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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 1

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Weather fog Complete report on Page two fms Fyfo Onynal our numbers nows dept 282-1535 business depts. 283-3625 Johnson names conciliation Strain and necks Crane As pedestrians and motorists alike turn double takes lately to confirm what they believe to he a Young girl driving a red White and Blue mail truck. The Young girl zipping around in the governments vehicle is Claire Pronin 19, of Green Street Biddeford and the postal departments latest acquisition. The 1966 graduate of Biddeford High school joined the staf us the railroads Biddeford a the nations strike stalled Union orders compliance railroads a Washington apr Lead were ready to return auction painting sold for $26,000 l is week and is believed to be first pos woman. According to. Willie Laverriere she will work inside and resume operation As picket a a out supplementing the regular Force. Miss sense to a Federal bad co work head today a new Federal Back of but pickets remained in Many Pronin qualified for the opening by meeting order. To work Law aimed at ending the cities where strikers said they civil service requirements and successfully congressional action in the nationwide Railroad tie up hut cure awaiting official word mane vering during the Post office driving Railroad dispute ends More than pick Elinor rep0rtedly persisted in Hack exam three months of Buck passing a Weir jobs. A. Between Congress and president sonic Rad centers. I machinists official . Nes Johnson the Quot a hit House said labor Hett of pm Bluff ark., said it Secretary w. Willard Wirtz con Wold take a Federal court order postmaster railroads make preparations to ers 0f sex striking shop Craft in jobs on the Burlington rail 10ns ordered their members to Road. Vietnam South Vietnam s military Jun pc Rod w Ith to makes threatening moves Mons and leaders of afterwards All j. To get his men Hack to work. Even where a Quick return to to , boilermakers Carmen shipments shut their doors for and firemen and oilers seek Lack of supplies wage hikes of 6.5 per cent this the strike virtually 100 per year and 5 per cent next year cent effective spurred Congress plus 12.3 cents per hour each Linto passing the Law it had hag year for higher skilled men. Ogled Over for More than a they now average $2.94 per month. The Senate previously hour with skilled men getting passed the measure As an average $3 05. J presented by the White House the railroads last reported but the House knocked out the offer w As a 6 per cent wage hike provision for compulsory Settle Over 18 months plus one s cent ment if a voluntary agreement e. After the provisional Assam a Doc a a Wolfe chief negotiator Blyus election committee refused for the railroads said he Wasfy a Las Quot Cren 1 Syre they could to certify the thick by ticket. Informed Lac unions ordered �?o1 the Assembly is expected to membership compliance w Ith approve the slate. . Troops kill 37 reds three skirmishes. American railway said it obtained a court fliers bomb Haiphong Oil depot order today enjoining a font thu could t be reached. Congress twice previously hid ordered strike delays in the Kennebunkport a por to h. Around 1761 was sold for estate this morning to Vose hike for skilled workers. Johnson has not yet appointed the five Man Hoard hut said it will he a Blue ribbon panel sub year old wage dispute Serviente to neither labor nor despite the pre strike Indecki time for the morning Rush of management. Ision of Congress the Law sailed jaw a passengers. The strike shunted hundreds through quickly monday under but an official of the Southern re Quot a Muti it a of of thousands of train commutes the pressure of what Senate re any strike for the 90 Days in to other transportation left publican Leader Everett m. Which a while House Hoard will thousands of freight car loads of dirkson called a the chastening and the Kep Railroad Yards a Nee of the strike after workers voluntary settlement perishable foods in danger Viand sobering a reality of the a i the Pentagon wants to imm set up additional picket lines and the Hoard cd old extend this rotting on Railroad sidings walkout. Trait of Elizabeth Browne in her$26.000 this morning to Vosen a a "1 z a Quot a a Bard North Vietnam with More the Southern Radway spokes a Varna no a a 9?9 bsiinvok1 hated postal clerk Busy shift Only a few members in the wedding gown painted by to Baueries of a ton during the Fri pm of los paint a Quot is of a Ron and less Copper. Manor of Man said judge Frank w. Wils so no in. ?. Put oks House a Quot Der Quot a e urc<71 a Law Seph Blackburn in Portsmouth auction of the Kenneth Roberts lne a Enod and believed to be economics. Son of the . District court m the Boa id could also and blocked shipments of am to end the strike without the a the original. As of 1963 this National Chattanooga. Tenn. Issued the a mph spa mandatory settlement munition and other War goods provision for a Romot or Paintin was in of a a i new Jersey officials reach order and set a Heaney on it for it a a she Quot a Randu. 4destined for Vietnam. Ellement if that becomes Neces k u is 9 i Lack agreement with negro leaders wednesday morning. Picket some 137.000 machinists Cleel some firms dependent on rail sary. Nuns known in the world Sev on racial peace Steps in Plain lines were reported crumbling Oral of which now hang in Field. Newark is quiet but Dis elsewhere following enactment Portsmouth . Homes. Turban is occur in other cities of the measure. Auctioneers of the authors is in the state. A this will enable the products Tate were Neal and Franklin a1 Congress seems to he getting of our farms and factories to Ltd of f o. Bailey Portland ready to Deal with racial rioting move freely once More a said. Bidding from the crowd Esti in the Wake of major outbreaks. President Johnson in signing the re the associated press a we har been assured the de. Services would Hae Dimin mated Between 1,000 and 1,500 convicts testify that three Dis Law Congress hastily passed cd Vii a in Munny cd Uin in Quot Lisl Iod ran Idle Jav people was Erv Active. Grunt cd prisoners set the Flori monday to end the first nation \ a a. Major unions will Honor the measure. A a when Ltd a 1 a a i., i in o,.______ railroads we Annn Elrd Rtin Nim Willai a put ref a . A paper Ana pm Iago in h student activates t. A. Observatory Rocky Meadows Here Maine rail service Normal an ambitious physics major an Alban Clark is Good for at the University of Maine in size was built around 1910 Orono has cleared the mocha a successor of Clark s and was by the associated press a we have Hen assured service on Maine a two major unions will Honor the measure a when the exquisite n Strait of a prison Camp fire and died in wide rail walkout in 20 years. Railroads was reported running Willard Pierce 8encradustrles would Hae Felt the mrs. Rogers wife of m a j. Rob it with 34 others. J a it will permit vitally needed normally today after emergency manager of Maine Central. I Meh of the strike if it had. A a a r i j angers Washington arms and supplies to be sent to congressional legislation halted a postal service in most sect ions continued firms in Northern no s and optical of the donated to tue Saco Academy As presented for reviewing. An Amish Farmers clash with our fighting forces in Vietnam one Day old nationwide Rad of the state was not affected Briand Southern parts of the state. A pioneers let everyone Kansas std ool authorities a it a without interruption. John strike the walkout which had threaten normally rely on rail traffic to drink it in noting that a it draw the supreme court into a son said. Spokesmen for the Maine can de to disrupt a Large number ship the Hulk of their goods. Var a rare and one new evaluation of the rights of trial and Bangor and Aroostook of vital services. The Maine Central operators in a Maine religious minorities it also requires a government railroads said Normal opera passenger and freight service unmanly in the Southern accommodate up to 23 people of Oliver Wiswell. An 18-Ycar tradition that a imposed settlement of the wage tons were being conducted and ran close to Normal monday the of the state while the Bangor a time and has an observation Lonc by another Early americ woman he the treasurer of the dispute if unions and an artist Grant Wood went for United states May be ending ment done to reach six Inch Alban Clark refractor by the peering family Proha housed in the Thornton Academy Observatory. The youth is 20-year-o�?Td Dun can Moore son of mrs. And mrs. Thomas Moore of Glen la Ven Circle. Saco who returns to the u. Of m. As a Junior this fall. For the last two years he has lectured at the University planetarium and Observatory and has been Active in astronomy projects there. He noted that the unit at the Saco school is equipped for photography and has been adapted for 35 millimetre camera work. It is set up and available for anyone interested in photo graph of this nature. Bly sometime during the die 1930�?Ts. The Observatory itself mid part desk which Tower. Moore a object is to stimulate interest locally in the Observatory Tel escape and its he added that the Telescope minder of the summer. May St.200. It was used for Roberts William t. Howell May get the agreement within 90 Days novel Oliver Wiswell. Job. I a Union Leader angrily called. Two paintings by . Wyeth International the Law a the strike breaking act noted Maine artist prospects fade for adoption of 1967�?� but members of six uses possibly to inspire area Andrew Wyeth also went up for by the u n. General Assembly shop Craft unions began obeying students to take a course no a a Bateau on the dead of a Resolution calling for the it by returning to work a Little or two in the Field of Astrino a a done for the first Edi withdrawal of israeli troops. More than 48 hours after the my. A on of Arundel went for $4,200 using . Transport planes strike began. Interested adults and Stu Yms the second. A painting of and foreign pilots the Congo a Union Pacific and great dents alike my Contact Duncan v hips it figurehead and i no government prepares for a Northern Railroad officials said Moore at his Home. He Hopes boat a for Roberts novel Lively ground and air search for Fugi pickets were withdrawn and a to arrange lecture groups on i and it a. Was sold for $4,000. Tive mercenaries. Union official said strikers a several evenings during the re manage there was no hint of Union of first Day of the strike. Official land Aroostook handles Northern their own position to the strike stoppage said if the walkout had continue operations. Big a foreclosure papers Are served shootings break racial Calm a riot hit new Jersey areas York apr a a Boston based firm today served foreclosure papers on the it. Agamen Ticus co. Operators of big a ski area North of York. Andrew j. Murtha president of the firm said he received a foreclosure notice from James Walcott lne in connection with a $100,000 loan negotiated three years ago. Murtha said his company s attorneys were discussing the mat Ter and would advise him within the week on a course of action. Going to expo evade City traffic have Good reservations close to grounds can arrange for you inquire miss Nevcy 174 Elm St., Biddeford dial 284-7013 help wanted stitching room lasting room making room full time employment will train apply Westland shoe corp Smith St., Biddeford Maine Murtha said the loan was made at a total of 11 2 per cent in Terpst. The notice came after the Maine recreation authority had denied a $250,000 loan request from the firm a with the company operates facilities at Agamen Ticus Mountain and uses Man made Snow As a part of its area. A company spokesman Thomas e. Davidson said a a we re not throwing in the sponge he said the firm had one year to take care of its loan obligations after the foreclosure. The area was opened in december of 1964 and was plagued with financial difficulties for most of its three years in existence. Lack of major amounts of natural Snow was cited As one reason for the areas decline in popularity Davidson said. Today a chuckle a bore is a Guy who is Here today and Here tomorrow. To we or Gen. L a. Corp Mechanic experienced Many fringe benefits year a round work apply in person Maine line motors North St. Saco Newark. . A racial Calm in riot plagued new Ark was broken Early today when a negro looter was shot to death in a gun Duel with police and a patrolman was wounded in another nearby incident. Earlier a taxicab rider died of injuries suffered in a Jersey City fire bombing. The fatalities stemming from negro rioting in new Jersey now stands at 27. As Newark was trying to recover from five Days and nights of wild tumult that accounted for 25 of the dead a racial armistice was being tested in nearby Plainfield where 12 negro prisoners were released today in their own recognizance i elsewhere in Northern new Jersey restless troublemakers provided an uneasy monday night for the communities of Elizabeth. Paterson new Brunswick and Jersey City. The alleged looter was identified As Raymond Gilmer 20, of Newark who fled in a car after being spotted standing in front of a wrecked store in the negro area. After a High Speed Chase during which shots were exchanged Gilmer leaped from his car and ran Down an Alley and fired at four pursuing policemen. They returned the fire and Gilmer w As shot in the head. Police said they found a pistol knife and a pair of binoculars on his body. A Short time later patrolman John Romano was wounded in an Exchange of gunfire with i several negro occupants of a car which tried to run him Down. The Jersey City victim was Freddie Lee Jones 24, a negro. Police said he was Riding in a cab last saturday night when a fire bomb was thrown against the vehicle. He died monday night of bums a woman passenger and the Driver were injured. The bomber escaped his race and identity unknown. Looting and w window smashing in Jersey City led to the arrest of 34 negro youths during the night. Jersey City Elizabeth and Paterson were the scenes of rioting in 1964. Newark s business life was on its Way Back to Normal. Some 5,-000 new Jersey National guardsmen were withdrawn monday and control of the City restored to the 1,400-Man police Force. Plainfield a City of 50, my about 18 Miles Southwest of Newark underwent a fourth night of disorder monday hut Milder than earlier outbreaks which had claimed the life of a White policeman. Jig it a it of state atty. Gen. Arthur j. Sills said a truce plan was worked out during a three hour night meeting with militant Young negroes including one described As a a Black Muslim a Force of 200 National guardsmen and the City a 83-Man police Force were withdrawn outside 24-Block perimeter around the racially tense negro West end to let members of the negro Community Stab in t Lish their own peace keeping Effort. One complaint of West end negotiators was that Whites were Riding through the neighbourhood taunting negroes. About 35 per cent of Plainfield a residents Are negro. Sills said he found no evidence that Plainfield a disorders were abetted by Newark rioters. North of Newark in Paterson fires apparently set by arsonists flared in vacant buildings and a fire bomb was thrown at a drug store. Rocks were thrown1 through store windows in Eliza both and a police car was stoned. Bands of Young negroes smashed and looted downtown stores in new Brunswick six Miles from Plainfield despite a Midnight curfew established earlier monday. There were a number of false alarms. Seven negroes were arrested two of them said to be carrying guns. In Newark with a population of 400, xxx about half of which Are negroes the property damage from the ugly rampage that engulfed a third of the cily was estimated at $15 million by p. Bernard Nortman City economic development director. The Newark rioting began the night of july 12 after a negro taxicab Driver was arrested for a traffic violation. He was released without Bond to his actor _ Nev accused of assaulting the doing i 111.ik shake to improve the it Ltd a arresting police officers edition of Biddeford streets Are four Young some officials were disposed sters who reside in the Prospect Street a a toward the theory that the North duplicating the work being done in front of Jersey rioting was planned and their Homes at the Corner of Prospect and not spontaneous t Myrtle streets arc in foreground John Moi sail 5 rear Paul Moisan 3 Michael Moisan 7, and Michael Sini Ensko 5. The Moisan boys Are the sons of or. And mrs. Conrad Moisan 42 Prospect St., and the Simensky youth s parents Are or. And mrs. Arthur Simensky 44 Prospect St tuesday july 18, 1967 York count local news daily since b1ddeford-Saco, Maine vol. 83. No. 166 associated press Wiro service 12 pages Price ten cents anti strike Law signed news at some pickets persist Board on Railroad dispute Washington a president Johnson named a Concilia Tion Board today to try to solve the Railroad dispute. He also called for another Home front Effort to stimulate employment and opportunities for the poor in order to avoid what to termed More Wattles and new arks. And in the International Arena the president told a suddenly arranged news conference that the United states still stands ready at any moment to negotiate on a vietnamese settlement. But he said it has no signs that Hanoi is willing. The president declined to get into a detailed discussion of con it Ulta tons with vietnamese allies on increasing troop Levels for the War hut said that a a Leboard under the chairmanship Day and with some of the oth Metic programs in the Field of Are in constant of sen. Wayne Morse d-ore., Aires. Poverty As Well As for the War also on the Domestic scene in Vietnam and foreign Aid. The president stood Pat at this Quot we think it would be Good with respect to the Middle Man on whom he has called in East Johnson conceded that Shelho United states has been unable a t. To get an agreement to hold i during the night the i Orcsi Down arms shipments to the is Dent said he got in touch with Rae Lis and arabs As he pro posed. Advised of great Britain san noun cent of her intentions to Fred Kappel retired president of american Telephone and Telegraph co., in Switzerland with mediator Theodore Hecl in time on his hid for adding 6 per from the standpoint of defense cent to income tax Bills. But he and the Economy a Johnson left the Way open for some and Saij. Withdraw from Malaya and Paris with Al Cio president Singapore in the 1970s, Johnson Grorge Means in Miami Beach. And with retired Republican sen. Lever Cut Saltonstall of Mas asked fur his views on what has happened in new Jersey a just ments. But the president preferred not to go into factors which might Call for More than a 6 the rioting and killings that of per cent surtax. Used around Newark and the president said that were spread to such Points As Plain it not for tax reductions put in Field a Johnson said he had no sae Susetts. They will serve in during his occupancy of the More information than his ques Der Morse. White House. Americans would winners. A of course we Are very Hope be paying .$24 billion More in he went on to say though. Said that a we have expressed ourselves As very hopeful the British would maintain their position in that part of the world and would Hope they would find it useful to do for the panel to try to solve the dispute that brought on a two Day nationwide rail strike. Johnson named a five member touch with Morse during the needed he said for both do Lis better education and housing. Ful we can get an agreement he tween the parties a Johnson said. Taxes now. That we have a great need to a we do not think it unreason see that people Are employed Able to ask them to return a that there Are More opportune Uci Anup in Hgt a Zivni i Muni u Tutu in in air Iii Pic ii Pui cum and he said he would be in Small he said this that Are equal that there

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