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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont T fair and cooler fair and slightly cooler today. Possibility of some High cloudiness in the late afternoon. The period of rotation of the planet Venus equals that of its period of revolution it turns once in 225 Days. Benning Bennington Vermont saturday May i 1985 Anner founded in 1841, daily 1903, no. 19,750 to cents efforts made to enforce rails in Pakistan Quot. Dominican cease fire plan is Aat r Al Iii a colleges Ted reaver Montpelier school teacher and founder of the Vermont in Mississippi project explains to a group of Bennington College students his plans for opening the Medgar i vers neighbourhood Guild in Jackson miss., this summer. Reaver spoke at the College Friday and will speak at the Shaftsbury methodist Church sunday. I Jet Cong Pion uncovered Cor a Tinck on Danang base Saigon up a More than too . Navy planes Friday attacked North vietnamese arms depots 75 and too Miles from Hanoi. In South Viet Nam officials revealed the discovery of a three stage communist plan against the Danang air base. Planes from the 7th Fleet carriers Hancock and Midway made three strikes in North Viet Nam with bombs missiles and rockets. The first penetrated within 75 Miles of Hanoi. The other two were about too Miles from the communist capital. Another 26 sky raiders and 14 jets hit the Phil qui ammunition depot with four tons of bombs destroying five buildings and two anti aircraft Sites. Late in the afternoon 31 assault planes from the Hancock returned for another try at the Phu qui depot. A spokesman said 24 sky raiders supported by seven jets dropped 23 tons of bombs and Bull up missiles on the ammunition dump in 15 minutes. They destroyed four buildings damaged six others and blew up a gasoline tank with Zuni rocket fire four Miles South of the depot. . Pilots reported no enemy planes and Only Light antiaircraft fire. All planes returned safely. In Danang South vietnamese military officials said they have captured documents showing the Viet Cong plan a three step attack against the air base the largest . Aircraft and missile installation in Viet Nam. They said the first two phases of the plan Call for incitement of civil unrest and an increased Campaign of terror against american and vietnamese officials in the area. The third phase they said Calls for infiltration of the base itself by Viet Cong agents a so that main Force troops could at tack the the vietnamese High school students arrested while passing out Viet Cong leaflets in Danang were said to be involved in the first phase of the Campaign. The students face possible death sentences of convicted. New Delhi up a Indian prime minister Lai Bahadur shastra said Friday that Pakistan has rejected British proposals for a cease fire in the disputed Rann of Kutch Border area. Indians and pakistanis there were reported exchanging artillery fire. A dispatch from Karachi said Indian guns were shelling the pakistani captured outpost of Barbet which India claims is six Miles deep into its territory along the desolate Border with West Pakistan. Shastri informed an executive committee meeting of his ruling Congress party of the reported cease fire rejection. Shastra told parliament earlier he would insist that any cease fire agreement would require pakistani forces to Retreat to the position they held before the Rann of Kutch fighting broke out april 9. A member of the Congress party executive committee said committee members urged Shastri that the reverses of Indian forces in the Rann of Kutch should be avenged in order to keep up the morale of both the Indian army and people. The source said Shastri assured party leaders nothing would be done that would adversely affect the National morale. 17th week of session ends in Montpelier up Protection a a vietnamese civilian Shields his child from Viet Cong gunfire thursday near Dong son South Viet Nam. \ patrol of . Marines was attacked and two were killed. Marine killed others rebel strength seen increasing Montpelier up a the Vermont legislature wrapped up its 17th week of the 1965 session Friday with the House passing a minor Bill and advancing six others. The Only Bill of any major consequence acted on was the Senate passed proposal changing the Laws on Ald to dependent children. This was advanced to third Reading on a unanimous voice vote. Honorary doctor of Laws degree on erred on Pearson at we Burlington up a the state of Vermont and its University Friday honoured the schools newest alumnus Canadian prime minister Lester Pearson at a formal luncheon on Campus. Pearson who received an honorary doctor of Laws degree from the University of Vermont a few hours earlier was greeted by gov. Philip la. Boff and aiding University president Lyman Rowell. Boff welcomed Pearson by noting that 20 per cent of the Vermont population is of French Canadian descent and called the transplanted canadians a part of the very great strength of this the governor noted Pearson a speech at the University a honors Day ceremonies and urged Canada to a remain friends but have legitimate areas of differing opinion with the United states. I Hope there will be More and More of divisions of opinion the Type which people who have a Hearty respect for each other show. The differences will make the Bonds Between the countries even the governor called the visit by the prime minister a a Banner Day in the history of the state and said Pearson a is not Only talented but warm and very Pearson spoke informally at the dinner and repeated his Contention that Canada would respect the United states but continue to differ with its policies if it Felt it necessary. A however we will never say anything about Washington that some of your state governors say about Washington a Pearson said. Pearson sitting at the head table with Hoff and sen. George d. Aiken r-vt., noted that upon receiving the degree he became an honorary citizen of the state. The prime minister cracked a now i can vote in Vermont if i pay your poll Hoff has been plugging for elimination of the Vermont poll tax while Aiken has been fighting for its retention. The Bill allows parents of children still enrolled in High school or technical school to continue receiving assistance until the dependent reaches the age of 21. The House killed a Senate Bill that would have raised property damage sustained in an Auto Accident from $35 to $100 before the mishap must be reported to state police. A Bill calling for a $25,000 personnel utilization study was tabled until monday. In a half hour session today the Senate passed five minor Bills and advanced three others and then adjourned until monday evening. A House Bill introduced today would appropriate $5,700 to the department of agriculture for repayment to Farmers for any financial losses caused since 1951 by errors in the division of standards on milk prices. Santo Domingo dominican Republic up a a . Marine was killed Friday and 13 other american servicemen wounded in an Exchange of gun fire with leftist rebel troops near the . Embassy. Some 3,500 leathernecks and paratroopers threw up a protective ring around american civilians caught up in the communist infiltrated civil War. The marines encountered fire on the Northern pre meter of the zone As they sought to link up with army paratroops in a pincers movement to Cut off the leftist rebel forces including a handful of armed civilians. Completion of the pincers movement would leave loyalist dominican troops under Gen. Elias Wessin free to move into the City against rebel nests of resistance. The firing that inflicted the casualties on the Jas. Forces took place near the former old Airfield on the City a outskirts. The wounded included some paratroopers from the 82nd division airlifted into the Island from it. Bragg . The american wounded were airlifted by Marine helicopter to the air Craft Carrier Boxer standing offshore. The body of the dead Marine also was taken to the Boxer. Rebel forces were still strongly entrenched in the heart of the City. They stormed a 200-Man police Garrison in the Ozama fortress and seized it late Friday. Rebel troops also re have any major effect on Portelly captured the Small fighting town of Bongo in the dominican Interior. Rebel strength appeared to be increasing and seemed to be winning More favor among the civilian population. Reports of atrocities by the leftist rebels continued to mount. One unconfirmed but reliable report said the rebels lined up some 20 loyalists against a Wall and executed them by machine gun fire. Loyalist troops including the air Force and Navy strafed some leftist strongholds in the City but they did not seem to the. . Paratroops meanwhile seized two Bridges linking Santo Domingo with the san Isidro air base where Wessin has his operational Headquarters see fighting Page 2, col 8 Laos officials claim chinese fight Vientiane Laos up a the laotian army High command said Friday 6,000 chinese communist and 20,000 North vietnamese troops were fighting government forces on laotian soil. Western military observers Witten raps Vermont a method of selecting Superior judges the Way state judges Are selected in Vermont was strongly criticized Friday by states atty. R. Marshall Witten in a talk at the regular luncheon meeting of the Bennington rotary club. Witten told club members that in his opinion when new judges Are picked for the Superior court in elections by the general Assembly the lawmakers a unerringly pick the least qualified Manv among the candidates for the Post. He and Robert e. Cummings jr., commissioner of banking and insurance were guest speakers in a rotary program held in Observance of Law Day. Waldo c. Holden Bennington attorney a rotarian and president of the Vermont bar association arranged the program. Signed to Correct some of the deficiencies. In a candid appraisal of the Way new judges Are picked to serve on the Superior court Witten observed the method used is a very poor and in the past has sometimes resulted in the election of judges who were the most popular rather than those who Are most qualified. In Vermont Superior and supreme court judges Are elected every two years by the Vermont general Assembly. Vacancies that occur when the legislature is not in session Are filled in appointments by the governor. Traditionally these appointees and those who Are elected directly by the legislature to fill a vacancy Are re elected by the legislature. Witten framed his remarks on the inadequacies of the methods of selecting state judges in Vermont with comments on methods of picking judges in other states. He noted that there is a no right and no wrong Way of picking judges but that each system used has its advantages and drawbacks. Witten observed there Are five methods used throughout the country in selecting judges appointment As in the Federal system by the president and in some states by the governor Legisla see Witten Page 2, col. 5 said they considered the estimates too High. They said about 10,000 communist North vietnamese soldiers were in Laos but added chinese forces were located Only along Border areas. A National army spokesman said two chinese communist battalions were in the far North near the red chinese Border a third in Central Laos and 12 others in Sam Neua province in northeastern Laos. A battalion comprises about 400 men. Western military experts estimated that 60 per cent of the North vietnamese units in Laos were regular army troops. The remainder they said were serving As cadres for the path it lao or As gunnery instructors and communications specialists. The National army has captured chinese communist weapons brought into the country through North Viet Nam but has not captured any red chinese troops. Hie evidence that North vietnamese troops were fighting in Laos is conclusive the Western experts said. They added there was no positive proof of Large scale chinese communist units. Liu cites left Wing influence Washington up a president Johnson announced Friday night that a cease fire agreement yet unenforced had been achieved in the dominican Republic. He urged the organization of american states Oas to act promptly to make it work. A there Are signs that people trained outside the dominican Republic Are seeking to gain control a Johnson said in a statement on nationwide television and radio. He spoke after administration officials acknowledged publicly that left Wing elements including some dominicans trained in communist Cuba and Czechoslovakia were strengthening their influence in the week Long revolt. The United states widened its own commitment in the struggle by sending 3,500 marines and paratroops into and around the dominican capital of Santo Domingo to establish a so called Neutral zone in the City. One Marine was killed and 13 servicemen wounded the first american casualties in the bloody Power struggle. Johnson reaffirmed the . Position that its troops were sent in to protect american and other foreigners at the request of local police and military officials. But he said a in the last 24 hours violence and disorder have increased. There is great danger to the lives of foreign nationals and of thousands of dominican citizens a our fellow citizens of the he credited the Vatican envoy to Santo Domingo with a an outstanding Effort of mediation in arranging a cease fire. A but this agreement is not now As i speak being fully respected a he said. A the inter american system and its principle Organ the organization of american states have a grave and immediate responsibility a he added. A eth future of that system May Well be at stake. A it is very important that representatives of the Oas be sent to the dominican Republic just As soon is possible to strengthen the ceasefire and help Clear a Road to the return of constitutional process and free the president pledged . Support to any Oas decision and to a reservation of the right of All the free people of this hemisphere to choose their own course without falling prey to International conspiracy from any As Johnson went before television cameras in the White House theater Oas Secretary general Jose Mora left Washington by air for Santo Domingo to try to Nail Down the ceasefire agreement. The Oas working desperately to bring a halt to the fighting prepared for a meeting saturday of its member foreign ministers who will consider assuming responsibility for direct action in the dominican crisis. . Officials have indicated that if they do the United states will carry its share of the Burden of any Oas peacekeeping operation. In the meantime administration officials were keeping a see cease fire Page 2, col. 3 in his opening remarks Holden said the motto for Law Day this year is a to uphold the Law is the citizens first the talks by Witten and Cummings focused on inadequacies of the Vermont judicial system and legislation now under study de on the inside Small town legislator gets boost in Ron Cohen a column a Page 4. Pictures on a living with arts a Page 5. Clo i his of is for a members of the colonial Dames of Vermont appear in historic costumes at an open House at the Bennington museum Friday for visiting colonial Dames from the new England Region who Are on a five Day tour of historic houses and museums. From left to right Are mrs. Elmer Mckee state Regent of the Vermont colonial Dames mrs. Joseph Wilson mrs. Arthur j. Dewey jr., mrs. Francis a. Englehart and mrs. T. Colwell Thomas. New pastor welcomed in Manchester a Page 8. Dave Ordway hurls 17 strikeouts for Beni a Page to. Luckier lecture on Rock f i a Raymond Corey of the National aeronautics and space administration Speaks to school Assembly at Bennington High school Friday about rockets satellites and space exploration. Corey. Who has been visiting Vermont High schools for two months transports his equipment in a Quot space Nobile a one of 30 used by n Asa science lecturers

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