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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont A 4-Bennington Banner saturday May i 1965 the Bennington Banner published every Day except sundays and holidays by the Banner publishing corporation 425 main Street Bennington Vermont editorials Are we coddling criminals according to a Gallup poll published a few Days ago most americans believe that a major Factor in our High crime rate is an excessive leniency toward criminals on the part of our courts. Small wonder that this opinion is so widely held. The notion that we Are a coddling criminals has been assiduously promoted by Law enforcement officials throughout the nation right up to j. Edgar Hoover the top cop of them All who has repeatedly deplored what he terms a the tragedy of soft it is customary to blame this supposed softness on the . Supreme court which has handed Down in recent years a number of decisions designed to protect the rights of accused persons to a fair trial. The result of these Rollings so the complaint goes is to a handcuff the police to the Delight of fiends and the detriment of society. Perhaps it would be Well to look at the supreme court rulings that Are alleged to have brought us to this wretched state. Most of the criticism has been focused on three cases. One is the Mallory Case in which the court ruled that a police confession from an alleged rapist was inadmissible As evidence because it was obtained before he had been brought before a magistrate and acquainted with his right to stay silent. The second is the Escobedo Case in which the conviction of a Man charged with complicity in a murder was set aside by the court on the grounds that prior to his alleged confession he was neither told of his Legal rights nor permitted to see his lawyer. The third is the Gideon Case in which the conviction of a defendant charged with stealing liquor from a Pool room bar was reversed because he had editor s notes Ron Cohen a column on this Page today pays tribute to the work being done in the legislature and the ideas expressed by rep. Vivian Tuttle who represents Stratton a the smallest town in the state. We have often Felt the sometimes critical references to this Small town in connection with reapportionment to be unfair and possibly misleading. The growth in the past four years of this once moribund town because of the recreation Industry has been substantial. Rather than supplying a Symbol for the decline of the Rural areas in Vermont Stratton stands As a shining Symbol for growth of the Small towns. Word reaches us from new York that John Fischetti whose cartoons regularly appear on this Page has won the National cartoonist society s award in editorial cartooning for this body of work during 1964. This makes the third com Merit denatured history Boston Globe the nation and above All those of its children who attend primary and secondary schools owe . Samuel Eliot Morrison a Hearty vote of thanks. This most famed of living american historians who has twice won pulitzer prizes for his works criticizes the teaching of american history in primary and secondary schools As a a dismal . Morrison a attack is directed specifically at the Bland Dull Boring been denied Legal counsel in court. Now the notable thing about All three of these rulings is their consistency with Basic premises to which All of us at least pay lip service. A person be required to testify against himself. He is entitled to be advised of his Legal rights if arrested. Once in court he should not be penalized because he is unable to afford a lawyer. Surely there is nothing very Radical about these propositions. They Are designed not to obstruct Justice but to further it by making sure that defendants who Are ignorant or indigent get the same treatment As defendants who knew their rights and can afford competent counsel. Law enforcement officials a some not All a complain that conforming to these Legal niceties makes their work More difficult. Of course it does. Convictions would also be far easier to obtain if houses could be searched without warrants if third degree tactics were officially sanctioned and if trial by jury could be abolished. But the purpose of criminal Law in a democracy is not to make the work of the police easy it is to ensure that the Burden of proof will rest squarely on the state not on the accused. Nothing that the supreme court has said will provide any Field Day for criminals if the police Are competent in their investigatory methods and Are willing to resist the temptation to Cut Legal Corners. In England where the rights of defendants have always been More scrupulously protected than in this country the crime rate is much lower. Trying to make the courts into scapegoats for our inferior record is neither rational nor just. Consecutive year that he has won the society a award. The same Day that sen. George d. Aiken was imploring the legislature to buckle Down to work on reapportionment rep. Samuel Parsons of Hubbardton was urging lawmakers not to pass a reapportionment Bill until the a the last hour of the last rep. Parsons should be reminded of Aiken s concluding admonition to the legislature that a we want no Blank diplomas in this class referring to the final exams facing lawmakers on reapportionment. If the legislature follows rep. Parsons advice their diplomas would be less than Blank. Banner columnist Roy Marsden Speaks of pretty Good fishing on opening Day last weekend. We Hope the Good fishing report prevails for anglers this weekend and that everyone comes Home with the big one we be heard so much about. Character of school textbooks which he describes As a written by third Grade Hacks a whose main Concemi and that of too Many publishers seems to be to avoid annoying pressure groups whether ethnically socially politically or otherwise motivated. Spiritless american history texts he warns Are destroying the idealism of american youth. The Dean of the nations historians is everlastingly right in his insistence that american history should be an exhilarating adventure in discovery not Only of facts but equally of judgment and opinion. That is its real excuse for being. Quot you re out of Washington calling Powell s attack on poverty program linked to his role in Qaryou act by Marquis Childs Washington. Two of Washington a Star performers Promise a drama that could be a spectacular. It has Money politics status and above All the clash of conflicting personalities so Seldom seen in Lyndon Johnson a consensus Corral. Adam Clayton Powell Harlem a sensational gift to politics and r. Sargent Shriver of the peace corps the War on poverty in All its ramifications the neighbourhood youth corps Vista Community action etc., have already played one scene. It was a great Success. Crackling humor of the Broadway variety enlivened a hearing of Powell a House education and labor committee on the poverty War. A cd a Powell had mounted an attack on the Community action phase of the poverty program. He dropped in a headline phrase a this was a fiesta and he marched his own supers witnesses from several cities who complained that they had been left out of the operation while old line pols were taking Over across the stage. But something went wrong with the supporting cast. Members of his committee who had done the Spade work of investigation in a series of task forces around the country gave favourable reports on the program. Rep. Sam m. Gibbons d-fla., said he had taken soundings at Atlanta Durham n.c., and Miami. He found Progress being made in each instance without undue interference by political grabbers. A similar report came from rep. Augustus f. Hawkins d-calif., the second negro on the committee who had looked into the operation in West coast cities. While Republican members of the committee Are not Happy with the program they gave Powell Little Ald and Comfort. As Shriver runner up for hardest working Man in government noted the funny thing was that while Powell complained of a political fiestas he argued that the program was puny and should be doubled at least. This raises the question of motive. The flamboyant Powell is not a performer who believes in Art for arts Sake. A cd a it happens that in his own Bailiwick of Harlem there is a going anti poverty program known As Qaryou act. The charge is that Powell exercises political control Over Qaryou act putting his own people in key spots and subjecting them to his orders. Although both Powell and the Qaryou act people deny the charge reports persist of a close communion Between the Powell office in Washington and the Agency that with a Small Federal Grant has made a Gallant initial attack on Harlem a desperate poverty. New York is one of the few metropolitan areas that has not come up with a list of those ready to forma Community action group. Without such a list approved by shrivers a office the City can get no funds for this phase of the program. Obviously anew program would be a rival to Qaryou act. It might indirectly enhance the political Power of others and put Qaryou act in the Shade. This might be motive enough for Powell to try to throw a spanner in the works. But a More Subtle motive has been suggested by or. Kenneth b. Clark professor of psychology at the City College of new York in his forthcoming Book a the dark , who also came out of Harlem broke with Powell and left Qaryou act Over political interference. He gives him High Marks for his part in the past in fighting for civil rights. But then to explain the hold he exerts Over the poor jammed into the Harlem ghetto he writes a in his flamboyant personal behaviour Powell has been to the negroes a Symbol of All that life has denied them. The negro can in fantasy journey with Adam to the Riviera enjoy a Home in puerto Rico have Beautiful girls at his Beck andean change wives a like Rich Powell plays the role the Hollywood Star May for Whites but even More powerfully for added to the magic and Glamour of personal Fame is the excitement and virtue of defiant racial a of in his dramatic role As chairman of the powerful House education and labor committee he constantly tells off the moguls of government. If he decides to delay the Aid to education Bill he delays the hearings. If he feels it is time to harass Shriver As King of the poverty program then he puts on a show that gets him on television As the hero of the poor and the oppressed. In the realm of drama Shriver is no match for such a glamorous Star. But he has patience persistence an endless Reserve of Energy and most important in the present drama a Strong sense of Dally newspaper circulation in the United states except in the larger cities is growing at a faster Pace than the nations population. The american press is not a a fading As some claim and Many believe. It is just getting closer to the people in that the nations smaller City and suburban dailies Are chalking up big circulation gains. The occasional folding of a great metropolitan daily. Creates a false impression on Basic newspaper trends. A Kenneth r. Byerly associate professor at the University of North Carolina s look of journalism. While the technical learning of the modern doctor has undoubtedly increased his personal knowledge of his patient and of his patients needs has decreased. A msgr. Thomas j. Conroy Hospital director for the Newark n.j., archdiocese. I be found dead at a women a luncheon. I done to think any intelligent woman likes women in Bunches. I done to think even unintelligent women like females in groups. Cornelia Otis Skinner author actress. Montpelier. Vivian Tuttle is a diminutive and sprightly White haired woman who these Days is wracked by an ambivalence she can to really put into words. For mrs. Tuttle is a Good natured soul contributing willingly to the possible end of her own political career. She represents Stratton a Community of about 38, the smallest in the state. She does no to really mind being constantly spoken of in the same breath As Richard Schmidt who represents Burlington a City of 35,531. Mrs. Tuttle and Schmidt Are constant yardsticks these Days because the apportionment system of Vermont is such that each commands one vote in the House of representatives. That system will change by court order and not by legislative design. Mrs. Tuttle does not agree with the court or the new thinking which will Lump her Little Village with half a dozen others for election of representatives. But she is one of the Rural legislators who is Bent on proving the superiority of democracy Over petulance lawfulness Over personal conviction. And she a also fearful of the next two months in the pitched Battle Over realignment but not nearly so frightened by the changes reapportionment May bring. Mrs. Tuttle thinks the 150 years of Small town domination a has no to Hurt the state a bit. The Small towns have always taken care of the big towns in fact the Urban areas owe their existence to the legislation passed by Small town she thinks one chamber of the legislature should be based on population the other on geography. She thinks the status quo is just Fine with the Urban areas a amply represented by the pop Uja Tion based Vermont Senate. As a Republican she acknowledges the gop will probably be badly Hurt perhaps losing under reapportionment the domination the party has exercised Over the Rod and gun fishing a been Good by Roy Marsden the first week of Trout season has slipped away with varying degrees of Success and varied impressions of fishing conditions. For my part id say that the majority of fishermen have Dole very Well with quite a few limit catches reported. On opening Day i had Only a couple of hours to try my Luck and not caring to Battle the hordes of fishermen on the Batten kill in company with my son Doug we saw the Sun Rise from a spot where we have fished several years in the past a place where a Fisherman is Seldom seen prior to 6 30 . We were Lucky enough to Garner a half dozen Brookes and they tasted just Fine for sunday night supper. A 0�?o�? the first morning for the Benefit of those readers who Are not avid fishermen was on the Cool Side to be sure. Ice formed quickly in the Rod guides and had to be chipped off frequently. The sky was Clear overhead and though the thermometer stood at 28 degrees at 3 ., the Sunrise was Beautiful. Birds were out in Force even before the Sun came up and their songs All seemed to blend into a Woodland symphony that made one glad to be alive and on the Stream once again. I understand that the fishing at red Mill Pond was Best through holes Cut in the ice. Trout did no to seem to be feeding in the open water but bit at a Good Pace under the ice. Those who were unfortunate enough to get a chilling Bath when the ice gave Way Are Lucky that the water Wasny to deep at that particular Point. A ducking once in a while is accepted by fishermen without complaint but when it happens in ice water a few Choice expletives Are in order. Usually i am Content to wait a couple or three weeks before i try the Batten kill but this year i waited Only a few Days. Wednesday afternoon i loaded my stuff into the jeep and took off for West Arlington to try any method that might produce a few Trout. I struck in with Bucktail changed to wet Fly then to Worms All to no Avail. I saw a couple of Trout Rise and there was a Hatch of tiny insects on the water but a wet Fly Wasny to to their liking and my dry flies still reposed in their Winters resting place dusted with Mot a Capitol jottings crystals. It is possible that Adry Fly might have been the answer but ill have to wait a couple of weeks at least before finding out As the River is still too cold to Wade comfortably even with insulated underwear. On this first trip to the a kill i saw 18 Deer in one Field and counted Over 40 in the area More Deer than i have seen in More than a year. A report that our Deer Herd had a Good Winter is borne out by looking Over those seen this Spring. They All seem to be Well nourished and in Good enough shape to make for a record season next november. A of with the breaking of Spring and the coming vacation season you might do Well to Avail yourself of a copy of the new edition of the Vermont fish and game departments Booklet entitled a fishing Access Ai As and impoundments a which has just come from the Printer. In this revised Booklet Are too individual maps pointing out 107 areas where the Fisherman May launch his boat or Canoe to pursue his sport. Below each map Are directions for approaching the areas from Well travelled roads. Also noted Are the species of fish one can reasonably expect to find. The new edition contains a double Index system which enables the user by Cross reference to quickly locate these areas from any Standard Road map of the state. Copies will soon be available from your local Warden or the Montpelier fish and game office Montpelier at no charge. May 3rd at 8 . The Bennington Rod and gun club regular meeting will be held at the Shaftsbury clubhouse for the first time this season. The Bennington Rod and gun club is comprised of area sportsmen who Are interested in conservation As it pertains to Woodlands fish and game. It has one drawback however a it cannot function As a successful organization without the support of All rather than a faithful few. Why not make it a Point now to come to the meeting next monday you will be welcomed whether a member or not and who knows you might be Well enough impressed to part with a three Dollar Bill and go Home a member. Rep. Vivian Tuttle does a Good Job by Ronald e. Cohen legislature since the first Assembly was convened. But she is not looking for any startling changes under reapportionment. Mrs. Tuttle thinks that with Urban domination the Small communities not Only will continue to Prosper but will be Well taken care of by the larger areas. First of All she does no to feel Burlington Rutland and other Large communities will Rush to elect All democrats. She thinks As Many As 40 per cent of the big City legislators will be republicans. And she thinks it highly unlikely the Urban areas will Bury the Rural areas because As she puts it a people Are basically fair. Vermont is going to remain a basically Rural state and the representatives from the big cities Are not going to just forget about us Little a of mrs. Tuttle said the dire predictions that Small towns Are going to lose their identity Are not founded on fact. The booming recreational Industry in Vermont she says will mean a revitalization of the Small town a Aback Woods areas so that towns wont simply a a disappear after realignment. A the big cities Are going to have to do for us the same As we be done for them All these years a she cheerily predicts waiving aside grim prognostications that reapportionment is the end of the a old but she a not nearly so cheerful when she thinks of the eight Long weeks until the legislature dissolves into history by Federal court decree at Midnight june 30th. Mrs. Tuttle remembers the Good old Days when the legislature broke up after a Long session and a everyone was Friendly and relieved to see it All it wont be like that again she predicts. A there will be lots of hard feelings on the part of lots of people. But there Isnit any Way to avoid she shrugged off talk that there might be a reapportionment filibuster aimed at preventing passage of the realignment scheme until minutes before the Federal deadline. She wont be a part of such an obstruction by a last stand Yankee Obs finance a but admits there is a Good Chance that it might happen a because there Are a lot of people in that room who just done to want anything at All in the Way of she thinks there is a 50-50 Chance the courts May have to take Over the Job though she a sincerely Hopes the legislators will get Down to business and do it themselves. A of a we knew when we came Heie that it was a suicide legislature. We re not doing anything but cutting our own political but the Peppery representative made it Clear that the bloodletting from the suicidal actions is a necessity of the lawmakers Are to uphold the Public Trust of their office. Mrs. Tuttle said Stratton residents were at first violently opposed to court ordered reapportionment but they a and she herself a a outgrew the feeling and decided that complaints is the Only Way. The Job must be she makes no Effort to conceal the fact that reapportionment and the passage of the old order a make me sad a but she also makes no Effort to hide her feelings that obstructionism Isnit the Way to go about the proper function of the legislature. She says her political career wont be ended by realignment. Shell run for the House again and if Quality is a determining Factor Shell win. She a one of the hardest workers in the place and she is Only to be commended for her staunch efforts at reapportionment when dozens of lawmakers in her position have decided to use every Roadblock they can Muster to ignore their upbringing notion looking at the population explosion about me these must be the rearing �?T60s a Wall Street journal us Zon a i m proud or your off Chiba the c&fd0m mrs trying to 0 i i

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