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Bennington Banner Newspaper Archives Nov 21 1970, Page 1

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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - November 21, 1970, Bennington, Vermont . A Possum playing a familiar sight in Southern states the american opossum has extended its Range and is now seen occasionally in Vermont. It feeds on plants insects and Small rodents and is usually considered harmless to Man and agriculture. The Possum defense against its enemies is to play dead. Though he can move fast and is an excellent tree climber he will if caught Roll Over on his Side and draw his Mouth Back in a ghastly Grin. Most predators will nudge him then give him up for dead. Danger Over Possum will get up and move on. This Small opossum was seen crossing a Field near the Home of Duncan a. Campbell on the Woodford Road and As it was approached immediately Quot played Possum. U Hen last seen it had climbed to the top of a Large Maple tree. Campbell was Able to photograph it before it Quot died. More Oil company violations charged Manila a death toll in Wake of Patsy climbs to Over too new Orleans up the government charged Shell Union and Continental Oil companies Friday with 303 safety violations which could have led to blowouts on 74 offshore Wells in the Gulf of Mexico scene of history is largest Oil Slick last Spring. Hie Misdemeanour counts of failing to install safety devices to prevent the blowouts brought to five the number of Oil companies charged so far. Chevron Oil Coo was fined $1 million after the Oil spill that began last Winter and spewed 20,000 barrels of crude Oil into the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast threatening the valuable shrimp and Oyster Beds Humble Oil co. Was charged nov. 13 with 150 similar offences on 33 offshore Wells. All 1,353 counts against the five companies resulted from what . Attorney Gerald Gallinghouse said Friday was a a continuing investigation with additional actions the five Oil companies have been charged under the outer Continental shelf i ands act of 1953 with failure to have storm chokes or similar subsurface devices on their Wells to prevent blowouts. Shell and Continental Are Delaware corporations Union and Chevron Are headquartered in California and Humble is a Houston Tex., firm. A we want to Point out. That the allegations relate to the past and that both the government and Shell agree that we Are in full compliance with the regulations now and have been few quite some time a a Shell spokesman said Manila up a the official toll from typhoon Patsy the strongest Ever to hit the Philippines capital climbed Friday night to 105 dead 1,012 injured and 60 missing. Government officials said another 23,000 were left homeless by the storms winds of 125 Miles per hour. The Sun shone brightly in a former Soldier denies seeing it. Calley report says Moynihan will be in ambassador Boston up a presidential adviser Daniel p. Moynihan will be named . Ambassador to the United nations the Boston evening Globe said thursday in a copyrighted Story. In a frontage article the Globe said Moynihan accepted president Nixon a offer on monday. Moynihan a Democrat would succeed Charles w. Yost Asun ambassador. It had been common knowledge Moynihan 43, was planning to leave Washington at the end of this year to return to Harvard where he was on leave As director of the joint Center for Urban studies. However there had been reports that Job would no longer be open and no spot of comparable stature would be offered Moynihan. The in Post was a natural alternative. Moynihan is credited with pushing for the guaranteed annual income scheme in president Nixon a welfare Reform proposals. However his Liberal credentials became suspect in january with disclosure of his famous a benign Negus to memo advising As a policy for the racial Issue. Cool Cloudy partly Cloudy today and tomorrow. Continued Cool with highs in upper 40s. Chance of rain diminishing tonight. Lows tonight and sunday in 30s. I it. Benning a. Up a former Soldier testified Friday he saw two american gigs open fire into a ditch filled with an estimated 40 to 50 South vietnamese civilians but that neither of the gigs was 1st it William l. Calley or. Richard w. Pendleton 23, of Richmond calif., said he and two companions walked up to the Edge of the ditch sometime during the morning of March 16, 1968. The Day Calley led a platoon sweep through the Village and allegedly killed or ordered killed 102 unarmed South vietnamese civilians. Under Cross examination by maj. Kenneth Raby Calley a military defense counsel pen deletion identified the two gigs doing the firing Only by their last names Terry and Doherty. Pendelton had indicated in his testimony that those in the ditch were dead and Raby asked a is it not True that or. Terry and specialist Doherty had a discussion about some people being alive in that ditch a Quot i assume that a what they were talking about a Pendleton answered. A there could have been people alive a Pendleton said under further prodding by Raby. Following Pendleton a testimony judge Reid w. Kennedy called a recess until 9 . Est monday when the trial will go into its third week. Nearly cloudless sky Friday giving no indication of the havoc wrought by nature the Day before As the City is 3.5 million residents buried their dead and began the task of rebuilding. Property damage was estimated at $12 million with Rural areas East of the City still to be heard from. On the Island of Polillo off the East coast of Luzon the town of Polillo reported every single building destroyed or damaged. President Ferdinand e. Marcos who the Day before declared a a state of calamity in Manila returned to the capital from his Mountain Retreat at Baguio 120 Miles to the North where he had been with visiting burmese Leader Gen. Be win. Upon arriving in Manila he wait directly to the disaster control Cento established at the army scamp Aguinaldo on the outskirts of the City. Refugees from the flooded areas along the pasig River and from All parts of the City and its environs sought shelter in nearby schools and churches those which still had roofs. Electricity in the City was restored in the morning after being shut off All night to prevent accidental electrocutions or the outbreak of fires from dangling Power lines. Hundreds of Power and Telephone poles snapped in the storm Trees were uprooted Lowling areas were flooded and ships were blown ashore. The Manila Domestic Airport was almost completely destroyed. Hie nearby International Airport closed operations when its control Tower was badly damaged and International flights were still being diverted Friday to Mac Tan in Cebu 350 Miles South of Manila. Hie route into the heart of Manila from the Airport which Pope Paul i will take when he arrives next Friday was a shambles. Hie Pope sent two messages of condolence from the Vatican to president Marcos and Cardinal Rufino Santos on the destruction. Vermont housewives May be worst polluters Montpelier up Hie special task Force probing Mercury contamination of Vermont Waters reported Friday it has been unable to pinpoint any single source of the pollution. But according to spokesman Forest Orr director of the inter Agency committee on natural resources the housewife May prove to be one of the worst offenders. Orr said the task Force contacted 162 businesses in the course of the study and found 119 which reported they did not use Mercury at All. The team concluded a that Mercury contamination of water originates from Many the study was launched last summer after higher than Safe Mercury concentrations were found in fish samples taken from state Waters. Orr said Mercury pollution is caused by effluent from sewage treatment plants from Latex paints from Lawn fungicides medicines and a Host of other household items. Orr predicted the pesticide advisory Council will restrict the use of the Lawn fungicides. He said the task Force was unable to determine whether there is a significant natural background source of Mercury but added the investigation will continue. The informational session made Only a Progress report on said not a final report. Nixon welfare Reform Bill killed in committee Washington up the Senate finance committee voted Friday to kill president Nixon a welfare Reform Bill the Keystone of his Domestic legislative program. Conservatives charged it went too far and it did no to go far enough. Hie committee voted 10-6 to kill the $4 billion tall which Nixon has called the meet important social legislation since the new Deal. Hie vote came As a severe setback to the prospects of enactment of the costly Complex and controversial proposal in the closing weeks of a Congress Busy with other matters. But Secretary Elliot l. Richardson of health education and welfare predicted that the White House would Muster a about 60�?� votes on the Senate floor to reverse the committees rejection. A it is simply too important to the country to allow this legislation to die a Richardson told a Capitol Hill news conference. He said a a anything would be better than the nation s current a morally and fiscally bankrupt welfare system which helps support to million people and which has been criticized by taxpayers welfare clients and administrators for years. In place of the administration proposal the committee voted 13-3 for a test run of the plan called a a family assistance plan a and of up to five alternatives including Federal wage supplements for those who work at Low paying jobs. Richardson said a we would rather have no Bill at ally than the committees dry run proposal which he said would take years to administer and evaluate and would delay a thorough overhaul of welfare until 1974. Hie chief innovation in Nixon a Bill outlined by the president to the nation in a radio television address 16 months ago was its Promise of Federal Aid to the a working poor those who work but still cannot earn enough to lift themselves out of poverty. The Bill promised a Federal payment of $1,600 a year plus $800 in food Stamps to every poor family of four in the nation if the head of the household would take a Job or sign up for Job training. Hie of every 12 americans would be affected. Hie measure sailed through the House with unexpected ease last april but it hit a Wall of conservative resistance in the Senate committee. As the administration modified its proposal again and again to meet the objections of conservatives it lost Liberal support. Sen. Fred Harris d-okla., a key supporter defected Friday. He told reporters he could no longer support the tall because the administration would not guarantee Aid for families which included a father. Most welfare families Are headed by women but 500,000 unemployed fathers Are now eligible for payments too. Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 Bennington Vermont saturday november 21, 1970 21,110 15 cents i first my Lai defendant military panel acquits Mitchell it. Hood Tex. Up a military panel Friday night found s. Sgt. David Mitchell not guilty of assault with intent to murder in the first my Lai massacre court martial. The seven officers who made up the military jury took just under seven hours to decide the first Case growing out of the deaths of South vietnamese civilians 2vs years ago. Mrs. Isaiah Mitchell the defendants Mother jumped to her feet when the verdict was announced and gasped loudly. She fell into the arms of Mitchells father a Baptist minister from St. Francisville la. When the court announced a verdict had been reached Mitchell was ordered to stand in front of the two colonels three captains and two lieutenants who formed the panel. The 30-year-old defendant did so and saluted sharply. Col. Francis Giacomozzi the courts presiding officer read the decision to Mitchell a sgt. Mitchell it is my duty to advise you this court meeting in closed deliberations finds you not with the sobs of his Mother audible behind him Mitchell expect Council membership for catholics Montpelier up the Vermont ecumenical Council was expected to Grant associate membership to the statewide Burlington roman Catholic diocese today. It would make Vermont the first state in the East in which All roman catholics have become related to an ecumenical association. Hie first step was taken two years ago when the organizations predecessor the Vermont Church Council merged with the Vermont Bible society to form the ecumenical and Bible society. The first ecumenical worship service will be led by clergymen of several faiths including the Rev. Howard Stem executive minister of the Council and the most Rev. Robert Joyce Bishop of the Burlington diocese. The Council will also take up two resolutions dealing with controversial state issues welfare and unfair Campaign practices. Turned around returned to his seat and Shook hands with his defense attorney Ossie Brown of Baton Rouge la. Brown who admitted he was worried As deliberations passed the six hour Mark int his up and tried to hold Back tears As the verdict was read. Brown in his final arguments had called the incident at my Lai a fabrication by those who want to a gut the a i contend this is an attempt by some segments of our country to gut the Miu tary and when you gut the Miu tary you gut this country a Brown said. A every time i look around some Liberal Bird is making a speech or writing a Book about it trying to destroy the a w strike of pm officially ended Detroit up a the United Auto workers Friday ratified a record three year contract with general motors ending a 67-Day-old National strike which had put a crimp in the nations Economy. Pm cars were expected to Start moving off Assembly lines shortly. The end of the strike against the automotive giant was signalled when Law president i Leonard Woodcock announced late Friday a the National agreement has been ratified. And the Law National strike against pm in the United states is however settlements still had to be reached on local issues at several key plants before pm could resume full production. Once key local agreements Are completed a pm spokesman said resumption of production will vary at Assembly plants across the country As parts Are available. But output is expected to be Well under Way at nearly a Points in december. The a awl a negotiating team led by Law president Leonard Woodcock agreed to the tentative contract with Gmys negotiators and the a awl Sam Council voted 3-1 recently to recommend approval by the rank and file. Twelve of Gmys 24 Assembly plants have reached local agreements and a pm spokesman said both sides were working hard right now to solve disputes at the other Assembly plants and supper plants. Seven plants were reported to be vital to a Start up of pm production. Of those seven five already have been in operation exempt from the strike because they make components for other Auto manufacturers. The two other plants considered vital were the Fisher body stamping Plant at Mansfield Ohio and the Chevrolet supplier Plant at Warren mich., which makes wheels and rear axes for Chevrolet cars and trucks plus front suspension components for regular size Chevrolet Pontiac Oldsmobile and bricks. It was believed most pm production could be resumed before the Christmas and new years holidays. Once the pm strike was settled the Law planned to try to get similar contracts from Ford and Chrysler. Demonstrators disrupt miss world contest London up a Demontra tors hurled smoke and stink bombs onto the stage Friday night during the miss world Beauty contest forcing comedian Bob Hope to Retreat and the organizers to suspend the pageant briefly. Hope left the stage when two bombs burst into Clouds of smoke and leaflets showered Down from the galleries. The demonstrators were not identified but shouts of a a women a liberation went up from some sections of the audience. Hope returned to the stage several minutes later to a big applause. He grinned broadly and resumed his act saying a this is a Nice conditioning course for then he turned serious and rebuked the demonstrators. A anybody who tries to break up an affair As wonderful As this has got to be on some kind of dope ladies and the audience applauded. Land of death us survivors of the Cyclone which hit this area make their Way to Relief boats past the bodies of animals and people who were killed in the disaster. Authorities believe that As Many As 25,000people on this Island which used to have 30,000, May have died in the disaster. In All the death toll of the storm May be As High As 500,000

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