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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1963, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont 4-Llennington Banner tuesday november 26, 1963 profiles in courage the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials the incredible weekend surely it was a weekend americans will remember a weekend americans would like to erase from their memories and from the pages of history but cannot. From that shocking instant Friday afternoon when our Young president was Cut Down to the funeral monday afternoon when his remains were buried it has been a time of worldwide grief and individual drama of High pomp and underhanded violence such As none of us has seen before. It was a weekend in which All the Media of communication were focussed on a single Story so that people could see and hear the events As they unfolded As Well As read about them afterwards. The result was a sense of participation which matched the sense of Possession which americans have toward their president. In thus taking part vicariously in the death and its aftermath citizens were time and again shaken by emotion and taken by Surprise. There was the first overriding impression of the vigorous chief executive one moment smiling and waving in the Texas Sun the next moment crumpled by a Bullet. There was the Long saturday in which the dead president was returned to Washington and pre funeral ceremonies were announced hourly As they were made. There were the poignant pictures of mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy and her children going about what they had to do with control and dignity. The picture of somber ceremony deepen d yesterday with the Long mourning procession to the sound of muffled Drums from the White House to the Capitol. The vast silent crowds the solemnity of the marchers and the great buildings of our nation s capital overlooking the line of March conspired to make it a memorable scene. Yet far from the cortege another and lower drama was being played in Dallas where the accused Assassin Tor himself was murdered before the eyes of Mil 1 a nuent Hov has in i us of a Ball team Brattleboro reformer mar for it Servi to jul Camp by say next years Republican Pri in Vermont will offer the a greatest n Earth in a crowded balloting for or. Lieut. Gov. Foote is a contender re former gov. Keyser Likely will it Rmer Lieut. Gov. Babcock might be. Top. Macbride of Halifax every so lends up trial balloons to see Wyeth Lares be. Continues to be said that former Public Board chairman Paterson would like p into the contest. Some in the gof have even suggested former agricultural commissioner Tow be. A few Are talking up former Secretary of the Navy Franke for the a greatest show on Barth a primary. Furthermore persons who regard House speaker Billings As worthy material for lieutenant governor include More than a few who figure he a got the stuff and might jut As Well be a gubernatorial candidate. And now some republicans Are raising the name of forests and Parks commiss Ioner Merrill for governor. Lhatt a nine publicly mentioned candidates for the nomination to try to unseat a a i he Democrat is to took Vermont a As the current copy of a National Magazine refers to gov. Boff. But Many fewer than nine Lions of television watchers. In a sequence almost As incredible in its Way As the president s assassination the heavily guarded prisoner was killed in the police department cellar at mid Day while being moved from one jail to the next. This added the last unbelievable touch to the Complex episode that in three Days had altered the nations history and stained the reputation of a City. For there should be no doubt in anyone s mind that a second wrong was done in Dallas. No matter How heinous the original offence and How Strong the evidence Lee Harvey Oswald deserved a fair trial. To kill him before he had the Opportunity to defend himself before the Law was not Only a criminal act it was a disservice to the country. Implicated in this second injustice were the Dallas Law enforcement authorities who spent most of the weekend assuring the Public through the to radio and press that they knew the culprit and had everything in hand a and then proved themselves incapable of protecting him. The ineptness shown Here was far greater than in the presidents assassination which was after All nearly impossible to prevent under the circumstances. But Oswald a life had already been threatened and even the most insensitive police Force must have known he had stirred intense hatreds. His murder under puzzling and disquieting circumstances was a second Bullet in an open wound. Now the weekend is Over the three Days of sadness and shame and Surprise have taken their place in the record of our times. But the Case of Lee Harvey Oswald a despite the efforts of the Dallas police a cannot be closed now. The Case of his killer. Jack Ruby cannot be closed now. And the Case of John f. Kennedy a braver Man than both who eschewed violence and Rode freely and gaily before his people will not be closed As Long As the country lasts. Will be in the primary of course for what we Are seeing is More trial balloons than the number sent aloft by Macbride and some of the additional balloons were lofted by a a candidate backers not the in addition we Are seeing a somewhat frantic scratching around by a clearly troubled political party that has become split and disturbed Over not Only Hoff a history shattering Victory of a year ago but Over fairly reliable indications that the governor is improving his stance in the eyes of the electorate. The current talk of nine gop gubernatorial Poss i by ii ties and some of it is no More than t Alk contrasts abruptly with the democrats Long arduous and unenviable search for a capable somebody to do Battle next time around with Republican . Rep. Stafford. It appears the human race is getting stronger. A few years ago it took a Strong Man to carry $10 Worth of groceries Home. Now a six year old can do it. Danville a commercial Appeal. A Miracle drug is any Medicine you can get the kids to take without screaming. A Vista Calif press. I Here a got to be a better answer a in Wehler quote by Rosen in the Albany times Union u a Lii Tigon ailing president Kennedy believe the a a hate Kennedy climate was real statistics would probably show that the Candy bar is More deadly than alcohol. Both provide empty calories or calories without protein or Vitamin. They have a deprivation effect and you must compensate. Beer and cheese is a Good mixture but the youngster with the Candy bar or sugary soft drink does not usually take compensatory food. A or. Seymour h. Butner food expert at american Institute \ of biological science meeting Amherst mass. In a not a feminist and i would not vote for a woman just because she is a woman but i believe the time is about Ripe for a woman to run for vice president or president for that matter. Women have matured sufficiently politically to take Over responsibility of a National scope. A mrs. Georgina Hardy president los Angeles City Board of education. By Marquis Childs Washington. In his office in the White House toward the end of his working Day on a Beautiful fall evening president Kennedy seemed confident self contained As almost always with the glint of humor flashing quickly and As quickly gone. It was tile last of several private talks i had with him during his presidency. After waiting a moment or two in the big softly lighted Oval room he came in from the nextdoor office of his personal Secretary mrs. Evelyn Lincoln where through the doorway i had seen him bending Over her desk. Earlier he had held a press conference that he Felt was More successful than most. Briefly he talked about a reporters question to which he had responded with what was for him exceptional Gravity. A of i had come to see him on a special Mission. I proposed to write a Short Book on the wave of a hate Kennedy emotion that had caught up certain parts of the country particularly the South along with elements in the North As Well. This seemed to me As i said to him to resemble the know nothing Glam of the a hate Roosevelt wave of the mid-�?T30s. I reminded him that i had written in 1936 a Magazine article called a they hate Roosevelt a which had caused a considerable stir at the time. On the extreme left the communists attacked Roosevelt As a Mere Tempo Rizer and do gooder while from the extreme right he was denounced As a socialist or worse who meant to nationalize All property. With the Quick percept Ivity that characterized him he considered this for a moment. He smiled a sceptical look on his face. A do you think that a really True a he asked. A i think so. I would t think that i was a target in anything like the same Way that for a of this it should be added is from my recollection of our talk. But it could hardly be More vivid in the Light of the tragedy that has occurred. That quiet room seemed so removed from the turmoil and conflict of the world and yet you sensed that it was the quiet of the Eye of the storm. The president still Youthful looking after nearly three years in the office sat in his rocking chair with the composure that was his hallmark. A no a he continued a it May spill Over on me. But i really think that i was a primary target As for was. Those people Are very frustrated. They seem to think you can solve everything by going Back somewhere. I done to know where. But i done to see Why they would direct this at this seemed to me to reflect another Kennedy characteristic. He was reluctant to believe that he was not liked by everyone. He wanted to think that he could be president of All the people. He could not understand Why he should be hated. A of i spoke of having been a Short time before in Mississippi. There i was told by individuals who had been threatened with violence by the extremist groups that the safety of neither the president nor his brother Robert the attorney general could be guaranteed if they came into the state. The impression they gave was that Rabid hatred was so deep rooted that acts of desperation could not be prevented. Some of this i had put in my column. A yes i saw that a the president said. A but i done to want to believe it. I can to Lelieve that that can be True. A of course we get a lot of letters in Here that Are pretty Strong. They re violent even. And id be glad to have you see samples of those. But Hasni to there always been that sort of thing a we talked Briony of the attack on Adlai Stevenson outside the Hall in Dallas where he spoke on United nations Day. Stevenson was hit Over the head by a sign carrying rightist and spat on by a student As extremists shoved in at him when he left the Hall following his speech. A the told me a the president said a that the ovation he got in the Hall from several thousand people was one of the warmest he Ever received. Yet it was the so or so outside who made the headlines. That a often the Way it is a the people on the fringe get All the still another characteristic was evident As he talked. Or. Kennedy thought of himself As More conservative than liberals who supported him in his of n party. He said a you know when i first ran for Congress in 19461 believed pretty much the line that the centralization of our government had gone so far that it was a great danger and that we were Likely to spend ourselves into bankruptcy. So i can understand these people. And if they done to read anything else and you know in a lot of places the newspapers carry nothing but this sort of thing How can they reach a judgment on what the situation really when we got onto the coming Campaign year he was full of zest and seemingly without any serious concern Over a struggle that would make such heavy demands on his time and Energy. With All of the South gone he said and then amended himself to add or most of it Well have to go after states we did no to carry last time. He laughed about sen. Barry Coldwater saying a let him go let him alone barrys doing just this was a highly competitive Man who wanted to win not Only every game but every inning of every game. A of although the two major pieces of his program the tax and the civil rights Bills were bogged Down in Congress he seemed undaunted. His mood was in marked contrast with that of a visit i had with him in the Oval study upstairs somewhat More than a year after he had taken the oath of office. Speaking of his 14 years in the Congress and his 15 or so months in the presidency he said in a somber vein that he had begun to wonder if the country was governale at All. Now on this Bright Clear evening Fie seemed a seasoned Man a Man who had met the initial test and who had no doubt of his ability to meet the challenges still ahead. He has mastered the most difficult Job in the world and if he had any qualms about the future he gave no sign of it. That is the terrible irony of the moment when the Bullet of a madman snuffed out his life. Small world politics and personality by Bradford Smith Shaftsbury. What do we mean by right and left in politics by Liberal and conservative the words often seem to be used More As a Way of agitating our emotions than Clearing our minds. Is there some Way to make sense of them is there some connection Between personality types and the Choice of a party or a platform my qualifications for discussing the subject lie perhaps in the fact that i am a born conservative who has Learned to be at least in part a Liberal. Some of the differences Are apparent at once. The conservative reveres the past and wants to preserve it the Liberal looks toward the future and has High Hopes of it. The conservative loves order the Liberal change the conservative authority and restraint the Liberal democracy and rebellion against the status quo. Safety and Security attract the conservative danger and excitement the Liberal mind. On the one Side there is a respect for obedience on the other a taste for revolt. The conservative is somewhat suspicious of strangers and outsiders and is More comfortable among his own kind. The Liberal likes Novelty Experiment new ideas strangers. The conservative is Anci communist and tends to see most of our dangers As coming from the left. The Liberal while usually anti communist because he sees communism As a disguised form of rightist authoritarianism is strongly anti fascist. In american terms the conservative is a hamiltonian. With Hamilton he believes that government is Best managed by a the wealthy the Good the he wants to create conditions which make for steadiness for sound business conditions. He wants a sound currency Low taxes a minimum of government interference in daily affairs and As Little involvement in world affairs As we can get away with. The Liberal is jeffersonian. He thinks the majority will choose the right policy a that democracy is in a literal sense the Best kind of politics. But he thinks conditions can be bettered a that civil rights can and should be extended equally to All citizens that a Good society is one which can so order its Economy As to let every Man be educated and thus enabled to earn. He wants a society which will care for those Hal Bolas notebook unable to care for themselves without robbing them of their dignity As human beings. He is willing to pay for such a program because he believes that a sound society is even More important than a sound currency. But what makes a Man conservative or Liberal there Are Many influences of course a the Home he was raised in the attitudes of parents the neighbourhood schooling racial and religious background economic and social standing. Yet we find enough wealthy liberals and enough poor conservatives to show that environment does not finally give a Man his politics. I d like to suggest that there Are personality types which determine political Choice and that their origins reach Back into childhood. One Type worships the authority of the father. It May be an Ideal father one he has never known. Many children believe that the father they have is not the real one and the search for the lost father is a common theme in mythology because it is rooted in Universal childhood fantasies. Those who seek to recover an Ideal fatherhood under which they would be protected nurtured and ruled by a firm but just hand become conservatives. God As the father respect for motherhood veneration of the Flag Are All symbols which support this Point of View. It is perhaps no Accident that Hamilton the Ideal conservative was born out of Wedlock and Early separated from parents so that the father search could easily have been a strongly motivating Force in his career. A of the other Type rebels against the father and plants his Faith in brotherhood that is in human relationships based on Equality. He challenges the old order he seeks to replace and Excel the father image. The brotherhood of Man god As revealed in the flesh attracts him. His Mother image is the goddess of Liberty. Jefferson born in Frontier Virginia and excelling his capable father in Many Fields a the Law and learning architecture music writing science a makes a Good rallying Point for the Liberal not Only in his politics but in his person. The Point is this inner personal conflicts and yearnings Are the Root of our political behaviour. If we would recognize this and truly know ourselves we might All move a Little toward the Middle of the political spectrum. Despite Burden presidents have been a Tough lot by Hal Boyle new York apr some notes on a the world s toughest Job Quot a the presidency of the United states despite the awful pressures of the Post 27 of the 34 men who served As president before Lei Don b. Johnson lived to be Over 60�?and three Are still alive. Of the eight who died in office four were felled by assassins. The most durable president to Date was John Adams variously known As a Atlas of Independence Quot a this Rotun Dity Quot and a old sink or he lived 90 years and 295 Days and died on the same 4th of july As did Thomas Jefferson who was 83. Short period after being shot by assassins. Garfield lived for 80 Days. President William Mckinley lived for eight Days after he was shot sept. 6, 1901, at the pan american exposition in Buffalo . Since 1958, by act of Congress All presidential widows receive pensions of $10,000 a year. Letter Emu a the oldest president to die in office William Henry Harrison 68, a old Tippecanoe Quot succumbed to pneumonia exactly a month after he took office on March 4, 1841. He caught cold after Riding to the Capitol on a White horse in Stormy weather and delivering the longest ii it aug ural message on record 8,578 words. His successor John Tyler who served out his term lived to be 71. Tyler had two wives. He had 14 children the largest number of any president. Sever. Of the children were born during the 16 years he survived after leaving the White House. Of the three presidents besides William Henry Harrison who died of natural causes while in office Only one Warren g. Harding 57, was under 60. Zachary Taylor was 65, Franklin d. Roosevelt 63. A of at 46, John f. Kennedy the youngest Man Ever elected president was also the youngest to die. He was the second Democrat to die in office the first slain while in Power. The second youngest president to die was James a. Gai it Field killed by an Assassin at the age of 49. Sixteen past presidents including the three now living survived to be 70 or Over. Five made it to 80 or More among them Herbert Hoover. Abraham Lincoln and John f. Kennedy died in coma within a school squabble to the editor of the Banner we would like to reply to the Banner article of oct. 25 which stated that the school account owes the town of Dorset $1,324. The 1962 deficit of Over $11,000 cannot be reduced by this amount because it was voted at town meeting March 1961, to empower the selectmen to contract for the razing of the old Dorset Village school. The razing was duly undertaken by the town manager under the direction of the selectmen with whom the financial responsibility must rest. The school Board had no control Over the operation therefore cannot be expected to pay for it. The Dorset school Board Byron Bowen Margaret Thompson Leon Edgerton Terry Tyler Dorset. A mar let live Type Abner Doolittle owned a Century farm but the Bank was about to foreclose. A director of the Bank went up to the far Tocheck on the condition of the property. The buildings were nearly roofless and needed paint the Stock was poor and the Fields had not seen fertilizer for years. A How did you Ever let a Fine place like this go to the dogs a said the banker. A your Grandfather cleared this land and your father improved it but you let it go to Abner pondered a minute and said a Well i guess they was both hot headed a Vermont it stoical society us and motes

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