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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 4

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner saturday november 21, 1970 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont 05201 editorials will the democrats be generous by James Heston new York times news service a channels destroy communication one of the problems with a bureaucratic society is that the people at the Bottom never get a Chance to talk with the people at the top who in theory have the Job of aiding the much larger group at the Bottom. Vermont a social welfare commissioner Joseph t. Betit does not have an enviable Post in that he must Cope with the admitted mess of welfare rules and at the same time attempt to run his department fairly and with an Eye on its burgeoning Cost. At the same time he a not very Wise to refuse to lend an ear to social workers who must Deal on a Day to Day basis with individuals. Betit this week expressed Shock at the idea of social workers in the Field being allowed to talk with the welfare Heads in Montpelier. A they must go through the proper channels a said he. There Are a lot of things wrong with the administration of welfare not just in Vermont but in every other state As Well. But reducing the entire procedure to a game of numbers wont solve any problems. Ifs a Lack of communication that has probably compounded the myths and misunderstandings that surround welfare the ecology game for fun and profit is big business concerned about the state of the environment you re darn right. Gimbels in new York we note is now Selling two new games namely a smog a the new game of environmental it is a the fun Way to learn about air pollution and How to control it. For 2 to 4 also there so dirty water a another fun with ecology this teaches 2 to 4 players to a learn a editor s notes not even penguins Are Safe from pollution. If there were any place in the world that one might expect to find pure air it might be the vast unpopulated reaches of the South pole. But according to a recent dispatch from the National geographic society it is suspected that the Frozen atmosphere of Antarctica shows traces of Metal pollutants including Lead Copper and Iron. Scientists drilled the Polar ice Cap in 1967 and found at its Core dirty streaks of Ash supposedly tossed into the atmosphere when a Volcano erupted around 13,000 . Not Only does pollution make its sneaky and make it such a highly controversial topic. Going through too Many channels tends to discourage any ideas Ever reaching from top to Bottom. Unfortunately its the misunderstandings about the problem that have led to a kind of adversary relationship Between the welfare department and the people it is charged with helping. This has grown into a polarization in which welfare officials Are looked on As monsters trying to do As Little As possible for the clients and welfare clients Are considered As Chi Selers All determined to get As much As possible out of the state. These ideas Are a far cry from the real purpose of a Public assistance a which is just that a the Public assisting those who have nowhere else to turn. It might be a Good idea for commissioner Betit to emerge from his Montpelier office from time to time and talk with the social workers in the department he might even talk with some of the militant welfare clients. If All concerned would talk and listen they might All learn something helpful. How to overcome the imbalances that have jeopardized ecological As we All know the Price of fighting pollution in this country is High. The games Cost $10 apiece. They Are displayed incidentally next to another game a the a Stock Market game a anyone can make a million this one is for 2 to 6 players and a shows you How to make a Fortune in the Stock i i Washington. The mood in the Senate after the turmoil of the elections is More congenial than might have been expected. Both vice president Agnew and sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas have noted a change for the better so the transition to the second half of the 91st Congress in january May be orderly and fair. This is important for the Senate foreign relations committee under chairman Fulbright May have to preside during the next two years Over the peace settlement in Vietnam and a strategic arms agreement with the soviet Union and therefore the spirit and makeup of the committee will determine whether some kind of nonpartisan foreign policy can be restored. The relations Between the Fulbright committee and the administration declined seriously during the heat of the Campaign. Though sen. Fulbright a personal associations with Secretary of state Rogers and Secretary of defense Laird have been Friendly or. Agnew argued for a Republican majority in the Senate in order to replace Fulbright with a new Republican chairman of this key committee. A i Bear no grudge a or. Fulbright said when he returned to Capitol Hill the Otho Day. A nobody has Ever taken me so seriously or Given me so much free publicity As the vice president and Martha still there will have to be changes in the makeup of the committees of the Senate partly because the party ratio has changed from 57 democrats and making Money is cheaper pollution this one costs $9.95. Than Way on land and sea and air but it apparently lasts almost to eternity. It May be Good publicity for Vermont to contribute a 60-foot Spruce to Rockefeller Center Christmas tree but things have almost reached the Point where such magnificent greenery is better left to grow in the ground. Lighted and bedecked it can of course Delight hundreds of thousands of watchers during the Holiday season in new York but it will be discarded at the end of the festivities. Left in Vermont fewer people might see it but the tree could continue to be a Delight for years to come. 43 republicans before the election to 54 democrats. 44 republicans one Independent Harry Byrdjr. Of Virginia and one conservative James Buckley of new York and so partly because some members were Defeated or retired. This will give the democrats who have been complaining of a Lack of generosity on the part of the republicans a Chance to prove their own generosity in allocating one new seat to the republicans on foreign relations they Are not bound to do so under the rules of the Senate and the new reorganization act that goes into effect in january. Each committee is supposed to reflect the Over All ratio of democrats to republicans so far As possible but the democratic steering committee under majority Leader Mike Mansfield could insist on adding republicans to Ninor rather than major committees if it chose to take a narrow or partisan View of its responsibilities. A Strong Case can be made however for increasing the Republican membership on the foreign relations committee from six to seven and reducing the democratic members from nine to eight. It is a one sided committee As it now stands preponderant by favourable to chairman Fulbright a views rather than the administration s. Only sen. Gale Mcgee of Wyoming Thomas j. Dodd of Connecticut and John Sparkman of Alabama. Democrats and Karl e. Mundt of South Dakota. Republican could be counted on to argue the administrations Case in the private councils of this powerful committee and Dodd was Defeated and senator Mundt is seriously ill. Letter support for Collins to Tho editor at the Banner a in a recent article by David Scribner of the Banner which runs under the headline a a bad finds contradictions in charges by couple of filth in schools Here a very Little is said which specifically informs us of exactly what the Collins meant by insofar As this information is not elaborated upon in the article the headline is mis informative and misleading and it completely avoids a As does the article itself a the intrinsic nature of the issues which or. Collins raises. These issues Are not concerned with filth or with sensationalism although in passing they touch upon them. These issues Are concerned with the fact that the Quality of education in the Bennington school system and the circumstances surrounding the educational process Are being threatened by internal problems and that the actions taken by the school Board Are not adequate to Deal with the urgency of these problems. As an example or. Collins noted the presence of disturbed children in regular school classes and specifically referred to an incident in which me Little girl was almost hanged by an emotionally disturbed classmate. Whether or not physical damage was done to the child is not the Point. To a child such an occurrence As this carries greater emotional and psychological Impact than actual physical harm. It might Well be that this Little girl a who was a merely upset and humiliated Quot As Mac Bride put it a will suffer help. It does t make sense that the Collins would take their children out of school when this very act could in itself be detrimental to their emotional Well being unless he was genuinely alarmed and concerned about the conditions affecting them in the Public schools. What the Collins Are trying to say then is that there Are problems in the schools that deserve the immediate attention of the administrators. Rather than direct their efforts toward Resolution of space problems at this Point he deems it of Paramount importance that they look at what is going on in their schools and do something about it. As Public servants these administrators Are not serving their Public nor their schools nor the children when they engage in defending themselves against an a unqualified Many a and instead attack the right of this Man to open his own school or to even be there making his speech. They Are not listening to the parents of three children within their system it is open to debate whether they listen to parents at All. Or. Collins As saying some very important things to the school Board in his speech whether or not he used Strong language against these people a insofar As he accused them of not providing his children a and the children of Bennington with a first rate effective and relevant education is beside the Point. Nor is it relevant that he accused the bad of being part of the problem by not serving the parents and irreparable damage mentally children of the Community with and emotionally for life. The fact that Macbride waited for three hours before taking her Home during which time the child remained in her classroom sobbing is direct evidence of exactly what or. Collins is so a a vitriolic about a the in their True interests and needs at heart. What is important Here is that something is very wrong with the present educational system in Bennington. And that nothing is being done about it that nothing is going to be done about it or Quot maybe its emf 6000 humor sensitivity of administrators to anything done to alleviate its the problems of the children. Dreadful potential for per or. Collins went on to note that Petua Ting social disorder and whether or not the classrooms individual unhappiness because that Molly Stark wants to add Are people Are not a As they showed needed is besides the Point at this in their treatment of the Collins time. Of what Good Are they if the a ready to admit that anything is mental emotional and physical wrong. Well being of the child him perhaps it would have been portent factors in the educational better if the Little girl had been process a Are threatened hanged. By that occurrence or. And mrs. Collins took their perhaps just As the eruption of three children out of school riots across this country has because they feared for their done people will be moved to safety. Why on Earth would two realize that something is very parents deprive their children of wrong. That might propel them a formal education merely for toward action toward in reasons of publicizing a school estimation and perhaps toward that they Are hoping to open the a Resolution of the problem. It purpose of the school is to help does no to seem that anything else emotionally disturbed children Short of tragedy will the state of Vermont has a miss Lynne White waiting list of children that need Bennington College. So in any event the committee will be changed. The republicans must replace senator John j. Williams of Delaware who retired. They May have a second seat if senator Mundt cannot regain his health and even a third seat if the democrats decide to make the gesture of reducing their ratio. Sen. Hugh Scott of Pennsylvania the minority Leader wants one of these seats and will press for another Republican seat when he meets with sen. Mansfield on the Issue later in the year but Mansfield will be under heavy pressure not to make the Concession for sen. Muskie of Maine Kennedy of Massachusetts Mcgovern of South Dakota All presidential possibilities and sen. Moss of Utah Bayh of Indiana and Inouye of Hawaii Are All Angling for seats. A of it is not in the cards however that the balance of Power will be changed in either the foreign relations or the armed services committees of the Senate by the selection of new men. The foreign relations committee will still be with or. Fulbright on most issues and the armed services committee will still be with the administration and the Pentagon on most defense questions. The White House and the foreign relations committee have been fussing at each other. The president has been complaining that sen. Fulbright has been carping at him and hampering his peace efforts. Or. Fulbright on the other hand claims that his inquiries at the state and defense departments get Little More than a Curt acknowledgement. What the election has done is to give both sides a Chance for a new beginning. The president cannot get the cooperation he wants by counting on what he Calls his new a ideological majority in the Senate and the democrats cannot influence the president by being ungenerous in the allocation of one or two seats on the major committees. All Are facing delicate and even dangerous questions involving the War and the arms race and they cannot very Well succeed in these while carrying on the partisan Battles of the last few months. Sunrise to Sunset. November pastoral by George b. Gordon Jamaica. When i drove Over the Mountain to Manchester one Day last week i saw the changes that november brings. The leaves have fallen from the Trees except for the russet Oaks and the Golden Tamarack along the Valley floor. The slopes Are the Blue Grey color of the Deer that were red As foxes in Midsummer. Small Silvery Brooks and Little narrow valleys that were hidden by tile leaves in october Are visible on the Mountain sides. Now you see the shapes and contours of the land from horizon to horizon through a transparent screen of swaying branches. The whole landscape has suddenly become wider and deeper framed by Banks of Dun coloured Clouds along the sky line. A Painter once told me he did not like to work in Vermont in summer. You could hardly see the Hills he said except for bends in a Road or a Trail. Shapes shadows and Distant horizon were screened by the foliage. But when floated like a half sunken log. He seemed too disheartened to make that loud warning splash that startles strangers. The Only sounds were the tinkle of the shallow current racing ova the Bare gravel at the pools head and the Rustle of blown leaves. I saw this place 25 years ago before the dam was built to choke the rive and Block the downstream View. It looked a lot better then. There were once men Here who lived in Harmony with the land around them. But that was Long ago. Those Farmers cleared the Fields and slowed the land and made it Green again with crops. They planted the Village common with elms. They covered the Green Hills with White flocks of grazing sheep. They set the Steeple of a White Church against a background of Blue mountains. Even the Walls they made were of Cool Grey stones Laid cunningly to last for generations. The roads they built were fitted to the contours of the leaves had fallen you could. See the mountains the valleys. Beauty and the River. Those men Are gone now like the whistle of the trains on the Little railway that once ran through the quiet Valley. The land has changed the men have changed too. The Era of the Beer can the to commercial and the snowmobile has arrived. That monster the Bulldozer is abroad in the land. But this lifting of the Leaf curtain has its disadvantages too. Now you can see the ugly scars that men have left on the face of the land. New ski runs spider web Down the higher slopes. A newly cleared Power line looks like a knocked out tooth. New roads leave mud coloured lines across the hillsides. Smoke from a Distant town dump is a dark blot against the sky. Worst of All perhaps when the leaves Are gone we can see from roads and highways the dirt and litter along once Lovely streams. Last evening i drove Down a now abandoned Road to a quiet stretch along the West River where a year ago we fished for Bass on warm afternoons of late fall. The Reservoir at Townshend this year is All one mud Flat with Only a narrow strip of Bright water running through it. A i came quietly Down the Grade with my motor idling a Doe and her Fawn dashed across the Roadway kicking up a swirl of dead leaves. From the Muddy River Bank a Cloud of late Robins took Wing and fluttered through the Bare Woods. In the one deep Pool left in the River upstream from the dam a big Beaver but i still Uke to drive Down into the Manchester Valley from the North and see the changes brought by the changing seasons. Seen from this Angle Equinox and red Mountain Are Uke the backdrop for a giant stage. But no stage of course could have such majesty such color nor these lighting effects of moving Cloud and Cloud shadows. The curtain rises on this stage As it has risen for centuries with the first glow of Sunrise behind the mountains to the East. It Falls with the last of the fading Western ought. Spring summer fall and Winter March across the stage each with its special Beauty. Now the sky is Clear and Blue with White Clouds. Suddenly a Black Squall moves across the Sun and the wind rises. A Snow Shower blots out the Mountain backdrop. It is november. These Days australian youth show no concern for changes in world Power balance the a Stracans in a moment of pre Macarthur pessimism proposed to Anchor a Cross continent defense Une against the japanese Back in 1942 is just about the same As the distance Between Sydney and Saigon. If the indonesians within the protective shield of the americans and and australians in Vietnam Hadnot successfully cracked Down on the maoists in their Island Empire would the Young Sydney University students be acting so Debonair about the indonesian a Barrier a would they be so contemptuous of the a Domino theory a moreover there is the phenomenon of soviet sea Power which has been expanding in the Indian Ocean australians a other South sea As both the British and the americans have reduced their naval a a presence in the South sea area. The australian Navy would still need help from America and Britain in any Large scale War involving a super Power enemy. Finau a there is the new japanese australian Industrial Axis. The tremendous new Iron Ore production of Western Australia has been heavily contracted for by the japanese steel companies. If with the american Hudson Institute s Herman Kahn you believe that Japan is destined to become stronger industrially than the United states or soviet Russia by by the revelations a Alan Lowry a a the year 2,000 which it will do if thought there was a no feeling Tor from Sydney measuring it retains its present growth rate the embodiment of spirit in the i i or a Quot a a Quot it be foreign Nolies of Canberra g0�?T in takes As Long to Fly from australians will have a virtually. Reign Pouch Anneyre. Southeast Australia where 50 permanent Market for their several students stressed the per cent of the 12,000,000 need for Australia to begin population lives to Vietnam As it thinking of itself not As a White takes to Fly from London to the outpost in the South Pacific but persian Gulf. But the Sydney University students had apparently forgotten that the distance Between Tokyo and Brisbane where by John Chamberlain Sydney Australia the vocal Young in Australia Are like their counterparts in the United states they done to believe in International Russia red China maoist guerrillas a its All a a so what a business when they Are mentioned expression of this feeling is of course confined to the a a concerned and the a a involved members of the younger generation a presumably Small group among the two fifths of the population that is under 25. With a Denver Newspaperman i visited Sydney University a bit of Oxford architecturally speaking and the word quickly spread that there were a couple of foreign journalists who were willing to listen to the vocal fringe. We might have been Back Home not in Berkeley or Cambridge but in some College town where dissent is mostly in the talk stage. The themes were what they might have been in University circles in West Germany or Peru in Oxford or in Paris allowing for the local variations. Robyn Tupman wanted to a Stop the War a there was a no moral or political need for australian conscripts to be in South Viet Vietnam Nam. Ray Davy was disillusioned by the Mylai massacre stories he said that two and one half years ago he did t object to the War but a now we Are polarized protective Barrier to the North. A Friendly relations with Indonesia would of course require a modification of the White Australia policy and a coming to terms with Black Power in new Guinea. Peter Hartog whose father came out to Australia with Gen. Douglas Macarthur s staff did voice a contrary opinion about new Guinea he had been there and he Felt that the fact that the a a highlanders have the Power and the coastal people a the sophistication carried the potential of a murderous factionalism. It would be some time before Papua and new Guinea proper were ready for peaceful self government. The students freely admitted that last year was the High tide of the Vietnam protests this year a the emphasis has shifted to local concerns of representation. The kids were proud that they had improved the a matriculation standards at their University by their protests. Since i was there to listen i kept my own views out of the group interview. So interestingly enough did a Denver i visitor who happened to be on a or. And rest and rehabilitation in Sydney getting a few Days respite from front line service in what impressed and mystified me was the Sublime Trust of the vocal Young people in the distance that separates As a Southeast asian Power with a corresponding need to maintain Friendly relations with Indonesia which would stand As the big Market for metals. But what if the australians with a steadily augmenting population of their own decide to build their own steel Industry any worries about relations with Japan then the students obviously Hadnot considered this

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