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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 4

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaThe be publican. 1 Llu ii Kiowa. Juke to our scissors Ami Jhin. I Reslo Clia Ijac to liar Lilor is i Mau a Jim woman in the pulpit Trio pulpit is distinctly a Prodi Iet of christianity. To Havi no race of it prior to Tom missionary Lehors of issus nil the apostles. Trio mom ancient prophetical Dis courses Milf Cecil widely from the earliest Christian sen Nous i hut Alliey lacked Iho i Culiar impulse which joans aroused in the Early apostles and which it is believed to still communicates in preaching. Beyond Donal sumo apologies for woman s activity in the chinch is were needed. It was readily in Ceitlin comprehensive sayings of the prophets i will pour out my spirit All your sons and Yum daughters shall it is no wide of Cleli of la say Llinat to to preach. In this he curly Christ Ian women found a shield and pleaded the Janc Linning Promise of the prophets. In inter Ages when women Felt drawn to wider holds of usefulness they Lin i revived the ancient predictions to silence those objections which unwilling Conser vontism has raised Nga Insi woman s attempts it preaching others however have been will ing to let Anil her work for themselves. Tie ability to touch and to inspire others Ira seemed to imply to right to things wit Tuut Newt of special warning from Prophet or a Kistle. Accordingly women have found some who seem ready to re Tuvic their message. At Lisl women found Marc ready Welcome into pulpits a litre creeds were not worshipped As truth Rind where Cus Toms wore not reverenced us Laid. The ave Adlesa quakers and Iho ionic Liberal of the other prot Eslit Scucis were among the first to Oiler to Weir pulpits to speakers of recognized Clia Ractor and ability regardless of sex. It deserves to lie mentioned unit within the past two or three years several Dennnis in Lions of conservative tendencies have taken advanced ground on the question of woman s right to preach. My own acquaintance 1ms most extensive among univ Rosa lists and it is a matter of history Liat this denomination was the Glrst to Welcome woman to its theolog ical schools on equal terms with men. So Many i ave since followed this example Llma thera is non no pro Eminence in the matter and it Truy Iki conceded that in several of the most progressive churches women have Tho earns opportunities and the the same Welcome As men in Toto pulpits that is to say the question of employment Ami tie question of Success Are not connected Wilh the question of sex. Ii Dws not follow hut a or catch or will succeed because to is n Man. It does not follow that n preacher will fail merely because she is a woman. Licach must policy the Law of Iii Ness and ability for to particular held in which Tom labor is to be performed. So far As statistics can indicate we May Well believe that women hive attained to a fair average of Success in the pulpit. Homo women have failed As some men i ave been the reasonable people people who think concede hat the right to preach is not Deli Taub so there is Abs Lily lop Reidi Quito As Many if not More feel thai Tho fact of sex is lop arbitrary to to mixed Wilh questions of vocation. It is not a thing to cd for idiot a thing Over which excuses should in made.-. H Yon Are a woman Ltd preach be womanly Ami or cinch. In ring. Your ability and leave out your personality. There is quite As much vanity As there is meekness Xiv soul of filiation As in Etonna Tibig circumstance. All that fho1 audience cares to know is that Tho speaker is i Christian Wing with a message with a soul aflame with wrought into a distinct and Dol Init plea. Those who hear with the spirit and with the understanding will not raise the question of sox while receiving their position. To them there will to neither jew nor Gen tile neither Bond nor free neither male nor female. Tho question then Tibout women in the pulpit seems Likely to tin settled by he very Fael thai Are already in the pulpit and she will in found faithful Ami end there wrongs to Iju righted. Luring As Jong is sorrows to heal and would think Froni Trio the Mitno Wilh fuels or i Mio to meet thu ii but upon Obs map Mil eco the it it is Idle air posit dial rings Thein. Are made Tho subjects of Loose Ami Idle Trilk o flin loungers Loul Many i old reputation is a marched from their own thoughtless conduct. Girls Don t go to such places unites absolute Ini Sirica Calls you. Keno Lotsof Manaa bids h Lavaf so 40 j Mccall f Al i j t to on Torkle no ill around a rail c Arnold Tisser itral tre.s-1 d null j a a n it c Chook i Ovi no .129 Corn Dreo Hycl Saurd meetings Altor Neto b Raldi in Hou Nehas always been noted is a fraternity town. The Roll numbers thirty seven with sonic Back town ships yet to inc heard from. To following is their principal of ulcers it. Olivo Lodge Kun. 70 ii. F. D. M w. M. I. A Chiose. J. Ilar Kley. Tunker. Ixia Zakall Colma Tukhy to. Al k. Do. I. Miller. . Or action. stated conclave urst Friday of each month. . 31. Menu id. .1. Ii. Ericson. B. Arthor. Matt uiia1te11 m. W. J. Ii. Iraqi am. I presume this would not in Complete without a won from the business department. If could meet and hav e an experience meeting to would inc Well Worth a fee but time is too prec Jons and our chief says space is just about As precious so we will to Brief. Evory Oti Ort has Lien made to make this Enterprise a Success. With Book Pencil and our Bland est smiles to Ruivo invaded every i acc of business from the win co Louse to the comfortable quarters of our merchants and Bankers. Have the stairs to the sky lights to the Umlor ground of Tom to sorial artist. We have carried the nows to the benighted trial to explain that it is not to Lio a suffrage paper not a w. A t. In. Organ Only n woman s one Day that who wives mothers and sweethearts Anna Bury. L Gregory. J. 6. Of. Ii one look no. 522. A. A. Anderson. . J. Kelley. Tres. Frank Champlin. Stilted meetings every wednesday evening. Con Acteso link no. I. N. Iloyd. D. Gay. . H. Weir. San Sci meet lugs every monday night. Lincoln exc1 no. 26 c. V. N Elcin. Scribe. A. Nelt. Stitch meetings brat and third thurs Day evenings. Nos rect no. 94 of t l town were engaged known to fail but it is now n demonstrated fact thai Poinc women have special fitness for doing nine of work that is from the pulpit. There is now no Soi ions opposition to Lior making i attempt. There Are sonic a Zeop who prefer Noo to hear n woman preacly. Unfortunately there no too Many who Are not inclined to Hinr preaching even by men. Of in average there Are us who prefer not to hear n to mannish Man As there no who prefer not to Lear n Lanish woman. N its columns. Altogether the out. Asa Rule we have Reco veil the of treat meet and been encouraged in the strange to say we have found men in Joone m to Havo nothing to advertise and so do not in liboro in the use of printers Ink. Well in takes All kinds to make a world lint it does thai one would just As Erin enter their Homo in is their place of business it. R. H. My Tohol. Mrs. Mary Kiocho. Hoon3boko Lorik no. "0. Brunton. stated a outings a. A in. W. Noon Lodge no. 270 1 m. L. Him ser. S. Nazlett. A. Cunt Nanga. W c Crooks be like Coin s no 18 pres i mrs ii Mecca Ifill treas mrs a gear Ilc so on alternate. Fridays. V i no 07 j secy q Sally Rocc w d Tein Plin Nice Ings every saturday evening. I j u a 12 meets Aiter nato saturdays. Oonk u1v1siox to 34 0 c hair Ilia s a l duller stated Ryuei Hias second and fourth mondays. No ladies air o k o Ticac Eland Sec mrs e to swell a of l k Montana i vision nog stated ii Icet logs second and fourth Jendayi in each month. Mako if Hua Nitts no 7 1ux to the i of l e pics mra Illel Nile Sec mrs Gas so Hainan of Tings e very alternate Friday. H of l k link Loffle no 25 steer a ii Smith Sec n Crane Itald Caco tongs Erst and third Sun each Moath. Iii Punor Lone no in Aux to 1 of f res mrs e ii j ii h Smith tres mrs Maynard stated thursdays of r i kate5t1ki.1.v i.odo1 xo2u4 master Chas Williams , Liol meet Lye Glrst Aad third mondays a s lodoi5 aug to n or it t Mary he Mia our june Clearing Sale Meins no lung i Ess tha ladies and misses hats at half Price Akhand made latest styles made of the finest Straw and silk braids trimmed with Fine Ostrich tips or Fine silk Lowers and Brilliant ornaments at Early in the season they would have been cheap at . 38. Fine. Leghorn hats stylish so Rively trimmed with ribbons and Lowers Fonzier Price 50 Sale and hand 50 childrens hats nicely trimmed in White red Blue and Brown As cheap As i this advertisement Picans two hats for the Price of one or one hat for one half Price. The. Richest cannot afford to miss this Sale while the poorest Are factly Able to buy a new hat at half Price. Ladies sailors that we sold for Ace now to cents. Ladies sailors that we sold for inc ladies sailors that for Doc v now 20 cents. All Pur real Fine sailors it half i Ric baby bonnets very neat and Nice of Cadi. Little Sunho nets for the to i a Jorv tiny nicely Triniti died Only 25c. Brown Stone dry goods Pothof who have to extend our thanks and he thanks of he whole editorial staff which is numerous and in the fut ure if to can do anything Toi add to your already thou Sands you May depend the Wom an s edition of the will do to for we believe in adv or the. Saloon is u Good thing so say sixty Livo per cent of the Legrd voters of this cily in their petition to legalize Hie Trade ii Rel yet some of to tics Fellows arc Over tie present silo of the Post Orlice on account of a Saloon in close proximity. Now by a Cir signature Yon say the Solomi is n Gowl in info and if in is by nil Means move tie Tost Lii cd if it in any Way interferes with Iho a Liju or if the Saloon is interfering Wilh to Post office Why then move Trio 1 Oft Olliee it is declared n Nii Sanco Anil abated. To Ivor Langho in childhood that a Gooc tiling wis Worllie Kcal Tjing and w still adhere to these instructing and insist on Tho Good thing Bein properly protected. It docs seem that if Mol Hor. Rold to Weir n who Wesalo Ndvich and pay due re Gard to heir that hero would not to so Many on Tho riot platforms it train time. Stated meetings every monday eve of Hook. No. P. Chief of Iris. Ufary Ilo Fra an. . A. Qum legs. Weule Haycra. Stated meetings every alternate Fri Day evening. City look to. 120. A. O. U. In. Of Iowa. M j Leal Shlay a Hull t Bryant stated Mee Unis every Friday evening. Knights of peiyti1ias. Cd Tkal Podob no Means of Hull of of Rice i stated meetings every tuesday evenings. Division no w u it k of r or it capt h ii can held or it 0 lira Mermaid or Al Faatz an n v Temple no 28 stat Rhone is studs. F. Leas Montgomery of r mrs lick Tia Wheeler moff mrs s is Wooster stated meetings every cd newly boons Roilo look 334 c d Johnson Hustan Leld m of b Patterson stated meetings every thursday Tami no 62 uatjii10sbsistkp.9 Mcl Loso of r a blog cars m of Kellih on Nln stated every monday Etc i o r m Onk Neli tji1i1k no 22 s Frank to Lanny oof Garner 1c of Peterson stated meetings every thursday evening. Juam1tru Council no of Roc Phontas a mrs i f Shaddle Mary to Maine suit a wetly cuday Modelin of Ameh no 305 venerable Council a ii Weaver b Hamer w Roll lips stated meet lbs Glrst thursday of each month. Iowa my of of of iioxo11 no 8 Fres r e Oha Dudler h f Bryant t Nelson stated meetings thursday evenings nor i Westelin log Ion. Of Honor Council no 58 h Sprague the1-o k Novio . No 1782 chief Crow Etc a p Williams Troas j a Weir it j f Zimbleman. of Mcc Church waa a event of interest to All who it. Cote re ibo Church led by the class tiie choir followed by the Bishop and six clergy Urcil _ Reading the psalm. On reaching the Chancel the Bush ii it. William Stevens i Orry took Lii with Rcv. Or. Green of Cedar rapids on has right. And her. Or. Uyl of Ihu Export on his left. Icv. Or Stillo of pcs Moiny and the Rector at the other Enil of the Chancel. Kev. O. H. In Ihde of Ami lick. Hun Giuld scats in the choir. All wore Robea suited la the festival occasion sir Julises find Wilto stoles. The . Wearing the Scarlet a cwt showing the academical Legreca. Tho. Request for consecration was read by or. The instr Pilot or Donau on by tie i slip and All the Laid upon the o. And the a tence of Coneck ration. Pronounced Liet Juniur it morning prayer said toy Ker. Judd cod and Rev. Lio Hii rofl . Or. Stilson Tom a piste and Loyt the gospel. Then followed tiie ser Mon by or. Green a masterly Exposi Tion of tie truth Power and inherent Al Uhtof christianity. At the close of the Sermon Tom Ili shop made a few remarks congratulating the of the of their Hopes and paid j Klow lip tribute to those who and Laboured faithfully to or lab it to pass. The or As by the Bishop or. Loyt thus closing a service which made Juno 7th a red Lou erday in the history of the Parish. Ii of r r of w mrs i n Force stated meetings alternate Friday evenings. Royal Arcanum noun Orr of 13.53 sect k Means we Leer stated Rheet legs first and third wed a la each in onto. Romany. Alonjo with the seventeen year to the red Worms of tie now Resor voir and tiie Bloo Niers that Bloore in the Spring comes that never fall Lar source of Worfler Anil Gypsy Fortune Loller. Wall a Offelo have our fortunes the untruthful turns of Thomesa Dario a Queen Are a greater source of fun than Clown and band. She is the Queen of the German into this far a nerf in Larch of health and pleasure but merely a an accommodation to you she will for a valuable consideration narrate it you your past and future Ife As nearly As 3ho can guess lace Rig Hare doubling on his pursuers is not Ball so Quick in turning As in Uhls Royal Matron when her Sharp Alacli eyes discover by your countenance that she has gone awry. Further she cull eve in specie pay ment and Kold is evidently her favo lie Metal is it is of All hankers bloated bondholders and Royalty i general. No Al. Be alarmed however an imagine that because you have Only modicum of Tho baser Metal you can never know your future but by cd porn enc. it. She keep for tunes on hand in All sizes to suit you Tho to orcs May seek he nost with Confidence their ability to spend their pictures Frt mild. Vie carry tto Largos Mino of Lino anal cheap in the our prices Are always the oco. V. Hewitt. An Uniti Ierisi Slock of Wash Dreas a Xmas can be to Iii season at to Foo. Wll sons. Mrs. Jikaria Illets was Jill assisted in Iho reviews Liy mrs. Hary Sherman mrs. Llori Islon and harlot la Kloct Iralu. In Gold Given away each month for oae year to those s in the greatest Nii Niper of Domestic soap miss Anna Favro returns from he school at Jit. Peasant saturday. All the late Dopuja r songs sold at Cut rates at the o Street. Trio i Argest Stock of Al hos and he apr by st by Ilion m1b3 Kittle and miss Manilla Hill Are spending a few week s with rela Tives near Vinton Iowa. A word you want Good groceries dry goods and Lolu at reasonable prices go to w. D. Johnson a co. To Ward Ito no Iowa. Ills. Weston has gone o new i Ork state for Tecsi Immor. Have you seen those double hand and double thumb Lliter at _ Tho. We Llinas w. Ii. Slad Chas gone on to Road or a two weeks business trip. _ Henry sonic Der has his Market a cd up in line style and is prepared to Erve his customers with Glrst class Vicau Alvo him a Call. Wednesday Junn 5th at the residence of brides rare note Alico Siloro Nelson of Crary drew., am mis. May Throckmorton. Of Marlo Ollic lating. Some people say that Tho. Emison Sells More umbrella s tha n Inyl wily which is a fact. John ii. Gorp plunger Arne Carrie loft this morn Iii for South Davonn. You can get your umbrella recovered Mattheo. . Rumor Siy that t. I. And i Sago Silwin Are towed. Ladles and sent Lovian alike get their barbering done at the now o. K. Shop 7 chairs you Ben Mason 8th.Ami w. H. Cantor left Lut eight for a uni 5 Ine m t rip Market 810 stir Street. Mrs. Lulb who hns Heen Hor i Othor mrs. . Hull Lett yesterday for her Home in Kansas. La Vlasi Carver arc always leaders in things to cat zoos Ali Street. Our mrs. Fillup i an Ideal Landlady and Mascot for the Vount Aily teachers. An nine of them Liao Eft her Home to a line line or oxfords at Canler Liros. Tie Juan. A new footer Ido is the latest at a action about the Reservoir. Podes plans will and it very convenient in Long from Ono Side of town to thu her. Or cloy gloves for pretty hands at Joseph j. To backers. Shoe go. Eau Beer s pure co Ream. 1228th Street All first class grocers throughout 1c country Sells Domestic soap jote the following special prices. 228 pair women s Fine turn. De and Welt shoes i ormer Price to now. 38 pair Huff Bals now going at half Price 39 pair women s assorted shoes Choi 239 pair women s hand turned and and Welt shoes All styles origin Al Price to now. I so pair women s Dongola tier neck and m. S. Shoes Worth 1.75 to now going at.11 76 pair women s Fine Dongola and cloth top oxfords marked pc to 52.50, Jjo of Lyl we also have a lot of children s and misses shoes and oxfords at knocked Down prices. The above remaining goods and broken lots of the j. M. Klausen co. Stock must be sold and now is your Opportunity to secure rare bargains

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