbell University Floita Kan Sas. Alta Olmsted left Friday for a visit in Cedar ranks and Chicago. Mrs. J. T. Nelson returned Froid a visit in Pilot Mound saturday. Ito. N. In Eckstr or Olasion Church Laon Alius Nuss Trepto Minneapolis. Llev. Pamp of covenant Church resigned his position and return to his Home in Chicago Niter attending Coa Francc at Minneapolis or. C. A. Nyburg is tin the Nick hat. There la quite a Ripple of curiosity on the Placid North Side Over tie expected wedding of n Young and a Young gentleman of Ortli Story Street. Both Are to in wedded Hutton Otwal each other. Howls a. V. Miller merchant tailor suits made in latest Stylos. Kit and workmanship guaranteed. Call and see us for hard Ali Una prices. Go a Story Black co. Have the finest Stock of carriages and buggies Ever Brou Glit to the the progressive ladies of Boone cull on mrs. S. A for stylish Aud Well i letting gowns. Parlours Over Mack s Han lure on or. Johnny Wells on Joseil a Short visit from his brother and wife w. It. Wells of Cleveland o. Will Vandoran and i Zirul Manro keeping Lii Cholor s Hall it Trio Hypio of mra. Weedoll. They will receive their friends hero this summer in fit Earl of room no ii. My. T. To Savige and son fun Lwort returned from Chicago yesterday where they vis Teil fora Days Frith a in Musof 3330 was Sec Urcil on the last Issue of thirdly Bonds Las t week. If Nur Bonds would bring the same Premium some would be on the Market at once. The Call for the county convention is out. And the simmer ing political pot Iggins to boil. Wear pleased to learn that the Hon. C. J. A. Ert Caon Ilia secured the Seymour property Corner of -1th and streets and into urls to Burlil a Tine residence in the near future mrs. Ija Rbra Lam Janer will represent i vate Nety Temple no. 23 in the grand Temple of Rathbone slaters which meets at Clardl Mohown inc second week in Anil sgt. Everywhere to Hac Elk toilet preparations Moapa solid extracts and etc., with exclusive territory. Write at once or apply to mrs. K. A. I Rentt Northwestern hotel noon. for. Cd orc i Rooka la the accommodating drayman of the town. T. J. Ski Iimori has bought a h. Anderson s House on a Lgth Street and will move into it Tho last of the month mrs. T. A Means leaves for Dan Ville ind., i Rudaj where she will make an extended visit. Pianos mid organs at bargains. K. K. Chandler is making n special Low Price on piano and organs before Morlong to the now location. Instrument new jul easy payments. The Public of Doon As. It now stands is an out myth of woman s work. An informal meeting of the ladies of Hoo no was held in the m. A Church sent Zuj its object was to consider this opening of a l ree heading it oui in booze. A society organi7ed then and there Piliceri Worb elected and a committee appointed to solicit donations of Money from the business Hurh of the City. The response was prompt and Liberal. Tho Lautus abbe i to Biru and furnish a room secure thu services of a. Janitor1 subscribe for Lnch and newspapers and to open tie door to the Public oct. A in their efforts the Adas wore materially Tho editors of bronc in commending the enter prise mid by their jux Oral donations of rending matter. The Elwne read ing Boot i association As the society was called determined to open a tub lie Library in connection with Tho Reading Boom and with this end in View six months later became a corporate body and was known As the up hic Library association of Boon o. Were solicited entertainments Given and everything Dono to make u Success of Tho heading a Luoma and to Advance the cause of the Library four years the ladles car find on Tho work occasionally receiving Aid from the Public in i8so the City agreeing to raise a tax for the continuance and support of Tho Library the ladles who had originated and carried on Tho Enterprise donated the Reading matter and other i tort a to Tho City authorities by a lion the score of its has he ii greatly enlarged. Pakiao. Butus a Young anti in Pur City a few Days Fiance meeting three Little boys who Are Brothers remarked to them Are they All Little boys up at your the second boy at once replied we a All boys cent this baby an1 null be. A boy when to grows up last saturday evening i rank Ole Stin living thirteen Milts North of town broke half Collar sine while wrestling a Iloo tar who chanced to be id thy get it for him Ana he is now doing Well. Shoo run do not appreciate the Trilby Stylo of foot Wear in fact in it were to adopted it wild ruin the shoe Rule. A new origin of species. The we Luis of the Standard is Noth ing if not scientific. His article on the late red Don of the new Reservoir is very instructive. How would have danced for Joy to have found a species of Snail producing a j it is bad enough have pics and jugs i n Tho but. Don t accuse us of raising Art Anuial to herein which transgresses evolution. Y Sweet Trio new per fume at i Akk Solts. Use Domestic. Lacavo Onderd for Lee Cream at myer a fruit House. When you want stationery or motions you. Will Fluri just what you eclat Mhz. A. Gittons Foch Ward Llono Iowa. Or. U. W. Unnita Tho Fob Iii Ifilio paving Brick wears a to for a Quarter a mlle for Story a treat from m on the North to Union a treat on the South is to to paved. This is As it should be. Pray lot s have smooth Long done with our resent Orcsi mrcos that we can and let those who come after in do Kelso. Nothing conducts so much to Good Ciperas Good roads Good walks and gentlemen of the Council lot the Good work go on. Ladles Black Ami Anjuli etts Good and cheap at Garrett Hiatt s. Hose supporters at it. Ike. This week we offer i special line of children s and misses Hose supporters at the unheard of Low Price a pair. These goods Are made of Good Lisle thread webbing with latest improved fastenings and an guaranteed first class in every respect., try a pair. N. M. Crawford 8z1 Story Street Boome Iowa. Domestic soap is pure flier fore the Best. R Al Cuiry Watteny Trio renowned editor orator in Tho col Icke at a pics on Friday Juno Al a s p. M. On the subject Money and this is rare Opportunity ror do Ono people to hear Iho famous Kentuck Nin. Tickets can to secured at Lycra Poole store Price soc. Honry Watt Ewon Coj Leyo Chapel Friday Juno 11. Morals is the subject of Henry Watterson e lecture at Tho c Chapel Ames next Friday at. 8 m. Boone people can go am return at convenient time on Wratny. Reduced rates can to Octal cd. St cure tickets at a yrs Liobov Storo Price soc. Last special offer for this season in House furnishings we will give for this week a special Dis count of 10 per cent on Ali carpets matting lace curtains porters rugs this is the last offer for this season. J. My or and mrs. Will of Ontario spent wednesday of last Wook with s. R Mcd incl and family. Sam Modance Lii oved last week from sixth St. To Iho Corner of 4thand Green St. In mrs. M. L. Wes tons properly. We discovered Loo late Bow an editor Ean take Comfort brother in Ornsten the picture and right across from our try Sweet Chimes fumes at . Tho new per mass Angle sinter will spend the summer in Erie a j with miss Charlott Migd Otzman is visiting her sister in Chicago. Or. And 5trs. Ivill Crooks i Avo soon fora trip through Washington Ore Fon Annii Oal Fornin. Cards Are out announcing the marriage of miss i ankle Archer one of Tho late Leao huk in the Franklin building at her Home in Waverly on june-38tb, to or. Of new Hampton. Cards Are out announcing the wed Ding of or. O. C. Turnqu Eaton i can. And Bliss Myza of it conc. The wedding to Tilte at the m. E. A Torch at o clock p. M. On wed it slav eve june 19th. The was formally with a w. Starr Cut the v Infa it d soft Solo Julious anti b n t to n shoes in great variety of colors at hand at. F Mccune Stocco. Ills Anna Goss stenographer for superintendent a Wallenbeck loaves next monday fora Throe months trip to san Francisco and i us Denn Gal miss Kenn Nichols of Milwaukee a Cousin of Mesa go Sola Bera to take her Thieu Nimr. Pc your hosiery underwear Eltta kid fluxes ribbons arid ladies i or Nib link s it it i e Ken beige s. G. F. Miller s son Fred while play ing near Lis Home lust saturday Fel on a pile of Brick and broke several of . Although painful hid injuries Are not considered serious. Up but we arc Selling shoes As Low an Ever Cantor Bros. Herman summer corsets from up at a Stilt to suit you. If you Are going to lie married go ing to a party going visiting or going to slay at Home you find that mrs. Levy South Story St., will suit you in style lit and general Al acct. None a Ietter or More in the City of bronc. 2oo Fine fun from Ric. To 92.00 it Joseph j. Kot Kuckera mrs g. Barrett and children left wednesday night for Illinois. Little a Nib Cornell gave a Delight Ful party to about fourteen of her playmates last thursday. The Man Lolin club furnished music and the collation was served on to Lawn where the tables were beautifully decorated with Flowers. It Smark silk umbrellas Wor at Joseph j. Koh Accra. Sensible people will find sensible bargains at Joseph j. To backers. Ton varieties Ami styles at Garrott and Plait d. Dies Doug Rejis in Lutera at Garrett see the Trilby shoes at Hiatt s largest and finest assortment Tif guitars violins to banjos and accor Rleon at the music store of h Acihl Iii Mallard of Jones. Cirs Pectal prices Turing the a Suluner Ninny is to reduce Stock. Watters the Dyer Corner of 8th and Arden is still at his Post lie does Lino work cleaning clothing a to give. My a Call if you please he will 1 Nus re Yoti Sal is faction. Re Mem Ber he is still at the old stand. I Loon Klank Ito olt co., printers join dvrs a Flat Monera High Grade commercial printing a specially. All kinds of Iii Dong done. Miss Mary teacher in Iho fourth Ward for the last year was married at the Home of her parents i2th, to the Rev. Mckay of Metropolis where he has charge of a flourish aug Lyrian. Church. Have you a right for damages then better Sec lawyer Woodson. Hates on Railroad can be obtained for the wat Lorson lecture at Ames june 14th. Don t miss the Opportunity of bearing this famous Man. Buy Sotir fruit at Myers. It is fresh every morning. Ask you grocer for Domestic soap. Ice Cream and Kranrz d Crown Choco in and Caracas coat jigs at Prater Bro s bakery and con foot Ioury. Improvement in the order of tie Day at Trie . Or. West our Oij Roll blk laundry Man has recently Ltd him an East Ern laundry expert and is Reni Wieling the entire Interior of the laundry Plant a tvs bin a Call. Tic Boone plumbing co., handle Gewe pipe and All Al Rita of ill limit anal will save Yoi i5 cent. Come and try 113. We can also save you on sewer and All kinds of plumbing work 803 St Street Burtone town. . H Arrow a co., have no. Inn a Hirst and Complete Stock of in tuber r lath Ami shingles including Sash Anil doors also sewer and Well tile of till Trent please obtain our prices in Yang elsewhere. A. I Etc son Corner of Atli Ami Story streets. I orc shoeing and a general repairing a specially. Trim mod at greatly Sci iced proct a at Joseph j. Oji saturday evening last tie Fol owing invitation gathered about Nair Little folks at the borne or or. And mrs. Mela to help their Milce Hanoi Rogers celebrate her eighth birthday com join with to in merry play for thud is my birthday. So let a All he Gay and while the Happy Hourt away. Too Kab. Saturday Isas. A Rani 1 to 1 o clock p. we Gary Iho largest in pianos and organs the City cult Aux to w. Jyh. Don t forget that we save you Hortey. Elegant refreshments were vervet o clock and the Little people Ai at 5 the Lead or for cart upset sets miss Maud Granger of area and or. Frown of lied Oak Aro to tarried june 18th. Finest dread in the City at Phi Atefi North glory for heal estate Lidra Falls write to c. A. Dow Plankinton 8. The cd told of the woman s edition of l my Lui ii Ucan Feol greatly in do Hlad to a Casrie. Garrett Flatt Wallace i. Johnson the Joro Wilson Ancl the Leader for allowing them their advertising space or the c of the us. It u . Nijiu Liliu Lillie Ikuji loll Jot cd in it one of the Pic season. Kre Sli vegetables and fruits every by _ ii Iloa Carver. If you want a Coo dress net one off that Irilli Ortch organdy at ii. Invitations Ace out for the Wodding of Lena Wayne daughter of j. W. A sync and Arthur g. Dyer Tho ceremony will be performed at the Home of the brides parents wednes Day june Irith it 8o clock p. M. You can buy finer millinery at for less Money than Triy piano in the City. Call and Sec our ladles Tan Oxford 3, Canier Bros. A Herr Ian. A Tild summer night s dream will nut of isl Vna Var ctr to at the House of mrs. Leaf South of Ogden on the great swedish Holiday when youth Mil pleasure meet to Chase the blowing hours with Liyung Over 100 invitations arc out to the wedding or mrs. Leaf s laughter Julia Wieckman a thigh noon of Midsummer Day june 24th Bon voyage. Ike thergo of is the place to your shirt waists they have the Assort ment. We believe in woman rights to buy heir shoes at Canler Uros. Herman. Call and see our French , Imle and Carver Tho Wilson Baa received a full Stock of ladles Al Cycle waists Pom Notick. Taro dollars m Chili pay you to if Stoike. Paid after june y clerk or o May 21 at j. J. 708 eighth Street if y01t it att a Good fit first class work Thorson Anderson uee02aht 1ailoe3 suits from up to Orson i Anderson Ilo Story Surmi. Under i so Khz a to nil Shiv a first class Woik in the Torwal line. Best Bath room service in i give us a Call

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