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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Bennington, Vermont 4�?Bennington Banner saturday May 22, 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials a much needed Reform governor Philip h. Hoff has come before the legislature once again to urge enactment of a much needed Reform in the operation of local government in Vermont. In a special message to the legislature thursday Hoff urged passage of legislation establishing a county tax assessment system aimed at eliminating the widespread inequities in Vermont of local methods of appraising property for tax purposes. Bennington happily enough has the reputation of having one of the better property assessing systems in the state but this is not to say the town would not Benefit from the measure now before the legislature. Purpose of the Bill very simply is to eliminate inequities a and they do exist a in the Way property is appraised. As Hoff remarked a i believe every taxpayer must know that it the appraisal system is administered uniformly in a scientific and equitable manner rather than by Guesswork and by some will undoubtedly View the move to a county assessing system As a loss for the traditional Independence of the towns in tax assessments. Yet the Bill while it does revolutionize the Way taxes have been appraised in Vermont will be a Boon for the towns because with More efficient listing methods More editor s notes we were pleased to read of the widespread evidence of support for the Vermont in Mississippi project that the Vermont civil rights Union is sponsor to establish a Community House in a negro Section in Jackson miss. We were particularly delighted to learn that Bennington county has been a major area of support for the project with $1,800 in donations of the $4,000 raised so far. Our sidewalk informant strolled in to say he has noticed that Many cars still have the old yellow inspection stickers on the windshields. Car owners have until june i a Only nine Days off a to have their cars inspected. Education commissioner a. John Holden jr., soon to retire after 16 years of service must find it ironic that his successor on taking the office will immediately receive $5,000 to $9,000 More a year for doing the same work. Holden comment Salt is poisoning our drinking water Falmouth Enterprise if we Don t soon learn to live with our environment we Are Likely to be in a Jam. What Rachel Carson preached has got to be understood sooner rather than i ate r. We turn rashly to chemicals As though they were every Day conveniences and Are Likely to end up poisoning ourselves along with everything else that lives. Snow and ice made the roads difficult and dangerous. Chemicals come to the Rescue. We spread Salt. It melts the Snow and ice. We thumb our noses at nature. Some 100,000 tons of Salt were dumped on Massachusetts highways last Winter. And almost More sodium Chloride than is tax Revenue will be generated at existing tax rates. Taxpayers also will be assured that their property and their neighbors is being assessed by experts who will be subject to no political pressures who will not play favourites and who will not use Guesswork when it comes to listing property on the tax Rolls. This increased efficiency can Only come about by pooling financial resources of towns in a county to pay for qualified tax assessors. In a very real sense the proposal that Hoff is urging the legislature to enact strikes at the very heart of the preservation of Strong local government. The equitable assessment for tax purposes of real estate is the Bedrock on which responsible local government rests. A it is an economic necessity and essential to the Well being of our towns Hoff said in his special message. Nothing can undermine Confidence in government faster than the realization that tax burdens Are not being distributed in a fair and equitable manner. The Bill intends to Correct such inequities As now exist in Many of the state s communities. The county assessment system will bolster the effectiveness and efficiency of local government. It should be enacted into Law. Is now paid $11,000 and under a 1961 Law his pay could not be increased although it allowed raises for new men taking commissioner posts in government. The Law is unjust to men who have served Long and Well in difficult jobs. It should be changed. Here a hoping the Sun shines brightly today for the Lions club and the Many musical groups that will be in town for the colourful Tri state music festival. The Banner picture of the first Parade in 1949 revived memories of what main Street used to look like. Executives of Vermont Chambers of Commerce must agree the proposed new Welcome Center on the interstate Highway just North of the Massachusetts Vermont state line is going to be a help in promoting the state for tourist travel. The state is kicking in $19,000 for the project and the greater Vermont association must raise $40,000 As its share. It is our Hope that plans can be made now for a similar Center in this county. Safe has turned up in drinking water samples All across the state. . Geological Survey suspects Salt washed from the Winter highways is contaminating water in Many towns. Worried geologists have launched a study to determine just How much Salt is seeping into water supp i i is. Why can to we Start to think things out before we apply the chemicals nature has rules that Are inexorable. We will someday violate these rules once too often. The worst part of a diet Isnit watching your food its watching everybody else a. A the Chicago Edgewater Uptown news when you argue with a fool be sure he Isnit similarly engaged. A the Milpitas Calif Post Rod and gun Quot Weil in be Twanet it i m with the f.b.i., myself Quot Washington calling dominican intervention sparked by Lia chiefs a Gung How attitude by Marquis Childs Washington. When it comes to assessing the blame or the Praise a depending on the viewpoint a for american military intervention in the dominican Republic it appears that a newcomer gets a larger share than had been previously appreciated. For vice Admiral William f. Raborn ret it was an initial venture As head of the Central intelligence Agency in shaping the course of a major crisis. From the first he insisted with deeply emotional conviction that the rebellion was communist dominated and that a another Cuba was imminent. He gave the president the list of 55 communists involved in the rebellion. It was subsequently shown that the list contained a number of obvious errors. �?0-�? but it was Raborne a Gung to approach to his task that startled other participants in the High level conference leading to the decision to Send in the marines. As one of the presidents principal advisers remarked afterwards the Admiral seemed to have cast himself in the role of Paul Revere charging into the National Security Council to warn that the redcoats were coming. A i wish John Mccone was still Over there running the Cia a another participant said a and i never thought id live to see that this reflects a widespread feeling at the change of command in the Agency that has such far Flung Powers exercised in almost total secrecy. There were deep misgivings when president Kennedy named Mccone a wealthy California industrialist and a Republican to head Cia. He had had Only limited experience in intelligence As under Secretary of the air Force and chairman of the atomic Energy commission. A of the fear was that he would be motivated by a quite unprofessional Zeal and a desire to keep in the Public Eye. But on the contrary Mccone proved to be a thoroughgoing professional who shunned virtually All Public appearances. He won the respect of the top staff built on the foundation of the world War ii Oss. For both personal and business reasons he had Long wanted to return to California. Raborn had no experience in intelligence. His distinguished naval career was climaxed with his direction of the planning and construction of the Polaris submarine. In pushing through this notable Advance his organizing ability was invaluable. When he retired in 1963 he became vice president for pro Gram management for Aero Jet general the big defense contracting firm that is a subsidiary of the general tire and rubber co. At Azusa Calif. The head of Aero Jet general is former Secretary of the Navy Dan Kimball. Big Jovial hard driving Kimball is an ardent Democrat who has played an important role both on the National scene and in California. Last october when so Many retired generals and admirals were whooping it up for Barry Coldwater Admiral Raborn was one of the very few who came out publicly for Johnson a reelection. In a statement issued by the democratic National committee in Washington he said a if the human race is to survive americans awesome nuclear Power should be entrusted Only to a Man who can be counted upon to exercise Calm judgment and Wisdom in conducting our foreign Raborne a defenders say that this is his Shakedown cruise in intelligence and it is therefore unfair to judge him on his Early performance. But the question of temperament is important and Here the contrast with Mccone is significant. A of the admirals predecessor rarely showed emotion or excitement. He was Given to understatement and to a cautious appraisal of the facts and the estimates As assembled by his immediate subordinates whose professionalism he respected. In the View of specialists who observed Mcconey a operation this was the right approach and particularly for the present occupant of the White House. Restraint and Reserve Are two qualities that tend to be in Short Supply in the executive office. A if there is one thing the president does not need a a devoted co worker remarked a it is someone to Send him into or bit. He gets into orbit without any help at in today a Complex and perilous world the direction of a vast intelligence apparatus and the advice based on that operation must be measured against a Broad understanding of trends and policies everywhere. A crusading anti communism however dedicated is hardly a substitute As Mccone understood for the restraint that goes with a far seeing the scientist As the visionary Bungler stubbing his toe Over the most obvious facts of life certainly has his counterpart in everyday experience. Indeed the very fact of asking a lot of questions is sure to produce a lot of wrong answers. But it is the virtue of science Over the Long run to put these wrong answers to the test of reality and relegate them to the junk Heap of human experience. A Glenn t. Seaborg chairman . Atomic Energy commission in an address accepting the Charles Lathrop Parsons award of the american chemical society. Many Republican leaders. Are fatuous by calling for a a Unity and a organization a As politicians do when they have nothing to say. A George f. Gilder in an article Republican analysis in the new Leader. Our nation is being split into two americas a one affluent booming and often complacent the other squalid hopeless and embittered and increasingly dependent on government. A gov George Romney of Michigan speaking to american newspaper Days for fishing by Roy maps Den local fishermen for the most part have been having Good Luck this season so far. The water level has held up better than was expected the weather has been warm enough to Start a few Good hatches of insects and at times it has rained enough to Start the larger Trout a feeding on Worms. Last monday was one of those Days that fishermen like to see come along at this season of the year. Rain fell during the night and Well into the Day just gently enough to raise the streams a bit and color the water. Although i was not among them those who were Lucky enough to go fishing that Day did exceptionally Well. I heard of several Good catches taken on the South Stream and it was reported that the Batten kill paid off very Well too. Usually after a rain Trout feed for Only a few Short hours but on monday they fed most of the Day with catches being made in the morning and into the evening As Well. The other night a few of us were talking about places where the fishing is really Good and most of those present believed that about the Only places left where you can catch really wild Trout Are Beaver Ponds. One told of taking three Brook Trout from a Remote Beaver Pond that weighed just a bit Over the Legal limit of five pounds. Fishing such As this is Well Worth a Long walk if you know what Ponds hold Trout of this size. Two Beaver Ponds that were Good fishing last year when revisited lately were found to be non existent. They were either blown up or the dams had disintegrated naturally during the late Winter. As a general Rule a Beaver Pond will produce Good sized Trout for two or three years and then for some unknown reason will decline rapidly and contain nothing More than Dace and bullheads. It has always been a mystery to me How bullheads will show up in a Beaver Pond that was built on a Remote Mountain Brook. Maybe you can answer this one i can to. I talked with the local hatchery superintendent Bob Keir this week and he told me the stocking program was just about on schedule. The Batten kill has been stocked once an Capitol jottings it is expected that another Load will be distributed in its Waters before memorial Day weekend. In View of the tremendous fishing pressure on this River Over this particular weekend a Sec Ond dose of Trout certainly is in order. In my few trips to the a kill so far this season i could t help but notice the preponderance of out of state cars parked on the roads and in the Access areas All the Way from Manchester to the new York state line. Although we Are next door neighbors to new York state there have been More Massachusetts and Connecticut fishermen on the River than there have been new yorkers. When one reads in fish and game department bulletins relative to License fees that out of states contribute greatly to License purchases one can understand the Large number of nonresident cars that Are seen in our fishing areas. There Are other Rivers in Vermont that provide excellent fishing but in our end of the state we done to hear too much about them. There is the White River the new Haven River the Willoughby the Mettawee and the Lamoille to name Only a few. In the Northeast kingdom some Fine fishing is to be found at Norton Lake Averill lakes and Averill Stream the Coaticook River which runs into Canada at Norton and Seymour Lake. All in All we Are fortunate in our state to have a Bountiful Supply of Good fishing Waters almost anywhere you care to go. Although a few months must elapse before fall Hunting comes around again those sportsmen who like to Hunt Birds might be glad to know that there will be a limited Quantity of pheasants released by a group of men who Are concerned enough about the Bird situation to go to the trouble of raising them this summer. At present the Birds Are just a Little beyond the Day old Chick stage and there Are Pitfalls ahead which always decimate their numbers. However with an even break there should be Over 200 flight Birds to turn Loose in Early september. I Hope to have More on this project As the weeks Roll by but presently it is under wraps mostly to keep the curious unenlightened. Varying degrees of conservatism by Ronald e. Cohen Montpelier. Legislative conservatives have gotten a lot of column inches in Vermont newspapers and plenty of minutes on Vermont broadcast Media this session but news reports have not described the varying degrees of conservatism showed thus far by House members. Degrees there Are. And in abundance. For the purpose of this column lets Call the two major variations the a Citi Fiedt conservatism versus the a a countrified conservatism. To Quot a a prime examples of each Are two lawmakers who arrive at the same conclusion about most things but take incredibly arduous and different paths getting there. One is Frank Hutchins of Stan Nard the a a countrified conservative who is 65 and a Semi retired Farmer. His a Citi Fiedt counterpart is w. Clark Hutchinson of Rochester who is 66 and also a retired Farmer but who has quite a bit of business experience As a manufacturer of charcoal and charcoal pallets. Hutchins and Hutchinson besides having similar names Ages and occupations have virtually identical views on Many subjects. Both Are against increasing state government domination of local subdivisions. Both Are worried about increased Federal intervention in state and local affairs. Poth feel such changes toward bigger government Are a serious infringement on rights reserved for the states. Both were aligned against reapportionment. Both fought it with every ounce of perseverance and Energy they could Muster. A a of Hutchins and Hutchinson both spoke at length before final House passage of the realignment Bill. It was at this Point that the shades and variations of conservatism were really obvious. Hutchinson is a relatively new vermonter a by Vermont ate Dards. He a been in the state Lei than 30 years and before that was a resident of new York City educated at Princeton Columbia and the University of Washington Law school. He bases his conservatism on the Sanctity of the individual a even at the possible expense of the majority. He bases his conservatism on the Sanctity of property and the inviolability of the landowners rights to real property to make a living and to keep As much of what he earns As possible without surrendering it to the state and Federal governments for redistribution to americans needy. Listening to Hutchinson in the House you cannot help but feel he honestly believes what he says. But you get the impression that his philosophy is from books from dealing with conservatives at Princeton and from Intercourse with conservatives of his own Type in Vermont. Hutchins Hasni to got the education and background of Hutchinson. A of he graduated from Lyndon Institute and has lived in Stan Nard All but six years of his life. He talks out of a deep conviction and perhaps some Blind spots in the fast paced world. He cannot quite keep up with some of the rapid changes and admits it himself. And he certainly was not hesitant to vote against $5 million in additional bonding for state colleges a not so much that he did not think the Money was needed a but because �?o30 years ago people would have thought you were crazy to talk about such things As Bond and government he was the Lone vote in opposition to the Bill. And when Hutchins Speaks you sense the unpleasant remorse held by the Vermont Farmer who has always bought with Cash because he never heard of credit and care for it even if he had of the Farmer who has worked Long and hard to provide for his family and whatever they needed that he afford they would do without. When Hutchinson spoke against reapportionment he railed against the supreme court. He bemoaned abdication of the lawmakers of their a sacred Honor to uphold the Vermont Constitution. He decried the a educated sophists who worship the form but not the substance of lawful he cried out against reapportionment for being the a loss of a of when Hutchins arose he could barely speak. Tears welled in his unashamed eyes. His voice cracked with emotion. He cried not because of the supreme court not because he probably wont be re elected. Not because of political philosophy he picked up in intellectual Type surroundings. He wept because he could not understand Why the Vermont he has known and worshipped since 1905 must change. He cried because his beloved Stannard was to be denied the individual representative it has enjoyed since the 18th Century. He sobbed because he was being carried away from tradition in a maelstrom that marked the end of an Era an Era that can never return. A of Hutchins and Hutchinson reach the same conclusions. They reach them along different routes. But they Are both perplexed whether they know it or not whether they admit it or not by a world they cannot really explain. Hutchinson tries to fight it with the Pat Type answers of the Book conservative. Hutchins attempts to Battle it with the emotional replies of a political philosophy that Springs from the very Center of his being. Neither of them can win but they will continue the fight. The pity is that they do not understand what they Are fighting cannot be sidetracked. Red Chima explodes z0nuclear bomb neighbors Quot a 10pty idea a Ive written some words to 6o with the music Quot

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