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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - September 21, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Showers Cool Cloudy with showers and Cool. High 55 to 60. Showers ending followed by Clearing Cool tonight. Sunrise today 6 38 a.m., Sunset 6 54 . Tonight the Moon is at apogee-251,900 Miles from Earth. V5 Bennington o we Bennington Vermont saturday september 21, 1963 Anner established 1841. 60th year no. 19,288 Price 7 cents 28 shopping Days 4til halloween pumpkins pumpkins. Pumpkins this is the last weekend of Quot summer Quot these delighted girls discover As they revel in the first crop of pumpkins at Harwood Hill Orchards. From left Kathy Grimm Julie Thurber and Linda Holden can t seem to make up their minds which to choose. Autumn arrives officially this year on monday sept. 23. Grimm Mansfield wants Unity in Viet Nam Alabama sheriff optimistic news in Brief in Church bombing a ase Washington apr Senate majority Leader Mike Mansfield warned Friday that the . Effort in South Viet Nam faces disaster unless All american agencies there respond promptly to policy changes ordered by president Kennedy. The Montana democrats Senate speech was a thinly veiled rebuke to the . Central intelligence Agency operations in South Viet Nam informed sources said for giving the impression the United states Speaks with two voices in dealing with the Saigon government. Mansfield did not mention the Cia in saying there Are More than 15,000 americans in South Viet Nam helping in the Effort to Avert a communist guerrilla Victory. A a unless they function All of them mentioned and unmentioned a As a unit in prompt response to such modifications of policies As May be Laid Down by the president and Secretary of state and these two leaders alone we will suffer the gravest consequences in Viet Nam a he said. Mansfield added that the United states must first put its own bureaucratic House in order and if that requires a certain individuals be removed then the sooner they Are removed the Birmingham Ala. Apr sheriff Melvin Bailey said Friday he is optimistic about solving last sunday s Church bombing that killed four negro girls and rekindled fires of racial tension and fear in Birmingham. A somebody is going to come up with a Lead a said Bailey. Digging for that Lead Are scores of Fri agents and state City and county officers. . Dist. Atty. Macon l. Weaver said investigators had concluded the bomb was a High order explosive placed under a 14-step rear Entrance to sixteenth Street Baptist Church. Weaver said there was nothing else he could report. A huge Force of state and local police keeps the uneasy City under tight patrol Day and night. Eight Hundred National guardsmen Are on standby. The archbishop of the Mobile Birmingham diocese spoke out strongly in a pastoral letter against violence and racial hatred. The letter sent by the most Rev. Thomas j. Toolen to All diocesan priests will be read sunday from All Catholic pulpits in Alabama and Northwestern Florida. He said Law enforcement officers Are overworked a but does this fact justify so Many bomb Ings with no one found accountable. A at the three desegregated Birmingham schools White children returned to classes in increasing numbers without any trouble. Attendance jumped to 94.6 per cent of enrolment in the High schools. The president is sending in the next few Days a two Man peace commission to Birmingham. The men Are Earl Blaik former football coach and Kenneth c. Roy All former Secretary of the .draft Hoard Cheeks records Montpelier apr Vermont s selective service director today urged married men with no children who Are under 26 and classified As i a to submit certified copies of their marriage certificates to local draft Board. Col. Elbert t. Kimball said the filing of marriage certificates results from president Kennedy s executive order delaying induction of married men with no children. Kimball added that local Board clerks Are now mailing out form questionnaires to separate the married men from the single ones. Teachers urged to make Best use of Ford curriculum Grants by Warren Buckler Arlington a teachers in Bennington Southwest school District schools were urged Friday to help in be the Best possible use of a $4,000 Ford foundation Grant for the development of a curriculum improvement program. W. Philip Walker principal of Molly Stark school and one of three speakers at the districts annual fall meeting at memorial High school Here said he Hopes the teachers will Volunteer for trips to other communities to study educational innovations and new teaching techniques. The Grant will cover All travel expenses incurred by administrators and teachers. Walker was one member of a committee made up of representatives of to local school districts which this summer was Given the Grant by the Ford foundations fund for the advancement of education. After studying educational developments in other districts this fall Walker said the committee will submit to the foundation specific proposals for curriculum development in schools in southwestern Vermont. This he said could result in a much larger Grant when the foundation considers the proposals in february. The second Grant would be used to put curriculum changes into effect. Part in paling in the curriculum study which was preceded by a year of meetings and discussion Are All schools in the Bennington Southwest Bennington graded and it. Anthony Union school districts and Bennington parochial schools. The curriculum changes would affect 4,600 students and 216 faculty members in 17 school buildings Walker noted. Later during a special session Armand a Landry a member of science research associates in Cleveland Ohio spoke to the teachers about the greater Cleveland mathematics program which is now used in 21 school districts in and around Cleveland. The program is based on modern concepts of teaching math and is one of about 5c curriculum programs that the local committee has expressed interest in. The Cleveland program Landry said was developed in an Effort a to teach children to Cope with a More complicated world in which most calculating chores Are done by the modern math program according to Landry a challenges children to discover underlying principles and fundamental concepts and apply them to any problem they May meet. The old system he said requires pupils to memorize rules and use them to solve specific problems. The emphasis Landry told the teachers is no longer just on finding the right answer but on understanding How the answer is arrived at. This he said improves the students ability to think clearly make discoveries for themselves and solve problems independently in every Field of study. After Landry had shown a film about the Cleveland program mrs. Marie Mattison principal of the Fisher elementary school in Arlington Robert Brock Molly Stark math teacher mrs. Beatrice Gilman of North Bennington graded school and miss Ruth Martin of Shaftsbury elementary school told their colleagues about modern math courses they had taken during the summer. Brock participated in a six week program at the University of Vermont. The others studied at modern math workshops sponsored by the District. American soviet relations cordial after presidents a pause speech cartoonist Dies London apr sir David Low whose Pellet rating editorial cartoons never spared a Public Fig ure is dead at 72. The creator of a colonel Blimp died in a Hospital thursday night of heart failure brought on by a Long illness with asthma and kidney trouble. He had been unable to work for the last four months. Sir Winston Churchill often depicted by the cartoonist As the Charles Dickens character Mica Wber once described Low As a the greatest of the modern Boom i no ii red los Angeles apr actor Richard Boone Paladin of televisions a have gun will travel a suffered face cuts and a rib injury Friday when his sports roadster struck a parked car at 4 a.m., police reported. Reports from the scene indicated the actors head crashed through the Windshield bits of Glass were embedded in his face. His Chest broke the steering wheel police kills infant Monson mass. Apr an explosion Friday destroyed a four apartment House in a Rural area killing 3-month-old Valle Wisor and critically injuring Robert l. Wisor 24, his wife Karolyn and a Young son Robert l. . In ii ii for Mao Belgrade Yugoslavia apr mrs. Ngo Dinh Nhu the politically powerful first lady of South Viet Nam declared today soviet Premier Thrush eve is More dangerous than Mao tse Tung the red chinese Boss. A we Are for coexistence a she said in an interview at the close of a nine Day visit to Belgrade. A the Khrushchev Type of coexistence is not genuine. It is Only a form of to fight civil suit Over Hancock track Providence re. Apr a prominent Rhode Island businessman says he plans to fight a civil suit in which a Buffalo is trying to collect $124,000 which it says it is owed on a promissory note involved in the financing of Berkshire Downs in Hancock mass. B. A. Dario president and treasurer of Lincoln Downs race track said last night lie and two other businessmen named in the suit feel the note is not their responsibility. Dario said that when Salvatore Rizzo of Scarsdale ., took Over As president of Berkshire Downs he accepted All obligations including the promissory note. United nations Apr president Kennedy proposed Friday that the United states and the soviet Union dramatize the pause in the cold War by sending a joint expedition to the Moon. The soviet Union said it would study the idea. Kennedy made the proposal in a major policy speech . General Assembly that was conciliatory in tone but specific in setting out Basic .-soviet differences. diplomats praised the speech for its moderation just As they did thursday after the policy speech delivered by soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko. Gromyko said that the general tone of the Kennedy speech is a conciliatory and this is Good. As to the Concrete proposals made i Conerly checks from bookmaker Are investigated new York apr commissioner Pete Rozelle s office is a assembling All the facts on several checks written by Maurice l. Lewis Memphis Developer and cashed by Charles Chuck Conerly former Star quarterback of the new York giants a member of the National football league. Lewis was indicted Jan. 8 by the Shelby county Tennessee grand jury on football gambling charges and is awaiting trial. The Memphis press scimitar in a copyright Story written by James j. White revealed Friday that five checks endorsed by Conerly and totalling $9,575, were produced at Lewis recent bankruptcy hearing. It said one of the checks for $3,500 was dated nov. 6, 1961, while Conerly still was with the giants. Conerly retired in february 1962 after playing his last game for the giants dec. 31,1961 in the title game at Green Bay. He had been with the club 14 years after he left the University of properly in Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia apr Indonesia strove today to mend frayed relations Wlton Britain checking further demonstrations and announcing that it will protect foreign properties from seizure. Government controlled news and radio agencies said president Sukarno specifically barred the takeover of British companies without his approval. The Assurance appeared to meet a British demand that Sukarno spell out what he intends to do about British properties seized by indonesian workers in the wave of anti British sentiment following the creation of Malaysia. This was climaxed wednesday when 10,000 indonesians protesting against the British protected Malaysia burned the $400,000 British embassy in Jakarta. Britons who sent their wives and children out of the country remained uneasy despite indonesian guarantees that it would tolerate no further demonstrations. A total of 28 Homes owned by various companies were pillaged wednesday but no office premises were damaged the embassy spokesman said. There was uneasiness about reports by some britons that the Core of wednesday s rioters was highly organized and mob leaders carried lists pinpointing the residences of British embassy personnel. the inside test your ingenuity with Jean Wassick s Quick quiz Page 3. Picture Page shows Bennington Rescue squad at work a Page 5. Even in Vermont the apartment Boom is being Felt a Page 6. A Williams College fraternity House has fascinating historic origins a Page 7. Bennington High school is Host to Windsor in Vermont football conference game at alumni Field today a Page to. The speech i would not prefer to comment now because i would like to study them in general it was a Day of East West cordiality with Gromyko relaying to Kennedy a warm personal greetings from Premier Khrushchev. Gromyko did so at a reception Given by Kennedy for All Heads of . Delegations after his speech. The Only jarring note came from Cuba which boycotted the speech in the Assembly. Carlos Lechuga head of the cuban delegation said he did not want to hear a distortions of the truth from Kennedy in regard to the Cuba revolution. It was also a Day in which the approximately 1,500 americans who work for the United nations got a warm Pat on the Back from their president. Most foreign dignitaries visiting the United nations take time out to Greet their nationals working for the organization but this was the first time for a . President to do so. The american employees filed into the Assembly Hall to hear Kennedy Praise their loyalty to the United states and a in a sense their higher loyalty to the International organization. In his 37-minute speech Kennedy made no direct reference to Gromyko a proposal for an 18-nation Summit conference on disarmament next year with Moscow As a possible site. In his Only mention of Gromyko a speech he said the United states was encouraged by soviet willingness to agree to keep weapons of mass destruction out of outer space. Gromyko said thursday his country desired agreement with the United states on this. Gromyko made another proposal for letting the United states and the soviet Union retain a limited number of nuclear rockets until agreement is reached on the last stage of disarmament. Kennedy did not react to this either. But he spelled out what the United states regards As priority items in future disarmament negotiations agreement on measures to prevent War by Accident or miscalculation on safeguards against suprise attack including observation Points at key Points on further measures to curb the nuclear race by Transfer of nuclear weapons converting fissionable materials to peaceful purposes and Banning underground tests with adequate inspection and enforcement. Tax Cut without a spending Cut is russian Roulette claims gof Washington apr Congress would be a playing russian Roulette with our destiny if it Cut taxes without requiring spending control the chief Republican spokesman on tax matters said Friday night. Rep. John w. Byrnes of Wisconsin led off the Republican reply to president Kennedy a plea on radio and television last wednesday for Quick enactment of his $11-billion tax Cut program without limiting amendments. Byrnes said the Kennedy administration a is taking an unprecedented Gamble with the entire economic system of the United states by betting that a tax Cut while the budget is out of balance will produce economic growth a far beyond any we have Ever before a if this Long shot does not come through a he said a what surely lies ahead is an unending Parade of huge Byrnes speech was broadcast Over the Abc and lbs television and radio networks and the Mutual radio network. He argued that the limitations he would write into the measure a will not delay the Bill a single Day nor change the size or the nature of the tax Byrnes is senior Republican on the tax writing House ways and Means committee. He is proposing that the tax legislation contain a provision voiding the Cut unless the president submits spending plans for not More than $97 billion during the fiscal year that started july i and $98 billion the next year. This would mean a Cut of about $1 billion this year under present spending Levels and probably several billion under those expected next year. The limit would not produce a balanced budget but republicans say it would reduce the deficit. Byrnes said these Are a comfortable limitations which should not be impossible for a a reasonably prudent administration with a Congress pledged to spending his proposed figure for this year he said is still $4 billion More than was spent last year. Byrnes held out the Prospect of More tax cuts in the future of we can Only stay he acknowledged that Kennedy has pledged an Ever tighter rein on Federal expenditures and that the Bill contains a similar declaration. But Byrnes declared a it is time to judge the administration by what it does More than by what it just As Kennedy on wednesday asked for Public support for his program Byrnes asked his nationwide audience a to let your voice be heard before next tuesday and wednesday when we will wage this Battle for you for your children and for our mental health advisory Board formed by Hoff the slow St Rikes beader a Ain Harrisburg a. A after 40 years someone has returned the overdue two volume work a biographical sketches of royalists in the american revolution to the Harrisburg Public Library but without the $1,478.25 in fines due. Through an error in bookkeeping it does no to know who borrowed the books. The books were mailed to the Library from Greenwich Conn. Montpelier apr gov. Philip la. Hoff announced today formation of a mental health advisory Board made up of leading citizens to help plan a comprehensive state a wide mental health study. W was the second new Agency created in As Many Days. On thursday Roff said he was setting up an inter Agency committee of natural resources. The mental health group has 31 members including Hoff or. Rupert a. Chittick of Waterbury state Hospital John m. Spencer chairman of the Board of health and commissioners Robert b. Aiken of health John j. Wacker Man of social welfare John v. Woodhull of institutions and Wil a a Accident Victov cd Richard Severson of the Hoosick ., Rescue squad unwraps Kevin Barry of219 Washington ave., who was bandaged up by Bennington Rescue squad members during a first Aid practice session. For Story and More pictures see pages. Photo Buckler Ham f. Kearns of administration. The advisory Board will help the health department s mental health division in a $50,000 study financed by the Federal government. And a there is a Strong possibility that the Grant will be renewed for an additional Vear a Hoff said. The scope of the study will in Lude adult disorders involving crime mental illness mental deficiency and alcoholism and child disorders of delinquency truancy and school dropouts As Well As mental illness and deficiency. Other subjects to be studied include such family problems As financial troubles child neglect and replacement and divorce separations and desertion. The groups first meeting will be in Barre sept. 25.Sorel mayor says Seaway inadequate Sorel que. Apr or. C. Robert Elsette mayor of Sorel said Friday the St. Lawrence Seaway is inadequate to handle the Large amount of traffic passing through its locks. Or. Fisette testified before International joint commission hearings on possibilities of constructing a Seaway along t h e Richelieu River in Quebec to Lake Champlain and the Hudson River in upper new York state. A there has been a gradual increase in traffic along the St. Lawrence Seaway and there Are soon going to be delays and loss of time in the locks a said or. Fisette. Or. Fisette said a Richelieu Seaway would result in greater Industrial development of Southwest Quebec and the states of Vermont and new York. A these economic benefits Are perhaps even More important than the transportation aspect of the canal a said or. Fisette. He said the Richelieu waterway should run from Sorel 40 Miles Northeast of Montreal directly to Lake Champlain and not enter the St. Lawrence River at any Point. He said the proposed waterway would create its own business rather than detract from other lines of transportation. The City of St. Johns que., submitted a Brief yesterday urging a link to the Lap Airie Basin on the St. Lawrence just West of Montreal

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