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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 4

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Biddeford Saro journal tuesday july 18, 1967 editorial Page thought for evening i live on Hope and i think do All who come into this world a Robert Bridges. In our opinion sentiment grows for holidays on monday by Drew Pearson and Jack Anderson Washington a the 27 to 1 vote inside the House agricultural committee rebuking rep. Joe Resnick. D-n.y., for his line filling stations automobile stand against the farm Bureau accessory stores will have far More repercus-1 when Resnick first began this Sions than an Ordinary Congress a Campaign he received com ional feud. It May Well do the mentation from his fellow Mem Peoples forum 1 the journal believes in free expression of opinion on topics of real local interest. for this department Are Wel come. Views expressed in this column Are not necessarily on. R. ,. Horsed by the journal. Letters my taxes. The farm Bureau is group should continue to Nave mis a signed he the writer the no. 1 example. Re suck had tax free privileges. Yet the pub with address but the name pointed out that it operates Sev Lic which has to make up the Quot ill not be printed if the writer Era insurance companies Gaso tax deficit was barred. Significantly also the meeting was called just 24 hours of ice the farm Bureau executives Washington merry go round farm Bureau exposed Washington news How really enlightened flexible Are left wingers following 1. Put Resnick in the race for the Senate against Republican Jacob javits hitherto considered unbeatable. 2. Raise the Issue of congressional ethics once again. Hers on the House agriculture committee. Quot great stuff. commented chairman Bob Poage of Ter As. Quot you re doing Fine. Keep it however this was before the by Bruce Biossat Washington correspondent newspaper Enterprise Assn. Washington a one of the Mont that we should not Quot meddling Quot in Vietnam. For a while there to tune any of these thinkers was hear this argument almost be in to by so requests. Parking decried editor journal met in Chicago to plan St Ratech an Al ten left or 10 the bidder Kurpat myths of this age is that Rote i inst Iissa Tak Ord i and san it development that doctrinaire right is rigid what s happening in company and the Biddeford and anal slogan Ridden in its think Indonesia. That shows that if Saco chamber of Commerce Ink 1 111 the doctrinaire left is we just leave these people was supposed to last until tenths lilt or is not addressed to marvellously enlightened flex alone. They can handle their lint Ihu a Kopitin Mcinti. Ihn run the parties above with any in hip and seasoned in its judg communist threat without help Lent on placing blame. The Pri Nientsu. From Mary reason was the idea that there is no question about against the secret committee meeting was held at 9 30 a.m., and 3. Force a showdown regard farm Bureau threw its Trumen half waiting to testify. But the Battle inside the com Nutter continued so Long that White House assistant Walt Ros i Tow was kept an hour and a Thoj Quot Ould take that argument is now out of they would take a less Placid die rigidity on the Radical fashion and a Good thing position and exploit various right the main thought Struc a embarrassing also to the ways to find a solution to the vre of a a lha no of steel beams partisans of the left was the and mov Rumary change Washington s birthday to president haying the big farm organizations Dous lobbying Power into play. At the Start of the closed door Quot Inki a to Blum in the new ideas Are twisted to Quot i Eidemi to a e it from 1 a Nuary 22 to the third monday in feb masquerading As nonprofit co for years it has dominated the session Resnick made a Parlia Proem 111 ulc this Frame null Tizy j Ops but which make tax free in farm bloc on Capitol . Roads on private business observe Independent e i a on the Host Ivl Onria in no 11ch must pay taxes. July regardless of when july 4th fell regarding the first furthermore it has of its members on the demo agriculture committee. Centary inquiry asking that the. Heres Vou say not to a growing number of people Era is have Long been looking for the rules of Congress 1 a. Am i i i i a jewish candidate who could Are not supposed to vote Issue where Thev have several debate regarding him be House to the press and Public. Chairman Poage remark under downtown area we the girls on the first shift septable a a at components inc., Are very in cause is impossible. As someone said this Frame. Deviation is Unac and 500.000 indonesians 250.000 and defeat of of were the killed in a terrible exercise in revenge. It exploded another the favorite hit of Vogue thinking Thev de that Resnicky a criticism of after the Middle a that americans but no oth Jake on Jake javits. Javits has nevertheless several con-1 Gressional members of the the chairman refused. Who support tar idea of uniform monday holidays. A8t March a sunday newspaper Magazine supple Ern a g0 Kyj senator and aspire ment invited readers to return a ballot indicating their of to be vice president. I i i a it Ore Ain Nnnie Litrio part of ins political strength about changing the dates of certain in his religion which nets farm Bureau led the fight to hold air. that they would occur regularly on mondays. Him g it reported a deluge of returns�?180, i i in favor Only ish democratic in Noz non Nyrl Erk City who Cross Over. Up 11, ,1s i of Republican ticket where chairman Poage Bill Nichols a few months before that the javits is concerned. They even of Ala. G. V. Montgomery d Merce polled its members on the question and Touna an Vot Coj Frt him As against Frank miss. With George Hansen. Ida rotated As i m sure the employees of other firms All Over egyptians on in the farm Bureau already had Lac ii Are is abut u,11c Easi Var in get pm there Are ers. Hold asian life cheaply. A direct i received Quot too much publidj2 was done about the no defeats there Are Only personal or pocketbook Resnick was voted Down s. He then asked Poage to yield. Quot sex was problem Quot which and is steadily worse. With the new two hour Park Pira cies which getting from winning. But it is pure illusion those on the left Are and con ing ban just set up on Lincoln Ter. For All their intellectual than Quot you want us to make a mar preponderance of jew disassociate Congress from res Tyr of you and in a going to do rnn.?�?~ socratic voters in new Nick Beau e i dared take on it a remarked the congressman him Quot the in re a Quot to the farm Bureau. Thev were from Texas. Bill the truth easy at hand and prevent them developed by this reporter in a documented account Many that months ago is that no one bet holds asian life More cheaply helming 85 per cent approved. Most of the business a d. Roosevelt jr., for actor to. Robert Price. Tepid the change would help their production and work N.Y.general. In the showdown vote disassociating the committee from Resnek s investigation of the Over men Sou. It Esnack a Tew is a a Vearny Venn. Schedules by avoiding the Stop Start interrupt electronics manufacturer from the by midweek holidays. A i a the chamber is now actively supporting legislation elected in an overs Hellingly Republican District. He is one of in v Onorr,->,7 1 a. S.,-. Be Bright stars among new broadest of the Bills is. 1-1 /. Sponsored v York democrats and the unfair Georic Smithers. I Fla in addition to changing a Ashing vorp against him in the House All republicans conflict of rep. Poughkeepsie who has been re was especially glaring because Garza the Spanish american his administrative assistant Verlon Welch served As legis Thev Are Asun blow Saco Liev i n. Ian a Nesic kit a i Suga Uon 01 me space As is the new ban has they pm the Label Quot reaction Jorge farm Bureau every Democrat a ated t.hao5 Ary it s Nice to hear of new Indus just tries coming to Biddeford and the Brand of Quot communist Saco Quot yet Here we have Well is views they dislike. Their do asians themselves self Slaughter in recent were sophisticated Goodling. And John Zvach voted against his democratic colleague from new York Zvach cent three Hep. Of a Ligio do sex la native director of the Minnesota in ton and Frank from Texas who supported res Nick and Tom Foley of Wash far m Bureau from la a it a it Brooklyn who sat Brasero of on their a a a. In Ihrl a to presidents Dav in Honor of Oil pirs dents agriculture committee should voted to censure Adam Clayton birthday. F Day on i. Monday it would move Boot him a candidate Powell. But the All of tie above Congre Smen hands. They voted remarked rep. De la Garza talking of on Unco forming thought voting precincts in Sia Nhattan. As swiftly As rightist slap their lexicon is loaded with no on tons of Quot social ,. ,. _ Quot civil Quot the Geneva to abolished companies nipped in Quot liberation so the Bud of expanding because to some ways their stance is and the like which have Little of the Lack of available Park far worse than that held by relation to the Verv special ing area to accommodate the their rivals at the other end of hard realities of Vietnam what s the spectrum. For they offer Thev like to argue that i end fixing let dept Ndem memorial Day now May 50 to the last monday m May. Veterans Dav november 1 1 to the last monday oct t against javits. 1 0 cars of their employees going to happen when we can t no thinking in the name 1 re u even take car of the problems thought. Thev Are greatly 5�j�?Thinje after Ward if Hes Nick Waim it four pre it ent industries it is Nious at spinning words to give it Xee urn readily in rational color of a a Outra Wormy dictates this is a critical Situa emotional judgments. Without wrong in leading Buke a congressman who dared should talk to him about it a reason for this unfair rebuke criticize their own s2 billion Don t have to pass a Resolution ton it argue that right of is Are unresponsive to people they on the left Are their supreme champions. The evidence is that their Quot championing Quot is so constricted and my. Run her Vul thank Saiving Day from the fourth thursday the fact that re suck had farm Bureau and its disassociate ourselves from t0 show the new. V 1 m i a \ dared expose the giant americ privileges. What another congressman no a Nulu o the fourth monday in Norm a. An farm Bureau federation a significantly the House Agri says. That a his business. No Tjie m Christmas. New 1 ear s Day and faster would not be a billion lobbying group culture committee meeting to Quot if a congressman has to Dis trouble spots is t affected. Our present Holiday Observance dates Are less traditional than most people assume says the chamber in answer to one objection. Washington a birthday for example was really february 1 1 under the old Julian Calendar in use at the time. The Continental Congress actually approved the Resolution of Independence on july 2. I 7 76. Another and perhaps stronger argument is that monday holidays by extending weekends to three Days would cause More traffic accidents than one Day. Midweek holidays. Various studies show that sometimes this is True sometimes not. Traffic fatalities during no Holiday weekends often exceed those of Holiday weekends. The National safety Council has stated a that from a traffic safety viewpoint. Highway deaths provide no argument for or against monday holidays. The idea of uniform monday holidays is not a new one. But the momentum behind it is building. It seems Likely that in the not too Distant future. Americans speaking through their state and National representatives will be Given an Opportunity to make a final decision about it Paul Harvey news human retrogression is progressing with vigor a a also a very poor policy conscience they raid history to Opic an undertaking that it industries com Warp its materials to out of real account purpose of the moment. Many millions in Asia and most congested when Indonesia thwarted a elsewhere who have rather Dif spots is that of me old communist coup in late 1%5. Ferent notions about How to no from what another congressman a 2. To the Biddeford a a �.8u��illl cry. In Hal a Liev in Pendency a a Quot of by h a ave we Nas and Lert i to bid Acford saw a Giand Opportunity to and Well being. The Vogue it. No military excreta Only Sheji Stion at All. We d he too Busy phase ticket by a not sit p0uu hcs or a a unum Quot 1,0 help 10 them it r question of whether a lobbying j e connected with Industrial which paid no taxes. Defend the farm Bureau was associate himself every Day for a Long time business Lead held behind closed doors ers have been griping Over the Security matters were involved says. We Pas any leg privileged position of farm co Ops which gel by without pay there s got to be a Way to talk on water development corp. There Are a number of firms and companies housed within these buildings. Many of them Are tenants of the Biddeford and Saco development co. The few parking areas that Are apparent in the development belong to the Pepperell. Naturally these Are used for their own employees. Therefore the employees of the other firms have practically no place to Park except on a Quot catch where catch can deals which usually results in a warning or a ticket. Previously Street was available now its to the Point Congress angry at lbs for meddling in Congo by Russell Kirk or consider sen. Strom thur con Gran. Including both Arnond the Redou fable Meserva Hawk Quot and Quot Dove factions is Tivo Republican of South Caroli Lincoln furious with president Johnson a who says Johnson a Congo for Hasty meddling in the con intervention is Quot a pure ease of not. Yet these cars still have to go. As sen. William Fulbright . Meddling in the civil strife Park somewhere in order for the puts it Quot this business of Gua of another sen. Clif workers to go to their jobs. Ran teeing the territorial Interi Ford Case Liberal Republican. To of nations All round the world of new Jersey suggests that within the Biddeford and Saco is being carried too far. What the Senate ought to commence treaties do we have that Call an investigation of this latest by pail Harvey Back and Forth like a Spectator will Judy wrote at a Tennis match Alert for any a dog a Man a he danger. The late a a Don t Call said. Quot you do the dog an injustice Quot As with Many of these tru isms be repeat them for years i be seen the Mother Coyote i at much risk Decoy danger Aua from her pups. M the conscientiousness of wild and then one Day something life especially toward their happens and we learn to App re mates and their Young contrasts cite the author s larger mean conspicuously with what so calling de civilization has done to diet bullfight my is an acceptable Nish this dedication in people oven fashionable sport in latin they created a special Chil nations a but it is a cruel form Dren s zoo in Seattle so that of painful Public killing. City bred youngsters might learn the animal is first stabbed of the world that existed before with enough Long barbed Lane the forests fell and the Fields is so that these a dangling were paved with Asphalt. Development area Are a number of building completely in for our intervention in the do fit for occupancy just sitting Mystic affairs of other Roun there taking up space which to so far As i know there could be used for a parking area. Some of these buildings belong to the government and attempts Are being made to Purchase them and tear the Down. However this could take months or even a year before any actual work could be done Are none that apply to he is chairman of the Senate importance in the Senate Johnson Ian adventure m the Congo. Indeed nearly every Man aghast and angered by the exe foreign relations committee. Only congressional rage it Cutie Force Congo madness appears prevented the Johnson and do you happen to recall administration from interfering gentle Reader that Lyndon in the Nigeria civil War too Johnson campaigned As a Lyndon Johnson is turning out Quot Peater Quot president in 1%4�?~ on them. Meanwhile the work a he the most belligerent presi three Vears ago. Barry Golding people suffer and the Situa it a tent these United states Ever water was being denounced by Tion will be even worse with the suffered under. Here Are the democrats and Liberal re pub coming Winter ahead. Words of sen. Mike Mansfield lican and others for his us since most to of the firms with democratic majority Leader Quot i Gest Ion that american forces in the area Are tenants of the Hope the state i might defoliate the to Chi mph Biddeford and Saco develop Nally comes to realize that con Trail in Vietnam. Yet on the ment co., it seems that they Gress and the american people very Day that american plane More than and one else it hound do not believe that we can in commenced operations Ine Fec be concerned Over the obstacle Terpene in every kind of conflict tally As it turned out in the of parking some of the Compa in he world because when we Congo the Pentagon announced Nies in that area Are already do we Are always left holding that it had placed contracts for g elsewhere the defense nearly 157,000.000 Worth of from his agony As frantic flesh a create to make the after enough lunges at Tormentor s Cape to thrill such More than 15,000 youngsters beast and adults showed up to crowd through the Gates on opening Day in mid june. The1 before the last human was the herded out. They had left behind spectators the Bull is impaled acres of desolation mutilated on a the sword repeatedly. It landscape tortured animals May be two to ten minutes be fore the beast Falls dead. I regret to describe this botched butchery even this graphically hut in far More v vivid reality bullfights Are now being telecast in living color i n the United states on 20 station with a a. War % Al. In their Wake turtles with cracked shells dung. Fantail pigeons their feathers cruelly pulled or broken cowered in Corners the recently Beautiful Peacock had been tormented and plucked. From the picturesque Man re if Tito lab macs world the human depravity which made Stream rocks were purposeless animal hut Hery re moved and hurled at the ducks fleets suggests that Many a Caner landscaping More than a gence into a More civilized year in preparation was a creature is in reverse. While shamble animals become increasingly do Way of a congressman in estimated men Cre singly Savage. The instinct of by Don Maclean equating whatever is spent for want to talk to you about Washington while we re a Jet fighter or is million the next morning the Maribeth Morns of the Post become in intelligencer is a now so woman on the subject of flying saucers whichever is not unaccustomed to callous he was there Ever a time when my Friend simple sent a Parent to Man behaviour hut her report we weren to on that subject congressman a constituent protect its Voung is a very Basic a splotches with tear i must Tell it of about a Friend air forces form letter or tact. L be noticed in recent one looks on and wonders How of mine his Job was answer forgot about t v Nur southwestern Long this human retrogression my congressmen a questions weeks later the Many will continue before we Are. As about unidentified flying of the congressman and said planning on mov in possibly More to go. Not necessarily Over the parking hut it certainly does no to help the situation. I also understand that the Biddeford and Saco develop ment co. Has Given some of their attention to the problem. For and no one wants to kick a Man j who s trying but this is of no help in the meanwhile. Something has got to he done now to provide the workers with temporary parking facilities else where. This problem should also by of some concern to the Chain a her of Commerce. Certainty merchants and businessmen in the Biddeford and Saco area should get together and make at least a half hearted attempt to remedy a situation which is steadily getting worse As each Day goes by. Everyone feels sorry and would like to help just As Long As they Don t have to go out of their Way to do it. We Purchase our merchandise and our groceries from your stores. We patronize your restaurants and your theatres and we bring our business to your con Banks. After All a where would son Fulbright is i and sen. Sometimes called a Dove but Here is sen Russell in general a support of the present Nistra chemicals to defoliate Jungle in v leading Vietnam we sprayed Mansfield $10,000,000 Worth of Therp Agen moderate in Vietnam last year sri Richard w How a trigger Happy and who s a zealot for defoliation a perhaps Johnson would like to Tiona foreign policy Quot i deplore defoliate the Congo. Quot then t intervention in local wars where saw the Congo. Creeping we have no moral commitment through the Black. That s a to intervene Quot he pounded Bis tall order lbs for the con do k. And declared that there Gole let Jungle is full of Katanian was no communist influence on soldiers and Quot foreign Mercena the rebellion in the Congo Riesz who done to like Mobutu s such meddling be went on. Only despotism Johnson will teach invites the soviet Union and those foreigners to meddle in communist China to intervene the Congo a politics rut a it afo. And thai wastes american never crossed the president a resources in Bush fighting All mind that american troops Are round the world. Foreigners in the Congo three minutes a Day by . James Keller a resourceful teenager made but. With god help. Many your the Gressman called in person you be without All of us Tak about ing us one by one. I done to sup said. Pose we account for much. Yet the and a ked what it was All listened carefully and desert where there Are Gamble Quail that when the Pagan baby Chicks Are out with Moth for the or papa Quail is some there our own sons head going or Are we already about three Quot a could you get Man wrote to Back from the Fri that file take us As a whole and we Are if so. I what keeps you in business. In a $1,000 repair on a Steeple clock for 25 cents. The clock in the Tower of a Milford conn., Church had been silent for Over a decade because of the High Cost of fixing it the boy a Church member decided to see if be could re pair the 117 year of d clock himself. "1 just climbed into the it tee the Promise that nut perched nearby i Savages a conditioned meets purposeless sacrifice of actually my Friend was supposed to he helping congressmen with questions about the the congressman wrote air Force but whenever some Man a Stern note Quot am i nothing More about it. Constituent would see some understand that you people thing mysterious in the Cha think my constituents Are Cravens and query his Congress Zvy this Man is a registered Man about it eventually lie voter and a citizen. 1 urge you radio stations Quot Here to ask letter would land on my to give immediate attention to Gul arly Quot parents where friends desk. This your children a it might air Force was ignoring him bother you and just giving him the Quot nuts who had kept the treatment. Desk All the my Over to the Micro scoops Washington police have t i pie with a pair of pliers an Oil will never comparison for one example and a other lie my Friend the Atlantic Ocean in t jut tile on his one big glob of water. It made spending Only a Quarter for time sent it right up of tiny drops. Just. As these arts it t 10 youth soon had the congressman and drops contribute their it Haie. My . Striking again after do Vve the working class of peo j silence. Isle contribute to the buying pub sue got re h the merchants and the he Are Sines Smen would pull Roget la not or and assume some of the res others can. From improving communication in the family to making a positive Ensti Button to political life. You la never know until you try. Quot Well done Good and faithful servant you have been faithful Over a Little i will set you Over Matthew 25 21 give me determination to keep my sights High lord and perseverance to see things through. By Harold coffin a we see by t polls Lyndon is almost Guy again. If the trend Nues lie can discard his Sombrero and put on a popularity better in the polls since a Good a pin of the Conti Lur lit Bobby Kennedy leads Nick category of the guv attached to the constituents obviously the letter would he a note from probably had t even seen tin the congressman saving some first loiter and Hadnot the thing like this "1�?Tlease give faintest idea of whal it was All this Man an explanation and about. A month later the con assistance Vou can Quot Stit nent wrote to my Friend i there Are few thrills in life comparable to that experienced by persons whose actions disprove the sceptical opinion. Quot it can to be done a True enough Many things congressman be a bad idea if the stations Ponsi Bilitz instead of ignoring Cann top accomplished at asked also Quot children arc your parents Quot where whatever he s 1 the old Buck passing game restly and said that if the country so my Friend would sent the con Force did t come through re Sinan s constituent a form with the funds it Quot promised Quot there s a lot War. Certainly of waste that can air said of the War on poverty. The Issue they could help in various ways. There Are a number of things a if Given a Little in time and thought that could he provide temporary parking for the employees of the factories and firms one of these would in the letter explaining the air Force he would have no Choice but to Many politicians jump into the i be just figured out Why so be to Volunteer Avail he a space whose history dates Back to 1825 equates lbs a i hat one theory new popularity with sympathy Reading on governor for his attainment of Thor Hood. Even Dick Nixon White would Jiko to see shooting the rapids in a Leaky rubber raft. We wont have an accurate Over Romney said folks position on saucers. Deal with the russians. New Hampshire primary even though Small for Parkin continued on Page Severn # my i fiend sent a copy of this folks up that Way Don t t a a k a congressman sent letter to the congressman with much but they like to listen. One Day a letter from a Man who this note Quot revealing classified he could explain flying information to another nation Uff Tord Saro journal published daily except sunday 11 Adams Street Biddeford Maine w. Paul Casavant publisher e. P. Ingalls managing editor Telephone business dept. 2833625 editorial dept. 282-1535 subscription rates payable in Advance one month $2.6 a six month. $15.50 one Vear. $31 00. Member of til associated press when City fathers named it after the associated press is in the second president of the titled exclusively to the use for United states John Quincy republication of All the local Given time because of Circum stances or human limitations. John in Quincy and Quincy in Adams Quincy 111. A it a Quin re. Just when 1 Learned to a mis absorbed spell completely. The identity �?.,. At last count 37 readers had Khrushchev he was replaced. The founders named the town Granata until lie decides whom lie s saucers completely and that he is a Federal crime. I be turn d sent in notes saying Quot people yesterday i Learned How to Quincy the county Adams and running against Ronald or would be willing to part with your constituent s file Over to who meet in Glass Boro spell Kosygin so i guess his its Public gathering place this information Quot for a sum the Fri. .1 imagine they to throw is doing Lyndon. Days Are numbered. J Johns news printed in this newspaper As Well As All a news Dis Natches. Entered As second class second class postage paid at Post office. Biddeford. Alame

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