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Biddeford Saco Journal Newspaper Archives Jul 18 1967, Page 3

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Biddeford Saco Journal (Newspaper) - July 18, 1967, Biddeford, Maine Pilot plucked from Hill under heavy enemy fire Saigon apr it. Cmdr. De is from his feet. It wrecked Metrio Anthony Verich dodged some of his controls and his a two flaming Sam missiles and Dio earphones banked toward the North Viet while other . Fliers Biddeford Sago journal tuesday july 18, 1967 Congo prepares to Hunt Down its mutineers extradition so it could execute i him. The Mutiny collapsed when i the mercenaries opposed by Loyal congolese troops and receiving Little support from White settlers withdrew from Kisan Gani and Bukavu Kinshasa the Congo a a Vincini capital on another the Congo s went on a drove namese rail Yard that was his of fanned the Congo a government Eastern Border. Target. A third missile Taino us area unable t0msdotlimade j preparations t0 a a to it congolese troops. _ dered into his crusader jets y a a final la he neared the Hunt Down its mutinous White rampage of looting and random exhaust and blew the Tail off. Downed Pilot and Van a Quot mercenaries with paratroopers firing after they reoccupied All the plane flipped Over Mon n,.ro Lin Chr a a aided by foreign african pilots a a a a Day and Dove for the ground 5 Fure up throu8h000 feet below at 500 Miles an la and . Air Force transports. Reliable sources said 150 con to kill a 4 _ _ _ it 11 Lvii Milf oui i o act Sci Luu Vii Lull oils win Anteras Blades 15? in let ?0, paratroopers trained by go. Monday. Of Kisangani and the City was still without Normal communications with the rest of the con the Stocky 35 year old Bach the on so. It if a Quot Ere flown in american in Bukavu where returning Elor from Laona wis., popped ered Over Verich about l to feet i f to Kisangani formerly congolese soldiers raped and his ejection seat and the Chute below a Lonc Stanleyville the northeastern killed europeans in an anti White opened when he was about 1.000 to Blip k lowered a to from which the Mercena frenzy some residents were still feet up. Ground fire zipped Verich tried to crab Tho Raht nes Anda it Elliou Katanga barricaded in their Homes. A about him and he drifted toward first time troops fled july 13. Dial feelings were subsiding to a a a i shall i. .ur8 ume i1 supper Oul Ott a Smiros snut a. The billowing fireball from own crashed Jet. Verich had been shot Down just a year ago on his first Toi in Vietnam with the Carrier or Iskand. That time he was nicked up just off the coast with red said Ghana has however and food stocks were ample. Rank Crigler the . At Bukavu said he had Contact with about 30 Amer while the 100 feet of Eahler a a a a a 11 Xvi ,1ier8 k ans Ivins in the Interior As far m .ieei.0t Quot As and seven More pilots Mobutu As 300 Miles from Bukavu. Most lip Jusi on me coast inn Nea so Velv pulled in the to Tintor of rates irom Mikazu. Most mortar shells dropping into the hovered almost motion. Unis a is exp cling Holp from the Are missionaries and their Fame water All around him. This time Ink 7innnh by Tho Halir t a livonian a a Force Hes. Congolese authorities have. Me Neil Coper the mutineers reported la Ormin hurl a a land Nicori Supply a Matil remedial program is under was at the Jameson school old Orchard Beach involving students in grades 4 through 12 in the six week project two weeks of which have been completed. Observing the program Are old Orchard Beach school Board members left to right Jerome g. Plante Louis Deangelis and e. Emerson Cummings director of the him. A x. A wuss he thought i off three r0 no t0 kiss him a said the i. Lot. A conference i then with Saigon today that he landed solving and to cd Premier and Katanga Lead a soon Iii Chin inv nah Uriah or t 7r. A or cover. Or was kidnapped in a hijacked Boyles notebook Jones is no common Bird fire zipping around other pilots drove program. Not shown is Charles , another school 1 Inch told a new Hoard member. The pupils Are left to right John Bergeron in Michael Kerr Patricia Benoit Debra i Inlet Diane Jacques on a Steep Hillside covered with the Quot helicopter and Robert Rad lev. Used in the program arc books moving a Rush tangled Trees and vines 0f pictures math games and audio visual aids. J Hundred cards Down ohm his 11 very a a new a Lew Nunn Reu varas a Ownell be Sion of this cruise with the Oris could hear firing and North Kane he rom Larteri 7 i l i them they must accept arbitral vietnamese calling to each oth Prev ious tour after two weeks Tion when they Are bargaining leave in Australia he will and negotiating a new contract. F Lay Law and covered myself turn 0 Carrier this is the distinction they up with he said. I Carrier. The a a a a a refining de to include 50 to 180 Whites 0. Here is laying claim to the was and 200 to 800 Kata Gans. Talles smokestack in the world. The rebellion began july 5 after Moise Tshombe the exiled the stack is 828 feet High or 428 feet higher than the old one. Smelter manager . Wood .�?1�? a a Side said the new smokestack got Tut Hill out plane to Algiers and the Congo was built at a Cost of about $1.5 j est government asked for his million Verich s second Nus re by Hal Boyle make although it May seem a he tried to move about mid very Fine line since both sides night to a safer area a he could have accepted the principle of Bear voices about 100 Yards arbitration. They want to retain away. But the ground was Soa a., the right to say when they will Steep he feared he would fall to ritual Quality. It is the ability to watch us eat. It makes us feel and wont listen to an Arbi new York ai1/ Paul Combine the spiritual and the like animals m a zoo Jones Ain hearing la great Yucai More 01 Harmonica playing Singer collecting Antiques. But irom now on. Los the son a tired English Means much to him. He is one of the top pop sing naval Captain. Expecting to be a i have a quirk for that new York apr Paul Colome me spiritual Anu me axe animals in a Tou. Or re in 1 fun a a fran. Fri earthly and most of Western Money he says Means very ifs to f v m n v a i it society seems unable to do Little to him except that it Ena orca sure in is a Young Man you May be Isles him to pursue his Hobby of sins daring a great Deal More o thru Ivine Dinoni Rollor Tiff onto us. But Fame i arbitral he darkness and perhaps break Curtis is delaying ferry Bill signing Augusta apr gov. Curtis it leg. He covered himself up still has one of the 750 Bills because Tlisov say they again after moving Only 20 feet passed by the 103rd legislature free collective bar at Dawn the american planes to sign if he a going to. Or of Blim Evland and has just the Bis 2sixi ass so up ass you haul International entertainment idol whose managers try to before deciding to make a career in music. Before his voice caught the Issi in is Public ear a he s popular on the Reb Edmus you i into an Evan a online it a s weft Pas in his Tail Homeland a Jones worked As a for i a a i s railway Porter boat attendant fair haired Ami Gre 11-Eye i Lav Iahn map department. They accept arbitration returned first the jets then the lame when it is to their convenience slower propeller driven sky raid to do so. But what of the Public it is and finally a noisy Hal icon no convenience and necessities i a the Union and the manage the Bill would allocate $350,000 in surplus funds for buying a second North Haven ferry Curtis said monday he wants. The red gunners opened up to look at priorities for surplus critical of of admits a no nipples m int he in Huseini is at on the planes and the helicopter funds before acting on the Bill because of their passivity Jones an except for Tho i hic free he said several persons has aligns turn self with those Mem Dom carries with it response flying his first Rescue mis asked him to sign the Mccasun does no to fit into any convenient pigeonhole. He Isnit that common a Bird. Lie wears his hair Down to the Nape of his neck and likes to go around in Orange corduroys. But. At 25. He feels he belongs Sid the House neither to the beat nor the hip it de int Nous a pie generation. Once he described himself As an a upper class Bohemian a but now Saya that was merely a flippant remark. A Bohemian is such an old fashioned word. I be always been Middle class. Image Wise i certainly am not the beatnik Type. I suppose in a the British Bov next door Type a incredibly Square and with a 6ocial conscience. A soul is a very important thing to me. That a Why i like negro blues a its loud and full of soul. A to me soul is not just As Pir Day Jaborek store Salesman. Now he lives with his wife Sheila and two children in a prosaic London Home far from Bohemian Chelsea. Hers of the Young generation ability which Means no Freedom Sion Tail lean helicopter Pilot hut a Many More w to want to be More Actie in absolute. Ineil Sparks a Navy lieutenant him to veto it. Changing the status quo. This is particularly True in from Tulsa okla., was Wel Quot i View this hippie thing with vital areas of the society such corned to the area by a Shell an enormous amount of sym a As communications and trans that blew into the Cabin 18 Inch thy a he remarked. A but i Wor por tation and also in Fields e measure have urged immediate opening for Man Over 30 a to take responsible position with expanding York county building supplier a experience required in charge account credit clearance and collection procedures to also handle office duties. Please submit resume and references to journal want ads Are workers co Biddeford Saco journal makes eating with false Teeth a up to 35% easier clinical test prove you can now eat and Chew better make dentures average up to 35% More effective if you Sprinkle u Little fast eth on your platen. Fa8teeth hold uppers and Lowers Mora firmly so they feel More comfortable. Fas Teeth la not acid does no to sour. No Gummy pasty taste. Helps Check a denture odor. Dentures that fit Are essential to health. So see your dentist regularly. Get fas Teeth at All drug counters. By about their tendency to drop tally a affecting Quot the National in out of life. Terest welfare and Economy a i believe in individual re such As steel or Coal or electric a possibility a that it is up to Power. Every individual to raise the a Railroad strike Back at the a sometimes fans Bunch out Quality of life. You should find turn of the Century or a Tele he remarked the Best thing you can do to phone shutdown might not have a they stand quietly there and make a better and More peace tipped the country unless look through the windows and1 Ful world then do longed. But since then american so Sci Etc has become not Only infinitely More Complex hut info finitely More interdependent. And this will continue. I for that reason this writer believes compulsory arbitration a in industries which vitally of compulsory arbitration of strikes inevitable by James Marlow air news analyst contain an agreement railing feet the country and its people r 0r an Ous ran arbitrator is inevitable although it prob Washington a com to come in if they net into an by it come Soonk confess Pul Sory arbitration such As insoluble Over what a at this times reliant ,0 pc Ink Congress voted monday As a contract Means after they sign last resort to end the ran Road. ,. Example last summer five strike is a dirty phrase to in such an arbitrators me rare air nes were shut Down 43 Days by the same machinists Union. Tation of the contract must then was the biggest airline strike ions and probably to most managements. President Johnson urged this sides. This can be of real benefits in his Terv Thuro in Norm legislation which he signed into to a Union which has agreed t Finly re Al us Reauis Rinju com Law monday night in the Public once a contract is signed not to hit Kiln interest. The International Asso strike during its life. ,1 t1 part. Is Dent and the can . Al cd of sweated out that one Unlue sunday morning after a year once a Union has agreed not to up i in Long dispute Over a new con strike it would be at the mercy w. In tract. Of any management that wanted Alt my a jas�?�1l Jofh a he after pret a he can act 10 uti though in that Case the Settle so did All Orjin travel. Mail and. Itself. Ment shattered the wage guide farm and factory products piled a a \ b up unmoved. The Union was but All that involves a con bitter about the action by John tract once it has been agreed 1 in Al Tami term son and Congress. Upon. What unions and perhaps under the new but Tempo run yet More than 95 per cent of most managements Don t want ,.�?~�?~1,�?T w All Union management contracts is for the government to Tell the or Climont will appoint cd. Five Man Board to try to get. Both sides to agree to a Settle ment voluntarily. If they done to the Board will Tell them what they must accept. One of the jokes in both the airline and Railroad strikes is that both industries Are covered by the antiquated Railroad act allowing for a lot of stalling stretching Over months. Another is the fact that in both cases the machinists instead of tackling one company at a time took on a squad of them which makes bargaining a lot tougher farm Field Day and open House automated free stall feed handling housing system farm equipment displays thurs., july 20th-10 a m.-4 in Case of rain july 21st William Tiedmann farm route 11, Emington Maine Here is a dessert that is aptly called Ambrosia. It is made with Orange sections sliced bananas Orange juice and flaked Coconut with a sprinkling of sugar. Make it ahead and keep it in the refrigerator. Belongs on every Wall a a a a i a. a a Sli. A i even in july Cadillac is the newest car you can buy. With All of its Richness and elegance Superb Comfort and truly exceptional driving qualities the current Cadillac is always regardless of year or season the newest car you can buy. This is indisputably True of the 1967 Standard of the world. Cadillac a highly advanced engineering exemplified both by the front wheel drive Fleetwood of Dorado and the eleven other exciting Cadillac models still remains years ahead of its time. In terms of handling ease and quiet performance no other car is the equal of the worlds most sought after luxury automobile. There a also Cadillac a tasteful evolutionary styling. A significant reason Why Cadillac of All Ages Are recognized As Cadillac regardless of their year of manufacture. And testifying to this almost timeless Appeal is Cadillac a remarkably High resale value. Two and three year old Cadi Llacsa and even some of the earlier models Are in greater demand than Many other automobiles that Are presently in production. So visit your authorized Cadillac dealer at your very first Opportunity. You la quickly discover that there a nothing newer than a new Cadillac. Standard of the world Jet iss of it Tusci ced thac motor Csc a it vol see your authorized Cadillac dealers attractive selection of new and used Cadillac. Harry b. Center inc. 321 Elm Street dial 284-4586 Biddeford Maine

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