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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 27, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Turning colder Cloudy and mild today followed by scattered showers. High in Low 50s. Turning much colder tonight with showers changing to Snow flurries Low in 20s. Thursday partly Cloudy and colder. Yesterdays High 48, Low 38 Jupiter a Moon no. I can be seen reappearing on the East Side of the planet shortly after 6 . Bennington Bennington Vermont wednesday november 27, 1963 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,344 7 cents new Legal tangle growing Over ruling on Railroad dispute Washington apr the Long strike threatened Railroad dispute rolled toward the courts today and a new Legal tangle Over an arbitration ruling permitting the elimination of thousands of firemen a jobs. The ruling handed Down tuesday by a special panel was ordered by Congress to forestall a nationwide strike last August satellite launched Cape canaveral Fla. Apr an interplanetary monitoring platform a Imp a soared through space today on a radiation sensing Mission vital to the lives of travellers to the Moon. Imps prime assignment is to determine if satellite instruments can forecast solar flares on the Sun. Flares spew torrents of radiation into interplanetary space. As Imp shot skyward tuesday night another Cape canaveral launch Crew made preparations to fire the High Energy Atlas Centaur space rocket on an orbiting development flight Between to . And 4 . Esto today. Imp is a step toward a . Goal of foolproof solar flare forecasting before 1968-69 when the first three Man project Apollo teams Are to take off for the Moon. During these years flare activity will be at a Peak with explosions possibly occurring As frequently As every 20 minutes. A 90-foot tall Delta rocket propelled Imp on its voyage at 9 30 . Project officials reported radio data indicated the three stage rocket performed flawlessly. The officials said exact path of the satellite will not be known for a Day or two. Imp was aimed on a course ranging from 125 to 173,000 Miles High. Fri will make Public facts on a Ysassi nation Dallas apr the Dallas news said today that Fri director j. Edgar Hoover is expected to make Public a mass of evidence assembled by officers investigating the assassination of president Kennedy. Without naming its source the newspaper said the we Hite House approved a decision for the Federal Bureau of investigation to take charge of this evidence. It said Hoover is expected to announce probably this week that 1. The evidence shows conclusively that Lee Harvey Oswald fired the shots which killed Kennedy and seriously wounded Texas gov. John con Nally Here last Friday. 2. There is no proof of a communist conspiracy. 3. Investigators Lack evidence which would prove that Oswald had help and they will remain Alert for anything which would shed More Light on the Case. And Settle the key issues in the Union Railroad struggle Over work rules. Two of the unions announced they will Challenge the arbitration decision and its Legal basis in the courts. Thus a new snarl appeared to be added to the four year dispute and negotiations on what Congress figured were secondary also have bogged Down. Each Side blamed the other for the Lack of Progress in the talks which cover such matters As wages. The arbitration Board had two issues to Deal with the firemen a jobs and the size of train Crews. It ruled that the carriers can gradually eliminate As unnecessary 90 per cent of the firearm i on diesel freight and Yard engines about 30,000 jobs. The train Crew Issue was turned Back to the parties for further negotiations. Tile Board however provided machinery for binding decisions on a local basis supervised by the National mediation Board in situations where agreements can to be reached. The arbitration award As Congress wrote the Law would be binding for two years. But other provisions of the Law expire feb. 25 and could Lead to a new strike threat if there is no agreement on other issues such As wages. Union spokesman h. E. Gil Berg said the railroads proposal to a Cut pay 33 1-3 per cent a by changing the wage Structure is not a secondary Issue to the unions. Congress left wages and some proposed work rules changes to be settled by negotiations Between the unions and the 195 railroads involved in the dispute. Gilbert told j. E. Wolfe chief Railroad negotiator he hoped Wolfe would now a get Down to negotiations to eliminate any renewal of a strike threat. Wolfe replied that if the unions did not cooperate in the negotiations a we will be Hack where we were in August with the nation Gilbert president of the Al Cio brotherhood of locomotive firemen and engine men and Wolfe Are members of the arbitration Board. Ruby murder trial May be in two weeks Dallas Tex. Apr Jack Ruby who shot the accused Assassin of president John f. Kennedy As thousands watched on television May go to trial on a murder charge within two weeks. County grand jurors indicted Ruby tuesday in the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. Ruby a trial is tentatively set for dec. 9. Dist. Atty. Henry w Ade said he will ask the death penalty. Defense lawyer Tom Howard of Dallas said the highly emotional Ruby had settled Down somewhat since the shooting in the City Hall basement As police started to move Oswald to the county jail. A the was much More Calm than he was yesterday a Howard said. A the talked in More Normal tones but he is still an excitable person when he talks the lawyer said Ruby mentioned seeing a picture of mrs. Kennedy with blood on her dress. A tears came to his eyes a Howard said. A the showed tremendous concern for the Ruby 52, who owns a Down Down strip tease establishment and a dance Hall in Dallas told Howard he stopped sunday at the spot where Kennedy was shot two Days earlier. This was shortly before Ruby went on to the City where Oswald was killed. Ruby known to Many Dallas policemen waited outside the jail with newsmen sunday. As Oswald was being escorted to an armoured car Ruby lunged from the crowd and fired. Texas atty. Gen. Waggoner \ Urmon exc civil i v sin booming St. Johnsbury a a leading insurance executive has declared Vermont is booming and there is every indication the Boom will continue. Douglas Meredith a Vic president of the National life insurance company gave that opinion in a speech yesterday at St. Johns jury. Meredity pointed out that Vermont a situation is Good. He said there has been a 44 per cent increase in per capita income in the past decade. That income climb he said came despite Only a three per cent increase in population. That 44 per cent boost in per capita income in Vermont Meredith said is to per cent better than the figure for All of new England. Johnson asks memorial in action to Kennedy and end to extremism Carr and a congressional committee have ordered probes of both the Kennedy and Oswald slayings. Howard said he knew of no connection Between Ruby and Oswald. He said that As his client told it Ruby first saw Oswald Friday night. This was a few hours after the assassination when Oswald was charged first with killing a Dallas police officer and taken before newsmen. There has been some speculation that Oswald was killed to prevent him from talking. He died without admitting either slaying. Three Large packages of evidence assembled in the Oswald Case were turned Over to the Fri. Washington apr president Johnson told the nation and the world today that the ideas and ideals of John f. Kennedy a must and will be translated into effective the new president appealed at the same time for a an end to the teaching and preaching of hate and evil and in a 1,500-word address prepared for a joint session of the Senate and House Johnson specifically called for Early congressional action to set up new civil rights safeguards and enact an $11-billion tax Cut. A no memorial oration or Eulogy could More eloquently Honor president Kennedy a memory than the earliest possible passage of the civil rights Bill for which he fought a Johnson said. And he said a no act of ours could More fittingly continue the work of president Kennedy than the earliest passage of the tax Bill for which he the new chief executive said a this is no time for delay it is a time for Johnson opened his address by saying would have give to be standing a fall i have i in gladly not Here Johnson who called the assassination of president Kennedy a the foulest deed of our time a declared that Kennedy must be commemorated in actions. A your most immediate tasks a Johnson said a Are Here on this Hill a meaning in Congress. President since Andrew Johnson succeeded the assassinated Abraham Lincoln left no doubt about his commitment to the cause of civil rights. A we have talked Long enough in this country about equal rights a he said. A we have talked for too years or More. Yes it is time now to write the next chapter and to write it in the books of Johnson called upon the Congress to enact a civil rights Bill that will help a eliminate from this nation every Trace of Dis culmination and oppression based upon race or he said there could be no greater source of strength to the nation both at Home and abroad. Touching upon foreign affairs Johnson promised the United states a will keep its commitments from South Viet Nam to West he added a we will be unceasing in the search for peace resourceful in our Pursuit of areas of agreement even with those with whom we differ and generous and Loyal to those who join with us in common he said a those who test our courage will find it Strong and those who seek our Friendship will find it in a general assertion of foreign policy Johnson said a let All the world know and non misunderstand that i rededicate this government to the unswerving support of the United nations a to the honorable Johnson appealed for United and determined execution of Effort by a nation that goes for our commitments to our allies the nations it to of president Sion of Congress today. Lyndon b. Johnson addresses a joint ses a p photo Senate hears Kennedy Appeal and acts on Bill president i re Washington apr the Senate heard an Appeal written by John f. Kennedy not Long before his assassination and moments later did what he asked. After hours of debate the Senate was about to act tuesday night on a Bill which would jeopardize Sale of . Wheat to Russia. Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield then Rose and read the Appeal from the late president. A if this amendment is adopted a Kennedy had written a it is not primarily communists who will be damaged but the american producer and by a 57-35 vote the Senate then voted to table and thus kill the Bill of sen. Karl e. Mundt r-sd., previously offered As an amendment which would have banned use of the Export import Bank to insure payments by soviet and other communist wheat buyers. Voting to table the Bill were 48 democrats and 9 republicans 24 republicans and la democrats voted against tabling it. The Kennedy letter was unsigned but his name was typed at the Bottom on White House stationery. on the inside the late president Kennedy a thanksgiving proclamation a Page 3. Army Navy Page 6. Game time set it Cadi ii of k Cli lie Fly proclamation the full text of late president k Ennedy a thanksgiving proclamation is found on Page j. Washington apr president Johnson today urged that the thanksgiving proclamation of John Fitzgerald Kennedy be read in the nations churches thursday As a memorial to the slain president. Johnson issued a Brief statement noting that the proclamation was among Kennedy a last messages to his fellow countrymen. He asked that churches newspapers radio and television stations include the proclamation in their recognition of the Holiday. Ward a in action in tolerance and Mutual in one of his most emotional passages Johnson asserted the time has come for americans of All races and creeds and political beliefs to understand and respect one another. Let us put an end to the teaching and preaching of hate and evil and violence. Let us turn away from the fanatics of the far left and the far right from the apostles of bitterness and bigotry from those defiant of Law and those who pour venom into our nations Johnson expressed the Hope that a the tragedy and torment of these terrible Days will bind us together in new a let us Here highly resolve a he said a that John Fitzgerald Kennedy did not live or die a in vain. And on this thanksgiving eve As we gather together to ask the lords Blessing let us unite in those familiar and cherished words America America god shed his Grace on thee and Crown thy Good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea a Johnson the first Southern West Arlington garage Man aids kids Farmers collects guns a Page 6. Manchester unopposed to zoning at hearing a Page 6. Federal grand jury to probe Mario Case what now for Vermont a first race track by Thomas o. Morton Pownal a Green Mountain Park officials May have More to worry about next year than the difficult task of enticing bettors to the track. What with 1964 being a state election year they May be faced with the additional problem of wooing a reluctant legislature to support gov. Philip h. Boff in renewing the liberalized tax formula which helped the Taconic racing and Breeding association hold Down its losses in this its Maiden season. Although Hoff the states first democratic governor had no trouble in getting the legislature to reduce the state s tax bite on the track this season the Story May in different next year. There Are indications according to informed observers of the Vermont political scene that sen. John h. Boylan Essex county Republican and sen. John j. Jack of Brien South Burlington Democrat May Lead a revolt on the race track tax Issue. Boylan is chairman of the Senate appropriations committee and president pro tem of the Thomas o. Morton is a staff reporter on the Berkshire Bagle sister paper of the Banner. Much of the data for this article teas gathered by staff members of the Banner. Green Mountain Park Green Mountain p Ark sore leaving the starting Gate. Bote far will it get Senate. Of Brien is senior democratic member of the committee. They head a coalition of literal democrats and republicans that usually can Muster 17 votes. This can control the 30-meml>er Senate which numbers 21 republicans and 9 democrats. However Boyland and of Brien would have to take Only one More of the 17 with them to put this or any other Hoff sponsored measure in danger. With Boylan a possible gop candidate for lieutenant governor it can be anticipated that he could be interested next year in throwing a few barbs at Democrat Holt. Of Briens fight with Boff Over the race track is a matter of Public record. Sen. Of Brien maintains the governor reneged on an alleged Promise to name him chairman of the state racing commission. Hoff has denied the allegation. O Brien also has criticized the special tax formula the governor had rushed through the legislature last june in the Middle of the tracks summer meet. This he says costs the state close to $500,000 in taxes. Vermont received slightly More than $1.1 million in taxes from Green Mountain Park this year. It would have received More than $1.6 million if the original tax had been in effect throughout the tracks 119day first season. The original tax gave the state to per cent and the track 8 per cent of the daily handle. The special tax which was just for the rest of the 1963 season provided for a sliding scale starting with the track getting 15 per cent and the state 3 per cent of the first $100,000 in the daily handle. The track Cut was reduced As follows As the handle increased 15 per cent on $100, 000 to $150,000 12 per cent from there to $200,000 to per cent from there to $300,000, and 6 per cent on All Over $300,000. Green Mountain had an average daily handle of $161,422 during its 119-Day season. The 63-Day fall meet was better than the Early one averaging $174,933 compared to $146,222. Martin e. Dematteo or. Of Quincy mass., contractor who is the chief investor and vice president and treasurer of Green Mountain told this reporter last week the Pownal tracks losses see race track Page 5 a col i Rutland a a Federal grand jury in Rutland tuesday will hear testimony in the Case of Mario Paris a former Molly Stark school teacher who last july apparently absconded with monies collected from area residents for a european tour he was purportedly organizing. The grand jury will determine if there is sufficient evidence to justify the bringing of formal charges against Paris a or Mario Joseph Peter Paris As his name was Given on his italian passport. A spokesman at the . Army Man is in kidnapped Iii Venezuela Washington apr the assistant chief of the . Army Mission in Venezuela col. James k. Chenault was kidnapped at gunpoint this morning by four armed men in Caracas. The Pentagon in announcing this said Chenault was on the Way from his Home to Headquarters of the army Mission in Caracas when his official car was stopped by the kidnappers and he was removed from it. This occurred about 7 . At about 9 30 .f the Pentad gon said the . Embassy in Caracas received a phone Call from a Spanish speaking Man who said in effect a a done to worry about col. Chenault the kid Naping was for propaganda purposes attorneys office in Rutland said this morning he would have no comment on the Case until after the grand jury had issued its findings. The spokesman indicated however that sub pones for the grand jury hearing had been issued to several Bennington area residents who were affected by Parisius disappearance. Paris 32, was in this country on a tourist visa. He had been teaching French at the Molly Stark school since january 1962. The tour which he was to conduct was due to leave the United states july 17, but the Paris suddenly dropped out of sight the latter part of june a after he had collected nearly $18,000 from tour participants. Some of those planning to take the trip subsequently received letters or postcards from Paris from different Points in Europe. In one of these he asserted he would pay Back All the funds he had collected and said he had not been Able to Complete arrangements for the tour because several prospective participants had dropped out. But he did not specify How or when the monies would be returned or Why he had suddenly left for Europe himself. He noted that he could not get a renewal on his . Visa w hich had expired june 30. The fact that Paris apparently was located in Europe immediately presented and May continue to present insurmountable problems to Legal action against him if the grand jury finds that this is called for. A to the maintenance of military strength second to none a to the defense of the strength and stability of the Dollar a to the expansion of our foreign Trade a to the reinforcement of our programs of Mutual assistance and cooperation in Asia and Africa a and to our Alliance for Progress in this appealing for help from All americans in carrying out his new responsibilities Johnson said a an assassins Bullet has thrust upon me the awesome Burden of the presidency. I am Here today to say that i need your help i cannot Bear this Burden alone. I need the help of All americans.,1 declaring that the nation a has experienced a profound Shock a Johnson said it is a National duty of this time a to do away with uncertainty and to show that we Are capable of decisive action a that from the brutal loss of our Leader we will derive not weakness but strength a that we can and will act and act in addition to calling for top priority action on civil rights and tax Cut legislation Johnson said action also is needed on pending education Bills the youth employment opportunities Bill the foreign Aid program and the remaining appropriation Bills. A we will carry on the fight against poverty and misery ignorance and disease a in other lands and in our own a he pledged. A we will serve All of the nation not one Section or one sector or one group but All stating his own philosophy toward government fiscal policy Johnson said that a in particular i pledge that the exp Edge that the expenditures of the government will be administered with the upmost Thrift and he said the Federal government a will set an example of prudence and Economy and will get a a dollars value for a Dollar Johnson also promised to always respect a the Independence and integrity of the legislative Branch a something he said he a deep in the marrow of my Bones after 32 years on Capitol Hill As House member senator and vice president. From his experiences at the Capitol Job son said he had Pride and Confidence in the ability of Congress to meet any crisis and to a a distil from our differences Strong programs of National to Bonner tomorrow the Banner will not be p la listed tomorrow thanksgiving Day

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