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Bennington Banner (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Bennington, Vermont A just Fokine around up guitar strumming coed the lilt of millions of guitar strings is sweeping the nation As old and Young students and teachers classical and Western music lovers Pluck away. Betsy Williams University of Texas coed is playing her guitar in front of the University a Littlefield Fountain. Guitar sales soared to 750,000 in 1964. Many in this area remember Harry Kuhn brother of mrs. James j. Kelly of 209 Union St. And Edward j. Kuhn of 122 fill More St. Harry was born in Bennington and was formerly employed at the pol graphic company in North Bennington. He and lits family Are now located in Montvale . They were visitors in the area Over easter weekend. It is of interest to learn that his 17-year-old son Harry Kuhn Iii is making quite a name for himself in High school sports. The 6-foot-4 senior at Paslack High school in Hillsdale ., specializes in the shot put and holds the Novice record for schoolboys in the state is number i in Bergen county and number 2 in the state. The school which he attends is state Champion in group 3 track 1964-65. The Kuhns have three other children Mary Noel Virginia and Susan. A of of interest to several in Bennington and Vicinity was a feature on the Manuel Rockwood Home on Chestnut Street in Albany ., which appeared in the times Union tuesday of this week. Ellen Scott writes that the Rock Woods purchased the Home about a year ago and that mrs. Rockwood has decorated it with Many of the discarded treasures she gathered in the demolition of the South mall. Her interest in Antiques led her to the South mall buildings which were being razed for a new state capital Complex As she was sure that Many items could be salvaged. Many of the Antiques they have Are from herbs and her husbands family and once were in their former Home in Twenty acres More or less 28 bringing Mem up alive by Carlo Wolter although we never thought of our wildlife As a problem some of our friends considered it a nuisance. You should have some Domestic animals they said to keep the wild ones away. Thus they suggested the idea that any inconvenient City apartment pet would find a Good Home at Skylark. Right from the beginning offers to present us with a Pony a retired race horse a Goat a Donkey a Parrot dogs cats and what have you came in rapid successions. A Chicago Friend of mine believed that no country Home should be without a Monkey. In a going on a trip around the world a she wrote a so i m sending you Mico. He loves the Mico was a South american marmoset so Small that he could get lost in a coat pocket. I could just see him hiding mischievously in a clump of weeds never to be seen again. Unfortunately my Friend left Chicago before my letter of rejection got there. She and Mico arrived at Skylark a few Days later. Mico greeted us with a loud screeching whistle of hostility. He pressed his nose Between the bars of his travelling wooden Bird Cage and bared his Needle Sharp Teeth like a snarling lion. Mico and i never hit if off and he bit me the first Chance he had. He climbed up on drapes knocked Flower pots from the window Sills and jumped screaming onto my head whenever my Back was turned. But he ignored Charles. A give him time a said my Friend a a he la get used to a sure a i protested a but i wont get used to him. Can to you Board him in an animal shelter a a ooh no a she said a i done to want him Back. He a yours. So you see you la have to get Choice 1961 Chevrolet 4 door Sedan v-8 Auto trans. A Large motor s1195 i960 Plymouth i Ury Hardtop Jet Black full Power r amp a Auto trans. Tinted Glass Power steering amp brakes s895 Liggett Bosworth sales a service North Bennington Road Bennington it. Butch with the author. But we never did. When my Friend left a few Days later Charles returned Mico to his mistresses car safely tucked away in his Bird Cage. We never heard whether he was discovered before or after he reached new York City. It was sort of sad to have spoiled a Nice Friendship with a Monkey. In spite of our decisive a nos a we acquired a Small menagerie. Shortly after the Mico episode Uncle Leo arrived with a wooden crate. A there a he said a you will need a what is it a i asked looking through the slats at something very Pink. A a garbage disposal a chuckled Uncle Leo. A now you wont have to Bury it a but i want to Bury it. It makes Good Uncle Leo laughed. A so does this. Even he was right. When Charles unpacked the Box he held up a Pinky a a squealing Rose col or dyed Piglet wearing a bejewelled dog harness. It looked just like a live Ceramic Piggy Bank. Pinky was the result of a Lucky number on a raffle ticket. But Uncle Leos Long Island Suburbia ruled out pigs. So Pinky came to Skylark. We installed him in the Chicken Coop. But a Bear and a Bobcat tried to get in to get Pinky out and we ran nightly to his screaming demand for Protection. After a week of this we moved him to the barn under the garage where he grew big and fat. Charles groomed him like a horse and kept his bed filled with clean Hay which Pinky preferred to eat. He was the cleanest pig i Ever saw. Although the stall floor was dirt he never wallowed in mud. He was actually barn broken and used Only one Corner of his pen. Thus Pinky was far from being a was dirty As a shortly after Pinky a arrival Uncle Leo and Walter Charless brother returned with a two year old Irish setter. Butcher boy was a big headed Broad chested beast with a coat As bristly As a Brush and a Tail that looked like a Bamboo Rake. He looked terrible and so thin that my fingers fitted Between his ribs. It was Clear that he had been mistreated. Because he had failed to bring Home a cordon Bleu from a dog show was doomed to be destroyed. To save his life he came to Skylark. He was a nervous wreck and so scared that the Click of a Light switch sent him trembling into a Corner. Nor was he House broken. He had never been inside a House. His first time in the living room he mistook my prize Angel Wing Begonia in full Bloom standing in a Green Jardiniere on the floor for a Weed along the Fence. Then doleful eyes cast upward he squatted before me very pleased with himself. It was understandable that until further developments Butcher boy had to be banned to the Chicken Coop Mico loved whiskey where he howled and bayed mournfully. But he Learned fast. In a few Days he was Housebroken. And Little by Little he overcame his fear. However training him to our ways failed completely. He was absolutely sure that everybody loved him and he was absolutely right. Skate our cat befriended him almost immediately and Butch had no objections to sharing his bed with her. And Pinky showed his approval by taking to Barking like a dog. But under our patient guidance Butcher boy became a gentleman eventually growing a Glossy red coat and Long Silky feathers representative of the Long line of champions he came from. He was also unpredictable. We never knew what to expect of him. Once when a Hobo begged for food Butch paid no attention when the Man walked into the breezeway. However when he tried to leave Butch snarled like a Wolf and let him out. But when the Man stopped too scared to move Butch gave him a puzzled look and walked away. On occasions he was oblivious to the world around him ignoring everybody and everything. Other times he showed his full size and strength by bracing his feet against the door and Barking madly refusing admission to our friends he knew Well. We were glad that contrary to our friends belief Butch and skate and Pinky did no to keep the wildlife away. For one night we were thrilled to have a Bear look in our living room window. Continued next week by Agnes Rockwood Shushan Their Morton Avenue apartment in Albany was featured in the times Union a couple of years ago. A cd a the Schenectady opera Guild will be featured on Channel 17�?Ts Lively arts program wednesday May 12, at 7 . Hostess Louise Heinmiller will take viewers behind the scenes of the Hart College production of Humperdinck so Hansel and Gretel a which will be performed at Linton High school Schenectady on May 15 at 2 . A of the Maine woman who claims to have extra sensory Percey Tion esp Powers which she told about in last weeks column writes that her dream about the missing Bennington College girl Paula Welden placed the girl behind tall Iron bars and not a she interprets the dream that miss Welden is or has been a prisoner. She Hopes that the longtime mystery will be cleared up As this is the Only dream both single and double which is still a question. All the rest have proved True happenings. A cd a org by so a the country a oldest live produced children a program seen Here Over Channel 6 on which Many area youngsters have appeared was televised in color wednesday afternoon and will be seen regularly in color. This was the first local program to be originated live in color by any of the four television channels serving the capital District. Soon to follow As regulars in color on Channel 6 Are a the Pete Williams show and a the barn on Friday night and on saturday morning a a Ginny a game room and a satellite the next fall the general electric station has announced that it is expected that nearly 50 per cent of All Wrob local live programs will be in color. A cd a on his current coast to coast tour concert pianist Stephen Manes formerly of Bennington has been receiving Fine reviews from the critics wherever he Lias appeared. Ruth l. Curtis writing in the Lynn mass., daily evening item said in part after the concert a new England has every right to be proud of the artistic accomplishments of 25-year-old Stephen Manes who inspired North Shore civic music patrons at Lynn City Hall memorial auditorium with an ambitious program of masterworks of three centuries a these works included those of Mozart Schubert Chopin and also Schumann. A the enthusiastic response accorded Young Manes was Given in tribute to his accomplished performance his keyboard technique and his pleasing in Fargo n.d., G. Schaff wrote in the Fargo forum and Moorhead news after the artists appearance with the pm symphony there that a emr. Manes though he had plenty of Energy when gravure work was called for handled his part with admirable Grace and sensitivity. In the Stravinsky he showed the Rich percussive approach in the outer movements and gave dignity and warmth to the unexpectedly lyrical Largo. A Ethel Boros reporting in the Cleveland Ohio Plain dealer after the pianists appearance in that City last month Calls the former Bennington an a an exciting except for one contemporary work by Lionel Nowak of the music faculty of Bennington College and Young Manes former instructor the pianist stayed within the Standard repertoire of masterpieces from the 18th and 19th centuries when he played in Cleveland. Of the Nowak piece miss Boros writes that it a had a refreshing improvisatory Quality Anda kind of glinting humor that contrasted Well with the More formal and romantic works that surrounded it a a fantasia 1954. A she said the Schubert Fantasie in c major of. 15, a the wanderer a was the longest work and the piece de resistance of the concert. A in it Manes displayed remarkable technical facility a big bold style of playing dramatic dynamic contrasts and a Clear touch. He is an exciting pianist and injects something fresh and pleasing into a performance. Area folks will have an Opportunity to hear the artist play with the Albany symphony orchestra monday at 8 15 . At the Philip Livingston Junior High school in Albany , a cd a a Pink Poinsettia will join the traditional red ones in florists shop this Christmas season. The new variety named Spring Pink has been developed by Plant breeders of United states department of agriculture a agricultural research service at Beltsville my. The Poinsettia has Light Pink bracts and notched Green foliage and bracts do not fade at the Edge and hold their original color throughout the plants showy period a at least two weeks. A cd a the newest entry in the costuming of those Barbie and Midge dolls is the a sew free fashion fun Wear. All the outfits can be made by the Young miss without sewing one stitch. And furthermore the designers say that the outfit will stay together permanently. Bennington Banner saturday May i 1965-3 woman s world say cheese by Jean Wassick the first thing a Young couple goes out to buy after stopping at the drugstore to pick up the morning sickness pills is a camera. Still or movie simple or Complex snaps or slides economical or costly a makes no matter. A Well have a wonderful record of our son s childhood a he says. A it might be a a i suppose ifs possible. Can to you just see him holding his first football that ill give him for his birthday a a a there la be christmases and birthdays and easter outfits and first Teeth in and first Teeth out and first Steps a a and his first Black a ooh Vermont league s annual meeting set in Burlington Burlington a spurred on by the theme a High Hopes a about 150 members of the league of women voters of Vermont Are expected to attend the biennial convention at the hotel Vermont in Burlington on May 12 and 13. Gov. Hoff it. Gov. Daley and All legislators have been invited to the dinner at 6 30 on May 12. Prof. Andrew Scheffey of the University of Massachusetts will speak on a the new conservation citizen action and Community highlighting the May 13 session will be a Vermont Maple breakfast at 8 30. A panel consisting of rep. Emory Hebard a Glover chairman of the House reapportionment committee rep. Sanborn Partridge a proc tor and sen. Harold Raynolds a Windsor county will be heard on the 1965 legislative session. At the working sessions leagues will hear reports by state Board members on work accomplished for the past two years elect a new slate of officers and adopt a budget and program for 1965-67. Presiding will be mrs. Ward Phelps of Montpelier state president. A total of 115 delegates will attend from leagues in Barre Bennington Burlington Brandon Chester Middlebury Montpelier Rutland South Burlington Stowe and Woodstock. Home demonstration notes a they ill take a shot of you when you re real big and ready to go to the Hospital. Some Day Well laugh at a if you do ill never speak to you again. And ifs not just to inject a personal note when we were awaiting our second son i made a maternity top in an allover Green print sort of a tropical Motif. It was comfortable and i loved it a wore it All the time. One sunday we took Bob a toddler at the time to the Battlefield Park and Joe not Only remembered the camera he used it. One picture was of mama standing in front of some big Granite Marker which i did a magnificent Job of blocking out. I looked like a camouflaged Sherman tank. I never wore the Smock again. And it was a Good Long time before i could look at that slide and smile much less laugh a it a so they buy the camera. And of the pictures they take of the first baby. Baby sleeping. Baby yawning. Baby on his Tummy in the altogether. Baby in the Carriage. Baby in the Playpen. At the christening the priest is very kind and Waits for daddy to focus. But he a nervous and the floors of the Church Are suddenly slanted or the priest loses his head or they get a Lovely shot of the Back of the godmothers flowered hat. By the time the second baby comes along the Novelty wears off and he a Lucky he gets into the album twice. After that its every child for himself. The Lucky ones get into camera Range on their first the Hennington Hanner t telephones business. .442-6300 newsroom. A. 442-2800 advertising. .442-2684 the Bennington Banner is published Dally except sunday and Legal holidays at 425 main St., Bennington vt., by the Banner publishing corporation. Member of United press International which is entitled exclusively to use for republication of All local news printed in this newspaper As Well As All up news dispatches. Home delivery by Carrier and motor delivery 10f per Day subscription rates by Mau for 50-mlle radius and All Vermont 3 months $6.30, 6 months $11.10,1 year $22.50 elsewhere in the . 3 months $7.00 6 months $13.00 i year $25.00 special rates for servicemen. Second class postage paid at Bennington it. Birthday if not before. And so it goes. They re on the fourth of july picnic and the kids Are being Good for a change and playing so nicely and Mother says to daddy a Why done to you take some informal shots of the children this is when they re photogenic when they done to know we re it turns out that father forgot the camera. Its usually Christmas morning when the batteries in the Flash gun decide to give up the ghost and breathe their last. When the birthday party is in full swing and father gets out the camera and says to Mother a where Are the Flash bulbs a a Omi gosh she forgot to buy them. A camera is rather like a Feather Boa a great for decorating the neck a Nice conversation piece and used very Seldom. Why is it that you can go to All sorts of places a fairs historical spots sports events a and see loads of cameras All hanging around necks and safely encased in leather at least the cameras Are there of course. Our greatest trick is getting Halfway to somewhere when All of a sudden ill turn to Joe and say a did you bring the camera a after that first stricken look hell reply a you did no to remind Sonora gun. I did no to. _ the Home agents curriculum Juji North Bennington Rood Bennington Vermont imported italian peeled tomatoes 35 of. Can by Marion s. Harris Home demonstration agent the Extension service has recently received a Large number of House plans of All types. These include ideas for farm Homes Rural Homes Camps Etc., which Are compact. They Are on display at the county Extension office. Anyone interested May Stop by and look through them. If you find one which interests you copies May be obtained for each Sheet some plans include More than one Sheet. Come in and see them at your convenience at 310 main St. All Extension homemaker club members and friends Are re minded of the Spring meeting on May 3 to begin at 7 . At the Shaftsbury methodist Church. The Public is invited to see exhibits hear reports of work accomplished and plans for the future program. Mrs. Lucien m. Hanks will speak on crafts and culture of Remote tribes in Thailand. Homemaker help there Are 8,001 women in Bennington county who Are entitled to seek help that the Home economics Extension agent is qualified to give. That s a lot of women for n person to help. I am glad that i have the cooperation of the Bennington Banner the Manchester journal and radio station Watn the . Mail and Many leaders to help me out. Some of these women approximately 400, belong to Extension homemaker groups and these members get More direct help. Many others get help indirectly from friends and relatives who pass on the information but a Large group of our women in Bennington county have never heard of the program that is helpful on the spot information on Home economics family living problems and All things related to this a food and nutrition clothing textiles housing management of time and Money Etc. This is a problem we in Extension Are constantly trying to solve. To make the Best use of the Home economists time a committee of people selected at the annual Extension service meetings assists your Home agent in planning the Type of program second Airport for Boston May be future requirement Boston up a metropolitan Boston May have a second Airport in its future the executive director of the Massachusetts port authority predicted sunday. A you will note that Many of the major cities a new York and Chicago for instance a already have second airports and there is talk of a second Airport in los Angeles and some of the other major cities a Edward j. King said in an interview on radio station Wiz sunday. A there is a very Good possibility that in a reasonable time. The metropolitan Boston area will require a second Airport a he said. The port authority a responsibilities include operation of Logan International Airport in Boston and the Small portion of Hanscom Field in Bedford that is used for civilian purposes. King said Bostons second Airport a could Well be but he added a it May be in the other direction. It May be in the Framingham Natick but he noted that development of any new Airport would be a some years King indicated that an a air master plan now being prepared by the authority would have a bearing on what kind of new facilities May be needed. The plan scheduled for completion in september involves a study of passengers who use Logan a their origins and destinations and the frequency of their trips. Which will Best serve the needs of put Ople in Bennington county. Beginning with the fiscal year july i 1965 to june 30, �?T966, your agent will be working around the following curriculum in trying to reach the greatest needs of our county homemakers Short cuts in House work problems in care of older folks in the Home Are two topics the agent is offering to All interested groups. Leader training meetings will be covering i. Useful gifts to make 2. Good design in Home furnishings 3. A healthy water Supply 4. Short cuts in cooking 5. New sewing techniques 6. Useful and decorative creative activities. Area meetings will use resource people in the county and will cover i. Wills and inheritance problems 2. Dealing with tensions 3. Income tax problems and 4. Planning a Flower bed. These programs Are open to All and the Extension service Hopes that homemakers will Avail themselves to this kind of help through the Extension office at 310 main St., Bennington. Rhubarb Crisp with ice Cream 6 cups diced fresh rhubarb iv2 cups sugar 2 Tablespoons water i cup sifted All purpose flour v2 Teaspoon cinnamon is Teaspoon Salt v2 cup butter i stick i pint Vanilla ice Cream. Combine rhubarb i cup sugar and water mix. Turn into shallow d/2 quart casserole. Combine flour remaining v2 cup sugar cinnamon and Salt Cut in butter with pastry blender until mixture is crumbly. Sprinkle evenly Over rhubarb. Bake in moderate oven 350�?T f., until rhubarb is tender hot and bubbly a about 50 minutes. Serve warm or cold topped with Vanilla ice Cream. Makes 6 to 8 Servings. Filters Kings legs. For Wal cigarettes Carton $268 Lor Thad and Philip Morns filters Ioc More enriched do a n 7 White or thu / loaves x bar b o a chickens la 3 la avg a $129 c ii i r m f c super Dale. Iti d Market loaves $1 my bermudas Adams clothes shop a shoes too Quot free parking in rear of store play gyms amp slides $995 $2995 $3995 up to 59.95 completely assembled amp delivered $2.00 per week Economy Auto stores inc 530 main St. Dial 2-6226 open Friday til 9-All Day saturday there s aloof ways to Cook a Goose of it Chi dont be t in pm Coon yours shop Oneida East main St. Bennington it. It

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