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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Bennington, Vermont Cloudy and cooler generally fair weather today but with some cloudiness and possible showers particularly in Mountain areas. A cooler trend is expected this weekend with temperatures somewhat below Normal. Forecasters say no rain in sight for sunday or memorial Day and the weather should be Ideal for picnics and outings. Benning Bennington Banner saturday May 28, 1966 Anner weekly founded in 1841, daily 1903 no 20,080 to cents memorial l a veterans plan Observance memorial Day Observance in Bennington will feature a dedication of a veterans memorial a Parade and ceremonies at the Vermont soldiers Home grounds. The program has been arranged by the veterans organizations with american legion cmdr. Winston Lother veterans of foreign wars cmdr. Ernest Costa and world War i Barracks cmdr. Kenneth Porter. At 9 . Monday a veterans memorial will be dedicated at the White Chapel cemetery with the Rev. Earle Forman soldiers Home chaplain officiating. Butlers will be Nick Santo and John Goyette of the Beni band and the firing squad will be from the Vermont National guard. Following the dedication a Parade will form at to . In front of Bennington High school with veterans groups and auxiliaries. National guard units both High schools bands and the girl scout band. The line of March will be Down main Street to Putnam Square where the line will halt As the Gold Star mothers place a Wreath at the Honor Roll. The procession will then move to Putnam Bridge where Flowers will be strewn on the water in memory of Navy personnel who have paid the supreme sacrifice. Proceeding to the soldiers Home grounds Village president Henry Mallory will be master of ceremonies. Robert m. Wilson Veteran and former county senator will be the speaker of the Day. Chaplain is the Rev. Or. Forman. Bennington Catholic High school band will play the Star spangled Banner and following the address the Beni band will play a March. The Gettysburg address will be delivered by George Hoyt chs senior. The Gold Star mothers will place a Wreath in the Home cemetery. The 86th eng. Co. Of the Vermont National guard will comprise the firing squad and butlers will again be Santo and Goyette. The three Section Parade lineup is announced Section i escort Village police Parade Marshall and aides cmdr. Costa and Lother and past cmdr. Clarence Cross massed colors chs band National guard Gold Star mothers official car with Village president Mallory chaplain Forman speaker of the Day Robert m. Wilson and the Gettysburg address speaker George Hoyt Spanish american veterans. Section ii world War i and auxiliary american legion and auxiliary Bennington High school band Janet Flynn a school of Baton vow and auxiliary and other fraternal organizations. Section null girl scout band drum Section girl scouts boy scouts title league and the Village fire department. The line will form in front of Bennington High school on main Street and extend up the Street. the of As Haskell William Haskell Jonathan Hastings Asa have is Abraham Haynes Catt. Jonas Haynes Reuben Haynes David Jillson Jonathan Johnson Jonathan Lamb Israel Lawton Jonah Lincoln Daniel Livermore John Marks Benjamin Metcalf Isaac Miller cart Judah Moore Jesse Houseman Reuben Morgan Samuel Murdock Joseph Nve Levi Packard or Jeremiah Parmalee Calvin p Perry Daniel Rice James Smith me dad Smith Dani r i Stearn Josiah s a Reuben Jesse 12 nox 2 i 9 a 3 l8 4 j nato seeks ways to lower tensions the old and the r mrs. June Hamblin Mitchell director of the Mirror players inc., who will open a summer season of plays with a your town a june 6 in Wilmington applies the Elbow grease to memorial Hall in preparation for the event. Here she ponders the names of Wilmington a civil War dead honoured by the Hall soon to be a theater. Campbell Wilmington has Many ties to Battle of Bennington Wilmington on memorial Day Here a traditional program will be presented involving schoolchildren scouts and veterans. The Only distinction in their ceremony lies in the Hall where these programs take place annually. A memorial in itself it was a gift to the town from the Childs family who in the same year 1902, erected alongside it the Childs tavern now known As the crafts inn. When Whitingham High school students Grant Moyer or. And Sally poor declaim Lincoln s a Gettysburg address Quot and his a tribute to women a they will stand beneath a plaque bearing names of civil War veterans As in Many a town. The special memorial features of the edifice now called the Wilmington playhouse Are unique Only in the depth of history revealed by other plaques and the portraits decorating its Basque bachelors seek brides at Esparros marriage fair Esparros France up a hundreds of girls were heading for this tiny Basque Village Friday in Hopes of finding a husband among 1,000 local bachelors at a marriage fair. There will be wining and dining singing and dancing throughout the Day and night monday. After it is Over the people of Esparros Hope the sound of wedding Bells will ring out Over the Valley in the coming months. If they do it will be the first time in Esparros since 1962 when the last single girl in the Village was married. The wedding Bells have been silent since and the Valley s bachelors were becoming desperate. The idea of inviting single girls from outside to a marriage fair began with 28 bachelors of Esparros itself who cautiously appealed to French girls to come to the town close to Spain and look them Over this weekend. The response was overwhelming. About 20,000 letters poured into the Community from on the inside Agnes Rockwood writes of the Phillips Art gallery in Washington a Page 3. Marquis Childs discusses the Basic issues of the Cia hassle a Page 4. Pictures of new addition to first Baptist Church a Page 7. France and other parts of the world including the United states England new zealand Peru Italy Egypt and Mozambique. All were from girls offering to marry an Esparros Man and Settle Here the one condition imposed by the hopeful bridegrooms. Mare state Ailt a ret nested for a. I. Libraries Albany . A gov. Nelson Rockefeller answered the plea of an unidentified woman Friday when he submitted to the legislature a Bill that will provide increased Aid to Public libraries. The plea had been made nearly three months ago at the conclusion of the Legislatures Public hearing on the state budget when the woman stood up and said Quot the libraries nobody has said anything about the libraries. Please give them some that statement the briefest by far of any made at the hearing was recalled As the governor requested an appropriation of $2,825,000 to increase the state Ald to the 22 Public Library systems with 676 member libraries in the state. The governor noted that since the formula for state Aid to libraries was drawn up in 1956, there has been an increase of nearly 50 per cent in Library service. Esparros does no to expect every girl who wrote to turn up monday but nevertheless everybody is braced for several thousand. Buses have been chartered to bring hundreds of visitors from major centers of Southern France such As Toulouse Pau and Lourdes. A sprinkling of foreign tourists and a horde of news and television Crews also were expected to Jam the narrow roads of the Region. In Esparros the local Bachelor ranks will be swelled by every available unmarried Man a about 1,000�?for Miles around. Those in the marriage Market will Wear a numbered red Rosette and the girls will write Down the number of any Man who interests them. Bands have been hired and 3,000 meals Laid on. The streets will be garlanded with Flowers and there will be a free drink for participants in the fair. The whole thing has been organized with military precision by Esparros mayor Philippe Balagne himself a Bachelor. But at the age of 71, he says he is steering away from matrimonial entanglements. No Banner monday memorial Day Interior Walls. Only one world War Veteran included in the gallery of camera studies that memorialize old residents of the town. A painted sign on the outside gives the Complete list of veterans from these More recent wars but a raised letter listing of revolutionary heroes from the town dominates the inner scene. The tall plaque to the left of the proscenium Arch in the auditorium balances the civil War list with 75 names of Quot persons then residents of Wilmington mentioned in Gen. Stark a official report As being in col. William Williams regiment at the Battle of Trines from one of the Amateur theatrical productions commemorating town history Tell the Story of these men and the others who came North from Pittsfield mass. To join in the fray of the Battles in history in which irregulars not professional soldiers beat regular troops. Can t you see it the hessians forming and reforming ranks doing dress parades and All that and the vermonters taking cover and sniping then charging out to fight like wildcats. Just As Independent As you please. Any number of you people whose roots Are deep in Wilmington have an ancestor Way Back who heard there was going to be a fight in Bennington and he got up before Dawn on a hot summer Day and did his chores and walked Over the Mountain to join Seth Warner. And maybe he got Back in time to do his chores next morning and maybe he did t get Back at an old history quotes the Rev. Or. Allen of Pittsfield As standing at the head of his flock and addressing John Stark the top commander thusly Quot general Quot said he Quot the people of Berkshire have often been summoned to the Field without being allowed to fight and if you do not give them a Chance they have resolved never to turn out Quot Well Quot said Stark Quot do you wish to March now while it is dark and raining Quot Quot no not just this moment Quot was the reply. Quot then Quot said the general Quot if the lord shall once More give us Sunshine and i do not give you fighting enough i la never ask you to come out during the night the rain ceased the Day dawned Bright and Clear and the Battle was fought and won by the men from Massachusetts and Vermont. That history is an unspoken part of the current memorial Day service but it is written bold and Strong in the commemorative plaque that decorates the memorial Hall Here. It was dedicated in 1914 As an additional gift from the Childs family and it will be rededicated in the program being printed for the first season of the Hall in its new role As a playhouse. On this memorial Day another dedication speech will be recalled that pledges for the old edifice and its occupants at the time of the annual ceremony Quot so Long As the Deerfield shall flow Onward toward the Majestic sea so Long As the sons of Wilmington shall exalt the memory of their fathers so Long May the men women and children of this historic old town meet to rededicate their hearts and lives to sacred emulation of deeds of Kindred heroes and statesmen and recall the unselfish patriotism of those who speak and those who Are silent Washington i Pic Secretary of state Dean Rusk said Friday that the nato allies will seek to find new ways to lower East West tension on critical issues such As Germany and disarmament. Acknowledging that the Viet Nam War had chilled the atmosphere for such undertakings the Secretary said at a news conference that efforts must continue to Dampen soldering issues in Europe. He declared that when the Viet Nam conflict is settled As it someday will be there is Quot still another world with major the United states he added Hopes to make Progress on them even while there is fighting in the far East. Rusk also said the Johnson administration does not plan to withdraw any major . Military units from Germany despite suggestions from some senators. He said the bulk of the troops in Germany would remain there Quot As Long As they Are needed and Rusk leaves tuesday for Brief visits to Finland and Norway before going to the critical nato ministers conference in Brussels. Speaking of that meeting he said that Frances decision to pull out of natos military Structure and its demand that natos supreme Headquarters and foreign bases must be removed from French soil required some major decisions soon. Quot the Brussels meeting has important matters to consider As a result of the decision of France to withdraw from Many of the activities of the Alliance he said. Rusk said that in addition to its defensive role nato must maintain Solidarity in order to work for solution of major problems with the soviet bloc. He said Congress could do its part in helping create a More favourable attitude for settling such issues. In particular he expressed Hope that the Senate would go ahead with ratification of the consular agreement signed Many months ago with Russia. Rusk also urged Early congressional action on the administrations proposals for stimulating East West Trade. Rusk declined to say whether he believed French president Charles de Gaulle a visit to Moscow scheduled to begin june 20, would help or hinder the solution of East West problems. He told a questioner that Paris should give the answer to that. While Rusk urged continued work on european problems despite the Adverse political effect of the Viet Nam conflict other High officials said they Felt prospects for Success were rather dim. They reported that Russia had made it Clear to the United states that nothing really significant could be accomplished so Long As the Viet Nam War continued. For that reason they said the United states sees no Point in attempting to hold an East West conference on Germany disarmament or other critical issues within the near future. The Johnson administration instead is working on longer Range plans to utilize the nato Alliance for a More conciliatory approach toward the soviet East european bloc. Safety Council warns of Highway fatalities United press International pleasure seeking motorists took to the highways Friday for the first Holiday fling of the vacation season. The National safety Council said up to 540 of them might die in traffic during the three Day memorial Day weekend. Throughout the nation Highway patrols and police departments beefed up their forces to Cope with the surge onto the highways. Some governors declared states of emergency. The safety Council estimated that Between 460 and 540 persons would die in traffic Between 6 . Local time Friday night and Midnight monday. It said As Many As 25,000 others might be injured As the nation s 87 million motor vehicles travel a predicted 9.4 billion Miles during the Holiday period. During a comparable no Holiday weekend at this time of year the Council said about 400 persons would die in traffic accidents. The Council urged motorists to Start trips Early. It warned that both Cai and Driver should be in top shape. Illinois state police said that for the first time since the state s toll highways opened in 1958, planes would be used to Check speeds on the turnpikes. Iowa gov. Harold e. Hughes declared a state of emergency. He said Highway patrolmen would be augmented by the National guard Highway commission weight officers conservation commission fish and Gam officers and Commerce commission White Collar workers. In Ohio All of the 800-plus Highway patrolmen were on extra duty. The state Highway department assigned cars and trucks to Ald stranded motorists and churches and service clubs offered safety information and free Coffee. The Pennsylvania Turnpike said wide House trailers and overweight trucks would be kept off the tollway from Sundown thursday to Sunrise wednesday. Greyhound lines inc., said it had urged More than 9,000 Drivers to pay extra attention to Safe driving practices on packed Holiday highways. In los Angeles the department of airports urged Holiday travellers to use limousines buses or taxis to reach los Angeles International Airport. A spokesman said the Connecticut state police have no rabbits in the hat to reduce Highway carnage. He said the Force would cancel leaves vacations and holidays put every available Man on the roads and Pray. i Foss fad or fiction strange objects sighted in area by Bob la Egerman unidentified flying objects ufos a to some will of the wasps of Over exercised imaginations to others very real though perhaps not totally explainable a continue to make the news. Reports of sightings of various unusual Aerial Phenomena in other parts of the nation and world have filtered into this area via the news wire services and out of town newspapers and magazines. The Bennington area however has not been totally devoid of experiences along this line. Presented Here Are the accounts of a number of area residents several in Bennington itself others in the mid county town of Arlington who have seen in the sky lighted and moving objects of one sort of another which to them at least were not readily identifiable As known physical objects or weather Phenomena. While it May be merely coincidental All of these several experiences have occurred just within the last month or so. In fact that there have been other sightings during the past year or so was reported by Paul w. Bohne local astronomer and . Weather observer whose views on the sightings Are presented in the second article accompanying these Eye witness accounts. Except for a Coupe of cases where two Independent observers apparently saw the same thing there Are few similarities Between the several different Aerial Phenomena which these area residents describe. None of them however were apparently really Low level closeup sightings of ufos which by other accounts have frequently been the apparent experience of people in other parts of the country. One similarity however is the fact that none of the local witnesses heard any noise related to the objects that they were seeing. But Here Are the stories themselves a of a strange and indeed frightening sighting was the experience of Robert w. Martin of 217 Bradford St. As he wound his Way Home through Pownal in the pouring rain Early sunday morning april 24. It was about 2 15 . As Martin was proceeding North on the new stretch of . 7 overlooking the Pownal Valley. Just beyond where the Warren wire co. Plant is located on the Valley floor Quot a big Light Quot suddenly came on about 200 Yards away and at a level Quot about the height of the Bennington Monument Quot above the Roadway. Quot it was like somebody was holding a big Oil drum lit on fire Quot he recalled recently. Quot it was like a Torch with the color then Martin continued the Light dimmed somewhat. Out of this initial Ball of Light came what he described As Quot a what mrs. Erickson found. A it was like a Little nest Jet it was at this Point that one of the most striking characteristics of the object made its appearance. Quot this Jet Martin said Quot was definitely contained Quot As though coming from a tube of some sort. Then holding up an to illustrate How he thought the object must have been swinging around at an Angle to its vertical Axis Martin said he could see the rim of the tube. This he said glowed with a White Light like fluorescent lighting. Up to this Point the object had remained stationary. During this time Martin had slowed Down but had continued moving without stopping completely something he said he did no to want to do. While he watched the object continued to change in appearance. From the Orange Jet flame what he described As like Quot red hot coals Quot started coming out. Quot but where you would have thought you would see these dropping away towards the ground Quot he said Quot instead they dropped a Short distance and then just went it was at this Point that the object began to move upwards Martin said. But by this time he had begun drawing away from the scene and did not remain in the area Long enough to see the object pass from View. Quot if you done to think this did no to give me Goose bumps Quot he said Quot you be got another think coming. I saw this thing but i wish i Hadnot. I Hope i never see another of one thing Martin is sure and that is that whatever he saw was Quot mechanical Quot in nature. Trying to figure out what it might have been he said that he had excluded the possibility that it might have been something burning at the Warren wire Plant. He noted that what he had seen was higher than any smokestack at the Plant might have been. From a Survey of the scene based on Martin s description it would also appear that whatever the Young Man saw it was at least several Hundred Yards North of the Plant Martin said he doubted it was a space ship with extra terrestrial beings. Quot i think it was probably a government experimental Craft of some sort. They Are going to need these things to explore the Moon and planets and have got to prove them see mysterious objects Page 5, col. I

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