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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner saturday May 28, 1986 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials memorial Day far More will probably head for the Beach the Golf course or Camp Over the three Day memorial Day weekend than will attend the ceremonies organized locally by the veterans groups. Yet even those who regard the Long weekend As an Opportunity to pursue pleasure or relaxation should not forget the significance of May 30. It is a Day dedicated to those who have died both in this country and in foreign lands to preserve our Freedom to come and go As we like to say what we please and to choose the people who will govern us. Memorial Day observances will be All the More poignant this year because among the men who will be re keeping the Psi s where they belong judging by the statements of All but a few medical authorities the current concern about use of the psychedelic drug Ltd is thoroughly justified. The stuff evidently is dangerous. It has been known to cause hallucinations psychotic symptoms and suicidal tendencies and tile changes it brings about Are not always temporary. Responsible adults cannot Sanction general use of Ltd any More than they can Sanction widespread dissemination of deadly poisons or Public games of russian Roulette. Unless kept under strict controls the drug plainly can wreck lives. But How to administer the controls is the question. Sens. Thomas j. Dodd of Connecticut and George Murphy of California think the Federal government should make Possession of the drug a criminal offered. A i cannot agree with those who advocate the Ostrich like wait and see approach a declares sen. Murphy. A wait and see what More damaged minds possibly More deaths a what sen. Murphy Calls the wait and see approach is a policy of enforcing existing restrictions on making or peddling Ltd without going further. Neighbourhood youth corps As far As Bennington is concerned the neighbourhood youth corps is one of the most worthwhile programs to come out of the economic Opportunity act. The nyc provides part time jobs during the school year and full time jobs during tile summer for High school students who might otherwise for financial reasons have difficulty remaining in school. Funds Are supplied by the Federal government. The objective of the nyc is to make it unnecessary for students to drop out of school because of financial need. The need for such a program can be simply expressed by pointing out that nearly i million Young americans leave school without a diploma every Mem ered Are Many who have so recently died in Viet Nam. The orators on monday morning will urge us As they have in the past to a a rededicate ourselves to the ideals that made our country these Are not empty words even though they have been repeated so often and even though probably Only a Small group of people will be on hand to hear them. For we must never cease striving through Active participation in government through voting and through actively working to guarantee All americans the same rights and opportunities to preserve the democratic government and society that so Many americans have died for. The head of the Federal food and drug administration or. James l. Goddard has told an investigating Senate subcommittee that proper enforcement of the present Law could control the problem without resort to new legislation branding use or Possession of the drug a criminal offence. The Fra would prefer not to take the latter step because it would involve cracking Down on noncriminal who have been experimenting with Ltd. A a it would automatically place maybe to per cent or hundreds of thousands of College students in the category of criminals a or. Goddard said. A a i would hate to see them charged with a such an approach a a wait and see though it May be a seems fairer than a sudden lowering of the Boom that would entrap Many noncriminal youths. Furthermore the regulations can be stiffened if it is found that prosecution of makers and Sellers does not restrain the practice. For the future it is just As important to impose controls upon All such drugs As they Are developed so that they May be used in medical research without falling into the hands of the general Public. There will be Many a future say the researchers. The henceforth must be to keep them off the City streets and College campuses and in the experimental laboratories. Year because they can not afford to continue their educations. Economic Opportunity in present Day America is closely tied to a High school education. The youth corps is a straightforward and in Bennington at least effective attack on the economic need that forces Many Young people to give up their Hopes while they Are still in their teens for advanced training Good jobs personal development and a better life. It is another step toward realization of the american Ideal of equal Opportunity through equal education. Through the initiative of George Slee Man and the late Ralf s. Kates a youth corps program was started Here last summer and has since grown into a year a round program. It will provide 30 jobs for Bennington area students again this summer. We can Only Hope that the Federal government will see fit to expand in the future this important and necessary program. Fischetti Rod and gun Comer Vigour fishing maters ifs Tims to make Cota mtg list Washington calling Basic Issue in Cia hassle is secret intelligence Effort needed by Marquis Childs Washington. Given the order of Battle there should be Little doubt about the outcome of the Senate hassle Over the Central intelligence Agency. The Senate establishment led by its most conspicuous member sen. Richard Russell of Georgia holds the Cia in fond embrace and is determined to repel All invaders. But there Are doubts and if the 14-to-5 vote in the foreign relations committee is a portent Russell May have to use All his skill at parliamentary Man Euver to put Down the revolt. It is a test that will show whether the interlocking directorate a Between the Senate establishment the intelligence apparatus and the armed services a has the muscle to keep out interlopers. A of partly of course it is a personal feud. The Challenge comes from members of the Senate foreign relations committee who Are convinced they should be represented pm the top secret joint supervisory committee overseeing the Ciao a operation. This pits chairman j. William Fulbright and his critical View of the Viet Nam con filet against Russell who As chairman of the armed services committee goes Down the line for the administration. But the controversy is More than a personal vendetta or even a dispute Over Viet Nam. The Issue is the use of american Power with roots deep in the american temperament. The is Lap monism of the first decades of this Century grew out of a conviction of americans special destiny and the imperative need to stand free of the Power struggles of the corrupt old world. In the recent Senate Exchange those arguing for supervision by members of the foreign relations committee a three to be added to the six from defense and appropriations a were not saying the Cia is inefficient. On the contrary they passed out generous bouquets for Cia performance. Sen. Fulbright suggested that because Cia men stayed longer in a foreign Post and dug deeper into the native environment they might be More effective than the state department. The argument was that the Cia exercises a direct influence on foreign policy and therefore should come under the scrutiny of senators concerned with that Field. Not so say Russell and the members of the supervisory committee who contend that the Cia has solely an operating function and does not intrude on policy making. A of while the Cia maintains its Sphinx like silence in Public the Senate establishment unquestionably Speaks for it. The reason for wanting to keep the number of senators overseeing Cia operations to a minimum goes beyond the increased danger of Security leaks inherent in Sui enlarged committee although this is the argument chiefly stressed in Public. What disturbs the Cia is the likelihood that senators with a conviction of their expertise in the foreign Field would want to Call the shots. A we would inform them we had done thus and so in country a a As one Agency Man put it. A they would have their own views about the Wisdom of the operation in country a and we would be involved in a Row Over who was directing the tug of War Over the Cia is aggravated by a spate of news stories putting the intelligence Agency which Fulbright says has More employees than the state department in a dubious Light. The Climax came with a suit filed by the widow of an applicant for a Cia Job who claimed her husband was drugged during the examination for the Post and died As a consequence. Drugs plus cloak and Dagger stuff made an unbeatable sensation. The lawsuit that has caused genuine concern is that in which the Cia insisted in a Baltimore court that the right of secrecy prohibited any response to a claim by a latvian emigre that he is the victim of a calculated Cia slander which pictured him As a a communist this suggests one of the unhappiest aspects of the Cia operation which is the role it plays with refugee groups in this country. When Nikita Khrushchev came to the general Assembly of the United nations in 1960 and wildly shouting refugee groups greeted his every appearance it was reported that the Cia had a lotto do with the organizing of these demonstrations. New York City has Ever since been trying to get $3 million out of the Federal government for the extra Cost of police Protection for Khrushchev and the other Heads of government who Drew such an uproar. A of few knowledgeable observers would disagree with the criticism that the Cia grew too fast and luxuriantly in the postwar years. Coming out of the wartime office of strategic services the Agency carried into another Era Many of the freewheeling habits of a cloak and Dagger operation sanctioned by the urgency of War. The inhibitions of secrecy anonymity and restraint guaranteeing obscurity have been acquired in a painful period of trial and error. The Basic question often lost sight of is whether a corollary of american Power must be a highly organized intelligence operation. If the answer is a yes a then this must be a secret operation with congressional intervention kept to a minimum. By Roy Marsden when you speak of really big Trout in the future done to forget to mention the one taken May 19 in Wach sett Reservoir by Dana Deblois of Sterling Junction mass. A picture of the fish and the Lucky Fisherman appeared in last sundays Springfield Republican. Deblois is reported to have taken his monstrous Brown Trout on a goldfish lure spinning with six Pound test filament at 9 30 . There can be no doubt about the size As it was checked at Hamilton hardware in Clinton mass., one of the official checking stations of the Freshwater sport fish awards program sponsored by the Massachusetts division of fish and game. Statistics on measurement were 31/2 inches in length and 22i/4 inches in Girth. The weight was 19 pounds to ounces. Just a few Days prior to this record Trout a 17-Pound, 13-ounce Brown was taken by Bob Vattes of Clinton mass., from the same body of water. This fish was a victim of night Crawler bait. In either Case its Safe to say that both were the biggest Freshwater fish Ever taken by their captors. Done to drive Down to the Bay state with the idea of fishing in the Reservoir because As i understand it the Wach sett is open Only to licensed anglers by permit from towns served by the metropolitan District commission. A of in looking Over some of the reports filed by anglers in the red boxes along the Batten kill recently i was pleased to note that one such report bore the notation a a it a too bad a portion of this River can to be set aside for Fly fishing the subject has been aired in the past without Success and the companion idea of fishing for fun Only was vetoed by the members of the state fish and game commission after a Public hearing. Judging from the number of fishermen on the River last sunday afternoon something in the Way of beneficial regulations will have to be promulgated if our children and grandchildren Are to have knowledge of this Stream As it is today. With the Ever increasing population of whom a Good percentage take up fishing As a Hobby some stringent regulations Are going to have to come Forth to preserve our fishing Waters for future generations. Pollution one of the scourges of present Day living is robbing us of More Fis Hable Waters every year with the resulting heavier pressure on the remaining clean Waters. A Plank in the political platform of candidates in the next election would be a solid one if based on conservation of what resources still remain available. In response to an article in the Banner about two weeks ago concerning a conservation Camp to be operated by officials of the state fish and game department Only two names of boys who would be interested in attending this Camp were Given to the local committee. As a result Donald Armstrong was named As being eligible to attend and Stephen Boulter was selected As alternate. Both Young lads Are 15 and both reside on the Pownal Road Bennington. The Camp will cover practically All aspects of the out of doors woodcraft conservation gun safety Fly tying How to travel in the Woods and other subjects that should Combine to provide an interesting and instructive session. A a of sometimes it is no easy task to work with Young people especially if you Are trying to teach some particular subject. The Job is easier if the subject is an interesting one. This is Well demonstrated from the Success of the Beyhl Rifle team coached by Rudy Woodcock of North Bennington. The team came out second in the nationwide Myca postal matches the result of splendid efforts on the part of the members and their coach. Congratulations to you All. Someone is always coming up with sayings that a a dig sportsmen. The most recent to come to my attention was from Louis Levine to the effect that a fishermen often fail to catch a Good string but always come up with a Good Capitol jottings proposed milk marketing authority May save state s hard pressed Farmers / Ber you tar thought you a my would by Iai the Samb fraternity quotes there is a decided tendency in business to use the words a a legals and a a honest interchangeably. When the businessman says that most businessmen Are honest what he really Means is that most businessmen operate within the Law. Weiss writing in advertising age. It seems to me that the Battle for Freedom on the sex problem has been won. I would Hope that younger writers would find something More important to rebel against. A Henry Miller 76, noted author of several sex novels. At the opening of an Art show of his Watercolour paintings in los Angeles. With the ballot in your hand Freedom is yours. We re going to use our ballot in Birmingham so you can Stop scratching your head and saying a a Yassiry to White men. With 225,000 of us registered in Alabama you can walk with dignity. It is. Bernice Johnson a school teacher Active in voter registration speaking at a political rally in Birmingham Ala. Court procedures have reached such a degree of Tim wasting and expense that except to the immensely Rich and the state supported poor there is in practice a denial of Justice. A Harold lever British member of parliament. By William Blachly Montpelier. The idea of a Vermont milk marketing authority As a better Way to sell the product of Vermont a biggest Industry has been rattling around backstage in the Hoff administration for Over a year. Some Dairy leaders Here for a meeting with gov. Hoff tuesday said it was the Only really fresh idea to hit the troubled milk marketing situation in 30 years. Hoff told the gathering that he had considered calling a special session of the legislature to consider the authority if a proposed Purchase of the Whiting milk co. By the diary Many a league of new York had gone through. That Deal is by no Means a dead Issue. Presumably therefore the governors Public mention of the authority was a trial balloon. A of the milk marketing authority is not much More than a germ of an idea right now. The idea is to create a non profit state Agency to operate milk plants in Verm exit which would buy milk from Farmers who wanted to sell through the authority. On the other end of the economic Chain the authority would own or control distribution companies in Boston and other Eastern centers. There is Little question that there is a Money in the problem is How to get the Money Back to the Farmer. Milk in the City Sells for 25 cents a quart but the Farmer gets less than to cents. Agriculture commissioner Reed h. Rexford an old Coop Man has been trying to accomplish a Fitch the same thing by unifying the marketing co Ops. Two serious problems have slowed Rexford a Progress. He has been ill for months and the Coop boards of directors have been reluctant to merge their individual identity in a common Board. The professional managers of the co Ops approve in theory of merger. They May however be thinking about the fewer jobs that would be available in one Large Coop. A Vermont milk marketing authority would probably go beyond anything Rexford could accomplish by unifying the co Ops. At least one draft of the proposal Speaks of a buying and Selling Dairy products or Dairy product derivatives to transport and manufacture such products to build and Purchase equip and operate plants distribution centers or other facilities which will further the Sale of Dairy _ of Farmers in 1966 Are getting just As much a or As Little a for their milk As they did in 1948. There Arentt Many products that the consumer including the Farmer a can buy today at 1948 prices. Those who advocate a milk marketing authority say they Are discouraged by the refusal of Farmers to work together and by the opposition of farm organizations to any government control. They say that it May be easier and quicker to set up some nonprofit authority through legislative action than to wait for Farmers to get together. Gov. Hoff wants to preserve Farmers not Only for what Farmers do for the Economy of the state a and they bring in nearly $100 million each year but because they Are the Best and easiest Means for preserving what he Calls the a untouched Quality of Vermont the Junta oltion of Woods and Fields for example. It is this a a Quality that attracts tourists industries and creates the environment which is Vermont says Hoff. One suggestion has been made that Dairy products sold through the authority Bear the Brand name a state of Vermont milk or butter or cheese. The name Vermont is a known plus in the Sale of Maple products and cheese already and 95 per cent of All Vermont milk is sold out of state. A of one thing is sure. If something is not done and done soon there will be few if any Dairy Farmers left. Currently there Are Only 5,000 dairies in Vermont a decrease of 1,000 in the last year. The remaining Farmers have an average age of 65. Farmer to Farmer sales of farms Are almost unknown today. Land is being removed from farming with Little likelihood that it will Ever be put to agricultural use again. The Vermont Farmer is earning less than 50 cents an hour. But the Farmer is in Large part responsible for his own condition. He has responded rapidly to the technological revolution that has put electricity mechanization and Good husbandry on the farm. He has done Little to improve his bargaining position in the marketplace since the co Ops and the Federal milk order came into being in the 1930s. Hoff has said publicly and privately that he is determined to keep farming in Vermont. The Vermont milk marketing authority May not be the final answer. If it does see the Light of the Day it will be because Hoff has become sufficiently discouraged with the Farmers efforts to help themselves. Humor dead accounts two Madison Avenue advertising men were chatting Over a liquid lunch. An acquaintance from the and world had just gone to that great Agency in the sky. One said a did you hear about George Smith he died last night a a Good lord a said the other a what did he have a a nothing much a said the first Guy a just a Small toothpaste account and a Beer client nothing much Worth going a International teamster. Alphabet prayer a Grandfather was walking through the front Hall when he heard his granddaughter repeating the alphabet in a tone of voice that sounded like a prayer. A what Are you doing a he asked the Little one. She explained a praying but i can to think of exactly the right words to say. So in a just saying the letters and god will put them together because he knows what in a Catholic digest parents please note psychologists claim its a Good idea to kiss the children Good night a if you happen to be awake when they come Home. Humboldt sask journal

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