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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 3

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaThe Rhine Aud its legends. That the Rhine rears a Crown of ice less sovereignty in the a world of Rivers no one will deny. From time in Mcm Morial have written and imms Buly ils it Lyas the Kilinc Al supcrbm1 of Holt osiris anal from that Lime until now such Hajj of song and slurry surrounds its classic shores ils 10 Silaco it upon a very Pedestal of glory to to worship Ricu from afar. It is absolutely Siim Ali id i its renown Tahchi Gli there Stu n few Rivers which possess As natural Beauty. In Oik own fair country what could be More nobly grand limn these. Ii Norence sweeping majestically Down to lire now its Broad slip my surface is Ilot Lul Vith la Usu Liny Eniero in Tobii Nikl it Broadens into Lovely Bays now Dailis 5 Over forming rapids until it sweeps Pronty under Victoria by Klee it Mori trend Pinsl the City Sciug quietly at Tho foot fold Mouti Koyuk rising dark and in Ilia then where can we Fml another River like our own in com parable Hudson i the writer Well remembers out Kirtly Midsummer Day when seated upon the deck of one of the Cicur Seroj 5he listened to strains of qui site inns la Ami Gaied with dig scone before ice. Upon la one Sec wire the Graceful Multi Lalong crowned with Lovely Villas who Green lawns gracefully Down to writer s Edge. Upon tin other were tie lordly Palisades rising grim and Froni Tho water while in tin foreground was thai Broad Silvery sinuous Stream losing Iascu in the far distance in the Sod purple of the mountains Over Alt brooded sics rival ing those of sunny we were Lent in dreamy Youtem Phalinn of the Ficenc when a voice near us exclaimed How Lovely Why it is just As Beautiful As the ill Iwuc except for the ruined a yes we thought tin Hii Ilson Cyl lacks Onn great Charm thai we Nellh of historic association of roman tic legend of song and Story which Kiino with a Charm Tocu Harly its Uitti making it a veritable Mecca it travellers Anil our Isis from All Over the world. From historical records we find that the first people wlm Possession of the Hank of us ill inc were tie Cauls. Alien Home him in its glory Ca Sar crossed the Rhine Anc shortly the whole of tic River was under thu jurisdiction of his Empire. Following him came try Jao Adrian Julian and Yulan Tinian Vicli of whom dial Bis share toward Lim Miina fort towns and a titles ujan Tho to hone until in a few Ilomin colonies like an immense Chain linked the whole of the let inc. At Jeri Ylli tin unit arrived alien Trio incursions of the Northern ii for Home Vataj it fell so ifs i Ebony h Century Hub Ansof the Rhine rare Sirc Weil w he roman ruins aant present with ones. Charlemagne Clearcie away thu Hilbish built fort resses u Lipo Seil thu German Lin Les and now religion made its appearance in the Region of the. Rhine the germ of which Ivas by the roman cres Eulius Whu Saint with tits of Numis in july Al come legion in the year 10. A after an historical period the Rhine became linked with the marvelous. Lor Lingo beautifully of this i cried when he Sonya the of Man is hushed nature tends a Tongue to to less of Birds causes lie caves id whisper Ami limn Smyl voice of Solitude to murmur. Where historical fac a erase imagination gives life to shadows realities to dreams i Ables took Root grew nil in of history like weeds and Brambles in the crevices of a ruined As soon a civilization Agnit upon the Region of the Rhine there were upon us a whole Hoit of Ley mls and fabulous stories. Populated by Terio is inhabited the now d ism Fin tic it pm Lei jail with the Belles and beaux of the spirits of inc rocks. Black Hunters Cross ing the thickets upon with six of Black finn the six Maidens of the red Mars its Nodan the got a it ten hands the twelve bin of men and so on. At that epoch when magic lights were sparkling Here and there alien the rocks the Woods he Velkys Avn to ii Bilut by mysterious Lencou Nicks infernal castles melodious songs Sung by invisible songs dresses a and frightful bursts of liar Glitt from mysterious beings these with a Host of other adventures Shroi Wlad in impossibility arc detailed in the legends. At last these phantoms Digap Perril As Dawn burst in upon them. Again resumed its Sony Anil fiction gave place to fact. Toni Hinc Kassu Ureil annul her Alf ttys Newl convents increased and churches were Mill aking thu Banks of the River. Tho Century a liar Wylicil in lie fourteenth the Rhine witnessed the invention of artillery and on its Bank at Strasbourg n printing 0111 cd was first established. In Moo t lie first was cast at Cologne Ami in 1175 the first Blyte was printed in the Region of the Rhine. A new world was making its and strange . Was upon the Banks of the Rhine thai those two mysterious tools with which unceasingly worlds out Lii of catapult and the War and though look new Tho Rhine for thirty Ages a few the forms and reflected the Shadow of almost All the warriors who tilled the old continent with that share which the Call sword. Crossed the Rhine ii going to the Attila. Crossed i alien descending to Tho north., it a Here Ilia i Cuvis the Lattie o Tot Bifid that Charlemagne urn Napolon figured Frederick liar Barousse Rudolph i a Niburg and Frederick Tho first Wor great victorious and formidable hate two great eagles Are perpetually lion Tring Timur the Hli inc. Shalof the Komi legions and tie Eagle of the French Reg. it bore at time upon Iti surface Bridges of boils Over Shioli the armies of Italy Spain Ami France poured into Germany. At subtler 01 its surface in Ila cd a peaceably the Vari Dies manufactured in tin towns and cities of Germany. It majestically informs its function o Home of War and of peace having up Tho ridges of Hills which embark the most notable portion of its course Oak Trees on Ojjeh and Vine Trees on the Tolhur signifying strength and Joy this portion the most celebrated and admit cd the most curious for tin his on an Jii Llie Lovi to it for the poet is it is which hrs Between toe nig1 Winter at the base of. The seven mountains. It is called Hoven Cuisset sent of he bit Ause it is literally with mountains upon either Ide. Thisu Mouth Taitis or volcanic Lou ills do it Risa precipitously fron the River us in the except or n few places but slope gracefully Down to Tho water s Edge where t smiling White Village castles s Jorro Jendl d a Lovely vineyards while Over All he Summit of the Mountain frowns majestically i to venerable ruins ofom old Feudal caste. Abut a and bin Wuhl rent Cicai Slement of which ivc have there Are seven leagues of Rich smiling Plains with handsome villages upon the River s Briner Liilo 1n this in lire distance from Cologne to May Mcc there fire forty nine with thick verdure Hisle roofs Anil ii acc Lac barks in their charming havens each bearing some Creston Venito the Fruin Bir to Kochi Swinter there Are castles which Irma snug Knirs of vol la Siuea the traces of War and the devas tation of Lime of these castles were built in the eleventh Century and Hie other at i later a crawl. This amp and double Row of edifices at once poetic Anil military Bear upon their front All thump Ochson the Rhine every one hav Flig its seizes and its legends. The Lumb or i have Given include Only Hose that Ivre ii the Banks of the Rhino the traveler exp Kire the Val Leys and ascend the m my gains meet a Truiti at Uver Siep. Them in the fourth no Gnu of Ihn most famous of Engiles the Chreti Fiji and preach Ehre Breitstein Man so therm Prau Stcin lie Inkuls Guleja acis and thu ens led Crug the Drach by Byron in jigs of Childe Harold. Triesc castles which Bonier lie Rhine fill the country wit i reveries pleasant Asso . A writer says of them have been mule witnesses of by gone Ages prominent foal Urc a of great net Kin 3, Ami lieu or have Hie cries of War the Murti rings of peace. They stand there like eternal monuments of the dark dramas which since let tenth Century have been played m the Rhine. They in finessed so i speak monks of All orders men of Rill and there or nut an historical fact n inc lives of to lose men who took a Iro Vincnt Par on the Elhine that is not designed on their venerable Frund n Atory and i awed by list their Walls ailing Stone by Stone info inc Rhine heir dates fast dwindling to tire m stand mind Iris but to the baser a cowl All ten to Crann Lnu wind r Durk conic Aunoa Wilt tit Clou a cd b. Str holds. Buy your pumps. From k e. Thompson what everybody wants insurance fire Accident Tornado Cyclone plate Glass can be had at lowest Price from Fred Gay. 2nd floor 8111 Story it tic newspaper. Germany do doubt May claim Tai Lionor of Tho ii rat newspaper but u Llo Stoa Bolo Figoti thu credit of Trio fire newspaper Iqba in lung slates. Thi Era papera were composed of a few dry no editorials after a time some articles crept Lii that made Tia Rovern tent jealous Aud Many attempts were Mado to by Percas the papers. In Niz a tax 3 placed on All newspapers and a stamp was to iia used on cach number at Ottmo a Rubila Dellila pane called the Pennsylvania journal Ida to und Ita editor i orca try incensed at this act of tie government. On he Uii when Thi nip net waste go into effect thl diaper appeared bordered in Black with Squill Aari crossbones at the top and in Large Type expiring in hoi of a new Hie. Arioul. Adieu Tot no the Pruss. Last Renta Liia of the Rynn Sylvania journal who departed this Alfoth 31-Itlnst. Of a stamp in her vital aged 23 in 1710 a pcrmanen1 weekly paper was established in ton known As Tho to Aton Gazette both now York and Boston claim the Dally the new York Dally was commenced in 1788. I Early times the newspaper eee Azeil to change its r with the change in the id Tho postmaster often became us editor. One paper is noticed in 1835 a a resorting to offi Cial advertisements and owed an reaped circulation to that fact.1 at this time there Are Jwj tax newspapers and the United states and about of them issued daily. It is claimed that the printed matter of the United states is much greater in variety in extent Anil ratio to population than any other country. If England claims the press As the fourth estate it can certainly by classed in Point of Power and inane acc in the United state As Only Superior Power being tie people. The Universal Reading of the is one of the first be Culi Ritteg noticed by a foreigner. Someone says of it free und unabashed As Trio newspaper trates every Nook and Corner and can be found in the parlor Anc Tho Hovel in the Oil ice and the work shop in the hotel and in the Railroad car in prisons and in the churches newspapers Cater to no the last forty years have made Many news and in the Means of spreading the same. By moans of the Telegraph Aud to efforts of the associated press a murder a ight an elopement in hunh or jo1 life the Liiro important or otherwise that happen even a Rpsa the water we read of a few later Ilour Western Homes. It is often said the world is growing worse. I do not Bank it. I believe that murder a gets break inf Trust in Rudelic places that the twirl Man and All too can flying woman were As numerous n the past As now but Tho Lon Gilis ances meager Means of spreading such Oess made them of local inter i read an account taken com an old newspaper dated july a 604. It bore this Fatah liable in Small Type and Oes on to state that on Tho Letb of Ruly Alexander Hamilton hat a Duel with Aaron Hurr hut no particulars Vur Eyet the next i Juo one week later gave in Small headlines particulars of the and the Icet week some comments were Given m the murder. Compare that time with ours when by election will Call out beside the Laily Many Fin extra. Even Little country newspaper shows real headlines like this Issue cite and adds then Uso celery or must frail woman die certainly if she Don t use Pink and to wonder that such Anio far Between papers Ever found his difficult to know How a urn we Are indebted to the papers Tho country printing Willce has often sea called Tho poor boys Jom the fact that so Many prominent Public men began their work in such n Ozice. I have read that Tho great press business of this country wa3 he growth of an idea Given by an old a a paper Man. I be spoken Only of be Good of Tho press but there is an ther Side. Many Ali inc that if All was not so quickly heralded if lord or suicides and strikes were not o promptly written up Anil Given to be we would have less of contend with. Do Werny of u3, think that Coxey s army a live gained in strength or that an old quarrel met for the Erst time in several years. Both Drew their pistols and Fred to Cether. Lion Nan was shot through the heart dying immediately. Lee ived until morning. Aunt Lucy Burton was or. To Only sister be was of those who " have known sorrow. Ife had walked with her. Sup Ped with her Aud Hrock with her the Ashen clinging baby fingers had lost their old upon the Mother hand und been older away beneath the daisies and then Ona Day the Strong Brave heart in which she had leaned in All bar had been suddenly stilled and Ero the Silver had mingled with the Brown in her hair she found her self alone stooping to gather up the broken threads of her Lite Aye upon her Knees which i better Way Sno gathered them up and made of Horn what Sho could. And every car Wlinich she had Sycil dried tears n other s eyes and every pain bar Icart Lind known eased pain in of liar carts. For she Lead Learned tic Turc ministry of sorrow Ami bar grief brought its own exercises in after ears. This was the woman to whom Margaret came upon the. In rat Day of he new year weak und wounded Liova which seeks Only to Ilde its self away and die and aunt Jucy had taken her into her arms and with deft lingers and tear Allm Teri eyes had probed deep and found lie wound. As the Days went by by slowly extracted the Bic rods us the Poison leaving Only the sad Ess for time to heal. The orcs bloomed again to or. And mrs. Ware came to aunt und mar. Aret and together they spent the Ummer months upon the shores of he great lakes and Tho giant Pines poke to Margaret of strength and in Lap of the Beach Waves whisper Ilof peace. And when the autumn ame they crossed the Atlantic. For year they wandered Here and there s their fancy led them stopping Ong St in Italy when Margaret turn d again the Ascot voice which bad Een silent so Long. Then they cat no onion. Hack again to the old friends and the old duties. When Margaret no for them onco More lest rest or to weary Vivace peace of my Many eyes were dim and Many Earls said it i3 like a As lie Daya and months went by David incent bowed his head upon his nails prayed that none might in his heart without Rution. And his prayer was answer for after a while Margaret laced her hand in hta and they be and that peace which Haveth to a river1 went with them. And it when the june roses Iling their perfume on the air then is always a Hunting sense of restlessness in mar Aret Henrt find she it spa closer to Lajda Side. But then you know Here Are roses or Golden Rod sen Weed r evening mls Tsi n som any of o or Brant West i co wholesale and retail dealers in feed and produce of All kinds. Ctr in Tiu Grant West k co. La loss i ibid Sheet fifth Ward Limonc John a. Davis dealer in Wall. Paper nil Jinx. House sign pair tic 713 Kucler St. Too ii Towa pity meat Market George held prop. in fresh and Salt meats vegetables and All kinds of Stielf Cali a ills hides tallow Ami Peltx. Jylli Ward boons la. Zim Rezaian Bros. The place logo to Pur Chase Fine grocers and receive prompt attention. 5th Ward a Coonc Iowa. If Yon any favouring sex my to Nils pure in Quality and do ii c strange to gel Vliem of g mrs l. A. Simms of by Ritoji is. 5 Sam Webster is at Home again and wishes to Sec his Many friends at his first class restaurant. Original Tojo a e. Wylli arc and Fern run full lord . Vou arc to Oral a on tic in the Foll roof clerk at Liliu . a co. I Nln liar wins of John i. Toto anal Feliy jul Lars Pur . Nolc Rost Alico a Lof ill of try an pc l him certain mortgage of above Dito Nril to. No in Crudu Iny of Yuu John t. Am in this you Appner int therein n non of dry of Iho of Iho court of fio Ono Boualy Reno held at Schij to House in , Lown on Tho of August a. Youir Oufault Wei to and Coats wll Borc tid t you for plaintiff. We have no agents the City Bank capital sir plus 00 f. , raft. O. J. A. L. Korppi Koepit Vlco i res. 0. I. Alica Hale notch and commercial paper. Bought. Ocean tickets an4 on nil Iko principal Clotta of amounts of and cd in lab son nil balt Jolt. Info to depos to Ilois for i my it Kates. Oor Xuan Jovitf ii. Vice aes l Tufi Boone county Bank Ulias. Poet Max. A. J. , first National Bank eoonj3. A i Teski omit j. Muler. Lie Toimil Iii noir York 3. L. Moure a m. D. P. Croody

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