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Boone County Republican Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1895, Page 2

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Boone County Republican (Newspaper) - June 12, 1895, Boone, IowaR g Rop eries Rocert esl one Bollnak pkou11kk8 hati8 faction if went Eok groceries Doe Tel store than any other place in tue City. Fees Hess Quality Ani Low prices convince. If you have the Doebel Rosburg pb.ov3b it. We debt Alloju Eti Tion at the spot Tea Iii Ink. 718 Story Street. Doebel at Rose Lorg Wolff to s Tan oxfords from to per pair. Track a Nuuuli. J to Tho year the present so Chuich was organized rom st. I Tinl s Parish of broncs pro am Grace Parish of boons. Kev. Allen Judd Deacon id charge who shortly after Tho Pir Ishea assume his studies for the Pleat in the Spring of isso Rev. I. O. Gaynor took charge of Tho Parish holding born Tea in the universalist thu Rob Ami it times in n Hall on Story Street. In 1ssc the present Slu hero Tho Little Church now stands Vas and a 1s50 the Church was built at a Cost of Rev. Jay nor was succeeded by key a. H. Who after oho year of world left to accept a Par Shin Wisconsin and was succeeded by Rev. G. Ii. Who for two years faithfully in the Palili Nav Erik to take Charke of Oskaloosa the Parish then called Tho present Hector Rev. I ii. W. Jones. There i been marked improvement in at _ frs. N b. An n Ler As president and Thi ladies Aid has been to inde Falxa ble worker from that time to this. I is not possible to give an estimate o Tho yearly earnings of this society but if Thoro is any financial Rhor Tagi in the Church or society it. Is Thi women a level head and Cpl Chi pocket Book that lifts Tho Burden they Aro to first to Ico Nail under take need fid improvements and in times of adversity they arc Glrst t and give the Hugl this Church enjoys the Rome what novel experience of having Hac two women pastorate so and the Large part of Ita growth has been Dadci their administrations. Within Thi past year quite extensive furnish mini has added to the Comfort of the congregation through Thowell Klancy o the a idiea1 Aid Rice qty. They an Lippy and prosperous. Kurt Westera hallway. Time card at Bonk. Torso Wist. No 1 Overland limited Dally. In no for Denver limited no 7 in to Carrol p m 0 37 Wayfer Clatto re no. 15, Fust a. Ai going vast. To 3 Overland limited no 8 dam or urn a cd Dally. A a s Atlantic express no 1ft in s Molnes no is freight. A 20, Xref Otto i . Tagoai. Juwa Kcf it. Moira Wear. 1 or eight to i to Law Kurti Fth to la a so 74 of Inq ka9t. Mall to Oti Imago. Flyer to Chicago freight to Marlon. Fercl Hho Marl run. My agent. A Mol Neil Northern it of Stern re , May 191 i the Fol Loir g nil Lofa Titeca Riye dub hooked 1 atm Scoffer. I sui1 i 11 ii Dally except sunday. Trioa and 4 will Surry Cimfl e. Welter agent. Trio Dlf Farence Between know Jeffa and culture i to signs of Tho times Twenty years have changed Tho cur rent of thought for woman. Perhaps the has turned the tide Tho Ilay of the woman s club us hey Scro formed for everything from Tho cooking of a Akita to to Tho study f Channor it has become a but a healthy one there Are laugh Able things told of Lovely woman s fraud la a fort to develop her wind it it u u i question that her a Toru have been successful. To be a Queen among thinkers is no mean ambition. Her in hero is larger her . Should to Groat. Hho inst to gentle and also a noun to train her child a to order her household Broad enough to stand aide by std with bar Rusland 1 n matter of opinion and with strength of Clair actor to claim the sni Ilea of Equality bestow to by Tuo world. The topic which 1s unc of general discussion bears so pertinently upon our work a a Cluni that i to make a practical application. A club lilo an Mill dial can have Ulni Thun simply so much knowl Clyo Cap lilo of Randy Exchange in the worlds Market o thought. It was Carlyle who Enid of what to one Are tin Birtha cat Lis of i few pretty i ortals claim to be called nod very Little use to any of us unless behind Thida fuels arc seen Tho struggle of the world Foi ill arty tie evolution of the mind thu Onward March of civilization to Ward a higher Ideal. Knowledge is a or Oriel term covering Tho information of the world. It rep facts truths an acc Tula ton of learning it is to Broad that can Taavo no tax cart Standard la fluctuates Vincnt soothe individual. One mat Tondi his goal another one if of simple tests and desires not afflicted with a nolo Dos Content to moves happily in h1i Little a pliers unconsciously proving the reverse of Tho truism that much learning is a dangerous in Ribhy Olzon Broadens his Ria sons creates greater capacity or Ilc deepens has awakens a great world of satisfied longings. We live mentally Alx iut o the level or our needs. In Ilic inn Gua goof Tho schoolroom cd Catlon is Only science of interesting training the mind to think for itself delightful chd Tigjo Dave Lopatik the Chili toll Vicour ton and relieve the instructor of Thi weary route roof la1 facts knowledge comes in Many ways iwo largely by study or Angl to our command a mass of knowledge which is often truer and More spoil Tancous than that which comes from study. It i3 this Power which a led Man to borrow an Iden nud Bijj Lite Aid of his imagination to go cloth i in his own figures of speech that i seems the child of his own brain Wefond very few pure creatures in the literary world. Simk esp care Bor rowed his plots and wrapped tin Mantle of Bis mighty Genius them. Milton caught his inspiration for Walt Tang Tost in an italian play of no extraordinary Mari a Man of learning is More Linn a col Lector of facts or else lie hns stopped Sli Orl of a glorious realisation. So i one told a truth evident when i said most of the world is asleep lie Causa it has taught facts alone. Does learning do More for one Tolian another the practical mind see the Trefes sending out. Their leaves am recognizes a change of seasons Many it Van go far enough to say How beat Fol is Liutik it Hiu not seen the Hoo giving principal which the sap coursing into every i and Liber of Ilmet tree it has Only grasped 11 half truth. Only the out Ard covering of a thought is gained if one reads of Pandora opening to mystical Box and sees simply a fact mythological but thro the Cul tured imagination of the Poolie read eternal that m lows evil doings and that those whom Tho gods love they Whei prometheus angered Jupiter he was Cla mod to be a Lovely Peak of my. Ciuca ens Liere every Day a vulture fed upon his liver which grew again each night. This tale arouses the re Venge of to Raul test Iii ind and Over heart is touched with pity. Now it the Man who has Lieen taught to Loo the wondrous i Cassona of truth in disguise Jio sees Tho fun. Fate of a cruel Jupiter in the sad situation of his victim with Lowell Tiger claims despair shall thy caucasus sind memory thy vital inc Tho ii Wilt and oblivion far love Lier than this then is Between knowledge Ami culture one is the re Lulof study the other meditating upon the pc charts gained knowledge May the Plant but culture is the rower. Afa Tmay of itself interesting and Worth in owning but it la a cold aril tiling Eyck called stubborn orc times hut when the Little word Why 1 opens to door and lets us by and la Portal. We can Rejto Init or its Hope. It Lesa too circus not whether to goes thro Tho world Mcnully Blind Aud deaf must Thiu urbats of reflect Lon reason Long from cause to effect. Thea done and on co is he own it with his own eyes and hears it with his own ears and a he gives it to another to gives of him self too. Knowledge is a. Means not an end. Discipline scorns to by to objector All our mental and moral Wessona. Knowledge adds to our in formation but c Luire cultivates tills the mind for that 13 the meaning of Tho word. It. Is simply Tho Willil Crucco Between Tho Quantity and Quality. A Tan of great inform allow ii not always cultured to must have so absorbed his learning that reveal Strong Pera Oal individuality of thought i devoid of inspiration As a Boole. On the other hand Large Cul Ture does not always mean highly educated. Tho measure of a Man is is capacity to give of himself not that he learns but what to gives. The beggar at thu sir tinfoil what to had searched for in lands. Junt inside his own door Tho Rovil Stipe Canizio him that Tho Gin without the giver is the culture of mind and soul i so trosely linked that it is Seldom if Ever Nccabe great unless he is Good. Tis an easy transition from learning Iroito enough to cultivate the deeper lature to the god element in human the seed Tho re in of culture enriches Tho soil and behold to have the Beautiful Flower of character culture carried to the fullest development changes the very flyer of Man s Luil inspires the heart and adds to All truth. Milton saw it Wren to exclaimed Man Orlf dust half another said mortal with Tho mortal linked. Dreams of Tho wings and Pines for what dreams with upward yearn Utica Naling. Evolution of thought and soul la the worlds Sal this full Neil free development Ames slowly. Tho intellectual March of Man has been tardy though sure. Knots to All around us waiting to to discovered to Ideal la ahead yet to a reached. Robertson Smith re Ferring to the world s Snail Pace after the Good says to who an of team must Alvo up All Hopes of travelling a Mulca Emerson said a look four lieu Rcd yews of education Cui Ijuro and French Salon to produce a baps the i Why i has by Rah place dior a Madam do stack of a Shakespeare. It remains for the fair land to show that Liberty of Ihland fostered by Trio accumulated go we Ness and great Ness of its masters can produce a mag lit a Genius like shakes Yoiiro a Cul tured mind ilk of Madam a s. Jor the st. Paul. The goil of our father Sis the inheritance of the child to Day. Tho Best of yesterday is Tho Bugl Nung for to Morrow. With the riches of the Ages at our feet and promises of Trio future that Havo no unit Siivo in eternity As an inspiration it remains for Man to make Tho Ideal real the Home Beautiful a Templo of Rod in Mhz. Fiall st. Ity a Fly Tom to tic a a gave her Ito we a Cilus Cho a rfcs re Ctol Odi often Tot Caffio miss cd tag to a Taxa a Hij Cal lira Cuburu. Children cry for Pitcher s Ca Etorla children cry for Pitcher s Castoria. Gigantic kale of Wall paper room Mou Dirc a paints oils am varnishes Rolls of Wall paper bought for spot Cash that i propose to dispose of at the Low est prices Ever quoted in Boone county. Prices Range prom 5c to per Roll i Liao also Tho in Trust Block of Koom Murld Lairg Over brought to. Liono and will soil ilium a thar usual retail prices. Get in lots there ii Lor Yon. In it 713 Kucler Street

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