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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Clouding warm fair this morning followed by increasing cloudiness humid and somewhat warmer this afternoon. Sunday High cloudiness and continued warm. Sunset tonight 8 20, Sunrise sunday 5 18. The Constellation Hercules May be seen Early evening High in the East. It is shaped like a big letter h with flaring top and Bottom. Bennington Bennington Vermont saturday May 22, 1985 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903 no. 19,767, to cents Senate eyes cloture on rights Bill Hagerman Tri state festival opens music festival under Way individual choral groups from schools in new York Massachusetts and Vermont gathered at Bennington Catholic High school for a concert Friday evening kicking off the 16th annual Tri state music festival. Above the Bennington High school chorus under the direction or mrs. Elizabeth Gilmore offers the first of varied concert selections. At left is a close up of members of the Hartford Central school chorus from Hartford . Other festival events include a concert by individual school bands at 12 30 this afternoon at the Catholic High school a main Street Parade at 4 30 today and the Tri state massed chorus and band concert at 8 tonight also at chs. The festival is sponsored by the Bennington Lions club. Maine Senate eyes a sweepstakes too Augusta Maine up a the Maine Senate stamped initial approval Friday on legislation Book fund bequeathed to Bennington Library the Bennington free Library will receive a substantial bequest from the estate of mrs. Josephine Van Gleson Walker a resident of old Bennington for 50 years who died last oct. La according to documents filed in probate court. The court records show that mrs. Walker s estate has been assessed at $117,800. Of this she left $11,500 to several other beneficiaries and organizations. The remainder the terms of her will provide Are to be Given to the trustees of the Bennington free Library As a Trust fund. The income is to be used Only to buy books for children of High school age. The amount the Library will actually receive will not be determined until executors fees Are paid and the court issues a final decree but court and lib Rary officials estimate it May be As High As $80,000 to $90,000. The bequest to the Library is not taxable. Mrs. Walker the widow of Isaac p. Walker died at the age of 94. She had served on the boards of both the Bennington historical museum and the Library. She also left $1,000 to St. Peter s episcopal Church. Which would set up in Maine a sweepstakes similar to the one in the sister new England state of new Hampshire. The Maine sweepstakes a like that in new Hampshire would earmark the proceeds for education. New Hampshire s is the Only state lottery in the nation at present. Senate approval developed in round the track fashion a the lawmakers first voted 19 to 6 against acceptance of the Senate taxation committees majority report rejecting the Bill. The senators then voted to accept the committee s favourable minority report and gave the Bill a first Reading. A second Reading was assigned for monday. The legislation would create a state sweepstakes commission which would be authorized to run not More than two sweepstakes races in any Calendar year. Sweeps tickets would be sold at the race track and at state liquor stores. Full new study shades of4high noon9 of Champlain a a a in a started by Ulm sen. Dodd Cornelius o. Gran Al tomatotoss9 meant in jest or Anni says Montpelier a up a rep. Cornelius o. Grana fiery Barre Republican Friday turned a motion to censure him in the Vermont House into a spontaneous burst of applause from his fellow lawmakers. Granai his voice cracking with emotion labelled a a dirty Rotten shame a motion by rep. John master ton of Goshen to censure his statements earlier this week about gov. Philip h. Hoff. Granai mayor of Barre said earlier he Hopes that when Hoff comes to Barre to advocate Urban renewal next week City residents will bombard the chief executive with tomatoes. Granai asked the House members a where is your sense of humor a and said the statement had been made at a City Council meeting a in he lashed out Masterton head of the House judiciary committee for introducing the Resolution a without asking about the the Resolution a deplored the intemperate statements on Granai a part about the tomatoes. After the applause winning defense the resolve was Laid aside. Washington up a the National Rifle association or a and sen. Thomas j. Dodd d-conn., who stand paces apart on the Issue of a Federal gun control Law had their a High noon style confrontation Friday. A few shots were fired but none in anger. The face off took place before Dodd s Senate juvenile delinquency subcommittee which is considering his Bill to prohibit interstate mail order sales of firearms halt sales of no sporting guns to juveniles and curb the import of surplus military weapons and other firearms. Franklin l. Orth vice president of the Era told Dodd his organization considers the pending Bill unsound and premature although it favored some legislation in the general area. A this Bill will have the effect of opening Pandora s Box in the Field of firearms regulation rather than the altruistic purposes voiced by the department of Justice Orth declared. on the inside Bennington rotarians get a look inside the governors office a Page 2. Jean Wassick explains the Art of outdoor cooking a Page 3. Columnist Ron Cohen analyses two kinds of Vermont conservatives a Page 4. It was a whiter White water race this year at Jamaica a photo report a Page 5. Vermont Catholic women plan their biennial convention a Page 8. Atty. Gen. Nicholas Katzen Bach testified in favor of the Bill two Days ago. Sen. Robert f. Kennedy d-., whose brother was assassinated by a Bullet fired from a mail order Rifle did the same thing thursday. Orth said a we agree with the president that the Sale of firearms in interstate Commerce As ordered through the mail is a proper subject for legislation by the Federal government. However we View such highly restrictive legislation As herein proposed. As being unsound and premature that was the heart of Orth s prepared statement. Burlington up a the University of Vermont today announced it is beginning a full scale study of Lake Champlain the sixth largest body of fresh water in the United states. The study will seek to determine among other things whether ancient sea water lies dormant jeep below the lakes surface. It also will inventory the Marine life to be found in the Lake. Also of interest to the University will be a report on whether the purity of the Lake would be harmed by a contemplated wide Barge canal turning the Lake into a Seaway Between the St. Lawrence and Hudson Rivers. Washington up a after a month of patient waiting the Senate leadership cracked Down Friday with a cloture petition that would curb debate and Force a final vote on the voting rights Bill possibly next week. The showdown on the Seldom used cloture move will come automatically next tuesday at i . Edt. If adopted Over Southern opposition it would Block the offering of further amendments and limit debate to one hour for each senator. This could bring the measure to a final Senate vote perhaps next thursday or Friday. The Bill which has bipartisan backing is also being considered in the House judiciary committee. As proposed by president Johnson after the Selma ala., violence the legislation would outlaw literacy tests in five Southern states and in parts of two others and authorize appointment of Federal examiners to help negroes to Register and vote if discrimination is practice. Postal rate increases Are urged Washington up a an advisory committee appointed by postmaster general John a. Grou Nouska Friday recommended an across the Board increase in postal rates. It further suggested the elimination of special Low postal rates which now add $300 million a year to the postal deficit. In addition it endorsed grou Nous i s suggestion that air mail As such be abolished and that a policy be adopted instead of providing the fastest available transportation for first class mail. A higher rate would be charged for priority handling of first class mall under the committee s recommendation. Presumably this would be somewhere Between the present 5 cent stamp and the 8 cent airmail stamp although the committee did not make a specific recommendation on the stamp charge for this service. St. Michael s students plan rights project Winooski Park it. Up a St. Michael s College has selected seven students who will participate in a Low key civil rights project this summer in Elizabeth City . The project will be under the guidance of Rev. Moses b. Anderson a member of the theology department at the roman Catholic College. Father Anderson is a native of Selma ala., and a former pastor in Elizabeth City both Southern communities in the spotlight in recent years for civil rights activities. The students who will serve without pay will Tutor promising Young negro students in the Elizabeth City Charlotte area who need special help getting into College or earning scholarships. Most of the $2,000 to finance the trip has been subscribed through a College Hootenanny and student and faculty contributions As Well As some financial Aid from off Campus groups before whom father Anderson has spoken. A bombs next in China physicist Lapp thinks so Washington up a physicist Ralph e. Lapp said Friday the red chinese May be testing fission triggers for a bombs. Lapp suggested in an interview that the May 14 test China a second since oct. 16, 1964, was part of a series. He said he would not be surprised if the communist exploded two or three More test devices in coming months. Lapp who worked in the wartime a bomb project is one of this country a Foremost writers on nuclear affairs. He reiterated a previous estimate that the chinese reds can produce an a bomb by the Winter of 1966-67. The May 14 test device like the earlier one was made of fissionable uranium 235. The atomic Energy commission said this was established by analysis of airborne radioactive debris from the explosion. Lapp estimated that the uranium separation Plant at Lan Chow in West Central China can produce enough u-235 to make one a bomb trigger or one a bomb a month. He said he does not believe the chinese communists Are a bombs must have fission triggers to ignite their fusion charge. A bomb explosives Are made in nuclear reactors and China is said to have at least five of varying sizes. Lapp said the economics of nuclear weaponry As Well As military necessity also argue for the a bomb. He estimated the chinese reds can make a 100-Kilothon a bomb equal in. Power to 100,000 tons of int primarily interested in building j $25q cq0 a up ref in Timinal of am a a an Arsenal of tactical atomic weapons. He said they have no pressing military need for such arms. But he said they do need a stockpile of a bombs if they Are Ever to achieve strategic parity with Russia and the United states. But for $500,000, he said they could make a five megaton a bomb equal to five million tons of int. In other words they would get 50 times the explosive Power at Only twice the Cost. South Viet forces crush new red coup Saigon up a South Viet Nam s government Friday crushed a coup attempt it said was aided by the communists arresting More than 30 officers and civilians. In the guerrilla War Viet Cong snipers hit . Ambassador Maxwell d. Taylor s plane with a single Bullet that caused no injuries and another communist unit ambushed a us. Marine patrol injuring a lieutenant. The marines fired Back but some were not armed. . And vietnamese planes flew 83 strikes in North Viet Nam during the Day hitting Bridges Barracks and a radio station and putting two communist it boats out of action. They ran into storms and heavy anti aircraft fire but All returned safely. South vietnamese prime minister Phan Huy Quat and his defense minister spent the night in hiding with their top generals while Loyal troops and v in ports Ami bases . Preparing for Large scale combat by Stewart Hensley Washington up �?. Marines and army paratroopers Are securing and enlarging port and air base locations in South Viet Nam that could be used As beachhead and staging areas of it becomes necessary to introduce Large scale american combat forces there. More than 45,000 . Military men Are now in South Viet Nam including about 18,000 combat troops. These consist of 14,500 marines and 3,500 paratroopers. The number could increase if More Are needed to hold the area against the communists. Some Pentagon officials talk in terms of hundreds of thousands of american ground forces should major fighting develop Over a period of years. The Long Range american planning would seem to indicate a . Intention to hold the line against the communists in South Viet Nam even if the Saigon regime should collapse. This impression has been buttressed by president Johnson a declaration that holding South Viet Nam is vital to the Security of All Southeast Asia. For years the United states maintained it was involved in the vietnamese War because it was invited to do so by an Independent government struggling against communist guerrillas. Since the War escalated on feb. 7 with the first . Air strikes against the North the Johnson administration has said in effect that it is fighting in Viet Nam in defense of the free world. . Officials do not acknowledge the possibility of any defection by the South vietnamese government. But they concede that such a development might require a revision of the . Policy of staying there Only so Long As the vietnamese ask. In Saigon Friday Premier Phan Huy Quat announced that Security forces had halted an attempt by rebel army officers to overthrow the government. The government announcement said that communist Viet Cong agents were involved in the plot but gave no details. Meanwhile while preparing for the worst . Officials Hope that the renewed and possibly intensified air attacks on the North will persuade Hanoi and the Viet Cong to talk peace before larger scale ground action is necessary. Police rounded up the rebels seeking to oust them. Friday it was announced that to officers a the highest ranking a lieutenant colonel were arrested along with about 20 civilians. One reel officer capt. Huynh Tan Hung was shot and killed while resisting arrest. A government announcement said communist Viet Cong agents were involved in the plot but no names of communist conspirators were disclosed. Quat in a nationwide broadcast also blamed the officers who tried to overthrow him in february some of whom Are still at Large. Premier Quat was handed full control of the government Only last week by the generals who had been ruling through the armed forces Council and the move had been hailed As an example of stability. Ambassador Taylor on a flight from Saigon to Danang was not aware of the communist Bullet that ripped through the nose of his plane Friday. No one was hit and the Bullet caused Little damage to the ambassador s t39 Jet Star. The ambassador was told of the incident after Landing at Danang where he discussed refugee Relief programs with vietnamese officials and had lunch with Marine corps general William Collins. The Viet Cong ambush of the marines took place four Miles from Danang air base. The guerrillas kept them pinned Down for an hour with Small arms fire. Baseball gum pictures pop it cd a monopoly Bubble Washington up a the Federal Trade commission s Etc big Bubble gum Case blew up Friday when a complaint of monopoly tactics was dismissed for Lack of proof. The commission ruled 4 to i that near exclusive control Over pictures of big league baseball players did not give Topps chewing gum inc., the nation s illegal hold on the Market. In fact evidence was developed in the three year history of the Case to indicate that offering Small Fry pictures of ballplayers along with a slab of Bubble gum was even an important competitive Factor. The opinion written by Etc commissioner Philip Elman said Tapp s 1960 sales of $14.3 million represented 39 per cent of the total Market with about one fourth of the earnings coming from baseball card gum. An Etc complaint filed in january 1962, charged that Topps was guilty of unfair Competition in signing of exclusive contracts with practically All major league baseball players to use their pictures on Bubble gum cards. An Etc hearing examiner followed up with a ruling last August that Topps had monopolized the Sale of baseball stars picture cards. He recommended that the commission Issue a cease and desist order to limit such exclusive contracts to two years. But Elman found no proof the baseball cards were so indispensable to Selling Bubble gum that other firms could not compete. He said football cards a a beatles cards and a spook theatre cards also have been used successfully to promote Bubble gum. Apple Blossom time a ampa a \ of. A a ii. 4 a Grimm Apple Blossom time one of the years briefest a a seasons is Apple Blossom time and this was the week for them in Southern Vermont. In few places could More blossoms be found together than in this scene taken at Southern Vermont Orchards on Carpenter Hill Road near the Bennington Pownal town line

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