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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 26 1963, Page 3

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 26, 1963, Bennington, Vermont Johnson had Dale with destiny feeling of dread shows after phone Call in july 1960 Bennington Banner tuesday november 26, 1963-3 in red assassination news editors note Lyndon Baines Johnson became president of the United states suddenly and shockingly on a sunny afternoon last week. But for most of his life had been preparing for leadership. In the first of three articles spotlighting the new president Reiman Morin associated press pulitzer prize winning reporter relates How a Telephone Call on july if 1960, summoned the Texas senator to become the democratic candidate for vice president a Call that led him to the nations highest office. By Rel wan Morin a special correspondent Washington apr at 8 of clock on the morning of july 14, 1960, a ringing Telephone summoned Lyndon Baines Johnson to his moment of destiny. The Call came from John f. Kennedy. A Day earlier Kennedy had Defeated Johnson for the democratic nomination for president. Now he said he wanted to talk with Johnson but he did no to say Why. Two hours later in suite 7334, the Biltmore hotel los Angeles Kennedy asked Johnson to take second place on the ticket. The vice presidency second place Johnson is a proud dynamic driving Man. Moreover As Senate majority Leader and an incredibly successful one he commanded enormous Power far greater than that invested in the office of vice president. A once there were two Brothers a said Thomas r. Marshall vice president to Woodrow Wilson. A one ran away to sea the other was elected vice president and nothing was Ever heard of either of them but Johnson arouses Strong loyalties in others and he gives his in full measure. His own chances for the presidency were gone. If Kennedy won the Opportunity probably would not return again until 1968, when he would be 60. He knew the degree of his importance for eight years would be determined by Kennedy. As a politician he also knew that Kennedy needed help in carrying the South and As a southerner that he could provide the political muscle. And so he accepted second place. He told Kennedy that henceforth a Al Bjo would signify a let s Back at 2 39 . Last Friday three years four months and eight Days later Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in As the 36th president of the United states. He is the eighth vice president to be elevated to the White House through the death of a chief executive. What manner of Man is he let him profile himself. He once said a i am a free Man an american a . Senator and a Democrat in that order. I am also a Liberal a conservative a texan a taxpayer a rancher a businessman a Parent a voter and not As Young As i used to be nor As old As i expect to to get a and i am All those things in no fixed he could have added that he is the descendant of Baptist preachers and educators and that he has been a schoolteacher a Law student a congressional Secretary a farm hand a Road worker a janitor a truck Driver a dishwasher and a Navy lieutenant commander who received the Silver Star from Gen. Douglas Macarthur. He has two dominant qualities a Energy and focus. Asa senator Johnson worked 14 and 16 hours a Day. His Day started at 6 30 . With Coffee the new York and Washington newspapers and the congressional record. He would go to his office at 8, sometimes dictating to a Secretary in the car. In a Day it was not uncommon for him to receive 70 callers 650 letters 500 Telephone Calls. How does anyone know his staff maintained a Chart a kind of Box score that showed the numbing statistics. A come on let s function a let s function a he would say when things seemed to be bogging Down. His wife born Claudia Alta Taylor and nicknamed a lady Birds by her negro nurse once said of him a at night he comes Home dog tired. We Seldom go out. Lyndon says he can to put on a Black or White tie every night and still do his on july 2, 1955, a heart attack felled Johnson. He stands 6-3 and he weighed 200 pounds at the time. Convalescing he was ordered by his doctors to Cut his weight his habit of Chain smoking cigarettes and his working hours. He lost 25 pounds and stopped smoking. But he was soon Back at the same working Pace. He is so focused so highly concentrated that when he has something on his mind he seems not to be Able to leave it even temporarily. An incident this reporter went to his office one Day for a prearranged interview. Johnson had just won an important objective on the Senate floor. He could not sit still. He fidgeted and twisted behind his desk. He seemed to listen to the first question but said a excuse me a then he placed a Telephone Call. When he Hung up he asked that the question be repeated. It did no to Register. He already was phoning another Man. Several Telephone Calls later interspersed with instructions to several staff members we got through the first question. Then i gave up hoping for a better Day. Thus prior to the heart attack at least he was completely absorbed in his work. He said he had been too Busy to read books listen to music. If he went to a Ball game it was a for the Johnson s close Friend sen. Richard b. Russell d-ga., once said of him a Lyndon Johnson Hasni to got the Best mind in the Senate. He in t the to it est orator. He Isnit the Best parliamentarian. But he is the Best combination of All those by William l. Ryan a special correspondent Moscow propaganda in the Wake of president Kennedy s assassination seems to reflect a feeling of dread. In the Kremlin s reaction there is detectable a fear that the american Public will turn its Wrath upon communism As such because a Man labelled a pro Castro marxist was accused of killing the president. Premier Khrushchev and his supporters beset by enormous economic problems and a deep split in the world communist Camp May be apprehensive that soviet foreign policy could collapse before a hardened . Attitude. The propaganda is full of veiled warnings. The government newspaper Izvestia which can be considered a voice of Khrushchev himself said a president Kennedy a death has undoubtedly aggravated the situation in the United a the struggle Between sober minded americans and the forces of Rabid reactionaries who will not miss the Chance of using the situation for their own ends will be very tense a a Biz Vestia s editorial said monday. Khrushchev s policy is pegged to peaceful coexistence As he Calls it. This implies that since War is unthinkable the two greatest Powers must agree on dangerous issues. As practice coexistence has involved probing testing edging close to danger a As in Cuba and Berlin a and retreating when there is risk of a collision which could trigger War. Kennedy confronted Khrushchev with shows of strength in Berlin and in Cuba. But the Kremlin knew Kennedy and respected him As an antagonist. President Johnson still is an unknown Quantity to the russians and Moscow deeply suspects what it does not know or understand. Moscow has been cautious lately. Its caution is reflected in a mild response to the humiliation and expulsion of soviet diplomats from the Congo. Izvestia expressed fear that the assassination May have deadly parallels with the 1933 Reich Stag fire which brought Hitler to Power in Germany. There it pointed out communists were blamed. All this indicates that before Long the Kremlin will want to test Johnson and his intentions. Kennedy believed in the courage of life in his Senate office Johnson had a Large framed legend which said a you ainu to Learnin nothing when you re Talkin a he is a Good listener and he comes now to the greatest learning Job in the world. Jobless executives Over forty get help from unique organization san Francisco up a in the Competition for jobs the Edge is generally Given to the Man with experience providing he a not past the age of 40. This is the conclusion of Lee v. Harris who has devoted much of the past eight years to helping competent out of work executives find new jobs. A employers today seem to want a Man 35 years old with 25 to 30 years of experience a Harris said pointing to the help wanted ads in a local newspaper to emphasize his Point. A retired army colonel Harris is closing Down the 40-plus Large selection of boudoir chairs from $23.95 Haynes amp Kane inc. 434 main St. Bennington it. Dial 7 7133 association of Northern California a non profit organization that worked for 23 years to solve the problem of the unemployed business or professional Man. Harris made it Clear the association was closing its doors because of Lack of funds not because the problem has been solved. A ten years ago a company would say a done to Send me anyone Over 52,�?T a Harris said. A today the age limit has dropped to 45.�?� Harris was a member of the associations Board of directs for eight years and spent much of his time handling its Day to Day activities. He took charge of the group when its executive director David Abrams died in August. One of 18 such organizations in the United states the 0-plus association of Northern California had a chronic shortage of funds and depended largely on the Volunteer work of its members. But its efforts were quite successful. During its 23 years the association placed some 6,500 executives with 2,400 companies. Harris figured the earnings of those men totalled $36,-400,000. A we were very selective in the men we accepted As members a he said. Membership in the association was limited to executives with annual earnings of Between $7,500 and $20,000 who had been displaced by retirement policies of their companies mergers or Sale of their companies. Only one applicant of to met the membership requirements. But even such top Quality executives had difficulty locating new jobs Harris said. He blamed the attitudes of both Industry and the unemployed executives for this. Companies today hesitate to hire an older Man despite his valuable experience because of the time and Money that must be spent on training and retraining programs Harris said. Some companies also feel that an older Man will not work Long enough to contribute his share to pension and health funds that he will Benefit from. The out of work executives however create some of their own Job Hunting problems Harris said. Many done to know How to Start preparing a resume. Kennedy is second president buried in Arlington by the associated press John f. Kennedy the second democratic president to die in office will be the second chief executive buried in Arlington National cemetery. The Only other president buried at Arlington is William Howard Taft a Republican who served from 1909 to 1913. Taft was 72 when he died March 8, 1930. Only one president Woodrow Wilson is buried in Washington although six presidents including Wilson Taft John Quincy Adams William Henry Harrison Zachary Taylor and Lincoln died in the capital. Franklin d. Roosevelt was the first democratic president to die in office. He is buried at Hyde Park . By James Marlow associated press news analyst Washington apr president Kennedy probably never meant to be his own Prophet but he was when he explained eight years ago Why he chose certain men in american history for his Book a profiles in his prophecy became his epitaph. A the courage of life a he said Long before he was considered for the presidency a is often a less dramatic spectacle than the courage of a final moment but it is no less a magnificent mixture of Triumph and tragedy. A a Man does what he must a in spite of personal consequences in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures and that is the let Asis of All human it took courage to push through crowds to shake hands or ride through a City with the top Down. He knew the consequences might be assassination and they were. But he Felt what he did needed doing. The deeper courage of his life As with others before him was in seeking the presidency and then trying to make Good at it with All that implies in Effort. He gave the presidency a Youthful sense of life unmatched since the bouncing Days of Theodore Roosevelt if Only because All the others in Between were older when they took office. Kennedy was Only 43. President Johnson 55, cannot be expected to spend himself As tirelessly at least in a physical Way As Kennedy. His heart attack of 1955 makes it important not to get Over fatigue. Kennedy brought More than courage and Energy to the White House. Like sir Winston Churchill he had that indefinable thing called Grace. Churchill always had style but he developed Grace late. Kennedy always had it and it showed itself in his quiet humor even at his own expense and in his avoidance of political brawling. At this moment so close to his death and before the emotion Over his assassination melts away it is impossible to measure his place in history. He was president less than three years or Only five months longer than Harding who was a misfit no matter How he is looked at. Kennedy on the contrary fitted into the presidency almost elegantly. Yet his less than three years of service were hardly More than a beginning a foundation for what Lay ahead since he seemed very Likely to win a second term. In that time abroad he had become a highly popular and respected figure. He had established better relations with the soviet Union than had existed. He won the Confidence of most of latin America. His place in history May Well depend upon the fact if it proves to be a fact that he broke the ice of the cold War. But it is too soon to do More than suggest that May be result of the work he did in his Short time. His Domestic record is spotty. In his presidency the country became More prosperous and perhaps More self confident particularly when he assured it the United states was ahead of the soviet Union in Long Range missiles. But he bogged Down badly with Congress. All through 1963 Congress just drifted frustrating completely his request for a new civil rights Law and a tax Cut. Maybe it would have done better next year. Maybe it would have done better this year if he had been harsher and tougher. It did no to seem to be in his nature to be harsh and he appeared unwilling to be very Tough except As a last resort such As in making Premier Khrushchev take his missiles out of Cuba or using troops to Stop Southern governors Defiance of Federal court orders. Murder suicide ends troubled lives of Kotlier retarded son new York apr a police entry of a homicide suicide was the tragic epitaph of a devoted Mother and her retarded son. The world in which mrs. Rose Cohen had lived since 1926, when her son Israel was born began to Cave in last wednesday when her husband Benjamin became seriously ill. He was taken to a Hospital for tests to determine if his illness is cancer. Within hours after he was taken away police said mrs. Cohen suffocated her son with a plastic bag then killed herself with sleeping pills. A married daughter found the bodies of Mother and son locked in an embrace in their Bronx apartment the father was not immediately told of the tragedy. Where Oswald was slain diagram shows How Lee Harvey Oswald was slain sunday at Dallas City Hall As he was being transferred to the county jail. He was brought Down the elevator in route to an armoured car at Commerce St. When gunned Down by Jack Rubinstein who used the alias Ruby. Oswald alleged Assassin of president Kennedy died a Short time later in the same Hospital in which the chief executive breathed his last. A diagram president Johnson orders full investigation of assassination Washington a president Johnson has ordered the Fri to prepare a detailed report on the assassination of president John f. Kennedy and that the people be told All the facts. The report is to cover too the fatal shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald the accused Slayer of the late president the White House announced monday. Johnson has a directed All Federal agencies to cooperate a the White House said. The announcement came after rep. Hale Boggs of Louisiana the assistant House democratic Leader suggested a High level congressional investigation of Kennedy a assassination. Citing the fact that the killing of Oswald 24, aborted the Normal Public disclosure and weighing of evidence in a trial Boggs said he thinks Congress should conduct a careful inquiry secret service May i be More Power in future Washington apr the Only Agency which can give orders to the president the secret services May make much greater use of this prerogative in the future an authoritative source reports. A i expect you la see the new president under that Bubble top a lot More often a he said sunday night. By Law the secret service has authority to veto a presidents plans if deemed unsafe. In practice however the secret service has usually bowed to the presidents wishes and done the Best it could. Now in the Wake of president Kennedy a assassination the secret service and other government officials Are making a careful Check of precautions in order to learn what additional Steps can be taken to protect tile president and his family. There Are indications that president Johnson will be an easier Man to guard than was Kennedy and other presidents especially in willingness to take orders from the professional body guards. Sale Wool for braided rugs in memorial to our beloved commander in chief there is Only one tooth to d Tho True original is unique and patented priced at $25.00 for i Stone and $5 for each additional Stone. There Are no others sold with this name 40< ptts Ftp Tate Actu indy i the mothers ring la. Reg. 654 Strong Hewat Mill store colonial shopping Center Williamstown mass. Open Mon. Thru sat. 9 30 to 3 30 Fri. Til 9 00 . 1917 1963 Battery a 5th amp 76th artillery . Army reserves is exclusively at. Ali Kiad jewellers amp silversmiths 409 main St Bennington it. To determine the facts assemble them for Public consideration and try to answer any questions that May linger in americans minds. Authorities in Dallas where a snipers Rifle bullets ended Kennedy a life Friday say the evidence is conclusive and that the Case is closed so far As the question of Oswald a guilt or innocence is concerned. Perhaps feeling that there is still some uneasiness in the Public mind Dallas police chief Jesse Curry said his department intends to make All the evidence Public unless Federal agencies want some withheld. A further problem is the persistent Campaign by some soviet propaganda agencies to depict the killing of Oswald who had steadily protested his innocence As part of a right Wing plot that took the presidents life. Boggs said he favors a a Blue ribbon inquiry far above any suggestion of rep. William h. Ayres Rohlo said he will introduce legislation making any assault on the president vice president or other High executive or judicial officers a Federal crime. Such a statute would guarantee Quick Fri action in any such Case Ayres said. The killing of the president was considered Likely to revive interest in a Bill now pending in the Senate Commerce committee to regulate the Sale of firearms by mail. The Fri has said the Rifle with which the president was shot was bought by mail. The pending Bill by sen. Thomas j. Dodd d-conn., would require persons buying firearms by mail to certify they were not under 18, had not been convicted of a felony and that the Purchase would not violate local Law. Studebaker head resigns South Bend ind. Apr Sherwood h. Egbert resigned monday As president and member of the corporation of Stude Baker corp. Byers Burlingame was named president and chief executive officer of the Auto manufacturing firm. Egbert a resignation said that while he still was in agreement with the Studebaker Board on general policies there was some difference of opinion on How various plans should by carried out. Burlingame 63, has been in the automotive business since 1950 when he went to work for the old Packard motor car co. He has been an executive with Studebaker since it merged with Packard in 1954. 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