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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 21, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Then and now Manor House of the Van Rensselaer patroons shown above left on its original location in Albany and at Williamstown the two wings shown on building at left were not included. Interior of one consisting of the great Hall of right in Williamstown mass., where it has served As a Home for Sigma Phi fraternity for nearly 70 years. Built in 1765 a the mansion is now in the american Wing of the metropolitan museum of Art in new York City. The building is made of the Hub of the 700,000-acre patronage it was moved in 1893 to replace the fraternity House destroyed by fire. The last Brick of unusual size 9 x 4% by 2 inches. Trim was originally of White Stone but in 1843, during extensive remodelling Van Rensselaer left the Home on the death of the fourth Stephen in succession in 1868. In the Transfer from Albany to this was replaced by Brown new Jersey . Counties in background of Williams fraternity House ish entertainments. He died May 25, 1868 and with him the old order of things passed. The vast patronage which had remained in its original Feudal state for More than too years came to an end when the widow died in 1876 the last of the family left the old House which was stripped of its furniture. The descendants of the patroons bowed to the inevitable and left. One of them however with unusual foresight did not abandon the ancestral Manor House until after he had taken the wallpaper from the Wall of the great Hall a room 22 by 45 feet. Sigma Phi fraternity presented the original doors of the Hall to the museum in 1928 at the time or. Howard Van Rensselaer gave the carefully rolled and hand painted paper to the museum and the old Hall was practically completely restored. The evacuation of the old House following the death of the fourth Stephen coincided with the anti rent rebellion of the mid nineteenth Century which brought about important modification of the Patroon system which had remained nearly intact under dutch English and american Law. Under the system manufacturing was forbidden and Commerce restrained taxes were paid Only to the Patroon who exercised almost full Feudal privileges. Because the vast property was in a Grant in perpetuity from the rulers of Holland this was Van Rensselaer influence Felt by Early vermonters Vermont especially Bennington county has cause to remember the Van Rensselaer. Under the Patroon system they appointed the magistrates the magistrates issued the warrants and sent the sheriffs into the new Hampshire Grants to collect Back taxes from the Early settlers of what is now Vermont. The Patroon had reason of a sort on his Side. The settlers recorded their deeds in Albany where taxes were set. Therefore ruled the Patroon a magistrates the taxes should be paid. According to the annals the Van Rensselaer were benevolent landlords easy on the indians and not inclined to exercise their constituted authority on their tenants. These in Many cases were Little better than serfs. But land ownership was something else. In matters per Taining to property they were hard boiled. Vermont did not come into the Union until 1792. The warnings As late As 1770 were headed province of new Hampshire. After that no province is specified. Despite this the residents of the southwestern part of the state never recognized the authority of new York. These same settlers although not yet in the Union were prepared to enter actively into the contest for american Liberty. General Burgoyne called them Quot the most Active and rebellious race of the continent which hangs like a gathering storm on my the Border fights with new York continued Well on into the next Century and even today there Are mutterings in some isolated instances. Paint wallpaper retrieved from the great Hall of the mansion before it was evacuated by the last of the Van Rensselaer in 1876. It was presented to the metropolitan museum where it now decorates the great Hall of the Manor House Interior of which was removed to new York when Sigma Phi acquired and moved the mansion. The panel show Quot Cascade at Tivoli Quot is from an engraving by Leveau after the painting by Lacroix. North Bennington Elizabeth Dwyer workers from the Southern Vermont Orchards have been invited to attend the la . Worship service sunday at the local congregational Church and will provide a vocal quartet to take part in the service. For his Sermon the Rev. Charles j. Parsley has chosen the topic a this i do a Nursery is provided during the morning service. Following the service there will be a Brief business meeting of Church members to see of they will authorize the trustees to borrow funds to finish paying for repairs made to the parsonage during the summer. The Church school and meth con youth groups plan to resume their fall programs on sept. 29. The villagers Home demonstration club will meet tuesday at 8 . At the Library. This is the first of two meetings on the construction of botanical lamp 442-4319 shades. Preparatory work will be done tuesday and those who wish to make one of these new shades Are asked to bring an old lamp Shade preferably Parchment to the meeting. Business in connection with the years program and a consideration of the new by Laws of the county Home demonstration Council Are on the Agenda and All members Are urged to make an Effort to attend. The villagers Are always Happy to Welcome new members to the group and any women in the Community interested in adult homemaking education As Well As the Exchange of ideas with others Are invited to come to this meeting. Among the 832 freshmen on hand for orientation week at Dartmouth College in Hanover n.h., Are Peter v. Holden a 1963 graduate of and son of Justice and mrs. James s. Holden of Oversea Road. Honoured first by the dutch conquerors the English and then the americans. As the Van Rensselaer heirs sold off piece after piece each Transfer carried a Lien of a specified annual Quot ground this was some times several pounds in Money or several bushels of Grain. The new York supreme court has ruled these ground rents valid. They survived the anti rent rebellion of the mid-1800s which was particularly aimed at them. In Many cases they have been bought up by payment of a Lump amount but in Many More Quot ground rent Quot is still paid although the original stipulation has been changed to terms of modern currency. The theatre Bennington it. Phone2-4990 today thru tuesday sat. Amp Sun. 6 30 amp 9 04 Sun. Mat. 2 . Other eve. 7 30 cd Risch company. Edward i Alperson. J86k Shirley Lemmon a Maine this Pic to us is to adults Only Bius Wilder s irmo1 Douce s la 11&Quot i o tonight and saturday Beach party Frankie Avalon Annette Funicello and Ami rican into Anat Oil Tell no Edgar to univ pock toe Raven i _ t rom in Pama my Pat Mecole 1 Price in. Lorre Karloff White slave ship Pink Angeli Edmond pm rdc Bennington drive in open week ends Only fri.-Sun., sept. 20-22 also 5 great stars Challenge you to guess the disguised roles they play Messemer a Tori production a a if i Bennington Banner saturday september 21, 1963-7 id ant help All the Way ? states Gypsum and new wings and a porch added the White Stone was removed and replaced with Brown new Jersey Sandstone. The building stood in a vast Park at that time which would have done credit to an English estate. Although the great holdings had been greatly decreased by division at that time Stephen Van Rensselaer was still a very wealthy Man and carried on Lav chickens fryers and broilers whole 29 Cut up la. 33< Sigma Phi building first leased to College by Sumner Kean Williamstown mass. A Sigma Phi is the first of the fraternities to lease its building to Williams College As a dormitory. Hereafter it will be known As Van Rensselaer House and thereby hangs entire volumes of history. It is so named because it was the manorial House of the greatest of the dutch landlords or patroons whose estate Vanren Stelae Swyck included All of Albany Columbia and Rensselaer counties. How did a dutch Manor House built in Albany in 1765, get to Williamstown it was moved there Stone by Stone Timber by Timber 70 years ago. Not All of the vast pile came to Williamstown. Two wings were not included in the Transfer. One of them housed the great Hall which roofing of re roof a easy terms today reposes intact in the american Wing of the metropolitan museum of Art Complete with hand painted wallpaper. What adds to the importance of the old mansion is that it is the last of its kind a companion dwelling the pastures residence of Gen. Philip Van Schuyler having been razed by fire within the past year. The original Sigma Phi House burned in 1793. Marcus a. Reynolds an architect and member of the fraternity suggested acquiring the Manor House and moving it. By this time the old House was isolated in a Section of Albany no longer considered desirable. On one Side was the Erie canal on another the tracks of the new York Central. Then the Delaware amp Hudson installed its tracks Between House and canal. Reynolds was Able to consummate the Deal As the old building was in shabby condition. He superintended taking it apart moving it to Williamstown and re assembling it. To see the old House in its proper perspective one must stretch imagination to the snapping Point for the patroons were unbelievable. Kiliaen Van Rensselaer 1595-1644 was a Rich merchant of Amsterdam a dealer in precious stones. More important he was a founder and organized of colonial magnificence a stairway of the Van Rensselaer Manor House in Albany ., now at Williams College w Here Sigma Phi House first leased to the College As a dormitory will be known As Van Rensselaer House. Light fixtures Imperial Progress Wolta for the new look and better lighting h. Greenberg amp son 321 main St. Dial 2-6324 or 2-6325 Bennington dutch West India company chartered in 1621. He was a member of the Assembly of Nineteen governing body of the privileged company. In 1629 its charter of freedoms and exemptions was approved giving the title of Patroon and the right to Purchase land from the indians this to anyone who would Settle 50 souls and found a Colony. For this the Patroon was Given 16 Miles of land along a navigable River eight on each Side and As far Back As convenient. He was also Given privileges of an extensive kind including the administration of Justice and the appointment of magistrates and ministers and the rights to certain goods and services from his tenants who in Many cases were Little More than serfs existing on the pleasure of their Feudal lord. Although Kiliaen never came to this country he had an Able agent in Gen. Abraham ten Broeck. Within 12 years the agent had purchased mostly by barter from the indians More than 700,-000 acres extending 24 Miles along the Hudson River by 48 Miles crosswise. Similar manorial holdings although not so vast were established by the dutch All along the Hudson Delaware and Connecticut Rivers. Most of them failed either due to poor support by the West India company or to Savage Indian raids. Rensselaer Wyck was the notable exception. Due to shrewd management and farsighted dealings with the indians it prospered and was never bothered by raids. When the first Rensselaer Stephen and his guardian Gen. Ten Broeck arrived in America there were 40,000 Hoosick indians living in what is now Rensselaer county. The new owners regarded the indians Corn crop As sacred and never touched it no matter How great the need. This is believed to have been the basis for the indians Friendship. On the 13th of May in 1765 Young Stephen first Van Rensselaer to Settle Here started work on the Manor House at the head of Broadway Albany. Ten Broeck. His Mentor was the supervisor of this operation. He built it As a Home to bring his Bride Catherine daughter of Philip Livingstone a signer of the declaration of Independence and to be in keeping with the estates of the lord of a Manor. Thus was established the Home of Stephen the Young Patroon and there were successive Stephens born until there were four in line. For nearly 80 years the old House remained unchanged but was extensively remodeler in 1843. The two original wings were torn Down some windows blocked up and others opened 115 Pratt St. Phone 2 2317 Monument roofing amp Sheet Metal co. Bennington we re More than a building material Yard we re Home improvement Headquarters and for Quality materials we re proud to be associated with United states Gypsum the greatest name in building. Come Back and get some action a. Dewey amp sons Mckinley Street Bennington we care for your plumbing and heating like another cat

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