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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Bennington, Vermont Home demonstration notes just Fokin around child care for working mothers a Community problem to be solved by Agnes Rockwood by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent today we Are nearing a great Deal about Day care centers Nursery schools and the importance of the development both physically and mentally of the child from birth to six years or the pre schooler. This has become one of the big problems to solve. In our county we have a Large percentage of women in the labor Force nearly 50 per cent full time or part time according to figures of the last census. These women at present seem to Range in the Middle age group with a Large number in the younger age group. The latter Many of whom have Small children have real problems in working if they Are not Able to find satisfactory care for their children. In general pre school children May be cared for in one of three types of facilities i. By the Day or part of the Day in Homes of persons outside the family 2. In private Day care enterprises 3. In groups which try to give a primary educational experience these Are called Nursery schools. Then there Are those children who Are cared for in the Home by Sitters who May be older people relatives or in the evening after school by younger if younger women Are to be free to work in the Labouring Force there is the problem for each to solve of obtaining adequate and Safe care for the Young child or children involved and this problem becomes one of a three fold interest i. The Mother who needs or wants to work 2. The person or management of enterprises who needs to hire this help and 3. The Community which wants to see the children have adequate care. Bill s33, which is now coming before the legislature is equipped to give some Protection to operators of Day care centers Nursery schools and parents. It involves a provision for making it mandatory for places taking children for Day care or Nursery school training to be licensed under health department and that a sound educational program be developed under the department of education so that the needs of the children May be Best served. At present Vermont is one of a Small number of states with no Laws governing this Type of Enterprise. A program of licensing would be to the advantage of the Mother whose children Are under a Day care Center to the Center itself and to the Public for it would mean the creating of minimum standards which would be spelled out for All to understand. The office of economic Opportunity currently being organized in Bennington and Rutland counties is considering a project which will set up such standards for the Community and which a Randll springtime is prom time and Lovely Maidens everywhere turn out in formal gowns in every fabric and Hue for that special dance. Miss Dominique Frassati of North Bennington models one of the Many styles popular this Spring. The gown from fashion fair is Chiffon Over taffeta with a simple bodice and wide Sash which adds Charm to the gowns Graceful flow. Will offer to working mothers who need such care a Well operated program by which the whole Community can learn about the importance of the pre school child. Just when such a facility will be an eventuality is hard to say but in the meantime the passing of a Law requiring licensing of existing facilities and encouraging some sound educational programs for preschoolers is a step along the Way to improving our Community situation. The current Survey which has been made preliminary to preparing a s33 was conducted under the governors committee for children. It shows that mothers work pretty much because of the economic necessity. They May be separated divorced or deserted or have husbands who Are incapacitated or who Are unskilled and simply cannot provide the Means necessary to care for the growing family. The Survey also shows that a Large number of mothers would prefer to have the children cared for in their own Home but the problem is to find suitable help. The alternative is to find a Day care Center in someone else s Home or in a play school or Nursery school group. This then is the dilemma which the Young Mother finds herself facing and somehow in the years ahead it will be one of the problems of the Community through the involvement of Leo Industry and other Community services to try to help solve this problem. Twenty acres More or less lit we Challenge the experts by Carlo hol ter As Sun lined Clouds painted the mountains with undulating shadows i wondered ii everybody who moved to the country was subjected to an overwhelming City influx and roller coaster ups and Down of emotions. But summer was gone now. It was mid september and fair Day. Our first. A a you be got a lot of guts a said Charles holding a Basket of fresh vegetables to be arranged in groups on a Long table. A Why done to you move farther Down instead of competing with the big exhibitions of famous a no a i declared stubbornly. A a their a May be bigger but i bet we worked harder. They used machines we used our we were standing in the exhibition Hall of the Farmers Day fair. And i was As excited As on opening night of a new skating show. It did no to matter that our entries of cabbages beets carrots onions potatoes tomatoes apples strawberries and Muskmelon looked like a handful of Copper pennies in a sack of Silver dollars next to the big artistic farm compositions of Well known vegetable producers. I Felt proud of our Amateur achievements my heart jumped with Joy As we watched the spectators file past the exhibits and my fingers dug into Charles each time somebody stopped to read the White name cards in front of our entries. The annual Deerfield Valley Farmers Day is a local september Holiday. Almost nobody works. Village stores close at noon and everybody goes to the fair. The Day started cold and dreary. A Gray Mist hid the mountains from View and wads of Clouds bumped into old Chariot our ancient Chevy As we descended the Mountain. But Wilmington glowed in a a Queen for a Day mood despite the inclement weather. Mid morning however As of to make amends the Clouds parted and a warm Sun leaned out like a Nosey neighbor. Like everybody else at a country fair we banished All thoughts of tilling weeding and bugs. Like everybody there we milled with the crowd Shook hands with old acquaintances and made new ones listened to bits of local gossip admired or criticized exhibits gawked wondrously at super modern farm equipment displays of mechanical marvels cheered loudly at the horse pulling contest played carnival games Rode the Ferris wheel and the Carousel ate ice Cream drank Coffee from paper cups and consumed enough hots dogs to suffer a most elaborate Case of indigestion. A former Bennington girl miss Cynthia m. Frost daughter of or. And mrs. Oakley Frost of old Bennington has received second place honors in the Florence Nightingale contest recently held at the veterans administration Hospital in Albany . Only a few votes separated her and the first place Winner. Miss Frost a graduate of Bennington High school joined the staff of the a nursing service in june 1963. She was assigned to the psychiatric service because she had served there As an affiliating student nurse from Russell Sage College in Troy. During the period of her affiliation she was most interested in the care and treatment of psychiatric patients. Because of her outstanding qualities As a nurse she was assigned As acting head nurse in the psychiatric unit on april la 1964. It is interesting to note that her brother Oakley Frost during this past year served at the a Hospital As a surgical resident. Dav no. 38 of Troy awarded the prizes to the three winning nurses. A of a number of Homes in the old Chatham ., area some dating Back to the late 18th Century will be opened to the Public on june 19 for the Benefit of civic projects sponsored by the old Chatham improvement association it has been announced by mrs. Charles Murdock president. Among Homes which will be opened Are a Banbury Cross Quot the Home of or. And mrs. William f. Shaw a Kinder Hill Quot the Home of or. And mrs. Holden a. Evans or. The residence and stables of or. And mrs. Fritz Stecken a a Tonbridge Quot belonging to major and mrs. Albert s. Callan or. The Home of or. And mrs. John Williams a the House on the rocks Quot owned by or. And mrs. R. Roy Ash and a Windward Hill Quot the Home of or. And mrs. Paul r. Tilson. The tour will be conducted from la . To 5 In the event of rain it will be held on sunday june 20. Mrs. R. Roy Ash and mrs. Paul r. Tilson Are co chairmen of the House tour. A of the 17th grand National bake off will be held Jan. 23-25 at san Francisco a Hilton hotel the Pillsbury company has announced. It has never been held in this City. Moving the baking contest from its usual Early autumn Days to january will place it More conveniently in the Normal baking year officials say. Entry Blanks will be packed in Pillsbury flour beginning about aug. I and will also be available from grocery tear off pads after mid August or by mail from Pillsbury a bake off Box 357, dept. Too Minneapolis Minn. 55460. A of the House of dior is designing a new uniform a a first for any United states restaurant a at the request of Howard b. Johnson president of the Howard Johnson company. The uniform will be worn by 7,500 women in 35 states including 200 in Vermont. The Public a and the a Johnson girls Quot As they Are called a will see the first photo of the new uniform in an autumn Issue of Vogue Magazine. After that new uniforms based on the original Christian dior design As soon As the judging was Over we hurried Back to the Farmers Hall to look at our displays. There we found with Delight a Blue ribbon attached to each of our entries. It was a most Gratifying feeling to think that we whose sole pre gardening experience had consisted of coaxing a spindly Geranium into Bloom on a City apartment window Sill or nursing an occasional Hothouse Gardenia through its Aphis and Blooming stage had won almost to prizes at a country fair. It was a Day to be remembered in More ways than one. For when we came Home skate our cat presented us with four red White Kittens tucked into her Nail Keg crib like easter eggs in a Basket thus verifying her up till now doubtful female sex. Continued next week routes 2 and 7 Williamstown mass. Good cheer Good food visit if longhorn room Steak or roast beef Vsmith salad potato garlic read $2.95 a you la never Hove la a so Good Quot for a so Little a open 6 Days a week closed mondays Only Home building Sites for Sale a 3 minutes from Center of town a Down to Earth prices a Choice residential Section Call c. Fienberg or j. Lachant 442 2451 Day 442 -2451 442 -2197 evening442 -2205 will be delivered to the waitresses. Or. Johnson said a to assure our a Johnson girls that they Are not just dreaming each will receive by mail a gift of Christian dior each of the girls recently received a letter from Paris with the news. A of circus fans Are travelling to Boston Garden this month to see the Ringling Bros and Barnum g. Bailey circus which started May 14 for 17 Day and evening performances. The circus will present three shows on saturday at 10 30 ., 2 30 and 7 30 ., and twice Chi sunday at 2 and 6 A of mrs. Leroy Lawrence of Stamford won three prizes for two poems and an article at the Vermont federation of women s clubs convention in Stowe. Her poem a shades of Izaak Walton Quot received a second prize and another poem a betrayal Quot won third in the poetry division of the statewide contest sponsored by the federation. Her article was a the rejection Quot which won a second in the encouragement division. Mrs. Lawrence won a first prize last year for one of her entries. A a a a a producer Eddie Rich of the Colonie summer theatre in Latham ., has announced that Martha Raye will be appearing in the comedy a everybody loves Opal Quot the week of july 27. The actress was seen last summer in Colonie in a Star studded cast of Alexis Smith Craig Stevens and Zachary Scott will appear in the comedy hit a Mary Mary Quot the week of aug. 3. A of a highlight at the annual meeting of the Addison association of congregational churches held recently in Bristol the Rev. And mrs. Max Webster were honoured. The Rev. Or. Webster is formerly of Bennington son of the late or. And mrs. Homer h. Webster. This year the websters Complete 27 years of service in the Vermont congregational conference. In recognition of these years of service the association presented a tribute to them in the form of a scroll which listed the Clergyman a Early life background parishes and other information on his life and work with the conference. In addition he was presented with a leather briefcase and mrs. Webster with an Orchid Corsage. The recognition service was conducted by the Rev. Walker Hawley of Middlebury a former pastor in Manchester. The Rev. Or. Webster who is minister of the Vermont congregational conference was the guest speaker at the meeting and talked on interested in Antiques Send for a free Sample copy of America s Best known Semi monthly newspaper on Antiques. The antique trader dept. If Box 327, Kewanee 111. Since you can count a amp a for a amp a Bennington Banner saturday May 22, 1965-3 woman s world the Art of outdoor cooking by Jean k Zassick it has been noted Here on these pages that i would have made a Lousy Pioneer. We would have no doubt Frozen for Lack of someone to spin the Wool and knit it into garments we would have been attacked by All manner of beast for Lack of someone to shoot the gun when there was t a Man to do it we would have starved for Lack of someone to Chase the Chicken around the Yard and then behead it. Further we would have been housebound because in a sure that i get close enough to a horse to Hook one to a buckboard. Assuming that i d recognize a buckboard but darn it now i have to admit that i have been Able to handle that most menial of chores laying the fire. For this week i was done in by a harmless looking Little Blue Grille that Cost $2.98 a and a bag of charcoal. A of i have never pretended to be an outdoor Cook. As a matter of note there Are times when there arises a reasonable doubt As to whether i can claim the title in any surroundings when the Kitchen progresses past the Back door its strictly his department. This plan evolved directly from laziness on my part. If once in a Blue Moon or so i can Palm the cooking off onto someone else Boyo boy i m All for it. It is an immutable fact that food cooked by someone else always tastes better. So anyway in be never tried to stage a cookout Solo. I be watched Joe a Hundred times. Dump in the briquet. Squirt on some charcoal lighter. Lay on a match. Presto fire. One by one the Little Black squares turn to Gray and ifs time to pop on the Steak. Great just for the record on the Side of the lighter fluid can it says and i quote a for lighting charcoal Wood Coal Coke has a of every time i Start a Short Story it turns out Long. Well i thought i d Surprise the family by cooking steaks outside for dinner one Day this week. We have our main meal at noon so about la of clock i got out All the stuff and buzzed around feeling so smart and thinking was t it a Nice Day and All that. I put some charcoal into the Grille and poured on some of the lighter fluid and Laid on a few matches. Presto nothing. So i thought a Well maybe you were stingy with the i put on some More. A couple More matches. Whoopee two Little flames. That promptly went out. There was a Little Breeze so i thought maybe i had drafts in the wrong direction. I never have been Able to wet my Finger and Tell which Way the wind is blowing and even if i knew i did no to know which Way it should go to help the fire instead of putting it out. So i moved the thing anyway to a new spot a Little More sheltered. A of then i rolled up a Sheet of newspaper Nice and tight and lit it and Laid it across the briquet. That flamed up big and made me a Little edgy. Actually i m afraid of any fire i can t put out with one spit the newspaper went out and i had three whole charcoals Burn ing. Since in a not completely stupid i went in and turned on the broiler. In the stove. Electric. You know that by this time id used up about half an hour i was fuming and if id had a steamed Clam i could have melted a Pat of butter to dip it in. If i weren to in a hurry. So when the family came grouping in Mary Jean went running to Tell them that a Mommy s cooking outside but she put it in the stove one by one Joe and the boys went to the Back door looked out looked at me looked at the stove a and tried not to laugh. Himself went out and gravely announced that i had actually lighted four a one had started on the Bottom where i see it. Of course we ended up laughing like a Bunch of crackpots. But what really makes me mad outside of the knowledge that ill never live it Down is the fact that i had actually a As True As i write this a filled a pail of water and put it near the Back door to have in Case of emergency. A of . Did you notice that they re going to move Quot Light to the Middle of the Street finally three cheers Tkv Mimer Oil i re Berkeley Calif. Up a Campus police report they picked up two University of California students who stole an ice Cream Cone from the Campus Coffee shop. The uneaten Cone was being kept in a police Freezer As evidence. On Basic sets of Glio up to $17 on four 4-piece place settings. No Down payment. Only $4.00 per week. S us up to $46 on eight 6-piece place settings. No Down payment. 0nly$1200per week. Up to $69 on twelve 6-piece settings. No Down payment. 0nly$15.00per week. For a limited time Only you can make outstanding savings on services for 4, 8 or 12 people. The More you buy the More you save. Choose from a Complete selection of Towle patterns. Take your entire set Home with the first payment. 469 Towle Sterling use our Silver club plan to Divide your payments. No interest or carrying charges. Fontana Legato franch provincial old matter Al grandma candlelight King Richard crafting pm Kurij jewellers do silversmiths 409 main St Bennington. It the new englander motor inn and restaurant celebrating its 10th anniversary with this special filet mignon Steak dinner served to . To to Open House . 2 -5 Complete filet mignon dinner m

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