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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 25, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4-Bennington Banner tuesday May 25, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont to a editorials a warning in Bolivia columnist Marquis Childs elsewhere on this Page today describes the potentially dangerous situation in tin Rich Bolivia As a trouble spot for the United states and a nation that could Well be on the verge of a Long and bloody civil War. The words were hardly out of his typewriter his column was presumably written Friday when news reports began carrying stories of bolivian troops attacking miners who Are striking against government sponsored moves to make the tin mines a profitable venture. Among the a a reforms proposed for the govern Mentz operated mines Are lower wages which is hardly Likely to sit Well with workers anywhere. The new York times reported monday that the situation is Uncertain in the two larger mines of Siglo Veinte and Catavia but that if miners there decided to resist the government moves a Bolivia May be confronted by a protracted civil the miners Are controlled by leftist a groups some of which Are definitely not communist dominated but Are lefty enough to warrant the bolivian government to revive charges that the strike is part of a an International communist plot which is we presume supposed to make americans see red. The lesson in the dominican Republic obviously is not lost on bolivian Junta leaders who Are reportedly already seeking aircraft and military equipment from the . To put Down the communist plot. In Light of the controversy that has bubbled around president Johnson s in transforming sewage into drinking water one obvious Way to relieve water shortages in this country would be to purify liquid wastes. But the process of turning raw sewage into purest drinking water is so Complex that engineers generally have despaired of production in meaningful amounts. Their attention has tended to focus rather upon processes for de Salt ing sea water. Now however comes Hope Chat waste Waters May be reclaimed less expensively than at first thought. According to a dispatch from Lebanon Ohio the . Public health service has developed a process that not Only produces water of Pristine purity but does so at a Cost considerably less than that of desalting an equal Quantity of sea water. The new process takes up where conventional waste treatment plants leave off. In most modern sewage plants the wastes undergo two main processes primary treatment which allows solids to Settle out in Large tanks and secondary treatment involving oxidation of the effluent from the primary stage by High pressure air streams. Normally the resulting liquid 90 per cent pure but still murky chemical tainted and undrinkable is then pumped into the editor a notes Bennington certainly was a musical place to be this past weekend with the 16th annual Tri state musical festival providing Toots of the trumpet and Rolls of the drum for everyone a enjoyment. Nothing stirs excitement among the younger set As much As the sound of an approaching Parade and by the look of the crowd plenty of adults react the same Way. Congratulations to the Lions club for another successful festival. As an added attraction to the weekend festivities the judging of the a miss Vermont contest Here added a Beautiful touch to the events. Bouquets to miss Andrea Kenyon. She will make a Lovely Vermont representative in the miss Usa contest in Miami. And if Bennington seemed preoccupied with music and Beauty contests there were Many who were just As enthralled with the science symposium held at St. Joseph business College. A glittering array of famed scientists and physicians held Forth at the affair that we Hope As the music festival becomes an annual event. Evolvement of american troops in the dominican Republic some lessons Are about to become Clear for americans and if we Aren t Able to learn anything from these lessons then the years ahead will become filled with trouble for us in latin America for the so called a International communist plots Are destined not to diminish. Rather they will increase and All the rhetoric in the world that latin America would be Safe for democracy if it weren to for the subversion being spread by Castro is not going to turn Back the tide. We have heard comments from journalists and Johnson administration officials alike that it will remain necessary for us to intervene anytime a threat of communist takeover in a latin american country is imminent. There is no need Here to argue the Merics of such a policy but the deeper meaning is the need for the development of a vigorous policy to our neighbors in the South that is aimed at eliminating the threat before it becomes imminent. Such was the notable goal of president Kennedy a Alliance for Progress and to Date it has been obvious the policy has been a notable failure. Until the time comes when we can break away from our ingrained habits of thinking in regard to latin America we will be More and More faced with the need to commit american troops to curb a International communist that this should be the Fate for latin America a that this should be the Cornerstone of an american policy in latin America a is a shame. Nearest waterway for eventual evacuation into the sea. Under the process devised by Public health service scientists this 90-per cent pure water would undergo a further three phase process involving filtration first through a special powdered Mineral and then through activated Carbon followed by electrode Lytic action to remove dissolved substances by charged particles. To make sure that bacteria Are killed the pure water is then treated with chlorine As is done with most municipal water supplies. The Cost of this sequence from raw sewage to pure water is estimated at 54 cents for every 1,000 Gallons or about half the current Cost of Desalin izing sea water. Hence it is considered highly promising particularly for those Inland areas of the United states without easy Access to the oceans. It May be that this rejuvenated liquid will not be used primarily As drinking water. There Are some popular objections to such a course. But the stuff would Tiave other important uses in Industry in lakes used for recreation in the recharging of now polluted underground water supplies. In Short the Ohio Experiment shows that Man s pollution of his water sources is not irreversible. It costs Money to turn a torrent of sewage into sparkling water but it can be done. All Highway fatalities Are tragic and the death sunday of David Smith an internationally known sculptor in Shaftsbury is no exception. Smith was considered an important innovator in contemporary american sculpture and a Pioneer in welded Iron and steel constructions. As one of the most distinguished observers of the political scene in the nation James Reston s comments in Burlington saturday that president Johnson is inclined to replace government rather than to organize it exposes one of the president s greatest shortcomings. That Reston a an editor of the new York times a says this May be dangerous to the nation indicates How serious this defect in the president s handling of the nations business could be. If All the men who sleep in Church were Laid end to end they would be More comfortable. A the Ord neb quiz the honeymoon is Over when the husband gets out of the car at a drive in movie to wipe off the Windshield. Brooks Atlas bulletin a i the Chanticleer to build a Wagon by Charles John Stevenson you Yanqui Are obsessed with communism Quot Washington calling revolution is brewing in Bolivia signs similar to dominican crisis by Marquis Childs Washington. In Bolivia s fog shrouded capital of la Paz 11,000 feet above sea level the alarm Bell is ringing. While it can be ignored for a time latin american observers who know their hemisphere Are convinced that before too Long it will reverberate far and wide. The situation is in some respects remarkably like that which preceded the rebellion in the dominican Republic. But it is More Complex with the Long term Odds in favor of a civil War that could spill Rivers of blood Over months or even years. Moreover because of Bolivia s position so close to the heartland of latin american a civil War could flood Over into vulnerable neighbouring states. The dominican Republic is after All an Island that can be insulated by american air and naval Power. A of the state department is less pessimistic about Bolivia than Are latin observers close to hemispheric problems. The belief in the department is that the current dictator Rene Barrientos Ortuno former chief of the bolivian air Force has support among the peasantry and will be Able with a judicious use of Force to keep the mine workers and the discontented City dwellers from open revolt. It must be added however that american diplomats in Santo Domingo and in Washington were unprepared for the timing of the dominican explosion. There is agreement that the three left Wing parties in Bolivia have come under the domination of a pro chinese communist faction. A United command grew out of meetings in mid april entered in the twentieth Century mine and the militant armed to the Teeth Union that is in control. The three parties Are the leftist socialists of Juan Lechon Oquendo the trotskyite workers party and the bulk of the old line communist party of Bolivia. The parallel with the dominican crisis is most strik ing in the sequence of events that led to Barr Lentos seizure of Power. Last november the air Force general overthrew Victor Paz Estensoro a popular Leader who had striven mightily to create the forms of democracy in a primitive country with a largely illiterate Indian population. In the bolivian cast of characters Paz Estensoro was the Juan Bosch the progressive noncom a unlit seeking to create a going Economy and raise living standards by free Choice. He was stronger than Bosch and he survived longer and achieved rather More. But in the end the grim realities of what he faced in poverty and Long pent up hatreds and discontents made his downfall inevitable. In the dominican Republic sugar is the commodity on which nearly 60 per cent of Trade with the outside world turns and when Bosch doubled the wages of the sugar workers after Trujillo was overthrown dominican sugar was priced out of the world Market. The commodity on which Bolivia depends for far More than 60 per cent of its outside earnings is tin. The mines were nationalized a decade ago. They had been owned principally by the Patino family. While the patinos were not Trujillo in the sense of being total dictators they paid starvation wages and year after year took huge sums out of the country to maintain their scale of luxury living in Europe. The familiar weaknesses of a nationalized Industry were soon evident inefficiency Feather bedding graft. Add to this a militant Union pushing Long suppressed demands and it is easy to see Why the mines were run at a loss. In the last years of private ownership with the political sky Black overhead machinery was allowed to deteriorate. And worst of All for the Long future Many veins Are close to exhaustion. Ity have left deeply rooted blood hatreds. As for Cuba observers had begun to Hope that a powerful Force within the country grounded in deep discontent with the dictatorship was building up to overthrow Castro. The dominican crisis checked that Hope since it gave Castro an overwhelming propaganda weapon. These Are some of the lessons written Large in recent Cambridge. N. Y. Probably almost every Man alive can remember Back to the time when he did no to have any Money. Very few boys were born Rich in our Day and when the urge to possess a new toy or Gadget took hold of you it was necessary for you to make it. A of thus one summer morning we awoke with an unrestrained longing for a Wagon. Not a Large one but one we could pull with a Cord or rope and one that would be Large enough to use As a coaster on Sang Bush a Hill. Our chum Herbert younger had built himself one earlier in the week and when the neighbor boys saw it they had the same desire to build. As a result the contagion caught us this particular morning. But when one owns almost no tools has no Money and is faced with keen Competition for old baby buggy wheels he has to make up his mind to see a rugged Day. We had a Friend in John Mason the Blacksmith and on a rubbish pile Back of his shop we remembered seeing a pair of wheels that would do for the rear of the Wagon. We gulped breakfast and raced Down to the shop. John was already shoeing a team of horses and the smell of scorched hoofs was familiar. A take the wheels said John a and Don t bother me again today. The wheels were wire with Good steel tires and they were a prize. Of course the Axle was broken but we took it Over to John Immel another Smithy who was also a Friend and he welded it. No charge he said but would we remember he wanted us to do an errand for him at noon for sure we promised but today we Don t remember whether we made Good on it. At least we had the rear wheels and Axle. A of a search of every dump we knew in town gave us no help on the pair of front wheels we needed. We were almost in despair at the end of an hour. The Day was going and we had t More than started. Then we thought of Fred Ehringer furniture and undertaking. Sure enough Fred had an old pair of wooden wheels once a part of a commercially manufactured Wagon with coloured striping and everything. To get these we had Only to do an errand for him. A trip to the Post office for his mail. He was too Busy to go. It was an easy Way to pay for the wheels. The Axle was four inches longer than the other but this did t matter. They turned did t they with four wheels a boy who has any initiative at All can make a fair Wagon. With a lumber scrap pile Handy and plenty of nails we soon got our Wagon together. By noon we had a string to it and proudly led it Home for dinner. Mother was t too Happy about it for some reason. She feared we d break our fool neck coasting Down the Pitts Hill in it. Two other boys had come to grief that Way. After dinner we went Over to the Pitts Hill which was about a Block Long and the Only place to coast was on the sidewalk because the Road was t paved. There was a ribbon of Concrete four feet wide that must drop 15 or 20 feet to every too and it was a hair Raiser. It raised the hair on not Only the coasters but their parents because the old c. Amp a. Railroad ran at the Bottom of the Hill. It crossed the Street at right angles and because it was Steep it was avoided like the plague. Drivers took the Street two blocks South with Little need for worry. Of course we knew there were never any trains during the Day just morning and evening. We dragged our new Wagon a to the top of the Hill and our first coast was Fine. We dragged the vehicle up again and it was heavy really too heavy. Thus we were possibly tired j and careless when we attempted to get on. It was new and skit-1 Tery like a Colt and in a moment it was Clear of us and going Down Hill at a mad Pace and straight As a string. But our anguish was tempered when. When we saw the Railroad it Section hands on their heavy old Handcart silently emerge from the shadows of the lumber shed. Just in time to meet the wild Wagon exactly amidships. Three amazed men and one totally smashed Wagon. But we j were not in it Bills debated in House last week explained by rep. Vansantvoord to the editor of the Banner during the week beginning May 17 the House completed its work on h258, providing for periodic reapportionment of the House of representatives. It was taken up tuesday morning and by afternoon it had been approved with several important amendments. One additional amendment suggested by rep. Fred West Phal of Elmore was considered by the reapportionment committee late the same afternoon and unanimously approved. It was added to the Bill at its final Reading thursday morning. It was passed by a voice vote and the House then approved the entire Bill. The measure sets up a permanent apportionment Board that shall at regular intervals examine the legislative districts and make changes of necessary to provide substantially equal weighting of representation. Fifteen per cent variation is started As the limit permitted. If the count accepts Legal voters As the basis for apportionment the Board would reconsider the whole pattern every eight years after every second presidential election. If the court rejects this and this same Cycle of revolt directs that the basis must be and despair and revolt again re population then the reappraisal Peats itself Over and Over in would come every to years quotes among the costs of the obsession with speedier Justice has been an erosion of the integrity of the judicial process from the viewpoint of the litigants and lawyers some of whom have the impression that the courts regard their cases As merely counters in a numbers game. Slow Justice is bad but speedy injustice is not an admissible substitute. Maurice Rosenberg professor of Law Columbia University. I have sympathy for the problem but once you Start subsidies you never pull out. All that will happen is that the subsidies will grow greater. Sen. Frank Lausche a Ohio member of the Senate Commerce committee commenting on proposals for Federal Aid to the new Haven Railroad. Latin America. Why one reason in the View of a knowledgeable latin observer who witnessed the cuban Cycle at firsthand is the almost Complete Lack of individuals trained in management and administration to say nothing of the essential technologies. A if the Alliance for Progress is to mean anything Quot this observer remarked the other Day Quot it should be built around a massive Effort a massive a to train personnel to run a big modern Enterprise. Without training nothing is possible. Good will is All very Well. But without managers and administrators it is of no on Cuba a the source of infection Quot As members of Congress refer to it an interesting question is if there were no Export of subversion and sabotage from Havana would the threat of communism in such desperate countries As Bolivia be negligible clearly a yes or no answer is impossible. But communism thrives on indigenous soil where Dir e poverty is the Rule and where oppression and brutal following the . Census. The makeup of the Board was discussed very thoroughly. It was decided the chairman should be a judge of the Superior court designated by the chief Justice. The other four members Are from the two major political parties. Each state committee will nominate one and the governor nominates two one from each party. Members of the Board must be Vermont freemen not members of the general Assembly. They must be of at least five years residence. Their remuneration caused some argument and a proposal to Cut 50 dollars a Day to 25 dollars was Defeated Only by the speakers intervention which produced a tie. Finally it was settled at 35 dollars. Another problem of puzzling constitutional importance remained. The Bill provided that the plan proposed by the Board should become Law if the Assembly flailed to act upon it in 30 Days. The question was raised whether the decree of such a Board could attain the status of Law and whether a legislative could so abrogate its duty and responsibility. The prevalent opinion was it could not. So it was decided the recommendation of the Board might be accepted intact or amended or the legislature might substitute still another plan of its own a provided that the plan adopted conforms with the provisions of this act and be duly enacted at the regular legislative session then in Progress. All this provided some Fine discussion of constitutional principles with everyone striving in unison to come up with a sound and just solution. It showed our legislators at their Verv Best the final amendment As offered by rep. Westphal provides for the shifting of a particular town from one District to another of such a Transfer can be made without upsetting the fair and just principles of apportionment Laid Down in the act. It was deftly and neatly drawn and was so designed As to relieve some towns especially some very Small ones that had been married off rather inconveniently. It would not interfere with the main purpose of the act and its ready acceptance seemed to produce much Good will and kindly feeling. So much for reapportionment. Both Bills h258 and h259 have now gone to the Senate. We Hope both May be approved there so they do not return to us with amendments which might Start off argument and Contention All Over again. Neither Bill is perfect. H259 with its ban on Multi member districts is arbitrary and very hard on All Large towns including Bennington. But without this Compromise we would probably have been Defeated. Very Brief comment must suffice for other important Bills. H126 authorizing merger of Bennington school districts was signed by the governor May to. The sweepstakes Bill h27, was debated at great length May 13. It was first Cut Loose from education by a vote of 224 to 13 then the proceeds were steered to maintenance of Bridges. Then there was debate on a referendum and on the pay of commissioners and the Bill was finally Defeated 145 to 91. Beside opposition to the principle there was doubt about the Money that would be raised. New Hampshire program is reported to be slowing up. Several other states Are considering similar projects. Many advocates of the passage of h27 seemed themselves half hearted in their efforts. S46 permits the Vermont Industrial building authority greater Freedom. Of its $25 million Only 20 per cent has been available for Loans on machinery and equipment. The Bill raises this item from $5 million to $10 million. On May 17 this was approved 131 to 51 and on wednesday won again 108-88. I was not convinced that it is Wise to loan so Large a proportion of the fund on items which depreciate rapidly. Those opposing the change from $5 to $10 million seemed to me to have the better of the argument. H94 a educational television was most ably and convincingly reported by rep. Ladeau of Plainfield and rep. Minor of Stockbridge. The debate was spirited and most interesting much enjoyed by Large groups of visiting school children. There were As always in the House speakers with real technical knowledge like rep. Lounsbury of Pownal and rep. Westphal. Education was represented by experts too. We All Learned a great Deal a As one member said to me a this House is the leading educational institution in i believe he is right. The Bill finally went Down to defeat 123 to 91. My impression is that Many of those voting against this Bill would like to have Etc but feel that the Large sum of Money needed would now be better spent for other educational needs. Some evidence to confirm this came today May 21 rep. Marjorie Doyle of Arlington gave an admirable report on a Bill to raise the scale of teachers salaries doing her Job so Well that the House acted favourably and swiftly on the Bill. Many other matters Are under consideration. The work at a legislative session is like building a House masonry plumbing electrical fixtures carpentry plastering furniture papering stove and Furnace a All come crowding in with specialists with committees working hard at those jobs so As to Complete the work. They Are serving you Well. George Vansantvoord Bennington town representative Bennington

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