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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy warmer cloudiness and warmer today High in Low or Middle 40s. Somewhat warmer tonight and wednesday. Low tonight near freezing. Yesterdays High 36, Low 21, at 7 . Today 29. Sunset tonight 4 17, Sunrise wednesday 7 04. Jupiter and the Moon will be within a few degrees of each other tonight. Bennington Bennington Vermont tuesday november 26, 1963 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903. No. 19,343 7 cents procession losses Bridge to cemetery the funeral cortege bearing the body of the late president Kennedy to its final resting place in Arlington National cemetery yesterday crosses memorial Bridge leading into the shrine. The Lincoln memorial to another president who died at the hands of an Assassin is at top Center. A photo eternal flame lights grave of John f. Kennedy Washington apr an eternal flame burning at the head of his grave John f. Kennedy slept the eternal sleep today in Arlington National cemetery while the government he left behind stirred from its sadness to get on with the Job ahead. The muffled Drums of the funeral cortege had barely echoed into memory when the new president Lyndon b. Johnson plunged into a series of meetings on foreign and Domestic problems. Mingling with the foreign luminaries Here to pay final respects to his fallen chief Johnson won from president Charles de Gaulle of France and prime minister Lester b. Pearson of Canada pledges to return next year for extended talks. Economic advisers were called in to discuss the budget Johnson must Send to Congress in january. Ambassador Adlai e. Stevenson was told to continue at the United nations efforts to secure International cooperation in outer space. The 35 governors Here for Kennedy a funeral heard the president Promise a continuity without confusion of the Kennedy program. Today Johnson moves into the White House presidential office continues his conferences with foreign dignitaries and prepares for his address to a joint session of Congress wednesday. The Day of Kennedy a last journey was Sharp and Clear its Bright crispness in Sharp contrast to the Gray sorrow that etched the faces of the million people who lined the streets of Washington to say Goodby. Nine servicemen bore the Bier from the Capitol As the band played a Hail to the to the steady beat and Roll of Drums and the Mournful tolling of Church Bells the Caisson rolled up Pennsylvania Avenue along the historic route the Young president had travelled after his inauguration less than three years ago. As the Caisson turned the Corner by the Treasury building a woman broke into a High pitched Wail. At the White House mrs. Kennedy and the two Kennedy Brothers Robert and Edward left their limousine while the Caisson paused for a few minutes at the North portico. As bagpipes played the mourners began an eight Block March to St. Matthews roman Catholic Cathedral. A Sailor carrying the presidential Flag followed the Caisson. Next led by a Serviceman pranced a ride less horse symbolic of the fallen Warrior. Then with her head held High and her Black veil draping her shoulders the presidents widow marched with the Kennedy Brothers at her Side. President and mrs. Johnson next in line were surrounded by secret service men. Tall fur hats of the East contrasted with top hats of the w est As the representatives of 91 nations stepped along. Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia glittered with ribbons and decorations. Towering beside him was austere Charles de Gaulle. Nearby was the Beautiful Queen Frederika of Greece dressed in a Black fur coat. At her Side King Baudouin of the belgians a Black band on the sleeve of his Tan Beme daled uniform. Richard Cardinal Cushing roman Catholic archbishop of Boston who had officiated at the Kennedy wedding in 1953, came Down the Steps of the Church to Greet the Kennedy family. John 3, monday and Caroline 6 wednesday joined their Mother. Johnson s address to be carried live new York apr president Johnson a address to a joint session of Congress wednesday will let a carried live on All television and radio networks. The program begins at 12 30 . On the National broadcasting co., Columbia broadcasting system and the a in e r i c a n broadcasting co. The Mutual broadcasting system will carry the message on radio Only. Then came the solemn service a Low requiem mass. A we Pray a the Cardinal intoned a that John Kennedy May be spared All punishment and taken into there was no Eulogy but auxiliary Bishop Philip m. Hannan spoke of the presidents ideals and aspirations and read from his inaugural address in ringing tones. A May the Angels Lead you into paradises the choir Sang As the Cardinal led the procession from the Church. He and the priests stepped aside so the Honor guard could bring the casket in full View of the thousands lining the streets outside. As it was placed on the Caisson for the journey to Arlington John raised his hand and saluted his dad. The Sun was Mellow As the funeral procession moved across the Potomac River. Slowly the six matched Gray horses drawing the Caisson made their Way to the grave. As mrs. Kennedy stepped from her limousine and flourishes were sounded a the Star spangled banners was played. A Wail sounded from pipers of the air Force band. The grave was piled with Flowers although mrs. Kennedy had asked that none be sent. The last Honor guard for the president carried the casket slowly to his final resting place. At that moment there was a Roar. Air Force and Navy planes a 50 in All for the 50 states flew Over in a Salute. In a moving tribute air Force i the presidential Jet swept Over. Cardinal Cushing began reciting the burial prayers. He asked that the soul of the president be made the companion of the holy Angels above he asked that the lord Grant eternal peace to the soul of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Mrs. Kennedy and the Kennedy Brothers approached the casket. Riflemen fired three shots and a bugler sounded the Flag Over the casket was folded and Given to the 34-year-old widow. She Knelt again to say a prayer and lit the eternal flame. President Johnson promises a continuity without confusion Washington apr Lyndon b. Johnson moved full time into the workaday affairs of the presidency today and signalled the shift by transferring operations to the Oval office of chief executives in the White House. He was Early on the Job driving into the executive mansion grounds at 8 45 ., just la hours after the close of a Long Day Given in Large part to last honors for his slain predecessor John f. Kennedy and to somewhat ceremonial contracts with world leaders who came to mourn. On tap for the first Day in the new office were meetings with foreign dignitaries and preparation of an address wednesday to a joint session of Congress. Johnson in his first speech since becoming chief executive made evident monday night his belief that the Kennedy assassination puts the american system to a severe test and must prompt renewed efforts to prove that the system despite one snipers act is Superior to any other. Beyond that Johnson pledged a continuity without confusion a a continuation of Kennedy administration programs and policy without any immedi ate shakeup of top officials that might Puzzle and perturb the nation and the world. Johnson a assessment of the needs of the Day was delivered off the cuff to 35 state governors who met with him Long after Sunset. This was not his final meeting of the Busy Day. His schedule was topped off by a late evening session with Secretary of the Treasury Douglas Dillon and the Council of economic advisers. This meeting took up the tax Cut proposal and the Broad outlines of the Federal budget that will go to Congress in january. Johnson headed for his Home in the Spring Valley Section of the City at 10 45 ., giving every sign that even before moving into the White House he was operating under a full head of steam. For today Johnson lined up conferences with some of the Many foreign dignitaries who flew to Washington for the Kennedy funeral. Johnson arranged to visit with the new British prime minister sir Alec Douglas Home with the president of the Philippines Diosdado Macapagal and with the new West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard. The president saw All three and Many More at a reception monday night at the state department before he met with the governors. In addition to greeting All foreign delegates to the Kennedy funeral Johnson spent 18 minutes privately with president Charles de Gaulle of France eight minutes with prime minister Lester Pearson of Canada and 12 minutes with prime minister Hayato Ikeda of Japan. Johnson told the governors that at his meeting with de Gaulle a we did not finish the conversation a so we have another meeting set up for Early in the year when he comes Back to this in this offhand Way Johnson announced for the first time that de Gaulle who has been taking Sharp Issue with the United states for nearly a year would make the american visit he had planned before Kennedy a death. Speaking to the governors Johnson said a circumstances Over which i had no control brought me into this position that i occupy tonight. The difficulties and the tribulations Are great and this is the time when our whole system is on trial not just the Republican party and the democratic party but the american system of he went on to speak of the often Superior resources of the soviet Union a in population farmlands and water. Then he said a the thing that is really to determine whether we win or lose in this struggle of philosophies is How Well our system works. We think we have the Best taking account of the inevitable transition Between the Kennedy administration and his own Johnson said a i think continuity without confusion has got to be our password and has to be the key to our he said he would Tell Congress a that we intend to Honor the commitments we have made at Home and abroad under Kennedy and that a i understand my own limitations but i am going to do the Best i can with your help and gods. Dynamite explosion rips St. Michael a College Man with weapon seen near r. Kennedy office Colchester apr an explosion in a dynamite Shack rocked the surrounding area and caused an estimated $25,000 to $50,000 damage at nearby St. Michael a College last night. There were no injuries reported from the blast which Lloyd Howard of the state fire marshals office said was set deliberately. St. Michael a officials said College buildings suffered structural damage in addition to Many shattered windows. Homes in Colchester and adjacent Burlington also sustained broken windows. Howard said a piece of primer Cord was found near the destroyed Shack. Eugene Lamare superintendent of the Vermont associated Lime industries inc., where the explosion occurred said 25 dynamite Caps had been stolen from a shed earlier in the Day. La Mere said the two men working at the Plant when the explosion occurred were across the Road and not injured. A state police officer was asked of he thought the powder Keg was deliberately detonated. He replied a dynamite does no to blow up by the Sticks of dynamite were stored in a Concrete Block powder Magazine about eight feet by to feet. At St. Michael a some 800 feet North of the Quarry one student said the ceiling in h i s room fell to the floor in founders Hall. Zia Ebrahimi 19, escaped injury. Plaster was blown from the Walls in a Chapel in St. Edmund shall. A statue of the blessed Virgin was hurled seven feet across the floor. In the main Chapel in Jemery Hall a statue of St. John Vianny was was thrown to the Lour and smashed. Main doors in the building were lifted from the hinges. Classroom windows were shattered. The Rev. Francis x. Gokey Dean of men checked the dormitories to see that no one was Hurt. The Impact of the explosion cracked the Crystal in his watch. Classes were scheduled to be held today As usual despite the damage. Washington apr police raced to the roof of the 7-Story internal Revenue service building today in response to a report that a Man had been seen on the roof with a weapon. The roof overlooks the Justice department Entrance used by atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy brother of the assassinated president. Officers of the general services administration found no one on the red tiled roof. But officer David m. Randall said he had seen a Man with what looked like a weapon when he inspected the roof from a Tower of the adjacent and Post office building. The search apparently began when an internal Revenue service Telephone operator called the irs guard office with a report that someone had telephoned that a Man had been seen on the roof. The search entered on a Cor Ruby indicted Ltd Dallas apr the office of dist. Atty. Henry Wade announced that Jack Ruby was indicted today on charges of murder in the slaying of Lee Harvey Oswald the Man accused of assassinating president Kennedy. Ner of the roof overlooking the intersection of 10th Street and Constitution Avenue. Across 10th Street seven stories Down is the door through which Robert Kennedy enters and leaves the Justice department. Kennedy still in mourning Over the death of his brother had not come to the department at the time of the Alert. Johnson asked the governors again to help him saying it was vitally important. A i need your heart and your hand a he said. The state executives gave him a standing ovation when he finished. A i Hope we can have Unity in this country a said gov. George c. Wallace of Alabama. Hoff reports cooperation with Johnson Montpelier apr gov. Philip h. Hoff said today president Johnson in his t a i k to 35 governors yesterday Dweller on hatred and its causes in the United states. Hoff in a statement telephoned from Washington to his office reported Johnson a said that the country must get to the roots of the hatred which he attributed to poverty disease inequality and Lack of Johnson also asked support for the tax Cut Bill civil rights and the College facilities Bill emphasizing a that the Good o f the country commanded Bip Arti a a n support during this period of Hoff said that informal talks after the president strode from the room to the sound of a standing ovation a or e sealed wholehearted bipartisan support for the new administration and displayed a respect for the new president As a person experienced in legislative circles who could do much to expedite congressional mrs. Kennedy visits husbands grave at night Washington apr the be married him in 1953, when Day for Jacqueline Kennedy had he was a Young senator from been a Long and crushing one. Massachusetts. When Kennedy but shortly before Midnight she became president in 1961, mrs. Slipped out of the White House Kennedy looked with some Dis and Rode through the darkness to place a sprig of Flowers on her husbands new grave. An eternal flame placed at the head of the assassinated president s grave at her request a flickered on the silent Hillside. Her brother in Law atty. Gen. Robert f. Kennedy was at her Side. Only hours earlier world dignitaries had crowded the area during graveside rites for the fallen Leader. At night the two stood alone. May at the life ahead. Mrs. Kennedy travelling abroad to 13 countries alone and with her husband speaking French Spanish and italian As she went soon carved for herself a Niche of Fame. She Drew crowds by the thousands and became a Goodwill ambassador for America on her own. She constantly pleaded for privacy for herself and her children John jr., who had his after to minutes they went third birthday monday the Day president Johnson meets with Degaulle �?T64 talks planned Washington apr a thaw in the Chilly relations appears possible following the announcement that presidents Johnson and Charles de Gaulle will meet Here Early next year. The Surprise announcement came from president Johnson after he had spent 18 minutes in private conference with the French president at a reception late monday for foreign dignitaries who attended president John f. Kennedy a funeral. Johnson obviously plunging into the monumental tasks before him with rapidity came out from the conference room and said a we have decided he would come Back and talk More Early next to give it further emphasis he told newsmen a sure you can quote de Gaulle originally had planned to meet with Kennedy probably in february and arrangements had been completed. It appeared the two men swiftly came to agreement on the need for Early talks to Clear up standing differences Between the two Long time allies. The tall French president was Given the Center of attention at the reception As he has been since he arrived sunday for the funeral. He was in relaxed chatty form. Announcement of the meeting came amid general speculation on How Johnson and de Gaulle will get along. The answer would appear to be that they will get along Well personally but any changes in policy would have to come from the american Side. De Gaulle who regards world affairs in the Broad historic sense is a stubborn Man with fixed ideas devoted to France. He is not malleable As he frequently illustrated in his differences with Kennedy. Problems confronting Kennedy a successor and the French chief of state Are manifold but some of the larger ones Are de Gaulle a go it alone atomic defense policy his uncooperative attitude toward the North Atlantic treaty organization his Chilly attitude toward the limited nuclear test ban treaty and his lofty position on the common Market. But de Gaulle never hesitates to make it Clear that in any showdown France would come quickly to americans Side. Johnson has the reputation of being a seasoned astute politician who knows How to work with people and get them to work for him. He also has the reputation of being a compromised at least in the realm of Domestic politics. Back to the executive mansion. Some of mrs. Kennedy a plans for the future May be made known today according to White House press Secretary Pierre Salinger. She must seek a new Way of life for herself and her two children. Among the Foremost questions Are How Long will she remain at the White House where will she make her new Home and what will become of the White House school she set up for daughter Caroline and some 20 other children. Mrs. Kennedy a widow at 34, never sought nor relished the Public role she came to play As the wife of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Of his fathers funeral and Caroline who will be 6 wednesday. To a woman with such a keen desire for privacy the ordeal of the funeral ceremonial for her husband seemed doubly difficult. Yet mrs. Kennedy not Only planned Many of the details to give her husband a the most distinguished funeral possible a but took a full role herself despite her heart breaking grief. Following the pattern of the funeral of another slain president Abraham Lincoln she asked that a procession March on foot to take the chief executives body to the Church funeral and she led it herself presidents talk presidents Johnson of the United states and Charles de Gaulle of France Confer apartment in Washington last night. They met privately for 18 minutes. At the state de a photo

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